1. Fifth Wheel
  2. Demco
  3. 21000 lbs GTW
  4. Fixed Fifth Wheel
  5. Hitch Only
  6. Premium - Single-Hook Jaw
Demco Hijacker UMS Double Pivot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Underbed - 21,000 lbs

Demco Hijacker UMS Double Pivot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Underbed - 21,000 lbs

Item # DM8550032
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Fifth Wheel
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Demco Fixed Fifth Wheel - DM8550032
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This 5th-wheel hitch has a sturdy wraparound jaw with a locking bar for added security. Pivoting head allows easy hookup and helps to limit chucking. Polyurethane bumpers provide cushion for a smooth ride. Hitch removes for full bed access. Call 800-298-8924 to order Demco fifth wheel part number DM8550032 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Demco products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Demco Hijacker UMS Double Pivot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Underbed - 21,000 lbs. Fifth Wheel reviews from real customers.
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Demco Fifth Wheel - DM8550032

  • Demco
  • 21000 lbs GTW
  • Fixed Fifth Wheel
  • Hitch Only
  • Premium - Single-Hook Jaw
  • 16 - 19 Inch Tall
  • Double Pivot
  • 5250 lbs TW

This 5th-wheel hitch has a sturdy wraparound jaw with a locking bar for added security. Pivoting head allows easy hookup and helps to limit chucking. Polyurethane bumpers provide cushion for a smooth ride. Hitch removes for full bed access.


  • 5th-Wheel hitch mounts in your truck bed so you can tow your 5th-wheel trailer
  • Rail-free design allows for full access to truck bed when hitch is removed
  • Wraparound, single-piece jaw provides a secure connection
    • 360-Degree jaw-to-king-pin contact
    • Less rattle and more security than slide-bar jaws
  • 3/4" Thick, solid steel locking bar reinforces the connection of your coupled trailer
    • Automatically locks into place when the jaw closes
  • Double-pivot head eases hookup and helps to limit chucking
    • Pivots front to back and side to side
  • Cushioning polyurethane dampeners help reduce noise and absorb road shock
  • 4 Height settings to fit your application
  • Spring-loaded handle with comfort grip allows for simple coupling
    • Tethered safety pin lets you secure the handle in the open or the closed position
  • Sturdy steel construction with corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
  • Custom underbed mounting kit (sold separately) required for installation
  • Plugs are included to keep dirt and moisture out of the receivers in your truck bed when the hitch is not mounted
  • Made in the USA


  • Gross towing weight: 21,000 lbs
  • Vertical load limit: 5,250 lbs
  • Hitch height: 16" - 19"
  • 5-Year limited warranty

Secure Wraparound Jaw with Locking Bar

Wraparound Jaw

The single-piece, strong wraparound jaw completely surrounds your trailer's king pin for 360 degrees of contact. This wraparound jaw provides a more secure connection than standard 2-piece jaws that close in on the king pin from the sides. The increased jaw-to-king-pin contact on the UMS hitch offers tighter tolerances around the king pin, which minimizes both rattle and chucking, for a smooth, quiet ride.

A 3/4" thick solid steel locking bar spans the area in front of the jaw. This bar provides an added barrier of protection against accidental disconnection so you can have peace of mind that your trailer is secure. The locking bar is attached to the jaw and to the spring-loaded handle. The bar automatically locks when the jaw closes around your king pin.

Double-Pivot, Cushioned Hitch Head

Double Pivoting Head

The double pivoting, cushioned head improves your towing experience dramatically by helping to reduce jarring and unwanted noise. Built-in pins allow the hitch head to pivot back and forth and side to side. And hookup is easy because the hitch head will automatically pivot to the proper angle when it comes into contact with your pin box.


Three polyurethane dampeners help to cushion the movement from the pivoting head and to reduce towing noise. Two of these dampeners are built into the head assembly to cushion the head's side-to-side pivoting. The third dampener cushions the back-and-forth motion and must be installed in the hitch prior to use. Installation of this third dampener is easy - simply press the dampener up into the pre-drilled hole underneath the hitch head.

Easy Installation and Simple Removal for Full Bed Access

The Hijacker UMS Series hitch is specially designed to fit a Demco UMS custom underbed mounting kit (sold separately). To assemble the hitch, all you have to do is bolt on the side plates and attach the head to the hitch base.

