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Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock - Power - Black

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pop and lock vehicle locks tailgate & custom - power black
pop and lock vehicle locks tailgate specific pal8521
pop and lock vehicle locks tailgate specific & custom - power black
pop and lock vehicle locks specific pal8521

In Use/Installed

2012 toyota tacoma vehicle locks pop and lock tailgate specific & custom - power black
2012 toyota tacoma vehicle locks pop and lock specific pal8521
2012 toyota tacoma vehicle locks pop and lock tailgate specific pal8521
2012 toyota tacoma vehicle locks pop and lock  pal8521
2012 toyota tacoma vehicle locks pop and lock specific in use
2012 toyota tacoma vehicle locks pop and lock tailgate in use

Customer Photos

pop and lock vehicle locks tailgate specific pal8521
pop and lock vehicle locks tailgate specific pal8521
pop and lock vehicle locks tailgate specific & custom - power black
pop and lock vehicle locks specific pal8521
pop and lock vehicle locks tailgate specific pal8521

  • Tailgate Lock
  • Power
  • Vehicle Specific
  • Keyed Alike
  • Pop and Lock
  • Black
Call at 800-298-8924 for expert service. We are your Toyota vehicle locks experts, and offer a lowest price guarantee. carries a complete line of Pop and Lock products for your Toyota Tacoma 2014. Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock - Power - Black part PAL8521 from Pop and Lock can be ordered online at Complete vehicle locks installation instructions and technical support.

2014 Toyota Tacoma - Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock - Power - Black

Don't let thieves steal your cargo or tailgate. This powered tailgate lock wires into the existing power door locks, so when you lock your truck, you lock your tailgate. Installs inside Toyota Tacoma's OEM handle to provide security for valuables.


  • Power tailgate lock discourages theft of your cargo and your tailgate
    • Creates secure storage for your valuables when used with a tonneau cover or camper shell
  • Works with your factory power lock system, so it locks and unlocks using remote keyless entry
    • No extra keys to weigh down your keychain
  • Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Customized to fit your Toyota Tacoma and integrate into your OEM tailgate handle
    • Mounts inside existing factory handle mechanism, so it resists tampering
  • Installs easily
    • Wires into your power lock system using quick splice connectors
    • No drilling or welding necessary - requires only basic tools
    • Wiring, Quick splices and hardware included
  • Switch kit (PAL9520 - sold separately) is available for trucks without existing power locks
  • 1-Year warranty
  • Made in Canada

Frustrate tailgate thieves and cargo bandits with this power tailgate lock. Use the Pop & Lock with your truck-bed cover or camper shell whenever you need to lock up valuables in your truck bed.

This sturdy, stainless steel lock resists corrosion and is custom fit to your Toyota Tacoma. The Pop & Lock mounts permanently inside your truck's tailgate handle, so thieving varmints can't pop it out. The lock is installed using basic tools - no welding or drilling is necessary. And the tailgate lock wires directly into your powered lock system using quick splice connectors. You activate the Pop & Lock using your keyless remote - lock your truck doors, and you lock your tailgate. No more fumbling for keys or going back to make sure you locked up. Just hit your door-lock button and your tailgate is secure.

A new tailgate can cost hundreds - this powered lock saves you the cost and aggravation of replacing a stolen tailgate. Used to be you could hang horse thieves, but in today's wild, wild west, theft prevention is best.

PL8521 Pop and Lock Powered Truck Bed Lock

Replaces PL8520

Video of Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock - Power - Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Pop and Lock Locks PAL8521 Review

Today we're going to review part number PAL8521. This is the Pop and Lock Power Custom Tailgate Lock. This is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the Toyota Tacoma vehicle, starting in 2005. On a custom fit part, I always like to recommend you go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle, and it'll show you if this will work for your application. Now, this is a power tailgate lock, which will discourage theft of your cargo and your tailgate. It creates secure storage for you valuables when it's used with a tonneau cover or camper shell.

This works with your factory power lock system, so it will lock and unlock by using your remote keyless entry, so there's no extra keys to carry on your keychain. It is made of a corrosion-resistant stainless steel. Again, it is customized to fit your vehicle, and it integrates into your factory OEM tailgate handle. Since it's in that factory handle, it will help resist tampering. Now, this part includes everything shown here on the table, the power tailgate lock unit, the long wire cable, short wiring cable, nice set of detailed instructions, two quick connectors, and some cable ties to take up any slack in the wiring. This does install very easily.

