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Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs

Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs

Item # RP61420

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Fifth Wheel King Pin

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Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61420
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Product Images

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Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61420
RP61420 - Provides Turning Clearance Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin
Reese Pin Box Upgrade - RP61420
RP61420 - Provides Turning Clearance Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin
Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61420
RP61420 - Provides Turning Clearance Reese Pin Box Upgrade
RP61420 - Rotating Turret Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin
Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs Provides Turning Clearance RP61420
Reese Pin Box Upgrade - RP61420
Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs Non-Cushioned RP61420
Reese 16000 lbs GTW Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61420
Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61420
Fifth Wheel King Pin RP61420 - Fabex,Lippert,M and M - Reese
Reese Pin Box Upgrade - RP61420
Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs 663,665,0719,1621,1621HD,663,665 RP61420
RP61420 - Provides Turning Clearance Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin
Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61420

In Use/Installed

RP61420 - Rotating Turret Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin on 2016 Ford F 250 Super Duty
Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs Fabex,Lippert,M and M RP61420 on 2016 Ford F 250 Super Duty
RP61420 - Non-Cushioned Reese Pin Box Upgrade on 2016 Ford F 250 Super Duty
Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61420 on 2016 Ford F 250 Super Duty
Fifth Wheel King Pin RP61420 - Rotating Turret - Reese on 2016 Ford F 250 Super Duty
Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs Fabex,Lippert,M and M RP61420 on 2016 Ford F 250 Super Duty

Customer Photos

  • 663
  • 665
  • 0719
  • 1621
  • 1621HD
  • 663
  • 665
  • Fabex
  • Lippert
  • M and M
  • Provides Turning Clearance
  • 16000 lbs GTW
  • Pin Box Upgrade
  • Reese
  • Rotating Turret
  • Non-Cushioned
This premium fifth-wheel pin box coupler replaces your trailer's king pin for worry-free turning with short-bed pickups. Now you can make up to 90-degree turns without having to exit the truck, throw a switch or push a button. Call 800-298-8924 to order Reese fifth wheel king pin part number RP61420 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Reese products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs. Fifth Wheel King Pin reviews from real customers.

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Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin - RP61420

This premium fifth-wheel pin box coupler replaces your trailer's king pin for worry-free turning with short-bed pickups. Now you can make up to 90-degree turns without having to exit the truck, throw a switch or push a button.


  • 5th-Wheel trailer's pivot point is moved an extra 22" toward the rear of your tow vehicle so that you can easily make 90-degree turns, even with a short-bed pickup truck
    • No need to get out of your truck, throw a switch, push a button or mount a 5th-wheel slider
    • Trailer tracks more closely to the truck for better driveability
  • Sidewinder-and-turret assembly bolts onto your 5th-wheel trailer pin box
  • King pin connects to standard 5th-wheel trailer hitch and allows easy hookup and disconnect at any angle
  • Included locking wedge prevents king pin from rotating
    • Some 5th-wheel hitches may require custom wedge (sold separately)
  • 1-Piece, streamlined construction
  • C-Channel design of the Sidewinder provides more stability and strength than standard pin box
    • Able to support heavier loads


  • Designed for use with the following pin boxes:
    • Fabex 663 and 665
    • Lippert 0719, 1621 and 1621HD
    • M&M 663 and 665
  • Weight capacity: 16,000 lbs
  • Clearance: see formula below to ensure proper clearance
  • 3-Year limited warranty

Clearance Formula

Use the formula below to ensure that there will be enough space between your truck cab and trailer when you are executing a 90-degree turn with the Sidewinder installed.

(A + B) - C = Clearance

A = Distance from center of 5th-wheel hitch jaw to truck cab in inches

B = Length of Sidewinder arm in inches (22")

C = Width of trailer in inches divided by 2

For example:

If you are using the 16,000-lb Sidewinder, then B = 22"

If the distance from the center of your hitch to your truck's cab is 36", then A = 36"

And if your fifth-wheel trailer is 102" wide, then C = 51"

102/2 = 51


(36 + 22) - 51 = 7" of clearance

The Sidewinder

Sidewinder Diagram
  1. The pivot point sits 22" behind the king pin.
  2. The rotating turret attaches to the pin box on your trailer to provide the new pivot point.
  3. The reversible, adjustable king pin locking wedge (not pictured) prevents pivot at the 5th-wheel hitch.
  4. The king pin connects to the 5th-wheel trailer hitch in your truck bed.
  5. The arm is rated at 16,000 lbs.