The side plates have 2 functions. They contain the feet that fit into the receivers in your truck bed, and they allow you to raise or lower the hitch head to better match your pin box height. After you choose your desired height setting, simply bolt the side plates to the hitch base with the included hardware. Then lower the hitch into the 4 UMS receivers in your truck bed. Turn the handles to lock the feet into the receivers and secure the handles with the included safety pins. The hitch can be removed to give you full truck bed access. Simply remove the safety pins, turn the handles to unlock the feet, and lift the hitch out of the receivers.

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6005 Demco High Jacker Side Rails for Underbox Mount 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

DM8550032 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details DM8550032 Installation instructionsDM8550032 Installation InstructionsAlternate Instructions DM8550032 Installation instructions

Video of Demco Hijacker UMS Double Pivot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Underbed - 21,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Demco Fifth Wheel - Fixed Fifth Wheel - DM8550032 Review

Today, we're going to review part number DM8550032. This is the Demco 21,000 lbs Hijacker UMS, which is underbed mount, Double Pivot 5th Wheel Hitch. Now this 5th wheel hitch is designed to mount in your truck bed so you can tow your 5th-wheel trailer. Uses this double-pivot head which makes coupling and uncoupling your trailer really easy. When it's double-pivot it means it goes front to back and it also moves side to side. It's hard to show that because it's made to have weight on it to do the side to side movement.

Reason that is, it has these polyurethane bumpers underneath the hitch head, right on the saddle area, and what this is is to help eliminate the side to side movement when the trailer is uncoupled and when it's coupled it will cushion the pivot action. Now in the hitch head itself has a wraparound jaw which is designed to fully wrap around the king pin to keep it locked into place. Gives you a nice smoother, safer, more secure ride, and for security it also has this locking bar in front of the wraparound jaw to lock it into place. Now when you do install this, the cross member, or saddle as they call it, on the very end plates, there's a couple of rows of holes up and down and what that does is allows you to choose the correct vertical hitch height for your application. So when you go to install this, you want to make sure the measurement from your truck bed to the hitch head is correct so that your truck and trailer are level to provide a safe and smooth towing experience. So they give you a choice of four different hitch heights adjustments, and it ranges anywhere from 16 inches at the lowest up to 19 inches at the highest. Now when installing this it does require the custom Demco underbed mounting system. It is required for installation.

We do sell that on our website separately and what you would do is go to our website, use the fit guide, put in your year and model of vehicle, and it will show you which underbed mounting system you would need for your application. Because it is an underbed mounting system there will be no rails in the truck bed. So that's nice because what will happen when you're wanting to remove this hitch, if you're not using it, you can take it out and there will be no rails to get in the way. It will give you full access to your truck bed. This hitch is made of a sturdy steel construction, has a corrosion-resistant black powder coat finish over the whole thing. It is made in the USA.

A few specs on it: the gross towing weight capacity is 21,000 lbs; vertical load limit is 5,250 lbs; and again, just to mention, the hitch height adjustments will range from 16 inches to 19 inches. Now I should demonstrate a few features on this for you. First, I want to demonstrate is show you how the wraparound jaw will connect. Basically, to couple, what you want to do is pull the pin and clip out and that releases your handle. Then just take their handle, pull it all the way and it will lock into the open position, and its jaws open ready to couple. So what you'll do, for demonstration I have here an example of a 2-inch diameter king pin.

This king pin would be what would be like on the bottom of your pin box. So when you slide in to couple, when it goes in far enough you'll see that it, that the wraparound jaw releases and locks fully around the king pin, and in the locking bar for security slides in front to keep it locked into place so it doesn't go anywhere. Then what you'll want to do is after that's all installed, take your pin and clip, line it up to the hole and the handle, drop it through, and clip it and that will keep the handle from moving. The other thing I want to show you is how this would install into the underbed rails. So with the underbed rails installed on your vehicle, you'll have the holes in your truck bed that these tabs would drop into. So to open it up, what you would do is pull out this pin and clip, do the same way on the back, then you'll have these handles here. You just swing these 180 degrees, same over here and the same thing I'm doing over on this side you'll do on that side. So with that it will rotates those tabs 180 degrees. It allows you to remove the hitch from the underbed rails, and then when you go to install it, just have it like that and it will allow you to drop it into the underbed rails on your vehicle. Then just turn it back 180 and that will lock those tabs into the underbed rails. Then for security, you want to put your pin and clip back in. Push your pin down through the holes, put the clip in, same way the pin through the two holes here, and put your clip in, and then that keeps those handles from opening up and you'll do the same on that side. Pretty simple to install. But that should do it for the review and part number DM8550032 Demco 21,000 lbs Hijacker UMS Underbed Mount Double Pivot 5th Wheel Hitch. .

