B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 22,000 lbs

B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 22,000 lbs

Item # BWRVK3050

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Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters

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B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 22,000 lbs Connects to Gooseneck Hole BWRVK3050
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In Use/Installed

  • Gooseneck Hitch to Fifth Wheel Trailer
  • Connects to Gooseneck Hole
  • B and W
  • Adapts Truck
  • Hitch Adapters
  • 22000 lbs GTW
  • No Offset
  • Fixed Height
Quickly and easily convert your B&W Turnoverball gooseneck hitch (BWGNRK1500 - sold separately) to a sturdy 5th-wheel trailer hitch for your flatbed truck. Dual-jaw hitch removes without a trace for full bed access. Call 800-298-8924 to order B and W gooseneck and fifth wheel adapters part number BWRVK3050 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all B and W products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 22,000 lbs. Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters reviews from real customers.

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B and W Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters - BWRVK3050

Quickly and easily convert your B&W Turnoverball gooseneck hitch (BWGNRK1500 - sold separately) to a sturdy 5th-wheel trailer hitch for your flatbed truck. Dual-jaw hitch removes without a trace for full bed access.


  • Trailer hitch adapter converts your B&W Turnoverball gooseneck hitch for flatbed trucks (BWGNRK1500 - sold separately) to a 5th-wheel hitch
    • Lets you tow your 5th-wheel trailer
  • Rail-free design allows for full access to truck bed when hitch is removed
  • 1" Thick dual jaws provide 360-degree jaw-to-king-pin contact
    • Less rattle and more security than slide-bar jaws
  • Cam-action latching handle helps prevent binding
    • Simple to release, even on unlevel terrain
    • Lockable to secure trailer to hitch - padlock sold separately
  • Fully articulating head eases hookup and helps to limit chucking
    • Pivots front-to-back and side-to-side
  • Quiet, rattle-free ride with polyurethane bushings
  • Quick, simple installation
    • RV post installs in ball hole of B&W Turnoverball gooseneck hitch
    • Hitch base attaches to RV post
    • Hitch head secures to base
  • Gray powder coated steel is corrosion resistant
  • Made in the USA


  • Gross towing weight: 22,000 lbs
  • Vertical load limit: 5,500 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Fifth-Wheel Towing with Your Gooseneck Hitch

There are a variety of adapters on the market that let you tow a fifth-wheel trailer with a gooseneck hitch. You can use a coupler adapter that replaces the pin box on your fifth-wheel trailer and then attaches to the gooseneck hitch in your truck bed. But these adapters often require modifications to your trailer that can void the warranty. Another option would be using fifth-wheel rails that mount directly to your gooseneck hitch, usually by dropping into the hitch's ball hole. But to do this you have to make 2 separate purchases - the adapter plate that has the rails and a standard fifth-wheel hitch.

With the Companion Flatbed from B&W, you get a heavy-duty fifth-wheel trailer hitch that mounts in your flatbed truck by connecting directly to your Turnoverball gooseneck hitch with the included components. No modifications are required to your truck or trailer. And no additional parts are required for the system to work.

Quiet, Secure Ride

The 1" thick jaw on the Companion Flatbed is precision machined to provide a tight, sturdy connection. And unlike slide-bar models, the rounded 2-piece jaw on this fifth-wheel trailer hitch inhibits rattle and movement by securely wrapping around your trailer's king pin, resulting in easier hookup and a safer, quieter ride.

B&W Companion Base with Bushings

In addition to the sturdy jaw, the Companion has durable polyurethane bushings built in to provide a smoother, more comfortable towing experience. These bushings sit on top of the pivot arms that support the fifth-wheel head. Because the head is resting on a padded area, it is able to pivot without clanking. The ability of the head to pivot - both front to back and side to side - along with the trailer also helps to limit the chucking that may occur with a more static hitch.

