Tighten up your connection. This hitch receiver immobilizer keeps your tow bar, drop receiver, bike rack and other hitch-mounted accessories from rattling and shifting while you're on the road. Call 800-298-8924 to order Blue Ox hitch accessories part number BX88224 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Blue Ox products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - 2" Hitches. Hitch Accessories reviews from real customers.
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Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - 2" Hitches

Item # BX88224

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Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory

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Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory
Blue Ox Hitch Accessory


  • Anti-Rattle
  • Universal
  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • Accessory Anti-Rattle
  • Towing Anti-Rattle
  • Blue Ox
  • Sleeve Style

Blue Ox Hitch Accessories - BX88224

Tighten up your connection. This hitch receiver immobilizer keeps your tow bar, drop receiver, bike rack and other hitch-mounted accessories from rattling and shifting while you're on the road.


  • Keeps hitch-mounted accessories stable and secure
    • Helps to eliminate rattle and sway within your hitch receiver
    • Stiffens and reinforces receiver
  • Mounts quickly and easily
  • Includes bracket, U-bolts and nuts
  • Fits 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Made in USA
  • 1-Year warranty

Note: This will not work with BX88235 or BX88241 high-low adapters.

BX88224 Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer

BX88224 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details BX88224 Installation instructions

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Video of Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - 2" Hitches

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Blue Ox Hitch Accessories BX88224 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number BX88224. This is the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II. This is going to keep your hitch inaudible 00:00:10 accessories stable and secure. It's also going to help eliminate rattle and sway within your hitch receiver. It simply just stiffens and reinforces the receiver. It's a really quick system to mount. It's going to include the bracket, U-bolts and the nuts and this is designed to fit a 2 inch x 2 inch trailer hitch receiver. I'll go ahead and show you how it installs.

Weve got our ball mount inside of our hitch. What we need to do is place the immobilizer here on our mount. Then we need to take our first U-bolt and it's going to go from the top down through the holes and we can go ahead and install our nuts just to hold it securely in place. Well get those loosely on there. Then we'll take our other U-bolt, place it on from the side and that's going to come through the holes on this side of the bracket. We can simply take our nuts and thread those on.

You can see that with it loosely installed, we still have a lot of play inside of our hitch. If we take a 9/16-inch socket and just tighten those up, that's really going to help take out any rattle or wobble that we may have inside of our hitch. With all those tight, we'll give it another shake. You can see that it's nice and secure. There's no wobble or rattle inside of our hitch. That's going to do it for today's review of part number BX88224. This is the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II.


Customer Reviews

Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - 2" Hitches - BX88224

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (105 Customer Reviews)

Tighten up your connection. This hitch receiver immobilizer keeps your tow bar, drop receiver, bike rack and other hitch-mounted accessories from rattling and shifting while you're on the road.
- BX88224

by: JC08/18/2016

This product did a really good job of stabilizing my motorcycle carrier , and keep it from rocking. I had used another product before this , but it did not work nearly as good as this one. This one holds the receiver solidly to the hitch ,and is good quality. 285234

- BX88224

by: John B09/15/2016

The device really works and increases handling safety. Hitch slop was allowing my flat tow to move 1 inch either way sideways whenever it pleased (hit a bump or whatever), this set up a series of necessary steering corrections, while the two vehicles moved back and forth influencing each other. The process was quite frightening actually! I reached out to blue Ox for help and they suggested The Immobilizer might help . The tech support agent said I had to immobilize both the receiver and the 10 inch drop receiver I had. so I bought and installed two. I tightened up both and removed all play with dramatic results. I blame the Largest rv dealer in Florida for installing the hitch the way they did. They chose the components and charged me $2500. They obviously should know 2 inches of total slop at the hitch point was a total disaster! Even I know that now! I was a novice then. I know better now. I can't fault Blue Ox This product should be used more. John K. Boone Florida 294861

- BX88224

by: Gary G07/03/2014

Excellent and timely service and delivery, as I have come to expect from etrailer.com They deliver and are helpful if I have any questions. Highly recommended! 139002


The Blue Ox performed beautifully, never let us down. It will remain our choice of hitches for towing anytime, anywhere. Sometimes I wish it were more automatic in hooking and unhooking. Maybe your engineers could work on that! We had a very large and heavy Class A motor home Newell and towed a 7,000 lb crew cab pick up truck. Worked flawlessly. Thanks.

