Hitch Cargo Carrier




Enclosed Carrier


Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch


Fixed Carrier


53 Inch Long

Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4" (Class II) Trailer Hitches

Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4" (Class II) Trailer Hitches

Item # 59108

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Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4" (Class II) Trailer Hitches Light Duty 59108
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The multi-purpose storage container is removable to help carry or store your gear while the weather resistant durable design protects it. The carrier is 20 percent larger than comparable models. Call 800-298-8924 to order Rola hitch cargo carrier part number 59108 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Rola products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4" (Class II) Trailer Hitches. Hitch Cargo Carrier reviews from real customers.
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Rola Hitch Cargo Carrier - 59108

  • Enclosed Carrier
  • Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
  • Fixed Carrier
  • 53 Inch Long
  • 27 Inch Wide
  • Rola
  • Molded
  • Class II
  • Light Duty

The multi-purpose storage container is removable to help carry or store your gear while the weather resistant durable design protects it. The carrier is 20 percent larger than comparable models.


  • 150 lbs. capacity
  • Tray can be used without the container
  • Enclosed container holds 13-1/2 cubic feet of gear
    • Light weight container weighs only 30 lbs.
    • Container and cargo can be removed from the tray
    • Container is secured to the tray with locking latches
    • The lid of the container also locks with the same keys that secure the container to the tray
  • High-density polyethylene construction adds stability and is durable and UV resistant
  • Includes license plate mounting points
  • Includes light kit


  • For use with Class II 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" trailer hitches
  • Outer dimensions of tray and pod
    • 53" Length x 27" width x 21-1/2" tall
  • Dimensions of tray only
    • 53" Length x 27" width x 5.4" tall
  • Outer dimensions of the pod only
    • 53" Length x 27" width x 19" tall
  • Distance from center pin hole to edge of carrier: 10-3/4"
  • Inner dimensions of the pod only
    • Bottom of pod: 47" length x 21" width
    • Pod is widest in the middle: 52" length x 26-1/2" width
    • Pod opening is 46" long and 20" wide
    • Inside of pod is about 17" tall
  • 5-Year limited warranty

59108 Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4" (Class II) Trailer Hitches

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Video of Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4" (Class II) Trailer Hitches

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier. This has been designed for use in Class 2 hitches. It offers up to 13 1/2 cubic feet of storage space and a 150 pound weight capacity. Part number on is 59108. Now the design of this cargo carrier allows us to keep our gear outside of our car in our cargo box. It's going to help it protect from the elements with its weather-resistant design. It's got a nice, large opening for the lid as you can see here.

All the way around, we've got a double-lip design. We've got a lip that's going to come behind and in front of our rail. It's got a gasket that goes all the way around. Nice steel cables to rivet it in. That prevents the lid of the carrier from going up and making contact with your vehicle.

As you can see, all the way across the back here, we've got a full length, piano-style hinge. It's riveted in place to really give us good, long-lasting use of our carrier. Let me get a measurement on the total opening here. Looks like side to side, our opening's going to be about 46 3/4 of an inch. At it's largest here in the center, it's about 20 inches. While here in the front, it's about 16 inches.

The lid is lockable, comes with 2 keys. As you can see, we've closed down our latches. We can lock them and prevent anyone from opening our carrier. The carrier is pre-wired with the lights that we're going to need. It does kind of block the tail lights on our vehicle, just like it's blocking the license plate.

