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B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

Item # BWGNRK1394
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B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs 30000 lbs GTW BWGNRK1394
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Install this heavy-duty hitch on your vehicle so that you can securely tow your gooseneck trailer. Store the removable ball upside down in the hitch when you aren't towing to get complete bed access. Square ball base won't turn in hitch. Call 800-298-8924 to order B and W gooseneck part number BWGNRK1394 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all B and W products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs. Gooseneck reviews from real customers.
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B and W Gooseneck - BWGNRK1394

  • B and W
  • Below the Bed
  • Removable Ball - Stores in Hitch
  • Wheel Well Release
  • Manual Ball Removal
  • 30000 lbs GTW
  • 2-5/16 Hitch Ball
  • 7500 lbs TW

Install this heavy-duty hitch on your vehicle so that you can securely tow your gooseneck trailer. Store the removable ball upside down in the hitch when you aren't towing to get complete bed access. Square ball base won't turn in hitch.


  • Heavy-duty underbed hitch lets you tow your gooseneck trailer
  • Complete truck bed access when you're not towing
    • Remove ball from hitch, flip it upside down, and drop it back into hitch for storage
  • 5/8" Thick, spring-loaded, steel locking pin on end of handle goes all the way through ball to secure it in place
    • Access handle at rear driver's-side wheel well
  • Single-piece, machined ball socket provides rugged durability
  • Square ball base prevents ball from turning in hitch during hookup
  • "Corners only" fit of stowed ball prevents grime buildup inside of hitch
  • Specially designed accessories (sold separately) make it easy to customize the hitch to fit your needs
    • Tow a 5th-wheel trailer with the B&W Companion hitch adapter
    • Add a ladder rack that leaves your truck bed side rails free
  • Spring-loaded safety-chain hookups are built in
  • Simple installation with included custom mounting kit
    • No welding required
    • Truck bed does not have to be removed
    • 4" Diameter hole must be cut into bed
  • Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant
  • Made in the USA


  • Gross towing weight: 30,000 lbs
  • Vertical load limit: 7,500 lbs
  • Ball size: 2-5/16"
  • Limited lifetime warranty

With the B&W Turnoverball underbed gooseneck trailer hitch you get the best of both worlds. When you go to tow, the Turnoverball creates a sturdy, dependable connection with your gooseneck trailer. And when you're done towing, you can stow the ball upside down in the hitch to get full bed access and a clean appearance.

Easy-to-Remove, Simple-to-Store Hitch Ball

The durable steel hitch ball included with the Turnoverball system secures in the hitch with a sturdy, 5/8" thick steel pin that is incorporated into the end of the operating handle. To lock the ball in place, drop it into the hitch hole in the bed of your truck. Then rotate the handle in your driver's-side wheel well counterclockwise until the latch engages. When the latch is engaged, the spring-loaded pin on the end of the handle will be inserted all the way through the base of the hitch ball, forming a strong, solid connection and ensuring absolute security when you're towing.

B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch Operation

When you're done towing, remove the hitch ball by simply pulling the handle out as far as it will go and then rotating it clockwise until it unlatches. Remove the ball, flip it upside down, and drop it back into the ball hole of the hitch. Then reengage the latch to secure the stowed ball in place.

Unlike typical gooseneck balls - which have round bases - the Turnoverball hitch ball is designed with a square base. This makes latching the ball in the hitch easier because the base won't rotate inside of the hitch like a round base might, so lining the pin up is a snap. The base of the ball also fits tightly within the ball hole during storage. Because only the corners of the base contact the sides of the socket, any dirt or grime that gets into the hitch will fall through the socket, thus helping to prevent any buildup that could cause the ball to seize up in the hitch.

Simple, Custom Installation

This hitch is custom designed for your vehicle. The included mounting brackets bolt to existing holes in your truck's frame. While some modification is required - you will need to cut a 4" diameter hole in your bed for the hitch ball and drill holes for the built-in safety chain loops - there is no need to weld onto or to drill into your frame.

Once you have the hitch brackets and body installed, set up the operating handle. This handle is designed to be accessed from the rear driver's-side wheel well. On the end of the handle is the heavy-duty steel pin that secures the hitch ball.

