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Vehicle and Trailer Aligner - LED and Yellow Ball

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Product Images

performance tool hitch accessories aligner rods and lights
performance tool hitch accessories aligner vehicle and trailer - led yellow ball
performance tool hitch accessories rods and lights ptw1276
performance tool hitch accessories aligner ptw1276
performance tool hitch accessories aligner
performance tool hitch accessories aligner vehicle and trailer - led yellow ball
performance tool hitch accessories aligner rods and lights vehicle trailer - led yellow ball
performance tool hitch accessories rods and lights ptw1276
performance tool hitch accessories rods and lights ptw1276

In Use/Installed

hitch accessories performance tool aligner rods and lights in use
hitch accessories performance tool aligner rods and lights vehicle trailer - led yellow ball
hitch accessories performance tool aligner vehicle and trailer - led yellow ball
hitch accessories performance tool rods and lights ptw1276
hitch accessories performance tool aligner ptw1276

  • Hitch Aligner
  • Rods and Lights
  • Performance Tool
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Performance Tool Hitch Accessories - PTW1276


  • Performance Tool 2-in-1 magnetic trailer alignment kit features bright yellow foam balls for day use, and red flashing LEDs for night
  • Dual telescoping rods magnetically attach to your hitch and coupler


  • Telescoping sections material: stainless steel
  • Telescoping sections extend to 41" tall
  • Sections collapse down to 7-1/4" for easy storage
  • Includes 3 AG3 button batteries required for operation

W1276 Vehicle and Trailer Aligner - LED and Yellow Ball

Replaces MaxxTow 70043

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Video of Vehicle and Trailer Aligner - LED and Yellow Ball

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Performance Tool Hitch Accessories PTW1276 Review

Speaker 2: Today we're going to be taking a look at part number PTW1276. This is the Performance Tools Vehicle and Trailer Aligner. This is a two in one magnetic trailer alignment kit. It's going to feature the bright yellow foam balls for day use and it's going to come with the red flashing LED lights for night time use or for use in low light conditions. Now these are going to be telescoping rods. That way you can customize the height that you need for your particular situation or application or set up. They're going to have magnets on the bottom.

That way they can easily attach to the ball mount on your vehicle and to the coupler on your trailer. Now with these fully collapsed, the rods are going to measure about 7 1/4 of an inch tall. That way it does allow for compact storage. The balls are just threaded on there so you can remove them if you need it a little more compact. With the balls installed, it's going to give us an overall height of about 9 inches tall. Now with the rods fully extended, they're going to have an overall length or height of around 41 inches, and again, you can adjust anywhere in between those measurements to get the height that you need for your particular setup.

The diameter of the base, how much room it's going to take up on the mounting surface, that's going to be 13/16 of an inch. The rods are going to be made from a stainless steel construction, so they'll do a really good job at resisting rust and corrosion. Each LED light is going to contain three AG3 button cell batteries. Those are already installed and they are included. Just want to show you how to change from the foam ball to the LED light. Simply just unthread the ball from the rod. Both of these are going to do the same, or operate the same.

I'm just going to show you how to do one. Take the LED light, thread it onto the rod, and then to turn the LED light on, it's got arrow indicators right here, one on each side. One of them says off, the other one says on, and then the arrow shows which direction to twist the LED light to turn it on or off. To turn it on, we just twist it until it starts flashing, so you can see there how that would be really beneficial at night time or low light conditions, and then to turn it off, we simply just thread it back the other direction until the LED lights stop. That way we don't have to worry about wasting our battery life. Now when it comes to using these, very simple process.

Again, you're just going to choose whatever one works best for you, whether its the foam balls or whether its the red flashing LED lights. You place one alignment tool behind the ball on the tow vehicle, and then you can extend this to where the ball or LED light is easily visible by the driver. Place the other tool on the coupler of the trailer, and you'll want to extend it to the same height as the one on the tow vehicle, and then you can use the tools to help align the vehicle with the trailer, and then you can get out and make your connection. These are going to come in handy when it comes to aligning your vehicle or your ball with the coupler on the trailer when you're doing it by yourself. You don't necessarily have to rely on another person to help you, so they're a great tool to have. They're going to come in handy, and again, these are designed to help align the tow vehicle with the trailer. That way you can get out and easily make your connection and head down the road. That's going to do it for today's look at part number PTW1276.

