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NOCO Boost X Jump Starter - LED Work Light - 2 USB Ports - 12V - 1,250 Amp

NOCO Boost X Jump Starter - LED Work Light - 2 USB Ports - 12V - 1,250 Amp

Item # NOC48VR
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Rechargeable, 1,250 amp jump starter quickly revives cars, trucks, boats, vans, ATVs, RVs, and SUVs multiple times off a single charge. Includes a convenient LED work light and USB and super-fast USB-C ports for charging your devices. Fastest Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices for NOCO Boost X Jump Starter - LED Work Light - 2 USB Ports - 12V - 1,250 Amp. Read our customer reviews of NOCO jumper cables and starters. Call 800-298-1624 for expert service or order your jumper cables and starters part number NOC48VR by NOCO online at
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NOCO Jumper Cables and Starters - NOC48VR

  • Jumper Box
  • Device Charger
  • Lighted
  • Standard Duty
  • 1250 amps
  • NOCO
  • Electronic Polarity Protection

Rechargeable, 1,250 amp jump starter quickly revives cars, trucks, boats, vans, ATVs, RVs, and SUVs multiple times off a single charge. Includes a convenient LED work light and USB and super-fast USB-C ports for charging your devices.


  • Portable jump starter revives dead 12-volt vehicle and equipment batteries
    • Perfect for cars, trucks, boats, vans, ATVs, RVs, and SUVs
    • Manual override button allows you to jump a battery with a charge below 2-volts
  • Powerful lithium-ion battery provides multiple jump starts off a single charge
  • Built-in LED work light includes brightness, strobe, and SOS modes
  • USB and USB-C ports let you charge smartphones, tablets, headphones, and other electronics
    • Super-fast USB-C port recharges in under 1 hour and goes from dead to jump-start ready in 5 minutes
  • Heavy-duty battery clamps are spark-proof and have reverse polarity protection
  • Battery level indicator monitors current level of charge
  • Compact, lightweight design - stores in a cargo area, trunk, or toolbox
  • Includes jump starter, Boost battery clamps, USB-C cable, and storage bag


  • Application: 12-volt lead-acid battery systems
    • Battery types supported: wet cell, gel cell, maintenance-free, enhanced flooded, and AGM
  • Engine size compatibility:
    • Gas engines: up to 6.5 liters
    • Diesel engines: up to 4.0 liters
  • Starting current: 1,250 amps
  • Internal battery: 31 watt-hour lithium-ion
  • USB-C power (input and output): 60 watts
  • USB output: 2.1 amps
  • Battery clamp span: 24" long
  • LED worklight light output: 100 lumens
  • IP rating (with ports closed): IP65
  • Operating Temperature: -4 F to 122 F
  • Dimensions: 6-7/8" long x 3-5/16" wide x 2-1/8" deep
  • Weight: 2.16 lbs
  • 1-Year limited warranty

GBX45 NOCO Boost X Jump Starter - LED Work Light - 2 USB Ports - 12V - 1,250 Amp

Installation Details NOC48VR Installation instructionsAlternate Instructions NOC48VR Installation instructions

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Video of NOCO Boost X Jump Starter - LED Work Light - 2 USB Ports - 12V - 1,250 Amp

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Video Transcript for NOCO Boost X Jump Starter Review

What's up everybody, it's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the NOCO Boost X Jump Starter. This is going to be a jump pack here. You'd charge this up, that way, if your vehicle doesn't start, you got a dead battery or weak battery, you can hook this up to the battery. It has enough power in there to get you started and get you back on the road. Let's check it out.

Now, this one specifically has 1,250 amps in it. So it's going to be good to jump engines up to, for gasoline anyway, 6.5 liters and for diesel would be 4.0 liters. So just keep that in mind for what vehicles you're buying this for. It can work up to those, it'll get them jumped. Out of the box, this is what you get.

We've got the jumper cables here, connect to this side. This is the jump box here itself. It's got the buttons on the top, has a light in there. You can dim it three times. It's got an emergency flashing that also has three different functionalities there for whatever you may need.