Gary G - 07/07/2015

- BX88224

by: Lou C.02/09/2017

The Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II was delivered on the scheduled date. Within minutes, I had installed the device on the hitch of my pickup truck. Installation was a piece of cake, and the Immobilizer works exactly as advertised. There is no more rattle or movement associated with my hitch. PS -- I'm glad I took the time to read the Q&As associated with anti-rattle devices before placing my order. Several of the devices that I had looked at on the web site were not to be used for towing, and the Q&As provided the relevant explanation. The Blue Ox device was recommended for towing, which is why I purchased it. I expect it to be in use for the life of my truck. Very pleased! 340277

- BX88224

by: joe t04/14/2015

Attached imobilizer to hitch and it took out all play both upward and sideways travel. Fast shipping and service from etrailer as always! 185177


In my opinion its the only one that works. Great product

joe t - 04/13/2016

- BX88224

by: Greg K.06/27/2017

I require an 18" rear ball hitch extender to pull our Lund boat behind our Tundra pickup with a Four Wheel pop camper in it's bed so there is enough clearance between the camper door and the bow of the boat when on the trailer. Consequently any bump or highway expansion joint is magnified at the ball hitch because all hitches are loose so they go on and come off easy and it makes me very uneasy to see the boat jump up and down when looking in the rear view mirror. The Blue Ox Immobilizer II hitch accessory allows me to tighten the ball hitch extender much tighter to the truck hitch to keep the boat from excessive jumping at the hitch and much safer driving. Great product! 399683

- BX88224

by: Kenrod02/23/2017

I haven't used this item yet but I can't see it not working under normal use. I didn't give it 5 stars because of the included nuts not being a nylock type. The ones included have the built in washer that has serrations on it to provide the locking action. I have used this type of nut before and have had them come loose. The instructions do advise to check them after so many miles but if it comes loose it could have done fell off. I will check the nylocks I get to put on it in the same manner. But if there is some looseness to take out I am more confident the nut will still be there to tighten. And I will pack a few spares. Can never be too prepared out on the road! 344784

- BX88224

by: Ron M03/06/2015

Usual excellent Blue Ox product. Very fast shipping. 177256


Still working as expected. Easy on, easy off for removing hitch.

Ron M - 03/05/2016

- BX88224

by: Ryan G01/07/2017

Like others have said, this works great. Super easy to put on the hitch and tightened up the slop in my hitch extender. Not the cheapest hitch immobilizer but I didn't want to waste money on one that wouldn't work and then end up ordering this one. As always, etrailer shipped it right away and it arrived a day early. This is a good product, I doubt you will be disappointed if you order it. 330830

- BX88224

by: Larry G.07/17/2016

It is the only hitch immobilizer I have purchased that does the job. I have used J-hooks, they are better than nothing, but having only one small point of contact on the side did not stop the hitch from vertical movement when the trailer was attached. I don't see how little thumb screws on the other brands would work better. Having (2) U bolds for each plain (horizontal and vertical), keeps the ball mount from moving. The only thing I would change is have harder U-bolts so I could tighten them harder (without damaging the bolt) when towing heavy loads on single axel trailers. 272940

- BX88224

by: Wayne05/26/2016

I use this with a Hidden Hitch Trailer Hitch Receiver - Custom Fit - Class III and it works great - it completely eliminates any 'wiggle' between the hitch and the ball mount. I had to grind away a bit of the immobilizer because it was interfering with the ball mount - no biggie. The attached photo shows where I removed a bit of the bracket. 251712

