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Product Images

rackem hitch accessories  1-7/8 inch ball rack'em trailer dolly
rackem hitch accessories  ra20
rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly rack'em
rackem hitch accessories
rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly 1-7/8 inch ball

In Use/Installed

hitch accessories rackem ra20
hitch accessories rackem in use
hitch accessories rackem trailer dolly ra20
hitch accessories rackem trailer dolly 1-7/8 inch ball in use
hitch accessories rackem trailer dolly rack'em
hitch accessories rackem trailer dolly rack'em
hitch accessories rackem ra20
hitch accessories rackem in use
hitch accessories rackem trailer dolly 1-7/8 inch ball rack'em
hitch accessories rackem trailer dolly in use
hitch accessories rackem 1-7/8 inch ball ra20
hitch accessories rackem trailer dolly in use
hitch accessories rackem trailer dolly rack'em
hitch accessories rackem 1-7/8 inch ball ra20

Customer Photos

rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly ra20
rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly ra20
rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly ra20
rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly ra20
rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly ra20
rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly ra20
rackem hitch accessories trailer dolly rack'em


  • Trailer Dolly
  • 1-7/8 Inch Ball
  • Rackem
  • 500 lbs Capacity
Call 800-298-8924 to order Rackem hitch accessories part number RA20 or order online at Free expert support on all Rackem products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Rack'em Trailer Dolly. Hitch Accessories reviews from real customers.

Rackem Hitch Accessories - RA20

Trailer Dolly by Rack'em Manufacturing

The trailer dolly will allow you to move your heavy trailer around with ease. Great for helping to manuever your trailer into tight spaces like in the garage.

  • Height of the 1 7/8" hitch ball is adjustable to accompany different sized trailers
    • Adjusts from 16" to 19"
  • 13" tires on the dolly make moving a trailer easy
    • Tires also measure 4" wide
    • Distance between tires: 24"
  • Height: 54" tall from bottom of tires to handle
  • Tire rating: maximum 300 lbs at 30 psi
  • Capacity: 500 lbs TW (downward force cannot exceed this amount)
    • Trailer weight does not matter; you can pull as much as you are able
Trailer hitch ball height can be adjusted up and down.

Large rubber grip handles makes it easier on you when pulling and pushing your trailer.

Rack'em Trailer Dolly.Rack'em Trailer Dolly lifting trailer with ease.

Rack'em trailer dolly lifting trailer with ease.

RA-20 Rack'em Trailer Dolly

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Video of Rack'em Trailer Dolly

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Rackem Trailer Dolly Review

Today were going to be taking a look at the Rackem Trailer Dolly, Part Number RA20. Some special features about this dolly are not only that it helps you move your trailer around with ease, but it also allows you to maneuver it in tight spaces. It has the rubber grip handles to assist with pulling of the trailer. It has a 1-7/8ths inch ball which can be adjusted by height from 16 to 19 to accommodate different sized trailers. It has 13 tires which are 4 wide with a 24 distance between them. This dolly is 54 tall from the bottom of the tire to the handle and has a tongue weight capacity of 500 pounds.

Before we go outside to demonstrate our dolly, we'll show you how to adjust the height of your ball. Well remove this bolt here. As you can see the ball comes out and these holes here are where you can replace the bolt and adjust the height. Now well demonstrate how this dolly works. Well roll it to our boat trailer here and lower the coupler onto the ball. Once its secured well pull it out to our desired location.

Its that easy. There you have it for the Rackem Trailer Dolly, Part Number RA20. .

Customer Reviews

Rack'em Trailer Dolly - RA20

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (82 Customer Reviews)

- RA20

by: LFS08/02/2014

I haven't tried using it yet, so I can't say how well it works yet, but it appears to be very solid. The wheels/tires are much larger than the ones on my Harbor Freight dolly which gives me impression I will be able to more easily move my boat & pop-up trailer. With regards to putting it together - I followed the instructions, but wasn't able to connect the smaller top stablizer bar. The holes did NOT line up. I had to go back & loosen all the other nuts before I could line up the holes on the stablizer bar. Once that was connected, I went back and tightended all the other nuts. I personally feel using a bolt/nut on the adjustable ball is a poor design that doesn't allow for rapid adjustment. So I used a pin instead as shown in the picture. 144126


Working out very well. Much easier to move my 2000lb popup trailer over level terrain.