It will wire into your power lock system using those quick splice connectors. There's no drilling or welding necessary. It requires only basic tools. This part will also work on vehicles with and without a factory backup camera. Now, if your vehicle does not have factory power locks, you can still use this lock. We do sell a switch kit part.

It's sold separately on our website. It's part number PAL9520. This is available for trucks that do not have existing power locks. That part will usually be listed on this product page as a related product. That should do it for the review on part number PAL8521. This is the Pop and Lock Power Custom Tailgate Lock..

Customer Reviews

Pop & Lock Custom Tailgate Lock - Power - Black - PAL8521

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (27 Customer Reviews)

Don't let thieves steal your cargo or tailgate. This powered tailgate lock wires into the existing power door locks, so when you lock your truck, you lock your tailgate. Installs inside Toyota Tacoma's OEM handle to provide security for valuables.

- PAL8521

by: Schrimp02/10/2014

Readers: I think the following is very useful information. Perhaps a bit wordy, but you should consider......& take the time to read. It might answer a few questions that I had myself before purchasing the product. Product is high quality, very simple to install, and functional. Locking function is simple: It extends and retracts a steel bar to either allow or obstruct the movement of OEM cam which pulls the rods which acuate the side tailgate latches. Absolutely everything is included in kit for a one-stop installation (no need to run to hardware store to aquire missing parts...) Video provided by is extremely accurate. A novice installer would benefit from the instructional. Even an experienced tech would appreciate it. My truck is a '10 Tacoma w/ Extended Cab (the model where the rear doors open "backwards"). The factory power wires are located behind the front kick-panel, not under the floorboard. ...should be obvious because there are no power locks extending any further back than the front door. Therefore, remove the floorboard edges for routing the wires to the front, but don't look there for any OEM wires to splice into because they don't exist until you reach the front kick-panel. It's a maze of wires, but with some evaluation, common sense, and process of elimination, you'll find the Blue-Black and Blue-Red wires. (Side note: The Blue-Red looks a bit like Blue-Pink). Without sounding conceited, I consider myself an expert installer. The project took me about 1 hour (with the majority of time taking care to do a quality job of routing the Pop-Lock power wire from tailgate to the front.) In order to assist your customers, I wish to comment on two alternatives in my installation: Instead of drilling a new hole in bottom of tailgate as video describes, utilize the existing camera wire loom. Take some time to unlatch the support clips and carefully cut the loom open. It's a tight fit, but with enough patience, the PopLock wires can be inserted into the OEM camera wire loom and follow the same route. This results in a very clean and professional looking installation. The second alternative was to splice the Pop-Lock wires into the PASSENGER side Blue-Black and Blue-Red wires instead of the Driver side. Reason is Functionality: Most vehicle owners have the OEM Remote Transmitter to lock/unlock the doors. We expect only the driver door to unlock with one click, and the remaining doors to unlock with two successive clicks. I wanted my tailgate to follow this same pattern. I didn't want my tailgate locking / unlocking every time I pushed the buttons. Even if you try to be slick and unlock the driver door by old-fashioned insert-key-into-lock-cylinder-and-turn..... wrong. The door-lock cylinder mechanism has a sensor and will send an unlock signal to the Pop-Lock regardless. Final Comment: I love it. I have a higher comfort level knowing my items are more secure, and that the tailgate latch is completely unmodified from the outside, meaning no interference with the OEM camera, either. Pop-Lock is well worth the investment. 116146


So its been about a year since installation. It works great: Absolutely nothing negative to comment. I like how the tailgate unlocks in synch with the passenger door needing 2 successive clicks from the keyless transponder - note that I wired it into the PASSENGER side OEM wires. There is no electrical interference with the Pop-Lock wires running in the same loom as the OEM camera wire the camera image remains clear. The Pop-Lock gives a nice solid clack sound when activated some people might find this sound objectionable. But it gives me the comfort of knowing the mechanism moved. Just by adding some sound-deadening material to inside tailgate can silence the clacksound, if desired. It is a strong unit piece. I tried pulling hard on the tailgate handle for simulated criminal tampering... I think the door handle would break outside before the inner workings would fail. Wonderful product!