Customer Reviews

Demco Hijacker UMS Double Pivot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Single Jaw - Underbed - 21,000 lbs - DM8550032

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (16 Customer Reviews)

This 5th-wheel hitch has a sturdy wraparound jaw with a locking bar for added security. Pivoting head allows easy hookup and helps to limit chucking. Polyurethane bumpers provide cushion for a smooth ride. Hitch removes for full bed access.

- DM8550032

Great unit and help from etrailer. We sold the 5th wheel that had a sidewinder hitch on it. We are buying a 2017 Keystone Cougar RLSWE now. Will this Demco work on it? Thanks 579824

The Demco Hijacker is compatible with any standard pinbox, and should work well with your new fifth wheel.
-- Mike L - 11/05/2018


- DM8550032

Having owned and used the 2005 predecessor to this hitch, I can say it's done well for us. I am hoping that this new clamshell design will make connecting to our 5th wheel toy hauler even easier. We've never invested in a hitch cover for the old one and only travel about 5 times per year. The hitch is always in the weather. We plan on covering this one as the rain washes away vital lubrication and the sun evaporates said same. This has made operating the old slide bar type hitchhiker a pain from time to time. I was disappointed in the packaging for shipment. There were three separate cardboard boxes, two of which had parts either penetrating out through the sides or in the one case, a bag of bolts falling out upon delivery. I would have liked to see better operating instructions included in the box. There are parts lists and schematics for each of the separate assemblies, but nothing aside from the stickers on the hitch on how to properly use and maintain the hitch. 365681

The hitch functions great but the finish is peeling off in places.
Don D - 04/12/2018


- DM8550032

First, thanks to Christina for the service and information re hitches and selection.Ok now for the complaints..... they are few. THE instructions are poor at best and the description details are misleading. They state no drilling required other than the truck bed. While I am sure this is true for 2010 trucks and newer, not so for my2007 F350. Not stated in the description is the fact that older trucks require 4, 1\2 inch holes need to be drilled in the truck frame rails. No big deal but be prepared to drill them if your truck is an older mod. Ford. Came in four boxes, each with its own set of instructions... What I was looking for was a Start Here point. That didn't exist so it was guess work for a starting point. Referring back and forth to different sections for what to do. Once I got past the slight confusion ,assembly and install was pretty easy. Took about 4 hours start to finish. Haven' towed with it yet..... that happens later to day. Good stuff. The hitch is well made and Quality seems to be outstanding. It works just as expected easy to place the hitch in the truck and comes out easily too nice clean bed after removal. If it weren't for the instructions this would be 5 star rating. 583725

- DM8550032

Very easy to install! 727134

- DM8550032

No chucking at all, easy assembly and maintenance. Drops in and out of the brackets easily and the latching handles double as carry handles. Weights a lot, and comes in multiple boxes, so be sure to tip your UPS guy! The bolts are all grade-5 hardware and torque should be standard based on diameter. 651158

- DM8550032

Hitch appears to be well-constructed and sturdy. I have not yet installed it. Some assembly is required, and the instructions aren't crystal clear. Better illustrations would be helpful. The videos online are the best source of installation information. Shipping materials lack protection. The powder coating was damaged in a few locations, as well as the instructions. I expect the hitch will operate exactly as designed a long as I protect the exposed parts from the inevitable elements. Rubber grommets would be a nice addition to the holes drilled in the truck bed. 519977

Hitch is a bit tough to remove and install, so I recommend getting it exactly right the first time. It should not require persuasion to put it in place. Keeping the plugs in place helps ensure crud doesnt invade and cause issues. Other than that, it pulls the load every bit as advertised.
Dana F - 06/11/2019


- DM8550032

Our Demco hitch installed with out issues. We didn't use it till the last of May, then we pulled over 3000 miles. the only issue we had was un-hitching with hitch & 5th wheel in a semi-bind, NOT the hitches fault. Totally satisfied with the unit. We have had Demco tow bars for years before our 5th wheel, so we were not surprised at the quatity of our hitch, only complaint would be better prep before painting/coating unit. thank you Phil Z 272910

