Use your standard, above-bed 5th-wheel trailer hitch with your Ram factory, underbed 5th-wheel towing prep package. Adapter mounts in factory sockets and supplies mounting rails in your truck bed for attaching your hitch. Call 800-298-8924 to order Reese Accessories and Parts part number RP30154 or order online at Free expert support on all Reese products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Reese 5th Wheel Rail Adapter for Ram OEM 5th Wheel Towing Prep Package - 25,000 lbs. Accessories and Parts reviews from real customers.
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Reese 5th Wheel Rail Adapter for Ram OEM 5th Wheel Towing Prep Package - 25,000 lbs

Reese Accessories and Parts

(73 reviews)

Code:   RP30154



Shipping Special

Shipping Weight: 90 pounds


Reese Accessories and Parts - RP30154

Use your standard, above-bed 5th-wheel trailer hitch with your Ram factory, underbed 5th-wheel towing prep package. Adapter mounts in factory sockets and supplies mounting rails in your truck bed for attaching your hitch.


  • Converts your factory-installed, underbed 5th-wheel mounting kit from Ram to standard, above-bed 5th-wheel base rails
    • Use a 5th-wheel trailer hitch that attaches to standard, above-bed rails
  • Mounts to OEM pucks (or sockets) in your truck bed
    • Unit drops into pucks and locks in place
    • No drilling or welding required
  • Black powder coated steel construction
  • Includes heavy-duty anchors that can be used if you intend to tow over 20,000 lbs
  • Works with most industry-standard sliders
    • Reese sliders: RP30048, RP30051, RP30092, RP50024
    • Curt slider: C16560


  • Application: Ram trucks with OEM, underbed base rails
  • Maximum capacity: 25,000 lbs
  • Adapter will add 2" to height of hitch
  • Limited lifetime warranty

This adapter is perfect if you want to use your standard fifth-wheel trailer hitch with your Ram truck's factory-installed, underbed fifth-wheel mounting kit. Just mount the adapter in your underbed rails using the integrated pucks and lock it place. Now you have the standard, above-bed base rails needed to install your fifth-wheel hitch.

30154 Reese Elite Series Dodge Ram Truck OEM Adapter for Attaching Standard Fifth-Wheel Trailer Hitches

Video of Reese 5th Wheel Rail Adapter for Ram OEM 5th Wheel Towing Prep Package - 25,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Reese Fifth Wheel Installation Kit RP30154 Review

Today, we're going to review part number RP30154. This is the Reese 5th wheel rail adapter for the Ram OEM 5th wheel towing prep package, has a 25,000-pound weight capacity. Now, this adapter right here will allow you to use your standard above-bed 5th wheel trailer hitch with your Ram factory under-bed 5th wheel towing prep package. The adapter will mount into the factory sockets and it supplies the truck bed base rails that are needed to install your 5th wheel hitch too. This part does include everything shown here. It includes this adapter, includes the four end caps. The end caps would basically pop on the end right there.

Now, it does also include these four heavy-duty anchors which are these bolts and nuts, and basically those will be used in a case of if you're going to tow over 20,000 pounds. When you put your 5th wheel hitch into these rails instead of using the standard pins and clips that comes with it, it is required to use these heavy-duty bolts and lock nuts if you're going to go over 20,000 pounds towing. It also comes with these bail pins, and these bail pins would be used to lock these handles into place. Basically, the way this would operate is to drop this into your Ram factory under-bed prep package, you'd just swing these handles open like this; two on this side, two on this side. When you swing these open, it moves this anchor about 90 degrees and that will allow you with all four of them opened to drop it into the pucks on your factory system on your Ram. Once they're dropped into the pucks, you would just rotate these handles this way, one this way, and it rotates that anchor 90 degrees and it'll lock it into the puck. Then, what you'll do is take this bail pin and just go ahead and open this bail pin up.

Drop it through. There is holes in the handles and then holes in the adapter. Then, you just clip that into place and then that keeps those from opening, so it keeps it lock to the pucks on your factory under-bed system here. Now, again this will convert your factory installed under-bed 5th wheel mounting kit from the Ram to give you these standard above-bed 5th wheel base rails. They do mount to the OEM pucks or the sockets in your truck bed. This unit drops into the pucks, locks in place like I was just showing you, so you could basically use a 5th wheel trailer hitch that attaches to standard above-bed rails. There is no drilling or welding required.

Everything is a black powder coat steel construction. Again as I mentioned about these heavy-duty anchors, just to reiterate again. If this adapter is used to tow anything over 20,000 pounds, it is required to use these heavy-duty anchors to hold the 5th wheel hitch to this adapter instead of the standard pins and clips. Again, maximum capacity is 25,000 pounds. This does work with the Reese slider hitches, RP30048, RP30092, and RP50024, and this part does come with a limited lifetime warranty. That should do it for the review on part number RP30154, the Reese 5th wheel rail adapter for the Ram OEM 5th wheel towing prep package. .

