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No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches by Boone Outdoor Hardware

Item # 93347

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boone outdoor hitch accessories fits 1-1/4 inch 2 and accessory anti-rattle towing no-rattle trailer wedge for hitches by hardware
boone outdoor hitch accessories universal fits 1-1/4 inch 2 and 93347
boone outdoor hitch accessories universal fits 1-1/4 inch 2 and
boone outdoor hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 1-1/4 inch 2 and 93347
boone outdoor hitch accessories anti-rattle universal no-rattle trailer wedge for 1-1/4 inch and 2 hitches by hardware
boone outdoor hitch accessories anti-rattle fits 1-1/4 inch 2 and no-rattle trailer wedge for hitches by hardware
boone outdoor hitch accessories universal fits 1-1/4 inch 2 and 93347
boone outdoor hitch accessories anti-rattle universal

In Use/Installed

hitch accessories boone outdoor universal accessory anti-rattle towing in use
hitch accessories boone outdoor universal fits 1-1/4 inch 2 and 93347
hitch accessories boone outdoor anti-rattle fits 1-1/4 inch 2 and no-rattle trailer wedge for hitches by hardware

  • Anti-Rattle
  • Universal
  • Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Fits 1-1/4 and 2 Inch Hitch
  • Accessory Anti-Rattle
  • Towing Anti-Rattle
  • Boone Outdoor
  • Wedge Style
Call 800-298-8924 to order Boone Outdoor hitch accessories part number 93347 or order online at Free expert support on all Boone Outdoor products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches by Boone Outdoor Hardware. Hitch Accessories reviews from real customers.

Boone Outdoor Hitch Accessories - 93347

No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge by Boone Outdoor Hardware

Don't be fooled by its size. This little wonder has a big job. The Hitch Wedge performs double duty by holding your hitch gear tightly and providing extra security for the hitch pin. Hitch racks will stand stone cold solid with the Hitch Wedge. Install it and forget about it.

  • Serves as hitch gear stabilizer
  • Wedges itself between the receiver and hitch gear to take up play and eliminate irritating rattle
  • Holds hitch pin tight
  • Is easier to use and less expensive than other stabilizers
  • Doubles as anti-theft device
  • Carbon steel construction
  • For 1-1/4" x 1-1/4" and 2" x 2" trailer hitches

Note: Will not work with trailer hitch locks that sit flush against the outside of the hitch receiver. Will not work on Ford Edge and 2011 GMC Terrain vehicles with a factory installed 1-1/4" trailer hitch.

93347 2" and 1-1/4" No-Rattle Hitch Wedge by Boone Outdoor Hardware

Economy - This item

No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches by Boone Outdoor Hardware

No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches by Boone Outdoor Hardware
Boone Outdoor Hitch Accessories

157 reviews

Code: 93347

In Stock


Our Price: $5.26

  • Hitch Accessories
  • Anti-Rattle
  • Universal
  • Fits 1-1/4 Inch Hitch
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Fits 1-1/4 and 2 Inch Hitch
  • Wedge Style
  • Accessory Anti-Rattle
  • Towing Anti-Rattle
  • Boone Outdoor
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Video of No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches by Boone Outdoor Hardware

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Boone Outdoor Hitch Accessories 93347 Review

Today we're going to review part number 93347. This is the Boone No Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge that will fit 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch trailer inches. This is a very little part but don't be fooled. It does a very big job. This Hitch Web will perform double duty by holding your ball mount or your shank for your hitch accessory tightly and then providing extra security for the hitch pin. It serves as a hitch gear stabilizer.

Basically this black part right here is a wedge that will wedge itself between the receiver and the shank that's going into your hitch receiver to take up play and eliminate irritating rattle. This part right here, the bolt with the circle on it, that will hold your hitch pin tight. It is very easy to use and less expensive than some of the other stabilizers. It doubles as an anti-theft device. This black part is made of a carbon steel construction. Again, this is designed to fit an inch and a quarter and 2 inch trailer hitches.

Just to give you an idea. I have a sample. This is what the end of your hitch receiver would look like on your vehicle. I have an example of a ball mount here. Again it will work with ball mounts.

It will also work with like a bike rake or cargo carrier so when you put the shank in there and the pin in, you would hook it up the same way. For this demonstration I'm going to use the ball mount. You normally slide this into your hitch receiver. Line the holes up, put your hitch pin through and you put your clip on and you're ready to go. If you notice, there's normally play. As you can see in the ball mount here, and there's play usually you can see in the hitch pin.

