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etrailer 4,900-Watt Portable Inverter Generators - 4,275 Running Watts - Gas - Manual

Item # 333-0001-0002

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etrailer 4,900-Watt Portable Inverter Generators - 4,275 Running Watts - Gas - Manual Outdoor Use Only 333-0001-0002
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etrailer 4,900-Watt Portable Inverter Generators - 4,275 Running Watts - Gas - Manual Outdoor Use Only 333-0001-0002
etrailer Wheels Generators - 333-0001-0002
etrailer Inverter - 333-0001-0002
Generators 333-0001-0002 - 120 Volt Output - etrailer
etrailer 120 Volt Output Generators - 333-0001-0002
Generators 333-0001-0002 - 4900 Starting Watts,3275 Running Watts - etrailer
etrailer 4,900-Watt Portable Inverter Generators - 4,275 Running Watts - Gas - Manual Gas 333-0001-0002
Generators 333-0001-0002 - 4900 Starting Watts,3275 Running Watts - etrailer
etrailer Generators - 333-0001-0002
Generators 333-0001-0002 - Outdoor Use Only - etrailer
333-0001-0002 - Recoil Start etrailer Generators
333-0001-0002 - Recoil Start etrailer Generators
Generators 333-0001-0002 - 120 Volt Output - etrailer
333-0001-0002 - Gas etrailer Generators
333-0001-0002 - Gas etrailer Inverter
etrailer 4,900-Watt Portable Inverter Generators - 4,275 Running Watts - Gas - Manual Wheels 333-0001-0002
333-0001-0002 - 4900 Starting Watts,3275 Running Watts etrailer Generators
etrailer Generators - 333-0001-0002

  • Gas
  • etrailer
  • 4900 Starting Watts
  • 3275 Running Watts
  • Recoil Start
  • 120 Volt Output
  • Inverter
  • Outdoor Use Only
  • Wheels
The 2,000-watt and 3,200-watt inverter generators have built-in parallel ability and combine to provide 4,900 watts of power. Manual, easy-start engines for reliable startup. Safe for sensitive electronics. 30-Amp TT-30R outlet for RV connection. Call 800-298-8924 to order etrailer generators part number 333-0001-0002 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all etrailer products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for etrailer 4,900-Watt Portable Inverter Generators - 4,275 Running Watts - Gas - Manual. Generators reviews from real customers.

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etrailer Generators - 333-0001-0002

The 2,000-watt and 3,200-watt inverter generators have built-in parallel ability and combine to provide 4,900 watts of power. Manual, easy-start engines for reliable startup. Safe for sensitive electronics. 30-Amp TT-30R outlet for RV connection.


  • 2 Inverter generators with built-in parallel ability provide a portable power source
  • e2000 generator offers:
    • (1) 120V 20-Amp GFCI outlet powers household appliances, tools, and electronic devices
    • (1) 120V 30-Amp L5-30R twist-lock outlet powers large household appliances and tools
      • Included L5-30P to TT-30R adapter provides a RV connection point
    • (1) 5V 2.1-Amp USB outlet powers cell phones, tablets, and other portable electronics
  • e3200 generator offers:
    • (2) 120V 20-Amp GFCI outlets power household appliances, tools, and electronic devices
    • (1) 120V 30-Amp TT-30R outlet provides a RV connection point
    • (1) 12V 8.3-Amp DC outlet charges automotive and marine batteries
    • (1) 5V 2.1-Amp USB outlet powers cell phones, tablets, and other portable electronics
  • Built-in parallel ability and included cables let you easily pair the generators
    • Produce up to 4,900 watts of power when used together
  • Integrated inverter lets you safely charge and run electronic devices
  • Easy-start engine with recoil pull handle offers reliable startup
  • 3-in-1 Data-Minder monitors voltage, frequency, and running hours (e3200 only)
  • Economy mode reduces engine noise and conserves fuel to increase run time
    • Automatically ramps up to accommodate equipment as needed and returns to idle when load is removed
    • Charges cell phones and other low-draw equipment without increasing engine speed
  • Firman 4-stroke engine uses standard unleaded gas - no need to mix gas and oil
    • Cast iron cylinder sleeves help ensure long engine life
  • Whisper series muffler ensures quiet operation - won't drown out campground conversation
  • Safety features promote accident-free use
    • Warning lights indicate low oil and overloading
      • Engine automatically stops if oil level is too low for safe use
      • Circuit breaker stops power flow to connected devices if overload is detected
    • Digital voltage regulator helps minimize voltage fluctuations
    • Spark arrester prevents release of flammable debris - USDA Forest Service certified
  • Clean-running engine meets CARB, cETL, and EPA standards
  • Outlet covers help to keep out moisture and debris
  • Portable generators provide easy transport options
    • e2000 weighs 45.9 lbs and includes built-in carry handle
    • e3200 weighs 84 lbs and includes built-in wheels, a folding handle, and carry handles
  • Includes:
    • e2000 generator
    • e3200 generator
    • Parallel cables
    • L5-30P to TT-30R adapter
    • Battery charge cable
    • 2 Bottles of engine oil
    • 2 Oil funnels
    • 2 Screwdrivers
    • 2 Spark plug wrenches
    • e2000 owner's manual
    • e3200 owner's manual
    • e2000 quick reference guide
    • e3200 quick reference guide