- BX88224

by: Sonny R.10/30/2015

I ordered a Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer from etrailer.com to reduce the sway of my bike rack. When the package arrived, I immediately noticed that the box had been tampered with and the u-bolts and instructions were missing. I called etrailer.com and they sent a new one to me right away. I am extremely satisfied with this product but even more grateful for the exceptional customer service that I received from this purchase. Thank you very much. I will recommend to everyone. Jacksonville, FL 231100

- BX88224

by: Ian V08/27/2016

All components very well made and solid, with good finish. Delivery packaging offered good protection. Installation instructions clear. Service from etrailer.com was excellent - questions answered fully and promptly before order placed, price promise to match other supplier prices honored, order out for delivery within 24 hours with tracking information, and e-mail sent immediately after products delivered with supplier product info and instruction PDFs all gathered together in one place. 289870

- BX88224

by: Towing Heavy06/07/2016

This product was delivered with no problems at the best price on the net. It assembles very easy and works well. Only gave it 4 stars because if you don't use blue locktite the nuts will loosen bery quickly. I'm pulling a 7k lb Jayco Whitehawk on a 2016 F-150. It helps with slop that is in the hitch. I'm not sure if the wedge system would of worked better cause it still moves a little but it's much better than going without it. Great product would recommend. 258695

- BX88224

by: Leon N.08/26/2011

Hitch Immobilizer on my bike rack. Works great. 22875

- BX88224

by: Robert W04/24/2016

Definitely a must have item. I was amazed at the way this simple little item worked to eliminate the play and the rattle from my hitch. This was not my first choice, but luckily they were out of stock on one of the cheaper items and I am SO glad I upgraded to this one. Customer service was extremely helpful when I called and my items shipped that day. Thanks etrailer and I will certainly be placing orders in the future with you folks. 246767

- BX88224

by: Anthony P.07/09/2015

Product: Easy to install and once tightened, this thing is rock solid. It may be overkill for my hitch carrier, but this thing won’t budge and that was my main concern. I am very satisfied with this product to this point. Service: Wow! I received it surprisingly fast given the holiday weekend. The Videos made my research and decision to purchase easy. 210487

- BX88224

by: Tony G11/10/2014

Bolted the device on and it took up all the free play between the receiver and the ball mount. I towed my bass boat the next day and it seems to feel a bit more connected. For the price they should include flat and lock washers or nylock nuts. Overall, I'm happy with the product for peace of mind if nothing else and it might be an extra theft deterrent too. 160238

- BX88224

by: Danni07/15/2016

Overall, I really like this setup, and for "regular" hitches, it definitely worked as designed. When I used this with a 14K weight distribution system, and it lasted for 5,000 miles before the U-Bolts sheared apart. The forces involved in that setup are a bit more than the U-Bolts are designed to keep in place, especially over rough roads. 272266

- BX88224

by: Ross09/05/2016

After building a hitch mount to accommodate 2 flag poles for my motor home, I found the excessive hitch play to make a lot of noise and not keep the mount level. After installing the anti-rattler, found the mount to stay perfectly level and no more noises. With it tightening from 2 sides makes it good to customize and level. Works perfect. 291505

- BX88224

by: Art_S05/04/2017

While looks are only skin deep :) this looks great, and the fit is excellent. I purchased a 2017 F150 and needed to buy a new ball mount, so I got this one instead of the 2 old units I had. The adaptability is a PLUS, and I will use it with the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - BX88224. I would suggest this combination to anyone 376556

- BX88224

by: Carl V.07/08/2017

I went ahead and ordered a pair of these for my tow bar setup (tow bar + high-low adapter) because I knew that it would have the typical play. This got rid of all of the clunky freeplay that I could impart by hand. Just make sure to check the nuts for tightness daily if you tow a lot because they will eventually loosen. 402886

- BX88224

by: Guy S.09/19/2016

I bought two (0ne for the coach receiver and one for the 6" drop) and they work great. They eliminate any movement in the hitch connections. However, they do need to be tightened every thousand or so miles and one of tabs on one of my brackets broke off. Other than that they do what they are suppose to do. 296562