Customer Reviews

Vehicle and Trailer Aligner - LED and Yellow Ball - PTW1276

Average Customer Rating:  4.5 out of 5 stars   (47 Customer Reviews)

- PTW1276

by: Bob M.04/04/2017

I purchased this product for use with our small camper trailer that I will not be taking out on the road for another two months. I've previously used a wood dowel pushed into a drilled hole in a piece of wood placed on the ground next to the trailer hitch and then opened the liftgate on my Jeep and backed up until I hit the dowel. This usually got me within a couple of inches left or right of where I needed to be and I could push the trailer tongue over the hitch ball. I think this inexpensive product should improve on the accuracy I got with the dowel. The magnets are very strong and hold firmly on the vehicle hitch and trailer tongue. The flashing LEDs are an added benefit for backing up in the dark. Be careful not to unscrew the base of an LED too far when turning it off as the 3 button batteries and a small spring will fall out. The threaded base in each of the yellow balls doesn't look very robust so don't over tighten it. However, if the threads broke off you could still use these balls or any similar light weight balls with a small hole in them. This is an inexpensive product that's definitely worth trying. 362622

- PTW1276

by: Vito Panaro02/23/2017

all looks good , the springs seem to be the correct size , the wheel cover sizing is true and they are there are thicker / stronger than expected with good strength to the elastic . the alignment balls help when i am alone ,which is most of the time and the added light option for same price as your competion is great. also like the price of the hitch which i have yet to install but i can say an improvement over my existing one with a bolt hole for keeping it latched closed and a good size lever to grab hold of. Over all the order was correct, shipped in a timely manner and the prices are good what more could one ask for. PS. after seeing the wheel covers I am going to order 4 more for storing my truck and thanks for helping me get my trailer in tip top shape Vito 347398

- PTW1276

by: Mango Man07/07/2017

These really are a great alternative to a back up camera for hooking up a trailer. This is the second pair I'm purchasing after giving the first to a friend who moves a 30 foot long travel trailer for me with her large truck. We used them a couple of weeks ago and they work great...a simple idea that really simplifies the task of getting ball into socket. The little red lights are a nice addition for low light conditions and are quite bright. The proverbial 49 cent solution for a 10 dollar problem. Small, compact and can be stored in a glove box or tool box. A carrying bag would be nice. Can also be used on Halloween to play my favorite martian. 402408

- PTW1276

by: Cris B.07/01/2016

My tow vehicle is a Ford Minivan with no backup camera. Lining up the hitch and trailer used to involve raising the lift gate and craning around to try and estimate the location of the ball and coupler, then having to get out multiple times to check if I was aligned. Now, with the vehicle and trailer aligner with the yellow balls I can’t miss! I was able to get right under the coupler the on the first attempt, with the lift gate down. I wish I had purchased this a long time ago. 267136

- PTW1276

by: Jim P11/22/2016

A fellow camper loaned me his "set of tennis balls" to align my trailer ball with my camper coupler and it worked great. I immediately ordered this set and it arrived really fast. I did not notice when ordering that the balls can be unscrewed and led lights screwed on for night use. This set has smaller magnets at the base than the "loaner I used but I'm sure they will hold OK. The price, shipping cost, and delivery time of this item was very good. 318992

- PTW1276

by: Dave A12/13/2016

Good product. Works as described. My only complaint about ETrailer is that they use huge staples to close their shipping boxes. The staples are tough to pull out (get out your screw driver and pliers if you don't have an industrial strength commercial staple puller). My cardboard recycler does not want these dangerous looking staples left in the box, so I need to pull every one of them out! 324754

- PTW1276

by: Jeremy B.05/03/2017

These work great and have saved me a number of steps. I store them in an up cycled plastic container in the console and pull them out whenever hitching. The only complaint I have about them is that the balls thread onto the stems quite loosely, resulting in them being somewhat floppy, for lack of a better term. That's the primary reason for 4 stars over 5. 375708

