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  5. Fits 2 Inch Hitch
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etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs

etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs

Item # e56UR
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Hitch Cargo Carrier
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Easily load and transport your small motorcycle or dirt bike with this lightweight, sturdy, aluminum hitch-mounted carrier. Clamps, adjustable cradles, and tie-down loops provide extra security. Included ramp makes it easy to load and unload. 1-800-940-8924 to order etrailer hitch cargo carrier part number e56UR or order online at Free expert support on all etrailer products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs. Hitch Cargo Carrier reviews from real customers.
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etrailer Hitch Cargo Carrier - e56UR

  • Motorcycle Carrier
  • Fixed Carrier
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • 79 Inch Long
  • 8-1/2 Inch Wide
  • Standard Duty
  • Aluminum
  • etrailer

Easily load and transport your small motorcycle or dirt bike with this lightweight, sturdy, aluminum hitch-mounted carrier. Clamps, adjustable cradles, and tie-down loops provide extra security. Included ramp makes it easy to load and unload.


  • Hitch-mounted carrier holds 1 motorcycle not exceeding 400 lbs
    • Perfect for motocross and dirt bikes
  • Front and rear cradles adjust with pull pins for a perfect fit
  • Built-in wheel clamps tighten around the front wheel to secure it to the carrier
  • Aluminum ramp makes it easy to load and unload
    • Ramp secures to carrier during travel
  • Integrated tie-down loops for simple, quick fastening
    • Ratcheting tie-downs sold separately
  • Anti-rattle bracket holds receiver and shank together to reduce movement and noise
  • 2 Safety reflectors provide increased visibility
  • Constructed of lightweight, durable, rustproof aluminum
    • Steel shank provides additional strength and support


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitches
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs
  • Carrier dimensions: 79" long x 8-1/2" wide
  • Track width: 7"
  • Ramp dimensions: 41" long x 8-1/2" wide
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to center of track: 17"
  • Distance from center of hitch pin hole to closest edge of carrier: 12-1/2"

Moto Carrier Dims

Transporting your dirt bike has never been easier. This convenient, hitch-mounted carrier includes a sturdy, lightweight ramp that attaches to the aluminum frame, making loading and unloading your motorcycle a snap. Once your bike is secured on the carrier, the ramp detaches and mounts parallel to the track for simple storage. With a 400-lb weight capacity and a 7" wide track, this carrier will accommodate most small motorcycles and dirt bikes. Adjustable pull pins allow you to easily adjust your front and rear tire cradles for a perfect fit.

Safe and Secure

This MaxxHaul motorcycle carrier was designed with security in mind. From keeping your motorcycle securely attached to your carrier, to making your driving experience as safe as can be, this carrier offers many features that work together to give you peace of mind.

Tie Down Loops

The integrated tie-down loops provide attachment points for ratcheting tie-downs (sold separately), making it quick and easy to secure your bike to the carrier.

Cradle Wheel Clamps

Wheel clamps are built in on both sides of the front tire cradle. Simply use the knobs to tighten each clamp around the front tire of your motorcycle to hold it firmly in place.

Cradle Adj Pins

Both the front and rear cradles are adjustable. Just move the included pull pins to make the cradle longer or shorter. Using these pins, you can adjust the size of the cradles to fit around your tires perfectly.

Carrier Reflectors

On each side of the motorcycle carrier, there is a safety reflector. This reflector provides increased visibility to make hauling your motorcycle even safer.

e56UR etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs

Replaces MaxxTow MT70101 (70101)

Installation Details E56UR Installation instructions

Video of etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier Review - 2022 Ford Maverick

Hi everyone. Aiden here with etrailer. Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Etrailer AluminumMotorcycle Carrier on our 2022 Ford Maverick. This is gonna be a carrier that'll work with your twoinch by two inch receiver tube and have a weight capacity of 400 pounds. Let's check it out. It is pretty lightweight.

The vast majority ofthe carrier is aluminum aside from the shank, which is going to be steel that's just to help with reinforcement. But the rest of the carrier will be that lightweight aluminum. So if you are keeping this in your garage and only breaking it out when you need it, it's not going to be a total pain to get it in and out of the hitch. It's easy to lift just with one person, get it positioned into the hitch and get it installed. Installing it, it's going to come withan anti-rattle bolt that actually slidesthrough the hitch pin hole once you've got it aligned and rather than threadinginto that hitch pin hole, you'll secure it with aflange nut on the other side.

