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  1. Gooseneck Coupler
  2. Gen-Y Hitch
  3. Round Tube
  4. Coupler with Inner Tube Only
  5. 25000 lbs GTW
  6. 2-5/16 Inch Gooseneck Ball
Gen-Y Spartan Shock Absorbing Gooseneck Coupler - 5" Offset - 2-5/16" Ball - 3.5K TW

Gen-Y Spartan Shock Absorbing Gooseneck Coupler - 5" Offset - 2-5/16" Ball - 3.5K TW

Item # 325-GH-7002
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Gooseneck Coupler
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Product Expert Kathleen M

Is this right for you? Product Expert Kathleen M says:

Yes, if you:

  • Could use more room between you truck and trailer so you can drop your tailgate or get into storage at the front of your trailer
  • Tow often over bumpy roads and need a coupler to dampen the shock
  • Are too busy to deal with airing up an air spring or finding a grease gun

No, if you:

  • Have a hard time getting lined up squarely over the ball and want something a little more forgiving to make hitching easier
  • Have issues with motion front to back (chucking) - this will help some but there are better options
Get a smooth ride when towing your heavy-duty equipment trailer or toy hauler with this shock-absorbing gooseneck coupler. Offset design gives 5" of extra clearance between your cab and trailer. Fits standard 4" round outer tube. 25K GTW. 1-800-940-8924 to order Gen-Y Hitch gooseneck coupler part number 325-GH-7002 or order online at Free expert support on all Gen-Y Hitch products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Gen-Y Spartan Shock Absorbing Gooseneck Coupler - 5" Offset - 2-5/16" Ball - 3.5K TW. Gooseneck Coupler reviews from real customers.
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Gen-Y Hitch Gooseneck Coupler - 325-GH-7002

  • Round Tube
  • Coupler with Inner Tube Only
  • 25000 lbs GTW
  • 2-5/16 Inch Gooseneck Ball
  • Gen-Y Hitch
  • Manual Latch
  • 3500 lbs TW
  • Built-In TW Scale
  • Shock Absorbing

Get a smooth ride when towing your heavy-duty equipment trailer or toy hauler with this shock-absorbing gooseneck coupler. Offset design gives 5" of extra clearance between your cab and trailer. Fits standard 4" round outer tube. 25K GTW.


  • Sturdy inner tube pairs with existing outer tube to create a gooseneck coupler for hooking your trailer up to your truck
  • Shock-absorbing design ensures a smooth, steady ride
    • Technology functions like a torsion axle to limit transfer of road shock from truck to trailer and vice versa
    • No airbags to maintain and fewer moving parts to repair or replace than with other shock-absorbing solutions
  • Offset design offers extra clearance between truck cab and trailer
  • Coupler socket secures to hitch ball with pin-style latch
  • Tongue weight scale is built in to help you balance your trailer
    • Meter lets you know if your load needs to be adjusted before you tow
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Powder coat finish resists wear and corrosion
  • Made in the USA


  • Ball size: 2-5/16"
  • Gross towing weight: 25,000 lbs
  • Vertical load limit (maximum tongue weight): 3,500 lbs
  • Optimal ride vertical load: 2,000 lbs - 3,500 lbs
  • Range of vertical adjustment (when used with outer tube): 5-1/2"
  • Offset from center of ball hole to center of adjustment hole: 5"
  • Tube outer diameter: 4"
  • Maximum travel at pivot points while under load: 2"
  • Limited 5-year warranty

Built-In Shock Absorption for a Smooth Ride

Whether you're hauling construction equipment or you're carrying your ATVs to the mud park, towing heavy-duty loads can be an intense job. You definitely don't want to have to deal with sharp, jolting movement every time your trailer hits a bump. Driving over bumps, potholes, and uneven terrain causes road shock. This can result in a rough ride for you and your cargo. It can even potentially damage your trailer. The Spartan from Gen-Y Hitch is designed to absorb road shock at the connection point to create a safe, smooth, and stable ride. This is thanks to the internal construction of the coupler, which is similar to that of a torsion axle.

gooseneck torsion

Pivot points are built into this gooseneck coupler. This allows for movement between the base of the coupler, which connects to the ball in your truck bed, and the top tube of the coupler, which connects to your trailer. When your vehicle hits a bump, the base of the coupler will move up or down accordingly.