LFS - 08/02/2015


- RA20

by: Scott L10/30/2012

Very easy to put together, took 5 mins. Moved my 14 ft john boat on trailer from back yard to patio and then to drive way with ease. MUCH easier than lifting the trailer by hand and straining my back pulling it and pushing it, esp on the grass (I'm 6 ft, 210 and fairly strong and it used to take all I had to lift trailer by hand and maneuver and usually had to sit trailer down couple times when moving it from back yard to driveway, no longer an issue). Did a lot of research on trailer dollies and main complaint I saw was wheels and tires getting bent and losing air, esp during turns; didn't experience any of that and was a breeze to make turns (even sharp turns when getting it to line up exactly as I wanted). Easy to operate, just hold upright and lean backward to catch the trailer ball and then move, even balances so you don't have to hold it the whole time (was surprised by this). All in all, very satisfied and glad I did the research and found the right product. Still fairly new but so far, so good. Will update if have any issues as time goes on but don't foresee that happening. Would def recommend this product. Lightning fast delivery from etrailer btw; had it within 2 1/2 days of ordering and customer service did a great job of following up. This was my first order from etrailer but will order all trailer products from them moving forward. 58402

- RA20

by: Frank W.08/10/2014

I had a very tight storage area for my camper and had to unhitch, move and re-hitch my tow vehicle to get it inside the building. There is only 6 inches on each side. I ordered the Rack'em trailer dolly and it was easy to assemble and has worked great saving me the 30-45 minutes struggling with my camper before. With the trailer dolly, I can easily push it right into place. It is well built and sturdy. the big wheels make a big difference. I highly recommend this piece of equipment. 145580


It has been fine. I do have to keep airing the tires up as they have a tendency to leak air. the unit itself works fine.

Frank W - 08/10/2015


- RA20

by: Mike04/27/2012

I got this to move my 6x12 enclosed Haulmark trailer around...with some custom cabinets built into the front, the tongue weight is around 300lbs empty, and can push 400lbs when loaded with gear, dirt bikes, etc. Occasionally I need to move the empty trailer, and having to hook the truck up to do that was a PITA, and no way do I want to blow out my back and bang up my knees trying to lift and move it myself...I'm a big strong guy and there is no way to gain proper leverage without this dolly - it works great and will save me a lot of hassle/strain from now on! My only complaint is the handle should be twice as wide - it's too narrow. 38590


Well after more usage over the past few years, Ive decided this unit is going to be replaced ... the wheelbase is too narrow, which results in the jack foot hitting the tires, andor the dolly goes up on 1 wheel and tips over, making it impossible to do sharp turns ... VERY annoying. To improve on this unit, they should beef up the axle and widen the stance around 12, along with a wider handle for overall better leverage/mechanical advantage. Also, the hardware tends to come loose, but since Ive loc-tited all the fasteners, it seems to be holding up. If that doesnt work, nyloc nuts might be a better option.

-- comment by: Mike - 04/18/2015


- RA20

by: Luke Y.06/16/2015

I received the RA20 trailer dolly and was able to put it together rather easily. I have used it a few times, and find it much easier to move my 17' Tracker boat in and out of the garage. I have the post extended to its maximum height, and I do lower the trailer's jack stand to make it all work. 203723


Thank you for the email. To be honest, I have found the dolly to be more difficult to use this year than last. I dont know if this has to do with the bigger heavier motor that I installed this year, the tires may be under-inflated, or...I got weaker over the Winter. : In any case, I think its a good buy for most situations, and I just need to figure out how I can make this work better. I still use it, so thats a plus.

Luke Y - 07/08/2016


- RA20

by: John G06/27/2015

I browsed through several web sites, but etrailer had the best organization and the most information. I had just purchased a small 4' x 6' 2000 lb. trailer that I use for picking up machinery for the shop. I needed a good dolly to maneuver the trailer to the chain hoist and chose the RA20. I ordered it on Thursday and it was delivered Friday, outstanding service. The dolly is well made with good wheels, assembled in 15 minutes and went to work. A nice piece of machinery if used within its specifications. Well pleased. 207773


Excellent service, I am still very pleased.

John G - 06/26/2016


- RA20

by: Jeff W.09/08/2014

There's no doubt the Rack'em is built to do exactly what the description says. The materials are top-quality and assembly is pretty easy. The challenge with this product, which is made in China, is that the particular unit I purchased was apparently manufactured just after the work-crew came back from a beer-break. The handle portion of the unit is approximately 5-degrees off from center and if I used the pre-drilled holes, nothing quite lined-up. I had to re-drill the holes to make things fit, although it's still not what it should be. I bought this unit as a birthday present for my 32-year old son, who wanted to keep the unit rather than send it back. The Rack'em does work but perhaps, more importantly, has provided an entirely new channel for comedic relief between father and son. "Hey, where are you going with that trailer? Looks like you're turning left and it's actually going straight!" There's no doubt the Rack'em has made moving our trailers much easier. An added benefit has been the laughter it's also brought to our home. 150349

- RA20

by: Al K.08/03/2015

This seems like a pretty good product, especially compared to others I looked at online for around the same price. This is designed to be an occasional use, non professional dolly and it works fine with my small enclosed cargo trailer that weights about 1100 lbs and has a 120 lb hitch weight empty ( if that much). If you were planning on moving your tandem axle camping trailer you might be disappointed. Over all I am very pleased with the purchase. 216490


Its been a year and the dolly has held up well. Still very happy with the purchase.