Other thing about it is the USB ports are on this end, so you can pop them open. Not only can you charge it via USB-C, so you plug this in here, it would charge up the box. You can also plug it in here and charge up your phone or something. So if you are kind of stranded and you need that, you can plug your phone in there, that way you can at least call somebody for help if this isn't doing it. Taking a closer look at the box itself, I just kind of want to go over some of the codes you're gonna get when you go to turn it on.

Now clearly with this battery being fine, I can't show you them lit up, but we can talk about them. So you already saw this one. That's going to be the reverse polarity right there. Then the next one there's gonna be the battery's too cold. So these are really just temp gauges. It's one of the snowflake here is too cold. And then the thermometer with a plus sign is gonna mean it's way too hot. So it's not going to try and do anything that battery, it could be a damage or it could hurt something if you try and do that. This one's gonna be just an error code and you can see your manual for the different codes it's going to throw up. So some of the things to go over once you power it on, you're going to see the lights light up. Over here, it means it's good to go ahead and start jumping. Now, if you try and do a jump and it doesn't jump your vehicle, this'll turn orange and let you know, you have to shut this off and turn it back on before you can try it again. Now over here is going to be the gauge to let you know how much of a charge this has. So we've got halfway there, probably a good idea to plug it in and get it to green. Just to have it ready whenever you need it. Now, since it is about a halfway, we're gonna go ahead and plug it in and uses a USB-C port right here. So that's in. So we just got to hooked up to our vehicle's USB port, and that's what's gonna charge it, which I really like that because some of the other jump boxes, you had to plug into a wall and that's fine if you remember doing it in your garage, but if you have this and you're on to go, I like the option just to go ahead and plug it in right after I use it, throw it in the passenger seat and let it charge. Once it's fully charged, I can throw it in the back of the vehicle, but I like being able to charge it on the go. Another thing is if you are broke down or something and you need to charge your phone, and say your phone's about to die, you can also use this to get power to your phone. So probably not necessarily while it's plugged in, if it's on the go somewhere else and you can't use your car because the battery is dead, you can plug your phone in and it'll charge that. Something else to mention is gonna be boost override here. So this is gonna be used if your battery is so dead, that it can't detect it. So it doesn't know what to put in there. So you'd hit this button. You're going to light up that light and it's going to force it to jump. That way like I said, it can detect batteries in here. That's what all those warnings are about. So if it's so low that it can't see it, you can try and do this to get a quick jump out of it. Also comes with a little bag here. I'm going to go ahead and put everything all together, which I always really like that, that way you don't have all these loose parts in the back of your vehicle. You don't want to accidentally lose one when you need them. So the jump box without these cables, wouldn't do you much good. I like that you can keep it all together. Nice and neat. Now it's easier to store it in the back and you have to don't worry about it just sprawled out everywhere. Something else that it automatically does that I think is nice is it protects against reverse polarity because the light comes on here. If you we're to hook up these cables wrong, like I have it, I got them reverse. So before you even hit the power button, there's a big red light there that tells you, you got it wrong you got to flip them before you do it. The last button on here is going to be the flashlight. I'm going to push that. There's three different frequencies of the light. You can dim it three times there, then go again for a flashing light. And you can alternate between three of those as well for different flashing for emergencies. Something I want to compare this to is I've worked with a couple of different versions of the jump box. We have the Duracell version. It's one of those ones that got the handle on the top. So it's a little bit bigger than this. It's going to take up more space, but it also has an air compressor built in. It can jump vehicles. It has its own charge, has a flashlight too and an air gauge. So it's kind of a more complete, on the side of the road kind of thing if you need or looking for that. But I think the bonus on this one is it's so much smaller. It's really easier to have this around and sure, it's not going to inflate your tires, but it's going to hold that charge and you're gonna be able to get that vehicle jumped when you need to, and again, I know I already said it, but I like that it's smaller. It can fit under your seat. You don't have to have that huge designated section in the back of your vehicle for that. It just slides under your seat, forget about it. Just make sure it's charged from time to time. Definitely another thing to note though, is that the NOCO ones come in different amperages, so make sure, like I said before, check which ones you need, it's going to work with the vehicles you want to use it for, but that's just another advantage that they make them more powerful in this, for those specific vehicles. Overall, I really like it. I think it's going to be a very handy thing to have. I'm just impressed that they got it down to this small and still going to be able to jump your vehicle when you need it. Like I said, I've used those other jump boxes before, the big ones with the handles. That's just a lot to lug around. I don't like that you have to plug it into like an AC outlet in your garage. I might forget to do that. And then it's no use to me when I do actually need it. Plus I don't want to put that in my vehicle. Much more compact. I can charge it in the vehicle right when I get this jumped, just to get it back up and charge to put right back under the seat. So it's ready to go if I needed ever again. Well, thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