After a year, my only complaint is still paintcoating.
Phillip Z - 07/17/2017


- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

Fits perfectly, tows well. No issues after 10k miles or more. 318015

- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

Hitch is nice and makes me feel more comfortable being a more novice RV'er with the large steel bar that acts as a secondary safety, unlike one of the other big brands that just has teeth that close around the pin. Assembly took a couple hours of blood and sweat even though it really is very easy.... You have to make time to torque about 20 or so bolts, but that's pretty typical of anything you plan to drop up to 21k pounds on and jerk around all over the country. Install into/out of the truck bed is now a 5 minute project thanks to a block and tackle in the garage ceiling. Extremely easy to put in or remove as long as you have an overhead weight bearing device of some sort. Beyond my experience with dragging a 17k pound RV with it, the mfgr is VERY responsive if you call for help. I was missing 1 washer upon assembly and the sticker decal was damaged in shipping but the MFGR had new ones in my mailbox in 2 days at no charge. They are also VERY good on tech support. The only caution I have on this is make 100% sure you know what grade bolts you have and what you should torque them to. Novice mistake: I rated the bolts based on the chart in the instruction guide but I rated on head size, not the diameter and thus I over-torqued. Luckily I did not have the means to torque to the actual higher spec or I would have snapped them at 250ft-lbs. If you have any questions on correct torque, call the mfgr and as for tech support! As for usage experience: Carry a long stick with you. We end up on crooked camping sites frequently and the only issue is that while this hitch moves ALOT to accommodate, sometimes you may get up under the pin-box and you just can't get the hitch to snap shut. Having a long stick on-board will let you push on the spring-loaded part and cause it to snap closed. One last thing from experience: lube, lube, lube. Keep the thing lubed as per the manual and do not be stingy with it on the parts that slide and grab your king-pin. It helps out drastically in getting it to snap closed on the 1st try. As for lubing the top plate, everyone is using those plastic lube discs these days. They work fine BUT: They WILL cause you a bit of grief in getting the pin exactly where it needs to be to snap closed on occasion. The hitch has enough wiggle room to accomodate them but it is not 'designed' for it, so once you're 1/4" higher out of the hole than spec, sometimes you will have to play with it to get it shut. If you ever find yourself just TOTALLY unable to get it to close on the pin, put your jacks back down and pull out from under your trailer. I totally destroyed one of those plastic discs a week ago and spent 40 minutes fighting and cussing at the thing b/c it wouldn't close on my pin far enough to put the safety pin in the handle... I finally yanked the hitch out from under the trailer and I had caught the lube disc at an angle on the 1st try and it had ripped a gash in in. That extra misplaced material up under there was preventing me from being able to secure the pin. Aggravating: Yes. But I kinda like it. You will KNOW that there is an issue with your current hitching job with this thing. It can be unforgiving at times but when I have $80k of truck and $110k of RV depending on it, I'd rather it be unforgiving and tell me in a loud voice: "You screwed up your mount attempt, try again" than to get to the end of an entrance ramp and have the trailer come down on the truck bed. If I had to buy one again, I'd buy the same one. 346302

- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

Very simple install. Very well built unit. Had to remove 1 shim on 3 of the feet because the handles were way too tight. Had ro use a rubber mallet to turn them at first. After removing the shims, it is perfect. I purchased a small master lock to replace one of the cotter pins for the safety pins so that noone steals the hitch. No noise while driving with just the hitch installed at all. I have not had a chance to tow anything as of yet--- pick up my 40' 5er wed! Seems to be a very well made, good looking, compact hitch. This was installed in a 2018 F350 long bed dually woth the oem under bed puck system. 565257

Fantastic after a full year of use. 5er weighs 16k and no lurching. Also very nice when parking on an un level surface... Just hook up and go! I have done 9 trips with about 5k total miles so far. It is very easy to remove-even after back surgery. Highly recommend.
Troy - 09/14/2019


- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

The unit came in pieces, and was easy to assemble. There was some minor trouble in placing it into the puck holes in the bed, but it works great and is easy to hook up and un-hook. 229840

- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

The safety features of this hitch were exactly what my husband was looking for. We have a 2016 F 350 with the factory cutouts and this dropped right in and locked in with no problems. You do have to put this together which is fairly simple. The only complaint I had was throughout shipping, there were holes ripped all throughout the boxes. One of which was the one that had the nut's bolt's and washers in it and they weren't sealed in the bag that they came in so, we didn't have all of them. Many were lost but they were easily replaced at the local parts store. We haven't towed with it yet but everything should be typical with that. 238838

Still very satisfied with the fifth wheel. Weve towed our 42ft fifth wheel with it several times without any problems with the hitch. Hopkins up and unhooking with no problems at all. We would highly recommend this product.
Leslie P - 02/26/2017


- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

This hitch assembled quickly and installs easily. Many thousands of miles and zero issues. I would highly recommend ths hitch. Mush smoother and problem free than my prior hitch. 635136

- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

This is better than I thought it would be. It came in three boxes and you have to put it together but the instructions are easy to follow. It is totally height adjustable so you don’t have to worry about whether it will be too short or too tall for your truck bed. Second product I bought from etrailer with no complaints. 604756

- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

I haven't towed with this hitch yet so I'll update this when I do. Shipping was faster than I expected. It shipped in two boxes and both arrived at the same time and in good shape. Assembly took about an hour and was pretty straight forward. The included instructions are a bit vague but if you have just a little bit of mechanical knowledge and some tools its easy to figure out. I couldn't find any torque specs in the instructions but after doing a little research on the internet I found there isn't an actual spec, only make sure the bolts are good and tight, but not overly tight. 555025

- DM8550033

Review from a similar Demco Hijacker UMS in Fifth Wheel

Awesome Price! Great Hitch! Great Company to deal with. Thank You! 411617


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  • Which Capture Plate for MORryde Orbital Pin Box and Demco Hijacker UMS 5th Wheel Hitch
    Yes. This is the correct capture plate. I checked with my contact over at Demco and they mentioned that because all of their hitch heads are basically the same, you will want to use the Demco Hijacker Autoslide Locking Plate for MOR/ryde Pin Boxes # DM6025 with your Demco Hijacker UMS # DM8550032 and a MORryde Orbital pin box.
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  • Underbed Fifth Wheel Hitch and Rail Kit Recommendation for 2017 Ford F-250
    We have the Demco underbed rail kits that fit your 2017 Ford F-250 like the part # DM8551009. With this kit installed you could use their 21k Demco hitch part # DM8550032 if you have a long bed or the auto slider part # DM8550022 if you have a short bed. The Demco hitches are USA made hitches that will work great for your application.
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    The Reese Under-Bed Rail Kit # RP30073 that you referenced is designed for older model year Super Duty trucks and will not fit your 2017 Ford F-250. The under-bed kits we currently carry for your truck are the Demco # DM8551009 to be used with Demco fifth wheel hitches # DM8550032, # DM8550022, or # DM8550037 and the B&W # BWGNRK1116-5W to be used with the B&W Companion hitches # BWRVK3500-5W or # BWRVK3400-5W.
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  • How Many Bolts Come with the Demco Fifth Wheel Hitch part # DM8550032
    I pulled up the instructions and the Demco Hitch part # DM8550032 does come with 20 mounting bolts. I attached a picture I took from those instructions and pointed out where it shows the quantity of included bolts. I apologize if our pictures were misleading.
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    First you will need an installation kit to mount the 5th wheel hitch in your 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 long bed. There are kits with rails above the bed and kits below the bed. The advantage of below the bed is that the bed is clear when the hitch is removed. If you want to go with above the bed rails I recommend Reese custom installation kit # RP56001-53. There is no drilling required to install the frame brackets and the longer rails and outboard frame brackets make installation much easier...
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  • What is the Best Truck for Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer
    You are doing the right thing by doing the research first. There is a lot of conflicting information out there so let me break it down for you and I will provide some part recommendations at the end. Basically, if you want to tow a 5th wheel trailer, the best trucks are going to be long bed 3/4 or 1 tons like a Ford F-250/F-350, Chevy/GMC 2500/3500, or Ram 2500/3500. Half ton trucks could work but are not nearly as capable as the larger trucks. A long bed for sure is something you will...
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  • Best Truck and 5th Wheel Hitch for Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer
    The Ram trucks are the most popular trucks for towing and what I would likely use if it were me. I recommend at least a 3/4 ton truck (such as a Ram 2500, Ford F-250, or Chevy/GMC 2500) with a long bed and a diesel motor. The 3/4 and 1-ton trucks will have the higher towing capacities and stronger suspension compared to the 1/2 tons. Diesel motors offer more torque across the RPM spectrum compared to the gasoline motors but a diesel motor is not a must-have feature. A long bed is recommended...
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  • Recommendation for Higher Capacity Under-Bed 5th Wheel Hitch System for 2008 Ford F-450
    In order to increase the towing capacity on the truck side, you will need to completely replace the existing under-bed rail kit and hitch. Both the Reese Elite Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # RP30142 and the Rail Kit # RP30073 feature an 18,000 pound capacity, so there is no way to upgrade your current system so that it can safely tow a heavier trailer. For another under-bed system that will give you a higher capacity, I recommend taking a look at the Demco Hijacker # DM8550032 along...