- PTW1276

by: Kat04/04/2017

Excellent price...better than [retailer] store nearby, even with shipping! And we got it really fast...they shipped it the same day I ordered it. I like this one better than the store's also because it has the option of using the lights in the dark. We'll be using it on hooking up to our PUP and then on the back corners of it for getting in tighter spaces. 362852

- PTW1276

by: Rich P09/16/2017

The red lights did not and were not working when this product arrived and I was going out that night with my camper. They were useless to me at that point as I needed them in the dark. I had to find all new LR-41 batteries for them and replace them myself the next day. Not a very nice surprise to say the least. 433085

- PTW1276

by: John S08/12/2017

Bought two winch straps to replace aging units. As always, etrailer ships promptly and provides very high-quality products. Their descriptions are accurate and I am always very happy to receive their shipments because I already know I will be happy before I open the box!! 419357

- PTW1276

by: Larry H02/06/2017

Yes, I did receive the shipment. It was exactly what I ordered and on time delivery. I really appreciate your help with all of the orders. Kevin, you and your company are to be congratulated! I'm sure I'll be contacting you with other orders. Thanks again!! 339416

- PTW1276

by: bill02/25/2017

Products arrived quickly after ordering. I received the request to review the product the day the package arrived. I won't have a chance to use any of the order until spring. Therefore, all I can do is rate the delivery. It was excellent and fast. 349270

- PTW1276

by: Derek B09/01/2017

I never had much luck with these. There wasn't a good spot to stick them that would help me with the distance. If you're looking for alignment then these will do the job. I used them a couple times and now they're fixtures in the garage. 427908

- PTW1276

by: Wisconsin Ron02/22/2017

I thought I was pretty good at backing up to hook up my food trailer, only having to get out and check the alignment two or three times (sometimes four). Attached these as per the video and nailed it the first time. A great time saver! 344310

- PTW1276

by: Richard H.08/26/2017

The magnets are great. The problem I have is that there aren't any good flat surfaces where they would need to be for the magnets to sit on. At least for my hitch and trailer. I will have to rig something to make it work properly. 425476

- PTW1276

by: Bill08/11/2017

Have not tried the product yet but it should relieve my wife from the frustration of giving me directions! AND as usual trailer service was excellent and delivery was quick. Think a lot of businesses get learn from their example! 418943

- PTW1276

by: Steve M.06/18/2017

Makes lining up the trailer much easier instead of trying to find points of reference when someone isn't there to guide you. Magnets in bases are strong and rods extend firmly to hold their position. Well made product. 395663

- PTW1276

by: Tom D.07/05/2017

This product makes lining up the hitch of our camper to our van much easier. Do not need a spotter. Seconds rather than minutes and no cursing whatsoever. Great idea, good quality, outstanding value. 401894

- PTW1276

by: Rob05/24/2017

The products have worked well and as promoted. The website was helpful for getting the products I was looking for. If I need more trailer parts I will be returning to etrailer and I will recommend it. 384316

- PTW1276

by: Bill R10/13/2016

Customer service was very helpful. They were out of what I ordered so they worked with me on a replacement. Shipping was fast as usual. I am a repeat customer and will continue to be. 306293

- PTW1276

by: David R.08/27/2017

Haven't tried them yet, but magnets appear to be strong enough to do the job. Product should be very noticeable with either light or ball 425843

- PTW1276

by: leslie l10/19/2017

Works ok to lineup truck ball with trailer coupler. After you figure out best place to set it up, love the led lights for night line up. 443973

- PTW1276

by: Dave S08/30/2017

Looks good but I Haven't used it yet and if I have any comments in the future I will update my review with any concerns or comments 426658

- PTW1276

by: Sandra L08/26/2017

Thanks for this fabulous aide ! At times I need to back and connect to my trailer solo. This makes it so much easier and safer . 425335

- PTW1276

by: Keely W08/15/2017

I received my product in a timely manner. have not had the chance to use it yet. but I thought it was a brilliant idea. Thanks 420644

- PTW1276

by: Matt G.07/09/2016

For the price everybody should have these!!!! No more calling the neighbor for assistance or getting out of the truck 5 times. 269812