Non-Binding Latch Handle

The dual jaw on the Companion Flatbed is operated by a simple-to-use cam-action handle. This handle allows you to quickly and easily release the jaws on the hitch, even if you are on uneven terrain. If any binding does occur between your truck and trailer, the jaws may remain closed after you move the handle to the open position. But because the handle is unlatched, there is nothing keeping the jaws closed except for the binding pressure. Therefore, simply driving your truck forward will be enough to force the jaws to open.

The cam-action handle is held in the closed position with the included pin and clip. For extra security, you can replace the pin with a sturdy padlock. The shackle on the lock you choose should have a diameter of 5/16", height of 3", and a width of 2-1/4".

Installation of the B&W Companion Flatbed

To install the Companion Flatbed, first bolt the hitch base together and then mount the arms to the base. Then position the base so that the post on the bottom inserts into your Turnoverball hitch's ball hole (in place of the hitch ball). Secure the post using the handle of the Turnoverball, just as you would secure the hitch ball. The post is square like the base of your gooseneck hitch ball. This square design helps to eliminate any twisting or turning of the post - and therefore the mounted fifth-wheel hitch - in your gooseneck hitch.

To tighten the connection between your Turnoverball hitch and the Companion Flatbed, torque down the integrated drop-down bolt. This bolt runs through the crossmember of the Companion base and then down through the post. When you tighten the drop-down bolt, the base will be pulled closer to your truck bed, creating a more substantial connection. This, along with the square design of the post, helps to ensure maximum stability when you're towing.

The hitch head installs on top of the pivot arms. When you have the head in position, simply secure it to the arms with the included pins.

RVK3050 B and W Companion Fifth Wheel RV Hitch for Flat Bed Trucks

BWRVK3050 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details BWRVK3050 Installation instructions

Video of B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 22,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for B and W Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters - Adapts Truck - BWRVK3050 Review

Today were going to review part number BWRVK3050. This is the BMW companion flat bed fifth wheel trailer hitch with the dual jaw design and a 22,000 pound weight capacity. Now, this is designed to fit on the BMW turn over ball under bed goose neck trailer hitch for flat bed trucks that we sell separately, its part number BWGNRK1500. If you have that under bed goose neck hitch installed in your flat bed, you can actually use this trailer hitch here to convert that goose neck hitch on your flat bed to be able to tow a fifth wheel trailer. The design of this is a rail free design basically it uses a square post right here on the center that would insert into that under bed goose neck hitch. Lock it into place then you are able to tow your fifth wheel trailer.Now, when youre done towing and you can remove this from your truck bed it will allow you full access to your truck bed when its removed.

Now, this hitch does have the one inch thick dual jaws right here that will provide a 360 degree jaw to king pin contact, that will give you less rattle, more security than those slide bar jaws. Right here it has the cam action latching handle which helps prevent binding. Basically this handle will allow you to quickly and easily release the jaws on the hitch. Even if youre on an uneven terrain, basically what you would do is just remove the clip, the pin. When youre going to hook up just push this and as you notice the two dual jaws will open wide.

Then when you back up into the king pin, the king ping would slide up in here.Push those, hits the back here, push those two jaws together which would wrap around the king pin and then as its pushing those jaws together it would move this handle back into position. Then right back here, if I can just turn this a little bit, these holes would line up and you can take this pin, drop it in, clip it into place that will lock the handle into place. Now this is large enough you could put a padlock through here if you prefer. We sell those separately, theyll give you extra security but it does some with this pinning clip attached. Basically what will then happen is then youre ready to tow this right now, when you get to where youre wanting and you want to release what youll have to do is just push the clip, hold the pin out, push this handle back.Now sometimes when you do that if theres any binding that might occur between the truck and the trailer, these jaws may remain closed when you move this handle to the open position but because the handle is unlatched, theres nothing thats keeping these jaws closed, except that binding pressure.

