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Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier - Locking - 2 Fly Rods
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Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier - Locking - 2 Fly Rods

Item # TRX57FR
Our Price: $368.00
Fishing Rod Holders
Shipping Weight: 20 lbs
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Bait your fly rods at home and load them into this convenient carrier. Collapse it and sling it over your shoulder for that long hike to the water. Reel-up design keeps 2 fly rods protected and tangle-free on your vehicle's crossbars. 1-800-940-8924 to order Trxstle fishing rod holders part number TRX57FR or order online at Free expert support on all Trxstle products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier - Locking - 2 Fly Rods. Fishing Rod Holders reviews from real customers.
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Trxstle Fishing Rod Holders - TRX57FR

  • Vehicle Rod Carriers
  • 2 Rods
  • Trxstle
  • Aluminum
  • Universal Crossbar Mount
  • Silver

Bait your fly rods at home and load them into this convenient carrier. Collapse it and sling it over your shoulder for that long hike to the water. Reel-up design keeps 2 fly rods protected and tangle-free on your vehicle's crossbars.


  • Enclosed carrier protects and transports 2 fully assembled fly rods on your roof rack crossbars
    • Accommodates 4-1/4" diameter reels
  • Reel-up design reduces stress on your rod guides and eliminates eyelet snags
    • Provides clearance for vehicles with hatch-back style rear entry and trucks with canopies
  • Carrier adjusts to 4 different lengths to fit your vehicle's crossbars
    • Detachable shoulder strap lets you tote carrier over your shoulder when fully collapsed
  • Individual tubes keep rods separated and prevent tangling
    • Soft padding and suspended rod liners protect your rods from scratches and scuffs
  • Keyed lock secures your rods in the carrier
    • Clamp lock kit (TRX24FR - sold separately) secures the carrier to your crossbars
  • Easy installation on most roof rack crossbars
    • Included standard clamps fit round bars from 7/8" to 1-7/8" diameter
    • XL Clamps (TRX84FR - sold separately) fit round bars from 1-3/4" to 2-1/8" diameter
  • Anodized aluminum tubes and stainless steel hardware are durable and corrosion resistant
  • Weatherproof carrier with UV-rated plastic hatch keeps your rods dry and protected from the sun
    • Double lip seal on hatch prevents water and dust from getting inside the carrier
  • Made in the USA


  • Capacity: 2 fly rods up to 10' each
  • Application: round, square, aero, elliptical, and most factory crossbars
  • Dimensions:
    • Fully extended: 126"
    • Fully collapsed: 44"
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Trxstle CRC System Yakima Aero Bar Clearance

AC-SHO-CRC-BLA Replacement Shoulder Strap for Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier

EQ-FLY-CRC-SIL-2 Trxstle CRC System

TRX57FR Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier - Locking - 2 Fly Rods

Installation Details TRX57FR Installation instructions

Video of Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier - Locking - 2 Fly Rods

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier Review

What is up everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the Trxstle Fly Rod Carrier. So this is gonna be able to get two fully assembled fly rods into the carrier to be nice and protected. And it does accommodate four and a quarter inch diameter reels. The reel-up design reduces stress on your rod and kind of guides and eliminates the eyelet snags that you get whenever you're putting it in there, sometimes the eyelets just get snagged up, or this, you don't even have to worry about that at all. And it's ready to go.

So we do have two independent tubes and we have a nice little divider here, so you're not gonna get any contact between your rods, but they're not gonna get tangled. That's the biggest thing with me, since we have two individual tubes that go through there. And especially with that really thin line that you gotta use, I hate when it gets tangled. So with this it's not gonna get tangled, and that's always a plus. Obviously it locks but whatever we do close this all away, it's gotta be nice and sealed tight, and every single other crack, there's not gonna be any water getting into your rods and damaging 'em.

Even though mine gets relatively wet whenever I'm fishing of course, you just wanna make sure when it's in here, it's going to stay nice and safe. And this isn't going to fade away over time. It does have a nice construction, so it does have a coating which isn't gonna, it is gonna prevent it from fading away over time. And of course the rest of it's just made of aluminum. I thought that was a no brainer when I started looking into this thing, it's not going to rust away over time, and it will resist against that rust and whatever mother nature throws at you.

So in the big boy mode, it is gonna be about 126 inches from that side all the way to the end there. So, if you wanna still be able to open up your hatch, you're gonna have to kind of shift it a little bit to the front to get it to fit. But when it condenses all the way down, it goes all the way down to about 44 inches. You can either just carry it like this just to, put it in the back of your vehicle. It doesn't take up a whole lot of space at all.

