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Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 300 lbs

Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 300 lbs

Item # 310-VTG002
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Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 300 lbs 300 lbs 310-VTG002
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Haul your heavy game or gear to your vehicle with this wheeled cart. Then use the included hitch adapter to easily turn the cart into a hitch-mounted cargo carrier for transporting your gear. Raised side rails keep cargo in place. Call 800-298-8924 to order Viking Solutions hunting and fishing part number 310-VTG002 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Viking Solutions products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 300 lbs. Hunting and Fishing reviews from real customers.
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Viking Solutions Hunting and Fishing - 310-VTG002

  • Field Dressing Tools
  • Game Cart
  • Viking Solutions
  • 300 lbs

Haul your heavy game or gear to your vehicle with this wheeled cart. Then use the included hitch adapter to easily turn the cart into a hitch-mounted cargo carrier for transporting your gear. Raised side rails keep cargo in place.


  • Cart lets you haul your game and gear to your vehicle, and then transport it to your destination
    • Use as a cart to manually move heavy items to your vehicle
    • Use as a hitch-mounted cargo carrier to haul that gear on the rear of your vehicle
  • Basket tilts to make it easy to load a deer, cooler, or other heavy cargo
  • Hitch adapter transforms the cart into a cargo carrier to free up space in your car
    • Round shape makes it easy to mount the cart at any angle
    • Lock and unlock settings let you tilt the cart while loading and unloading, or secure it flat when it's mounted in your hitch
  • 2 Removable, all-terrain tires are large and durable enough for almost any environment
    • Easily detach when using as a cargo carrier
  • Raised side rails help keep cargo in place
  • Sturdy and durable steel construction
  • Black powder coat finish resists corrosion
  • Hitch pin and clip or hitch lock sold separately


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Overall dimensions (including handle and wheels): 63-1/2" long x 22-1/4" wide x 27-1/2" tall
    • 4-1/2" From center of hitch pin hole to closest edge of carrier
  • Basket dimensions:
    • Outside: 48" long x 22" wide x 6" tall
    • Inside: 47" long x 20" wide x 5-1/2" tall
  • Tire size: 13-1/2" diameter
  • Carrier weight: 34 lbs
  • 1-Year warranty

Tilt and Go

Zach Tilting and Going

Don't struggle to carry your heavy game or gear to your vehicle anymore. The Tilt-N-Go II tilts so that you can slide heavy loads up into the basket. The all-terrain tires let you roll the cart through almost any environment. Simply wheel the cart to your load, drag the cargo onto the cart, and whisk it away. The included hitch adapter transforms the cart into a cargo carrier so that you can transport your heavy cargo wherever you need it.

The Tilt-N-Go II is great for all kinds of applications. Going hunting? Cart your prized kill out of the woods and haul it home. Re-doing your landscaping? Load the cart with mulch at the store, drive it home, and wheel it to your garden. The Tilt-N-Go II makes the transition from hauling to your vehicle to hauling with your vehicle easy.

From Cart to Cargo Carrier

Hitch Adapter

Once you wheel your cargo to your vehicle, slide the square end of the hitch adapter into the hitch receiver at the rear of your vehicle. This adapter, which comes as a separate piece, provides the mounting point for the cart. Once the adapter is secured in your hitch, position the cart onto the round end of the hitch adapter. The cylindrical shape makes it easy to pivot the cart, so that you can mount it on the adapter without having to lift it and line it up perfectly. Once the cart is on the adapter, push it towards your vehicle so that the square bracket on the cart comes in contact with the square end of the hitch adapter. Then insert the snap pin into the hole closest to the car on the hitch adapter to secure the cart flat. Finally, simply remove the wheels by pulling out the attachment pins, and then you're ready to haul.

Tilt N Go Cargo Carrier

When you get to your destination, reattach the wheels first. Then simply remove the snap pin that secures the cart to the hitch adapter. This allows the cart to be pulled away from your vehicle just enough for it to break contact with the square end of the hitch adapter. Then just pivot the cart and shimmy it off of the adapter. Now you can cart your heavy load wherever it's needed.

If you just need a little help loading a heavy item, but you don't need to cart it to your vehicle, you can also easily tilt and load the cart while it is mounted in your hitch. Because the carrier easily rotates on the round portion of the hitch adapter, you can simply tilt the carrier enough to drag your cargo up onto it. Then position the carrier back in place and secure it flat.

Tilt N Go Trailer Coupler

If you have an ATV or lawn tractor, the trailer coupler adapter (310-VTG301 - sold separately) can attach in place of the handle on the Tilt-N-Go II so that you can tow your equipment from point A to point B.