Al K - 08/02/2016


- RA20

by: Terry S.08/13/2017

I ordered the Rackā€™em RA20 Trailer Dolly from etrailer to assist in loading our 16 ft. boat into our self-made boat hauler/camper. It was delivered as scheduled. It is definitely better quality than the dolly my son bought at a local tool store. It makes it easy to move the boat even on the ballast rock parking lot where the trailer and boat are in storage. It gives me full control of loading the boat into the camper with less than three inches of clearance on each side, using a remote control winch mounted in the trailer. Without the RA20 it would be next to impossible to control the loading. It's a great tool. 419882

- RA20

by: Daniel R09/20/2013

I can't believe how much easier it is to move my 1600 pound sailboat and trailer around my driveway! This leverage and steering control makes all the difference, since I always move the boat myself. I did not rate the product excellent because assembly was problematic. The main problem is the axle fits way too tightly into the wheels, so that when assembling I had to hammer it home from both sides. It ultimately worked, but a real pain. 100764


Still going strong. A good product for sure!

Daniel R - 09/20/2014


- RA20

by: Thomas H N01/11/2015

Appears to be a good, workable unit. There is too much snow here now to do work. Easy to assemble, except - no instructions nor diagram regarding the washers (they are for mounting the wheels). Needs to be protected from weather. I plan to move the wood splitter with this dolly. Also, loan to friends. Handy to move things around the yard with out hooking to a vehicle. 168569


The unit works fine, the tires are marginal. Would be nice to have a choice of hitch size.

Thomas H - 01/11/2016


- RA20

by: Kevin B.03/05/2013

It was easy enough to put together though the instructions were a little lacking. Having this did make putting my new pop-up camper in my 3rd car garage much easier than backing it in. There is no way I could have navigated the 3" clearance on each side, front, and back by backing it in or lifting the hitch myself. My camper is heavy (2,700lbs GVWR, 280lbs tongue weight) and I did struggle a little with an uneven driveway (dips in blacktop), but that's not the fault of the dolly - just keep these types of things in mind when considering this dolly for your trailer. On flat/level pavement I was able to move around without any issues and the dolly felt sturdy. 69015

- RA20

by: John L.08/14/2012

Was easy to assemble and looks like good quality workmanship. I've used it twice over the weekend to move my boat from the side of the driveway. So far this dolly has made the job much easier then pushing or pulling the boat and trailer with the small jack wheel wanting to turn direction all the time. It's a tight fit between my house and fence but this dolly makes it easy to move and position the boat. I believe the large wheels on the dolly is the key. 51640

- RA20

by: Cam C.11/13/2011

Assembly was a bit tough because some of the holes in the frame did not line up. But once we got the dolly assembled it worked like a champ. We have a 1982 23' Kit trailer that I estimate weighs over 5000 lbs. The older trailers weigh more and I estimate the tongue weight is 500 or more. A rule of thumb is tongue weight is one-tenth of gross vehicle weight. I had trepidation that the dolly would not budge the trailer or worse, break because of the weight. I was pleasantly surprised. I can easily push the trailer by myself on a flat concrete surface because the dolly's oversize tires and sturdy frame. 26888

- RA20

by: Wayne10/08/2016

Product was shipped same day as ordered, arrived earlier than projected. Very satisfied with product quality and performance. Assembly was quick, easy and flawless. Wonderful attention from eTrailer throughout the process. I purchased the RA20 mostly for maneuvering a couple trailers and a towable chipper/shredder on lawn and soil surfaces more than on concrete when it is not practical to use a tractor. Works fine with the trailers, much more difficult with the machine. Tongue weight is not the problem but machine weight is. Guess I need to add this to my workout regimen! 304525

- RA20

by: Gary B05/31/2015

Works just like expected. Built well. 199290


Product is solid. No issues.

