This anti-rattle hitch pin dramatically reduces any movement or vibration of your ball mount in your hitch. Included lock ensures security for your hitch accessory. Designed for use on hollow-shank ball mounts and accessories. 5/8" Pin diameter. Fastest Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices for Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2" Hitches - 2-5/8" Span. Read our customer reviews of Lets Go Aero Locks. Call 800-298-8924 for expert service or order your Locks part number 63232 by Lets Go Aero online at
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Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2" Hitches - 2-5/8" Span

Lets Go Aero Locks

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Lets Go Aero Locks - 63232

This anti-rattle hitch pin dramatically reduces any movement or vibration of your ball mount in your hitch. Included lock ensures security for your hitch accessory. Designed for use on hollow-shank ball mounts and accessories. 5/8" Pin diameter.


  • Trailer hitch receiver lock is used in place of standard pin and clip to prevent theft of ball mount or hitch-mounted accessory
    • Secure your bike rack, cargo carrier, hitch cover, and more to your trailer hitch
  • Anti-rattle pin reduces play and vibration in the hitch connection
    • Place block with spring inside shank of ball mount or hitch accessory
    • Slide ball mount or accessory into hitch receiver
    • Insert pin through hitch pin hole and anti-rattle block with spring
    • Twist pin with included wrench so ball mount or accessory is pulled tight against side of hitch receiver wall
  • Barrel-style lock comes with 2 round keys
    • Weather-resistant rubber dust cap keeps cylinder free of debris
  • Zinc finish is corrosion resistant
  • Sturdy steel construction


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
    • Ball mount or hitch accessory must have a hollow shank
  • Pin diameter: 5/8"
  • Inside pin length (span): 2-5/8"
  • Overall length: 6-1/8"


  • This lock will not work with some factory 2" trailer hitches that have an outside width wider than 2-5/8". If a longer pin length is needed, see hitch lock SHP2040-XL
  • This device can only be used with hollow-shank ball mounts and hitch accessories.

The Silent Hitch Pin from Let's Go Aero takes the rattle and play out of the connection between your trailer hitch and your ball mount or hitch accessory. The unique design features a sturdy steel block with an attached spring that sits inside the shank of your hitch-mounted accessory.

Silent Hitch Pin DiagramSilent Hitch Pin Close Up

Place the block inside your ball mount or hitch accessory, and line up the hole in the block with the pin hole in your ball mount. Slide your ball mount into your hitch and insert the hitch pin. To activate the anti-rattle device, just twist the pin with the included wrench to tighten it down. Doing this will pull the accessory up against the wall of your hitch receiver, thus keeping the accessory from moving around inside your hitch. No more annoying clanking or vibrating.

The barrel-style lock goes on the end of the anti-rattle pin to provide security for your hitch-mounted accessories. Two round keys are included with the lock. A sturdy rubber dust cap comes attached to the barrel lock so that you can easily cover the lock cylinder, thus ensuring that no dirt or grime will get in to damage the lock.

SHP 2040 Let's Go Aero Silent Hitch Pin Antirattle Device and Lock for 2" Trailer Hitches

Video of Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2" Hitches - 2-5/8" Span

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Lets Go Aero Locks 63232 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number 63232. This is the Let's Go Aero Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2" Hitches. This is going to be used in place of your standard pin and clip. It's going to help prevent theft of your ball mount or hitch mount accessory so you can secure items like your bike rack, your cargo carrier, your hitch cover and other hitch mount accessories to your trailer hitch. It's also going to function as an anti-rattle pin. It's going to reduce the play and vibration that we sometimes experience from within the hitch as we travel down the road. It's going to come with two barrel style keys.

That's going to control the locking portion right here. That makes it very difficult to pick for those people that might be interested in stealing your items. This is a great design to have and it's got the nice little dust cap on there which is weather resistant. It's going to keep the cylinder free of dirt and debris and really limit the amount of moisture that gets in the lock core. The unit is going to be made from a sturdy steel construction.

Everything is going to have a zinc finish on it so it's going to be corrosion resistant. Again this is designed for 2" by 2" trailer hitch receivers. The only requirement is that your ball mount or hitch accessory must have a hollow shank in order for the threaded block in the spring system to be installed in. The pin diameter on the unit is going to measured around 5/8" and the inside pin length so that usable space that we have or the span once this is fully installed is you need to make sure that from outside edge to outside edge of your hitch, that that measurement doesn't exceed 2-5/8". In order for this to work it needs to be underneath that measurement. Let's go ahead and assemble the unit together. It's also going to come with a starter wrench if you don't have any tools and this will be a great option for you.

I'm going to take our hollow ball mount and what I want to do is I want to begin by installing the block and the spring. All you have to do is compress the spring, place it into your hollow shank. Once we have it in there, we're going to push it in until we get that hole in the block to line up with the hole in the shank here on our ball mount. Once we have that set we're ready to go ahead and install it in our hitch. We'll go ahead and do that as well. Simply take it go ahead and slide it in.

Line up our pinholes and I'm going to go and take the threaded portion right here. Now, it's going to have a lock nut on there too or excuse me, a lock washer so it's really going to offer a nice tight secure fit. We're going to place that through and we're just going to go ahead and start threading that down. We're just going to get it hand tight for now. Pretty snug right there and then on the other side, I'm going to go ahead to take our lock. Just going to go ahead and put our keys in the cor. Push it on the end all the way down and then move it to a locked position and then close up the dust cap. Now our hitch mounted accessory is locked to our hitch. Now all I have left to do is simply just tighten this down for a nice tight secure fit. You can see right now, I'm going to loosen that back up but I already took out some of the play so you can see we have a little bit of play in our hitch as I tight this down it's going to remove that rattle and there is no need to get it super tight. All you got to do is get it snug. You want to make sure that lock washer kind of compresses together. Just get it hand tight using that tool. Now when we try to shake it, you can see that we really don't really have any wobble or rattle from within the receiver tube of the hitch. That's going to do it for our look at product number 63232.

