Great for marine applications; the stainless steel construction provides the best in corrosion resistance. The design makes Bearing Buddy an easy way to protect your bearings by keeping water out and ensuring enough grease is in the hub. Call 800-298-8924 to order Bearing Buddy grease caps part number BB2441SS or order online at Free expert support on all Bearing Buddy products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441SS - Stainless Steel (Pair). Grease Caps reviews from real customers.
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Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441SS - Stainless Steel (Pair)

Item # BB2441SS

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Product Images

Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Bearing Buddy Grease Cap

Customer Photos

Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Bearing Buddy Grease Cap
Bearing Buddy Grease Cap


  • Bearing Protector
  • 2.441 Inch
  • Bearing Buddy
  • Stainless Steel
  • Non-Threaded

Bearing Buddy Grease Caps - BB2441SS

Great for marine applications; the stainless steel construction provides the best in corrosion resistance. The design makes Bearing Buddy an easy way to protect your bearings by keeping water out and ensuring enough grease is in the hub.


  • Replaces the grease cap in the axle hub
  • Prevents wheel-bearing failure
    • Keeps water and dirt out of hubs and bearings
    • Allows boat trailer wheels to be completely submerged
    • Stops corrosion and pitting on bearings
  • Provides easily accessible grease fitting
    • Makes adding grease to the bearings quick and simple
  • Maintains slight, controlled pressure (3 psi) with spring-loaded piston, preventing water from entering hub
  • Prevents overfilling and rear seal damage with automatic pressure-relief feature
    • Grease seeps around piston edges and into barrel when full
  • Constructed of stainless steel
    • Ensures longer-lasting fit than plastic or aluminum products
  • Includes rubber covers
  • Installs easily
  • Made in the USA


  • Fits 2.441" hub bore
    • Works with outer bearing models LM-67048 (hub counterbored), 15123 and others
    • Works with outer bearing cup (race) models LM-67010 and 15245
      • Commonly found on 4,400-lb, 5,200-lb, 6,000-lb and 7,000-lb Dexter axles (counterbored)
  • Lifetime warranty

Bearing Buddy installed diagram

Bearing Buddy Operation

Replace your existing grease cap with a Bearing Buddy to ensure a safe, easy way to monitor and control the level of grease in your axle hub. To adjust the amount of grease in the hub, use a grease gun to add more through the appropriate fitting. Adding grease moves the Bearing Buddy spring-loaded piston outward 1/8".

The O-ring inside the barrel of the Bearing Buddy maintains a seal from the outside. The interior of the Bearing Buddy is pressurized, preventing water from entering the barrel and diluting the grease.

An automatic pressure-relief feature is built into the Bearing Buddy. When the device is full, grease will seep around the edges of the piston and into the barrel. This prevents overfilling that can damage the inner seal.

You can manually check the grease level in your Bearing Buddy by pressing on the edge of the piston. If you can rock or move the piston, the hub is properly filled.

42448 Bearing Buddy Model 2441SS - Stainless Steel (Pair)

Premium - This item

Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441SS - Stainless Steel (Pair)

Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441SS - Stainless Steel (Pair)
Bearing Buddy Grease Caps

35 reviews

Code: BB2441SS


Our Price: $42.17

  • Grease Caps
  • Bearing Protector
  • 2.441 Inch
  • Non-Threaded
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bearing Buddy

Great for marine applications; the stainless steel construction provides the best in corrosion resistance. The design makes Bearing Buddy an easy way to protect your bearings by keeping water out and ensuring enough grease is in the hub.

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Video of Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441SS - Stainless Steel (Pair)

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Bearing Buddy Grease Caps BB2441SS Review

Today, were going to review part number BB2441SS. These are the Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors in a stainless steel construction. These Bearing Buddies are great for marine applications. The stainless construction will provide the best in corrosion resistance and the design of the Bearing Buddy makes an easy way to protect your bearings by keeping the water out, ensuring enough grease is in the hub. Basically, these Bearing Buddies will replace the grease cap on your actual hub. Remove the dust cap or grease cap and this would insert in place of that.

This will prevent wheel bearing failure by keeping water and dirt out of your hubs and bearings and then it allows the boat trailer wheels to be completely submerged and it stops corrosion and pitting on the bearings. It does provide an easily accessible grease fitting which makes adding grease to the bearings quick and simple. Inside, it will maintain slight controlled pressure about 3 psi with the spring-loaded piston which will prevent water from entering your hub. It will prevent overfilling and rear seal damage with an automatic pressure release feature. In other words, if you get too much grease in there and overfill it, it will release grease on the outside of this, seal on the inside, our piston, and the grease will just stay on your outer barrel here.

