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  3. Upgraded Pin Box
  4. Lippert 1116
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  6. 18000 lbs GTW
Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box - Lippert 1116 and 1716 - 21,000 lbs - 3.5K TW

Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box - Lippert 1116 and 1716 - 21,000 lbs - 3.5K TW

Item # GY35FR
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Fifth Wheel King Pin
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This shock-absorbing pin box provides a smooth, safe ride while you tow your fifth-wheel trailer. The all-in-1 box has no air bags to refill or small parts to replace. 3.5K pin weight. 1-800-940-8924 to order Gen-Y Hitch fifth wheel king pin part number GY35FR or order online at Free expert support on all Gen-Y Hitch products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box - Lippert 1116 and 1716 - 21,000 lbs - 3.5K TW. Fifth Wheel King Pin reviews from real customers.
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Gen-Y Hitch Fifth Wheel King Pin - GY35FR

  • Upgraded Pin Box
  • Lippert 1116
  • Lippert 1716
  • 18000 lbs GTW
  • Gen-Y Hitch
  • Absorbs Road Shock and Reduces Chucking
  • Fixed Turret

This shock-absorbing pin box provides a smooth, safe ride while you tow your fifth-wheel trailer. The all-in-1 box has no air bags to refill or small parts to replace. 3.5K pin weight.


  • 5th-Wheel king pin box upgrades the existing pin box on your 5th-wheel trailer
    • King pin inserts into your truck's 5th-wheel hitch
  • Shock-absorbing design ensures a smooth, steady ride
    • Technology functions like a torsion axle to limit transfer of road shock from trailer to truck and vice versa
      • Reduces chucking and rough fore-and-aft motion
      • Limits bounce and jarring up-and-down motion
    • No airbags to maintain and fewer moving parts to repair or replace than with other shock-absorbing solutions
  • Filler shims insert between pin box and your trailer's wings
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Powder coat finish resists wear and corrosion
  • Simple, bolt-on installation
    • Mounts with existing bolts
  • Made in the USA


  • Designed to replace Lippert 1116 and 1716 5th-wheel pin boxes
  • Towing capacity: 21,000 lbs
  • Pin weight capacity range: 1,500 lbs - 3,500 lbs
  • 5-Year limited warranty


  • Average break-in period for hitch = 1,000 miles.
  • In order for the pin box's shock absorption to work correctly, make sure your pin weight is within the pin weight range.
  • Because the Gen-Y Hitch Executive is shorter than the Lippert 1716 pin box, the clearance between your trailer and tow vehicle during turns might be reduced.

Calculated Tongue Weight Executive Tongue Weight Capacity Required
1,600-2,599 lbs 3,500 lbs
2,600-3,599 lbs 4,500 lbs
3,600-4,599 lbs 5,500 lbs
4,600-5,599 lbs 6,500 lbs
5,600-6,599 lbs 7,500 lbs
6,600-7,599 lbs 8,500 lbs
7,600-8,599 lbs 9,500 lbs

Built-In Shock Absorption for a Smooth Ride

Executive torsion

If you've ever towed a fifth-wheel trailer before, you're no stranger to road shock. Driving over uneven terrain can result in a rigid, bumpy ride. And uncomfortable fore-and-aft chucking can occur when you're starting and stopping. When all of the motions combine, the road shock can even potentially damage your truck or trailer.

This Gen-Y Hitch torsion pin box is designed to absorb road shock at the connection point to create a safe, smooth ride. This is thanks to the internal construction of the box, which is similar to that of a torsion axle.

Pivot points are built into the Gen-Y pin box. This allows for movement between the box, which attaches to your trailer, and the king pin, which connects to the fifth-wheel hitch in your truck bed. When your trailer bounces or jerks, the king pin will move accordingly.

torsion diagram

Built into the Gen-Y pin box are tubes with inner bars that are surrounded by rubber cords. As the king pin moves, these inner bars twist inside of the tubes, attempting to follow the pin's motion. But the rubber cords prevent the bars from twisting too far. And as each bar turns, these cords compress to absorb the rough shock. This means that any shock experienced by your truck can be absorbed before it reaches your trailer, and the shock experienced by your trailer won't get transferred to your truck.