- BX88224

by: Dennis12/22/2014

Will probably do what it is supposed to do. Fit was good holding a Demco Excaliber tow bar onto a Damon motor home. The bar fit much tighter on my previous Thor motor home but was kind of loose on my 2006 Damon Astoria. The bracket fit perfectly and tightend everthing up. Took about 15 minutes to install. 166463

- BX88224

by: Jim05/06/2016

I have used other brands including other designs by Blue Ox and this is the best. Very very positive in its clamping design with 2 u-bolts one for up and down and another for left and right. Has a step down from hitch to the tow bar receiver. Thank you etrailer for the best price! 248851

- BX88224

by: Larry05/28/2017

I have purchased several of these to put in different tow vehicles. They securely hold the ball mount from moving. The only change I would make is to use harder steel so I could tighten the nuts more for the heavy loads that tend to bounce. Still the best I have used. 386042

- BX88224

by: Ben H08/10/2015

Very pleased with this item. It was easy to install and the video was excellent. Have not used the RV since I installed it but I can see there is no movement. Highly recommend this and the product came very quickly. Item BX88224 Blue Ox Immobilizer 218282

- BX88224

by: Gary D07/08/2015

The receiver for our bike rack on our motor home was not very tight, even with a locking pin. This did the trick. Made it solid as a rock. Have ordered from e-trailer many times and have never been disappointed, either with the products or the shipping. 210267

- BX88224

by: Roger H05/28/2017

Easy to install. It did not prevent all the rattle from my hitch. Perhaps because my travel trailer has an 1,100 lb tongue weight. I have been afraid to tighten the nuts too much for fear of snapping them off. It might work well for less tongue weight. 385934

- BX88224

by: Douglas02/22/2017

This was not up to the task for our rig. Our trailer is rated at 7200# empty, and with only water and propane tanks ful, this product actually cracked after about 250 miles. We purchased a replacement product which has lasted well over 11,000 miles. 344436

- BX88224

by: bonron04/15/2015

The device worked as designed, no more slop in the receiver. I would suggest once you install it,, after several hours of use, check the lock nuts and re-tighten as necessary and after a day or two, re-tighten again. Don't forget the loc-tight!! 185406

- BX88224

by: Scott T.02/15/2012

This fixture immediately took the "slop" out of my equalizer hitch. I'm going to give it the ultimate test tomorrow, towing my toyhauler over the mountains. I's easy to install and absolutely tightens the hitch in the receiver. 31900

- BX88224

by: Brian S07/01/2016

The first U-bracket broke when I tried to tighten it to keep the hitch from moving. It does not completely keep the hitch from moving some but does help. Not completely satisfied with the performance of the product. 267331

- BX88224

by: GB Maryland08/15/2011

This product does the job, however it is a bit pricy. I would expect for something this cost that it would have stainless steel. Overall I would probably look for something that is more reasonable in price. 21941

- BX88224

by: John W09/28/2016

Great product. Simple and easy to use and really eliminates hitch rattle. I was surprised at how well it worked. As a precautionary measure I used blue Loctite to secure the nuts on the U-bolts. 301063

- BX88224

by: Doug B08/19/2016

Best service I have had from an RV supply. Requested standard shipping and was upgraded to priority. etrailer goes out of their way to serve their customers. Thanks for excellent service. 285566

- BX88224

by: Eric W.12/30/2015

Excellent transaction, fast delivery and very friendly, knowledgeable people. Product is better than I expected. Very durable construction and finish, well done. Will continue to buy again. 234508

- BX88224

by: Alan B.03/17/2017

I had previously bought another brand that did not work at all. The blue ox unit fill the needs tightened up the rear carrier so now it's not wobbling all over the place in the hitch . 353823

- BX88224

by: JohnM11/15/2014

This product does exactly what it is expected to do....stop the play in your receiver and draw bar. It's well designed and priced appropriately. I'm quite satisfied with my purchase. 161139

- BX88224

by: Pretty good04/12/2016

It has immobilized my hitch mount bike rack, but one of the u-bolts snapped and the paint is flaking fairly badly, leading to rust. Fine for Texas, less durable for Canada. 243903


Hardware snapped with salt but $5 and I was back in business.