Basically what this wedge would do is I'm going to take the clip off just to give you an idea. Once you've installed it this far, you would take this black part and as you can see the short side right here has a double edge to it. That is the part that would go into the play area right here in your hitch receiver between the ball mount and your hitch receiver. Then you would line - you'd loosen this half inch nut all the way out to where you could line this up with your hitch pin just like this. Then slide your hitch pin through. Go ahead and put your clip back on just like that. Then what you would do is go ahead and tighten this half inch nut down. As you tighten that down, that short end with the double edge will actually wedge itself between the shank that's in there and it pulls when it tightens it pulls upon this hitch pin. When it does that, there would be no movement on your ball mount or your shank of your hitch accessory. Then since it's pulling on this hitch pin, there would be no movement on the hitch pin. This little part does a double duty job there - very nice application. That should do it for the review on part number 93347, the Boone No Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-3/4inchand 2 inch trailer hitches. .

Customer Reviews

No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-1/4" and 2" Trailer Hitches by Boone Outdoor Hardware - 93347

Average Customer Rating:  3.6 out of 5 stars   (157 Customer Reviews)

- 93347

by: Tim03/06/2014

The package comes saying that it will work with all 2" adapters and some 1-1/4" adapters. I have a 1-1/4" adapter and the product doesn't do a whole lot. Because the tolerance is so small on the smaller adapter the wedge really doesn't fit into the "crack" between the receiver and square post. I adapted it some by grinding the wedge to a finer point and it will at least point into the crack. It does stop some of the movement when tightened down but not a whole lot. The problem with the design is that the post sticks several inches into the receptacle and you are trying to stop movement way toward the front. It just creates a better pivot point where it lock against the post but it will still move back and forth from the "play" 2 or 3 inches inside. I tried to tighten it down more to make it stop but it just started bending the clamp at a certain point. I would say this will work for you well only if you have a 3/16" inch gap between your post and our receptacle. ...but again...maybe it is just because I have a smaller hitch. It was worth the gamble because there are not a lot of options for the smaller hitches. I will use it to stop some of the play unless I can find a better solution. Good luck. 119650

- 93347

by: ed s.05/16/2014

etrailer is really great to buy from. unfortunately the anti-rattle device only woeked half way. it silenced the rattle( rattle is a mild description of the noise ) in the lateral side-ways movement but not the up an down motion. I've never noticed hitch rattle before with pick up trucks. the Honda Accord has a sonic reverberator right over the hitch assembly. it' called the trunk. i'm screwed. 130989


the anti rattle can,t stop vertical move which causes rattle. if utility trailer is loaded the the weight prevents rattle. my 9ft. pontoon boat weighs only 75 lbs.not enough to stifle rattle if a solution is available i,d like to know

ed s - 05/16/2015


Thanks for the feedback. If you have 2 inch hitch you might consider checking out the # BX88224 Hitch Receiver Immobilizer. This should help with both the vertical and horizontal movement of your drawbar.

-- Rachael H - 5/19/2015

- 93347

by: Doc L04/22/2011

This hitch went on my 03 Ranger even easier than anticipated. Even though the instructions said (and I was prepared to) to drill a hole in the frame using the hole in the hitch bracket as a guide, my Ranger had the hole already in the frame so it was just a matter of bolting it up to the frame after removing the old bolts and J-nuts. On the Ranger there was lots of room to get my hands up to put the bolts in place and tighten the nuts. It took about an hour but that was only because I did not have another set of hands while laying on my back under the truck to help put the hitch in place. It went on much easier than the one I put on my 07 Nissan Murano. On the Murano I had to bend the bracket on the hitch several times to make the holes line up. I was told by customer service that this was typical on 80% of the hitches. 12225

- 93347

by: Tim S04/20/2015

Sorry I have ordered from etrailer before and always been very happy. I would say this product should be clearly labeled as a second choice and only to be used if you have a solid shank attachment. It did practically nothing for my application even modified wedge to fit in better but no help. I called and got the internal hitch with pin and it is infinitely better.I should have called first but the wedge was highly touted on the site and that is my only suggestion....possibly make it clear that the internal pin is so much more effective if you can use it as was explained when I called .. Thanks . the wedge was inexpensive so I did not pay to ship it back...have other great e trailer products! 186554

- 93347

by: joe w.07/12/2014

I bought 2 sets of these for my 2 vehicles. It states that they fit all 2" receivers and most 11/4" receivers. Well on my 2012 ford edge with a 2" receiver, it doesnt even comr close to fitting. On my 2007 jeep grand cherokee with a 1 1/4 " receivers it still doesnt come close to fitting. These are both factory installed hitches. I wonder if you should be so free about statements made about fitting all hitches. Obviousley they dont. The problem is the offset. It is too little, and not enough threads on shank to tighten. I definetly would not recommend this product, unless you want to be like me with 2 useless products now in my possesion. 140998

