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5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret - 16,000 lbs

5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret - 16,000 lbs

Item # RP61422
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Fifth Wheel King Pin
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RP61422 - Provides Turning Clearance Reese Pin Box Upgrade
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5th Airborne Sidewinder replaces your fifth-wheel trailer's king pin and alters the pivot point of your rig, enabling you to make up to 90-degree turns. Enclosed air spring in pin box absorbs shock and adjusts for a smooth ride. Call 800-298-8924 to order Reese fifth wheel king pin part number RP61422 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Reese products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret - 16,000 lbs. Fifth Wheel King Pin reviews from real customers.
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Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61422

  • 663
  • 665
  • 0719
  • 1621
  • 1621HD
  • 663
  • 665
  • Fabex
  • Lippert
  • M and M
  • Provides Turning Clearance
  • Reese
  • 16000 lbs GTW
  • Pin Box Upgrade
  • Cushioned
  • Rotating Turret

5th Airborne Sidewinder replaces your fifth-wheel trailer's king pin and alters the pivot point of your rig, enabling you to make up to 90-degree turns. Enclosed air spring in pin box absorbs shock and adjusts for a smooth ride.


  • 5th-Wheel trailer's pivot point is moved an extra 22" toward the rear of your tow vehicle so that you can easily make 90-degree turns, even with a short-bed pickup truck
    • No need to get out of your truck, throw a switch, push a button or mount a 5th-wheel slider
    • Trailer tracks more closely to the truck for better driveability
  • Fully enclosed, custom-tuned air spring in air ride trailer coupler - cushions and absorbs shock
    • Reduces longitudinal shock (chucking) by nearly 60 percent
    • Decreases vertical shock by 44 percent
    • Relieves stress on coach frame
    • Reduces vibration inside coach, protecting its contents
  • Air bag can be repositioned with 2 easy-to-access screws to better support varying loads
    • Move forward for light tongue weights
    • Move backward for heavy tongue weights
  • Sidewinder-and-turret assembly bolts onto your 5th-wheel trailer pin box
  • King pin connects to standard 5th-wheel trailer hitch and allows easy hookup and disconnect at any angle
  • Included locking wedge prevents king pin from rotating
    • Some 5th-wheel hitches may require custom wedge (sold separately)
  • 1-Piece, streamlined construction
  • C-Channel design of the Sidewinder provides more stability and strength than standard pin box
    • Able to support heavier loads


  • Designed for use with the following pin boxes:
    • Fabex 663 and 665
    • Lippert 0719, 1621 and 1621HD
    • M&M 663 and 665
  • Weight capacity: 16,000 lbs
  • Clearance: see formula below to ensure proper clearance
  • 3-Year limited warranty

Clearance Formula

Use the formula below to ensure that there will be enough space between your truck cab and trailer when you are executing a 90-degree turn with the 5th Airborne Sidewinder installed.

(A + B) - C = Clearance

A = Distance from center of 5th-wheel hitch jaw to truck cab in inches

B = Length of Sidewinder arm in inches (22")

C = Width of trailer in inches divided by 2

For example:

If you are using the 16,000-lb 5th Airborne Sidewinder, then B = 22"

If the distance from the center of your hitch to your truck's cab is 36", then A = 36"

And if your fifth-wheel trailer is 102" wide, then C = 51"

102/2 = 51


(36 + 22) - 51 = 7" of clearance

The 5th Airborne Air Ride Coupler with Sidewinder

16K 5th Airborne Sidewinder Diagram
  1. The rotating turret attaches to the pin box on your trailer to provide a new pivot point 22" behind the king pin.
  2. The rear mounted, heavy-duty shock absorber reduces chucking and relieves stress on your trailer frame.
  3. The air spring can be adjusted to provide a smooth ride for both your truck and trailer. Because it is fully enclosed, it's protected from UV exposure and shielded from road hazards.
  4. The reversible, adjustable king pin locking wedge (not pictured) prevents pivot at the 5th-wheel hitch.
  5. The king pin connects to the 5th-wheel trailer hitch in your truck bed.