Kevin G - 04/12/2017

- BX88224

by: Bruce L.12/05/2012

The blue ox immolbilizer is an excellent product - it really helps to stablize my bike rack - no more wobble. Your prompt shipping was excellent. Great product! Lark 60668

- BX88224

by: Mr. Never Satisfied11/16/2012

expensive, but works like a charm. It's the only option you have for a solid shank bar. If your shank is hollow you can use a less expensive anti rattle locking pin 59506

- BX88224

by: Donald05/08/2016

I have just installed the stabilizer and it appears to be a useful product. A little pricey for what you get but etrailer.com had the best price I could find online. 249151

- BX88224

by: David05/30/2016

Works well but more expensive than I think it should be. I did have to grind off one corner to make it fit my grand Cherokee. It does what it is advertised to do !! 253668

- BX88224

by: jerry01/23/2017

Not made out of real heavy material like I wished it would have been. Not sure how it will handle a heavy load. I have not towed with it yet. Time will tell. 334594

- BX88224

by: Rob M.04/05/2017

The Blue Ox really does the trick by making the connection of a bike carrier and the receiver almost like they are welded. Great product and worth the cost! 363278

- BX88224

by: adrian c.11/11/2016

Was told by a friend about this product. I Like it very much. Now when I tow my boat around. I feel very comfort knowing my tow hitch isn't rattling around . 315773

- BX88224

by: Tony01/05/2012

Excellent product that really works! You get what you pay for. Dont settle for less inexpensive similar item. They dont work as good as this! 29143

- BX88224

by: Excellent01/22/2017

The products I ordered did exactly what you said they would do. Quick delivery and even a year later follow up. Can't get better than that. 337245

- BX88224

by: Dallas Stewart12/19/2011

The receiver immobilizer II came in great shape and I received it in short order (fast). I installed it in 5 minutes. It is a great product. 28265