Up to 90-Degree Turning

90 Degree Turns with Sidewinder

It is now possible to turn your short-bed truck 90 degrees without having to worry that your trailer will collide with the cab of your truck. The universal king pin locking wedge included with this Sidewinder prevents your trailer from turning or pivoting at the fifth-wheel hitch. Instead, the rotating turret at the end of the Sidewinder allows turning and pivoting to take place an additional 22 inches away from the cab.

King Pin Locking Wedge Locations for Specific Hitches

Sidewinder Locking Wedges

1. Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese (15K, 16K and 20K Select Series); Husky; Owens; Valley; and similar units

2. Reese Signature Series, Elite Series and similar units

3. Holland and similar units

A. Bolt locations

B. King pin

Custom King Pin Locking Wedges: The included universal wedge prevents the king pin from rotating in most fifth-wheel trailer hitches. Certain hitches, however, require a custom wedge (sold separately).

Note: Do not use the Sidewinder with any of the following:

  • Curt Q Series 5th-wheel trailer hitches
  • PullRite SuperGlide 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • Reese Trail Boss 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • B&W Companion 5th-wheel trailer hitches that mount in the Turnoverball gooseneck hole
  • Colibert 208BW 5th-wheel trailer hitch
  • Hi-Rise gooseneck-to-5th-wheel adapter by Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Bulldog and Reese
  • Any other gooseneck-to-5th-wheel adapter

Note: All Pro Series fifth wheel hitches with slide bar jaw require use of Sidewinder Wedge Kit for Pro Series (30850 - sold separately).

61420 (SW16K and 61300) Fifth Airborne Side Winder Fifth-Wheel Pin Box Coupler with Turret and Hardware

Replaces ST200-SW16K

RP61420 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details RP61420 Installation instructions

Video of Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Reese Sidewinder with Rotating Turret Installation

Today on this fifth wheel camper, we'll be removing the old pin box and installing a new turret and Sidewinder from Reese, product number RP61420. As we said earlier, before we can install our new turret, we have to remove the old pin box. To do that, we'll remove these four bolts on both sides. However, we also have to remove this breakaway switch and trailer wiring before we can remove the pin box. Bolts simply unscrew from their current positions. With all of our electrical components removed, we can remove our four fasteners.

As you can see, we've already removed two fasteners for now. We're going to use a pallet and a fork truck to take it away from the pin box so it's safer to remove the final fasteners. In this case, we'll be using a pry bar to help with the removing of the pin box. With that removed, we will lower the pallet and proceed to assembling the turret. First thing to do is remove the wedge from the bottom of the Sidewinder.

It will line up here with the king pin where we'll tighten it down into position later so there will be no lateral movement with our Sidewinder. Before we set up the turret into the Sidewinder, we're going to take some of the white lithium grease or a spray lubricant. Just hit the top of the Sidewinder just to make it easier to slide our turret on. Once that's in place, we'll install the plastic disc, then well set our top plate and bolt it on. We'll be installing the four 5/8 bolts and lock washers.

With all fasteners installed finger tight, I'm going to use a ratchet to tighten them down, then I'll torque them to specifications as indicated in the instructions. Now that all components are properly installed we can install the turret and Sidewinder into our camper using out truck and pallet. To install the turret, we'll be using these bolts with the flat washers on the outside and the conical tooth washer and nut on the inside. Once those are in place, we'll tighten them down. We will lower the pallet, then torque the specifications.

Next, we'll reinstall our electrical box and breakaway switch. Now that the Sidewinder is installed, the next thing we need to do is hook up the truck to the camper and tighten our wedge near the king pin. We have the wedge tight enough so that it cannot be moved by hand but we'll still be able to use a mallet. Now, we'll back up our vehicle into place and lock down the king pin. We will have to take a mallet to knock the wedge into position. We'll first snug down the bolt we can reach that will hold the wedge in position, while we pull the truck away and tighten down the other bolt. Now, we can torque the bolts to specifications. With that, our Sidewinder is ready to go. We'll hook the truck back up and take it for a test spin to see how it works. As you can see, when it turns, the turret is doing all the turning while the Sidewinder stays in a stationary position due to the wedge. And there you have it for the Reese Turret and Sidewinder installed on our 5th Wheel camper, product number RP61420.