Customer Reviews

Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2" Hitches - 2-5/8" Span - 63232

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (277 Customer Reviews)

This anti-rattle hitch pin dramatically reduces any movement or vibration of your ball mount in your hitch. Included lock ensures security for your hitch accessory. Designed for use on hollow-shank ball mounts and accessories. 5/8" Pin diameter.

- 63232

by: CHRIS JOHNSON07/07/2015

UPDATE : Originally posted that it was to short and could not get the lock on . I called and Ricky advised to remove the split washer to see if that would allow the lock to fit . When I tried to remove the pin , the threads must have stripped and the pin would not move . After splitting a 5/8 socket and cracking a 16 inch cheater socket bar , the shaft broke in the nut ( which is inside the receiver ) . It is spring loaded , so my wife pushed on the nut & spring from one side , protruding the shaft out the other side and I was able to cut through the shaft . This took more than 2 hours to accomplish . Unable to get in contact with Ricky again , I called the general customer service # , advised them of all of this and they are sending me return label . Upon ordering this item , I called and ask about some reviewers who had had similar problems = They advised the company had changed from coarse threads to fine threads and it was no longer a problem . They advised they were sorry this happened , but now I also need to replace a 5/8 socket and 16 inch socket bar... I do not recommend this locking anti tilt hitch pin 210038

- 63232

by: Norman P04/24/2015

I was disappointed in the performance of this item. Although it is a good design, and does almost completely eliminate side to side carrier movement within the receiver, I experienced the same problem that a number of other individuals experienced. That is that once tightened in place within the carrier tube when it is mounted to the receiver, the threads on the blot had cross threaded with the large nut, and no amount of force was able to unscrew the blot form the nut. Eventually I was able to get the bolt out by cutting both exposed ends of the blot with a cut-off wheel on a dremel drill (space was very limited due to the design of the factory hitch on my 2015 Wrangler) and then use a center punch to force the remaining section of bolt back into the tube, allowing the carrier tube to be removed form the receiver. I read more of the many reviews for this item, and I see that others have had this exact difficulty. I think the problem is either in the quality of the material, or in the threading process of the bolt /nut. Either way, I have decided to stay away from this design. 187849

- 63232

by: John C.05/23/2013

This is the PERFECT solution for eliminating hitch-mounted carrier movement and noise. The product is dirt-simple to install, just place and align the spring nut into the carrier's hollow shank, install the carrier, insert the pin and snug it down with the provided tool, then lock everything in place! Everything is safe and secure. No more movement. No more noise. And no chance of carrier theft. Thanks for a great customer experience. 81672


A year later, and everythings still perfect with the Lets Go Aero Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock!

John C - 05/23/2014


- 63232

by: Thor - NorCal01/19/2015 shipping sucks. Every single package that I have received from has arrived at my house with boxes stuffed inside more boxes that do not fit properly and cause the boxes to get smooshed together. It's a miracle that the product inside the boxes were not damaged. Boxes arrive at the house with parts of the cardboard missing or peeled off or flaps ripped open or looking like an accordion. As for the product, having survived its perilous journey, it works as designed. Stops vibration, thus stopping noise. I should probably sound more thrilled, but I have never had a hitch accessory rattle on me thus I don't have a before and after comparison. I was fortunate to have found this item before installing any hitch accessories on my vehicle. Final won't be disappointed. The wrench that comes with it is worthless. Don't bother with the included wrench. Install it using a ratchet with appropriate socket. Keep the wrench in the vehicle for emergencies. Buy it and enjoy! 170430

- 63232

by: chuck09/01/2013

I can only rate how easy it was to install as I won't use till late sept. but I read reviews and I will be keeping an eye on keeping the nut tight. ETRAILER shipped very fast as always. 97807


lock is working good the rattling noise is gone I still check the nut each time I hook up, I say it is a good product. The wrench is a bit weak but I replaced it with a craftsman.

chuck - 09/01/2014


- 63232

by: George S05/19/2014

I installed the anti-rattle tow hitch pin as soon as I got it. It really locks the Swagman bicycle carrier in place so there is no side-to-side movement. I have not yet driven with it for any distance to see if the pin loosens up due to road vibration, but I expect that it will not. 131245


Works great. Hitch lock does not loosen after driving, even on a bumpy road.

George S - 05/19/2015


- 63232

by: Eduardo O.06/04/2014

Exactly what I was expecting..! great p roduct! 134216


morning Patrick.. as I said in my review.. GREAT PRODUCT!! I installed it and its never been off, completely forgot about it.. and its doing a great job, it usually carries a Thuie 918XTR bike rack and it doesnt move an inch! even in our harsh Guadalajara, Mexico roads.. its awsome.. keep up the good work.