- 93347

by: Darrell B.07/20/2010

Work very well for highway use I used these on an extension hitch of 41" for my Lance camper overhang. Used 1 on each receiver for lateral movement and chain turnbuckles for vertical movement. This combination along with a 1500 lb. trailer pulls great on the highway. I would not expect the same results if I tore off down a logging road like a bat out of hell. If used with fairly constant hitch weight on fairly even surface and one not two devices (not enough room) to press hitch against the opposite wall of receiver it will surely keep the tail from wagging the dog while going down the highway. 3254

- 93347

by: mwoode03/17/2015

I bought this wedge after watching the video thinking it would solve the rattle with my ball hitch. The video shows the wedge fully inserted between the receiver and the hitch, but after reading the reviews, which were the majority stating that it only goes in a little bit and if you tighten it up too much the wedge would bend. So I decided to buy a clamp style product which I thought would work better. I should have read the reviews before I bought it, because the video is a little deceptive. The hitch seems smaller about a couple of inches out of the receiver. Item was returned. 178993

- 93347

by: Bernie B.05/27/2014

This product is as described, and works just fine. 132428


The product has held up well.

Bernie B - 05/27/2015


- 93347

by: DeltaBill12/29/2016

I found this No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge unusable on my vehicle with my trailer receiver. The wedge of the unit was to wide to fit between my receiver and my hitch. I ground a sharper angle to enable it to fit in the gap better that helped. I only use this now when I have a hitch step installed because it is light weight and rattles a bit. Using this with a trailer or rack etc. is not my solution. I finally broke down and bought the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch from etrailer and I am glad I did. This product cost more but it is well worth the money in my opinion. 328597

- 93347

by: Rey08/22/2016

This is my second purchase from etrailer, and both purchases were handled very quick. As soon as I received a confirmation of payment, I received product status all along. (Processing, delivery, etc). The products were delivered to my door in a reasonable time frame, and the quality of the items are exceptional. Their website has video instructions in how to install pretty much everything. Overall, I am very happy with the company and I will continue buying from them. Very organized, professional and good quality products. Thank you 286548

- 93347

by: Richard11/19/2017

I tried this on a 1-1/4 hitch and it would not fit on the hitch at all. Next, I put it on a 2-inch hitch and it worked partly. It was OK for a ball hitch but failed when put on with a handicap scooter lift. It got mangled and it was impossible to straighten it out on an anvil, After heating it up and straightening it out again, I heated it to red and then oil hardened it. It worked partly for trailers, but is not adequate for hitch attachments that have a lot of twisting load. I ended up getting shims and using them. 453337

- 93347

by: Daniel P07/29/2015

After a bit of struggling on my part to find the right item to fit my vehicle, Pat at eTrailer was extremely helpful. She walked me through the options personally on the phone and helped me select the No Rattle Trailer Hitch. After placing the order, Pat kept in touch with me via email with updates, and since the product was back-ordered, she kept me up to date on the shipping status. I couldn't be happier with that kind of one-on-one personal service! Thanks, Pat and eTrailer! 215187

- 93347

by: Cory06/27/2014

No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-1/4 and 2 Trailer Hitches by Boone Outdoor Hardware . Dont waste your money. Didnt wedge at all just kept popping out. The bolt bent the more you tightened it. Didnt remove any slop out of the hitch.I would not buy again. Tried stacking washers, even grinding down the wedge, product just dosent work. Waste of money in my opinion. I have purchased a lot from etrailer and always had great service, this is just a poorly designed part. 138027

- 93347

by: Patrick02/20/2014

After reading other reviews it's apparent that this accessory either works great or it's useless. I gambled my $8 and lost. It's useless in my application. I'm attempting to stabilize a solid shank Rola cargo carrier to my Torklift 1-1/4" EcoHitch. There's just enough play in the carrier to be annoying but not enough for the wedge to fit into the receiver. I estimate that the wedge won't fit any gap tighter than the thickness of a credit card. 117082

- 93347

by: Biker II12/30/2014

The quality of the device is excellent, however it does not work as fabricated with my 1-1/4" receiver hitch. The dimension from my pin centerline to the face of the receiver is too short, and I am unable to tighten the nut. Product description says that it works with MOST 1-1/4" hitches. It would be nice if the Website identified a minimum dimension that is required for it to work. I will attempt to modify the fabrication to make it function. 167330

- 93347

by: Adam S.04/08/2010

Cheap because they don't work I bought 2 of these for my hitch to keep my hitch ball and bike rack from rattling while going down rough bumpy roads and they didn't help at all. They are hard to adjust and don't fit right, they only are designed to stop side to side rattle and not up and down rattle that the get with a single axle trailer or a bouncing bike rack. I would not recommend these and should of spend more for a better designed product. 2921