This part is constructed of stainless steel which will ensure long-lasting fit than your plastic or aluminum products. It will include the bras which are a rubber cover that will go over the Bearing Buddy and what that does is it keep any of the grease that might have overflowed into this outer barrel from getting dispersed on to your wheels or your trailer. This part does install easily. It is made in the USA. This one does fit the 2.441-inch hub bore which are commonly found on 4,400-pound, 5,200-pound, 6,000-pound and 7,000 pound of dexter axles.

This part does come with a lifetime warranty and it does contain two Bearing Buddies with the rubber covers on them. That should do it for part number BB2441SS.

Customer Reviews

Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors - Model 2441SS - Stainless Steel (Pair) - BB2441SS

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (35 Customer Reviews)

Great for marine applications; the stainless steel construction provides the best in corrosion resistance. The design makes Bearing Buddy an easy way to protect your bearings by keeping water out and ensuring enough grease is in the hub.
- BB2441SS

by: Peter02/24/2012

Bearing Buddies should be on all boat trailers. The hubs warm up as you tow, then you dunk them into the cold water. The sudden cooling off allows a little water to sneak by the seals and that water causes bearing failure, unless you re-pack the bearings regularly. Bearing Buddies have a spring that keeps a little positive pressure on the grease inside the hub so the water can't get in. This pair is stainless steel which is a must for salt water use. (SS at the end of the part number denotes ALL stainless. Don't be confused. The chorme plated versions have SOME stainless and are often listed as stainless when they are not) And they came with the rubber caps too, often sold separately. As always e-trailer was a breeze to deal with. Right parts, right price, right on time. 32440

- BB2441SS

by: Ron M07/23/2011

Don't get me wrong I think Bearing Buddy's are a great product provided they fit your application. Based on my outer bearing number and cap size the model 2441 Bearing Buddy was supposed to fit. The only problem was that instead of being 2.441" they were actually more like 2.448" and would not fit. After playing the run around game of ordering another set and talking to the factory I took them to a local machine shop and had them turned to the correct diameter. The machinist said that the problem was the shoddy machining of Bearing Buddy and when he cleaned up the rough machining they were at the right diameter. Only trouble was I had to pay an additional $35 to finish the job that should have been done at the factory which by the way is now in Puerto Rico. 20027

- BB2441SS

by: Rome Montle08/15/2016

They do what they say they do, kind of a pain to get hammered onto the disc, but thats a good thing because I know they are sealed really well 284062

- BB2441SS

by: Steve08/02/2015

I have not been on a trip since installing the ss bearing buddies on my camper, however they were very simple to install and I look forward to the ease of greasing my hub bearings now. I had to modify my hub covers so I can access the bearing buddies to grease them. Sorry the pictures would not upload to this site. 216210

- BB2441SS

by: Jack P05/15/2017

What is horrible about this design is that it uses a press on adaptor for the larger hub bores, and when removing the unit from the hub, for routine inspection, about 50% of the time the bearing buddy comes off and the adaptor remains lodged in the hub. It is nearly impossible to remove the adaptor from the hub without damaging it. A one piece design for the larger bore would net 5 stars. 380637

- BB2441SS

by: Don S11/04/2013

I've used Bearing Buddys properly for 13 years Four Boat trailers, Two Motorcycle trailers and a 21' camper. I have not had a case of water intrusion or bearing failure. 106301

- BB2441SS

by: Jon V07/22/2016

These ss bearing buddy's are an excellent, high quality product. Although I've only put about 1000 miles on them, I've launched my boat several times and upon a recent inspection, there were no signs of moisture in the bearings. I would recommend them as I have installed them on two more of my boat trailers as well. 275127

- BB2441SS

by: Bill M.05/13/2015

Looks great. Last set I purchased 1/15, 1 seemed to slide into the hub to easily. Possibly on the minus side of the tolerance. Sure enough I lost that 1 rolling down the road. The other side is good. This new set I believe is good. I needed to lightly tap it to go inside the hub. This should be good. 192499

- BB2441SS

by: Josh M01/21/2015

Fit exactly as it should. I installed one, and needed to remove it to remove the hub. I followed the instructions for removal, and the bearing buddy separated from the collar. I was still able to remove hub. Upon reinstall everything seemed to fit back together. Time will tell I guess. 170746