It'll fit in the back or the trunk of your vehicle, really, really simply. But it could also go on the plane with you. So if you are going on a big fishing trip or something like that, this is a good way to getting it safely transported from A to B. But today, what I'm gonna do, is I'm actually gonna expand this and put it up on my roof. Sometimes the fish aren't really close to where you are. So we're actually going down in that tree line there's a little spring creek, and see if something's there so, here we go. Well, I'm at the spot. A bunch of my buddies are downstream a little bit, so I'm gonna grab my stuff and start a walking, and hopefully catch some fish. Oh hey, hey, I got a big one. I got a big, big, big, big, big, big, big one. Oh my God I got a huge one. Ah look at that one. Look at that one. Hey buddy. That's a big boy. Look how fat this boy is. Well that was fun. We caught a couple of fish, and that's what it's really all about. That's why I have this thing up on top of my roof, but it doesn't have to live up there. It actually can condense and I can actually carry that. So, this rod carrier does do a really good job of giving you options. You know, we have a lot of different rooftop fly rod carriers on our website, but this one condenses down. So I really think that if you're really wanting to do A and B, and it gets a little bit of annoying, just because I'm gonna have to take my rods out, collapse my rods down. I'm gonna have to take this thing off my roof, and then I'm going to collapse it down. And then I gotta put my rods back in it, put on the strap, take the clamps that we're clamping down on my roof, throw 'em somewhere, and then go on my way. I really do think that it's gonna be on a trip to trip basics, because I can take this on a plane when it's collapsed down. So if I'm not driving, I'll just put my rods in that, bring it on the plane with me and go. But if I am just driving around, I'm just gonna keep it on my roof, and then just grab my rods from there and then walk down to the spring. So I really do think it comes down to where you're going. And I really just like the option of choosing. So, if I'm going on a plane, I'm gonna use the collapsed version. If I'm just driving somewhere, I'm gonna keep it on my roof. Nothing else on the market really does that. So if you really wanna have that option, is to keep all of that open just depending on where you're going. I definitely think this is gonna be a great option for you. So it is pretty quick to actually take it from the long big boy version, down to the little collapsed version. So even if you we're to pull up somewhere, and you just wanted to collapse it down and go, and then you come back and then you just put this in your vehicle whenever you're done. I think that is very, very doable, it won't take you a whole lot of time. But this is definitely the bread and butter of this product. You don't really see this with any of the rod holders. They're all super bulky. And even if it's not even trout fishing season and you're not really fly fishing much, this is so much easier to put in your garage. So whenever you're not using it, you can condense it down, put it into your garage, you can hang it up, put it on a shelf, it's not that heavy. It's like 15 pounds. But this thing is definitely the ultimate rod carrier, I think, 'cause you get the best of both worlds. And this is pretty sweet. So there's gonna be a series of buttons. This thing did give me a little bit of trouble, but if you stick with it, it'll work. So, first thing you wanna do is go to this little thing right here. It says, "Start here." So we're gonna have this little knob, we're gonna have to pull this off, just like that. I'm gonna push this down. And slide this out. Just like that. Then you're gonna flip it over. Notice how it says "Stop." So you don't wanna pull it out any farther than that. So then what we wanna do is, we're gonna go to this button right here, gonna push that down. And then pull that out. And then we're gonna go down to the button number four. And pull that out. So that's basically it. So we have our one section, two section, three section and four sections. So now, we wanna flip it back over. And these are the channels that our feet can go in. So we can put it on our roof. I have the crossbar spread specific to this basket. So I don't wanna mess with that at all. Which actually isn't a bad deal at all, just because we have so many slots on the side here, but, I do wanna use my back hatch and that's not really gonna work so, I'm gonna have to, do this. I'm gonna have to use the very far back slot and this slot right here, just like that. I will be able to see it whenever I'm driving a little bit, but it's not gonna be that bad. And I don't necessarily hate the idea of actually being able to see this thing. Clamps are pretty simple. First gonna go, in this little slide right here, slide it all the way down. And we wanna kind of get an idea of where we're gonna be. So basically with this, it's just gonna go around, and then this is gonna fit into the slot, just like that. And then we're gonna use this cool little tool, to tighten it up. So depending on what kind of crossbars you have, you might need a little longer bolt. So like with your Yakima HD bars, or if you are wrapping it around the Rhino Rack HD bars as well, those will be a little bit thicker, so they do come with longer bolts or shorter bolts, depending on what's going on. But with me, I'm just using these right here and they work out pretty good. So, now that that's done, basically just put it on the other slot back there, and we'll put 'em all down and tighten 'em all up at the same time. So I have factory crossbars on the roof of my Tahoe, so what we did was we shortened up this bolt, just use that one bolt that was a little shorter in there. And then one thing we are gonna have to do is we're gonna need to put this spacer in here, just because even with the shorter bolt, it's not gonna work with your factory crossbars, you need to put this on there. So, we're going to have two of them. All we need to do is just peel back this little sticky right there. And then I ended up just putting it on the clamp. So I line it up with the bar, put it on there, done deal. And with this situation, we have the shortest bolt, on factory crossbars with the spacer. So it's extremely tight, but trust me, it's worth it because, when we use the little tool to tighten everything down, here it is right here. It's kinda difficult to get up there so, it's worth the struggle. So now what I found easiest to do, is we're gonna kinda, we're going to lift this up. And we're basically just gonna put this around, put this on, and then put the rest of the hardware together. So that's the way I'm doing it, just because it's extremely tight. And I just don't wanna have to tighten down with this thing any more than I have to, 'cause it's so difficult to get underneath there and tighten it with this. 'Cause it is a nylon lock nut too so it's kinda difficult. So that's what I'm doing and I suggest you do that too, if you plan on using this on your roof. All we need to do is twist this a couple different times, which is nice. And once I get it tightened down, make sure it's nice and solid at least onto the bar. So now, we got our rods. We got our rods. So one of them kinda condenses down so it's kinda nice. But the other one does not. So that's really what's gonna help us out here. Make sure it's nice and tight. And just put 'em on in there. Easiest part of all of it. Just like that. Perfect. And I am curious to see how it does with this rod, as this one's not really the same as all the others. But it actually does pretty good. If you notice how this one's just vertical, and this was actually just horizontal on the shaft. So that actually works out. So now that that's done. We can put it down in there and that's unlocked, but we can take our key, and it is one of these circle keys. So it's gonna be super difficult for somebody to figure that out, and pick it. So now that's done, we're locked and loaded. So if you saw me struggle with this little tool, when tightening the hardware down, I highly suggest getting this little extra piece. One, it's gonna lock, which is nice. So you'll get keys with your kit and it'll lock, but it will completely replace the need to use this tool. So you'll be able to just use your hands like this, to tighten it down. I highly suggest doing that because that gave me the most trouble out of everything. And I don't wanna have to take that much time to put it on or take it off. So if you do want to kinda do the hybrid role, which is what the Trxstle brings to the table, definitely get this right here, lock it down and make it easier on yourself. If we aren't planning on putting this on our roof, maybe we're just using a truck, and we're using a ladder rack. So this is a larger little clamp, that you can use with your ladder racks and stuff. So this isn't coming with the kit, but if you do planning on putting it on something like that on the bed of your truck, this is the clamp you're going to want to get. And that same exact lock that we talked about earlier is gonna fit and work with this clamp as well. So grab that, trust me, it'll help. All in all the CRC Trxstle Fishing Rod Carrier does bring a lot to the table. To be honest, these buttons kinda drove me crazy at the very beginning, but then I figured it out. If you have a little bit more patience than me, which I have zero patience, you're gonna do fine with this. This really does bring a lot to the table. You have an option to put on your roof, or you can just carry it like this and it gonna keep your rod safe. I think this is super cool. And there's nothing else really out there on the market like it. So if you really want options, go with this..