Eduardo O - 06/09/2015


- 63232

by: Thad K.03/28/2011

I bought this to lock up a hitch extension to a hitch extension that I didn't want to be stolen. Many thanks to eTrailer for helping me out on this. I had originally ordered a hitch lock that was not compatible with my setup. Customer Service emailed me before shipping the order, and I was able to change the order before buying the wrong item. The lock comes with two keys, and the anti-rattle mechanism works well. After installation, there is NO side to side movement between the extension and the hitch. I did notice a slight amount of up and down movement, but I installed a quiet hitch in conjunction with this item, which eliminated all movement entirely. It's a solid device for the money. I did not give it top marks, because of the slight up and down movement. Don't let that stop you, though. I'm just really picky. 10533

- 63232

by: Steve G08/11/2014

A bit on the pricey side, but does what it advertises. Happy with the product after using on a few camping trips. I have this cargo carrier: We load it down with hundreds of pounds of camping equipment and use the hitch lock to secure it from moving. We also camp in the backcountry using poor access roads at times and the lock keeps the heavy loads from shifting on uneven terrain. I would recommend this product to anyone that is using either a bike rack or cargo carrier and is trying to reduce movement of the accessory. 145780

- 63232

by: Vince S07/02/2015

Today I tried to install the anti-rattle trailer hitch lock. Everything went smooth until I tried to tighten the last half turn. Sensing something was wrong I tried to remove the lock. The cheap wrench was useless so I used a long handle torque wrench. This was successful in breaking the bolt. Apparently the bolt had become cross threaded within the nut. As it is inside the tube it is actually very difficult to see what actually happened. In order to remove the opposite end which was still hung in in my bike tube I had to use a pair of vice grips. Do not order this product. It is a joke. I was successful in talking with etrailer which is going to refund my money. I will now try a Thule anti rattle lock from etrailer. More expensive so I assume that it will do the job. 208907

- 63232

by: Gaff P08/26/2014

This is the second of these hitch pins I have ordered from and I absolutely love them. They are very stout and my hitch and vehicle are very secure with NO wobbles. Thank you to Jennifer B. for getting this to me in such a timely manner!! 148731


Still working great!

Gaff P - 08/26/2015


- 63232

by: Grampaw5006/02/2014

Lock works perfectly with our hitch bike rack 133813


Fits my need completely!

Grampaw50 - 06/02/2015


- 63232

by: J.Wiz08/14/2014

Seems to work somewhat as advertised. Side to side motion is eliminated but up and down motion is still there, although lessened. 146702


Still working the about same. Shimmed the up down and tightened the bolt to keep out more of the vibration. Lock seems a little fussy.

J.Wiz - 08/14/2015


- 63232

by: Erik04/29/2009

This item is awesome! The Anti-Rattle Device and Lock for 2" Trailer Hitches is great for use with cargo carriers. When using normal hitch locking pins, there's too much up & down, left to right movement for the cargo carriers. Using this anti rattle lock completely eliminates side to side movement, and greatly reduces the up and down movement. It helps a lot with reducing your cargo carriers from jumping up when you hit a bump. It's easy to install, the one thing that I stress is, when you're removing the anti rattle lock, REMEMBER to UNLOCK it before you untighten it. I untightened it before unlocking it, and by "over" untightening it, I damaged the internal lock and I was unable to unlock it. I eventually had to cut it off. 1800

- 63232

by: Sam08/13/2015

This product was hard to fit into my curt hitch/curt carrier. However, once it was in, it worked like a charm. It fits so tight that it really wouldn't matter if it was a locking hitch or not. (poor attempt at a joke) I didn't have any rattling or fear that my carrier was going to be stolen. If anything, just having it gave me a peace of mind. It was incredibly easy to install. Just slip the part with the spring into whatever your mounting, slide it into the hitch, and slip the remaining parts in, screw, lock, done. Simple. The not-so-simple was attempting to put the remaining parts in with how tight a fit it was, had to loosen it a bit, then place them in. Not a big deal, and certainly not a reason to not purchase it. 218874

- 63232

by: Joe G07/07/2014

Great product. Works perfectly. Used with an extender for my wrangler and it's awesome! Zero side to side movement and VERY little up and down movement 139844


Terrible it rusted out and the lock does t work anymore. Very disappointed

Joe G - 07/07/2015


- 63232

by: Tim R.05/27/2009

Good but could be better This worked as advertised, with a couple of issues that could be fixed. It came with a star-type lockwasher that would have torn up the paint on my Receiver. I replaced with a copper washer and got no damage but it loosened twice on my trip (about 2000 miles). I can see a couple ways to stop it vibrating loose without using a star washer. The lock works well, but I would have preferred the cylinder to exit at 90 degrees from the pin, so you can crouch down and reach it. As it is, you have to crawl under the car to unlock it. The idea is great, and I would say it's worth what I paid, a couple improvements would make it much better. Haven't had long enough to commennt on Reliability. 1897

- 63232

by: Gary W.07/20/2010

Nice device I was not happy about this at first. I could not get it tight enough. The "wrench" that comes with it is an absolute joke. Use it to impress your wife and kids by tightening the device using the wrench and they will be amazed at your muscle prowess when you bend it. Then throw the "wrench" away and use a socket and breaker bar to tighten it. I think I can say this because (which I use for all my trailer needs) doesn't offer a similar product. I have used this anti-rattle device with a Schuck Cushion Hitch and the combination is incredible. I tow a boat with a hydraulic surge brake setup with UFP A60 coupler and it is night and day difference w/o this combination setup. 3253

- 63232

by: John M.05/19/2014

Great product! I haven't installed it yet but don't anticipate any problems with the install or product. I've always been very satisfied with the products I've purchased from etrailer. 131311


Still working great!

John M - 05/20/2015


- 63232

by: BJC05/24/2013

Great product. Performs very well. Shipped and received in very timely manner. Used it to replace my swing daddy bike rack hitch pin. 81849


I am still pleased with this product after a year.

BJC - 05/24/2014


- 63232

by: Dennis D.05/17/2013

Product arrived very fast and works great. HAPPY with everything!!! 80788


Its been working fine, I need to spray it with wd40 to keep it from rusting. No real problem. Happy with the purchase!