GH-8040 GenY Hitch Executive Fifth-Wheel King Pin Box with Torsion Shock Absorption - LCI 1116/1716 - 21K

GH-8000 1/4" Filler Shims for Gen-Y Executive Fifth Wheel Adapters

Video of Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box - Lippert 1116 and 1716 - 21,000 lbs - 3.5K TW

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Gen-Y Hitch Fifth Wheel King Pin - Shock Absorbing Pin Box Lippert 1116 1716 - GY35FR

Hi, everybody. Andy here with Let's take a look at this Gen Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box. Now this is going to upgrade your existing pin box on your 5th Wheel trailer, and the kingpin is still going to insert into your truck's 5th Wheel Hitch. This does have a shock absorbing design that's going to give you a smooth and steady ride. So this is gonna be a lot more comfortable for you as you're going down the road.

Now, this is designed specifically to replace your Lippert 1116, and 1716 5th Wheel pin boxes. So if you have either one of those, this is going to fit right in place. And this does include the filler shims here that you see here on my table before me. And these shims are going to insert between the pin box, and your trailer's wing. So those shims are included.

Now insulation is going to be relatively simple. This is going to have the exact same mounting holes, and this is going to install using the same bolts as your existing pin box. So you do wanna hold onto those bolts. This will not come with those bolts. However, even though this is gonna be a relatively simple installation, it's not necessarily going to be an easy installation.

You do wanna make sure that you have at least someone else with you to help you take down your old pin box, and lift this new one into place. This is very heavy. I needed some help to put this on my table. So just make sure that you have enough support when you are going through the installation process. Now I do wanna mention that this pin box is a little bit shorter than your original Lippert 1716 pin box.

So the clearance between your trailer, and tow vehicle during turns might be reduced. Just so you're aware of that. This is made here in the USA of a heavy duty steel construction, and this has a towing capacity of 21,000 pounds, and a pin weight capacity range from 1500 pounds up to 3,500 pounds. Now that pin weight capacity range is due to Gen Y's shock absorbing design, which is going to ensure that smooth and steady ride that you're looking for. Their technology functions like a torsion axle to limit the transfer of road chalk from your trailer to your truck, and vice versa and reduce, and it'll reduce that chucking, and that rough for and after motion. And it also limits the bouncing, and the jarring up and down motion that sometimes you'll get with a standard pin box. Now, as this cutaway demonstrates that I have here for you. This built into Gen Y's pin box are tubes with inner bars that are surrounded by rubber cords. So as your kingpin end moves, these inner bars twist inside of the tubes attempting to follow the kingpin's motion, but the rubber cords are going to prevent the bars from twisting too far. And as each bar turns, these cords compressed to absorb the rough shock. So this means that any shock experienced by your truck can be absorbed before it reaches your trailer, and the shock experienced by your trailer won't get transferred to your truck. So because of that shock absorbing design, you are going to have to have a minimum of 1,500 pounds for the system to properly engage. And any more than 3,500 pounds is gonna be too much for it. Another benefit of this type of system is that there are no airbags to maintain. There's fewer moving parts to repair or replace than with other shock absorbing solutions. And be aware of the fact that the average break-in period for this pin box is gonna be about a thousand miles. Now this does have a powder coat finish. It's gonna resist wear and corrosion, and Gen Y is well known for making very sturdy, very robust products. And I'm happy to say that this, this pin box is no exception. I think this is going to last you a long time, be very durable of great investment, especially if you're looking for that smoother ride. Well, I think that's gonna wrap up our look today. I do hope that our time together has been helpful for you. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me.

Customer Reviews

Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box - Lippert 1116 and 1716 - 21,000 lbs - 3.5K TW - GY35FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (36 Customer Reviews)

This shock-absorbing pin box provides a smooth, safe ride while you tow your fifth-wheel trailer. The all-in-1 box has no air bags to refill or small parts to replace. 3.5K pin weight.


Arrived as expected and had the installation completed in about two hours. My expert salesman saved me alot of misery because I had intended to order the wrong hitch and he corrected the error. Excellant service and really refreshing to work with people who really care.