So that's going to be thefirst anti-rattle device that we'll tighten down using a three quarter inch socket. Once we secure that pin with a clip, we can get our secondanti-rattle device installed. The first one's gonna take care of our side to side movement, but you can see that ourup and down movement, we still have a lot of shake and play. That's where this is gonna come in handy because we're gonna wrap itaround the shank and our hitch to secure it up and down. So what I'm gonna do ismake sure that this lip is wrapped around thelip of our hitch receiver and the U-bolt is aroundthe shank of our accessory.

Secure it with a flatwasher, a lock washer and a nut on both sides of the U-bolt and we'll come back throughand tighten it all up. With everything secured,you can see just how tight that is in the hitch now so we don't have to worryabout any shake or play there. Once the ramps in placeand everything's set up, we can get the bike all loaded up. You probably will needa running start for it and an extra set of handscertainly could help but it's not entirely necessary. Once we get that initial bit up, you can just go little bits at a time and push it into place.

And depending on the weight of your bike you might not need as mucheffort as I'm putting in, but once that front wheel sits down in, you're good to go. At this point I wouldrecommend an extra set of hands just to hold it in place while you get your firstfew straps installed. I've got one side looselyinstalled on the front. I'll do the other side over here, utilizing the tie-down point right by the front wheel clamp and then getting the otherend of my ratchet strap fed through a secure point on the bike and to the other tie-down point near the holder for the the ramp. I'm just gonna go around to a secure piece of metal like this trying to avoid any of these brake lines and hook it down at the bottom. Now these S hooks are a little bit large for the actual tie-down points but it is enough to sneak it in there, pull it snug and get a little bit of tension on there. I wanna do this relatively evenly though so I'm not pulling thebike super far to one side. So once I get some tension on it, I'm gonna go back and forth trying to keep it relatively upright. But once it's held in place like this, our extra set of hands can let go and the bike will atleast hold itself upright. I'm gonna reinstall the ramp now before I get any extra straps in here just because it is goingto help me out later because the more things wehave to work around here to feed the ramp in, the harder it'll be. Definitely not impossible but I like to do this first just so it's a little bit easier. For the backstrap, I'm gonna go through a pointin the frame on the bike and we don't have anothergreat tie-down point, so what I'm gonna actually do and what I did last nightwhen I picked up the bike is actually just hook theratchet strap to itself. Need a little more tensionon there to get it to hold and we can get a little bitmore tension on it like that to hold the back end down. We'll do the same thing on the other side again, hooking theratchet probably to itself utilizing the back tie-down by the hitch. With our strap secure and theexcess strap taken care of, you can tighten down the front wheel clamp making sure that the pad of it makes good contact withthe side wall of the tire and once it's making good contact we can secure it with the wing nut to make sure that nothingshifts or moves around on us. With everything secured, I'd say we've got a prettystrong hold in the bike. Although there is somemovement side to side that's not with the bikein the carrier itself. It handled really well when I was driving aroundwith it last night, but I do wanna take itout on our test course and see how it performson some speed bumps and side to side. Here we are on our test course. We'll take it through the slalom. This is gonna show usthe side to side action which simulates turningcorners or evasive maneuvers. (car engine running) We'll get to the alternating speed bumps. This will simulatehitting a curb or pothole or driving over uneven pavement. (car bumping) And we'll go over the full speed bumps. We can see the up and down action. This will be like drivingin and out of a parking lot, garage or driveway After taking it out on the test course, I'd have to say I'm pretty impressed. It handled pretty well and everything's stillreally solid on the rack. The bike doesn't look likeit's shifted side to side and all of our strapsare still very tight. One place I was a little worriedabout was the speed bumps. All that up and downmovement, I was just concerned it would really get tothe carrier or the bike, but it did really well. It certainly looks a little bit precarious having it just standing up in this track and just strapped down but shaking it around,it's actually really solid. The tie-down points workreally well to stabilize it and the only movementI'm really worried about is that front to back, which for us is actually pretty solid. The side to side is very solid as well and you can see, I'm actuallyshaking the whole truck just by moving the motorcycle. It's partially thanks to allthe points that secure it. So at the front tire we've got these clamps that are adjustable that'll actually clamparound that front tire to keep it from moving around and they actually do a really great job of keeping that solid. Right next to that is ourfirst set of tie-down points. You can see we've gotour S hook ratchet straps fed through these tie-downpoints at the front up and over the handlebars and then back down to our middletie-down point right here. These ones work really well on both sides to secure the front. And then we've got another tie-down point again on both sides justright next to that front one that we've got wrapped aroundour frame back to itself and those are holding down the back. The carrier comes included with a ramp that stores on the carrier itself, so it's nice and out of the way. That's gonna be used forloading and unloading. Let's get the bike unloaded and get a closer look at the carrier. The