- BB2441SS

by: Phil C07/29/2016

Got my bearing buddies installed and I'm ready to go! Thanks etrailer! 277524

- BB2441SS

by: Vinnie DiCioccio11/23/2011

I use Bearing Buddys on all my landscaping and equipment trailers. Always have, and always will. These are the best by far and I have NEVER had any failures with these. Easy (simple) to install, and easy to maintain. ETrailer is the best when it comes to service. 27349

- BB2441SS

by: John L04/01/2017

The product is great! What convinced me to rely on etrailer was their quick service when I made an error in my initial order. The problem was corrected right away and there was follow-up after my return was received. Quick easy and efficient. 361404

- BB2441SS

by: Jeff T07/25/2013

The bearing buddies fit great and istalled easily. Etrailer has great service and super fast delivery. They even talked me out of premium delivery since they could meet my needed date without the premium delivery. Will buy from again. 91523

- BB2441SS

by: Conrad05/09/2016

Great Product. Delivered when and as promised. Easy to install and maintain. I wouldn't tow a trailer without them. You can always be assured that you have grease in your bearings. No unplanned roadside bearing repairs! 249389

- BB2441SS

by: Steve K.08/09/2011

The Bearing Buddies arrived on time and in perfect condition. They were exactly what I had ordered. The fit was excellent. They will be a much needed safety improvement to our "new" 1995 5th wheel. Thank you so much! 21494

- BB2441SS

by: Keith11/24/2013

The quality of these fittings are truly top notch. They installed very snugly into the hub and I've filled them with grease. Perfect! oh...and best price I found anywhere. Thanks etrailer! 108354

- BB2441SS

by: Phil10/09/2016

Perfect fit, installed easily, although I'm not sure how much grease to put in, so I'll have my local shop tend to it. I've been my own victim before of too much grease. 304990

- BB2441SS

by: Jim A.08/20/2012

Works as good as they touted it would. Easy to install, looks great. Time will tell the rest but so far no bearing issues. 52326

- BB2441SS

by: Colt C.06/05/2014

Good looking product. Much better construction than my old bearing buddies. Only time will tell though... 134375

- BB2441SS

by: Mike W.11/06/2014

Fast delivery! Purchased product to replace a missing one, great product use them on all my trailers. 159633

- BB2441SS

by: larry h09/18/2012

good product fast shipping fair price what more could you ask for thanks larry 55098

- BB2441SS

by: Bill McLauchlan01/24/2015

Very impressed. Quality and speed of my order. My only source for trail needs. Thanks. 171063