Gary B - 05/30/2016


- RA20

by: Bruce S06/16/2017

This is an excellent and well-designed piece of gear. It's heavy duty and the axle is strong enough to prevent deformation under heavy loads. Also, the tires have stayed well inflated and after one year have only recently required a little more air pressure. I'm very happy with this Rackem product and would happily buy it again. 395049

- RA20

by: Chuck R03/07/2014

The RA20 trailer Dolly is very well built and simple to assemble. The price was very reasonable as well. The added plus for this dolly is the large tires making it very easy to use. The only problem I had, was the adjustable ball sent was not adjustable having only one hole drilled in it. The problem was quickly addressed by Mark at etrailer and he contacted the manufacture to replace it. I give both the product and customer service a excellent rating and look forward to my next purchase from etrailer. 119827

- RA20

by: Eric A.02/06/2015

Very happy with the product. I recently upgraded to a 3 place 16 ft open snowmobile trailer & found moving it around to be hard to do in the yard off my driveway. I looked at lesser products that would have been cheaper but I have learned that it is better to buy something good once then to buy something cheap and have to replace it later. Assembly was easy. No more back strain. Thank you for making an excellent product. Well worth the money if you need to move a trailer around even a few times a year. 172749

- RA20

by: Rodney J04/25/2015

I'm very disappointed with the dolly that was shipped to me! The dolly appeared used! The box was trashed and Heavily taped. I received a new tire and clearly to see a used tire! Parts were used and parts were new! I received it on April 20th and I put it together this morning. Something was not aligned properly and the holes were off about 1/4 inch so I had crank the nuts & bolts to make it line up!! Other then that it works well. My father needed one but we're going to purchase one elsewhere. 188258

- RA20

by: Bruce M.11/20/2012

Received in a timely manner, easily put together with included hardware. I find this product to be of much higher quality and usefulness than I had thought it might be, primarily from reviews from other devices. Very excellent and solid: easily moves my SeaRay 17.5 foot on its single axle trailer (about 2700 lbs, 200 lbs tongue weight), my SeaDoo trailer, and my enclosed utility trailer (1200 lbs, with 200 lb tongue weight.) I am very satisfied and glad I made the purchase. 59840

- RA20

by: Alan C.03/22/2012

Very nice product, I purchased a 5x8 enclosed trailer with a weight of 1250lbs. This moves it around on pavement with ease, moving it through soft grass is tough, but thats not the products fault. Its tough to get good foot grip in the grass. I'm sure on hard packed gravel it would be fine. The only problem with the directions is they're lacking some detail. Very simple to put together, 17mm wrench and a pair of pliers to bend a cotter pin is all that is needed.. 34822

- RA20

by: Richard W.11/07/2013

Extremely sturdy and well made. I was surprised at the quality for its relatively attractive price. Assembly is straight forward and took only minutes. Large tires are a plus for moving over gravel or uneven ground. I will be using this to move several different boats on trailers: a Whaler Montauk 170, a 14 foot New England catboat, and a 10 foot dory. Highly recommended. Should also note that was exceptionally attentive to email questions. 106569

- RA20

by: Pierre L.09/21/2012

I am impress with the quality of the product. I researched the product thoroughly before buying, in fact, I thought I had found the right one at my local store, but it was too low for my trailer. Therefore, search no further, this product RA20 is the best I found. I particularly like the ajustable height of the ball and the large 4x13 inches wheels. In addition, if you buy from e-Trailer you will surely be pleased with their customer approach. 55363

- RA20

by: John L.08/13/2012

Was easy to assemble and looks like good quality workmanship. I've used it twice over the weekend to move my boat from the side of the driveway. So far this dolly has made the job much easier then pushing or pulling the boat and trailer with the small jack wheel wanting to turn direction all the time. It's a tight fit between my house and fence but this dolly makes it easy to move and position the boat. I believe the large wheels on the dolly is the key. 51485

- RA20

by: Brent P.07/09/2014

Nice finish, Use it to move my 6x10 enclosed trailer with a 1200cc motorcycle and some gear in it, makes for easy moving. I did have an issue with the tire hitting on the tongue jack when making sharp turns, replaced jack with a flip-up one mounted back on the A frame. Shipping was quick, as always. Packaging was poor, had deep scratches on wheels from frame rubbing during shipping. Overall Happy with the purchase. 140249

- RA20

by: Roger H10/06/2014

The RA 20 went together easily. No problems on assembly. My trailer is in the paint shop right now so I have not used the RA 20 to move the trailer yet. Later this week. I will use the RA20 to move my 16', double axle, flat bed trailer. Rather than use a bolt and nut to hold the ball vertically in place change to a Clevis pin and clip to ease in vertical movement. What is your recommendation for air pressure? 154746


30 PSI will give you the full weight capacity of 300 pounds.

-- Patrick B - 10/07/2014


- RA20

by: Chip F.09/13/2017

This is a great dolly. Got tired of fighting my jack wheel when it would not pivot and it would scrape the sealant off my driveway and make it considerably harder to push the trailer. With this dolly the trailer glides across the driveway. Unboxed and assembled in 30 minutes. Foam filled tires would be a nice addition in the future. Using this dolly on a 5 x 10 motorcycle trailer. 431929