first thing we needto do is get the ramp out. It's held in place with thislarge hand knob out front and this plate on top of it. So we're just gonna loosen allthose up to get it removed. Once you've got it slightly loosened up, that plate should slide between the gaps and the ramp and we can wiggle it out. It's a bit of a tight fit, but now you've got the ramp. It's a bit of a tight fit,but now you've got the ramp. To unload it, we need togo to the driver's side because that's the sidewe need to unload from as indicated by these handystickers on the carrier. So this portion right here will just hook into the lip on the carrier and then we can get everything unstrapped. Before we get all the straps undone, we wanna undo theseclamps on the front wheel by undoing that wingnut and loosening up the clamps until they're bare inthe fully open position allowing the wheel to move past. As far as undoing the straps goes, it can really help to havean extra set of hands, but just be careful whenyou're breaking the tension because you don't want the motorcycle to start tipping one way or the other. I'm gonna go for thesetwo back straps first cuz they're harder to reach just by breaking this tension but leaving the strap on there. Just so it's a little bit looser enough that we could maybe undo it and then I'll go around to the front or the back rather, undo the other back one, and then while I've got a hand on the bike I can get these two front straps. And then now, I can take much more careto have a hand on the bike while I'm breaking theseother straps loose. And for our last strap we've got a hand on the bike and just break it loose. Now here's the part whereit would really help to have an extra set of hands just to keep some support on it as we get these last few straps off. Our bike's around 260, 270 pounds and the front wheel sitspretty far into that cradle so getting it out of thecradle is pretty difficult. Having an extra set ofhands to pull against it and just get it out of that initial hump and onto the ramp isgonna be really helpful. So unloading it might havelooked a little bit difficult but again, that's a pretty heavy bike and doing it on my ownwas pretty difficult. Part of the reason for that is the deep groove thatthe front wheel sits in. It's just hard to get it out of there. So that makes loading and unloading a little bit more challenging. So what that does make for is a really solid hold on that tire, especially with these clamps holding on the side walls of it. So at the sacrifice of yourbike being stable in the carrier you might need some extrahelp getting it unloaded. The ramp is going to be 41 inches long and about eight and a half inches wide. So it provides plenty of surface area to get the bike up and down and the length I feel like is good enough to not put it at a crazy incline. Obviously that'll dependon your hitch height too but for the truck that we've got today it worked out really well. Storage of the ramp just like we saw when we removed it is pretty straightforward. Just get that plate over top the ramp, tighten it down to hold it down in place, and then you can also tightenup the clamp on the side to press it into the carrier and stabilize it side to side so there's very minimal rattling whenever you're driving around with it. Whenever I was drivingaround with it loaded I didn't notice any extra noise and when it was empty, thenoise was very minimal. The overall length of thecarrier is 79 inches long. The outside width of it is gonna be that sameeight and a half inches that we saw earlier. And then the inside track width is going to be about seven inches. Although the track doeskind of come in a little bit and at that inner point where the tire could potentially fall into is five and a half inches. And the track does kind ofcome inward a little bit and this intersection is where your fronttire could sit inside of or tend to your back tire toodepending on the width of it. That section is going to beright at five and a half inches. The back end has reflectors, which will help with visibility when you're going down the road. I would prefer thereto be an LED kit though that could maybe pluginto some four pole wiring just because when the bike is loaded, my taillights we're prettymuch completely blocked. As far as how this sits on the vehicle. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the center of the track, that's where the bike's gonna sit is gonna be 17 inches. So what I would do is set up your bike 17 inches away from your hitch pin hole and you can know where it's gonna sit in relation to your vehicle to let you know if youhave any sort of issues with handlebar contact with the vehicle. From the center of the hitch pin hole to the outer edge of the rack to see how far it's gonna stick out is going to be right at 33and a quarter of an inch. The back tire has these pins. Now you can move these and adjust them depending on the sizeand width of your tire. Now for ours, I'm going to remove this one that's closest to thecenter of the vehicle because our back tire's gonna sit kind of down in this groove. Depending on where your tiresits, what your wheel base is you might find that it's bestto remove this middle pin and have the tire sittingbetween these two pins here. It's all gonna depend on your bike but you get that adjustability. Comparing this to the steel version of the Etrailer Motorcycle Carrier, this is my father-in-law's bike and he uses the steel carrier day-to-day and comparing that to this and just comparing his overallexperience of living with it, he liked this one better and so did I. And that'll do it for our look at the Etrailer AluminumMotorcycle Carrier on our 2022 Ford Maverick. Overall, I think it's a pretty fine fit. Maverick handled it really well whether we we're driving onroad or on our test course. I didn't notice theweight back here too much. You can definitely tellthat something is back here but it handled really well. There wasn't a lot of movement and the height of thehitch didn't put that ramp at a crazy steep height either. Thanks for watching. .