Up to 90-Degree Turning

90 Degree Turns with 5th Airborne Sidewinder

It is now possible to turn your short-bed truck 90 degrees without having to worry that your trailer will collide with the cab of your truck. The universal king pin locking wedge included with this Sidewinder prevents your trailer from turning or pivoting at the fifth-wheel hitch. Instead, the rotating turret at the end of the Sidewinder allows turning and pivoting to take place an additional 22 inches away from the cab.

King Pin Locking Wedge Locations for Specific Hitches

5th Airborne Sidewinder Locking Wedges

1. Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese (15K, 16K and 20K Select Series); Husky; Owens; Valley; and similar units

2. Reese Signature Series, Elite Series and similar units

3. Holland and similar units

A. Bolt locations

B. King pin

Custom King Pin Locking Wedges: The included universal wedge prevents the king pin from rotating in most fifth-wheel trailer hitches. Certain hitches, however, require a custom wedge (sold separately).

Note: Do not use the 5th Airborne Sidewinder with any of the following:

  • Curt Q5 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • PullRite SuperGlide 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • Reese Trail Boss 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • B&W Companion 5th-wheel trailer hitches that mount in the Turnover gooseneck hole
  • Colibert 208BW 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • Hi-Rise gooseneck-to-5th-wheel adapter by Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Bulldog and Reese
  • Any other gooseneck-to-5th-wheel adapter

Note: It is recommended that if sitting idle for more than a week, the air springs be drained to relieve pressure on the system.

61422 (5AS16K and 61300) Fifth Airborne Side Winder Premium Fifth-Wheel Air-Ride Coupler

Replaces ST200-5AS16K

Video of 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret - 16,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Reese 5th Airborne 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin with Sidewinder Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Reese 5th Airborne Premium Line 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pins with Sidewinder. The 5th Airborne system really does a great job of kind of killing a couple birds with one stone. The first thing we're going to do, we're going to move the pivot point of our trailer from our main king pin back 22 inches. This is going to allow us a lot easier time of making up to 90 degree turns and maneuverability without having to use a slider system. We don't have to get out of the truck and back in the truck, all that kind of stuff. This is all in one system. It also has a built in shock right up here at the top.

This is a airshock. Fully adjustable right here for the two bolts. We'll move it back for higher ton weight. Move it forward for less ton weight so you can really customize your ride. This is going to help to reduce the chucking that we get or that front to back movement by about 60 percent.

Also, the up and down motor, the verticle load that we get right down on our fifth wheel by about 40 percent. This is going to help out a lot to reduce that wear and tear that we're going to get on the coach's frame and it's also going to help to reduce those vibrations inside and keep anything that we do have stored inside there nice and safe. Here you can see our king pin right here on the front. That's going to slide into the fifth wheel just as normal. We'll just back right up to it and allow it to latch. Right behind that, we have the adjustable puck.

This is going to take up that space that normally comes back and slides along that kingpin. It's then going to slide on the outside here so when we turn, it's going to hold this nice and straight allowing our pivot point here to do all the turning work for us giving us that additional 22 inches for maneuverability. Another great thing about this sidewinder, they use a C channel design for this. What this is going to do is strengthen it up quite a bit and offer more stability than what we get out of a standard pin box. All the work happens right here between the sidewinder itself and our rotating turret that's going to sit right on top. There's several options of these to fit many different pin box widths and even spacers which we've used in this application to help take up any of that extra room and give us a really nice fit. The fifth airborne sidewinder is a really heavy duty piece equipment here.

We're going to have a full black powder coating that's going to go completely across it. It has a one piece, kind of a streamlined design here. We've got fully welded seams. Each of our connection points are each of the areas where two pieces of metal will come together essentially building it into just one nice big strong piece. Our king pins going to connect into any of our standard fifth wheel trailer hitches and it's going to allow very easy hookups and disconnects no matter what angle that we're on. Now that we've gone over our features of our 5th airborne sidewinder, let's going ahead and hook it up to the truck and see how it's going to improve that maneuverability as opposed to the standard fifth wheel that we started with. Here's a perfect situation where that sidewinder is really going to come in handy. You're trying to get backed into a spot and you can't quite get that full rotation simply because if we do, we're going to wind up crashing the camper into the back of the truck. Nobody wants to start their camping trip this way. As we back up here, just take a look at how much maneuverability we've got now. We can really put this thing on any angle we want. All the way back to a really true 90 degrees here without having to worry about any contact. 22 inches really makes that big of a difference in this setup. You can see we can bring her out the other way and straight on down the road. Now let's try our U turn. Now when we tried this the first time with our standard fifth wheel, it took nearly this whole area to get this truck and trailer combo turned around. Now that we got our sidewinder in place, check out how nice and tightly it's going to turn for us. Now that we've seen just how handy it really is, that's going to complete today's look at the Reese 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin with Sidewinder.