Dennis D - 05/17/2014


- 63232

by: Jim C01/09/2014

Quality product. Snug it up with the provided wrench and crank it down tight with a ratchet. No play at all. 112313


Still use, no rust , no problems.

Jim C - 01/09/2015


- 63232

by: Bill s06/23/2013

Used to secure cargo platform and worked as advertised-no shaking or rattling 85603


Works like a charm actually on a trip now using it. thanks!

Bill s - 06/27/2014


- 63232

by: Chris S04/26/2013

Been doing quite a bit of small moves in past several month utilizing tow package on my Jeep Grand Cherokee and U-Haul ramp trailers. My Reese ball mount shank slaps around in my standard two inch receiver tube--loud. And slap can be felt up into the front seat. Researched available solutions. The etrailer anti-rattle device and lock was one of the best priced and seemed to offer a benefit of having lock for security when needed. I used it yesterday for four short local hauls and was 100% satisfied. Easy install and performed flawless. Based on my short experience with this product I give it three thumbs up. 77941

- 63232

by: Brian J.01/08/2015

Used this product on my Curt Class 4 hitch with 2" receiver and a 2" ball mount. I was getting too much noise when towing my small 5x8 utility trailer (425 lbs empty). It would bounce and so would the ball mount. This anti rattle device did the trick. I took the trailer on a 6 hour round trip (3 hr empty, 3 hr fully loaded at 1500lbs) and there were no issues. I do want to mention I torqued the device to 50ft lbs instead of the max 40ft lbs recommend. My torque wrench only goes as low as 50 and that did not cause any issues. Recommend this to my family and friends who also do some towing occasionally. 168282

- 63232

by: John L03/07/2015

Installed the nut and finger treaded the bolt into the assembly and nut. Once finger tight used the wench to tighten it all up. Upon removal I was unable to loosen the bolt with the wench. Working the bolt with a socket wrench I was able to get the bolt out but treads on both the bolt and the nut are damaged. I'm amazed that this big bolt and nut could be stripped so easily. 177408


I had exactly the same problem!

comment by: Kelly L - 03/20/2015


- 63232

by: Pam11/02/2014

I learned about this product when searching for a way to eliminate the rattle and sway of my Hidden Hitch Class III 2" Ball Mount that I am using to mount my Swagman XC Tow Mount Bike Rack on the back of my RV. The recommendations at eTrailer helped me figure out exactly what to do by using this Anti-Rattle pin and lock! And, coupled with the Road Master Quiet Hitch for 2" Trailer Hitches - RM-061 - there is no sway from left or right and no up or down movement either!!! Items came quickly and work in tandem perfectly. My bikes ride solid and safe! Be sure to periodically check the bolt tightness. 158840

- 63232

by: Bob G.12/09/2013

This product works very well - and I'm very pleased with my purchase. One minor improvement I'd like to see, is a heavier gauge spring - attached to the metal block. The current spring is a bit light weight, and seems it could fall out of the hitch mount when not in use. A heavier gauge spring (one which is still easy to compress into the mount) might hold in place better when the mount is not attached to the hitch. Nonetheless, this is a great product. It holds my bike rack in place very well - with no rattle. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! 109619

- 63232

by: Dan10/08/2013

This works very well. I have a Jeep with over-sized tires and use a 14" extension to fit my bike rack or cargo tray. Using two of these for the tray or just one for the bike rack effectively eliminates the sway. With the bike rack it is a very small amount of up and down movement, but I could only notice that when moving it by hand. When driving I couldn't tell it was moving at all. Make sure you close the end caps though. First use I forgot to do that and needed compressed air to clean out the lock enough to get the key back in. 103036

- 63232

by: Stan T10/31/2014

I tow a 30ft Wellcraft Cabin Cruiser Behind my 41ft MtrHome. Needless to say, side to side & up & down motions made the ride very uncomfortable & noisy. Pics do not fully show the true way this operates, however, when it arrives & you disassemble it, the unit becomes very logical. This, controlling the side by side motion, and the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch RM-061, controlling the up & down motion of the hitch you get the feeling of better handling of a long, heavy load. Very Comforting! 158722

- 63232

by: Hutch06/04/2015

I'm using this to lock my bike rack to my reese hitch. This is a great locking device, very secure. I use a ratchet & socket to tighten it so there is NO Rattle or sway of the bike rack. The metal is corrosion free so far. I take it off for the winter when the salt is starting to hit the roads. It comes with 2 keys and has a nice rubber keyhole cover. I just purchased another one for my sister. I think it's worth every penny. eTrailer is very easy to order from and has great communication and customer service. 200647

- 63232

by: Burt Mc12/18/2013

Before using the Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock my receiver would move both sideways and up and down and sounded like the car was coming apart. I have a 2" hitch and after installing this new product I have used it four times as of this writing. My trailer is a utility 5x8 and I have hauled different items and weight and I have not heard a sound out of it. Even though it totally locks it from side to side play, I thought maybe there would be some up and down motion but for me, none at all. Very, very pleased!!!!! 110306

- 63232

by: Ian S06/20/2015

the very first time I installed this product it took 2 minutes to install and 4 hours with a hand saw to remove. It cross-threaded almost immediately, and because of the nut being internal to the hitch, you can't easily cut it off. I already broke two ratchets on this thing. There is not enough clearance for a sawzall so I have been using a small keyhole saw for the past 4 hours and still not done. Do yourself a favor and just use a half inch hex bolt and nylon locknut instead of this piece of crap. 205896

- 63232

by: John L.08/17/2013

The anti-rattle pin was a great add-on to my Pro Series Cargo Carrier (63153). Without it, the carrier tongue fitted loosely in the receiver and the carrier wobbled. I'm certain that the noise and movement would have bothered me on the road. However, the anti-rattle pin tightened the tongue to the receiver so well that they became like one piece. No noise and rock solid stability. Easy installation, and the locking end cap adds some security, too. I highly recommend this product. 95572