- RA20

by: D. Nolan02/14/2017

I just received the rackem trailer dolly and it was excellent! Seems very sturdy, and well built. I used it to get my large popup into a very tight space. My pop up is about 3300lbs with about 350lb tongue weight. It lifted it with ease and the large wheels worked well getting it pushed on crushed granite rocks. It would have worked extremely well if I was pushing it over concrete. 341741

- RA20

by: Bob J.04/25/2013

The package arrived on time and the dolly was easy to assemble. It is as advertised - excellent material and workmanship. My boat is still on order so I haven't been able to try it out yet. I feel sure that this dolly will help in moving my boat in the garage. Etrailer provided a good buying experience and I look forward to using their product. Roll Tide, from Bob in North Georgia. 77820

- RA20

by: Clifton K.09/05/2013

had the dolly put together, tires aired up and rolling in under 15 minutes. I was a little concerned about it moving my 5x12 tandem axle trailer, but it moved the trailer with surprising ease!!!! even around my uneven rock driveway. this is my first dolly so I have no comparison, but I feel it's worth the extra money, this feels very well built and heavy duty. 98448

- RA20

by: Mark K11/12/2014

I have a small kayak trailer that I was lugging from my back yard to the front of the house before hooking it up. What a difference this trailer dolly makes. This dolly is solidly constructed and is a cinch to put together. It is easy to handle and removes the hassle of hauling my kayak trailer across gravel and grass. Thanks Rack'em. Great work. Great product. 160615

- RA20

by: Joe G12/31/2016

The Trailer dolly works very well over paved or light rock driveway. I would recommend it to anyone needing a trailer dolly. Makes moving a trailer very easy task. The large wheels make a big difference verses a trailer dolly with smaller wheels. I have a 14' trailer to move in and out of my barn with 9' wide doors (trailer is 8' wide) very easy. 329049

- RA20

by: Duncan F06/09/2015

Very strong and well built for the purpose it seems. My only hang up is that the handle section is heavier than it's lower unit and will not stand up. It flops over. The angle iron (3rd leg) should be larger and heavier to facilitate it's standing up as it appears in the picture. The hitch ball aught also to be larger. Way too small 201855

- RA20

by: Mike G.05/18/2012

Product is very stout and well finished.I can definitely recommend to others.I use it to move a tandem axle motorcycle trailer in my driveway.One person can move it when empty as long as the turns aren't too abrupt. This side loads the tires and requires a second person to push sideways to turn it. Gradual turns are no problem. 40965

- RA20

by: Steve M.06/01/2015

I ordered this on a holiday and it arrived 3 days later. The unit was assembled easily within 10 minutes. My trailers are in a machine shed that has a dirt floor so, while the tires are good sized, it does take some effort to move the trailers. Overall, a great product and the service/instructions from etrailer are superb. 199635

- RA20

by: Terry P.09/17/2013

I let my friend purchase a half interest in the Rack'em Trailer Dolly. She loves it so much that I have to borrow it back when I need to use it! It makes life real easy when I need to slip my camper into its tight quarters. My friend uses it to pull her camper out of her garage with no problems. 100387

- RA20

by: Donavon03/26/2015

Put the Ra20 together and was disappointed when i got it put together that the two sections that make up the handle look like they are bent. Appearance not the greatest! As far as for how it works i am happy with the way it moves my boat around. If not for the handle I would rate it excellent. 181060

- RA20

by: David H.06/17/2014

Good and sturdy. Easily moves my loaded Rockwood trailer on a gravel driveway. The only thing to watch out for is assembly out of the box. The manufacturer needs to change the instructions to connect the support bar first then put in the bolts for the handle then wheel base. 135904

- RA20

by: Thomas02/02/2013

Even though at this time I have not used the RA20 dolly yet, I was pleased with how easy it was to assemble. It appears to be a very sturdy unit. Once the snow melts I'll be putting it to use. My only complaint so far is the 2 month delay in shipping the dolly to me. 64862

- RA20

by: Walter02/01/2013

Very Fast Shipping ,Trailer Dolly works very good on a 6x10 trailer. 64799

- RA20

by: to many toys in so. illinois07/14/2010

saves from going to the doctor angle it under the hitch mount lift up and you are on the go. i use it to manuver my 5 x 8 v nose enclosed trailer in around tight spots to give my suv a break. i do not have my trailer overloaded so it works fine for my needs. 3240