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Customer Reviews

etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs - e56UR

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (68 Customer Reviews)

Easily load and transport your small motorcycle or dirt bike with this lightweight, sturdy, aluminum hitch-mounted carrier. Clamps, adjustable cradles, and tie-down loops provide extra security. Included ramp makes it easy to load and unload.


I loaded my Vespa GT200 onto the MT70101 carrier and drove 2,750 miles to Arizona in my Toyota Highlander....the carrier worked flawlessly...My mileage was hardly affected by the scooter. I secured mt Vespa with 4 ratchet straps, and away we went. I secured mt Vespa with 4 ratchet straps, and away we went.
I do find it impossible to load by myself...getting up the ramp requires 2 wife has gotten pretty good with helping me. I am extremely pleased with this carrier and would recommend it to anyone. A great find.

The more I use the MT70101 the more I like works flawlessly.
John - 02/19/2020


Nice Wide Carrier and Ramp, well made. Should last a lifetime!
Cardboard Box and Packing was destroyed when it arrived. The Ramp lip was bent on one end. An adjustable wrench took care of the issue in 2 seconds. It had a rough ride getting to me.
I'm using it to carry a Motorcycle on the front and a camper on the back of my truck. The Pic is of a 170 lb CT90.
I will be loading a Yamaha TW200 in the future.
The 2" Front Receiver Hitch was custom made and installed by a local Hitch Shop behind the licence plate bracket so it would not be so low to the ground.
The Under Bumper you can buy are to low and act like plows on dirt roads and speed Bump knockers on the pavement.
If not camping, it will be installed and used on the rear receiver hitch of this truck and a Jeep.


Great product at a great price. Over the Top customer service experience! Shipped out within one and a half hours of me ordering and arrived in two days! Easy assembly and installation. I have not had an opportunity to use it yet but all looks like good manufacturing and my Yamaha TW200 fits perfectly.


this carrier is a nice unit but I can’t give it a great review. The reason for this is the tie down brackets for the bike. The front one near the trailer hitch is very strong. However the one on the rear scares me.
It is used for two functions, one to hold the loading ramp in place, second as s tie down for the bike. It bends when tightening down the ramp and is a cheap piece of metal not braced correctly. This plate is not welded along the top where it should be and has two “wings” on it for bracing. These wings do nothing to make it stronger. They should extend completely down the length of the tube and be fully welded for strength!!


Works as advertised! Very stable platform. I just wish it had more contact points to use multiple tie downs for added piece of mind. Not a requirement to haul your bike safely however. I did alot of research finding the right carrier. Settled on this one for the design. DO NOT sacrafice safety for a cheapo from that discount hardware store.


I seems like a good carrier but will not work without a hitch extender on a Jeep Wrangler with the spare tire on and a scooter. The scooter leans on the tire. It definitely doesn't have enough mounting points.


Fits the TW200 like a glove. Most stable option I’ve tried so far! I put on front of my Tundra and can only see the handlebars and cargo rack. Highly recommend this one. The anti rattle/sway clamps really do the trick! Good job!


Works great, makes my hunting trips eas ier.

No problems, works fine, am satisfied!
Ray A - 10/20/2020


The motorcycle carrier came as promised, I put it together this morning. Plan on hauling my Zuma scooter on the back of my travel trailer. The carrier is exactly as pictures show. Well made and fits together well. The only complaint I have is the instructions for putting together are not good. I just relied on my male intuition to finish the job. You know how men never read instructions anyway. I would give this a 5 star if instructions were as good as the product and ordering and delivery.

Motorcycle carrier has worked well just as I wanted.
Thomas R - 08/06/2021


This thing is awesome. The girlfriend and I put it together in 10 minutes, then I took a 12 hour trip to California, and 12 hours back, it held the bike beautifully. No vibration, no movement, it was beautiful. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a single motorcycle. If you have a Chevy Tahoe it works perfect. Thanks again George, Nicole and Carol. Great customer service


What a neat little carrier. Great quality. Well made. Our little Honda 85 has a bit too short wheelbase but it still secured easily. My son can easily load his own bike now.


My new aluminum Max Tow. Hauling Honda Ruckus 49cc scooter


I've used this a bunch of times and it does truly work well overall. Some hiccups with using the wheel chock and front tire pin, I don't use those at all anymore. Learned the hard way to undo the front tie downs before the rear (don't ask how) but the manufacturer can't be blamed for my mistakes. I've carried a 290 dual sport, a 370 pound sport bike and a 360 pound dual sport on it and at no point has it protested or given me the impression it couldn't handle what I threw at it. Really good little unit, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat.