Schrimp - 02/10/2015


- PAL8521

by: Mark L09/01/2013

This is an excellent product, however when I opened the box it was plain to see there was no split loom covering over the supplied wiring harness. etrailer was very apologetic and was willing to send me the split loom or credit me the cost of the covering. ($6) Plus they were available to answer the phone on a Saturday! The installation video posted on this site was very helpful. My particular vehicle is an access cab, so there were a few differences. No need to go beyond the driver side kick board covering to find the correct wires for connection. I also drilled my own hole and used a 1/2" grommet in the bottom of the tail gate for a cleaner install. One tip I would suggest is to find a block of wood equal to the gap between the tailgate and body of the truck for drilling this hole. I noticed on the video the technician did not do this. Very important if you want a clean hole in the metal. Product works as advertised. Not going to lie, I was upset with the lack of split loom covering on the wiring harness. Overall I think is a great source for parts and information. -Mark 97813


Pop and Lock recently changed these kits. They no longer include the wire loom. Per the requests of many installers, they opted for a heavy jacket around the wire rather than a corrugated loom that for some was making installations slower. A smooth jacket is easier to to snake through tight areas than a corrugated loom. Once we were aware of this change, we got the ball rolling to update our photos and shortly we will have all of these listings updated.

-- Patrick B - 09/03/2013


Thanks for the update Patrick!

-- comment by: Mark L - 09/07/2013


Still working as well as the day I put it in - Mark

Mark L - 09/01/2014


- PAL8521

by: Jim J07/16/2013

This product was used on a 2013 Toyota Tacoma 2wd 4 door Prerunner. Awesome product and I love the video, just a "breeze to install" said my son who spent about an hour. What I like about this lock compared to the key lock is obviously no key, but you can lock yourself in while camping, you know in case a bear gets a little curious. We used loctite on the bolt threads based on other reviews and also he choose to route the wire harness straight up the center channel panel instead of going through the engine compartment and used silicone to fill and gaps. I will definitely come back to eTrailer, their customer service is great, the shipping was fast and the website was easy to maneuver. 89808


awesome product...thanks again

Jim J - 07/22/2014


- PAL8521

by: Jeff07/08/2013

The product information says installs in minutes, not true, installs in a hour if your proficient with your hands and autos. I had a little trouble with the wiring instructions, but received excellent tech support, which cleared things up and the installation went flawlessly. The product works great, but will see if it holds up to long term use. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to put a lock on the tailgate of their truck, what a great convenience instead of a keyed lock. 88323


Update its been a year later and this product works great, no problems.

Jeff - 07/10/2014


- PAL8521

by: J. 012 taco01/14/2013

Good product, and it worked!! Its loud when it operates and it rattles when you close the tailgate. but nothing that a fabricated bracket and itssome sound deadening material can't fix.. Overall its worth it. 62929


Going great, no complaints.. Excellent product, recommend it to all my friends with a Tacoma. I still dont know why Toyota doesnt use that as an option.

J. 0 - 07/22/2014


- PAL8521

by: Luis R.01/21/2014

it is an good lock for the tail gate it you have a one of the hard top bed covers but, you have to do a little modification to it. Ok just by installing to with the one screw (using a lock nut) if you apply enough force to the tail gate handle it will move from its place and the gate will open (Pop&lock needs to fix this problem). What i did is i use tie wraps to hold it in place so if you force the tailgate handle it will not move. I thinking on making a better modification but for the time being this works fine. 114364

- PAL8521

by: Andrew02/18/2013

Great product, highly recommended if you need to lock your tailgate. Much more convenient than carrying an extra key plus there are no ugly aftermarket parts showing. Installation was easy thanks to the etrailer video. Can be challenging (but not impossible) to do by yourself so having a buddy would be worth paying them a few beers. Like other reviewers have said, it does make a bit of noise when the mechanism opens and closes but it is not a deal breaker for me. Be sure to put the lock washer in, I can see how the bolt will come loose after repeated use. 66815


Yes I still like the lock, it works the same as when I installed it, just great!

-- comment by: Andrew - 02/19/2014


- PAL8521

by: Stan06/20/2011

Great idea! One central power lock installed inside the tailgate. Easy to install from mechanical point of view. Instruction is very clear at this step. Unfortunately wiring hook up is very unclear in installation instruction. NO pictures or drawing. I've spend 3 hours to figure out where to hook-up the power lock. Once I've installed is working great!!! I love it. Stan 17353


2013 Toyota Tacoma Dual Cab: My son installed this in an hour, choose to not go through engine compartment with wiring rather straight up to center channel. I used loctite on bolt. Works like advertised, fast shipping. I will do business again. ThanksJim