Customer Reviews

Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier - Locking - 2 Fly Rods - TRX57FR

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (3 Customer Reviews)

Bait your fly rods at home and load them into this convenient carrier. Collapse it and sling it over your shoulder for that long hike to the water. Reel-up design keeps 2 fly rods protected and tangle-free on your vehicle's crossbars.


First… etrailer is a 5 star vendor. Order was filled and shipped the same day. UPS didn’t drop the ball and I got the package quickly.

No missing parts…high quality materials…simple very straight forward mounting system…well designed. I’m going to use it a lot this fall on my Outback and already plan on getting another for my truck. First purchase from etrailer and I’ll get the next one from them also…great customer service…super shipping


I always have 2 fly rods rigged and ready to go on our travels during the summer. I may buy another.


Love the versatility of being able to adjust length and as a carry case.


See what our Experts say about this Trxstle Fishing Rod Holders

  • Can You Adjust The Size Of The CRC System While It's Installed?
    Yes, you can collapse the Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier # TRX57FR while it is attached to the roof rack. To collapse this system, you're going to want to: 1. Start at the forwardmost aluminum section (furthest from the reel housing), depress button 2 and collapse the smallest aluminum section. 2. Next, depress button 3 and collapse the forward sections into the next largest aluminum section. 3. Then, depress button 4 and collapse all forward aluminum sections into the final...
    view full answer...
    Image 1 for
  • Height Of The Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier
    I spoke with the manufacturer and was informed that the Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier # TRX57FR will have a total height of 9" from the crossbar to the top of the reel portion.
    view full answer...
  • Will The Trxstle CRC Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier Work in Conjunction With A Thule Force XT L Cargo Box?
    I don't see why you couldn't. The Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier # TRX57FR is relatively compact and lightweight so it won't take up much room The only thing you'd want to verify is that: A. You have enough space on your roof for both of these (the reel housing measures 7-1/4" wide), and B. that you don't overload your roof's capacity. Seeing as though you're carrying fly rods and probably some other miscellaneous fishing gear, you should be just fine but it's just something...
    view full answer...
  • Will the Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier Mount to a Cargo Basket
    The Trxstle CRC System Rooftop Fly Rod Carrier part # TRX57FR is designed to be attached to roof rack crossbars. Therefore, unless you have one of the very roof rooftop cargo baskets which let you attach crossbars to the top, this would not work. I recommend longer crossbars for the roof rack so you can fit both the cargo basket and fly rod carrier. The fly rod carrier is around 7-1/8" wide. If you can let me know what roof rack system you currently have I'd be glad to see if we have some...
    view full answer...

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