Customer Reviews

Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin with Rotating Turret - 16,000 lbs - RP61420

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (23 Customer Reviews)

This premium fifth-wheel pin box coupler replaces your trailer's king pin for worry-free turning with short-bed pickups. Now you can make up to 90-degree turns without having to exit the truck, throw a switch or push a button.

- RP61420


Thank you Donna for all your help using the formula to identify the right Reese Sidewinder Pinbox, and even when our call was disconnected, you called me back, plus you letting the customer know prices fluctuate and can change within 30 days. Even though I paid a higher price as purchase time, in the end, I actually got the ideal price I wanted from the beginning, but couldn't have done it without you informing me. Now that everything is complete, I am a happy camper, ready to go travel. You are valuable asset to the company. Thanks again so much for your assistance! Dana R., Texas 569569

- RP61420


Great customer service and quick shipping from Etrailer. Sidewinder was very easy to assemble. One of the bolts on the turret that's partially installed at the factory had be cross threaded, but a 5/8-11 trap easily cleaned up the threads. (I'm sure Etrailer would have replaced the defective part if I had contacted them, but the fix was easy) Installation was very straight forward, but it is very heavy. At least twice as heavy as the original pin box. I installed mine by myself by using a motorcycle lift table. The Sidewinder I got was obviously designed to fit many different types of 5th wheels because it had clover leaf type bolt holes to accommodate different bolt patterns. I did have to wrestle with it a little to get the proper holes to align. I also discovered that I couldn't install it into the upper most set of holes on my 5th wheel even though my original pin box was installed there. When installed in those holes, the "ears" of the bracket on the RV would have interfered with the rotation of the Sidewinder, so I moved it down to the next set of bolt holes. The instructions do mention this requirement. I was also pleasantly surprised that my kit came with replacement hardware to attach the new pin box that is higher quality than the originals (Grade 8 vs Grade 5) We took the 5th wheel out for a test drive after the installation and I was very impressed with how easily I could make 90 degree turns with a short bed truck. I also noticed a significant positive difference in how the RV tracked behind the truck. I definitely don't have to swing as wide to make corners as I did before installing the Sidewinder. I'm very happy with the Sidewinder and the purchase through Etrailer. 546809

- RP61420


I ordered my RP61420 sidewinder on 5/8/17 around 4pm and received it on 5/12/17 at 2pm in good condition and complete. ( FREE SHIPPING ) We installed it on 5/13/17 following all instructions included with the sidewinder ( VERY SIMPLE ) I put it on a 2004 - 286 cougar 5th wheel trailer, being pulled by a 2010 F-150 King Ranch ( super cab) with a 5.7 short bed box. The sidewinder allows me to make a 90 degree turn, ONLY when truck and trailer are on PERFECTLY level ground and then, I only have about a 2 inch clearance between back of cab and front of trailer. Before the sidewinder my turns were very limited. The sidewinder is very well built and rated at 16000 lbs. All of the questions and answers with etrailer.com ( JARED P.) were very helpful to find what I needed with my problem of clearance between truck cab and trailer. It is TRICKY to hook up to with the wedge that locks into the 5th wheel hitch, but I think its worth it when able to make sharper turns in traffic. The Reese Sidewinder with with Rotating Turret is also hooked into a Reese 5th wheel hitch. Great products Reese, Leo C. 381609

- RP61420


Fast great service, ordered on Wednesday received on Friday. Highly recommended ! 548105

- RP61420


The "wedge" block that changes the pivot point on the fifth wheel it makes the camper very difficult to hook up to unless you back in at the exact same position as when you unhitched. Even still it does not allow the jaws to close completed without repeatedly trying. This is not a product I would recommend. 258254

- RP61420


The items were packaged well and did not have a scratch on anything. All hardware was included. I am impressed how wel this unit is built. It is built with much heavier metal than the stock pin box that came off, which is reassuring to me. I was able to install this using a table, some blocks and a floor jack without additional help, but it would probably be quicker if additional help were available. This will definitely give me peace of mind when traveling and make it one less thing to worry about when turning/backing. Great product and service. 187953


The Sidewinder is working great. The short turning radius is a plus in addition to peace of mind that it wont be hitting the cab of the truck if I have to make a sharp turn. Im glad I got this instead of the sliding hitch.