- 93347

by: Jay G10/14/2013

This item doesn't work at all for my setup. There isn't enough of a gap for the wedge to fit into, so once I attempt to tighten it, it just slips out. So there is still play in my 1 1/4" hitch to 1 1/4" to 2" adapter. There just isn't enough play for this device to fit into it. I'm sure it would work fine if there was more of a gap to work with. I may attempt to grind the wedge to a knife sharp edge and maybe that will grab. 103701

- 93347

by: PaulG10/22/2016

Maybe this works on some receivers, but not on mine (Mercedes ML350 factory hitch). When you tighten it enough to actually wedge itself in, it's so cockeyed that the flat washers go oval and wedge themselves into the threads, so removal becomes a chore. Also, the only way to un-wedge the thing is with a plastic mallet. It's a good concept, but I think hardware store parts and careless design let it down. At least it was cheap. 309753

- 93347

by: JR06/03/2014

With my 1 7/8" Curt hitch I had to grind the angle to a little more extreme and narrow it just a touch to make it work, but work it did after that. Seems to lock the hitch in nice and firm and should prevent any rattles, which is what it is supposed to do. Would have rated it higher if I didn't have to mess with it, and it could be a bit heftier. All in all its a good product especially considering Etrailer's price point. 133933

- 93347

by: David02/28/2013

Just put it on to give it a try. It was real easy to put on. I wish I had ordered this piece prior to my recent trip. It appears to stop the swaying. We'll see in about 3 weeks when we drive out to San Diego with bikes in tow on the rack how it functions. I do feel a noticeable difference already by the snugness when I tightened it on the connector. I feel good about the potential result. Stay tuned. 68240

- 93347

by: MARY BUMPAS07/01/2016 carries everything you could possibly need for your towing needs. I have shopped with them twice. Both times the product was VERY reasonably priced; it ships FAST; arrives when it is scheduled to arrive. Also, the follow up with you to make sure your order was received and satisfactory. i will definitely be shopping with for my next trailer/towing related purchase. 267021

- 93347

by: 9334708/06/2015

This device helped the vibration some, but did not correct the vertical vibration even though I tightened the nut on the device as much as possible. It did strop the horizontal vibration; thereby, helping some with my problem. I will continue to use it, but will have to "wedge" something between the female and male component of the trailer hitch to prevent vertical movement. 217107

- 93347

by: Harvey H.01/16/2013

Simple design that works well and is not too cumbersome to use... doesn't make it rock solid but makes the rattling go away... I use it for a cargo carrier, receiver mounted winch, and a road feeder... Don't over tighten, the black hardend steel wedge can break...but that was my fault, was trying to make it rock soild, which is not its design. Also slows down theft... 63264

- 93347

by: Alex F06/25/2013

This little doodad is useless. It will only work if you have a 2" hitch with gratuitous amounts of side to side slop and even then, it will still have up and down play. Do yourself a favor and purchase one of those bolt type silencing pins. I know I wasn't expecting much, but seriously I feel foolish for buying a $20 bent I-hook and steel L bracket. 86130

- 93347

by: Mike P.06/20/2016

I have bought this product before & thus bought 2 more so I could have a spare. I have a buggy that has 2 on it due to needing an extension of the receiver hitch. You might think your vehicle's spare or suspension is loose due to a rattle but it's probably your ball mount rattling in your receiver hitch! This device will take care of that easily. 262856

- 93347

by: Mike H.01/19/2017

Excellent product. The hitch, 5" adapter, cargo carrier. Easy to put together, all the parts were there. Very fast delivery. Kudos to Lisa and E. Trailer for above and beyond products and service. I have a small car and it was packed when I went camping alone. Now daughter and I are doing a 3 week trip in June. More stuff. 338209

- 93347

by: Scott, A.08/15/2011

Installed per the picture, and video on site. tighten it down, but still rattled. Did not work with my Curt hitch, also ordered from etrailer. The cluncking is a bit unnerveing with these "wonderful" Chicagoland roads!!! Back to looking for the one that fits over the shank of the drawn accessory, for the 1 1/4" shank. 21952

- 93347

by: Dale H09/10/2014

It seems like a good idea at a reasonable price, but it will only work if you have a lot of play in your receiver hitch. If your hitch doesn't have at least a 3/16th inch gap between the ball mount shaft and the receiver, spend a few dollars more and buy the Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver (63232), which works well. 150587

- 93347

by: Rodney H.10/27/2013

Item looks like it'd work great, but the wedge is too thick to even fit into the gap between my hitch and receiver. So I couldn't even use it. Ended up buying a square U-bolt from a local hardware store, similar to the ones you'll see on this site for larger receivers. That took care of the excessive rattling for me. 105346

- 93347

by: Gary07/07/2011

This wedge was not effective in fitting between trailer hitch opening and my 1.25 inch bar. The wedge tip was too thick thus not fitting tight. In addition, tightening of the bolt to try to get it to insert more effectively resulted in the screw threads to wear and slip. I would return but not worth shipping costs. 18842