VTG201 Viking Solutions Tilt and Go 2 Cart - Hitch Mounted - 300 lbs

Replaces VTG002

Installation Details 310-VTG002 Installation instructions

Video of Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 300 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier Review

Colin: Hey everyone, it's Colin here at e-trailer and today I'm going to show you guys this Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier. This is a very versatile design. Basically you're going to be able to use it in two different ways. Right now we have it in the cargo carrier configuration. This is going to have a 300 pound weight capacity. So, you can get your heavier coolers and duffle bags loaded up for your trip.But it's also got a second function.

It does include a set of wheels you can attach to the bottom of the carrier and then you just pull it off of the shank and instead of having to carry these heavy and full coolers over to your destination, could be 500 feet away, you just grab the handle on the front and you can pull it wherever you're going.Now right away I want to show you guys the things that are going to set this cargo carrier apart from a lot of its competitors and it's the fact that we can attach this set of wheels and use it as a cart or a hauler. So, what we're going to do is remove this pin right here, put it in the outside hole, and then we can pull the cargo carrier off of the shank to where it's on this round tube, and from there we can tilt it to the right or to the left. We'll go to the right right now and our straps are keeping our cargo secured.And now we'll just take our wheels and you can see this slot on the front part of each leg. We'll take that and put it over the set of pins that are already installed. Now we'll take the other set of pins, lift up on our leg, and install them.Now we'll remove the pin all the way and just set it to the side.

From here, we can just tilt our carrier back and then pull it off so that the wheels are supporting it. And now just like that, we've transformed it into a cart to wheel it off to where we need to go.And thanks to the tubular design on our shank, it makes it very easy to slide it off all the way. You don't have to worry about lifting it up by herself. It just slides right off. And right away you can see that this is a pretty long pin and clip and when we first got the rack, it did seem like it would fit that way, but the 10 is not long enough to be able to get under the stand right here and still hook on to the pin.So, we went ahead and just used the same straps we we're using to secure our duffle bag, it was very simple, just to get it strapped down to make sure it doesn't fall down while we're traveling.

Whenever you're done you can either set it down on its side like so, or you can use the included stand to prop it up so that it remains straight. Now, right now you can see we have our stand strapped down to make sure it doesn't fall down at all while we're traveling. So we'll just go ahead and undo the strap.Now from here we can just pull down our stand and set it upright. The stand actually attaches to our handle right here that we use to pull the cart around, just using a couple of washers and a bolt. It's got a really secure fit.

If you find that you're having trouble pulling down your stand and pushing it back up, you may want to loosen up that bolt just a little bit. Or if you don't have a strap to secure it, you could just tighten it down as tight as you can get it to make sure it doesn't fall down while you're traveling.Now a great use of this cargo carrier is going to be that it can tilt down to make it easier to load up any heavier bulky objects. Whether it's on the wheels or even just on that circle shank that we saw earlier connected to our truck. Now for you hunters out there, this is going to be a big advantage for you because when you're out in the woods and you've killed your deer or whatever you might be hunting, it gets tough to be able to carry that all the way back to your truck or to wherever you're saying.So, obviously we don't have a deer right here, but we just want to kind of show you how it would work, dragging up your object onto the cart. With the wheels being in the center of the cart, it makes it very easy to tilt it to one side or the other and make sure that all the weight from our cargo is sitting on top of the wheels. So we just have it tilted down right here with the handle on top. And then you just grab a hold of whatever you're loading, pull it up, and then if you can't get it past a certain point, we can just hold it and then tilt the carrier up all the way. We could even just set it down over here. Bring it, set it in place. And now with those wheels right under our objects, going to make it very easy for us to get it back to our truck or to wherever we're staying.And now we're back to our truck. Whatever we've got in our carrier, we can now get it loaded up onto our shank. This may be a little bit difficult by yourself depending on the size of the object you have on your carrier. Right now, it's pretty easy for me to be able to pick the carrier up and get onto the shank and keep in mind, it's probably not going to be as high to lift if you're on flat ground. Right now we're on a hill, which is making it a little bit harder on us. And then get it onto the square part of our shank to make sure it doesn't tilt anymore. And then we can strap it down. Now from here, if you do plan on traveling, you want to make sure to replace the pin and the shank and remove your wheels.It's really important to make sure you replace that pin when you plan to travel to get, because it's going to prevent the carrier from being able to slide back off of the shank. And now with our wheels removed, we have it back to our cargo carrier set up.Now, we've gotten a lot of feedback from our customers and one of the common things that was said was that this does make a lot of noise when you're traveling with it in your hitch. I want to point out that's completely normal. With as many functions it has and all the moving parts that it has, it is going to be normal for it to rattle around and make some noise. That doesn't take away from it being sturdy, it's still is going to be very solid and hold up well and carry your cargo great.Now what the carrier empty, we can have a closer look at it. It's got a really durable steel construction and a black powder coat finish. It's going to help it resist rust and corrosion. So it holds up for the long haul, and the open basket design makes it very easy to load your objects or your cargo, and it's also going to be very easy to clean as well. You can just take a hose or a power washer, spray it right off, it'll be good to go for next time.Now to give you guys some dimensions on the inside cargo space. Just up to the edge of the basket, not including the handle, it's going to be 47 inches long by 20 inches wide and then five and a half inches tall. Again, that's the inside dimensions for storage space. And now just so you can see if this is going to fit your application or suits your needs, the overall dimensions with the stand and the wheels installed, it's going to be 63 and a half inches long by 22 and a quarter inches wide and 27 and a half inches tall.Now with any hitch mounted accessory, you are going to have added length to your vehicle. So when you're using the Tilt-N-Go as a cargo carrier, you want to keep in mind that from the center of the hitch pin hole to the outermost point of our carrier is going to be 26 and a half inches. So for any tight parking spots, maybe your garage, you want to keep that in mind to make sure it fits.And I also want to let you know that from the center of the hitch pin hole to the closest part of our carrier, it's going to be four and a half inches. So you want to make sure you measure from the center of your hitch pin hole the outermost part of your bumper to make sure you have at least that amount of distance. We've already tested it out on a couple of vehicles, one of which had a hitch that was really far back behind the bumper. So we could not get this pushed forward enough to get the hitch pin in, the front of our carrier made contact with the bumper. So just keep that in mind.Now with the carrier removed, I just want to show you guys again this tubular design on our shank. It's just going to make it very easy for the shank to slide off when we want to unload it and then put it back on the shank when we're ready to load it back up. One thing I do want to point out is that the pin and clip is not included with this kit, so you want to make sure you pick one of those up separately here at e-trailer. We have plenty of options available. Or if you want to lock, we have hitch pin locks available as well.And I do want to point out, if you're planning on traveling with your cargo carrier unattached from the shank, then you want to make sure you remove the shank from your hitch before you start traveling again. You just throw it in the back of your vehicle, in your bed of your truck, with ease.Now overall I think this is a really solid carrier from Viking Solutions. It does rattle a bit, yes. But that's not something that bothers me as much knowing the different functions I have with it. Being able to put the wheels on, use it as a cargo carrier, or even a cart. Makes it very versatile to use it for camping, hunting, maybe even some work around the house.Well, thank you all for watching and I hope this information helps you out. So that's going to do it for our look at the Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier.

