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Easy-Hitch Light-Up, Telescoping Hitch Aligner

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Product Images

jacko enterprises hitch accessories  easy-hitch light-up telescoping aligner
jacko enterprises hitch accessories rods and lights je00600
jacko enterprises hitch accessories aligner easy-hitch light-up telescoping
jacko enterprises hitch accessories rods and lights
jacko enterprises hitch accessories aligner je00600

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hitch accessories jacko enterprises aligner easy-hitch light-up telescoping
hitch accessories jacko enterprises rods and lights in use

  • Hitch Aligner
  • Rods and Lights
  • Jacko Enterprises
Make attaching a trailer to your vehicle a one-person operation with this easy-to-use hitch locator. Simply put one telescoping rod with a magnetic base on your hitch ball and one on the trailer coupler and use the flashing lights to line them up. Call 800-298-8924 to order Jacko Enterprises hitch accessories part number JE00600 or order online at Free expert support on all Jacko Enterprises products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Easy-Hitch Light-Up, Telescoping Hitch Aligner. Hitch Accessories reviews from real customers.

Jacko Enterprises Hitch Accessories - JE00600

Make attaching a trailer to your vehicle a one-person operation with this easy-to-use hitch locator. Simply put one telescoping rod with a magnetic base on your hitch ball and one on the trailer coupler and use the flashing lights to line them up.


  • Light-up heads make aligning trailer coupler and hitch ball an easy, 1-person operation
    • Twist top to activate lights
    • Easy to see day or night
    • Great for every type of vehicle and trailer
  • Magnetic bases make it easy to mount rods
  • Telescoping bodies can be used to measure ball and coupler height
    • Ensures that hitch ball is lower than coupler
  • Versatile rods serve several uses
    • Use as flashing markers or as magnetic pickups in tight quarters
  • Compact design makes rods easy to store


  • Retracted rod length: 8-3/8"
  • Extended rod length: 43-3/4"
  • Battery size: LR41 (2 per rod) - included
  • 30-Day limited warranty

Easy-Hitch Hitch Aligner compacted and fully extended

Easy-Hitch Hitch Aligner mounted on vehicle and trailer

JE00600 Easy-Hitch Light-Up, Telescoping Hitch Locator

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Video of Easy-Hitch Light-Up, Telescoping Hitch Aligner

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Easy-Hitch Light-Up Hitch Aligner Review

Today we are going to demonstrate the Easy-Hitch Light-Up Hitch Aligning System, part number JE00600. This hitch aligning system makes attaching to your trailer a one person job. By putting one of the hitch aligning rods onto the tow vehicle hitch ball and one onto the coupler of the trailer, you can simply let the light up LED ends of the aligning rods do the backing up for you. These retractable hitch aligners are unique in that they have a light up LED end to them, which will help align the vehicle and the trailer in the dark. 0:30

We are going to go through a quick demonstration and show you how this easy aligning tool works. Well, the first thing that you want to do when you are hooking up your tow vehicle to your trailer is to make sure that the trailer coupler itself is taller than your hitch ball. You can use your aligning tool to quickly check that. What you want to do is simply take the piece and set it on the ground, rise the rod up to where it is even with the top of the hitch ball and then go to your trailer. Make sure that your aligning rod is shorter than the coupler. 0:56

Next, we will take one of the aligning rods and set it right on top of the hitch ball. Go ahead and extend that out. Next we will take the second rod, set it right on top of the coupler and, again, extend it out. And, if you are trying to hook up at night and want to use your flashing LEDs at the top, simply take it and twist the top clockwise until it turns on. With the aligning rods in place, we can go ahead and back up our tow vehicle now, until our hitch aligning rod that is on our tow vehicle hitch ball makes contact with the coupler on the trailer. When contact is made, we know that our hitch ball is properly aligned under the coupler. There you have it for the Light-Up Telescoping Hitch Aligning System, part number JE00600.

Customer Reviews

Easy-Hitch Light-Up, Telescoping Hitch Aligner - JE00600

Average Customer Rating:  4.1 out of 5 stars   (55 Customer Reviews)

Make attaching a trailer to your vehicle a one-person operation with this easy-to-use hitch locator. Simply put one telescoping rod with a magnetic base on your hitch ball and one on the trailer coupler and use the flashing lights to line them up.

- JE00600

by: T. J. D.11/21/2016

I did a rare thing and read the manufacture instructions before using. The Easy-Hitch (EH) Light-Up Hitch Aligner has a small round magnetic bases. One of the EH's will be placed on top of the ball hitch, the other on the top of the ball hitch receiver. Using the extended rods as alignment guides you simply back up until the hitch receiver bumps the EH off the hitch ball, back and bump method. Cannot get much easier or effective that this. The small bases are strong enough to hold the rods in place but week enough to allow the rod base to release, when bumped, without damaging the extendable rod assembly. I have used the tennis ball alignment devices in the past but do not think they work as good as the back and bump method. I also like the compactness and easy storability of the EH. It was day time when a friend came over to borrow my trailer and we tried out the EH. We did not need the LED light and he said he did not need the EH because he had a backup camera. He was using both the EH and camera when he noticed the EH rod disappear and hit his breaks. He thought the EH was pretty neat and used it the rest of the time he had my trailer. I tested the LED's to insure they functioned and they did. The LED's are of secondary importance to me. The back and bump is of primary importance followed by compact storability. Neat little unit. 318423