Included with the kit, you're going to have the license plate relocation holes. You're going to have the light kit, which is easily mounted here at the rear with the pre-wire. And we'll have our lights to keep this as legal as can be as we're going down the road. The car pod, itself, if you look around here at the front is secured to the base with 2 of the same style locks. These are keyed the same. Whether it's the front lock you need or these locks you need, they're easily removable. This allows us to remove the car pod from the carrier. Let's say we get to where we're going. It's pouring down rain outside. We've got all of our clothes for the weekend in here and we need to get it in. I might get a buddy and say, "Hey, buddy. Come with me." We're going to grab the car pod off the car, and we're going to carry it right inside. This will allow us to unload our gear, load up our gear, out of those elements. As you can see here, we've got a nice cargo carrier, that sits just underneath that pod. So, if the weather's nicer and we're carrying something larger that won't fit into the pod itself, we can easily use this for that. Outside dimensions here: going to be about 55 inches wide. Without the light kit, it's about 27 inches long and with it, about 28 3/4 of an inch long. Construction is a nice, heavy duty ABS plastic. It's going to resist any of the UV Rays, dirt, mud, very easily cleanable item, easily washable. Now that we've gone over a lot of the key features of the cargo system, we'll show you how to install it on your vehicle. Now, the cargo carrier is a very easy assembly. We've got 4 bolts that hold the carrier to the frame rail, and then 4 additional bolts that hold our draw bar, the shank that actually slides into the receiver tube, so 8 bolts. You're ready to use your carrier. One of the easier carriers I've ever put together. To begin our install, we're just going to slide the shank of the carrier into the receiver tube of our hitch. As we do this, we need to line up our pinhole with our hitch pin hole. Once we get it in the correct position, we'll slide through our pin. Slide the clip on the other side of our pin here. Just like that, we're ready to load down our cargo carrier or we can attach our pod. The lightweight container weighs just 30 pounds. I'm now going to put the pod back on. We'll basically just sit it right on to the carrier platform. On the front side here, you can see we've got 2 silver tabs that stick out. These are designed to slide in to the 2 slots that are located here at the outside. So, we'll bring it back, slide it into the there. As you can see, we're looking pretty flush here at the rear. That's where we want it. We can then come around to the front, open our locks up and allow them to come down and grab on to the hooks. As you can see there, pod's nice and secure to our vehicle. We're ready to load it down with some gear. As you can see, the carrier is pre-wired with a port four pole flat plug coming out. So, we'll just hook that into our four pole power source there. Here, we'll test our left brake light and turn signal at the same time. We'll test our right brake light and turn signal at the same time. Then also our tail light. As you can see, when we turn on our tail lights, our license plate light will also come on. As you can see, we're going to have plenty of length to get to anywhere we need to on our vehicle. The nice thing about it is, when not in use the four pole could just be tucked back in there, up and out of the way. With everything loaded up on our vehicle and secure, we're going to show you what it looks like in operation. We've got our weight bags here. Now, each of these bags has 50 pounds of weight in it. We'll tuck these in here and show you what it looks like as we head around our test course. We're going to do it 2 ways. Just like it is now, with the pod attached. And we're also going to put this 150 pounds of weight just on the carrier base itself. So you can see how that works as well. With our weight all loaded up here, there is 1 thing I'd like you to see. Right here on the base of our carrier, we've got a small, red knob, or a small, red button. If we reach underneath, we can push that out into our hand. That's going to allow us to easily hose out the inside of our container if we had some dirt, debris, stuff like that, that we had tucked up in there. We just hose it out and let it run out that drain hole. Now, we're going to close our top up. We'll head out and let you see what it looks like in action. As you can see here at our test course, we'll start by going through the slalom. This is going to show us the side to side movement of the carrier, just as if we we're changing lanes or evasively maneuvering. Once we go around the corner, we'll get into the alternating bumps, this is going to show us what it looks like if we we're to hit a pot hole or a curb. It's going to give us that twisting or that torquing action. Now we'll enter the solid speed bumps, this will show us the up and down movement of the carrier, just like if we we're entering or exiting a parking garage or a parking lot, or maybe just like we're driving along hitting a speed bump. That'll complete today's look at the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier, designed for use with Class 2 hitches. Part number 59108.

Customer Reviews

Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4" (Class II) Trailer Hitches - 59108

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (5 Customer Reviews)

The multi-purpose storage container is removable to help carry or store your gear while the weather resistant durable design protects it. The carrier is 20 percent larger than comparable models.

- 59108

Excellent product. We've taken this all over the country and it has held up pretty well. Ours came with a defective latch, but the manufacturer sent us a new one right away. The latches are the only problem I have with it. Otherwise it allowed our little car to haul three adults and our gear. I am also raising the license plate mount. On poor roads and potholes the plate gets knicked because it is mounted so low. A larger vehicle won't have this problem. 494055


I still use this product constantly. The patches have been replaced with after market ones, and the license plate mount has been moved to the center over the existing logo. Great product otherwise. The manufacturer would do well to modify the design slightly.