Customer Reviews

5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret - 16,000 lbs - RP61422

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (14 Customer Reviews)

5th Airborne Sidewinder replaces your fifth-wheel trailer's king pin and alters the pivot point of your rig, enabling you to make up to 90-degree turns. Enclosed air spring in pin box absorbs shock and adjusts for a smooth ride.

- RP61422

The product is great but due to me not totally understanding how it works our desire to make 90-degree turns with my short bed F-150 did not work out but it is of no fault of the product. The ride was greatly improved over the old fixed part we had on our RV so I am 100 % pleased with the product, craftsmanship and quality. E- Trailer provided a great price as well so the overall rating will be a 5+ 576939

In order to execute a successful 90 degree turn using the sidewinder part # RP61422 on a short bed truck the clearance formula must be taken into account. Measure the distance from the center of the 5th wheel hitch jaw to truck cab in inches. Add that measurement to the length of the sidewinder arm part RP61422 is 22 inches. Measure the width of your trailer and divide that number by two. Subtract the trailer width divided in half by the original number the distance from the center of 5th wheel to cab + 22. That is your clearance.
-- Heather A - 10/30/2018


- RP61422

Stacey was very helpful. worked through every question i had. payment was super easy and delivery was faster than i expected. Outstanding !!!! i will be back!! 636778

- RP61422

I installed this on my 2010 Cougar 26SAB. I am towing the 5th wheel with a 2010 Dodge Ram Crew Cab with a 5'7" bed. This is exactly what I need! I can easily turn 90 deg. without worrying about cab impacts. One note: make sure you keep the 4 bolts torqued properly at the pivot point. I check the torque before every tow. Great product! 27681

- RP61422

This has turned out to be a great hitch. I have had no problems with it at all, I needed to be able to hitch it up at an angle and this is the only hitch I found that allowed that. The only problem I had is that the manufacturer should either leave the airbag valve pushed into the unit or better packaging around the valve for shipping, mine arrived smashed. E trailer sent me a new valve assembly for the air bag. Thanks E trailer. 503385

David, thank you for your review. In the future if you ever need to replace the valve again the part is # 58382
Easy Fill Retro Fit Kit for 5th Airborne
-- Heather A - 05/02/2018

The King Pin system is working fantastic. I have no complaints at all about it. I have only good things to say about it.
David O - 05/08/2019


- RP61422

am happy with my new pinbox. Installation was very easy with some help, fit perfectly. I had to run a die nut over 2 trunion bolts that were damaged during shipping. I haven't tried towing yet, but so far I am pleased with my purchase. I have enclosed some pictures of my installation. 263390

- RP61422

Great product! I've now used this with a Ford short bed and my new Dodge crew cab short bed. 715436

- RP61422

I have just installed the in box but have not had a chance to pull the camper with it. It will be a new experience. 682695

- RP61422

The unit is heavy so it took 3 to 4 guys to lift it but other than that the product works as advertised 670748

- RP61422

Great customer service and product. All communication courteous and very professional. Thank you. 516973

- RP61422

Excellent service and total knowledge of their products. They always followup to make sure there customers are happy. So rare these days 497674

- RP61422

This air ride works like a dream, protects my vehicle and fifth wheel 283989

The replacement Hitch that Reese sent is fantastic, works great no issues at all, etrailer was great working with and was very helpful on getting the right parts I needed
Donnie B - 08/15/2017


- RP61422

The service & delivery was great. The 5th Airborne works very well allowing me to get in & out of tight places. I didn't give it an excellent rating for a couple of reasons. One of the nuts had a weld bead in the threads which resulted in a cross-threaded bolt had to use a tap & die to correct. Also, the decal on one side is upside down which I would like a replacement decal as it reflects on the quality of the product, see picture. 214573