Randy - 04/23/2016


- RP61420


Overall the product was very good and well built. They only problem I had was during installation, there were weld spatter through out the bearing surfaces. Once I cleaned that out, I was very happy with how the trailer pulled and handled. 520252

- RP61420


I called to verify what a local RV dealer had informed and tried to sell me. E trailer customer service was great. I submitted my order and in the specified time it arrived as presented. I inspected all of the boxes to confirm all parts were accounted for. Everything was still in the boxes even though they were abused badly in shipment (carrier damage). I will be having it installed in a week. Can't say enough about the quality of the product and customer service. 503333

- RP61420


Product works as advertised and very fast shipping . 482551

- RP61420


Great Customer Service at all levels. These people do exactly what they say they are going to do. I spent about $1800 for my fifth wheel, rail kit, sidewinder and custom wedge. This was money well spent as everything works great. 467628

- RP61420


Received the hitch in record time, and customer service was outstanding. "1 call does it all!" should be their motto. Could not be happier. 466178

- RP61420


Great product this sidewinder did the job for me and as for etrailer.com shipping was was great called one day the next day if was at my door....... thank you ... 444668

- RP61420


This product works great very safe too 428065

- RP61420


unit works very well. 419115

- RP61420


Had it installed at dealer when picked up 5th wheel I had it assembled. Had to take it off and redo it. It takes two people or a platform to rest it on. It's not like a regular pin you have to be dead on in backing and something aggravating but it does work good. Have gotten also a 90 degree turn with this 399111

- RP61420


Easy to put together and install the sidewinder kingpin box and fifth wheel hitch brackets were also easy to install on my 16 Ram 2500 thanks for fast delivery great costomer service and parts 380678

- RP61420


Wonderful, it takes the worries out of tight turns with a short bed pickup. Installation is not difficult, takes two people due to weight of sidewinder hitch. 312668

- RP61420


Love the way it protects my vehicle for too sharp a turn. Only problem is the reconnect to trailer. The wedge to keep the hitch from turning at the connection makes it very difficult to connect. 281408

- RP61420


Excellent product, simple installation (with a little help from my neighbor). Hally at ETrailer was a pleasure to work with and helped me figure out exactly what I needed. Won't put it to use until the weekend but so far I've had a great experience!! 258954

- RP61420


The sidewinder RP61420 bolted right up and has given the extra space that was needed so that the trailer would not hit the cab of the truck when turning. thanks for the great help from your staff. 198406

- RP61420


very fast shipping and great customer service.Order on a Tuesday and had it two days. Will be a customer for life. Thanks Robert Davis 175085

- RP61420


I just recived my hitch it looks amazing and was shipped so fast. My camper is in storage so I won't be able to put in on for awhile. I also bought brackets to install my hitch in my pickup and they are going to make installing it much easier. thanks for fast service. 167948

- RP61420


I am very very impressed with the trailer experience. Fast shipping also, we pick up our fifth wheel Thursday. 158053


Ask the Experts about this Reese Fifth Wheel King Pin
Do you have a question about this Fifth Wheel King Pin?

  • Minimum Truck Bed Length for Towing a 5th Wheel Trailer Without Cab and Loft Clearance Issues
  • The minimum bed length for towing a fifth-wheel trailer with a standard fifth-wheel hitch, see link, is 8 feet. A 6-1/2 inch bed like the Silverado Extended Cab you mentioned can be used along with a slider style fifth-wheel hitch, see link, that requires you to remember to get out of the truck and move a handle to slide the hitch rearward when tight parking and campground situations are encountered. Once ready to go back out on the road the hitch will need to be moved forward, requiring...
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  • Differences Between a Reese Sidewinder and Revolution on a 5th Wheel Trailer and 2012 Ford F-150
  • A Sidewinder and a Revolution are the same thing. It is called a Revolution when it comes as OEM equipment on a trailer. There are some design differences as well in terms of how each attaches to the trailer. Those are the only differences. To determine if the Revolution offers enough extra clearance for your truck and trailer, there are some measurements to look at. First, measure from the center of the hitch jaws to the back of the truck cab and add 22 inches (length of Revolution...
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  • How to Determine What Pin Box is on a 5th Wheel Trailer for Picking out a Sidewinder
  • There should be a sticker or a stamping on the OEM pin box of the 2003 Fleetwood Prowler 275 CKS that will list the number pin box that is on the trailer. If you cannot find the number you can use the measurements of the bolt holes of the pin box to determine which one you have. I attached an FAQ on how to do this for you to check out also. Once you figure out which pin box you have you can check the FAQ I attached that has a chart that shows the correct Sidewinder to get based on...
    view full answer...