Etrailer is an awesome website. They are very responsive to questions. Installation was simple and straightforward. I have not towed with this new pinbox as my rig is bedded down for a long winter nap in the northeast.



Still very impressed. This hitch does a great job of absorbing shock from road surfaces. Best part is, unlike the air cushion type, there is no maintenance.




Thank You for your interest in my experience with the Gen-Y King PIN Hitch I purchased last year. I love the Gen-Y KP Hitch. The torsion mechanism has significantly smoothed out the ride compared to the standard Lippert King KP Hitch that came standard on my Grand Design Reflection 340RDS 5th Wheel. I also like that the Gen-Y KP Hitch is 4" shorter than the Lippert KP Hitch as I get a little more turning radius with my short bed Ram. Also, the contour of the Gen-Y KP Hitch allows a little more clearance over the top of my Gator Tonneau Cover Rails v.s. the Lippert KP Hitch.

Now for the "not so good" news about my purchase experience. The packaging of the Gen-Y Hitch was way below the quality standard I would expect from E-trailer. Please see attached file.

I'm sorry I did not send you this information regarding the poor packaging and subsequent minor damage to the Gen-Y KP Hitch which I was able to correct upon install of the Hitch. Last year was very busy for me and I was not able to send this information sooner.


Super fast shipping. Easy install. Heavy buggar so hired two young ones to hold it while I bolted it into place. Coming up into the 1000 mile usage mark and it is doing its job well absorbing road shock. In New York state now. PA roads are awful bumpy so it got several good tests.


So far so good. More to share after break-in period.


On a +~3.5K mile round trip this last spring, this pin box provided greater stability than the original. There was a substantial reduction in porpoising along with smoother recovery from pot holes/irregularities, however there still remained a slight “chuck.” Overall, a better design.


Installed on my 2018 Grand Design Momentum 395m 3 axle toy hauler. Immediate improvement with chucking. This should help with any FRAME FLEX that you hear so much about. Fingers crossed.


Works great, easy to install and uninstall if you don't want to keep it on all the time. Take some time to put the rubber (on the bar that isnt on this product) on correctly the first time, as its a little trickier if you mess it up and have to do it again. We have put our 16' kayak on many times with no issues.


Thule products are built to last decades. So a year later, this is every bit as great as the day I installed the crossbars on my roof.


I would rate it a 5Star, on the customer service and the delivery. I was also impressed that it was delivered on or very close to the date given at time of order.
Haven’t towed it yet with the new equipment installed. Will be towing it next week on Tuesday, looking forward to it. Will go back and leave comments on how it does.


The hitch bolted up easy, and seems to react well between the truck and 5th wheel


I went from a standard stock hitch to the gen Y. The difference is just amazing. When I get a new 5th wheel I will definitely be getting Gen Y again. I have zero complaints.


It's been rock solid on my 2022 Sorento PHEV. I combine it with a hitch rack, so it's nice that I can easily remove and reattach quickly. I haven't noticed much wind noise or increase in MPG like I did with an old rack+fairing.


Fit was correct and the attachment is solid. Seems expensive for the content,
But it works.


Thanks again for the excellent, professional, knowledgeable customer service. It is refreshing to be able to talk to someone who is friendly and glad to help with specialized needs such as racks, hitches, etc. You won't find that kind of service in a lot of places. That is why I recommend etrailer to all of my friends.
The 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz is getting very popular and lots of people are wondering when a truck rack, or ladder type rack will be available for it. It is a great truck but the roof does not allow larger items like longboard surfboards or SUP boards or kayaks to be installed on the roof. There just is not enough room for standard surfboard racks to be spread out long enough to safely carry these longer items. Thule says 27 1/2" is the standard distance between bars but all of us surfers, windsurfers know that one needs more distance between the crossbars to carry a 9' surfboard or greater. I was going to use the Thule racks I just ordered on my 2022 Hyundai Santa Cruz, but it seems there is just not enough room on the roof to get the distance needed. Plus, the roof is kind of rounded toward the front so the front bar will be down at an angle. I ended up putting the rack on my Hyundai Tucson. So, there is a need out there for a different system for the Santa Cruz. Any advice on a roof rack for the Santa Cruz would be appreciated. Maybe I am looking at it wrong and I don't need as much room on the roof as I think to transport a longboard. I know there is a lot of discussion on this subject on the Santa Cruz forums online. I use a 9', and 10' longboard (surfboard).