B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch Accessories

B&W makes it easy to tow just about anything. With the many adapters and accessories available, the Turnoverball can be made to work with almost any gooseneck trailer. Hitch balls are available that have a built-in rise, an offset, and even a different connection type. Add on the Companion fifth-wheel hitch - which attaches directly to the Turnoverball with no other parts required - and you can tow your fifth-wheel trailer. Even a truck bed utility rack is available so that you can easily haul ladders and lumber with the load placed on the hitch (and therefore your truck's frame) instead of your bed rails.

GNRC900 B and W Turn Over Ball Under-Bed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch - 30,000 lbs

GNRM1394 B and W Turn Over Ball Gooseneck Custom Installation Kit

Installation Details BWGNRK1394 Installation instructions

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Video of B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for B&W Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Installation - 2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

Today on our 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 we're going to be taking a look at and installing the BMW turnover ball under-bed gooseneck trailer hitch, with custom installation kit rated for 30,000 pounds. Part number BWGNRK1394. You can also use adapters for fifth wheels, part number BWRVK3500, or part number BWRVK3400. Some things that sets this set up apart from some of the other gooseneck hitches is that this one, with it being able to turn over here, it does help maintain a nice clean look, but you also don't have to keep the ball some place else. You can keep it right here so then when you need it, you can simply unlatch it, pull up using this little tab here and flip it over. Here's what this gooseneck hitch looks like from underneath the truck once it's installed. As you can see, it's nicely sitting on top of the frame rails and that's about as low as it's going to go except when the ball sticks out. It may come down just a little bit further.

Other than that, that's about all you're going to see. Over here we've got the spring loaded locking mechanism that'll hold the ball in place. Then we've also got . You can see the underside of our safety chain U-bolts right there. Here's what this gooseneck looks like from the bed once it's installed. As you can see, we've still got a very nice, clean look.

We've got the ball currently turned over so it's facing downward. Here we have both the safety chain U-bolts, and they both pull up and are spring loaded, so when not in use they'll pull back down. This gooseneck set up is going to be great for any gooseneck trailers you may have, and you can also pick up the fifth wheel adapter in case you also have a fifth wheel trailer to pull. One thing that definitely is very nice about this set up is that if you both need to pull a gooseneck trailer sometimes, but sometimes you need full access to your bed, this is going to be the right set up for you because it's going to still give you that full access but able to haul a gooseneck trailer when needed. The handle that's in the driver's side under well here, when you pull it and turn it clockwise just a little bit it will lock into place, which will then allow you to pull this out and flip it over. Then once you've flipped it over and replaced it, you just simply pull on that handle, twist it back, and it'll lock back into position. Another great feature about this BMW set up is that here on the ball it's a square design, where some of the other ones are round, and so they can turn a little bit on you.

You might miss that hole when you're trying to reinsert the pin, but with this one being square you'll make sure that that pin goes through that hole every time. Now, let's show you how to install it. First thing we'll need to do is we'll need to measure in order to know where we're going to cut our hole for our gooseneck ball to come through. You will want to be sure to refer to your instructions because it's a different measurement for the short bed and the long bed. We're working with the short bed today. I'm going to get my measurement, and I'm going to eyeball it to try and make sure it's as close to center as possible.