- BB2441SS

by: Roy08/05/2014

Received these bearing protectors and installed them. They work fine 144337

- BB2441SS

by: Binadel P06/27/2012

Fast Delivery , Good Quality! Will Recommend to my friends! 45888

- BB2441SS

by: Jeff P10/28/2016

Prompt service. Part was exactly as advertised. Thanks 311669

- BB2441SS

by: Joe H.06/19/2014

Product exactly as described and free shipping was fast. 136519

- BB2441SS

by: scott s10/10/2014

Great product does what is expected good quality 155474

- BB2441SS

by: Mark09/12/2011

Works the way they are supposed to. Th anks 23745

- BB2441SS

by: carl12/29/2016

Fast emails & fast shipping! Perfect f it! 328549

- BB2441SS

by: Sean W02/01/2017

Quick shipping and product works great!! 337615

- BB2441SS

by: Andrew09/06/2016

Fast delivery , excellent product. 291881

- BB2441SS

by: Greg06/05/2016

Great Product! Great Service! 257273

- BB2441SS

by: Zach08/15/2016

Great service and parts! 284103

- BB2441SS

by: Randy Kingsbury07/23/2016

Best boat product made. 275589

- BB2441SS

by: John08/14/2011

Everything worked fine. 21857


Ask the Experts about this Bearing Buddy Grease Caps

  • What Size Bearing Buddy to Replace 2-7/16-Inch Grease Cap
  • The best way to measure hub bore to determine which Bearing Buddy size you need is with a digital caliper. If you do not own one you may be able to borrow or rent one from a local auto parts store. Your other option is to obtain the outer bearing number from your trailer. You may be able to obtain the bearing number without having to pull it from the spindle; try wiping it clean of grease to see if the bearing number can be read. The size you quoted, 2-7/16 inches, corresponds to...
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  • What Parts Needed When Replacing Disc Brake Rotors # KHR12D on Boat Trailer
  • When replacing the disk brake rotors on your trailer it is recommended that you also replace your bearings, races and seals at the same time. This will ensure that all components are new and in good order and will prevent the need to dismantle your trailer again to replace an older part that may wear out before others. The bearing kit for this rotor is part # BK3-100. I have included an article that covers the process of replacing bearings, races and seals on a trailer hub. The Kodiak...
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  • Is there a Trailer oil Bath Hub Oil Cap for a Dexter 6,000 Pound Axle
  • The 21-36 oil cap, # RG04-270, fits 9K (after 10/1989) and 10K GD (2 piece drum), and 10K to 15K Dexter axles. The 21-35, # RG04-230, fits 6K to 8K ( and 9K before 10/1989) Dexter axles. It would be too large with its 2-7/8 inch thread diameter. All of these oil caps are for oil bath hubs. If you are replacing a dust cap, you probably have regular hubs. For bearing protectors measuring 2.441 inches, go with the stainless steel bearing Buddies, # BB2441SS, or, if the hub is threaded,...
    view full answer...

  • Which Size of Bearing Buddy Will Fit the Dexter Trailer Hub Assembly # 8-213-5UC1
  • The grease cap included in this hub kit # 8-213-5UC1 has an outer diameter of 2.44-inches. So the correct Bearing Buddy would be part # BB2441 or if you want the stainless steel version that will resist corrosion much better you would want the # BB2441SS instead.
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  • Correct Grease Caps for an Axle Equipped with a Grease Zerk
  • It sounds like you have an EZ Lube type of spindle, that has a grease zerk on the spindle. You are correct that the standard grease caps do not provide the proper clearance for this style of spindle. With the bearing numbers that you provided I was able to determine that outer diameter of the grease cap that you will need is 1.986 inches. Then the correct grease cap fitting for your is the TruRyde EZ Lube Grease Cap # RG04-040. These grease caps have a removable rubber center portion...
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  • Wheel, Tire & Bearing Buddy for Trailer with 16-Inch Wheels & ST235-80R16 Tires
  • The linked page displays all pre-mounted trailer wheel/tire products in your ST235-80R16 tire size and 8-on-6-1/2 wheel boot pattern. I also included linked to wheels only and tires only. We do offer Lions Head/Westlake products, both wheels and tires, including the Aluminum Jaguar Trailer Wheel # LHSJ513B. For a Bearing Buddy grease cap to fit your hubs you will need to measure the hub bore using a precision caliper like # PTW80157 and to note whether the bore is threaded or not. Then...
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  • What to Measure to Get the Correct Bearing Buddy
  • Sounds like you are trying to pick out the correct Bearing Buddy for your trailer's hub. To do this you will need to remove your current grease cap and measure the diameter of the hub bore. With that measurement you will be able to pick out the correct Bearing Buddy to fit your hub. The part # BB2441SS that you referenced would fit a hub bore of 2.441 inches, if that is what you have then this would be the correct one for you. If not, check out the link I attached that will take you...
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  • Bearing Buddies for Trailer with Inner Bearing L68149 and Outer Bearing L44649
  • Are you sure the outer bearing is not L44649? If it is then you can use # BB1980A-SS or # BB1980A. With an inner bearing of L68149 the matching outer bearing is most likely L44649.
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  • Which Bearing Buddies Will Work with Kodiak Disc Brake Kit 12 Inch Hub Rotor
  • I took the measurements and specs from the bearings on part # K2HR526E, and matched up the specs to determine that the Bearing Buddies that you need are Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors, part # BB2441SS. These will work perfectly with your Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, part # K2HR526E. I have linked instructions for part # K2HR526E, and a video overview on bearing buddies that you may find as a good reference. There is also a video of installation of a smaller size Kodiak Disc Brake Install...
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  • Recommended Bearing Buddy Protectors For Kodiak Disc Brake Kit
  • The Hub inside diameter on the Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, part # K2HR526DS measures 2.441 inches diameter. The Bearing Buddy I recommend is part # BB2441. These are made of stainless steel internal parts and triple-chromed plated steel barrel. These also include the rubber covers. For stainless steel construction that is perfect for marine applications you can check out part # BB2441SS. I have attached a product review video you can take a look at.
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  • How to Determine Which Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors Will Fit a Boat Trailer
  • The best way to determine what size grease caps or Bearing Buddies will fit your hubs is to pull a hub off of the trailer and get the inner and outer bearing numbers stamped into the metal of the bearings. With those numbers I can determine many replacement parts for your hubs including which Bearing Buddies fit. Another way is to measure the inner diameter of the hub bore (where the Bearing Buddies will fit into). You will need to use a set of digital or dial calipers to get the most...
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  • Bearing Buddy for 5.2K Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly with 6 on 5-1/2 Bolt Pattern
  • Yes, for trailer hub and drum assembly # 8-201-5UC3 you can use Bearing Buddy # BB2441. There is also a stainless steel model, # BB2441SS, which is great for marine applications.
    view full answer...