- 63232

by: Benny T06/30/2015

Worked great with one exception. Be very careful when tightening the 5/8's bolt and don't over tighten, I did and stripped the threads in the metal block. Ended up cross threading and had great difficulty removing the bolt. Thus ruining the assembly. However; it works so great I reordered another one. Highly recommend this product with the caveat to "tighten only enough to remove rattle and no more".. Would help if metal block were made of industrial steel instead of pot metal?? 208452

- 63232

by: SamP08/07/2011

I purchased this Anti-Rattle device to tighten up a Cargo Carrier which was fitting in the hitch very loosely. When tightened down very tight (tighter than you can get with the included wrench), it stops side to side movement well, much better than nothing. Twisting movement some, and not so much up and down.... but still much better than nothing. If you need to limit all movement for a loose fitting accessory, you need to get one of the more robust products, or augment this one. 21262

- 63232

by: steve r04/10/2015

Do not waste your money. In theory it is a great idea. I installed the pin per the directions and tightened the bolt with a 6" wrench. At the end of the weekend, I tried to remove the bolt with the same 6" wrench. The bolt would not turn. I ended up using my 1/2" drive socket and the bolt snapped off...leaving the pin sheared off inside of the ball mount. Low quality and it cost an additional $22.00 for a metal cutting blade for my oscillating saw. This was a $50.00 lesson. 184656

- 63232

by: romy07/24/2014

I only used this product once, so cannot comment on long term quality and endurance, but this one time it worked flawlessly. The anti-sway system secured a heavy bike rack with 4 bikes, and was solid. very little movement, even on rough roads. Having the lock is a nice added bonus. Following advice from previous reviews I never used the supplied wrench. Tightening with a regular wrench was very easy and fast. Overall I am very happy with this product. 142760

- 63232

by: Carlos R.11/30/2014

After purchase and installation of E-Trailer products: Receiver Hitch, Wiring Harness, Maxx-Tow Mobility Scooter Carrier, Hitch Steel Roller; I purchased and installed a "Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock! Everything fits and works great. My 2013 Ford Edge tows my wife's Mobility Scooter quietly down the roads of North Texas! I can not say enough of how pleased I am with all of E-Trailer products I have purchased and still use. {Nov. 2014}. 162761

- 63232

by: Gary B07/26/2014

I have installed the anti-rattle device and it installs as the directions say to install. I have not yet had to use it yet but my daughter is going back to college in August and it will be fully tested at that time. As it is today I am unable to create any rattle by yanking on the hitch. It is an ingenious design that I am excited to test. It is heavy duty and appears to be very durable. I will provide an update once I have fully used it. 143026

- 63232

by: Mike M05/25/2014

One side is on; but other lock piece won't connect; not enough thread to attatch.. so basically it's on tight but can't put the lock piece on; needs longer pin; had to put my regular pin on; the tool it came with to tighten; bend as I turned it; very upset with piece;;; tried it on another hitch and another vehicle; same thing; not enough thread to connect other piece... 132345


I have same issue on a suburban, any idea how to fix?

comment by: jack k - 06/05/2014


We have noticed this issue with several of the vehicle manufacturers, specifically GM, Nissan, and Toyota. They have increased the thickness of the receiver hitch wall and it has been causing the exact issue that you are describing with some hitch accessories. Another option for you might be the # SR25219
Stainless Steel Locking, Anti-Rattle Threaded Hitch Pin for 2" Trailer Hitches
. This lock has an inside width of the lock at 3-1/2 inches vs. the Lets Go Aero at 2-5/8 inches.

Rachael H - 6/9/2014

- 63232

by: Jay G.05/27/2015

This is by far the nicest hitch pin ever! It tightens up the insert an prevents rattle while driving. It is also nice to have the peace of mind that your bicycle rack (or whatever trailer attachment you have) has a little more security while you are out biking the trails. Be sure you have the springed nut in the correct direction desired before installing in the hitch insert as it is difficult to fish out and turn around. 198147

- 63232

by: Tom M.12/09/2013

I really appreciated the communication I received from etrailer about this product. Delivery was quicker than expected and the quaility of the product appears to be very good. I installed the anti-rattle hitch receiver on my truck and it took out all the slop both vertical and horizontal that I had between the reciever and and ball mount bar. I haven't pulled my trailer yet, but will follow up with comments once I do. 109609

- 63232

by: Keith12/29/2014

I thought this would be a great addtion to my set up, big mistake. The quality of the square nut and shank was inferior. I put in the pin and tightened it to the designated 40 ft-lbs only later to find that I could not remove the pin. The threads on the nut and the shank stripped out and made the pin useless. I didn't even use the pin to tow anything. Don't buy it, look for something that is better quality. 167221

- 63232

by: Rick B03/17/2015

This part did stop the hitch from rattling. Unfortunately it somehow cross threaded on removal. I had to use an angle grinder to cut the ends off of the pin so that I could remove the hitch from the receiver. 179183

- 63232

by: Steve05/19/2015

I only used it one day but so far I love it! Ordering was EZ. Shipped promptly and etrailer customer service very helpful and organized. I received a Pro Series 24x60 Cargo Carrier and anti-rattle lock and both worked great. Assembly was not hard and I am moving stuff all over with it and saving money by picking up things instead of paying for delivery and bringing lots of dirty junk to the dump. 194409