- 93347

by: Jeremiah D.06/24/2011

This hitch accessory worked on my 1 1/4" hitch, it reduced greatly but did not stop rattle. I added a lock washer to reduce chance of loosening. It was easy to install but very difficult to remove, having wedged into the hitch (as designed). Service from etrailer was excellent! Item arrived sooner than promised. 17853

- 93347

by: Robin06/04/2014

Good concept, but it did not fit my 1 1/4 inch hitch, it could have if it had three or four more screw threads. It said on the package that it fits "most 1 1/4 hitches". If only if had those last screw threads, but I think I can find an eye hook that has the right amount of screw threads I can make it work. 134305

- 93347

by: John H.10/03/2013

I found this to be next to useless. It may reduce the side-to-side movement of the cargo carrier, but not so I could notice. I tightened it enough to bend it, but still no noticeable reduction in the movement. The up and down movement of the carrier was totally unaffected by this 'wedge'. 102468

- 93347

by: MikeH01/21/2017

Used this item to help transport my wife's 2014 Explorer on a tow dolly. Transported from Central Missouri to Oregon and back. Was very stable, stayed tight, and best of all kept the hitch from rattling. Plan to use this thing a lot because it works so well. Highly recommend this item. 334209

- 93347

by: Dale09/02/2014

Good concept, but you need a receiver that is poorly made before it will work. The gap in my receiver wasn't wide enough for the device to work, even after grinding the edge down. Do not buy this device, unless you can see at least 1/8th inch gap in the receiver. 149727

- 93347

by: Leon03/18/2013

I'm terribly disappointed in this product. I hoped it would work. However, it has good intentions on paper, but in function, needs a lot of refinement. The more I tightened it, the more the wedge cocked to an angle. It doesn't pull tension straight back. 71360

- 93347

by: Marco05/12/2017

Pretty average piece. It bent and I still had to pad the hitch to keep it from moving around. Didn't really wedge right into the side of the hitch either. Got the job done the one time I used it but I wouldn't recommend for someone who tows regularly. 379635

- 93347

by: Tammy05/31/2016

Didn't work. Only stops movement from side to side, not up and down which is what I was really looking for. Doesn't really wedge into the hitch at all. Piece is bending just with hand tightening. I am not that strong and a female. 254416

- 93347

by: Mike H.08/13/2016

The no rattle hitch wedge I purchased was delivered quickly and placing on the hitch was a snap. My trailer hitch rattled a great deal before I installed the wedge. No rattle now which is such a relief. Great product. 283511

- 93347

by: Erwin 1609/05/2017

The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch RM-061 worked just as advertised. It eliminated the play in the hitch, which eliminated the noise and improved the overall control of the trailer. Excellent product! I highly recommend it. 429085

- 93347

by: John H02/17/2017

Received the product quickly and proceeded to install it in five minutes. Works like a charm with absolutely no noise. More than satisfied. Will order couple more as all my vehicles have trailer hitches. Thank you. 342897

- 93347

by: Erwin P.04/13/2015

Very pleased with the product. Easy to install. Kept bike rack tight and secure. Product was delivered just on time for our trip to Yosemite and Fresno. I would highly recommend buying products at 184932

- 93347

by: Don P.04/08/2012

Instructions are on the skimpy side, but any slightly mechanically inclined (i.e., can change your own oil) should figure it out. Bracket it is easy to bend and care must be taken not to overtorque the nut. 36543

- 93347

by: Richard Barr03/14/2017

For such a small inexpensive looking piece this item works like a giant! Once installed it virtually eliminated all rattle from my trailer hitch! I am very pleased with this item and highly recommend it! 352545

- 93347

by: Roy S.04/23/2017

I have used the product for a year and it works great. No rattle in hitch, excellent product. I use a adapter to add a spare tire carrier to my cargo carrier and the hitch wedge keeps everything tight. 371239

- 93347

by: Doug D05/07/2016

After installation my draw bar tended to still move up and down and rattle some. Although it does install faster, it's not as good as Roadmaster Quiet Hitch RM-061 that eliminated all my rattle. 248966

- 93347

by: Reed S.07/19/2016

Does't work, cheaply made. Avoid it. Go for the more expensive version. This did not work with the 2 inch receiver hitch on my van. It might work passably on a smaller hitch using light loads. 273683

- 93347

by: James03/22/2013

Product would not work with my 11/4 hitch and receiver. Should have listened to other reviews of this item. Could not get it to wedge between receiver and hitch. Inexpensive so not much lost. 71830

- 93347

by: Michael B.07/31/2011

I purchased the - 6500 20x48 cargo carrier for a 1 1/4 inch hitch. It was just what I was looking for. It is easy to use and is very quiet. I would recommend my carrier with five stars. 20629