Simply if you just drive your truck forward a little bit it will be enough to force the jaws open and youre able to be detached from the fifth wheel trailer. This does have a fully articulating head, as you can see it does go front to back. This part up here the head will go side to side, its hard to show it because its very tight but this head part right here will go side to side.Its a fully articulating head that will help this hook up, help the limit chucking. Give you a quiet rattle free ride because this head right here sits on this polyurethane bushings which are right underneath here. This is a very quick simple installation, this RV square post right here will install in the ball hole of your BMW turn over flat bed trailer hitch.

This base attaches to that post and then the hitch head just drops on to the bushings. Has a gray powder coat finish, its a coated steel which is corrosion resistant. It is made in the USA. Now this does have a gross towing weight capacity of 22,000 pounds. Vertical load limit of 5,500 pounds and a limited five year warranty.I just want to show you that feature again. Heres take the pin, take the pin out, push the handle back you can see it opens up. King pin slides in, pushes the jaws closed, moves the handle up and then just drop your pin in to lock it into position, and youre ready to go. Now, the other nice thing is when youre going to remove this, when youre done towing and you want to remove it instead of trying to take the whole unit out which is pretty heavy. You can just pull these clips right here, slide these pins right out. Theyre attached so you wont lose them. Then if you just grab both of these handles right here, theyre rubber coated in the end, and then squeeze that and then pick up at the same time. You can lift this head right off the polyurethane bushing.Then you can hand take that off, and then when you remove this its a lot easier instead of trying to remove it all together. Now, one thing when you do remove this head, I recommend you look underneath at the very center underneath, if you flip it upside down there will be a grease inaudible 00:04:46 fitting. Youll notice there what you want to do is eventually over time, you just want to keep greasing that. What that does is it lubricates this copper right here to make it easier to articulate for the head to articulate. That should do it for the review on part number BWRVK3050, the BMW companion flat bed fifth wheel trailer hitch. .

Customer Reviews

B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter - Dual Jaw - 22,000 lbs - BWRVK3050

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (8 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily convert your B&W Turnoverball gooseneck hitch (BWGNRK1500 - sold separately) to a sturdy 5th-wheel trailer hitch for your flatbed truck. Dual-jaw hitch removes without a trace for full bed access.

- bwrvk3050

BW nailed this one!!!...the flatbed companion 5th wheel hitch...is.....well it's top notch...built to last....and you don't need to be a welder/fabricator..to figure this out....fit and finish is #1....i looked at goosneck adp for the trailer....my serv mgr brad in Tucson said he has had 15 5th wheel trailers with broken frames ..( from using goose neck adp on there 5th wheel trailers)...so i looked at the air ride goose neck adp....nope....to stinkin much$$....then i saw the flatbed companion by bw...boom!!...price....nice...2 min the unit is off and i have my full flatbed to use as i have always used...nice....if your a guy like me who has a truck to be used as a truck..( not a walmart runner) .this my friend is a no brainier......they also make them for pick up beds.... 539006

- BWRVK3050

This product is just what the doctor ordered. The instruction sheets are good, and show the manufacturer spent a goodly amount of time getting them just right. I would recommend this hitch to anyone with a flatbed, having a turnover ball installed, get this hitch. it is easy and fast to install and the cost is just right. 476727

- BWRVK3050

Great Product and as always fast shipping. Install went fast and easy highly recommended. 575281

- BWRVK3050

Works great with our toyhauler 612321

- BWRVK3050

Exactly what I ordered came in exactly when etrailer said it would. Good service! 603323

- BWRVK3050

Thanks George for the excellent service. The product arrived a day early and looking forward to installing the unit. All the best! 463323

- BWRVK3050

Hitch works perfectly. Easy in and out when I need the whole truck bed. Awesome product. 342196

- BWRVK3050

Great all around with customer support through videos, emails and phone conversations giving great descriptions and how to information. Price was the best that I could find. Thanks etrailer. 207628


Ask the Experts about this B and W Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapters
Do you have a question about this Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Adapter?