- JE00600

by: scott.b02/03/2014

great product -- functions great--just be gentle when closing. I used my first set daily for over a year until I tied one in a knot closing it in a rain storm 115493


still working great after a year of use. great product for old folks like me- precise hitch alignment every time.a one backup trailer hookup wonderful

scott.b - 02/03/2015


- JE00600

by: Marti W07/07/2014

Haven't used it yet but the idea is really helpful. I didn't know what I was looking for exactly so when I found these, they fit what I needed precisely. Delivered in a timely fashion. I will continue to use etrailer for my trailering needs 139816


Still working well after a year

Marti W - 07/07/2015


- JE00600

by: Don B.07/24/2013

The lighted hitch aligner arrived with super speed. Following the instructions on the product card, I could easily place the towing ball under the trailer cup. Back slowly, and when the front alignment wand moves, you're there. It even comes with a little nylon pouch to store them in. It fits neatly in the door pocket of the pickup truck. Batteries were already installed and extra LR 41 button batteries were taped in the packaging. The person on the phone was so friendly and helpful. This is a store to add to your computer favorites, men. 91286

- JE00600

by: Mike S10/07/2013

The one unit lit up properly, but I am having issues with the other light. It had a set of batteries in it when I received the set from the store and from the start it would not light up. I changed the batteries in it and still had issues with it lighting properly but after some time of turning it on and off it finally started working. I'am not sure it will continue to work, but I'am in a position I need to use them and cannot return them. 102944

- JE00600

by: Bill537809/28/2016

The product is great and just what I was looking for but one red globe was slightly crunched during the first shipment. I contacted etrailer only asking for a new globe but they insisted on sending a full replacement and allowed me to keep the first shipment for spare parts. I received the replacement package yesterday in perfect shape and I'm very impressed with their customer service! I will be using etrailer in the future! 300980

- JE00600

by: Neil E03/10/2017

Product does not extend enough to be seen over the spare tire on my Jeep Unlimited. I am contemplating how to modify to make it work Also, one blinking light did not work from the box. Even changing the batteries did not fix. Then I noted that a thin piece of wire at the bottom of the light holder did not come into contact with the battery. After some effort I did manage to get it to make contact and now works as advertised. 351010

- JE00600

by: Scott10/15/2017

The product arrived a few days ago. It seems like a great idea, but I found that the telescoping function on one device broke the second time I opened it. It just came apart. One of the two tiny shims inside disappeared. In addition, only one of the devices had a working light. I will be returning the item. Two stars = great idea, poor quality. I would be willing to pay for better quality and will look elsewhere. 442825

- JE00600

by: Susan05/09/2016

I found that the lights didn't function, but otherwise a fine product. I immediately checked it out, and it worked well. Customer service was excellent. When my original order was going to be delayed, I was given the opportunity to change my order to an item that was in stock. Fast, friendly service. 249303

- JE00600

by: Ed12/19/2012

Seems like a nice product. I have not used it yet but I can tell it will be worth its weight in gold when I need to hook up the trailer in the dark. It came with a storage bag and extra batteries which was a suprise. very satisfied 61808

- JE00600

by: Beau09/11/2017

I have to say money well spend. I'm single and a woman to hock up my camper I always asked a friend to be my eyes while I backed up. Not anymore. I don't need anybody. I would suggest this to everyone to get it! I love it. 431272

- JE00600

by: Tim D.08/26/2017

Bought a low trailer that I can't see when backing up. Used these to temporarily attach to back corners of trailer when needed. When im done maneuvering the trailer they pop of and store in the pouch provided. 425441

- JE00600

by: carol p.05/31/2014

the magnet holds very well but the one red light does not stay on the wand very well. You have to be very careful with it. But all in all the product does help us line up the truck to hitch to the trailer 133515

- JE00600

by: David F04/17/2017

These little guys work great when no one else is around to help you hitch up. While not a substitute for a backup camera, they really help get lined up. I was surprised how accurate they are. 368372

- JE00600

by: Carole R.10/02/2014

Always get a good product from e-trailer, products are all in good condition. Quality products make the job a lot easier. Prices are always fair and shipping is fair. Thank you. 154072

- JE00600

by: Troy B.06/09/2017

Works long as the wind is not blowing. Also, I do not need assistance from my wife to hookup....she has limited patience. I have recommended this product. 391134

- JE00600

by: Matthew05/28/2016

Etrailer has always been good to work with. These are a great idea and work very well. Just be easy on them as they are light duty but they do what I hoped they would! 252576

- JE00600

by: Michael04/21/2013

The blinking red lights are great. It cut my hook-up time by more than 1/2. Awesome product! I highly recommend it to anyone who operates by themselves. 77089