Built into the Spartan are tubes with inner bars that are surrounded by rubber cords. As the coupler's base rises or falls, these inner bars twist inside of the tubes, attempting to follow the base's motion. But the rubber cords prevent the bars from twisting too far. And as each bar turns, these cords compress to absorb the shock. This means that any shock experienced by your truck can be absorbed before it reaches your trailer, and the shock experienced by your trailer won't get transferred to your truck.

This type of shock-absorption system is easy to maintain. Just regularly apply grease to the built-in zerk to keep the components in working condition. No airbags to fill. No small parts to repair or replace. No hassle.

Offset Design Gives Extra Clearance When Towing

This Gen-Y gooseneck coupler has an offset design. The bottom of the coupler, where it attaches to the ball, is positioned 5" away from the coupler tube, which inserts into the outer tube on your trailer. This provides 5" of extra clearance, giving you more space between your truck cab and trailer when making tight turns.

Easily Check Your Vertical Load

The vertical load, or tongue weight, refers to the weight that a fully loaded trailer exerts downward on the hitch ball of the tow vehicle. Too little vertical load can cause trailer sway and too much can cause poor performance.

This Gen-Y gooseneck coupler has a built-in mechanical scale so that you can check to see if your vertical load is too high or too low. The highest arrow on the scale indicates your maximum vertical load (3,500 lbs). The lowest arrow indicates no vertical load (0 lbs). A vertical load of at least 2,000 lbs is recommended for the built-in shock absorption to function effectively. This means that the scale's white indicator marker should be between the highest arrow and the middle arrow when you hook up your trailer to tow.

GH-7002 GenY Hitch Spartan Round Adjustable Gooseneck Coupler with Torsion Suspension - 5-1/2" Range - 2-5/16" Ball - 25,000 lbs

Replaces GH-7000

Video of Gen-Y Spartan Shock Absorbing Gooseneck Coupler - 5" Offset - 2-5/16" Ball - 3.5K TW

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Gen-Y Spartan Shock Absorbing Gooseneck Coupler Review

What's up everybody, Adam here with me etrailer, today, we have a Spartan shock absorbing gooseneck coupler. So, this is going to come in two of a kind, we're gonna have 3.5K and also 5.5K, which is what we have right here. Basically having a shock absorbing hitch is the best. one it's gonna, kind of prevent all that chucking that you feel, chucking is when your trailer kind of surges, and it kind of surges your truck forward and you can feel it in the cab, also with the porpoising, porpoising is when you hit bumps, and the front end of your truck just keeps bouncing up and down and just kind of uneven, and it's not really something you want to feel whenever you're going down the road, but also it's just gonna prolong the life of a lot of your components, You know, just a little bit of shock absorbing technology here, is gonna increase your ride quality a lot whenever you're going down the road. We have a lot of specs to go over but first, let's show you the Spartan in action. So we went ahead and took this thing through our test scores, and if you guys look right here, you'll see how it's really flexing.

So, I wish you guys we're in the cab with me, I have driven a lot of different goosenecks and with airbags on the back, it's usually really, really rough, but as that flex starts to happen, it really doesn't transfer a lot that shock in there, It felt super buttery, whenever I was going over the speed bumps. And we went over a lot of them, so it's kind of an extreme case here at etrailer with our test scores, we didn't see a whole lot of flex compared to some of the lighter duty couplers, but you could 100% feel it with it completely loaded up. Our four different bolts right here, are really what's going to set this apart from any other coupler that you may be looking at. Basically what's going on here is, we have a circular shaft going through the center, and we're going to have a bunch of cylinder type rubber pieces that go all the way around that shaft, and then there's a square shaft that goes around all that. Basically as it starts to torque, the center shaft starts to move, but then the rubber on the outside of that, and with the shape of the outer tube, is gonna kind of resist that.

