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Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel

Item # RHSB

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brophy hitch anti-rattle universal accessory rhsb
brophy hitch anti-rattle standard universal
brophy hitch anti-rattle standard accessory stabilizer bracket for 2 inch receiver - black powder coated steel
brophy hitch anti-rattle fits 2 inch accessory rhsb
brophy hitch anti-rattle standard fits 2 inch stabilizer bracket for receiver - black powder coated steel
brophy hitch anti-rattle standard fits 2 inch rhsb
brophy hitch anti-rattle universal fits 2 inch rhsb

In Use/Installed

hitch anti-rattle brophy fits 2 inch accessory rhsb
hitch anti-rattle brophy standard universal in use
hitch anti-rattle brophy standard accessory stabilizer bracket for 2 inch receiver - black powder coated steel
hitch anti-rattle brophy standard universal stabilizer bracket for 2 inch receiver - black powder coated steel


  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Standard Anti-Rattle
  • Accessory Anti-Rattle
  • Brophy
  • Universal
  • Sleeve Style
This steel bracket installs on your 2" hitch receiver to stabilize your hitch-mounted accessories. Use the hand knobs to tighten screws at the top and side of the accessory shank to apply horizontal and vertical pressure and prevent shifting. Call 800-298-8924 to order Brophy hitch anti-rattle part number RHSB or order online at Free expert support on all Brophy products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel. Hitch Anti-Rattle reviews from real customers.

Brophy Hitch Anti-Rattle - RHSB

This steel bracket installs on your 2" hitch receiver to stabilize your hitch-mounted accessories. Use the hand knobs to tighten screws at the top and side of the accessory shank to apply horizontal and vertical pressure and prevent shifting.


  • Bracket stabilizes hitch accessories to prevent movement
  • Fits most cargo carriers, bike racks, steps, and other non-towing accessories for 2" hitches
    • Knobs require 1" of clearance to mount
    • 1 Of the knobs must be positioned on the bottom of the hitch with the bolt facing up towards the vehicle
  • Easy to use
    • Slide the bracket over the shank of your accessory, insert into your hitch, and tighten the screws onto the lip of the hitch
  • Black powder coated steel is durable and resists corrosion
  • Made in the USA

RHSB Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for Two Inch Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel

Premium - This item

Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel

Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel
Brophy Hitch Anti-Rattle

64 reviews

Code: RHSB

In Stock

Our Price: $26.40

  • Hitch Anti-Rattle
  • Standard Anti-Rattle
  • Universal
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Sleeve Style
  • Accessory Anti-Rattle
  • Brophy

This steel bracket installs on your 2" hitch receiver to stabilize your hitch-mounted accessories. Use the hand knobs to tighten screws at the top and side of the accessory shank to apply horizontal and vertical pressure and prevent shifting.

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Video of Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Brophy Hitch Accessories RHSB Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number RHSB. This is the Brophy stabilizer bracket for 2" hitches. It's made from a steel construction with a nice black powder-coated finish on it so it's going to stand up really well against rust and corrosion. You're going to get the bracket. You're going to get two wing bolts as well as two flat washer and two jam nuts. Once you have the wing bolts set all you have to do is tighten down the jam nuts and it's going to secure it to make sure that those don't back off and come off of the application as far as having it tightened down and stabilized. This bracket is designed to stabilize hitch accessories to prevent movement.

It's going to fit most cargo carriers, bike racks, steps, and other non-towing accessories for 2" hitches. The knobs are going to require about 1" of clearance in order to get this to correctly mount. Very easy system to easy. All you got to do is slide the bracket over your hitch, insert your accessory, and then tighten down the screws. Real quick I just want to go ahead and show you how to do that. Have our hitch stand today.

For demonstration purposes I'm just going to use a ball mount. It's a little bit easier to see exactly it is what we're doing here. You take your stabilizer bracket, place it over like this, slide the accessory through. Now you always want to be sure to secure the accessory within the hitch with a hitch pin and clip or a hitch pin and lock. We'll want to push that stabilizer up towards the hitch as far as possible.