- RA20

by: Jeff R.08/25/2017

The trailer dolly works really well on flat, smooth surfaces. Must keep the tires firm to turn corners well. Would be perfect for a concrete or asphalt surface, but works well on crushed gravel. Would not recommend for slopped terrain. 425018

- RA20

by: Larry Z.01/27/2015

Seems quite sturdy and works quite well. Surprisingly easy to move a 1580# trailer around with it. Difficult to make turns with it as the trailer is a double-axle but in a straight line, the dolly does a great job. Assembly was a snap. 171349

- RA20

by: Dave Mc01/20/2015

Very high quailty. Took about 10 min. to put together. I relly like the over size tires for the soft sugar sand we have in south Florida. This weekend I'm going to pull the boat trailer around even though I'm not going to use the boat. 170531

- RA20

by: ROPE08/28/2012

The dolly seems to work as expected but beyond that I am beyond happy with my first purchase through etrailer. Shipping was free and they even upgraded to priority shipping rather than ground. Great customer service! 53312

- RA20

by: Mike04/13/2013

The quality of the hardware and the tires is very good. This is used to steer a 24' pontoon into a tight spot for storage. The heavy duty construction pulls the boat with no problem on our blacktop driveway. 75830

- RA20

by: Marty S.10/02/2014

I am very pleased with the RA20 trailer dolly. It is very well built and sturdy. Works great getting my boat and trailer in a very tight garage space. Can't beat with fast and free shipping. 154106

- RA20

by: Jerry Gurule07/06/2017

Excellent product. Before this purchase I had a difficult time parking my recreational vehicles. I use it to move around/park a 14' bass boat trailerand a pop-up trailer. Easy to hook up and easy to use 402140

- RA20

by: Bob S11/14/2013

Product arried promptly and was easy to put together It is exacly as promised, very rugged construction, and should wortk will for my application (manuevering a boat with a2500# gvw in tight quarters.) 107359