  • What is Required Lubrication and Maintenance of Reese Revolution Sidewinder Pin Box # RP61420
  • My research on the Forest River website shows that their Rockwood Series of 5th wheel trailers currently comes equipped with a Reese Revolution hitch. The gross weights (GVWR) of the various Rockwood-series trailers varies considerably across models from a low of 7850-lbs for their 8244WS to a high of 9350-lbs for their 8289WS but my contact at Reese advised that the routine maintenance recommended in their instruction manual (which is attached for your review) are consistent across...
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  • Compatibility of Reese Sidewinder Replacement 5th Wheel Pin Boxes
  • Sidewinder replacement pin boxes like the Reese # RP61450 are not general-purpose items but are made to install in place of a specific OEM pin box. This particular Reese Sidewinder fits in place of any of three Venture brand pin boxes, either model CJ13515, CJ13517 or CJ20517. In order to select a compatible Sidewinder for your Jayco Eagle 5th wheel camper's existing pin box you'll need to check its I.D. sticker, usually on the driver's side, to find its brand and part number. Once you...
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch for 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 with RamBox and 6-Foot Bed
  • A short bed truck by itself can pose a challenge for 5th wheel towing due to the limited front-to-back clearance between the truck cab and the trailer's overhang. When we add the Rambox feature we also add another complication: reduced side-to-side clearance. Hitch makers like Reese, Curt and B&W discourage use of 5th wheels in such trucks; that said, there are those that have satisfactorily installed 5th wheels anyway. The best solution for the turning clearance problem in such trucks...
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  • Can a 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch be Centered Behind the Rear Axle on a Truck
  • The dealer made a mistake, the center of the king pin should be either directly above the center of the rear axle or forward of the rear axle. The problem that you will run into is that when you have the pin weight behind the rear axle it will raise the front of the truck. This will have a negative impact on steering, braking, the head lights will point up. Also, the truck can carry the most weight directly above the rear axle. It cannot carry what it is capable of if the weight is centered...
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  • Difference Between Reese Sidewinder # RP61410 and # RP61420
  • Reese Sidewinder King Pins are designed to replace the existing pin box on a trailer. The only difference between the Sidewinder # RP61410 and # RP61420 that you referenced are the pin box models they are compatible with. For your Fabex 520 pin box, you will need the Reese Sidewinder # RP61410. The difference in price simply has to do with the manufacturer and the product's current availability/demand. This Sidewinder king pin will move the trailer's pivot point an extra 22 inches toward...
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  • Recommended 5th Wheel Towing Setup for a 2017 Ram 1500 with a 5-1/2 foot Bed
  • Since your 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 has a box that is shorter than 6 feet you will actually need to go with a stationary 5th wheel hitch and then change the pin box on your trailer to a Sidewinder pin box. There are no sliding 5th wheel hitches that will allow you to make a 90 degree turn with a truck that has a box under 6 feet. The Sidewinder takes the pivot point on your towing setup and moves it from the king pin back 22 inches to the rotating pin box. We have a selection of Sidewinders...
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  • How to Select a Compatible Sidewinder Replacement 5th Wheel Pin Box
  • A Sidewinder replacement pin box is selected by determining the brand and model of the OEM pin box that is or will be installed on your 5th wheel trailer. The linked article includes a cross-reference table of Sidewinder compatibility for a range of popular OEM pin boxes. For example, if your trailer is fitted with a Lippert 1621 or 1621HD pin box you could use Reese Sidewinder # RP61420 for a 16K-rating, part # RP61421 for a 19K rating or part # RP61422 for an air-cushioned 16K Sidewinder. You...
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  • Recommendation on a Sidewinder Pin Box to Replace a Lippert 1621 Pin Box