  • Bearing Buddy Recommendation for the Trailer Hub Assembly # 8-213-5UC1
  • The grease cap included in this hub kit # 8-213-5UC1 has an outer diameter of 2.44-inches. So the correct Bearing Buddy would be part # BB2441 or if you want the stainless steel version that will resist corrosion much better you would want the # BB2441SS instead.
    view full answer...

  • Bearing Buddy grease Caps For Trailer With Hub Bore that Measures 2-1/2 Inches Diameter
  • The Buddy Bearing Bra, part # 23B you mentioned you have can fit many of the Bearing Buddy grease caps. The best way to find a Bearing Buddy that will fit your hub is to use a digital caliper like part # PTW80157 and take an accurate measurement. We have a couple Bearing Buddys that are close to the size you said your hub bore is. The first is part # BB2441SS. These fit a hub bore that measures 2.44 inches. The next size up is part # BB2562SS. This will fit in a hub bore that measures...
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  • Water Contamination in the Kodiak XL ProLube Kit for 3500-lb Axles
  • If you are wanting to change your oil bath Kodiak ProLube Kit, # XLPROLUBE1980KIT, due to water contamination, then the Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors, like # BB2441SS, would be a great option for your trailer axles. The Bearing Buddy Protectors will allow you to keep your bearings well greased and at the same time protect against water contamination. You will need to know which size hub bore you have on your hubs and you will need to replace the seals. If you have your inner and...
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  • Which Bearing Buddies Will Fit a 2-7/16 Inch Hub Bore
  • You will likely need 2441 model Bearing Buddies: # BB2441 for chrome or # BB2441SS for stainless steel. Your hub bore will be slightly less than this if it is exactly 2-7/16 inches and that ensures a tight fit. The hub bore should really be measured using calipers such as # PTW80157 because the measurement has to be as accurate as possible.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors for Montana Travel Trailer
  • To determine which Bearing Buddies you'll need, use a digital caliper to measure the inside diameter of the hub bore, not the outside diameter of the grease cap. Given the 2.443 inch dimension you provided, it's extremely likely that you'd need the model 2441 Bearing Buddy which measures 2.441 inches in diameter. They're available in chrome as part # BB2441 or stainless as part # BB2441SS. If your hub bores are threaded, use part # BB2441T-SS. I'd still recommend you measure for confirmatio...
    view full answer...

  • Is There a Bearing Buddy that is Threaded Comparable to a 2240?
  • I contacted Bearing Buddy to see what threaded cap they recommend for your application to convert from oil bath to grease. They said that the Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors, # BB2441SS, is most likely the application for your trailer based on the 2240 question. This Bearing Buddy threaded grease cap has 12 threads per inch, as does # BB2080T-SS, but there are other threads like the # BB1980T-SS which has 24 threads per inch.
    view full answer...

  • Bearing Buddy Recommendation for a Hub Bore of 2.402 inches
  • For a Bearing Buddy designed to fit your 2.402 pilot hole on your hub you would want the # BB2441 or the stainless version part # BB2441SS. I attached a review video for you to check out as well. Pricing is below at the links.
    view full answer...

  • Bearing Buddy Recommendation for Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, part # K1HR526DS
  • The Bearing Buddies that you need are Bearing Buddy Bearing Protectors, part # BB2441SS. These will work perfectly with your Kodiak Disc Brake Kit, part # K1HR526DS.
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  • Size Bearing Buddy Recommendation for Hub Bore Measures Near 2-3/8 inches
  • We have a couple options near that size but you need to get an exact diameter with a caliper like part # PTW80157. If you have 2.328 inch hub bore you'd need the part # BB2328SS or if you have 2.441 inch you'd need the part # BB2441SS.
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