  • Availability of Adapter to Allow B&W Companion Hitch to Fit Round Gooseneck Ball Receptacle
  • All of the gooseneck balls for your factory hitch have a round shank. There is no adapter product to convert that round gooseneck ball receptacle to a square one that can accept the B&W Companion 5th wheel # BWRVK3500 or the flatbed version # BWRVK3050. If you truck did NOT have the factory rail kit you could install the B&W Fifth Wheel Installation Kit # BWGNRK1111-5W which would then allow you to use the Companion 5th wheel hitch.
    view full answer...

  • How to Install a Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch on a Flat Bed Truck
  • Since you have a flatbed on your truck now the only recommended way to use a Companion hitch will be to first use the # BWGNRK1500 as a gooseneck hitch and then for a fifth wheel hitch you would need the # BWRVK3050. The # BWGNRK1108 that you had previously installed on your truck is not compatible with flatbed trucks so there would be no recommended way for you to use it.
    view full answer...

  • Adapting a Gooseneck Hitch to Tow a 5th Wheel Trailer with a 2011 Ford F-350
  • The hole for gooseneck balls are not all the same. The Companion hitches such as # BWRVK3050, which was designed for flat bed trucks, only fit B&W Turnover Ball gooseneck hitches. For a gooseneck ball that sticks up from the bed (and is not recessed in a cavity like on a flat bed truck) you can use the Demco Recon hitch # DM8550045. It clamps around a 2-5/16 inch gooseneck ball. I have included a link to a video review of this hitch for you. Another option is to adapt the trailer...
    view full answer...

  • Height of the B and W Flat Bed Fifth Wheel Hitch part # BWRVK3050
  • The B and W Flat Bed Fifth Wheel Hitch part # BWRVK3050 will set 10-1/2 inches above the deck height of the flat bed truck it is installed in. I attached a review video for this hitch for you to check out as well.
    view full answer...

  • B&W Turnoverball Goosneck Hitch to Install in Flatbed Truck
  • The B&W Flatbed Adapter # BWRVK3050 will fit into any B&W Turnoverball gooseneck like the # BWGNRK1394. Depending on your truck a better option might be to use the B&W Gooseneck Hitch for Flatbeds # BWGNRK1500. It installs by welding to the underside of your flat bed to give you the gooseneck hitch.
    view full answer...

  • Base Dimensions of B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter BWRVK3050
  • The B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter # BWRVK3050 is intended specifically for use in trucks that have their gooseneck installation kit # BWGNRK1500. This gooseneck hitch has a square opening that accepts the square shank portion of the 5th wheel adapter. My B&W contact advised that most users of this adapter, whose base measures 18 x 18-inches, will install it in an opening that measures 20 x 20 x 4-inches deep. The recessed opening cannot be more than...
    view full answer...

  • B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for a Flatbed Truck
  • There is actually a special B&W Companion hitch designed specifically for use on a flatbed truck. It is # BWRVK3050. It works the same way but is lower profile since flatbeds tend to be higher than regular pickup truck beds. Your flatbed truck would have to have a B&W Turnover Ball gooseneck hitch for the Companion to work. If your flatbed does not have this hitch you can install one using # BWGNRK1500.
    view full answer...

  • How Does B and W Gooseneck Hitch Attach to Frame of Truck
  • To install the B and W Hitch part # BWGNRK1500 you will need to provide 1/4 thick brace straps to attach the hitch to the frame of the trailer. If you check out the install instructions I attached you can see more about the install process. The Companion hitch you would need is the part # BWRVK3050 then. This only has a 22k capacity though.
    view full answer...

  • Base Dimensions of B and W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter
  • The base dimensions of the B and W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter # BWRVK3050 is 18 x 18-inches and will install it in an opening that measures 20 x 20 x 4-inches deep. The recessed opening cannot be more than 4-inches deep.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Way to Tow a 5th Wheel Trailer Using a B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch
  • The best fifth wheel hitch to use with the B&W Turnoverball gooseneck hitch is the B&W Companion # BWRVK3500. That's exactly what it's designed for. However, it's 16-1/4 inches from the bed of the truck. Another option that may work for you is the B&W Companion for Flatbed Trucks # BWRVK3050. The hitch sits about 10-1/2 inches from the truck bed. With an adapter that allows the trailer to sit level it's likely to be very close to the bed rails. You want at the very least 6 inches...
    view full answer...