  • For your Cougar 5th wheel trailer with a Lippert 1621 pin box rated at 15-1/2K, I recommend the Sidewinder 5th Wheel Pin Box 16K # RP61420. This Sidewinder pin box is the confirmed replacement for a Lippert 1621. The Sidewinder has a 16K pound weight capacity and will provide an extra 22 inches of clearance by moving the pivot point back under the trailer. You will also need a traditional 5th wheel hitch installed in your 2010 Ford F-150. I recommend installing the hitch with the...
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  • Recommended 5th Hitch and Pin Box for Towing Jayco Eagle with 2008 Silverado 2500HD Short Bed
  • I will assume that your 2008 Silverado 2500HD has the 6-1/2 foot bed. The pin box of a fifth wheel trailer is the extension that comes off of the underside of the trailer loft. The king pin that locks into the jaws of the fifth wheel hitch extends from the bottom of the pin box. I have edited a photo for you showing these parts. For a 6-1/2 foot bed, we typically recommend using a sliding fifth wheel hitch to provide the proper clearance between the front of the trailer loft and the...
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  • Can a 2014 Ford F-150 SuperCrew with 5.5 Foot Bed Tow a 5th Wheel Trailer Using a Sidewinder
  • Sidewinder replacement pin boxes such as # RP61420 move the pivot point of the trailer back 22 inches so you can make tight turns. But depending on the width of the trailer even this 22 inches extra clearance might not be enough. With a hitch installed in your 2014 Ford F-150 SuperCrew with 5-1/2 foot bed using kit # RP50081-58 the center of the king pin will be approximately 25 inches from the back of the truck cab. The 22 inches of the Sidewinder will push that to 47 inches. This...
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  • Do Sliding Fifth Wheel Hitches Automatically Unlock and Slide for Tight Turns or is it Manual
  • Slider hitches have to be un-locked in order to slide rear ward for tight turns. That can either be done by exiting the truck and manually unlocking it or using an electrical un-locking system that is operated by a control panel in cab. If you do not want to have to un-lock a slider fifth wheel, you have the option of using a Sidewinder, like part # RP61420. A Sidewinder will put the pivot point at the trailers pin box rather than pivoting on the fifth wheel head. If you write back...
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  • Do Sidewinder Pin Boxes Reduce Highway Stability Since Pivot Point is Moved Back
  • Since the weight of the trailer will still be on the fifth wheel hitch the additional stability that a fifth wheel trailer has over a bumper trailer would not be reduced at all with a Sidewinder pin box. The only thing that gets moved back is the pivot point. With a Sidewinder you will notice that the trailer tracks better behind the tow vehicle around corners, will become easier to backup, and will allow you to tow with a short bed truck without cab/trailer interference. I attached...
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  • Sidewinder Recommendation for a Lippert 1621 Pin Box
  • For a Sidewinder that is compatible with your Lippert 1621 pin box you would want a Sidewinder 5th Wheel King Pin # RP61420. The Sidewinder # ST500-SW16K that you referenced is designed to work on Youngs Welding pin boxes and would not work for you. Check out the faq article I attached on Sidewinders for you to check out also.
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  • Comparing Sliding Hitch vs. Sidewinder for 40-Foot Toy Hauler Towed by 2014 Short-Bed Ram 2500
  • In your application with a roughly 40-foot toy hauler towed by your short-bed Ram 2500 a Sidewinder replacement pin box is the way to go. A sliding 5th wheel hitch like the Curt Q16 # C16521 can give a short bed truck like your 2014 Ram 2500 up to 12-inches of additional turning clearance. On the other hand, a Sidewinder replacement 5th wheel pin box, when used with a fixed 5th wheel hitch, gives you a full 22-inches of additional turning clearance. Sidewinders are made as replacements...
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  • Replacement Air Ride or Sidewinder Pin Box for Lippert 1621
  • The # LC328492 Trail Air Flex Air Air Ride Pin Box you mentioned is not an extended pin box. When installed, the center king pin to first row of bolt holes in the turret would be right at 17-3/4 inches, as you can see in the provided diagram. I've also shown the bolt hole spacing so you can compare it to your existing pin box. If you're looking for some extension to provide additional distance between the front of the trailer loft and the rear of the truck cab, you'd want to use a Sidewinder...
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