- 63232

by: Terry D01/01/2014

Produce works as described, however it prevents only back and forth movement of the ball mount. It does not prevent up and down movement of the ball mount. Also, two hands are required to lock and unlock device - inconvenient. I used hitch lock, turned on its side, to prevent up and down movement of the ball mount. Used together they prevent all move of the ball platform. Success. 111651

- 63232

by: Jerry L.06/19/2015

etailer prompt delivery as usual, thanks trailer!! item arrived in perfect condition. Installation was pretty straight forward, however, the wrench that came with the lock is completely junk. I used a socket to tighten down the lock. Did not notice any wear on the threads, yet, but will be keeping a close eye on it and checking on the bolt to ensure that it's about a half turn past snug. 204601

- 63232

by: Marshall K.02/22/2015

When I started to put it on my hitch and tried to tighten it down....I could tell the threads on the bolt were stripped. I immediately tried to take it off and couldn't. I had to totally ruin the the threads on the bolt to get it off and I hadn't even turned the nut more than one revolution. I haven't contacted etrailer yet, but I'm sure they will not allow me to exchange it. 175554

- 63232

by: Ken C.07/12/2015

Excellent quality. Works exactly as advertised. I purchased this product to use with a 20"x48" steel cargo carrier. Seemed a little "pricey" when looking at other locking receiver pins, but it proved to be worth every penny. Completely eliminated all lateral and vertical movement of the stinger within the receiver. I'll probably buy another to use on other applications. 211141