- 93347

by: RonP10/14/2016

Very disappointed. The wedge doesn't go far enough in, on the side of my 2" bar. I tightened it, tightly. There was quite a bit of up and down motion. There many One Star reviews. 307195

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  • Using an anti-rattle hitch and cable lock will add an element of security for the bike and racks but is not going to offer any additional support to reduce movement of the rack. I do have a couple of options for you though. First, you can find some additional support from the use of a stabilization strap such as # 18050. I have linked a video that shows how this strap works. Another option would be an additional anti-rattle device such as # RM-061 for a 2 inch hitch or # 93347 for...
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  • Options on How to Fix a Loose 2 Inch Ball Mount
  • I have a couple different options on ways to fix a loose ball mount. The Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin, # SHP2061, dramatically reduces any movement or vibration between your hitch and hollow shank ball mount. The No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge, # 93347, wedges itself between the receiver and ball mount to take up play and eliminate rattle. The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, # RM-061, helps eliminate rattle and sway within your hitch receiver.
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  • Why Can't the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch Anti-Rattle Device be Used When Towing a Trailer
  • Flat towing is the term used when a vehicle is towed with all 4 wheels on the ground behind another vehicle, typically a motor home. It is also knows as dinghy towing or towing 4 down. The Quiet Hitch # RM-061 is not rated for or tested for anything other than flat towing. So you would not use it when towing a trailer or using a hitch mounted accessory where there would be higher tongue weights. Flat towing a vehicle will all 4 wheels on the ground has very minimal tongue weight because...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Chucking, Jerking, and Tugging on Light Utility Trailer Carrying Two ATVs
  • I believe that I can help you with the tugging you are experiencing. First, consult your vehicles owners manual for the towing capacities and recommendations, and to make sure you are not exceeding those capacities. Next, there is a formula you can use to determine the best place for your axles. If your tongue weight is less than 10 percent of the gross trailer weight you will first determine what 10 percent of the tongue weight is. 180 pounds is what you will need. Subtract the actual...
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  • Eliminating Wobble and Movement in a Yakima Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack
  • You can use an anti-rattle device such as # SHP2082 as long as the shank on the bike rack is hollow. If it is not hollow then use anti-rattle device # 93347. I have included a link to a video review of device # 93347 for you. It is also possible that inside the shank of your Yakima bike rack there is a weld nut that accepts a threaded hitch pin. To determine which pin will fit I would need to know the model of the bike rack.
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  • Can a 1-1/4 Inch Bike Rack be Used in a 2 Inch Trailer Hitch Receiver
  • You can still use your 1-1/4 inch bike rack with a 2 inch trailer hitch receiver. The first thing I would check is to see if there is an adapter sleeve or alternate shank that is designed specifically for your bike rack in order to use it in a 2 inch hitch. This would be the most ideal way to adapt the bike rack to fit the new hitch. If a specific adapter is not available, you can use a reducer sleeve to convert the 2 inch hitch to a 1-1/4 inch for times when you want to use the bike...
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  • Anti-rattle Device Recommendations for the Trailer Hitch Adapter # 80303
  • On the Hitch Adapter, # 80303, the end that fits into the trailer hitch requires a 1/2 inch hitch pin and the receiver side needs a 5/8 hitch pin like you have said. Provided that the bike rack shank is hollow, you may be able to use Anti-Rattle Device and Lock, # S64030. For the end of the adapter that fits into the trailer hitch, I recommend # 93347. Another issue that you may not be aware of is that the use of an adapter reduces the tongue weight capacity of a trailer hitch by...
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  • Cargo Carrier with Lateral Stability in Hitch for Offroad Use
  • Lateral stability in a cargo carrier is mostly achieved by proper loading. The load carried should be positioned with the heaviest items to the center, then keep the weight as close to even as possible as you work out to the ends of the carrier. There are 2 ways to increase the stability of your carrier when used. The first is a anti rattle device (see link) that will help stabilize the carriers shank when in use. I would recommend the No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge for 1-1/4 inch and...
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  • Can Movement of Bikes and Bike Carrier be Eliminated on Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Carriers
  • On any trailer hitch mounted bike carrier, especially platform style carriers such as # PS63134 there is going to be some movement of the carrier in the hitch receiver. Its just physics at work! There are things you can do to keep movement to a minimum. Some bike carriers will have a threaded hitch pin that pulls the shank of the carrier tight to the inside of the receiver. These will eliminate some movement but not all. So the solution is to use a secondary anti-rattle device. If you...
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  • Installation of Boone Anti-Rattle Hitch Wedge # 93347