Customer Reviews

NOCO Boost X Jump Starter - LED Work Light - 2 USB Ports - 12V - 1,250 Amp - NOC48VR

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (9 Customer Reviews)

Rechargeable, 1,250 amp jump starter quickly revives cars, trucks, boats, vans, ATVs, RVs, and SUVs multiple times off a single charge. Includes a convenient LED work light and USB and super-fast USB-C ports for charging your devices.


This is a great product everyone should have in their vehicle as emergency equipment. Based on my research, etrailer was one of only 2 places that had it in stock.


Well built. Have not used yet.


Review from a similar NOCO Boost X in Jumper Cables and Starters

Finally, a jump box that can handle diesel trucks and is compact in size


Review from a similar NOCO Boost X in Jumper Cables and Starters

I had a NOCO with 4000 amps so I know how useful these things are. Unfortunately, it stopped working and can only be used to charge cell phones and I don’t think it can be repaired. It is a quality product. I gave one as a gift to my daughter in Colorado. She and her husband have used it for jump starting their vehicles and friends’ vehicles. They go rock climbing and camping a lot. Some places have no cell service so it’s not like they can call AAA. Thanks for a great product with timely delivery.


Review from a similar NOCO Boost X in Jumper Cables and Starters

The boost came quick which was great. It showed up the day we left for Lake Powell so we charged it in the truck on the way there. It charges very quickly when it’s plugged in to 12v. Low and behold we listened to music too long on the boat one afternoon and had to use it. The boat fired up immediately like it had brand new batteries. Happy with my purchase for sure. Most other jump boxes are big and bulky and barely work but not this one!


Review from a similar NOCO Boost X in Jumper Cables and Starters

Excellent quality product and the service received by etrailer was amazing. Easy order process and lightning quick delivery. We will absolutely purchase from them again.


Review from a similar NOCO Boost X in Jumper Cables and Starters

Excellent Service and sales personal knowledge of product, and very speedy delivery of order!!!


Review from a similar NOCO Boost X in Jumper Cables and Starters

I haven't used it yet but it really looks like a nice unit...and was promptly delivered in great shape.


Review from a similar NOCO Boost X in Jumper Cables and Starters


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    The NOCO # 329-GENIUS10 is a battery charger only, it wouldn't work unless plugged into a 110V AC outlet. To jump start a dead car battery, you'll need a jump box with an on-board battery. I'd recommend the NOCO Boost X Jump Starter, part # NOC48VR. The box can provide multiple jump starts off a single charge. It works great on vehicles with gas engines up to 6.5L and Diesel engines up to 4.0L. The box has USB ports that can be used to charge your phone, laptop, tablets and other electronics. I'll...
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  • Can NOCO NOC48VR Boost Box Be Charged With Laptop or 12 V to USB Adapter
    If your vehicle has a 12-volt socket, you can use an adapter like part # WA54FR, or according to the linked instructions, the jump box can be charged via the USB connector on a laptop. The # NOC48VR Boost X is a handy item to have on hand, I keep one in my glove box and have given them as Christmas gifts. The Boost X can sit in a glove box for months without the charge degrading to any appreciable degree.
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  • Why Does My Peak Battery Jumper Box Alternate Its Display From FL to 84?
    Whenever I hear of a battery giving off this type of feedback flashing from FL(fully charged) to 84(percent of charge) it tells me that the battery has lost its maximum capacity. The jumper box is alternating this as it attempts to charge and the battery says its fully charged but as the charging voltage is turned off it drops to the 84 you see as it can no longer hold a full 100% charge. The charger then kicks back on thinking it can charge back to 100. You should replace it at this...
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