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  • Why Can't the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch Anti-Rattle Device be Used When Towing a Trailer
  • Flat towing is the term used when a vehicle is towed with all 4 wheels on the ground behind another vehicle, typically a motor home. It is also knows as dinghy towing or towing 4 down. The Quiet Hitch # RM-061 is not rated for or tested for anything other than flat towing. So you would not use it when towing a trailer or using a hitch mounted accessory where there would be higher tongue weights. Flat towing a vehicle will all 4 wheels on the ground has very minimal tongue weight because...
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  • Will the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II # BX88224 Fit a Hitch with a Lip Around Opening
  • The Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II # BX88224 that you referenced is actually designed for use on 2 inch hitches that have the lip around the edge of them that your hitch has. Basically you would install this on your hitch with the smaller flanges of the product going on behind that lip and the larger lip will make contact with the ball mount.
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  • Will Brophy Stabilizer Bracket Fit On Hitch With Large Collar?
  • The Brophy Stabilizer Bracket for 2" Hitch Receiver - Black Powder Coated Steel # RHSB can be used on a hitch that has a collar around the outside of the hitch receiver opening. You can see the in use/installed pictures on the page that have a visual of this type of collar. If you have a larger collar, then I recommend the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - 2" Hitches # BX88224 or an internal system like the Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Receiver Lock for 2" Hitches - 2-5/8" Span # 63232.
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  • Using an Anti-Sway Accessory on a Swagman XTC-2 2-Bike Platform Rack
  • For your Swagman XTC-2 2-Bike Platform Rack, # S64670, the rack comes with a threaded hitch pin that should keep the rack secure and limit the movement of the shank within the receiver. I've linked a video that shows this pin at the 1:40 mark. If you need to replace this pin, your best option would be the 1/2 inch Locking Anti-Wobble, Threaded Hitch Pin, # S64029. If you choose to, you can use an additional anti-sway accessory. There are limited fits for a bike rack, but I have a...
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  • Can the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II be Used for Towing a Trailer
  • Yes, you can use the Blue Ox hitch immobilizer # BX88224 when towing a trailer. We have had similar questions before on this product in regards to its use with weight distribution systems when towing a trailer and Blue Ox has informed us several times that it can be used for this purpose as well.
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  • Is 325 Pounds Tongue Weight Too Much for a 350 Pound Capacity Trailer Hitch
  • You have to take the weight of the bike and the weight of the carrier together and then determine if it is under the tongue weight capacity of the hitch. If the carrier, # UF48-979033, weighs 50 pounds and the bike 275, that adds up to 325 pounds. That 25 pound buffer is enough to use the 350 pound capacity hitch. However there is more movement at the back of of at RV or trailer, like being at the back of a school bus, so you will need to take every precaution to limit the movement of...
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  • Are Anti Rattle Hitch Devices Suitable for Towing a Trailer
  • Yes, there are a few anti rattle devices that will reduce or eliminate the movement of a hitch accessory, ball mount, bike rack or cargo carrier. A great wedge option is No-Rattle trailer hitch wedge # 93347. It fits 1-1/4 and 2-inch hitches. It will wedge itself between the receiver and hitch and eliminate rattle. Please note it will not work on Ford Edge and 2011 GMC Terrain vehicles with a factory installed 1-1/4 inch trailer hitch. The sleeve option I recommend is Blue Ox immobilizer...
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  • Are the Blue Ox Immobilizer U-Bolts Made of Stainless Steel
  • I spoke with my contact at Blue Ox about the Immobilizer III # BX88312 and Immobilizer II # BX88224 anti-rattle devices. She confirmed that the U-bolts used with the Immobilizers are grade 5 steel, but they are not stainless steel. The nuts that are included with the Immobilizer are hex whiz lock nuts. The U-bolts are not designed to be long enough to add an additional nut to the bolt to lock the first nut. Since the nuts included are lock nuts, you would only need to use the included...
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  • Blue Ox Immobilizer Anti-Rattle Device Comes Loose and Bends when Flat Towing
  • The Blue Ox Immobilizer # BX88224 is arguably the best option but obviously not in this case! There are a limited number of anti-rattle devices that can be used when towing. Another, similar option is the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch # RM-061 but it only deals with movement in one direction. There is also the wedge # 93347 which also only deals with movement in one direction. And if the shank of the tow bar or high/low adapter in the hitch is hollow you could use # 63232 which will pull the...
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  • Can Blue Ox Hitch Immobilizer, # BX88224, Be Used with Weight Distribution and 800lbs Tongue Weight
  • A coworker of mine had a similar question and you can use the Blue Ox Hitch Immobilizer, # BX88224, with a weight distribution shank as long as the head of the weight distribution system has 1-1/2 inches to 2 inches of clearance to the opening of the hitch receiver. Besides that the weight should not be an issue but you will need to check the tightness of the nuts from time to time because they can loosen.