  • Starting (surge) power output: 4,900 watts
  • Running (rated) power output: 4,275 watts
  • Power line frequency: 60 Hz
  • Warranty:
    • 2-Year limited warranty for residential use
      • 1st Year parts and labor
      • 2nd Year parts only
    • 180-Day limited warranty for commercial use
      • 90-Day parts and labor
      • 180-Day parts only

Additonal Specs for Single Generator:

  • Starting (surge) power output:
    • e2000: 2,000 watts
    • e3200: 3,200 watts
  • Running (rated) power output:
    • e2000: 1,600 watts
    • e3200: 2,900 watts
  • Continuous run time at 1/4 load: 9 hours
  • Dry weight:
    • e2000: 45.9 lbs
    • e3200: 84 lbs
  • Dimensions:
    • e2000: 20" long x 16-3/4" tall x 12-1/8" wide
    • e3200: 23-1/4" long x 17-15/16" tall x 17-7/8" wide
  • Noise level for e2000 (normal conversation is 60 dB):
    • Measured at 25' away in standard mode at 1/4 load: 58 dB
    • Measured at 0' away in economy mode with no load: 83 dB
    • Measured at 0' away in standard mode with no load: 87 dB
  • Noise level for e3200 (normal conversation is 60 dB):
    • Measured at 25' away in standard mode at 1/4 load: 58 dB
  • Engine type: Firman Max-Pro Series 80-cc, single cylinder, air-cooled, 4-stroke OHV
  • Engine hp:
    • e2000: 3.5
    • e3200: 5.5
  • Fuel type: gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity:
    • e2000: 0.9 gal
    • e3200: 1.8 gal
  • Oil capacity:
    • e2000: 0.4 qt
    • e3200: 0.6 qt
  • Oil type: SAE 10W-30

Note: Gas generators produce carbon monoxide, which is poisonous. For your safety, always be sure to operate this gas-powered generator outdoors.


Meets the following important certification standards:

  • US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • California Air Resources Board (CARB)
  • cETL - Compliant with North American Safety Standards

Powerful, Portable Generators

These e2000 and e3200 etrailer inverter generators combine to provide 4,900 watts of clean AC power to get you up and running whether you're at the campsite, worksite, or tailgate party. Each generator offers a variety of outlets for powering your devices.

e2000 outlets

The e2000 generator comes with (1) 120V GFCI outlet for safely powering household appliances, tools, and electronic devices. It also features (1) 120V L5-30R twist-lock outlet for large appliances and motorized tools with greater electrical demands. Lastly, it includes (1) 5V USB outlet to charge cell phones, tablets, and other portable electronics. As an added convenience, the e2000 includes a TT-30R adapter that lets you plug your RV into the generator's 120V 30-Amp L5-30R twist-lock outlet. This ensures you'll have access to electricity no matter where you take your RV or if there's a power outage at the campground.

e3200 outlets

The e3200 generator also comes with (2) 120V GFCI outlets, (1) 120V TT-30R outlet for a RV connection, and (1) 5V USB outlet. Additionally, it includes (1) 12V 8.3-Amp DC outlet that charges automotive and marine batteries.

generator carry

The compact e2000 weighs only 45 lbs and has a built-in ergonomic handle, making it easy to take with you no matter where you go. The e3200 has a folding handle and wheels for easy transport. Additionally, two built-in, ergonomic carry handles give you a simple way to pick up and move the generator when needed.

Built-in Parallel Ability

Each generator comes equipped with parallel ability that lets you easily pair them with each other to produce 4,900 watts of power. By increasing the power output, you can run equipment with higher electrical demands.

The included parallel connection cables simply plug into the corresponding ports on each generator's control panel. Because the parallel ability is built-in, you don't have to purchase a separate kit and remember to bring it with you.

Safe for Sensitive Electronic Devices

Electronic devices are made with delicate circuitry that requires steady, controlled electrical current. The electrical current produced by standard generators, however, is uncontrolled, allowing extreme fluctuations in power. And these fluctuations can easily damage your sensitive electronic devices.