  • How Tall Will Companion Hitch for Flat Bed Trucks Sit Above Truck Bed
  • If you already have a Companion hitch head then all you would need is the part # BWRVB3055 to use your current head on your flat bed truck. If you don't have a Companion already you would instead need the part # BWRVK3050 as it comes with the head and the lower piece you mentioned. The head of this hitch will sit 10-1/2 inches above the deck of your flat bed truck. The regular Companion sits 16-1/4" - 18-1/4" inches above the bed of the truck.
    view full answer...

  • Replacement Parts for B&W Companion Hitch # BWRVK3050
  • The Replacement Saddle Pin for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches - Qty 1 # BW3025-119A is available, but the shock is only available with the replacement head # BWRVC3006.
    view full answer...

  • How to Level Fifth Wheel Trailer Using B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck to Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch
  • You are correct that the B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter # BWRVK3050 does not have a height adjustment. The head is approximately 10-1/2 inches off the deck of the flatbed. The amount of weight that's being put onto the truck isn't really the issue you need to watch out for but rather how level your trailer and your 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 are. If they're not sitting level, then you may be able to adjust your pin box to a lower set of bolt holes...
    view full answer...

  • Will Head of B and W Companion Hitch for Flat Beds Fit Other B and W Companion Hitches
  • Yes, the head of your FlatBed B and W Companion part # BWRVK3050 is the same head part # BWRVC3006 that's found on all versions of the B and W Companion hitch so it could be adapted to fit any base. If you have a short bed truck you'd want the slider base part # BWRVB3405 to give you turning clearance. Since I am pretty sure you have a 2015 Chevy Silverado 2500 short bed the rail kit you'd need is the part # BWGNRK1012-5W.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended 5th Wheel Compatible with B&W Gooseneck Hitch with Height Close to 13-1/2 Inches
  • The B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter # BWRVK3050 does not have any adjustment. It is 10-1/2 inches tall. The Curt X5 5th Wheel Base Rails Adapter for B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Trailer Hitches - 20,000 lbs # 16310 will give you industry standard rails height which is 1.38 inches. Then you can add the Curt A20 # C16140 which is equal height with the shortest hitch and gives you some nice features. This is adjustable from 13 inches tall, so you will...
    view full answer...

  • How to Determine if Companion Slider Hitch Will Fit in Truck Bed with Toolbox
  • The problem is the Flatbed Fifth Wheel Hitch part # BWRVK3050 has a shank that will be too tall to allow the hitch to rest on the bed of the truck since flat bed goosenecks are recessed and even if the hitch would fit the bed the head height would be way too low to allow the trailer to be towed level. How wide is your toolbox? Do you have any type of hitch installed in the bed of the truck? If it's a Turnoverball gooseneck hitch how much distance is between the gooseneck ball opening...
    view full answer...

  • Fifth Wheel Hitch Recommendation for 2014 Ram 2500 with B and W Turnoverball
  • The B&W Companion Flatbed Gooseneck-to-5th-Wheel Trailer Hitch Adapter # BWRVK3050 you referenced would be a great fit for your 2014 Ram 2500 if it had a B and W Turnoverball hitch and a flat bed installed. If you didn't have a flat bed you'd instead want the part # BWRVK3500.
    view full answer...

  • Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch And Companion For Flatbed Truck
  • It sounds like you are looking for the B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch for Flatbed Trucks, part # BWGNRK1500. This hitch requires welding for installation, and is designed for 1/8 inch floor plates. The hitch plate measures 6 inches x 8 inches. You can check out the attached installation instructions to make sure the mounting location for this hitch doesn't interfere with anything under the bed of your truck. The fifth wheel hitch that will work with the # BWGNRK1500...
    view full answer...

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