So as it starts to do that in torque, that rubber is really what's taking all of that road shock away. And that's pretty much how it works, that's really how this thing really sets it apart from, any of the other non shock absorbing goosenecks you may see on our website, Should you go with the 5.5K or the 3.5K Well, we can do some calculations to figure that out. one way of doing it, is we can take the gross trailer weight of our whole entire trailer, and we typically take 15 to 25% of that weight. Once you find out your pin weight, what you can do is you're gonna take that number and times it by two. So if you have 2,750 pounds of tongue weight, times it by two, and it's going to be around 5,000 pounds.

we times it by two you because we want to have 50% of what our coupler can handle. So this way we're not going to be, not really utilizing the shock absorbing technology and we're also not going to be overloading it either. And here's a little gauge that'll show you, as you can see we're right at the minimum, but again, we don't have everything we usually have loaded up in here, so once we load all that stuff up, it's right in that sweet spot so we get a lot more flex and a lot smoother ride. We went over how it sets it apart from all the other, gooseneck couplers that you have options on our website for, we also showed you in an action and we helped you figure out which one's going to be best for you, So now let's just go over some specs. One is make sure that whatever is on your trailer, we want to make sure that it's going to fit a diameter of four inches on this tube.

So this two's about four inches in diameter, We're gonna have five different holes, and they are kind of offset, some are here, some are here. So depending on your setup, you're going to be able to get it adjusted. And we're going to have an overall vertical travel of about five and a half inches. it does have a nice powder coated finish, I love the look of this. I've literally seen a lot of different ball mounts, goosenecks and everything with this same powder coat finish, and they last forever. It looks good. It's going to resist against all that rust and corrosion and stuff like that. One thing about the Spartan, if I we're to compare it to some other shock absorbing hitch, we do have the Pegasus. So the Pegasus, the only difference between these two is, just going to be the offset. So the offset is from the center here of your tube, to the center of your ball. And for this one, it's going to be about five inches of offset. So that's going to be kind of nice, just so we can maybe keep a fuel tank in here, maybe a toolbox or something like that. The Pegasus is going to have 11 inch offset. So if you really want to set your trailer back a little bit farther, you can go with the Pegasus. Pegasus also has a 4.5K option. So, it's all up to you, but they're all going to work the same. It is going to be used with a two and five 16 inch ball does not come with the ball, but it does come with the pin right here, and all you really got to do to get it undone, is just take this pin, go out like this and then pull it. Really simple, comes with the pin, and actually comes with one more pin up top, and I really liked this one because it's a nice stainless steel pin that goes right through, so you don't have to worry about providing your own. Has a little clip too, which is nice. And it's one of these, which is easy to pull off and it's not going to come off on its own, so I really liked that. So you get everything you really need with it, but if you need anything else like safety chains and stuff, that's not gonna come with it, but we do have them here at each trailer. But all in all, shock absorbing hitches, I'm telling you this coupler is going to increase your ride quality a lot, if you're on the road for longer than an hour with a gooseneck trailer, just get one of these you'll thank me later. And that's a pretty much it, when I look at the Gen-Y Spartan shock absorbing, gooseneck coupler..

Customer Reviews

Gen-Y Spartan Shock Absorbing Gooseneck Coupler - 5" Offset - 2-5/16" Ball - 3.5K TW - 325-GH-7002

Average Customer Rating:  4.2 out of 5 stars   (12 Customer Reviews)

Get a smooth ride when towing your heavy-duty equipment trailer or toy hauler with this shock-absorbing gooseneck coupler. Offset design gives 5" of extra clearance between your cab and trailer. Fits standard 4" round outer tube. 25K GTW.


the product works great just be sure to order the correct weight rating for the loads you intend to haul. if you only haul 10,000 lbs. get the hitch for that rating. even though you can haul 15,000 lbs. you won't get the benefit of the flex if your hitch has a gross tongue weight that is too heavy. other than that, it's a great product.


Fast and exactly what I needed. Thanks Carol


Holes in hitch don’t line up with the hole in tube on my 2018 MAXXD Trailer. With holes lined up the hitch is offset towards passenger side of truck. Was really looking forward to working this hitch. Very disappointed

There are situations where the existing outer tube of the gooseneck couple will not have the correct holes to line this adapter up with. It is okay to slide this inner tube into the outer tube aligned correctly and just tighten the set screws. You will not use the pin in this case.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 07/18/2018


Quick Service! Only one problem the GEN Y doesn’t match up on my Liberty Trailers gooseneck retaining pin holes not basically they are an inch off forcing my trailer to be off had to bring it to a machine shop for proper alignment.


just as i expected. fits great and easy to install.

the young man in the video must be very strong, cause it took some umph to get the tube inserted and pin put in by myself. but hey, this fat old man got'er done!!