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  • Anti-Rattle Device Suggestion while using a Towing Bike Rack and Pop Up Camper
  • For use while towing with your pop up camper trailer and hitch mounted towing bike rack, the best option would be to use the Anti-Rattle Device for a 2 inch hitch # 63232. This device will eliminate any additional rattling by pulling the ball mount portion of the hitch to one side. It also provides a secure locking mechanism for your hitch. Please keep in mind that this locking device can only be used on hollow hitch devices, it is also advised to remove this locking mechanism when...
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  • Hitch, Cargo Carrier and Cargo Bag Recommendations for 2015 Acura MDX
  • You've already got a pretty good line on what you're needing! Although the Hidden Hitch # 87649 Class III trailer hitch you mentioned would work great, I'd recommend the Curt Class III, part # C13146 because the crossbar of this hitch would be completely concealed behind the rear bumper, rather than a large portion of it being exposed as would be the case with the # 87649. Both hitches have the same capacity, and both are of similar quality. Most folks would rather have the hitch as...
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  • Recommended Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock for Towing 4000lb Travel Trailer
  • We have exactly what you're looking for, the # 63232. The anti-rattle lock is compatible with hollow-shank ball mounts or hitch accessories. It can be used for towing. The receiver tube of your hitch can't be more than 2-5/8 inches. If it is, use # SHP2040-XL. The manufacturer recommends using an anti-seize compound like # LT37616 on the threads of the lock before use.
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  • Will MaxxTow 30x50-Inch Wheelchair Carrier # MT70260 Fit on 2013 Toyota Highlander With 2-Inch Hitch
  • The MaxxTow 30x50-Inch Wheelchair Carrier # MT70260 will extend back from the hitch pin hole 4-3/4 inches when in the upright folded storage position. You can measure the distance on your Highlander hitch from the hitch pin hole back to the rear-most part of the vehicle to determine if the 7-1/2 inches of clearance is adequate to clear the back of the vehicle. When in the down position the nearest edge of the carrier will be 14 inches from the hitch pin hole. All of the hitches we offer...
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  • Will MaxxTow Cargo Carrier # MT70108 Fit On 2012 Honda CR-V
  • As long as your 2012 Honda CR-V features a 2-inch trailer hitch receiver, the MaxxTow Cargo Carrier # MT70108 Cargo Carrier will fit. This carrier has a weight capacity of 500 lbs and you will want to check your vehicle owners guide to ensure your hitch can handle that amount of weight. If the recommended weight capacity for your vehicles hitch is less, you will need to adhere to the lesser of the two weight capacities. If you do not have a 2-inch trailer hitch, I recommend the Hidden...
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  • Ground Clearance Difference for Pro Series # 63153 and Curt # C18130 Cargo Carriers on 2008 Sienna
  • Both the Pro Series # 63153 and Curt # C18130 cargo carriers have an angled shank to provide better ground clearance than straight-shank types. The Pro Series has 2-1/2-inches of rise in the shank while the Curt has 3 inches of rise. Also the Curt carrier has the ability to adjust the placement of the carrier basket on the shank and includes the required hitch pin and clip, while the Pro Series does not. You can use part # PC3 or a locking anti-rattle hitch pin such as # 63232. The Pro...
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  • 2014 Acura MDX Hitch and Cargo Carrier Recommendations
  • For your 2014 Acura MDX I recommend the Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch, part # 87649. This is a Class lll hitch and has a 2 inch receiver opening. This is an easy bolt-on installation and requires no drilling. Complete hardware kit and installation instructions are included. When considering a folding cargo carrier, you will want to make sure you have enough clearance from the rear of the vehicle to allow the carrier to fold up. It would be easier to have the hitch installed before deciding...
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  • Anti-Rattle Recommendations for Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC4
  • We do have some anti-rattle locking pins that will fit the Convert-A-Ball Cushioned Ball Mount # AMSC4, but the Lets Go Aero Anti-Rattle Device and Lock # 63232 is not compatible as it needs a hollow shank to fit properly. The Draw-Tite J-Pin Stabilization Pin # 63201 will fit this mount, however it requires a specific type of hitch to ensure a secure fit. I have included a graphic showing what this hitch looks like. I have included links to video reviews of this item. Another option...
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  • MaxxTow Wheelchair Carrier # MT70106 Folding Capacity
  • When using the MaxxTow Wheelchair Carrier # MT70106 with your vehicle, a pin is used to maintain the position of the carrier when folded in a 90-degree angle when the carrier is not in use. The pin is inserted through the folding bracket and the shank to keep the platform from moving while in the folded position. Under normal circumstances, the folded carrier will not be in contact with your vehicle. I have included a graphic showing the pin that ensures the ramp stays in place during...
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  • Can I Use the Aluminum Shank Adapter # 853-7292 with My Thule 937 Hitching Post Pro
  • To be able to use your Thule Hitching Post Pro 937 in the 2 inch hitch on your truck you will need to use the Brophy Trailer Hitch Adapter, item # HT02, see video link. Along with this adapter you will also need an Anti Rattle device for the 2 inch receiver to help keep the bike rack from bouncing. The anti-rattle hitch pin, item # 63232, would be a good choice for this application. I spoke with my contact at Thule on your behalf and found that the Thule Replacement Aluminum Shank Adapter...
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  • Best Hitch Recommendation for a 2015 Subaru Forester
  • For your 2015 Subaru Forester I would strongly recommend you go with a 2 inch hitch over a 1-1/4 inch hitch. 2 inch hitches have more capacity and have more flexibility for accessories since there are way more things designed to fit a 2 inch hitch over a 1-1/4 inch hitch. Also a 2 inch hitch will carry a cargo carrier much smoother due to it's higher capacity. There would be much less bouncing like you described. I would recommend the Draw Tite hitch part # 75876. This would be a great...
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  • Using Anti-Rattle Locking Hitch Pin # 63232 on Bike Rack with Adapter Sleeve
  • I imagine your bike rack has a shank designed for a 1-1/4 inch receiver with a sleeve that can be used to adapt it to a 2 inch receiver, is that correct? If this is the case, unfortunately the # 63232 will not work for you, because the threaded block would not fit into the shank of your bike rack. You could however use a standard locking hitch pin like part # 40107 along with an an anti-rattle system like the # RM-061. I personally use the # RM-061 when I tow my PWCs, and they work great. I...
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  • What Locking Hitch Bolt Will Fit Discontinued Hitch Mounted Yakima Roc 2 Bike Rack
  • The hitch bolt that will fit your Yakima Roc 2 is # Y8890200 providing your hitch has a 2 inch receiver. Your research was correct and this is the replacement for the obsolete bolt (8820052) you found. The Lets Go Aero Hitch Lock # 63232 that you referenced should fit your receiver since you have removed the threaded part of the locking mechanism from inside the bike rack shank. The Yakima # 8890200 is a bit longer than the Aero Lock, however, both will fit a 2 inch receiver. Both bolts...
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  • Locking Hitch Pin Recommendation for Use with the Curt Cargo Carrier part # C18152
  • For a locking hitch pin to use with the Curt Cargo Carrier part # C18152 I would recommend the part # 63232. This will lock the carrier to your hitch as well as work as an anti-rattle device.
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  • Difference Between 24 x 60 Curt Cargo Carrier # C18153 and 24 x 60 Surco Cargo Carrier # 52018F
  • Although the 24 x 60 Curt Cargo Carrier, # C18153, and the 24 x 60 Surco Cargo Carrier, # 52018F, are very similar there are a few differences. Rise of the Shank - The Surco # 52018F will provide 2-1/2 inches of additional ground clearance. Clearance Distance - The Curt # C18153 offers 4 additional inches of clearance from the hitch pin hole to the nearest part of the carrier when folded up. I have attached an article which explains this measurement. Weight - The Surco # 52018F...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for a MaxxTow Dual Hitch Extender part # MT70070