Customer Reviews

Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II Hauler and Cargo Carrier for 2" Hitches - Steel - 300 lbs - 310-VTG002

Average Customer Rating:  4.2 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

Haul your heavy game or gear to your vehicle with this wheeled cart. Then use the included hitch adapter to easily turn the cart into a hitch-mounted cargo carrier for transporting your gear. Raised side rails keep cargo in place.

- 310-VTG002

Combined with Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class I - 1-1/4" (Item # 24954) Kit for a 2016 Honda Civic sedan. Also has a Class 1 to Class 2 hitch adapter and a Maxxhaul weatherproof bag. I'm really happy with how it all came together. This is going to be fantastic for camping trips and festival outings. 505359

- 310-VTG002

The product seems fine but the package was damaged and some of the bolts where lost and my wife said one of the tires are flat. 421829

William, thank you for your order and your review. I have put you in direct contact with our customer service department for a resolution.
-- Laura E - 08/25/2017


- 310-VTG002

This product works great for hauling decoys to the marsh or deer out of the woods. I use it on most outings to make my job easier. In addition, it quickly attaches/detaches from the vehicle with one pin when you need to use it or store it. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to make their next hunting or camping trip just a bit easier. 585218

- 310-VTG401

Review from a similar Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II in Hunting and Fishing

So I purchased this to pull behind my ATV for hunting as well as use as a cart for around the house. The main structure of the cart is well built, the features are all fairly well thought out, however, some areas could have been done better. Because of the price, I only dropped a single star and I will be making my own improvements so that it performs to my liking. While pulling the cart on the first trip out, I lost a pin because of the bouncing and vibration. The pins should have come with little cables to keep them from getting lost, or they should have been replaced with bolts and hand nuts. The slop in each joint makes it rattle but it really isn't an issue. The way the wheels attach could have been simplified by adding a tube on the main body for the wheel assembly to slide into. Then only one pin would be necessary and it wouldn't be holding weight. The way it is designed, the pins hold all the weight of what is on the cart. I can't use this as a hitch rack while hauling my ATV so I likely won't be using that feature much. Instead, I will likely leave the wheels attached and make a few new holes on the opposite end of the cart so I can leave the handle attached while in trailer mode. I would purchase again, but this thing could have been a home run with a few changes in the design. 515301

- 310-VTG401

Review from a similar Viking Solutions Tilt-N-Go II in Hunting and Fishing

Overall product works good for intended purposes. Tires are ok, attachments are notable, slop and noise on receiver required modifications. Change of tires and alternative bike rail plus, allowed for use behind a bicycle. 552521


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