Then we can use the bolts to tighten the accessory inside of the hitch. What this unit is doing is we're allowed to tighten the bolts supplying pressure to the hitch, which as we tighten it's going to pull our accessory to the inside edge of the hitch. Once we have that fully tight you're going to see that it's going to eliminate any rattle or wobble coming from within the hitch. Once you have those bolts tight then you can go ahead and tighten down the nuts. Again, that's going to secure the knobs in place and then the hitch-mounted accessory is installed. You've taken out any wobble or rattle and now ready to go down the road without having to hear that clank around inside the hitch.

That's going to do it for our review of part number RHSB. This is the Brophy stabilizer bracket for 2" hitches. .

Customer Reviews

Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel - RHSB

Average Customer Rating:  4.0 out of 5 stars   (64 Customer Reviews)

This steel bracket installs on your 2" hitch receiver to stabilize your hitch-mounted accessories. Use the hand knobs to tighten screws at the top and side of the accessory shank to apply horizontal and vertical pressure and prevent shifting.


by: Kirk10/26/2017

I purchased this to use on my hitch on my camper bumper to take the movement out of the carrier that I use. The way the stabilizer bracket is designed it will only slide over the hitch a small amount (the bracket hits against the hitch). It took most of the up and down movement out of the carrier, but did little for the side to side. This would work very well if I had more clearance. However, I have 3 hitches (one on an f250, one on a ranger, and one on the camper) and I only have enough clearance on one of the three hitches for this to work effectively. On the other 2 the brackets that a tow chain attaches to interferes with the mounting of the stabilizer. I would recommend this to those who have at least 1.5 inches of hitch for the stabilizer to slide over. If you have less it will not work very effectively. 446415


by: Hitch silencer11/09/2014

After modifications this did finally fit and hopefully it will work. I asked you folks to make sure it fit correctly and was assured that it did. Well that is not the case. Had I not been as handy working with metal this would have been a very different outcome. The part in question was rubbing against the chain anchor loop and would not fit or tighten correctly. Wanted to send it back but modified it instead. Not real happy about being assured that this fits and then does not !! You folks could do better in my humble opinion. 160021


Thanks for your review. Just checked my 08 Ram 3500 stock hitch, and yup, 1 behind the mouth of the hitch are the chain loop anchors. It appears this product doesnt fit. Its a shame they do not give the dimensions from the ring edge to the edge beyond the wing bolts. How did you modify?

-- comment by: Donnie-A - 04/20/2015



by: vantagati09/01/2016

I have BOTH the "J-Pin" and this anti-shake thing to stop the shaking in my Yakima Swing out 4 bike carrier. My bike rack is an older model so it maybe slightly heavier than the newer versions. This anti-shake will NOT stop your shaking. It will "reduce" the shaking. I think for this to actually STOP the shaking those tightening screws would have to go thru the steel wall of the hitch and be in direct contact with the rack itself. Would drilling into your receiver weaken it? Perhaps. But I'm not towing a yacht so...But I wouldn't recommend it. The torque the carrier/bike rack puts on the receiver hitch is what challenges products like this. So if you want to reduce the swing then get this thing. If you want to stop the rock this is not the pop. 289834


by: Ram150006/25/2016

Unfortunately I could not use this on a 2015 Ram 1500. The adjustment bolts just did not fit the profile of the Ram's hitch. I think one can be made to fit the Ram's hitch but it would need to have the bolts in a different location. From what I could tell, this is a solid product. Tried it on a older hitch, just for sizing, and it it looks like it would be able to stabilize any reasonable loads. It's a great idea and a well made product. It just did not fit my applications. 265119


by: David G.03/01/2017

The piece is made well, and could conceivably work, but the problem is that our trailer hitch (the receiver, on our car) has a lip around the edge of it. This piece does not fit around it, so it is pretty much useless. I have looked around and saw that pretty much all other hitches have the same lip, so this device is useless for all hitches. If it could fit on a hitch that didn't have a lip, then I think it would be a good device, but I haven't seen any hitch that this. 347357


by: Dale D10/10/2017

The idea is sound but the design is bad. the two tightening bolts are to close to the edge so when you put it on the receiver hitch and start to tighten it slides off to the side because every receiver I have ever seen has rounded corners and the tightening bolt lands right on the rounded part . In the picture it looks like they are in the middle but in reality they are not. it would work better if you had four bolts instead of two. 441251


by: Edwin01/10/2017

Solved my problem of sloppy tow receiver, I use to drive a wedged in side of hitch to keep it tight.. Problem solved... Good product and works really well... fits over the weld on receiver hitch and tightens against hitch really tight . Not sure over time if it may strip out the threads ....but time will tell.. Well built... 331455


by: James04/22/2016

I received the stabilizer very quickly. I have not had an opportunity to use it yet, but I have checked it out on the hitch to make sure it fit correctly. It fit just as described and the receiver hitch is very tight. I think it will work great. It will be tested in a few weeks as we are headed out on a 1400 mile trip. 246552