- RP61422

Just received, opened and checked for damage. Came with out any, but not really well done. The pin box looks to be just what I needed, well built and smaller than you might think looking at it in a picture. I added this to the model specific rail mounts for the '14 ram that is the new tow vehicle. etrailer has been great through the whole process. Delivered as promised fast and all the bits and pieces there. Very pleased. 162027

- RP61422

I purchase this Airborne/Sidewinder King pin almost 1 year ago. When I received the unit the box was in rough shape. inside was a plastic bag that was torn apart ( during shipping ) I think. Inside where only half the bolts that I was supposed to receive. I contacted Etrailer and they said the bolts were on back order but they would request 4 bolts from Reese.. I received them 2 months ago more than 6 months after my request.. I has since bought the 4 bolts I needed last summer. After I installed the unit I put the required air pressure in and got a large popping sound that was 1 of my missing bolts that was bound up inside the unit.. I'm still short 3 bolts and hope they're not inside the unit as well.. I rated this 1 above poor only because the Side winder feature on this is great... It makes a groaning noise I don't like when doing tight maneuvering but the care free turning is great! The Airborne portion of this king pin has done zero for my bucking issue and I still wonder if that's because there's still a bolt jammed in the suspension part of the king pin... My experience with Etrailer has always been excellent and that really hasn't changed, because I think these issues were out of their hands.. I spoke to Reese twice and got no help what so ever.... 132025


Ask the Experts about this Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin

  • Can the Reese Goose Box be Used on a Short Bed 2016 Ram 2500
    The correct Reese Goose Box 5th-Wheel-to-Gooseneck Air Ride Coupler Adapter for a Lippert 1621 pin box is part # RP94716 for 16,000 lbs or part # RP94720 for 20,000 lbs. With that being said, it is not recommend to use the Reese Goose Box on a short bed truck due to limited turning clearance. They do make an offset gooseneck ball adapter for the Hide-A-Goose Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch part # 9467 on your 2016 Ram 2500, the 5" Offset Ball part # 19308 but this still is more than likely...
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  • Best Pin Box Upgrade for a Lippert 1621 on a Grand Design Reflection 303RLS
    The best replacement pin box for the Lippert 1621 on your Grand Design Reflection 303RLS is a 5th Airborne from Reese. These pin boxes have an adjustable air spring and shock absorber which will reduce the back and forth chucking (stopping and taking off) by 60% and lower the shock from bumps by 44%. This not only helps to give you a great towing experience, but it also helps to reduce the vibration inside the coach. When I looked up your Grand Design it looked like the GVWR was just...
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  • Best 5th Wheel Hitch for a 2018 Ram 2500 Shortbed to use with a 5th Airborne Sidewinder Pin Box
    It's not recommended to use a slider hitch with the 5th Airborne Sidewinder, part # RP61422, and they can get a little annoying to operate, which is why the 5th Airborne is such a great pin box upgrade. I recommend using the Curt A25 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch, part # C16046. This hitch drops directly into the underbed rails in the factory towing prep package. With a Gross Towing Weight of 25,000 pounds and a 6,250 pound vertical load limit, you'll be able to handle a lot of different...
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  • Recommended Reese Sidewinder Pin Box Compatibility with 5th Wheel Trailer
    The Sidewinder pin boxes are pin box specific replacements so you will need to know the pin box of your new camper. For instance if it has an extended pin box like the most common Lippert 1621 extended pin box, then you would use the 16K # RP61420 or 19K # RP61421. Some pin boxes have an air ride version as well like the 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret - 16,000 lbs # RP61422. The Sidewinder pin boxes will all move the pivot point of your...
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  • Sidewinder Pin Box to Replace a Lippert 1621 to Improve Turning Clearance with 5th Wheel Trailer
    It sounds like your fifth wheel trailer's pin box is making contact with your 2010 Ford F-150's side rails when you make turns. This is one reason why we recommend at least 6 inches between the underside of the trailer and top of your bed rails. One solution to your problem is a taller fifth wheel hitch but this sometimes can cause your entire setup to not ride level. Another solution, like you suggest may be a Sidewinder pin box. Sidewinders are designed to replace specific pin box...
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  • Recommended Sidewinder and Reese 5th Wheel Hitch for Use with a 2018 Ram 2500 Short Bed with Ram Box
    You definitely have the right setup in mind. Since the Ram Box on your 2018 Ram 2500 with a short bed limits the inside width of your truck bed a Sidewinder is the only viable solution. I called my contact at Lippert who said that your Trailair Rota-Flex has the pin box number 1621 according to the serial number, making it part # LC328330 on our site. For a Sidewinder that is a compatible replacement you can use part # RP61420. We also have the 5th Airborne Premium # RP61422 which adds...
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  • Difference Between Reese 5th Airborne Sidewinder # RP61422 and Reese 61422 14-8920
    The Reese 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin # RP61422 referenced in your question is an excellent option to replace the factory pin box on your trailer. Based on my research, there is absolutely no difference between this product and the other model that you mentioned; they are identical. The difference in model numbers is simply due to the seller and how they choose to organize their parts. The manufacturer product number, which is 61422, is the same. This product is...
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  • Sidewinder Pin Box Recommendation for 2018 Grand Design Momentum 351M For Short Bed Turn Clearance
    Since your 2018 Grand Design Momentum has a Lippert 1621 pin box the Trailair Flexair part # LC328492 will fit and give you a much smoother ride but will not make a noticeable difference in clearance between truck cab and trailer. A better option for that would be the 5th Airborne Sidewinder part # RP61422 which fits the Lippert 1621, is also cushioned, but moves the pivot point back 22.5 inches so that you can tow your trailer with your short bed truck and fixed hitch. Only other way...
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  • Recommended 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch and Air Bags for 2015 Ford F-150 with 5-1/2 Foot Bed
    A fixed fifth wheel hitch and Reese Sidewinder combination like what you referenced is the exact setup that you need to tow a fifth wheel trailer with your 2015 Ford F-150 short box. Starting with the fifth wheel trailer hitch itself, the Demco Recon # DM8550043 that you are looking at is a really nice option. This is a heavy-duty hitch that features a wraparound, single-piece jaw for a secure connection with the trailer, and it comes in 2 lightweight pieces to allow for fast and easy...
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  • Recommended 5th Wheel Hitch and Sidewinder for 2018 Toyota Tundra Crew Max with 5.5 Foot Bed