  • The Anti-Rattle Device part # 63232 that you referenced can work in virtually any 2 inch hitch accessory with a hollow shank. This can definitely be used with the MaxxTow Dual Hitch Extender part # MT70070 that you referenced, and as long as your bike rack has a hollow shank it would work there as well.
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  • How Much Can I Tow With the Anti-Wobble Device with Lock # 63232 and a 10,000 Lbs. Hitch
  • The Anti-Rattle Device and Lock, # 63232, is made of chrome plated steel. It does not have an official capacity because it has a higher breaking point than a hitch or ball mount that would be used with it. I have included a link to a video showing how the lock works.
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  • Can a Locking Anti-Rattle Device be Used with Brophy 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Extender # HE06
  • The shank on the Brophy 2 inch hitch extender # HE06, is hallow so you can use either anti-rattle device # 63232 or # SR25219. They work similarly. There is a threaded block that goes inside the shank and the threaded part pulls the shank close to the side of the receiver and then you lock it. I have included links to videos on both parts for you to view.
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  • Anti-Rattle Locking Hitch Pin Recommendation for the Swagman Trailhead 4-Bike Rack # S63381
  • I have an option for you, however, the Swagman Trailhead 4 Bike Rack, # S63381, will not accept a standard hitch pin lock like part # 40107 because the hitch pin hole on this bike rack is threaded to accept the threaded hitch pin. The threads make the inner diameter too small for a standard hitch pin. What you could use is the Swagman Locking Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin, # S64027. This hitch pin is threaded to reduce the bike racks movement when traveling and it comes with a lock to deter...
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  • Enclosed Hitch Cargo Carrier Recommendation for 2012 Nissan Pathfinder Allows Full Rear Cargo Access
  • If you would be willing to consider the swing away version, the Rola Swinging Enclosed Cargo Carrier, # 59109, would almost certainly allow you access to your hatch while it is still mounted on the back of your vehicle. In order for the hatch to clear the cargo box, the measurement from the center of your hitch receiver to the outer edge of your hatch would have to be less than 34 inches. I spoke with my contact at Rola and it is very unlikely that you would be able to fully open the...
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  • Need 2-Inch Hitch Extender With Hollow Shank for Use with # 63232 Anti-Rattle Receiver Lock
  • We do offer several 2-inch hitch extenders that have a hollow shank to allow use of an anti-rattle hitch lock such as the Lets Go Aero # 63232. These are available in various lengths. Do please note that whenever any extender is used it will reduce your hitch capacity by 50 percent. For example, we offer the Brophy 7-Inch Extender for 2-inch hitch receivers, part # HE06. We also offer an 18-inch extender from Hidden Hitch, part # HE18. If you need a dual receiver extension we offer...
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  • Can Lets Go Aero Anti-Rattle Device # 63232 Be Used to Tow a 7000-lb Trailer with Chevy Silverado
  • The patented Lets Go Aero Anti-Rattle Device for 2-Inch Hitches, part # 63232, will work in most aftermarket Class II, III and IV 2-inch hitches. It will not fit some extra-wide factory-installed hitch receviers. Please note that it can only be used with ball mounts or accessories that have a hollow shank. It comes complete with 2 tubular keys and a wrench for tightening the anti-rattle lock to your receiver. My contact at Tow Ready advises that there is no restriction preventing...
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  • Will the MaxxTow 29x49 Cargo Carrier with Ramp # MT70275 Work to Haul a 190-lb Generator
  • The MaxxTow 29x49 Cargo Carrier, # MT70275, would be an excellent carrier for your 190-lb generator. This carrier has a 500-lb weight capacity and the 60 inch ramp will make it easy to load and unload your generator. It would be best to center the generator on the carrier and secure it in place with tie-down straps like the Erickson Retractable Ratchet Straps, # 34413. If the generator does shift to one side or the other, the carrier will tilt slightly to that side, but that would be...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device for a 2-Inch Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier on a 2010 GMC Acadia
  • For a locking anti-rattle hitch pin for a 2 inch trailer hitch and accessory I like the SilentACT lock # SHP2082. With other locking anti-rattle devices you have to turn the key or bolt to thread it in to get tight. With the SilentACT the tension is supplied by the unique integrated crank so no tools are needed. Another popular option is the more traditional anti-rattle lock # 63232. I have included a link to a video review of this product for you. Both of these devices are designed...
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  • Will The Tow Ready Anti-Rattle Device And Lock, # 63232, Work On Yakima Double Down Bike Rack
  • Most of the bike rack manufacturers design their racks to be able to only use their own threaded hitch locks, so the Tow Ready Anti-Rattle Device And Lock, # 63232, will not work on the Yakima Double Down bike rack. For the Yakima Double Down Bike Rack you would use the Yakima HitchLock, # Y07235. I also have the Yakima DeadLock Hitch Lock and Integrated Locking Cable, # Y02411, which is the hitch lock and a locking cable for securing the bikes to the rack.
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  • What Trailer Hitch Receiver for 2013 Chevrolet Equinox for Use With a Cargo Carrier
  • Your 2013 Chevrolet Equinox can be equipped with two different sizes of trailer hitch receiver, either a 1-1/4-inch or a 2-inch. Since loaded coolers can be fairly heavy I will suggest you go with a 2-inch hitch to give you the maximum carrying capacity for your coolers and other tailgating essentials. We offer the Hidden Hitch # 87572, which has a 350-lb tongue weight rating. This will be more than adequate for the weight of a cargo carrier plus your coolers and other gear. This bolt-on...
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  • Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin Lock Needed for a 1-1/4 in Hitch Thule Bike Carrier
  • The threads on Thule bike racks are unique to their hitch pin design so the only hitch pins that will work with Thule bike racks are the Thule brand. The correct anti-rattle hitch pin lock for your Thule bike rack will be the Thule Snug Tite Hitch Lock and Anti-Rattle Device, item # THSTL2. There is not an inexpensive alternative for these bike racks. The Thule Snug Tite Hitch Lock fits the following bike racks, TH956, TH957, TH964, TH954, TH914, TH912, TH915, TH916, TH917 and TH958...
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  • Will 2-5/8-Inch Span Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock # 63232 Fit 2014 Toyota Tacoma Factory Hitch Receiver
  • The Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock you referenced, part # 63232 from Lets Go Aero, has a center span of 2-1/2 inches, which is not wide enough for the OEM hitch on your 2014 Tacoma. We do offer hitch locks that have longer center spans that will work with the wider hitch receiver tube on your Tacoma. Deadbolt offers their extra-long hitch lock, part # RH5-XL, which is rated highly enough for even Class V applications. This lock has a 5/8-inch pin with a center span of 3-5/8-inches....
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  • 2010 Honda Odyssey Cargo Carrier Recommendations
  • Yes, the Curt Cargo Carrier part # C18153 that you referenced will fit your 2010 Honda Odyssey that has a Hidden Hitch part # 87479 installed on it as well as have clearance to fold up. Instead of trying to explain how stable the cargo carrier will be on your vehicle while driving I attached a video to the right that shows how this carrier behaves when installed on a vehicle while being driven in our testing area here at etrailer. I also attached a test video for a similar sized...
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  • Fit of Surco Folding Cargo Carrier # 52018F on 2013 Subaru Impreza
  • In order to determine if your Impreza has sufficient clearance for the carrier to install and fold up against the rear of the vehicle, you will need to measure the distance between the hitch pin hole and the closest portion of the rear bumper (see photo). The Surco Folding Cargo Carrier measures 5 inches from the hitch pin hole in the shanks to the closest portion of the basket when it is folded. If the measurement you took is less than 5 inches, the carrier will fit just fine and would...
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