During that trip that we were on, the bracket fell apart. Would not recommend this item at all

James - 04/23/2017



by: Thomas o02/06/2017

I haven't used the brophy stabilizer yet I had the tekonsha plug in wiring adapter for electric brake controller and electric brake controller set up in my 2016 Nissan ftrontier in 5 minutes let you know how it works after I try it thank you all at etrailer you have been great Thomas o 339281


by: John M09/18/2017

The T-wire harness was great, installed well and works fine. The Seat covers are great as well, durable and easy to install, will consider rear seat covers if available? The stabilizer bracket would not work with my platform rig, but looked of good quality and I will find a use for it. 434034


by: JB06/08/2015

I purchased a few simple things from etrailer. I am impressed by teh selection of parts at etrailer and the prices were good too. The lenses and the hitch stabilizer arrived quickly and were as advertized. The hitch stabilizer looks like it will stop the rattle in my noisy hitch. 201797


by: Bob S.05/20/2015

Very simple to use and will work very well for a couple my hitch applications. I am still trying to find one that will work when the hitch receiver/adapter has no lip on it. The hitch slides in but the stabilizer has nothing to hold onto on the receiver/adapter. 194684


by: Rich B.06/30/2017

I purchased this item to install on a Thule bike due to the extended length. Idea came from reading previous answers to customer questions. Product appears to be well made and cabling is wrapped and should weather well. Great products and great team of experts. 400659


by: Mark N07/02/2016

Unfortunately its too small and the bolts are way too close to the square mount (deceiving from the picture) to do any stabilizing. I tightened and repositioned and it removed very little play. Maybe if the overall length was 2-3 inches longer, it might work. 267415


by: Tim M.04/24/2015

This seems to be a good product, but I had to grind a space on the inside of one side so that it would slide further back on my 4 inch drop, otherwise it wouldn't let me put the hitch in far enough to put the pin through. I got it to work, but be prepared... 187852


by: billy meade11/09/2016

the product doesn't up on the hitch like it suppose to, we're going to cut a piece off the hitch to make it fit better maybe you could contact toyota as the reason for this, but once we get the altercations made i think it would be sturdy. 315185


by: sgmjack06/23/2017

Got it yesterday and installed it right after opening the box. Easy to install and it took out all of the slop in the hitch assembly. This is much better, easier to install than those internal slop removers, hands down... 397863


by: TroyT.05/23/2014

Does not fit my hitch as designed. The safety chain brackets prevent the device from sliding far enough onto the hitch. Plus the bolts fit on the side of the reinforcement collar on my hitch preventing a secure fit. 132098


by: Lawrence K.11/17/2016

I have previously purchased a hitch from e trailer, and was very satisfied with it. I bought these items to add to it , and everything was just what I ordered. shipping was fast and the price was very good. 320201


by: Lenny M07/05/2017

I finally don't have to listen to all that rattle pulling my boat I did have to grind a little off. My Honda pilot hitch has a round bit of a hump and the bolt wouldn't set properly. Over all a great product. 401749


by: Larry R05/22/2017

Good looking, sturdy product but it wouldn't work on my receiver. The lip around the receiver kept the locking screws from seating properly and could not secure my cargo carrier shank. Item being returned 383455


by: John C.07/03/2017

Had to take it to work and have them modify it to work with my Blue Ox hitch. Beefed it up with 1/2" bolts thet did away with the hand tightening. Now when I arrive to my destination everything is tight. 401405


by: Tim j.07/01/2015

Part was excellent service and all the shipping was outstanding but I believe I ordered the small part so we'll see how fast it will be to exchange it for the correct one. So far great service. TJ 208605


by: Leonard Ruiz06/06/2016

I use this product in order to secure a bike rack that was driving me crazy every time I used it. The hitch accessory eliminate the noise and has sit up to multiple 300 mile plus road trips. 258080