Review from a similar Spartan GN Coupler in Gooseneck Coupler

I have a 2020 Silverado Custom Trail Boss 1500 and I pull a Shadow 2 horse slant gooseneck with 9' LQ and a bump out. The Trail Boss has a 5'9" box so the gooseneck is rather close the the cab. I bought the Gen-Y Spartan shock absorbing gooseneck coupler with 5" offset and it makes a huge difference pulling down the road. We have hauled the horses from MN to ND, MT, WY, CO, KS, NE, IA and back and have nothing but great things to say about the Gen-Y coupler. It is a must!


Review from a similar Spartan GN Coupler in Gooseneck Coupler

Definitely rides better when the trailer is loaded. Only issue I have is that it increases the hitch height (my truck is lifted), but that's just the nature of the beast. Hopefully it hold's up to the Arizona sun.


Review from a similar Spartan GN Coupler in Gooseneck Coupler

With my trailer which is only a 6 k trailer I bought the 7.5k hitch yet empty it is maxed out wish there was a way to adjust


Review from a similar Spartan GN Coupler in Gooseneck Coupler

Great hitch ... love the adjustability of the hitch to match height of different trailers i pull since i hot shot and do power onlys also


Review from a similar Spartan GN Coupler in Gooseneck Coupler

Some of the best Service i have been given while ordering something on the phone in years . Even when she did not know the answer her willingness to find out was great . Thanks again


Review from a similar Spartan GN Coupler in Gooseneck Coupler

works great


Review from a similar Spartan GN Coupler in Gooseneck Coupler


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  • Does Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler with Torsion Suspension and 5-1/2 Inch Offset Improve Turning Clearnace
    This Gen-Y gooseneck coupler, part # 325-GH-7002, replaces the current coupler on your trailer and provides 5-1/2 inches of offset. The offset moves the trailer back 5 inches to provide more clearance between your truck and trailer when executing sharp turns. The biggest benefit of this coupler are the torsion flex cords that absorb the shock of your trailer. This makes your ride much smoother, which is better on you and your trailer.
    view full answer...
  • Will the Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler Work With a Recessed Gooseneck Hitch
    I do have an option for you but the Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler part # 325-GH-7002 is not going to work with a recessed gooseneck hitch but we do have a similar option that may, the Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler part # 325-GH-7001 which is actually designed for this exact purpose. I have attached for you below a dimensional photo of the gooseneck coupler which should give you the info you need to determine compatibility but if not just let me know. If possible, I also recommend a high-rise gooseneck...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Which Gooseneck Coupler for 25900-lbs Gooseneck Trailer
    I have a solution for you, but the Gen-Y Spartan # 325-GH-7002 only has a capacity of 25000-lbs, so you're really going to be pushing it if your trailer is ever close to the GVWR. Instead, I recommend using the Convert-A-Ball Multi-Cushioned Gooseneck Trailer Coupler - Round - 30,000 lbs # CG, which is also a cushioned gooseneck coupler but it has the capacity to safely handle your 25900-lbs GVWR trailer.
    view full answer...
  • Cushioned Gooseneck Coupler That Uses Pin/Holes to Attach to Outer Tube
    We can't recommend drilling holes in the Convert a Ball Cushioned Gooseneck Coupler part # CG to install it but we do have the cushioned Gen-Y Spartan coupler part # 325-GH-7002 which would work great that does use holes for mounting instead.
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  • Are Ford and Ram OEM Gooseneck Hitch Compatible with Offset for Better Turning Clearance
    The Curt 4" Offset Ball for Double-Lock Gooseneck Hitch # C602 is available only if you have the double-lock model. The other Curt models that drop in and lock through the ball lever like # C60601 featuring the Pop-In or OEM Underbed System will not have the offset option available, so it is a bummer the dealer didn't give you what you asked for with your 2018 Ram 2500 Laramie. To give you the clearance you desire, the other option is to use a gooseneck coupler offset like # BWTEXA4200...
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