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  • Under Bed 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and Install Kit for a 2017 Ford F-350 2-Wheel Drive Long Bed
    Reese has not yet confirmed an under bed mount for the 2017 Ford F-350 (as of 4/19/2017) but there are other under bed options available for your truck. First you can use a B&W set up using Turnover Ball hitch # BWGNRK1116-5W with the Companion 5th wheel hitch # BWRVK3500-5W. The benefit of this set up is that you will have both a gooseneck hitch and a 5th wheel hitch. The second option is to use Demco installation kit # DM8551009 with 5th wheel hitch # DM8550032. This set up costs...
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  • Differences Between Above and Under Bed Fifth Wheel Hitch Mounts for 2020 Ford F350
    There are two ways to install a fifth wheel hitch on a pick up truck. One would be to use standard bed-mounted rails. Brackets are mounted to the truck frame with the bed rails sitting directly above. Holes are drilled down through the truck bed to correspond with holes in the brackets bolted to the frame, allowing the bed rails to be securely bolted down. The rails have slots in them that allow the hitch to be installed and removed pretty conveniently. The problem here is that once the...
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  • Demco 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and Install Kit for a 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500 Long Bed
    For your 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500 long bed you will need Demco installation kit # DM8551010 to use the 21K 5th wheel trailer hitch # DM8550032. I have included a link to a video review of the hitch for you. To add an in-bed 7-Way trailer connector you can use # PK11893-11932. I have included a link to a video showing an example installation for you. Having a 7-Way in the bed will make connecting the 5th wheel trailer easier.
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  • Do Slide In Bed Liners have to Be Trimmed to Install Demco or Other Underbed Style Fifth Wheels
    With slide in bed liners like what you mentioned you have to cut out a section of it for fitting a fifth wheel rail in the bed of the truck. Regardless of the rail style used a decent sized section of the bed liner would have to be cut out. Hitches like the Demco # DM8550032 will basically sit right on the truck bed and the bed liner would get in the way.
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and Underbed Mount Kit for a 2015 Ram 3500
    The Husky of the Husky hitch you have is not the same as the current Husky who also makes 5th wheel hitches. the UBS system is a Valley product but Valley has gone out of business so the underbed kits are no longer available. You will not be able to install the old Husky hitch in your new 2015 Ram 3500. There are some below the bed options for a 2015 Ram 3500. For a short bed you can use B&W system # BWGNRK1314-5W and then you would need Companion hitch # BWRVK3500-5W. Another option...
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  • How to Determine Height Adjustment of Fifth Wheel Trailer Hitch to Keep Trailer Level
    To determine the height you need to set a fifth wheel hitch at you'll need to measure the trailer and the hitch. The trailer needs to be measured from the bottom of the pin box skid plate to the ground with it sitting level. You want that measurement to be as close as possible to the measurement of the top of the hitch's skid plate to the ground. This you can determine by measuring the distance from your truck bed to the ground and adding the 16 to 19 inches for the Demco, # DM8550032. Obviously,...
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  • How Much Does the Demco Hijacker UMS 21K Weigh
    The Demco Hijacker UMS Double Pivot 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch part # DM8550032 that you referenced has a shipping weight of 178 lbs so the actual weight will be right around 170-175 lbs. If you are concerned with unloading then it can be broken down into three pieces, the head assembly which is around 40 lbs, the saddle bracket which is around 50 lbs, and the base which is around 80 lbs. If you can provide me with the year, make, and model of the tow vehicle I would be happy to make sure...
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  • Best Kind of Truck and Hitch to Tow a 5th Wheel Trailer
    To start the best trucks for 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer towing are going to be 1-ton long bed trucks. With a short bed you can run into clearance issues when turning and additional equipment would be required in order to solve that problem. The best hitch for towing a given trailer is going to be the one that matches that type of trailer. So in other words the best hitch for towing a 5th wheel trailer is a 5th wheel hitch. So I do recommend removing the adapter that is on it and...
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  • Under Bed Installation Kit and 5th Wheel Hitch Recommendations for a 2017 Ford F-350
    There are under bed installation kits available for the 2017 Ford F-350 even if Reese hasn't released one just yet (4/4/2017). I recommend the Demco kit # DM8551009. For a hitch it will depend on if you have a short or long bed. For a short bed I recommend the HiJacker # DM8550022 for an 18K or # DM8550037 for a 21K. Both of these hitches slide automatically and have 14 inches of travel. I have linked a video review of the 21K version for you. If you have a long bed then you will...
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