by: Sly04/04/2017

This is a good device if you are using it on exactlhy 2" square tubing, but it will not fit over the knurled edge of an extension piece where the extender is 2" but the knurl is ΒΌ thiskce. 362722


by: Laurence W. Lester11/13/2016

Item will not fit around my 2" receiver or the collar in which the receiver is inserted. I didn't attempt to install it, but viewed close dimensions. I wish to return the item. 316284


by: Glenn07/20/2016

Product works to keep the hitch from rattling around and making noise. Depending on your receiver geometry, it may not mount perfectly square, but it still functions. 274158


by: Just1dude10/17/2015

Wow - this is just what the doctor ordered. This product should be a standard for ANY trailer receiver, no more slop and clunking noises - absolutely love it. 230176


by: PAUL R.05/19/2017

It fits well but I have not used it yet. I hope the adjusting screws do not back out. I may put safety wire to be sure I do not loose them during towing 382480


by: Mel09/22/2016

This product exceeded my expectations. This reduced the hitch noise when trailering my waverunner trailer. Easy to apply and works perfect. 297484


by: Ed S.03/09/2017

Works really well tightening up the rattle on the hitch hauler. A little hard to fit over the recessed receiver in my new Honda pilot. 350598


by: Bruce G.06/26/2015

The Brophy Stabilizer Bracket works well and is easy to use. etrailer shipped the product quickly. I would purchase from them again. 207481


by: Andres R,05/17/2017

Great price, fast shipping. Finally getting rid of that annoying rattling noise coming from my hitch while pulling my boat. 381713


by: David J02/02/2017

Delivery was fast, great price. Knowledgeable salespeople Very good experience I will shop again 338030


by: Jim R07/22/2017

Excellent product and timely shipping and notification. Highly recommend ordering from these folks. 411119


by: Crystal S06/08/2017

All items work great. Thanks for your help. Might need your help again. Thanks a million. Griff 390684


by: Skip M11/09/2016

well I got it but I wont be using it for a while but it looks good so guess it will work..... 315113


by: Oliver07/20/2017

This product works well keeping my Cargo Carrier from having so much side to side movement. 408314


by: Clint B.10/11/2017

This is easy to install and works amazingly! There is no rattle or slack left in my unit. 441667


by: Mike F11/02/2016

Haven't had a chance to use it yet , but as always great customer service from etrailer!! 313013


by: Gene W10/12/2017

I added locknuts to keep the thumbscrews from backing off. Otherwise it works great. 441861


by: Rattles loose03/29/2017

Kind of a pain to get setup tighten. Rattled loose after driving so far. 360122


by: Wayne L06/02/2016

Good product.It worked perfectly for my application. I am very satisfied. 255827


by: jim E12/01/2016

All is just what it is supposed to be. Great products at a fair price. 321389


by: David J02/02/2017

Great product It will keep my bicycle rack stable and quiet 338031


by: Arnold Z07/13/2017

I followed directions but it is still loose in receiver. 405059


by: James P.09/25/2014

Great product,better than any others that i look at. 152946


by: John10/27/2017

cured my noisy when empty utility trailer problem. 446653


by: Ryan11/08/2017

This is a great product and delivery was fast. 450036


by: Mark08/05/2016

Good Product. Tighten things up from ji ggling. 280071

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  • Will Brophy Stabilizer Bracket Fit On Hitch With Large Collar?
  • The Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel # RHSB can be used on a hitch that has a collar around the outside of the hitch receiver opening. You can see the in use/installed pictures on the page that have a visual of this type of collar. If you have a larger collar, then I recommend the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - 2" Hitches # BX88224 or an internal system like the Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2" Hitches - 2-5/8" Span # 63232.
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  • Anti Rattle Device Compatible With Ballmount That Has Solid Shank
  • Because the shank is solid, I don't offer an anti-rattle lock that would work. You could use a hitch lock like part # 40107 and an anti-rattle device like part # RHSB. If you're using a Draw-Tite or Hidden Hitch that has the smaller, extra hole in the receiver tube next to the hitch pin hole, (see photo) you could use the # 63201 locking hitch pin that would also keep the shank of the # D210 moving around in the receiver tube.
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  • Will the Draw-Tite QSP Trailer Hitch Silencer and Cover Work on a 2" Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver
  • I do have a hitch cover and anti-rattle sleeve option for you, however, the Draw-Tite QSP Trailer Hitch Silencer and Cover part # 63080 will not fit a 2" Curt trailer hitch receiver as the collar on the outside of the hitch receiver is too large. In order to cover the receiver opening on a 2" Curt trailer hitch receiver like part # 13707 I recommend using the Curt Rubber Tube Cover part # C22272. For anti-rattle purposes I recommend using the Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver...
    view full answer...