Customer Reviews

Reese 5th Wheel Rail Adapter for Ram OEM 5th Wheel Towing Prep Package - 25,000 lbs - RP30154

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (73 Customer Reviews)

Use your standard, above-bed 5th-wheel trailer hitch with your Ram factory, underbed 5th-wheel towing prep package. Adapter mounts in factory sockets and supplies mounting rails in your truck bed for attaching your hitch.

- RP30154

by: Jim C.11/14/2013

Searched for a solution for mounting a PullRite Super-slide and this frame adapter did the trick. Installs quickly and is easily removed allowing full box utilization. It is identical to the factory optional adapter only hundreds less costly. Did require minor adjustment but instructions were clear and easy to do. Used with Industry standard Rail mounted hitches. 107315


So you were able to put a PullRite Super slide hitch on this adapter? I have a PullRite hitch it is not a super slide and it doesnt fit on this adapter.

comment by: Lindsey - 01/28/2014


Certain PullRite hitches use a narrower spread than most. This rail adapter does not provide the most narrow slot set. If your hitch tabs are narrower than the slots on the adapter, I would bet that your PullRite is one of those models.

Patrick B - 2/5/2014


Fantastic. I have installed and removed the adapter frame several times. Im 70 years old and it was no bother for my wife and I to remove both the PullRite hitch and the adapter frame. I have ordered other products from E-trailer and all have done exactly what they described, They are an excellent resource and provide value as well as advise.

Jim C - 11/14/2014


- RP30154

by: Mike B08/05/2014

Works as promised. Easy to install and remove. Will absolutely shop with Etrailer again. 144410

- RP30154

by: Dave E.10/21/2014

The Reese 5th wheel adapter fit very well. The only problem was getting the cotter pins out to make the snugness adjustment. The instructions could have been better. It took a while to realize that there were 2 different adjustments, not one. The one inch wrench is for the positioning (front-back, side to side) of the pins into the bed. No adjustment was necessary with this and I did not need the 1 inch wrench. However, the "T" was loose as the pins were set a little deep into the bed. Once (an hour later) I got the cotter pins out I screwed the T ends about 4 - half turns into the handle so that there was no vertical play. Then reinsert the cotter pins, set the Reese adapter back into the holes, give the handles a 1/2 turn and lock them into place with that snap lock. Reese needs to make it easier to get those pins out. The Pullrite 4409 baserail adapter fit perfectly onto the Reese RAM adapter, and then my old hitch fit perfectly onto the Pullrite adapter. (The only annoying thing is that I now have a hitch that is 7 inches higher than it used to be. But that is not Reese's fault. Darn those truck manufacturers. The trailer tongue can be moved up 2 inches to mitigate a little.) 157248

- RP30154

by: Bob M05/28/2014

What a great find ETRAILER.COM has been providing the exact part I needed at the best price around....ETRAILER customer communication was excellent from order confirmation to shipping to delivery follow up....I will definitely consider ETRAILER for my next purchase!.... 133111


Good well built REESEart....Easy to install and remove....Thanks Again ETRAILER for fast delivery!

Bob M - 05/29/2015


- RP30154

by: Buddy02/25/2014

Fit good. Directions say to use bolts instead of pins if trailer is over certain weight. I have know idea how barely enough room for pins. No problems with etrailer though 117715


Thank you for asking. The products I purchased have worked great. No problems or complaints

Buddy - 03/23/2015


- RP30154

by: Chuck F.08/19/2014

Great product. Reese 5th wheel rail adapter for 2014 Ram with OEM 5th wheel prep package. Perfect fit out of the box. Great customer service. Kept me informed from ordering to delivery. 147449



Chuck F - 08/19/2015


- RP30154

by: Mike S.05/18/2015

This adapter for my RAM with the Towing Prep fit perfectly! I was originally concerned I'd have to make adjustments, but once I turned the locking handles, it was snug to the floor with no movement! HINT: Insert the locking Bail Pins into the holes in the rail before your final install! The install video shows the tech just dropping the Bail Pins into the hole. Not that smooth in real life. There is little to no space between the bottom of the rails and the truck bed. I couldn't snap the Bail pins unless I placed them in the hole first. Then just work the locking handles over the end of the bail pin ( the handles have some flexibility). Very happy with this adapter. 193998

- RP30154

by: Carl Evans07/27/2015

Had to make minor adjustments. All the cotter pins broke when removed, but was going to replace with new stainless pins anyway. Hooked up the 5th wheel and went for a test run of about 20 miles over various roads, to see if I needed to adjust the rail adapter pins. No adjustment needed so far. Pleased with the adapter so I can use my 20K hitch. Did notice the hitch has a very small amount of forward/reverse movement in the rail adapter. Am going to search for rubber bushings. I can hear it is the only reason I would like to limit the movement to zero. Very happy overall. Have done business w/etrailer before, and have no complaints. 214828

- RP30154

by: Kevin C.04/29/2014

I finally took delivery of my truck last Friday night, and got my Reese Picture frame adapter R-30154 installed. Here is a picture of the adapter only, and adapter with my hitch installed. Thanks for your assistance, sorry it took so long. 127922