Then what I'll do is I'll measure side to side between the wheel wells to see if that's pretty well centered. There's our mark where we're going to be drilling through. I'm going to start with just a pilot hole here. Now that I have a little bit of a guide for the bit in the hole saw. I'm just going to take a little bit of black spray paint and spray it on the inside of this exposed metal edge that we just created by drilling our four inch hole. I'm doing that just to kind of help prevent it from rusting around this hole. I've gone ahead and removed the spare tire to give myself a little bit more room to work. On this particular vehicle it has an after market exhaust, so I'm going to need to take these exhaust hangers down so that I can let this exhaust hang a little bit to gain better access to where I'll be working up here. Now on this, for me to get this exhaust hanger off, I'm going to break these little rings. They just help retain it, to keep it on there. Take a pair of pliers of some kind and break those off there, and then I should be able to get my rubber exhaust hanger to come off the end here. I'll do the same thing on this one. Chain locks work really well for getting these off there. If you don't have a pair of chain locks, you can also use a pry bar. I'm going to do the same thing on those two up there, but you will want to be sure to put some sort of support strap so that the exhaust does not fall. We've got our two cross rails, and these rails as you can see are different. One's in the shape of an L, and the other one's just a thick, solid piece of steel there. This one that's L-shaped is going to be the one that's going to be our rear cross member that's going to go towards the rear of the truck, and this solid one is going to be our front one. The first thing I'll need to do is take this rear cross member. I'll slide it up across there until I can get it past the shock. Over here I can slide it back across. What you can do is you can take a flat head screwdriver or a pry bar. Just put it under there in order to help you flip it. Once you've got it up there you'll want to get it moved all the way back here. You may just need to tap it a little bit. Now we can take our front one and slide it up into place, same way we did the rear one. Make sure it'll clear the shock over here on the driver side, then we can slide it back to where it's about centered there. Now we'll take our center section here, and it's a good idea to get a second set of hands because when you put it up into place, it can be kind of tricky to hold it there and get the bolt started at the same time. You want to be sure that this ball goes towards the front. Now if it's seated into place, I'm going to take one of my half inch bolts with flat washer and lock washer and get it started into one of the holes here. A little tech tip for you, before starting these by hand, you may need to clean out these threads that are in that front cross rail because sometimes that gray powder coating can get down in there and make it hard to start by hand. Get the rest of them started in this front cross rail. When you put the center section in there, you do want to make sure that the spring loaded mechanism for the handle, that'll lock that ball into place, is facing towards the driver's side. Once we've got our front bolts loosely installed, we can take our rear cross rail and begin to move it forward again in order to get it lined up with these holes. It's not a bad idea to take a pry bar and put it up in the very top edge there, because if you hit along the bottom here it may flip that bar back down, and then you'll have to pry it back up and you may fight a little bit. If you put it up there and then just strike the end of the pry bar with a hammer, you'll be able to move each end in a little bit at a time. Once we've got this rear cross rail pushed into place, we can get our center section put back into place, and then we can take another one of our half inch bolts and we'll just kind of start to insert them from the center out through our holes in the cross rail. We can loosely install flat washer, lock washer, and a nut on all three of those. We can take our side plate, we'll slide it up there, and then we'll take another one of our half inch bolts with lock washer and flat washer, and thread it into our front cross rail, and slide it through. Then on the other side put another flat washer followed by lock washer and a nut. Once we've got those two started, loosely installed, we can take another half inch bolt and flat washer, and slide it through each of the holes that are lined up over here. Now we can put on our flat washer, lock washer, and nut. Then we'll move up to the front one and do the same thing. Then we can install the side plate on the driver's side the exact same way, leaving all the bolts loosely installed. Now we can tighten, and then torque the bolts on the front and rear cross rails here. I'll use a three quarter inch socket. Then on these rear ones, I'll use the socket and a wrench. Now I can torque them to the specification in the instruction manual. I'll do that same thing with the rest of them. Now we can tighten these side plates to the frame rails. Then we'll tighten down the front bolt. Then once we've got them tightened down, we're ready to torque these through the frame rail. Once we've got that torqued, we'll be able to move to the other side and do the same thing. Now we can tighten down the bolts going through these side brackets into our cross rails. Again we'll be using a three quarter inch socket, and we'll torque both of these down to the spec. Then once we've got both of them inside torqued, we'll be able to move to the other side and repeat the same process. Now once we've got all of our bolts and fasteners torqued to the specification in the instructions, we can take our latch handle here. We'll just feed it up through the hole there and then out through the side. What I'll be able to do is take the five-sixteenths carrier bolt, comes in the kit, and slide it through there. Make sure it's secured. Then I can take the half inch nut that goes on the back side, start tightening that down. Then I'll just have to grab the half inch socket in order to tighten that lock nut down all the way. You want to make sure it's nice and tight. Not too tight, but tight enough that it's definitely not going to go anywhere. We can take our exhaust hangers and re-install them. Then you want to make sure to grab your support strap that you hung up on the exhaust back here as well. The last thing we need to do here is on these inner holes here, we're going to drill these out with a pilot bit and then we'll end up drilling them out to a half inch in order for our safety chain U-bolts to come down through here. Then I'll drill these other two inner holes out the same way. I'll come back with a little bit bigger bit and just continue to work my way up until I get back to a half inch. Now in order to get our safety connection chain U-bolts down into place, they're a little tight going through especially if you have a floor liner like this. You may just have to just kind of help them by tapping them in. There we go. They both move up and down freely, which is what we want. We can take one of these conical springs here along with one of the half inch washers. Then on each one of these we'll be able to slide the spring up on there with the thinnest part facing down towards where the nut will thread on. We just want to get that nut started on there. Then we'll do that on all four. Now we can take a three quarter inch socket and tighten the nuts up onto the bottom of these U-bolts and we'll stop when they're about flush with the bolt coming through to the under side of the nut here. Then we'll do the same thing for the other three. Once we're all done with that, we don't want to forget to re-install our spare tire. That's going to complete our look at the BMW turnover ball under-bed gooseneck trailer hitch with custom installation kit rated for 30,000 pounds. Part number BWGNRK1394 on our 2002 Dodge Ram 2500.