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  • Will the Trailer Valet # STC-V211 Fit a 2011 Jayco Pop-up Camper
  • The installation bracket for the Trailer Valet # STC-V211 that you referenced takes up to 8 inches of space to mount on the trailer frame. If you have enough room to mount the unit, you should be fine being able to swivel it into position to travel because you should not have anything else extending over the side-rails of your trailer. In the picture I have attached are the measurements from the actual # STC-V211 we have on site. From the bottom of the wheel to the top of the unit while...
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  • Trailer Dolly Capable of Moving Small 1900 lb Travel Trailer
  • The MaxxTow # MT70225 trailer dolly has a 600 lb capacity. According to MaxxTow, the total weight of the trailer cannot exceed the 600 lb capacity, so your trailer would be too heavy. Rack'em makes a # RA20 dolly that can handle trailers with tongue weights up to 500 lbs. Since yours would be between 200-300 lbs, this particular dolly would work great for you. As you can see by checking out the customer reviews, the Rack'em dolly is highly rated by our customers.
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  • Trailer Dolly to Move a 2500 Pound Boat Trailer on a Flat Cement Surface
  • The trailer dolly # RA20 has a tongue weight capacity of 500 pounds and your 2,500 pound boat trailer likely has a tongue weight below that limit so you could use this dolly. If you are not sure what the tongue weight is of the boat and trailer you could use a tongue weight scale, # 5780, or use one of the methods explained in the help article I have linked for you. For a dolly with a little more capacity you could use MaxxTow dolly # MT70225. It is rated for 600 pounds tongue weight. For...
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  • Can RackEm Trailer Dolly be Used to Move a Pop-Up Camper that Uses a 2 Inch Ball
  • You can use the trailer dolly, part #RA20, to move the pop-up camper that uses any size ball. Proper ball fit is necessary when towing, but for moving a trailer with this dolly it is not necessary.
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  • Recommended Trailer Dolly for Use on an Unpaved Surface
  • The best type of trailer dolly for your application of moving an 850-lb utility trailer is a 2-speed hand-crank dolly like the Trailer Valet 5X Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover # STC-V211. This is both a trailer-mounted tongue jack and a hand-crank-powered trailer mover that offers a choice of 2 operating speeds. Please click on the included video link to see this item in detail. Trailer Valet also offers a Trailer Dolly # TVXL2 that does not mount to the trailer frame like the jack style...
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  • Is a 2 Inch Hitch Ball Available for the Rackem Trailer Dolly # RA20
  • The Rackem Trailer Dolly, # RA20, only comes with a 1-7/8 inch ball. A 2 inch ball is not available for this item. Proper ball fit is necessary when towing, but it is not necessary when moving a trailer with this dolly. This dolly can even be used with trailers that require a 2-5/16 inch hitch ball. As long as the tongue weight of your trailer does not exceed 500 lbs and you can physically pull the weight yourself, then this tow dolly will support your trailer with the 1-7/8 inch ball.
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  • Can I Use The Rackem Trailer Dolly # RA20 To Move Enclosed Trailers
  • The item you selected, Rack'em Trailer Dolly, part # RA20, has a tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs. Tongue weight is usually 10 to 15 percent of the trailer weight. As long as you can physically pull the weight yourself and the tongue weight of any trailer you move is less than 500 pounds, part # RA20 will work for you. I have linked instructions for the Rack'em Trailer Dolly, part # RA20
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  • Will MaxxTow Trailer Dolly Work Well on an Incline and in Grassy Areas
  • I have used the MaxxTow Trailer Dolly, # MT70225, to move trailers around on flat pavement and it is surprisingly easy to do so. It will be a little harder off road so to speak but it should still handle the terrain with relative ease. If you wanted to go to 13 inch tires then use # RA20. It has a lower tongue weight capacity, 500 pounds, compared to the MaxxTow 600 pounds. I have linked video reviews of both dollies for you.
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  • RackEm Trailer Dolly Recommendation for Maneuvering a Travel Trailer with 420 lbs Tongue Weight
  • This Rack em Trailer Dolly # RA20 is rated to handle 500 lbs of tongue weight. Since your trailer has 420 lbs of tongue weight it should work fine for you. The total trailer weight does not matter. You can pull as much as you are physically able to.
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  • How Much Space is Required on the Trailer Frame to Mount the Trailer Valet Trailer Jack and Mover
  • We have tested the Trailer Valet, # STC-V211, on a trailer but not on coarse gravel. However, I feel that it would fair well because the dual wheels provide a wide surface area and the wheels are not hard plastic so they can move over a little rougher terrain than your average jack wheel. The bracket takes up 8 inches of real estate on the trailer frame. The unit has a capacity of 5,000 pounds but the further back on the frame it is the harder it will be to use the jack portion and maneuver...
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  • Dimensions for Mounting Trailer Valet # STC-V211
  • As you noted, the mounting bracket on the Trailer Valet Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover # STC-V211 requires 8 inches of space to mount. If the crossbeams on your trailer frame are roughly 5 inches apart, not including the width of the beams as shown in Image #1, it would be a very tight fit for the installation bracket. Another consideration. Based on your photograph (image #1), it doesn't appear that you will have enough space to be able to swivel the trailer valet into travel position....
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  • How to Manually Move Trailer Up Driveway with 12.5 Percent Grade
  • We offer several types of trailer dollies in addition to the Rack-Em dolly you referenced, part # RA20. This Rack-Em dolly has a 1-7/8-inch hitch ball, 13-inch tires and a tongue weight capacity of 500-lbs. This is the trailer dolly I would recommend. It will allow you to move your 1400 lbs trailer around with ease. It is great for helping to manuever your trailer into tight spaces like in the garage. Other options include the MaxxTow dolly # MT70225. This dolly has a 1-7/8-inch ball,...
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  • Availability of a Replacement Jack for the Fulton A Frame 5000 lb Trailer Jack