- JE00600

by: Michael04/12/2013

The blinking red lights are great. It cut my hook-up time by more than 1/2. Awesome product! I highly recommend it to anyone who operates by themselves. 75523

- JE00600

by: terry b06/01/2011

works like a dream. if you haul trailers it's a must. haven't used it at night yet, but the lights should do great. good gift for any occasion. 15884

- JE00600

by: David R10/10/2017

I bought this product to assist in backing to my 5th wheel by myself. Works great. etrailer delivered this product fast! Great service 441228

- JE00600

by: Richard09/28/2016

Great product. Liked it had extra batteries. Magnets are strong. It is very compact. Arrived quickly. I would recommend it to a friend. 300972

- JE00600

by: Jerry F.03/03/2016

I have used the trailer guides on 4 different trailers with no problems. They make it MUCH easier to line up the hitches by myself. 239439

- JE00600

by: Paul J06/11/2016

They are OK but one on tow vehicle always fell over. I gave them away since we got a new tow vehicle with factory back-up camera. 260401

- JE00600

by: Reedf02/11/2014

Product not very well made. Needed adjustments, gently, to function. Should accomplish goal of alignment of truck and trailer. 116276

- JE00600

by: Matt W04/20/2017

Showed up in less than a week with the free shipping, undamaged, and what I ordered. Will putchase from etrailer again. 369884

- JE00600

by: Wilma L.10/11/2016

Love these. Now I don't have to try and guide my husband while he backs up to hook on to our travel trailer. 305709

- JE00600

by: Charlie G05/25/2017

Worked as advertised. Unfortunately, I used them only 2 times due to having sold my 5th wheel. Good product. 384922

- JE00600

by: Don Lafitte12/09/2016

Received product promptly, bought as a gift. I will possibly give five stars once I know how well it works. 323786

- JE00600

by: MIKE s09/12/2017

Worked great until I got a Ram. Now they are not high enough to be seen. Worked great for the Silverado 431690

- JE00600

by: David12/31/2015

Works as advertised! Got them so my wife the artist can take the rig out on location by herself. 234599

- JE00600

by: Bryan King06/03/2015

One set of batteries were corroded and did not work. Other than that, product is as advertised. 200075

- JE00600

by: Georgfe Delgado05/30/2015

Good product to align the hitch to the trailer tongue. Recommended you'll save a lot of time. 198702

- JE00600

by: Ed Willms07/03/2013

Works better than I even anticipated. Quick and excellent service. Thank you very much. 87387

- JE00600

by: Grant W08/25/2017

The item was as described and the shipping was very fast. What more can you ask? 424983

- JE00600

by: Bob L.08/09/2016

Hooked boat up on the 1st try without a hitch, sorry for the pun. GREAT PRODUCT. 281912

- JE00600

by: Neta10/26/2017

One dies not telescope as far as the other. Magnet is weak and falls down. 446380

- JE00600

by: perry t03/31/2015

this works really good to help hook my trailer up.. a one person job now.. 181878

- JE00600

by: Robert S.03/19/2015

Hope they don't come apart like the Cheap Wal-Mart Tennis ball ones. 179632

- JE00600

by: Michael in Tampa FL06/27/2014

So easy to use! Makes connecting my big Dodge Ram to my PWC trailer! 138023

- JE00600

by: Gregg B.11/22/2016

Great product, works perfect. Makes hooking- up to trailer easy. 318796

- JE00600

by: mike S05/30/2015

works really well on my big Sundowner Gooseneck Horse trailer. 198621

- JE00600

by: Jim V10/04/2017

I have not used it yet. Don't know what to say. 439083

- JE00600

by: Rod07/14/2017

Works great. easy to line up the hitch and ball. 405600

- JE00600

by: Lil S.07/02/2017

This did not work for me it was very fl emsy 401090

- JE00600

by: Rick F.09/03/2013

Great product; super service from etrai ler. 97977

- JE00600

by: vinny11/17/2016

kinda chinsy I liked the balls better 317543

- JE00600

by: John05/29/2016

Works great. Never miss a hitch now. 253253

- JE00600

by: Chris Todd11/17/2016

They broke after a couple months 317435

- JE00600

by: tyrone11/26/2016

works better than expect 319768

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  • Will Easy Hitch Aligner # JE00600 Work on Truck With a Tool Box
  • You will be able to use the Easy Hitch Helper Hitch Aligner, part # JE00600, on your truck if the tool box does not interfere with the line of vision from your rear view mirror to the back of your truck. I am including a video of the hitch helper that will show how the aligner will work on your truck.
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  • Alignment Tool For Hitching Up My 2010 Ford F-450 To My Trailer
  • The item you selected, Telescoping Hitch Aligner, part # JE00600, has strong enough magnets to attach to the hitch ball and trailer coupler, but since they are smaller and have less surface area, it would be easier to pull them off. The other option you could consider is a backup camera like the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera, part # 4843DAT. I have linked a video review for the Telescoping Hitch Aligner, part # JE00600 and the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera, part # 4843DAT.
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