    For your 2018 Toyota Tundra Crew Max with 5.5 foot bed, there is not a sliding 5th wheel hitch compatible. A Sidewinder is required for proper turning clearance on a truck with that short a bed length. I recommend using the Reese Quick-Install Custom Installation Kit w/ Base Rails for 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches # RP50084-58 which are a custom fit for your truck. I then recommend using the Reese 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch - Dual Jaw - 16,000 lbs # RP30047 to give you a good hitch compatible...
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  • Lubrication and Maintenance of Reese 5th Airborne Sidewinder Turret
    Thank you for your 2015 purchase of the Reese 5th Airborne Sidewinder and Turret # RP61422. Hearing some noises from your Sidewinder pivoting pin box is normal, but after all those miles you may well need to service the unit. An article on this subject is linked. The turret can be lubricated with white lithium grease like # L11350 as shown in the linked image taken from the Reese instructions. If you find substantial wear you might just consider installing a repair kit # RP86005....
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  • Recommended Sidewinder & 5th Wheel Hitch For 2017 Ram Mega Cab and 2015 Forest River Vengeance 320A
    For your 2015 Forest River Vengeance 320A Super Sport model and your 2017 Ram Mega Cab with 64 inch bed, I have the solution you are seeking to ease your mind. Let's start from the beginning with rails and a hitch. If you have the factory rails, then I recommend the Curt A16 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package - Dual Jaw - 16,000 lbs # C16520-16021. If you don't have the factory pucks, then I recommend the Reese Quick-Install Custom Base Rails and Installation Kit for...
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  • 5th Airborne Sidewinder and Warranty on Trailer
    In terms of warranty for the king pin, the 5th Airborne Sidewinders do have their own 3-year warranty. As for frame damage, a Sidewinder is not going to cause any damage to the frame so long as you use it with a compatible hitch on your 2018 Ford F-250. Some fifth wheel hitches are not compatible with a Sidewinder because the pivot point gets changed to the Sidewinder's turret, but if you have the right fifth wheel hitch there is no reason to be concerned that your trailer's frame will...
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  • Recommended 5th Wheel Rails and Hitch for 2018 GMC Sierra 1500 5.5 Bed for Reese Revolution Pin Box
    A Reese Revolution is the equivalent of the Reese Sidewinder. The Revolution is the factory installed option and the Sidewinder is the very similar aftermarket option. For a 5-1/2 foot bed, a sliding hitch will not work, so the Revolution or Sidewinder route is the only option to provide you with turning clearance. The really good news is that is by far the ideal option even if you had a longer bed truck. For your 2018 GMC Sierra 1500, I recommend you start with the Reese Quick-Install...
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  • Recommended 5th Wheel Towing Setup for a 2017 Ram 1500 with a 5-1/2 foot Bed
    Since your 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 has a box that is shorter than 6 feet you will actually need to go with a stationary 5th wheel hitch and then change the pin box on your trailer to a Sidewinder pin box. There are no sliding 5th wheel hitches that will allow you to make a 90 degree turn with a truck that has a box under 6 feet. The Sidewinder takes the pivot point on your towing setup and moves it from the king pin back 22 inches to the rotating pin box. We have a selection of Sidewinders...
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  • Recommended Replacement Pin Box for Lippert 182209 1621 on 2010 KZ Durango LX
    I reached out to my contact at Lippert and you do have the 1621 pin box on your 2010 KZ Durango LX. If you are looking for a cushioned pin box, I recommend the Trailair Flex Air 5th Wheel Pin Box - Lippert 1621 - 18,000 lbs # LC328492 or the 21,000 lb # LC369535. Either of these will work well and they not only have the air ride but also have a rubber compound and moving head to be the fist defense against road shock and chucking. If you desire greater turning clearance, then the 5th...
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  • Recommended Reese Sidewinder Compatible With Husky 16K 5th Wheel Hitch and 1621 Pin Box
    The Sidewinder pin box is compatible with your Husky 16K slider as long as you keep it locked in the forward position as you stated. You will want the Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs # RP61420 for a standard Sidewinder to give you the 22 inches of additional turning clearance. Your other option is to upgrade that to the air ride version in the 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret - 16,000 lbs # RP61422 to reduce chucking...
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  • Does Reese Revolution/Sidewinder Cause Any Issues During Travel
    The Reese Revolution or Sidewinder King Pin is designed to give you maximum turning clearance with your trailer, as it will move the pivot point 22 inches back from the king pin. This design will not have a negative effect on the trailer's handling during normal travel or through crosswinds. In fact, most customers report back that their overall towing experienced is improved with this pin box replacement, as the trailer tends to track better behind the tow vehicle. I have attached...
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  • How Often Should 5th Airborne Sidewinder be Serviced
    Great question! The Reese Sidewinder like part # RP61422 has fairly easy maintenance in that Reese calls for lubricating parts of the pin box before each trip and then disassembling it at least once per season to clean and inspect everything. You'll probably be hearing some noise when the pin box is rotating but unless it is alarmingly loud I wouldn't worry about it. If you go to disassemble the pin box and it looks like some things need to be repaired then you can use the Repair...
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  • Replacement Air Ride or Sidewinder Pin Box for Lippert 1621