  • Jacking a dual axle trailer high enough to raise the front tires off of the ground is not how the jack is designed. All of the weight of the trailer in front of the rear axle and the weight of the axles springs wheels and tires would be on the jack and at that point it would be at an angle. Jacks are rated for loads that are mostly up and down and not at an angle. This situation will most likely cause any wheel to fail. The best recommendation I could make for maneuvering the trailer...
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  • Availability of Trailer Dolly to Move a Motorcycle Trailer That Connects to 2-5/16 Inch Hitch Ball
  • You can use the Rackem Trailer Dolly, part # RA20, to move your motorcycle trailer that uses a 2-5/16 inch size hitch ball. This trailer dolly has a 1-7/8 inch hitch ball size. Proper ball fit is necessary when towing, but for moving a trailer with this dolly it is not necessary. The trailer dolly # RA20, has a tongue weight capacity of 500 lbs. Tongue weight is usually 10 to 15 percent of the trailer weight. As long as you can physically pull the weight yourself and the tongue weight...
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  • What Are Mounting Bracket Dimensions on Trailer Valet Swivel Jack, Part # STC-V211
  • Trailer Valet Swivel Jack and Trailer Mover, part # STC-V211, uses a heavy-duty mounting bracket that can accommodate frame members up to 2-3/4 inches wide x 6 inches tall. Although your trailer frame is within this range, the I-beam construction prevents mounting the jack to the main side frame members. To use the Trailer Valet you will have to mount it on the 3-inch tall tongue section forward of the A-portion of your trailer. Since the Trailer Valet swivels up out of the way when...
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  • Recommendation for Helping Move Vehicle Tow Dolly
  • I have a solution that will help ease moving your Roadmaster Tow Dolly # RM-2000-1. The Rack'em Trailer Dolly # RA20 is designed to help move heavy trailer with ease. The dolly measures 54 inches tall from the bottom of the tires to the handle, and has a tongue weight capacity of 500 pounds. I have attached a review video of this dolly for you.
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  • Will the Trailer Valet Trailer Jack and Mover Fit a Jayco 1206BS Pop-up Camper Trailer
  • We have not had any complaints regarding the use of the trailer valet # STC-V211 on any specific brand of trailer. To determine fit you can measure the available space on your trailer. The mounting bracket on the trailer valet takes up 8 inches of space. If this will not work, take a look at the Rackem trailer dolly, # RA20. It has a 500 pound tongue weight capacity and two 13 x 4 inch tires spaced 24 inches apart and would be a good alternative if the trailer valet will not fit.
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  • Do Trailer Dolly Hitch Balls Have to Match the Ball Size of Coupler
  • We don't sell a 2-5/16 inch hitch ball with a 3/4 inch shank, but since a tow dolly is only used for small trailer movements across a parking lot your current hitch ball should work just fine. When using a tow dolly the tongue weight alone of the trailer will keep the coupler attached to it. You do not have to use the exact same size hitch ball on a dolly. That is why frequently tow dollies will use a small sized hitch ball so that all coupler sizes can be used on them. As long as the...
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  • Will Fulton F2 Swivel Trailer Jack, # F1413040134 Fit on Aluminum EZ Loader Trailer
  • I do have wheel replacement kits available for the Fulton jacks, if you think replacing just the wheel would solve your problem. I would need to know the model of jack you have to see if there is a replacement wheel available. I am including a link to a product page that will show all of the Fulton wheels I carry. To upgrade to a newer Fulton jack I would need to know what size of jack you have on your trailer now, or the tongue weight of the trailer, the size of trailer tongue, and...
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  • Recommended Trailer Dolly for Forest River Flagstaff T12BH Pop Up Camper
  • From what I read online, your flagstaff pop up camper has a tongue weight of around 350 lbs, which would make a trailer dolly like the # RA20 from Rack'em would work very well for you. Another option would be the Trailer Valet, part # STC-V211. The Trailer Valet is actually a removable trailer jack that has a crank powered chain drive that can be used to move the trailer. Either option would work on a trailer with a tongue weight under 500 lbs, and either option would fit in the...
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  • Weight Capacitites of RackEm Trailer Dolly RA20
  • I spoke with my contact at the manufacturer and he told me, part # RA20, has a tongue weight of 500 pounds. Meaning the weight that the coupler pushes down on the dolly with cannot exceed 500 pounds. The total trailer weight does not matter. You can pull as much as you are physically able to.
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  • Axle Diameter for the Rack'Em Trailer Dolly
  • I went and pulled a part # RA20TIRE from our warehouse to measure the axle hole diameter and found that it measures 11/16 inches.
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  • What Does Max 600 lbs Mean for a Tow Dolly
  • The Rack'em Trailer Dolly # RA20 actually has a max Tongue Weight (TW) of 500 lbs. The 600 lbs TW options include the Buffalo Tools Dolly # BTTRDOLLY, and MaxxTow Dollies # MT70225 and # MT70881. Tongue weight on a trailer is different than the actual weight. Tongue weight is the downward force that that coupler applies, this should be between 10-15 percent of your trailer weight. This means that when your pop up camper is dry with a weight of 3,000 lbs your TW should be 300-450 lbs....
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  • Will Trailer Valet # STC-V211 Fit an Evolution E1 Pop-up Camper
  • The installation bracket for the Trailer Valet # STC-V211 that you referenced takes up to 8 inches of space to mount on the trailer frame. If you have enough room to mount the unit, you should be fine being able to swivel it into position to travel because you should not have anything else extending over the side-rails of your trailer. In the picture I have attached are the measurements from part # STC-V211. From the bottom of the wheel to the top of the unit while in a parallel position...
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  • Recommended Trailer Jack For Enclosed Cargo Trailer
  • If you have a square frame trailer I recommend a jack like part # DL22580. This is a swivel jack and it has dual tires that make it easier to move. This jack can be used on trailers with a frame up to 3 x 5-inches. Instead of adding a jack to your trailer you may want to consider just using a trailer dolly. We have several tow dollies to choose from based on what you need. If you need a 1-7/8 inch hitch ball for your trailer you can use the Rack'em Trailer Dolly, part # RA20. This...
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