  • How Much Play is there Between EZ Heavy Duty Adjustable Hitch with Combo Ball # AM3298 and Receiver
  • The EZ Heavy Duty Adjustable Hitch with Combo Ball # AM3298 is comparable to the other ball mounts that you have mentioned. Any ball mount or shank on an accessory is made with a certain amount of tolerance in the size of the shank. The differences are so small you probably would not be able to tell the difference. Shanks are made smaller than the receiver opening so that it is easy to insert and remove the accessory. The movement can be limited or in some cases eliminated using an anti...
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  • Brophy Stabilizer Bracket Recommendation for the Alumistinger Ball Mount
  • Yes, the Brophy Stabilizer Bracket # RHSB that you referenced should work well with the Alumistinger Ball Mount # AM3503. There should be plenty of clearance between the hitch opening of your hitch and the start of the curves of your Alumistinger ball mount part # AM3503. I attached a review video for the # RHSB for you to check out as well.
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  • Do Weight Distribution Systems Need Anti-Rattle Devices
  • If your Weight Distribution System has been properly set up, there should be no movement of the weight distribution shank in the receiver, as the spring bars should be placing a substantial amount of tension on the shank against the walls of the receiver, thus keeping it firmly in place. The tension applied would be much greater than what a product like the Brophy Anti-Rattle would provide. If you are experiencing the rattle when using the weight distribution head to tow a different trailer...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for 2012 Jeep Cherokee Towing Trailer
  • Sounds like you need an anti-rattle device for your hitch/ball mount setup to reduce the rattle you are describing. I have a solution for your, but the part # RHSB isn't for towing applications. It would be for something like a cargo carrier or bike rack. Instead you would want the Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock # 63232 as it will take out the rattle and works as a hitch lock.
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  • Fit of Rola Dart Cargo Carrier # 59550 for 2012 Toyota 4Runner
  • To determine if the Rola # 59550 Folding Cargo Carrier will work on your 2012 4Runner, you'll need to take a quick measurement as outlined in the FAQ article I've linked for you. Measure from the center of the hitch pin hole rearward until you clear the furthest rearward point of the back bumper. If this distance is less than 7 inches (which it should be), then the carrier will fit perfectly. I haven't received any specific reports about the carrier being unsteady when folded, but...
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  • High-Low Adapter for a Wheelchair Carrier on a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan
  • The rise, part # RM-076 will unfortunately lower your tongue weight too far and you won't be able to carry the wheelchair when installed. You're right in noting that the tongue weight of your hitch will be reduced by 50%, which would render the hitch incapable of holding the carrier and wheelchair. You can get a little creative though with the specific kind of attachment you're getting the rise from. A Curt Multipurpose Ball Mount, part # D210 doesn't have the same reduction in tongue...
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  • Brophy Stabilizer Bracket Compatibility With Roadmaster Dual Hitch Receiver Adapter
  • The Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel # RHSB will fit the Roadmaster Dual Hitch Receiver Adapter, 4" Drop/Rise # RM-077-4. This will work just fine with your Fanpole and your Rhino Step Bar but you cannot tow a trailer with this adapter and it has a tongue weight capacity of 400 lbs. This max capacity may be slightly lower than your hitch tongue weight capacity if you use the adapter for other applications. You will also be limited by your vehicle...
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  • Will Brophy Stabilizer Bracket Work With Trailer Hitch Receiver On 2012 Toyota Tacoma
  • As long as you have 1-inch of room at the end of your trailer hitch receiver opening, the Brophy Stabilizer Bracket, part # RHSB will work great for you. You just slip it over the end of the shank of any accessory you want to use in the hitch and insert the shank in the receiver opening. Install your pin an clip and then tighten the two wing nuts on the # RHSB. This will tighten against the shank of the item in the hitch and prevent the item from wobbling or rattling. I have attached...
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  • Recommended Anti-Rattle Device for Bike Rack on 2009 Mercedes Benz GL with 2 Inch Trailer Hitch
  • I have some options for you, but the Brophy Stabilizer Bracket # RHSB that you referenced required 1 inch of clearance from the face of the hitch receiver to mount. With the chain brackets you have, I agree that this bracket will not fit well on your hitch. The anti-wobble device I recommend for you is the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch for 2 Inch Trailer Hitches # RM-061. The quiet hitch has a simple and effective design that will hold your bike rack stable inside the hitch receiver. Since...
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  • Anti-Rattle Adapter For Utility Trailer On 2012 GMC Acadia
  • The Brophy Stabilizer Bracket, part # RHSB is designed for non-towing accessories to prevent shifting and rattling. I recommend the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer, part # BX88224. This fits 2 inch trailer hitches and with the U-bolt design eliminates the wobble and rattle that is so annoying as you said. I have attached a product review for the # BX88224 you can check out.
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  • Will the Brophy Stabilizer Bracket # RHSB fit the Curt 2 Inch Receiver on my 2013 Toyota Highlander
  • After a trip out to our warehouse to test fit the two, the Brophy Stabilizer Bracket, # RHSB, will fit the Curt 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver, # 13534, for the 2013 Toyota Highlander.
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  • Compatibility of MaxxTow Hitch Cargo Carrier MT70106 with Hitch on 2014 Honda Pilot
  • The weight of the Triad 750 CSX 3-wheel scooter is 91-lbs (77-lbs with the seat and seat post removed) so it is well within the 500-lb weight carrying capacity of the MaxxTow Wheelchair Carrier # MT70106. You will have a substantial safety margin with this combination, which is always a good idea. The scooter's length and width dimensions are also fine. The 2-inch Class III hitch on your 2014 Honda Pilot will work fine with this 2-inch hitch carrier. You can take one quick measurement...
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  • Will The Tow Ready J-Pin Stabilization Pin Part # 63201 Rust?
  • I have a stainless steel locking anti-rattle hitch pin for you but we do not have a Tow Ready J-Pin Stabilization Pin in a stainless steel finish. The Tow Ready J-Pin Stabilization Pin and Barrel Lockset for 2" Trailer Hitches part # 63201 is made of steel with a brushed finish. A brushed steel finish will still provide you with rust protection however, if your main concern is rust prevention, I recommend a stainless steel finish. For this, I suggest the Stainless Steel Locking, Anti-Rattle...
    view full answer...