Customer Reviews

B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch w/ Custom Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs - BWGNRK1394

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (875 Customer Reviews)

Install this heavy-duty hitch on your vehicle so that you can securely tow your gooseneck trailer. Store the removable ball upside down in the hitch when you aren't towing to get complete bed access. Square ball base won't turn in hitch.

- BWGNRK1394
2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

I was nervous about installiton of the gooseneck hitch at first. I watched several videos that really helped and the install went flawlessly. B&W is a quality product and has a precise fit. Would recommend!! 361583

Awesome setup. Use the hitch all the time and it works great.
Stan - 04/01/2018


- BWGNRK1394
2001 Dodge Ram-Pickup

Great product. Easy to install, the installation video helped alot. It's alot better if you have two people to help. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. And is made in America, doesn't get much better than that. 277393

- BWGNRK1394
2001 Dodge Ram Pickup

This B&W gooseneck installed easily on my 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 in a little under 4 hours by myself. The only drilling required is for the holes in the bed for the receiver and the safety chain hooks. I'd definitely recommend a tip I saw online-- use a 3/4" piece of plywood as a template/stabilizer when you cut the 4" hole in the bed because the hole-saw will want to bite and grab badly on the bed without it. Quality product made in the USA by B&W, this is my 3rd B&W hitch and they will last forever. I will use this and another in my wife's truck so we can have one fifth wheel hitch (Companion) that will fit both trucks. Great service as always from etrailer. HIGHLY recommended. Thanks! 340805

- BWGNRK1394
1999 Dodge Ram Pickup

B&W goose neck hitch is wonderful, need to people to make installation easier. Mine is in a short WB Q cab ram with tool box. no problems pulling equipment or hay trailers. Not the first one I had installed so I cut a small notch to slide the bracket through, makes it much easier. Hope photo shows where I cut, does not wreaking bed structure. Don't settle for cheaper go with QUALITY, best price I found was etrailer. 516470

- BWGNRK1394

Everything about the B&W has been pure quality, the fit/ finish to the materials. The install was smooth sailing, and there were no issues. I'm a technician, so having the proper tools made all the difference. I used the following, Air drill, 3/8" & 1/2" impact gun, and the use of multiple extensions/ sockets. I also installed the Air Ride air bag kit at the same time and it worked with the B&W, with minor fit-up I've used the gooseneck several times, first time out was a 1,500 mile trip to FL each way hooked to a 22' equipment trailer. Trailer and load was roughly 14,000 lbs, no complaints. 727738

- BWGNRK1394
2000 Dodge Ram Pickup

Just finished installing the B & W goose neck hitch on my Dodge. Install was relatively easy as the bed was off in preparation for a flatbed. Everything lined up without any issues. All welds were superb, with some appearing to be robotically done. Directions were clear but better photos of assembly would be nice. Too dark and small. 705077