These generators, on the other hand, have built-in inverters that control the voltage that is produced. This important feature ensures each generator is safe to use with your electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers and medical devices.

Economy Mode Provides Fuel Efficiency

With the flip of a switch, you can activate each generator's economy mode feature. This mode adjusts engine speed to match the power demands of your connected devices. When using low-draw devices like tablets, cell phones, televisions, and radios, the engine runs more efficiently to save fuel and keeps noise to a minimum. The engine only runs at normal speed when additional power is needed. For example, when using a power tool, the engine will only speed up when the device is actively being used. This mode is not only kinder to your pocketbook and your ears, it's also easier on the environment.

Safety Features

Each generator comes with a number of safety features that protect both you and the generators. The control panel contains two warning lights indicating low oil and overloading. When the engine is low on oil, it will automatically shut down to prevent damage. If an overload is detected, either by exceeding the generator's limits or a power surge, the circuit breaker will stop supplying power to the connected devices. A built-in spark arrester helps prevent any sparking that might burn someone or start a fire, protecting both you and the environment. This arrester has been certified by the USDA Forest Service. Also, a digital voltage regulator assists in minimizing voltage fluctuations which helps to maintain a steady flow of electricity.

Choosing a Generator

To choose a generator that meets your needs, you must match the size of the generator (that is, the starting output and running output in watts) with the electrical demands of the equipment that you want to operate.

Approximate Power Demands of Common Household Items

Starting (surge) wattage is the power that a device requires at startup. Running (rated) wattage is the power needed to keep the device running. A large appliance with an electric motor - such as a furnace, refrigerator, air conditioner, or washing machine - may require 2 - 3 times more surge wattage than running wattage.

ApplianceRunning WattsStarting Watts
Air compressor (1/4 hp)1,0001,600
Air conditioner (15,000 Btu)1,8004,900
Air conditioner (13,500 Btu)1,5003,800
Air conditioner (10,000 Btu)1,2001,800
Clock radio40
Coffee maker9000
Desktop computer150 - 3500
Electric drill (3/8" / 4 amps)450600
Electric space heater on high setting1,4500
Floor fan1000
LCD television (32")100 - 1500
Microwave oven (or 4-slot toaster)1,4500
Washing machine1,1502,250
Work light (quartz halogen)1,0000

Determining Your Specific Power Needs

The following steps will help you calculate the correct size of generator to meet your power needs.

1. Determine the total running wattage for the devices that you want to plug into the generator (generator's rated/running output in watts must exceed this value).

  1. Find the running (rated) watts for each device that you want to plug into the generator. (Look for a sticker or plate on each device or check your owner's manuals.)
  2. Add up those numbers to get the total running wattage for all devices.

2. Determine the total starting wattage for the devices that you want to plug into the generator (generator's surge/starting output in watts must exceed this value).

  1. Determine which device requires the most starting (surge) watts.
  2. Add that value to the total running wattage from Step 1 to get the total starting wattage.

Example Calculation
Example Devices1. Running Watts (Add Together)2. Starting Watts (Select Greatest Value)
Electric drill450600
Floor fan1000
= 1,350 Total Running Watts1,600 Greatest Starting Watts Value
+1,350 Total Running Watts
=2,950 Total Starting Watts

Generator's starting output must exceed total starting watts.

Generator's rated output must exceed total running watts.

W01681 etrailer e2000 Portable Inverter Generator - Gas - Manual Start

W02982 etrailer e3200 Portable Inverter Generator - Gas - Manual Start

333-0001-0002 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 333-0001-0002 Installation instructions333-0001-0002 Installation InstructionsAlternate Instructions 333-0001-0002 Installation instructions

Video of etrailer 4,900-Watt Portable Inverter Generators - 4,275 Running Watts - Gas - Manual

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer Generators 333-0001-0002 Review

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the E-Trailer Portable Invertor Generators.Now the Invertor Generators provide a portable power source. Starting power output is 4,900 watts. And running power output is 4,275 watts when paired together.Single starting power output for our larger generator is 3,200 watts and 2,000 watts for the smaller one. Single running power output is 2,900 watts for our larger one and 1,600 watts for the smaller one.Now these are great for camping, RV-ing, work sites, in emergency situations. Really any application that calls for needing portable power. You can use the generators individually.

Or, again, you can pair them together and run them parallel to get more power.It does come with the parallel cables, so that's your parallel kit. Just a couple of cables that connects one generator to the other.They both feature manual start, recoil starters. So we have this one located here on the larger one. And on the smaller one, located right here.Overall they are a really nice design. They have a great look to them.