  • I went out to the warehouse and pulled one of the Boone Outdoor Hardware hitch stabilizers off of the shelf. The paper card included with the stabilizer did not provide any instructions, just a photo of the installed stabilizer. If you look at the photo I have edited for you, you should get a good idea of how the wedge fits. I have also filmed a short video for you showing how the Boone Stabilizer is used.
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  • How does the CURT Anti-Rattle Kit for 1-1/4 Inch Trailer Hitches Work
  • The Trailer Hitch Anti-Rattle Kit, # F-315, is designed for use on 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch accessories that have a hollow shank. The block with nut is placed inside the shank and the nut is aligned with the hitch pin hole. When the threaded hitch pin is then tightened down the shank is drawn to the side of the hitch reducing movement and vibration. If the shank on your 1-1/4 inch bike rack is not hollow, many are not, this anti-rattle device will not work. The No-Rattle Trailer Hitch...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for a 1-1/4 inch Hitch
  • I do have an anti-rattle device that will work on a 1-1/4 inch hitch, but the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch # RM-061 that you referenced is designed to only work on 2 inch hitches and would not work for you. Check out the No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge # 93347. This product will work on your 1-1/4 inch hitch and also doubles as a theft-deterrent.
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  • Anti-Rattle Compatibility with an Allen 532RR Bike Rack
  • I am sorry, but we do not offer Allen brand bike racks, so we do not have an anti-wobble hitch pin designed specifically for this rack. We do, however, offer some anti-rattle options that may work for your needs, depending on how the pin hole and the shank on the bike rack are configured. If the pin hole on your bike rack is not threaded, and the shank on the rack itself is hollow, you could use a basic anti-rattle device such as part # SR25219 if you have a 2 inch trailer hitch. If...
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  • Best Anti-Rattle Locking Hitch Pin for a Trailer Hitch Adapter with 1-1/4 Inch Shank
  • The 1-1/4 inch shank on the MaxxTow adapter # MT70355 is solid, see picture, so you will not be able to use anti-rattle hitch lock # 63147. But I do have a solution that you might like. You could use locking hitch pin # 5200 with anti-rattle device # 93347. It may not be the prettiest set up but it will give you a lock and anti-rattle.
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  • Locking Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin for Use with a 1-1/4 Inch Hitch and 1-1/4 to 2 Inch Adapter
  • The first thing you will want to look at is the shank of the adapter. If it is hollow then you can use locking hitch pin # SHP2082 or # 63147. But if the shank is not hollow then you will need to use a regular anti-rattle device like # 93347 and lock # 5200. I must warn you that the use of an adapter reduces the tongue weight capacity of the trailer hitch by 50 percent. So if the combined weight of the bike rack and bikes is more than half the tongue weight capacity of the hitch you...
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  • Drilling a Hole in a Receiver to Accept a J-Pin Anti-Rattle Device
  • Drilling a hole in your hitch will void the manufacturers warranty. That being said you can purchase other styles of anti-rattle devices that will work very well and you will not have to modify the hitch to install them. I would recommend the SoftRide anti-rattle hitch lock, part # SR25219, this lock has a nut that installs inside the hollow draw bar or shank of the hitch accessory and then, when the hitch pin lock is threaded into the hitch, the ball mount or shank is wedged to the side...
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  • What Anti-Rattle Device Would Work On A Class III 2 inch Hidden Hitch
  • If the rattling is coming from between the hitch and the drawbar you can use something as simple as a wedge type anti-rattle device. The No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge, # 93347, works well for this application. The Roadmaster Quiet Hitch, # RM-061, should not be used when towing because it was not designed to handle the tongue weight of a trailer. I am including video links that will review both of the above mentioned anti-rattle devices.
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  • Does the Rola Railed Cargo Carrier, # 59507 Have a Solid Shank and What Anti-Rattle Device Will Fit
  • I spoke with my contact at Rola and he stated that the Railed Cargo Carrier, # 59507, has a solid shank. You can still use an anti-rattle device with a solid shank accessory. I recommend the No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge, # 93347. I have included a video review of this anti-rattle device below.
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  • Recommended Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin for Solid Drawbar
  • Even though the Draw Tite Class II drawbar, # 36051, has a solid shank you can still use an anti-rattle device with a solid shank accessory. I recommend the No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge, # 93347. I have included a video review of this anti-rattle device below.
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  • Options on How to Fix Loose Ball Mount
  • I have just the thing to fix a loose ball mount or drawbar. The Anti-Rattle Hitch Pin, # SHP2061, dramatically reduces any movement or vibration between your hitch and hollow shank ball mount. The No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge, # 93347, wedges itself between the receiver and ball mount to take up play and eliminate rattle.