- BWGNRK1394

I purchased this product as a way to maintain the entire bed of my truck for use while not pulling my 5th wheel. The installation was a simple process for the average mechanic, almost anyone can complete this install with some basic hand tools. I am happy with this hitch and would recommend this to others. 671043

- BWGNRK1394
Ram 2500

Glad to see a great product made in the USA! Going to install this on my 2500 Dodge truck. 638955

- BWGNRK1394
2001 Dodge Ram Pickup

I bought a B&W turnover ball for 2001 Dodge Ram with the wiring harness for the bed of the truck. Hitch went in without a problem. 637189

- BWGNRK1394
1998 Dodge Ram Pickup

Spent several days looking at different hitches. Finally made the decision to go with the B&W . Glad I did!! Fit my 98 Dodge Ram Dually like it should. Very well built and the install was fairly easy. Will last me many years to come. Don’t bother buying anything else. Super satisfied!! 616456

- BWGNRK1394

Item was received on time and filled expectations completely. 614397

- BWGNRK1394

I bought this hitch so my son can pull my 5th wheel 609188

- BWGNRK1394
2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

This is a great product, the installation went almost exactly according to the videos that you watch beforehand. Except it took about twice as long as the video said which was okay I always do things a little slower. Only problem I had is the rear lbar when it was twisted into position lifted the bed of the truck about 3/8 of an inch. Knowledge of basic mechanics and the structure of your vehicle is necessary to successfully install this hitch. 596541

- BWGNRK1394

Customer service and shipping....outsta nding 589018

- BWGNRK1394
2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

Great product. Great quality. No concerns of weak link being the truck/trailer connection. Happy with etrailer. 560454

- BWGNRK1394
2001 Dodge Ram Pickup

Very good hitch in every way. Perfect hitch and etrailer is a class Company to do business with. 368096

- BWGNRK1394
2001 Dodge Ram Pickup

My b&w gooseneck hitch has been a great product. I've owned it a year now and have zero issues with it. When I installed it everything fit nice and tight and lined up with no issues. Ball always works and turns over without getting stuck like other brands I've had before. The paint is holding up great and still looks new. I reccomend this hitch. Totally worth the extra money spent! 340526

- BWGNRK1394
2001 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

This is the 3rd vehicle that I have put this hitch in and have 0 complaints. Installation is pretty straight forward and the instructions are easy to follow. If you take a bolt and clean the paint out of holes in the front cross member it will make your life a lot easier when you install. Great service from etrailer amd a great product. Only complaint is that the video for my truck, 2001 dodge 2500, on etrailers website is for a lot newer truck and did not apply to my vehicle at all. 317595

- BWGNRK1394
2001 Dodge Ram Pickup

Yes, I would'nt buy any other type hitch. I love the non invasive design,there's no obstruction in the bed to interfere with activity inside the bed. 249914

- BWGNRK1394

We are very satisfied with this hitch. The only problem we had was installation. This may have more to do with Dodge then the hitch. 242817

- BWGNRK1394
2000 Dodge Ram Pickup

Excellent hitch, fast shipping and easy installation from Etrailer. Definitely recommend getting one. Will get another one whenever I run up on my next truck. 238654

- BWGNRK1394
1994 Dodge Ram Pickup

Easy to install - I had airbags (which had to be removed) and old hardware from a fifth wheel hitch (which had to be removed) - but other than that simple Clear Instructions 234237

- BWGNRK1394
2002 Dodge Ram Pickup

The hitch fit as expected and was installed in about an hour. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. 227968

- BWGNRK1394
1999 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

After taking the old camper rails off of my 99 2500 placement of this new B&W was a breeze. I remembered reading someone else's reveiw so I cleaned the threads on the front rail. And also I took the advice of using a strap to hold the center section through the hole of the bed while I bolted it up. My suggestion to anyone not using a car lift like I did atleast have someone there helping with parts and tools climbing out from under the truck several times got old. All and all this was a simple and easy install 207999

- BWGNRK1394
1996 Dodge Ram Pickup

High quality. Fit well. 202993

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