    The # LC328492 Trail Air Flex Air Air Ride Pin Box you mentioned is not an extended pin box. When installed, the center king pin to first row of bolt holes in the turret would be right at 17-3/4 inches, as you can see in the provided diagram. I've also shown the bolt hole spacing so you can compare it to your existing pin box. If you're looking for some extension to provide additional distance between the front of the trailer loft and the rear of the truck cab, you'd want to use a Sidewinder...
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  • Sidewinder Options to Replace a Lippert 1621 Pin Box
    There are three options for Sidewinders to replace a Lippert 1621 pin box. For a 16k rated Sidewinder we have the part # RP61420. If you need more capacity than that you would want the 19k version which is part # RP61421. The third version is an air-ride, cushioned Sidewinder that has a 16k capacity. For that you would want the part # RP61422.
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  • How to Select a Compatible Sidewinder Replacement 5th Wheel Pin Box
    A Sidewinder replacement pin box is selected by determining the brand and model of the OEM pin box that is or will be installed on your 5th wheel trailer. The linked article includes a cross-reference table of Sidewinder compatibility for a range of popular OEM pin boxes. For example, if your trailer is fitted with a Lippert 1621 or 1621HD pin box you could use Reese Sidewinder # RP61420 for a 16K-rating, part # RP61421 for a 19K rating or part # RP61422 for an air-cushioned 16K Sidewinder. You...
    view full answer...
  • Is there a Sidewinder that Will Replace the Fabex 314 Pin Box
    You have a Fabex 314 pin box. But because this is a tube style pin box there are no Sidewinders available to replace it. The tube style pin box mounts are not able to stand up to the stresses of Sidewinder use. The other option is to use the Demco 13K HiJacker # DM8550040 which fits industry standard above the bed rails. This hitch has up to 22-1/2 inches of travel which is 1/2 inch more than a Sidewinder moves the pivot point. But it is only rated for 13,000 pounds meaning that the...
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  • How to Select Replacement Cushioned Pin Box for Grand Design Momentum M349 5th Wheel Trailer
    I checked the Grand Design website for details on the pin box installed on your Momentum M349 but they do not include that detail in their specs. Usually you'll find the pin box part number on the box's driver's side sticker. This is needed to select an appropriate replacement cushioned pin box that will bolt right up in place of the OEM model. You can use the linked page to select that OEM part to then see the compatible cushioned pin boxes, and cushioned pin boxes that also include...
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  • Shipping Weight Of 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret
    The shipping weight of the 5th Airborne Premium 5th Wheel Air Ride King Pin w/ Sidewinder and Turret # RP61422 is 166 lbs.
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  • 5th Airborne Air Ride Coupler and Sidewinder for a Lippert L05 1621 Trailer Pin Box
    The L05 number indicates that you have a Lippert 1621 pin box. The 5th Airborne and Sidewinder that you referenced, # RP61422, will fit the Lippert 1621 pin box. The air ride coupler will reduce chucking and vertical shock while the sidewinder will provide 22 inches more clearance by moving the pivot point of the trailer back. Moving the pivot point back is required on many short bed trucks. If you have a long bed truck, you will not need a Sidewinder so you can use just the air ride...
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  • Compatibility of Reese Sidewinder Replacement 5th Wheel Pin Boxes
    Sidewinder replacement pin boxes like the Reese # RP61450 are not general-purpose items but are made to install in place of a specific OEM pin box. This particular Reese Sidewinder fits in place of any of three Venture brand pin boxes, either model CJ13515, CJ13517 or CJ20517. In order to select a compatible Sidewinder for your Jayco Eagle 5th wheel camper's existing pin box you'll need to check its I.D. sticker, usually on the driver's side, to find its brand and part number. Once you...
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  • How To find Replacement Pin Box On Jayco Fifth Wheel Trailer
    If you do not have a sticker or plate on your pin box I have attached a link to a helpful article that can help you out. I was not able to find the pin boxes used on a 2007 Jayco trailer in my research. You can take some of the measurements mentioned in the article and then use those numbers to match up the make and model pin box you have on your trailer. If you get those measurements and want to let me know what you come up with I will be happy to find the replacement pin box that...
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  • Air Ride Pin Box for a 2010 Heartland Cyclone 5th Wheel Trailer with Lippert 1621HD Pin Box
    I spoke with my contact at Lippert and we identified the pin box on your 5th wheel trailer as a 1621HD. For just an air ride pin box you can use # 5AB-E1621-610 rated for 21,000 pounds. For an air ride pin box and Sidewinder combo rated for 16,000 pounds use # RP61422. Sidewinders are used on trucks with beds shorter than 6 feet. The Trailair pin boxes fit the 1621 pin box but are not a fit for the 1621HD pin boxes.
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  • Recommended 5th Wheel Hitch for 2019 Chevy Silverado 2500 Short Bed and 2016 Heartland Oakmont 325e
    For your 2019 Silverado 2500 HD with 6.5 foot bed, the Curt A25 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for Chevy/GMC Towing Prep Package # C16066 you mentioned is great if you want to use a Sidewinder pin box like # RP61420 or air ride Sidewinder # RP61422. I can't confirm that the tapered front of your trailer would allow for turning clearances with a fixed mounted hitch without this and would hate to have your new truck and trailer damaged. If you don't want to add that style pin box to give you...
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