This hitch makes towing our 44ft toy hauler a pleasure


I love my hitch


Everything came quickly and all at one time. The instructions were clear, communications were frequent, and follow-up was immediate. Fantastic customer service combined with great and easy selections.


Extremely pleased with the product and the delivery of the product. Installation was completed and very easy,


I only received one of the 3 packages


This is the 2nd large order (hitch components & roof rack) I placed within 2 weeks. Each was processed quickly and arrived ahead of the projected delivery date. Further, the website was extremely easy to use with excellent configuration and installation articles and videos. I dealt with Quinn, a phone rep, who did a great job answering my questions and configuring the equipment. I highly recommend doing business with etrailer.


This pinbox fixed two problems I was having. I can know turn 90 degrees and I have up to 10 inches of clearance from top of bed rail to 5th wheel overhang


Install went smooth. I'm 75 and with a small car jack on my truck tail gate it went very quickly. Blocked the pin end on bed so it wouldn't tip and jacked up the back. Got one rear hole lined up bolted and then just jacked up the pin end and put those bolts in. I will hook it up today and see how it sets. Might have to lower my truck hitch one notch if it sits too high - we will see. ( Momentum 395 MS/ F350)

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  • Replacing A MORryde Pin Box With A Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box
    To know what pin box will replace your MORryde pin box you'll first need to identify the bolt pattern. To do this you can follow the steps in the attached pin box identification article. This article will show you the different styles of pin boxes and from there the different bolt patterns based on their spacing measurements. Some of the most common bolt patterns used by manufacturers are the 1621, 1116, or 1716. The Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box # 325-GH-8040 will fit...
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  • Is Demco Autoslide 5th Wheel Hitch Compatible With Gen-Y Pin Box For Lippert 1716
    It is; I reached out to Demco to be certain, and they confirmed for me the Demco Autoslide 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Slider # DM8550034 is compatible with the Gen-Y Executive pin box. You'll also need a locking plate to prevent the king pin from pivoting in the hitch, and they told me for the Gen-Y, the correct locking plate is the Demco Autoslide Locking Plate # DM77GV. As for the correct Gen-Y pin box to replace your Lippert 1716 on your trailer with a pin weight of about 2,100 lbs,...
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  • Can A Lippert 1116 Pin Box Be Swapped Out With A Lippert 1621 Pin Box?
    Since you actually have a Lippert 1116 pin box, the Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box # 325-GH-8040 that you ordered, which fits a 1621 pin box, is not going to work with your Keystone Fuzion 403 since the two pin boxes are not interchangeable. Instead, you're going to need the: - Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box # GY35FR. This replacement pin box is designed to work with your Lippert 1116 pin box, has a maximum trailer weight capacity of 18,000-lbs, and has...
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  • Correct Gen-Y Pin Box to Replace a MORryde RPB72-1716
    Hey Bill, great question! The Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box - Lippert 1116 and 1716 - 30,000 lbs - 4.5K TW # GY45SR will fit in place of your MORryde RPB72-1716, but you'll want to verify that the 4.5K TW rating is best for your trailering needs. If you look up the GVWR of your trailer and multiply it by 0.22 your tongue weight needs to fall into the 2,600-3,599 lbs range in order for this to work properly. If it's in the 1,600-2,599 lbs range you need the box # GY35FR...
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  • Recommended Gen-Y Hitch Shock Absorbing 5th Wheel Pin Box For A Genesis Supreme GCK405
    The Lippert 127027 comes up with an 1116 bolt pattern so you'd need to pick one of the following options depending on your trailers pin weight: Pin Weight: 1,600-2,599lbs # GY35FR 2,600-3,599lbs # GY45SR If you look at the front driver's side of your trailer there should be a sticker that lists the GVWR and Pin Weight so that you can choose the correct replacement.
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