- PTW1276

by: pj08/17/2017

Shipping was prompt and packing was very good. Product is sturdy and does what its advertised to do. 421832

- PTW1276

by: Gary L08/23/2017

Easy, helpful tool to hook up trailer to truck without that extra set of eyes to help out. 424097

- PTW1276

by: Bob B.02/11/2017

Very fast shipping, nice quality product. Nice to do business with. I'm "HAPPY". Thanks 341014

- PTW1276

by: Bruce04/17/2017

Product arrived in on time, undamaged. I thought price was very competitive also. 368480

- PTW1276

by: rn08/18/2017

It didn't show up yet even though you said it was delivered. Where is it? 422212


RN, thank you for your business. I apologize for any inconvenience. After checking your order notes, I see that customer service is currently investigating this issue for you.

-- Laura E - 08/23/2017


- PTW1276

by: Jimmy01/22/2017

Great value, items look good. Looking forward to putting them to the test. 337252

- PTW1276

by: Jim. S08/16/2017

Can't wait to try them. They will be a backup to my eyeball camera. 421205

- PTW1276

by: rado08/12/2017

Tried it out and works great should save a lot of time hooking-up. 419317

- PTW1276

by: Mike S.08/14/2017

Nice product, helps get you really close on hooking up trailer. 420389

- PTW1276

by: munster06/05/2016

so far works good. led very helpful in low light conditions. 257345


Working great no problems.

Munster - 06/07/2017


- PTW1276

by: Bob J08/12/2017

They work as advertised. Very helpful getting lined up. 419340

- PTW1276

by: Bob T.05/25/2017

Exactly what i needed to help backup my boat trailer. 384863

- PTW1276

by: Lester L09/23/2017

great product,great price,back up help.thank you 435763

- PTW1276

by: Karen11/16/2016

Product is great and meets my expectati ons. 317278

- PTW1276

by: KZ08/27/2017

Great product at an excellent price 425599

- PTW1276

by: Bill C.12/07/2016

These are great when working alone. 322895

- PTW1276

by: Bob Bachman08/17/2017

Product works great No problems 421292

- PTW1276

by: Joey10/23/2017

Neat tool, works as advertised. 445230

- PTW1276

by: Mike02/16/2017

Fast delivery, as advertised. 342387

- PTW1276

by: marcel n.06/29/2017

Great product 400194

- PTW1276

by: DMP08/17/2017

I like it 421826


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  • What is the Best Hitch Aligner System for a Salt Water Environment
  • The ball and stick set # PTW1276 has a chrome finish but that would not last all that long in a salt water environment. None of the other options would fare much better in that environment. So you have a couple of options. First, the ball and sticks like this are not all that expensive so you could get one to see how long it lasts to determine if staying with it is a worthy investment. Or second you could go with a backup camera/hitch aligner # HM50002 and not worry about salt water...
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  • Will Vehicle And Trailer Aligner Work For A 5th Wheel?
  • Yes, the Vehicle and Trailer Aligner - LED and Yellow Ball # PTW1276 will work for a 5th wheel application. You can put the magnet on your pin box and the top of your 5th wheel hitch to help you align in the same way you would for a hitch ball and coupler.
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  • Why Not Set Trailer Aligner # PTW1276 Balls So that They Touch When Aligned
  • The problem with having the balls touch when they are lined up perfectly is that you'd have to mount the two pieces of the part # PTW1276 so close to the ball on the ball mount and the front edge of the coupler that it might interfere before the balls were able to touch. What would most likely happen is the that coupler would hit the base of the ball mounted on the truck and push it back before the balls would touch. That's why they are best to be used as a way to get the left and right...
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  • Determining Spare Tire Clearance for Performance Tool Vehicle and Trailer Aligner on Jeep Wrangler
  • To see if the telescoping rods for the Performance Tool Vehicle and Trailer Aligner # PTW1276 will clear the spare tire and brake light on your 2016 Jeep Wrangler, you will just need to take a couple measurements on your vehicle. The telescoping rods are designed to magnetically attach to both the ball mount on your vehicle and the coupler on your trailer. In order to determine if the rod will sit far enough out from the rear of your Jeep to clear the spare tire, you will just need to...
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