  • Will Brophy Stabilizer Bracket RHSB Fit a 2016 Jeep Wrangler with Mopar 2 Inch Trailer Hitch
  • You can use the Brophy stabilizer bracket # RHSB with the Mopar trailer hitch on your 2016 Jeep Wrangler as long as there is at least 1 inch of clearance around the hitch receiver. Also, you can position this bracket a couple of different ways so you can have the knobs pointed in different directions depending on how the bracket is oriented.
    view full answer...

  • Additional Hitch Support For Plow Attachment
  • We do not offer a set collar as you requested but may have something that will work for you. The 5/8-inch steel hitch pin has a verry high strength capacity and I don't think you will have an issue with bending it as you mentioned. If you are looking for more support for your hitch I recommend a stabilizer like part # RHSB. You just slide the bracket over the hich and tighten the screws down to add additional support for the hitch mounted accessories.
    view full answer...

  • Compatibility of Brohpy Hitch Accessory Stabilizer Bracket RHSB with Class III Receiver
  • It sure will! Actually, all 2 inch receivers have that lip or reinforcement around the receiver opening. If you look really closely in the video, you can see that the # RHSB slides right up against the face of the receiver tube, but not over it so it'll work just fine for you.
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Accessory/Ball Mount Stabilizer for Trailer Hitch with No Clearance on Receiver Shank
  • I have a solution for you, but the Brophy Stabilizer Bracket # RHSB that you referenced will not work on your hitch. You are correct that the safety chain loop brackets will interfere with the stabilizer. The # RHSB requires 1 inch minimum clearance from the front of the hitch in order to mount. If your ball mount or hitch accessory that you are wanting to stabilize has a hollow shank, an Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2 Hitches # 63232 will work well for you. This anti-rattle...
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