-- comment by: Jim - 07/14/2013


- PAL8521

by: Todd B.08/15/2013

Great product. Excellent instructional video! 95312


Yes Patrick, Excellent

Todd B - 03/04/2015


- PAL8521

by: Larry M.12/21/2016

I received my order promptly as usual with The installation took me about an hour and a half (including the run to the hardware store for some grommets). Following another reviewers suggestion, I ran the cable up the pasenger side. There is a large rubber plug under the right front seat which I ran the cable through. It routed under the carpet into the scuff plate well and forward to the kick panel. The wires are the same color code as the driver side, so the connections were easy. The lock now works when the passenger doors are unlocked. 327034

- PAL8521

by: Jimmy M08/25/2013

I installed this lock on my 2013 Tacoma 4x4 Crew Cab. The lock was easy to install and took about 4 hours (taking my time). The Pop a Lock kit contained all the hardware required for the install and there was no surprises. The lock works well! I'm really glad I bought this. 96819

- PAL8521

by: Humberto L07/16/2013

This product is simple to instal and i have no handy mechanic experience. The video provided by etrailer is good but there is an easier way to get the cable inside the cab to get the wire connection. Underneath the drivers side on a 2013 tacoma trd double cab there is a wire cap that is just beneath the drivers side where u need to connect the pop & lock wiring. If etrailer can research and edit their video for the new 2013 tacomas it will get a 5 star rating. 89797

- PAL8521

by: William P07/19/2014

After reading many reviews I went a head and ordered one of these for my new 2014 Tacoma. To my surprise the install went really easy. I took the advice of others and went ahead and installed it on the passenger side so that it unlocks only when you unlock all doors on the truck. Start to finish it took about 2-1/2 hours. I can be done quicker but I took my time just to avoid and mishaps. I am really happy with this investment. 142248

- PAL8521

by: Mike Shatz09/17/2017

Good product but directions really suck. Don't need to feed lines thru the fire wall as there is a wire feed bib located at the drivers ide door threshold on 2012 tacoma access cab models. Also wires can be found from wire bundle coming out of the door just to throw left of the parking break. Much much simpler than directions and not shown on 4 door video. 433483

- PAL8521

by: Mitch12/28/2013

Could not be more satisfied with I ordered this lock on the Sunday before Christmas and was expecting it to be delivered the week after. However I received and email on Monday morning saying they had expedited and already shipped. I received the lock yesterday. They do take care of their customers. 111361

- PAL8521

by: NICK01/28/2013

I love how easy this product installs and the K.I.S.S. install video instructions. It does make a loud noise of metal to metal rubbing when using the item but it works great! The sound just reminds you it's working so if you don't hear it then it's not working. 64356

- PAL8521

by: Phil e04/02/2015

I rcvd my order within a few days. The tailgate lock was very east to install. I actually youtubed it but bcz of the lenght of cable I was able to run it along the camera line making the install look clean and stock. Thank you for this amazing product! 182396

- PAL8521

by: bill06/16/2011

very easy install 17115


Wow! Good product. Thanks to Pop and aLock to have this kind of lock for my Tacoma tailgate. Its very easy to install and I did it by myself.

-- comment by: Danny K - 05/15/2013


Glad to hear you like it, theres a few folks around here who have them on their trucks.

-- Patrick B - 5/15/2013

- PAL8521

by: Brian W08/26/2016

Super easy install. Hardest part was finding the 90 minutes to do the install. I used corrugated tubing to protect the wiring. Secure and hidden. 287960

- PAL8521

by: George01/18/2013

I love it, still don't understand why Toyota doesn't include a locking tail gate but this product works great and is easy to install. 63440

- PAL8521

by: Kevin Lynch05/08/2015

I have a 2011 Tacoma 4x4 6 ft bed. It fit perfectly. Excellent quality and looks good. Thanks for shipping to Hawaii. 191402

- PAL8521

by: pao t07/18/2014

I just love it, it took me an hour just to run the wire under at the right location but overall it's a great product... 141958

- PAL8521

by: David06/03/2016

Excellent lock. Out of sight, works great; just as described. 256294

- PAL8521

by: james03/22/2013

easy install, lock works as advertised. slick and simple. 71842

- PAL8521

by: james03/22/2013

easy install, lock works as advertised. slick and simple. 71840

- PAL8521

by: Tom R.07/02/2013

Easy to install on my 2013 Tacoma quad cab. Works great. 87078

- PAL8521

by: Brando s05/09/2013

Great product 79634


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