Matthew J - 04/08/2019


- 59108

The Rolla Adventure System for 1-1/4" trailer hitches is a great product for any adventure! Overall, I'm very pleased with the product and would recommend it to friends and family. Below is a more detailed look at the product. Order and Shipping: Ordering was easy and the shipping took much less time than was promised. It arrived in about a week with no issues. Installation: The instructions were easy to follow and only took about an hour. I did have to loosen the bolts for the support arms to get the tray to line up correctly. The tolerances of the welded hitch and the bolt on arms are fairly loose, so things did not line up perfectly. But after a little adjustment and some elbow grease, I was able to line everything up and tighten everything down. It does help if you have a torque wrench to know when to stop tightening the tray, the plastic deforms easily if you tighten it too tight. There are two settings that can be used for clearance to the bumper of the vehicle. We used the further back setting and were able to open the rear hatch of our small SUV with no problems which was a big help being able to use the small space behind the last row of seats. In use: We took a family trip with two adults, two kids, and a baby and drove about 1200 miles in total. Our small 7-seat SUV didn't have much room behind the last row of seats so we needed the extra room this product provides. We were able to fit our luggage, some floaty toys, the baby's tub, and her bassinet in the very roomy box. The grandparents went with a different product and had their exhaust melt a hole in theirs, luckily our instructions warned us about the exhaust and our SUV already had the exhaust pointing down. On our way home we went through a mild rainstorm and everything stayed dry. While at our hotel we even had compliments on the look and utility of the product, and had someone snap a cell-phone shot so they could get their own. Driving/feel: The extra length was no problem when parking or driving around. There was no noticible difference in the vehicle handling or ride comfort. The extra weight behind the vehicle could be felt slightly with bouncy roads, but didn't change the ride quality. I only came across two places where the extra length dragged on a steep incline. For the most part if you watch the grade of the entry/exit you shouldn't have any issues with the product scraping the ground. The product also didn't affect our gas milleage at all. We were able to get 25+ mpg in our great little SUV. Overall: They key to the latches worked great and kept our luggage safe. We used a hitch lock so that nobody was able to take our product off the vehicle and I highly reccomned getting one. There is a drain hole in the box and a large hole in the tray to drain if you need too. The lights worked great on our product and even flash when you lock/unlcok doors with your keys. If you're looking to add some room to your ride to take your stuff with you on your adventure, then the Rolla Adventure System is your ticket to make a great trip even more memorable. 47253

- 59108

There is nothing negative I can say about this cargo box. It has worked out perfectly for me this year. 719953

- 59108

My new trailer was very tight for storage space, e.g. BBQ, levelling blocks, etc. The trailer has a utility 1 1/4" receiver on the back already, so it was a snap to install. I did tie into the trailer lights, and I think the Rola built in tail lights will add a safety factor as well. eTrailer also shipped and delivered right on time tom a State park I was staying at for a week or two. Great product, great service, thank you. 682108

- 59108

Trailer hitch and carrier are great have used it several times. Has performed as promised. 462925


Ask the Experts about this Rola Hitch Cargo Carrier

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  • Availability of Lockable Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Longer Than 60"
  • The biggest lockable trailer hitch cargo carrier that we have is the GearSpace 34 Enclosed Cargo Carrier which comes in Dark Gray # HGK819 and Light Gray # HGK826. This carrier measures 68" long x 33" wide x 40" tall on the outside and 63" long x 28" wide x 40" tall on the inside. It comes with locks for the box itself and then you can add the Snap-On Lock # ACC3250 to the Anti-Rattle Silent Hitch Pin to secure the carrier to your trailer hitch. The next largest we have comes from Rola...
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  • Cable Lock Recommendation for Locking Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108
  • What would work well is the Python Adjustable Cable Lock part # 8428DPS. You would run it around the box portion of the Rola part # 59108. If you tightened it as tight as possible and fit the cable in the ridges that are on the bottom of it you wouldn't be able to slide it off. That's what's great about this cable lock is that it's infinitely adjustable so you can get exactly the right tension in it. I attached a picture that points out the recessed portion of the box on the back...
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  • Comparing Thule and Rola Enclosed Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carriers
  • If weight carrying capacity is an issue, going with the Rola enclosed cargo carrier, # 59110, if you have a 2 inch receiver, would be the way to go. If you have a 1-1/4 inch Class II trailer hitch receiver, then the correct Rola carrier is # 59108 and it also has a capacity of 150 pounds like the Thule model, # TH665C. If you are choosing between the two models for a 1-1/4 inch hitch, then I would go with the Rola carrier, # 59108, because even though they have the same capacity, the...
    view full answer...