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for Use with the Diversi-Tech Aluminum Ball Mounts
  • I just got off the phone with Diversi-Tech so that I could get a better explanation and they said that the main reason they got rid of the ball bearings is that only about 30% of hitches were deep enough for the ball bearings to be effective. Most of the time the bearings stuck out beyond the hitch so they weren't getting used and then they also had a problem with the bearings popping out on some ball mounts so they just did away with the design. A better solution to prevent rattle with...
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  • Anti-Rattle Devices Suitable for Towing with 2-Inch Hitch Receiver
  • We offer many types of hitch stabilizers, immobilizers and anti-rattle devices. Examples include the cost-effective Boone No-Rattle Trailer Hitch Wedge # 93347 which works on 1-1/4-inch and 2-inch hitches and the Blue Ox Immobilizer # BX88224 which works on 2-inch hitches and that stabilizes your ball mount in both vertical and horizontal planes. This is my recommended choice. All 2-inch anti-rattle products for towing are shown on the linked page.
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  • Why Does Curt Tri-Ball Mount Fit So Loose in Hitch Receiver
  • The shank of accessories such as Curt ball mount # C45001 have to be a little smaller than the receiver opening so they are easy to install and remove. This can cause the fit to be a little looser than some people like. It actually spawned several products to reduce or eliminate movement of accessories in hitches: anti-rattle devices. What I recommend is to use an anti-rattle device such as # BX88224. This device takes out movement vertically and horizontally. I have included a link...
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  • Can Ultra-Fab Motorcycle Carrier, # UF48-979033, Be used at the Back of a 5th Wheel Trailer
  • The Ultra-Fab Motorcycle Carrier, # UF48-979033, can be used at the back of an RV or trailer as long as you have a 2 inch trailer hitch. If your bumper has a hitch then you need to consult the owners manual or trailer manufacturer to determine if it is rated for the combined weight of the carrier (about 50 pounds) and your bike. If you need to install a trailer hitch I recommend a frame mounted hitch, see link. Frame mounts are much safer and overall a better choice for this application. You...
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  • Will Roadmaster Quiet Hitch Anti-Rattle Device Fit Factory Trailer Hitch on 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • As long as your factory trailer hitch on your 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a collar around the receiver opening that is larger than the receiver tube then yes, you can use the Roadmaster Quiet Hitch # RM-061. Take a look at the video I have linked on this product. If your hitch does not have the collar you could use the Blue Ox Immobilizer # BX88224 which reduces or eliminates movement vertically and horizontally. I have linked a video of this device as well.
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  • Will Blue Ox 2 Hitch Immobilizer II Fit a Roadmaster Receiver
  • Since the Roadmaster receiver you are using is a 2 inch, then the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II, # BX88224, will fit. Roadmaster also has a similar product that is a bit more economical. Take a look at the Quiet Hitch, # RM-061. I have incldued a link to a video that shows how it works.
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  • Recommended Anti-Rattle For 2 Inch Receiver Hitch With Too Much Slack In Ball Mount
  • A 2.25 inch hitch by 2.25 inch inside hitch receiver measurement is not anything standard. You won't be able to find a ball mount in that size so I can't give you a perfect fit application. That would require customized parts being made. My recommendation is to use a 2 inch ball mount with an anti-rattle device like the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II - 2" Hitches # BX88224. I've attached a link to our 2 inch ball mounts for you as well as our anti-rattle options. Another...
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  • Anti-Rattle Device Recommendation for a Factory Trailer Hitch on a 2012 Chevy Suburban
  • Only certain trailer hitches are J-Pin compatible. The factory hitch on your new 2012 Chevy Suburban sounds like it is not a Draw-Tite J-Pin compatible hitch. You will not want to drill into the hitch because that could compromise the structural integrity of the hitch, make the capacity unknown, void the warranty, and make it unsafe to use. What I recommend is to use an anti-rattle device like the Blue Ox hitch immobilizer, # BX88224 or the Roadmaster quiet hitch, # RM-061. Either of...
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  • How Much Play is there Between EZ Heavy Duty Adjustable Hitch with Combo Ball # AM3298 and Receiver
  • The EZ Heavy Duty Adjustable Hitch with Combo Ball # AM3298 is comparable to the other ball mounts that you have mentioned. Any ball mount or shank on an accessory is made with a certain amount of tolerance in the size of the shank. The differences are so small you probably would not be able to tell the difference. Shanks are made smaller than the receiver opening so that it is easy to insert and remove the accessory. The movement can be limited or in some cases eliminated using an anti...
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  • Will the Immobilizer BX88224 fit on a 2015 Toyota Tundra
  • As long as the hitch of your 2015 Toyota Tundra is a 2 inch hitch that has a lip around the outside of it the Immobilizer part # BX88224 would fit and work well.