It's ok, I wish the supports for the tires were adjustable, when we put my son's RMZ 450 on it, the supports don't line up that well, so we had to drill out pop rivets and put them where we need them. The strapping it down is the hardest part, we have moved away from straps and use metal turnbuckles from the carrier to the foot pegs of the Dirt bike instead. My son had some close calls with the dirt bike wanting to tip over.. I think there could be some improvements to the overall design and function of it. If you were to ask if I would by another, my answer would be no... Kind of disappointing.


Looks like it will do the job for our CT90. The box was destroyed by UPS, I can't believe nearly everything was still in the box. Nuts and bolts were loose in the box, but only two lockouts were missing. It would probably be a good idea to snug up the lock nuts, or tape them in place before shipping. It would have been nice to have a parts list or directions to help figure out what might be missing, but the videos and pictures on the website helped me figure it out. The plastic feet for the ramp fell out, I can't see what would keep them in. But I drilled some holes and put two pop rivets per side, so that should hold. A couple screws would have worked too.


I bought this a year ago when my son got a dirt bike. We’ve used it many many times, and it’s still working great. It was a very good investment. The carrier is relatively easy to use- we’ve got it down to a routine now, loading and unloading the bike. The carrier attaches to our hitch pretty easy too,
It could be done- carrier and bike, with one person. But it is a littler easier and quicker with two.
The carrier is very sturdy, and stays in place- no movement while driving. We did purchase an additional piece ( I can’t recall the name of it now), which stabilized the carrier where it inserts into the hitch. It keeps it from the little bit of movement /bouncing around that we had without. Now it is solid.


It worked very well for our Honda CRF 250 L. No issues whatsoever. We were also able to squeeze a 4 (or 5) gallon gas tank onto it when driving. I can recommend this carrier.


This is awesome for the person who has a scooter or small bike to carry. The installation was easy and it was a quiet as a mouse when hauling. Very easy to forget its back there. Almost too easy. :-) A recommendations would include higher / taller tie down points off the main stem into the hitch. Overall this has worked well for my scooter and the reason for the missing star is the missing safe feeling from allowing the scooter to be held only by the tie straps. Again, a taller arm making to tie down on would comfort my feelings.

Strong and good product for anyone.



1 year later and my MaxxHaul motorcycle carrier is still working wonderful, excellent product for the money invested.
Randy P - 11/02/2017


So far, so good. Easy installation. Getty ready for road test with load.


Does the job. I’ve had these units with a solid channel for the tires to sit “on” and units like this where the tires drop down into them. The former is easier to load and unload, the later is a bit safer while hauling, but more prone to tip overs trying to get your bike “out” of the carrier. In any case this unit is well built and hard to beat for the money. I had to coat the threaded bolts with an anti-seize compound so they would remain free and easy to use. I store this outside and it seems to be weathering just fine.

The bottom line; for the money you can’t beat it.


I think the carrier is good quality for use and price. However, I have an issue with the ramp being too short and therefore too steep. The instructions say that the carrier should be no more than 14 inches from the ground. That's not mentioned on the website and so I have the problem where mine is 20 inches. I wrote and asked if I could purchase an additional ramp thinking I can have two fastened together at a local trailer shop. Unfortunately I haven't received a response. Instead I found a used ramp locally that I can fit.


This carrier is perfect for our Honda Ruckus! It was easy to assemble and loading the scooter is a breeze also. We have the carrier on a hitch that I installed on the front of our motorhome that we also purchased from Etrailer. Weve traveled 300 miles on the first trip and all is well. Etrailer rocks!


The item is well made and conforms to the stated specs. The packaging is inadequate for the shipping method. Some parts were loose inside the outer box and one ramp bumper was slightly damaged. There were NO assembly instructions or fully assembled picture other than an installed photo on the outside of the inner box. The 7/8 bolt that I think is used to secure the hitch wedges is too long. I had to make some steel spacers to take up the gap.


Rack works great. It was easy to assemble and is easy to use. Our only wish would be for a couple of pins to hold the ramp piece in place. Sometimes it wants to pop up when you are pushing the bike on or off the rack.

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Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs

Condition: Missing Parts

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Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs
Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs
Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs
Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs
Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs
Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs
Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs
Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs
Used Picture for etrailer Aluminum Motorcycle Carrier for 2" Hitches - 400 lbs

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Notes: Item has been previously used. All parts are present and parts functions like new. Scratches and minor dings present.

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