  • Enclosed Trailer Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier for a 2016 Land Rover LR4
  • We have several trailer hitch mounted enclosed cargo carriers that will be perfect for your 2016 Land Rover LR4. First, of you have a lot of things that you need to put in the carrier then the absolute best option is the Let's Go Aero GearSpace # HGK826 or # HGK819. These options have an astonishing 34 cubic feet of cargo space. As you can see in the pictures of these products they are quite large. If you don't need quite as much room as the GearSpace offers then I recommend taking...
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  • Handle Locations on the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier 59108
  • I reached out to my contact at Rola who said the handles located on the sides was a previous design of the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108 and that the current model is the same as what we have on our website with 2 handles being located on the front and back of the box part of the carrier. This design change actually makes it easier to carrier the whole box inside with the help of a friend when it is fully loaded.
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for an Enclosed Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier
  • There are no boxes that will fit in trailer hitch mount cargo carriers like # 63155 but there are bags that fit, # 59102. It is not waterproof because to be waterproof it has to be able to be submerged under water for a certain period of time and not let any water in. We do carry some enclosed hard shell trailer hitch mount cargo carriers that will fit in Class II, 1-1/4 inch trailer hitches though. First we have the Thule Transporter, # TH665C. This carrier can tilt down, lick, and...
    view full answer...

  • Actual Weight of Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier 59108
  • You can subtract approximately 6-lbs for the shipping/packing material for the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108 to get the actual net weight of the entire product itself. So figure on an actual weight of 82-lbs with the removable pod and the mounting structure together. The removable pod alone weighs 30-lbs and the remaining base structure and shank weigh about 52-lbs.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Cargo Carrier for a Nissan Juke and Class I Hitch
  • The Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier you reference, part # 59108, is meant to be used with a Class II hitch, which typically has a 3500 lb towing and 300 lb tongue weight capacity. Your Nissan Juke uses a Class I hitchyou referenced which has a 2,000 lbs towing and 200 lbs tongue weight capacity. The hitch and the frame members where it attaches to the vehicle lack the strength to safely use that carrier. I recommend using a Class I compatible carrier like the Curt 20x48 Cargo Carrier...
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  • Cargo Carrier Recommendation for a 2012 VW Jetta Sportswagen
  • At this time Class I trailer hitches are the only options available for the 2012 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen. Most likely, because of the frame on the Jetta, there will not be a Class II option made available for this vehicle. The only cargo carriers we have available for Class I hitches at this time are the open style carriers, see link. I recommend the Draw-Tite Sportframe Trailer Hitch, # 24866, to carry a cargo carrier behind your 2012 Jetta Sportwagen.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Anti-Rattle Device For Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108
  • The Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier, part # 59108 has a solid 1-1/4 inch shank. It is not threaded and it includes a hitch pin and clip. The anti-rattle device I recommend is part # 63090. You place this between the receiver and the shank on the # 59108 and use the adjustment bolt to tighten it in place.
    view full answer...

  • What is the Weight of the Bottom Tray Piece on the Rola Hitch Cargo Carrier # 59108
  • The tray on the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier, item # 59108, remains on the assembly brackets and shank that install in the hitch, and this part of the assembly weighs 56 pounds. Total weight of the assembly is 86 pounds.
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  • Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier Recommendation for 2-Inch Hitch on Infiniti QX56 (QX80)
  • The Infiniti QX56 underwent a re-naming process with the 2014 model year at which time it became known as the QX80, however cargo carrier fits for the two versions are the same since only 2-inch Class III hitches are offered for the vehicle. The 2-inch Class III hitches for your QX56 share a substantial 600-lb tongue weight capacity. This means that you can use a high-capacity cargo carrier and use every bit of its capacity for your luggage. Even if you don't need a 500-lb-rated basket...
    view full answer...