Comes with some accessories. So you get your oil. It comes with SAE 10W30 engine oil. Comes with oil funnels, wrenches for spark plug, screw drivers to remove any paneling for maintenance or gaining access to the spark plug area. Comes with battery charging cables.

Comes with your parallel kit owners manuals. And it comes with a 30 amp adapter. And that one comes with the smaller generator.The handles on top of the generators make for easy transportation. And then the larger one has an extension handle on one side and it has wheels on the other side so you can lift that up and you can simply roll it around. So nice, easy mobility with this kit and with each individual generator.The dry weight for the larger one is around 84 pounds and 45.9 pounds for the small one.The larger one features never flat wheels that are made from a durable plastic and rubber construction.

Also on the bottom of each unit we have padded feet so the units don't move or shift around when running.They also feature nice quiet operation with the Whisper Series Muffler. Noise level is 58 decibels per generator measured at 25 feet away at 25% load in standard mode.This one right here features a 171cc single cylinder air cooled four stroke OHV engine for longer life, higher performance, and lower maintenance. OHV is overhead valve.The smaller one features an 80cc single air cooled four stroke OHV engine.The larger generator has a 1.8 gallon gas tank. The smaller one has a 0.9 gallon gas tank. On the larger one here the cap is tethered so we don't misplace or lose it. And then internally it has a filter to keep unwanted stuff out of our gas tank. Automotive style, so once it's tight enough it will actually click.Then here on our smaller one, the lid does have a switch on it. So that allows us to position it to the on position to supply air to the tank. So just the smaller generator has the fuel lever that actually on the cap of the gas tank. So to remove that, we just unscrew it, comes out not tethered, but it does have the filter as well. And then, that one does not click. So once it's tight, it's tight enough.Now these use clean and fresh regular unleaded gasoline with a minimum 87 octane. The run time will vary depending on how it's used, but it has up to a 9 hour run time at 25% load. They offer clean power with less than 3% THD or total harmonic distortion. So it's great for charging your electrical components like your phones, tablets, and laptops.The larger one measures about 23 1/4" long by 18" tall by 17 7/8" wide. Smaller one is about 20" long by 16 3/4" tall by 12 1/8" wide.Rated AC voltage is 120 volts. Rated frequency is 60 hertz.Real quick I'm going to grab the book and we're going to talk about our larger one. I'm just going to go over all of the ports that it offers here at the control panel.So to get us started we have our recoil starter. We have our choke button. And we have the fuel control knob or the fuel valve knob.Over here we have our engine switch and we have the economy control switch. Economy control switch can be activated in order to minimize fuel consumption and noise while operating the unit during times of reduce electrical output allowing the engine speed to idle during periods of non-use.The engine speed returns to normal when the electrical load is connected. When the economy switch is off, the engine runs at normal speed continuously.Then on this one we have a three to one, or three in one data minder multi-meter, so you can push the select button to show the voltage, hertz, and running hours.Right here we have the 120 volt, 20 amp duplex connections. So 20 amps of current maybe be drawn from this 120 volt receptacle. And then right here we have the 120 volt, 30 amp RV receptacle.We have output indicator lights. So we have LED lights. We have output ready indicator. We have overload indicator. And we have oil warning indicator.And then over here we have our USB port, so that's located right there. Then we also have the circuit breakers. Push button circuit breakers. Right here for A/C, right here for D/C. And then we have our parallel ports for our parallel cables when we want to pair these together.And then on this one we have a 12 volt D/C outlet. This is used to charge 12 volt automotive type batteries only with the included charging cables.Then all the plugs have outlet covers on them to keep the outlets protected and to keep dirt and grime out of the connection points.Then over here on this one, a lot of the same features. So we have our fuel cap right here. Also on the larger one, I forgot to point out, that the ground terminal is located right here.Then on the smaller one we have the ground terminal located right here. Really a lot of the same set up. So we have the fuel valve knob. Right above that we have our USB port. The button right here is our engine switch and then next to that we have the economy control switch.Above that we have our choke. We have the recoil starter. This plug right here is the 120 volt, 20 amp. This one right here is the 120 volt, 30 amp. Then it also has the ports for the parallel cables.Then we have the circuit braker right there. That's our A/C circuit braker. We also have our indicator lights. Same indicator lights as the other side. Or, as the other generator.Now the labeling on these are really nice. I want to point out that it has our start guide, step by step approach. Also how to stop it or turn it off.So, they're easy to use. They're really nice. They look great. And again, you can pair them together to get more power. And you can also use them individually.That's going to do it for today's look at the E-Trailer Portable Invertor Generators.


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