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  • Could the Blue OX Hitch Immobilizer # BX88224 Work with a Weight Distribution System
  • I spoke with my contact at Blue Ox and he informed me that this Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II # BX88224 would work on any weight distribution system as long as the head of the weight distribution system has 1-1/2 inches to 2 inches of clearance to the opening of the hitch receiver. So as long as there is 1-1/2 - 2 inches of clearance from the head of the weight distribution system to the hitch opening you could use this # BX88224.
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  • Thule T2 Bike Rack has Too Much Play in the Hitch Receiver
  • The Thule T2 916XTR bike rack has a nut welded to the inside of the shank so you would not be able to use a device such as # SR25880. If the Thule threaded hitch bolt and Snug Tite lock that came with the bike rack are not taking out enough of the play then I recommend adding a secondary anti-rattle device, # BX88224. This will take out play vertically and horizontally. Keep in mind that with any bike rack, especially heavy platform racks like the T2, there is going to be some movement...
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  • Using an Anti-Rattle Device with a Weight Distribution System
  • If your Weight Distribution System has been properly set up, there should be no movement of the weight distribution shank in the receiver, as the spring bars should be placing a substantial amount of tension on the shank against the walls of the receiver, thus keeping it firmly in place. The tension applied would be much greater than what a product like the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer would provide. If you are experiencing the rattle when using the weight distribution head to tow...
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  • Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier and Anti-Rattle for Off-Roading with a 1992 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • The shank on accessories that fit into your 2 in trailer hitch receiver are slightly smaller than 2 inches so there will always be some movement. What you will want to do is use an anti-rattle device. There are a couple of options that will work well to limit if not eliminate movement. Take a look at the Quiet Hitch, # RM-061. This is a simple yet very effective design. I included a video link showing how it works. Similarly we have the Blue Ox Hitch Immobilizer, # BX88224. It is a similar...
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  • Can Movement of Bikes and Bike Carrier be Eliminated on Trailer Hitch Mount Bike Carriers
  • On any trailer hitch mounted bike carrier, especially platform style carriers such as # PS63134 there is going to be some movement of the carrier in the hitch receiver. Its just physics at work! There are things you can do to keep movement to a minimum. Some bike carriers will have a threaded hitch pin that pulls the shank of the carrier tight to the inside of the receiver. These will eliminate some movement but not all. So the solution is to use a secondary anti-rattle device. If you...
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  • How to prevent Hollywood Racks HR1000 from rattling/wobbling
  • The Hollywood Racks Sport Rider 2 2-Bike Platform Rack # HR1000 does include an anti-wobble hitch bolt, but using the threaded Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock # HRLHPTC might help with some of the movement inside the hitch receiver. This kit also includes a cable lock to secure your bikes to the rack. Another option I recommend looking at that will help to reduce movement both inside the hitch and with the bike rack itself is a stabilizing strap like the Curt # 18050. This will provide extra...
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  • Clarification Regarding Use and Ratings on RoadMaster Quite Hitch Anti-Rattle Device # RM-061
  • I believe I can help with the confusion on the qualities of the Road Master Quite Hitch # RM-061. The reason that this anti-rattle device can be used for flat towing and not trailers is because flat towing produces very little tongue weight. When towing a trailer there is vertical weight that puts torque pressure on the ball/ballmount/anti-rattle device which will elongate the U-bolt and basically make it unusable. The U-bolt is designed and rated with strength to withstand torque pressure...
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  • Ball Mount Installed in 2014 Toyota Venza Factory Hitch Fits Loosely
  • Sometimes factory-installed (OEM) hitches can have slightly different dimensions and tolerances than the aftermarket products from companies like Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, etc. As long as you are using the correct 2-inch size ball mount in your 2-inch factory hitch you can address your fit concern with an anti-rattle device. The linked page will show you all such products that will fit your 2-inch hitch. These are offered in both locking and non-locking types. For a locking anti-rattle...
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  • Recommended Anti-Rattle Hitch Lock for 2-Inch Trailer Hitch
  • If your ball mount has a hollow shank like # C45036 then you can use an anti-rattle hitch lock like # SHP2082, # 63232 or # PS63100. These install inside the ball mount shank and will lock your ball mount to your hitch receiver tube while they help reduce the play in the receiver tube. The best anti-rattle performance will come from a dedicated product like the Blue Ox Hitch Receiver Immobilizer II, part # BX88224. This does not lock but it could be used along with a separate standard...
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