  • Swing Away Hitch Cargo Carrier Recommendation for a 2014 Subaru Forester for Rear Cargo Access
  • If you are in need of an enclosed cargo carrier that will still give you unrestricted rear hatch access you would want the Rola Swinging Carrier part # 59109 as it is designed to swing out and away from the rear of the vehicle with it loaded. For a trailer hitch you then would want the Draw Tite part # 75876 which is a confirmed fit for your 2014 Subaru Forester and does not require a stabilizer strap like the Curt hitches do.
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  • Will Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier Fit a 2015 Mazda CX-5
  • The Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108 is designed to fit in Class II, 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch receivers. The trailer hitches available for your 2015 Mazda CX-5 are either going to be Class II or Class III hitches so the carrier will fit one of the Class II hitches such as # 36601. The Rola carrier sticks out 10-3/4 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole so it will clear the back of your CX-5! The interior of the carrier isn't uniform meaning that at different heights it has...
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  • Trailer Hitch or Roof Mount Cargo Carrier for a 2014 Kia Cadenza
  • The Thule Transporter # TH665C will fit Class II 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch receivers. The hitches that are available for your 2014 Kia Cadenza are indeed Class II hitches. The only issue is whether or not the Transporter will clear the back of your Kia when installed. Based on the position of a hitch once installed on the vehicle I am not 100 percent confident that the Transporter will clear the rear of the vehicle. There is a pivot arm at the bottom that sticks back towards the vehicle...
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Assembly Bracket and Fastener Kit for Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier
  • The Rola assembly bracket and fastener kit # 10184 is designed for the Rola enclosed cargo carrier # 59108 which fits in 1-1/4 inch Class II hitches. The same part for the 2 inch version is # 10186.
    view full answer...

  • Converting Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier to 2-Inch Hitch Size
  • Rola Tilt Up Assembly Bracket and Fastener Kit # 10186 is intended for their 2-inch enclosed cargo carrier # 59110. My contact at Rola confirmed that if you have the carrier designed for 1-1/4-inch hitches, part # 59108, you can convert this to a 2-inch set-up using part # 10186.
    view full answer...

  • Can 2014 Chevrolet Sonic Handle Rola Hitch Mounted Enclosed Cargo Carrier
  • The trailer hitches we offer for your 2014 Chevrolet Sonic are all Class l hitches with a 1-1/4 inch receiver opening, like the Curt Trailer Hitch, part # C11240. A note from Curt states that all non-trailer loads - bike racks, cargo carriers and so forth - should be supported with stabilizing straps like part # 18050. Failure to properly support these loads will void your hitch warranty from Curt. The trailer hitch I recommend for your Sonic is the Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch, part # 24876....
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for a Secure Enclosed Cargo Carrier
  • Given enough time and the proper tools any enclosed cargo carrier can be broken into. Locks can be drilled, bolts can be cut, mesh can be removed. Realistically though a would-be thief will move on to an easier target if they encounter a lock. For an enclosed carrier I recommend the Rola that you mentioned, # 59110 for 2 inch hitches or # 59108 for 1-1/4 inch hitches. They may not have the most robust locks out there but a completely enclosed box is less enticing than one with a mesh...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Hitch and Enclosed Cargo Carrier for a 2014 Buick Encore
  • First, for a trailer hitch, I recommend Draw-Tite hitch # 36554 for your 2014 Buick Encore. This is a Class II hitch so it will be compatible with a hitch mounted cargo carrier. But once the hitch is installed it will measure approximately 8 inches from the center of the hitch pin hole back to clear the rear bumper of the vehicle. The Transporter only sticks out about 7-5/8 inches so it would make contact with the rear of the vehicle. The best option is Rola enclosed cargo carrier #...
    view full answer...

  • Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier Compatibility and Wiring Connection for 2015 BMW M5
  • The Rola Tilting Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 2" Trailer Hitches # 59110 is compatible with the BMW rear transport 2 inch receiver without any adapter. It is rated for more weight than the hitch receiver so it will be limited by the trailer hitch receiver. The electric connection to a trailer 4-way trailer harness is easy to connect. If you don't already have the 4-way trailer connection, I recommend the ZCI Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness w/ 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector and...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of Class II Trailer Hitch and Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 2015 Mazda 3 Hatchback
  • All the hitches available for a 2016 Mazda 3 Hatchback and Sedan are Class I rated, so using a cargo carrier like the Rola # 59108 wouldn't work. This being said, we do have some alternatives. Beginning with the hitch, I'd recommend the Draw-Tite Class I hitch, part # 24914. You could then use a tray style carrier like the Curt # C18110 and a cargo bag like the # 59102. This would be a much less expensive alternative to the Rola enclosed carrier. The cargo bag will do an excellent job...
    view full answer...

  • Will Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier Allow Liftgate of 2009 Chevy Tahoe to be Opened
  • The Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier, part # 59108 would be compatible with a Class II 1-1/4 inch by 1-1/4 inch receiver opening only. If your Tahoe has the Class III receiver opening that measures 2 inches by 2 inches, you would need to use the # 59110. The cargo box will be too close to the rear of the vehicle to allow the liftgate to be opened. You can confirm this by yourself by measuring 10-3/4 inches rearward from the hitch pin hole of a Class II receiver or 12 inches rearward for...
    view full answer...

  • Will the Rola Enclosed Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Fit a 2008 Honda Goldwing Trike
  • The Rola Enclosed cargo Carrier, # 59108, is designed to fit in a Class II trailer hitch with a 1-1/4 inch receiver. You will need less than 10-3/4 inches between the center of the hitch pin hole and the back of the bike so the carrier will fit. The hitch and bike will need to have a tongue weight capacity that meets or exceeds the capacity of the carrier. The carrier itself weights about 85 pounds and has a 150 pound capacity. The bike and hitch will need to have at least a 235 pound...
    view full answer...

  • Width of Bracket for Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108
  • I went out to our warehouse to take a look at the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108 referenced in your question. I measured an outside width of the bracket base of right at 28-3/4 inches. I have attached an image with this dimension labeled that you can also check out.
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  • Does Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier 59108 Come with License Plate Light Kit
  • To add the license plate light kit to the Rola Cargo Carrier part # 59108 you need to use the # 59117 which is designed for the carrier.
    view full answer...

  • Cargo Carrier With Locks to Secure Carrier and Cargo for a 2018 Subaru Outback Wagon 1-1/4" Hitch
  • If you are looking to install a typical cargo carrier like the 20x47 Reese Cargo Carrier # 63155 then the only kind of lock that will work for both the carrier and your cargo is a combination lock like the Master Lock # 1470DAT. For a cargo carrier that uses integrated locks you need the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108 (which would still require a pin lock like # 1472DAT) or the Thule Transporter Combi # TH665C (which would still need hitch lock # THSTL2. Please note that these 2...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Cargo Carriers Compatible with Class II Hitch on 2014 Lincoln MKS
  • The MaxxTow Hitch-Mount Cargo Carrier # MT70260 has usable interior space that measures 48 long x 28 wide x 5-inchs tall. This carrier fits into 2-inch Class III trailer hitches. Do please note that your 2014 Lincoln MKS can only be fitted with a 1-1/4-inch Class II hitch so this carrier is not usable on this vehicle. We do have cargo carriers that are designed for the lighter-duty Class II hitches and you can see all of them on the linked page. These include both tray style carriers,...
    view full answer...

  • Will The Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier # 59108 Fit A Class II Hitch On A 2006 Pontiac G6
  • As long as the hitch installed on your 2006 Pontiac G6 is a 1-1/4 inch Class II hitch the Rola Enclosed Cargo Carrier for 1-1/4 Inch (Class II) Trailer Hitches, part # 59108, will work nicely. Just remember to check the tongue weight capacity of the hitch and vehicle and keep the weight of the Rola carrier and all of its contents below the lowest recommended tongue weight rating. I would also recommend our etrailer.com Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock, part # e98879. You will use this lock...
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