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  • Anti-Rattle Device for Rola Cargo Carrier On a 2012 Chrysler Town and Country with Class III Hitch
  • The anti-tilt bracket # ANTI-TILT-REV would be a tight fit based on the pictures you have included of your 2012 Chrysler Town and Country. A better option would be anti-rattle device # 93347 if your Rola cargo carrier uses a threaded hitch pin. Or # SHP2082 if it does not require a locking hitch pin.
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  • Recommended Anti-Rattle Devices for Towing a Boat Trailer
  • There are several anti-rattle devices that would be good to use when towing a boat trailer. The construction of your ball mount will determine the best choice for your application. If your ball mount is hollow, and you have a 2 inch receiver hitch, then I would recommend the Softride Anti-Rattle Device and Lock for 2 inch Trailer Hitches, item # SR25219. This anti rattle device also includes a lock to secure the ball mount to the vehicle. If your ball mount is solid, and you have...
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  • Rola Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier Assembly and Anti-Rattle/Hitch Lock Recommendations
  • There are actually 4 bolts that hold each side of the carrier together and 4 bolts that attach the bottom support bracket. But, yes, there are 2 bolts that hold the carrier assembly to the shank. The bolts used are 3/8 inch diameter, 3 inch long carriage bolts so they are by no means too small for the 300 pound capacity of the carrier. The weight of the carrier does not subtract from its capacity, but does count against the tongue weight capacity of the trailer hitch on the vehicle....
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  • Anti Rattle Device Recommendation for Class I Hitch without Raised Lip Around Edge
  • According to our contacts at Draw Tite the Pro Series # 63090 Anti-Rattle device will work on hitches with and without the lip.
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  • Recommended No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge For Bike Rack On 1-1/4 And 2 Inch Hitches
  • The Brophy Stabilizer Clamp and U-Bolt, part # RSCP you referenced is designed to work with 2 inch receivers and would not have enough thread to use on a 1-1/4 inch receiver, but we may have a solution for you. If the no-wobble bolt for your bike rack protrudes outside the receiver enough as indicated by the red arrow in the attached photo, you may be able to use the Boone No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge, part # 93347. You can see how the No-Rattle wedge is used in the attached video....
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  • Anti-Rattle Device for a Yakima HoldUp 1-1/4 Inch Trailer hitch Mounted Bike Rack
  • In order to use an anti-rattle device like # F-315 the shank of the accessory has to be hallow. Most 1-1/4 inch shanks are solid. Also, the 1-1/4 inch Yakima HoldUp uses a threaded pin, # Y8880129, which acts as an anti-rattle device. There is a weldnut inside the shank of the bike rack and when the bolt is threaded through and tightened it pulls the shank tight to the side of the receiver. If additional anti-rattle protection is needed you can use # 93347. When tightened this device...
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  • Side to Side Movement of Swagman XTC-2 Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Rack While Driving
  • What you are experiencing is normal. The shank of the bike rack is a little smaller than the receiver opening so it will fit inside. While the hitch bolt will take up some of the play, even a little bit of movement at the hitch will equal out to more movement the further from the receiver an object is, especially when under load. What you can do is add an additional anti-rattle device, # 93347, to take up even more of the play in the receiver and that may get you to a more desirable...
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  • Does the Rola NV2 Trailer Hitch Mounted 2 Bike Rack Come with an Anti-Rattle Device
  • The Rola NV2 bike rack, # 59508, comes with hitch pins for the 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch shank ends on the bike rack but does not have an anti-rattle threaded bolt. If you are using the 2 inch end, you can use the anti-rattle and hitch lock # SR25219. If you are using the 1-1/4 inch end, since it is solid, you can use # 93347. I have included a link to a video review of the bike rack for you and a link to a video on the anti-rattle hitch lock.
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  • Anti-rattle Devices for Use With 1-1/4-Inch to 2-Inch Hitch Adapter on Curt Hitch # C11681
  • Thank you for your recent purchase from All of the hitches offered for your 2014 Honda Accord, including the Curt # C11681 you chose, are light-duty Class I types that have a maximum bike carrying capacity of 2 bikes - even if the carrier itself can hold 3. You might care to refer to the linked article on hitch classes. A further complication in your situation is that use of a hitch adapter - any adapter or extender - will have the unavoidable side-effect of reducing the...
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  • Curt Spare Tire Carrier Rattles and Jumps with 1-1/4 Inch to 2 Inch Adapter
  • I assume you are referring the Curt Spare Tire Carrier, part # C31006 and one of the Class I hitches you purchased from us. Both of those hitches have a 200 pound tongue weight capacity. However, if you are using the HTAD adapter, the tongue weight capacity is reduced by 50 percent to 100 pounds. Now, the carrier weighs 16 pounds and you said your tire and rim weigh a combined 71 pounds. That gives you a total tongue weight load of 87 pounds, still under your 100 pound limit. What you...
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