- RP30154

by: glenn davis10/27/2013

awesome product 105327


Appears to be well made. Mine didnt come with instructions. I sheared off a cotter pin trying to lock one of the handles. Thats when I realized one of the corners needed adjusting.Personally, Im disappointed in the way it locks down. Once you bolt the hitch onto the adapter, you have to unbolt it EVERY TIME you need to remove it, because the hitch prevents you from turning the 4 handles! This is a pain when I want to use the gooseneck hitch, and I have to purchase new lock nuts each time.The Etrailer price was the best I found, and it only took a couple of days to arrive, once it was off of a 3 week backorder.

comment by: Rick F - 04/02/2014


Thanks very much for taking the time to come back and share your thoughts. We will be sure and pass the input along to Reese.

Patrick B - 4/3/2014

- RP30154

by: Kris B.01/27/2014

Appears to be very well made. Much cheaper price than the factory Ram part! 114862


Works great, no issues!

Kris B - 01/27/2015


- RP30154

by: Ed S04/06/2015

The reese adapter came assembled and looked good. I had a slight bug getting it in my OEM slots as the front slots were 3/8" wider then the rear. Rears dropped right in. I called the original owner of the truck and he had the same issue... A little "persuasion" and it went right in. No fault on Reese, but RAM and their assembly guys in the old country... 183517

- RP30154

by: Jeff L.03/07/2014

This frame is very stout and will do the job no question. The only thing is that it is heavy and not that easy to take in and out of the bed. I also found it will not work with my rubber bed mat. It would be nice if Reese made an all in one setup like on the Fords. The problem with the all in one setups available are that they are to tall, the B&W is over 17.5'' tall, I need it around 14'' to 15''. This frame and the Reese Pro together measures off my bed to the top plate 16''. 119789

- RP30154

by: Kevin R06/04/2015

Purchased Reese 5th Wheel Hitch Adapter for a Ram 3500 with 5th wheel prep. Easy to order, great service, delivered ahead of schedule. Installation instructions a little confusing, but went slow and had frame adjusted and locked in about 45 minutes. Rock solid connection, tows great. Really like the ability to easily remove at the end of camping season and have a clean, flush bed. I won't miss the permanent bed rails. Will buy from again. Thanks. 200356

- RP30154

by: tony c02/25/2014

just what i was looking for. same as MOPAR piece but less expensive. packaging was inadaqute for shipping method. unfortunally because of weather and CHRYSLER Corp I can not try it in my vehicle. will post at a latter date as to actual install. service from etrailer was exceptional. ordered same part from MOPAR in Jan,2014 / still no delivery date. etrailer had it to me in less than a WEEK. thank you!!!! 117720

- RP30154

by: Jay S.05/27/2015

Worked beautifully first time this past weekend with my Pro series 16k. Simple to install. The odd thing was that I had to turn the center locking pins upside down and have them in place just before dropping into the trucks peg holes. Otherwise the bed floor is to close on I was unable to close the pin properly. Once I figured this out, it was smooth sailing. Came just as easy. 198319

- RP30154

by: Don07/16/2015

Product was fine , minor tuning and the unit worked as describe. The only problem was the shipping. The box looked as if it had been somewhat trashed on the corners and the box staples were half open. Fortunately all parts were still in box. Damage to the unit consisted of a bent control arm, which I was able to repair with a little help of a couple of crescent wrenches. 212182

- RP30154

by: Dustin07/16/2015

I have a 2015 Ram 3500. This product did not properly fit right and took over 2 hours to get it "close" as Reese would say. The locking arms we're also in the wrong place. This product says that it can easily be put in. I'm a mechanic on the side and this was no easy project. Should have just bought oem. If time is money then this product cosy more than what it should. 212100

- RP30154

by: Brian C09/04/2014

Everything came in as described and in good condition. No hassles / No problems. That's what I like. 5th wheel tow prep package for Ram 3500 works great and makes a clean installation. Reese rail adapter was built heavy duty. The thing must weigh 50lbs. Way easier than drilling the bed! Wish more companies provided the level of information that these guys do. 150088

- RP30154

by: Roger07/30/2015

Awesome product, came 1 day earlier than expected. I read a reviews by others before I ordered adapter. It took me 15 minutes to make the adjustments, cotter pins were very easy to remove and reinstall. Installed my fifth wheel plate hooked up the trailer and went on a three day vacation. Thanks for the quick service. Would highly recommend company and the Reese adapter. 215459

- RP30154

by: Danny Knight08/19/2014

Excellent product and great service. Took 5 minutes to install was adjusted perfectly. Just removed the pucks and dropped it in place. Worked great with my Husky 16K EZ roller hitch. Only thing I would recommend is that call takers have a little more information about the application of the product with other hitchs for the new Dodge below bed rail system. 147483

- RP30154

by: RP3015404/14/2014

Overall, an excellent product for a much less price than the OEM product. One minor issue of a hitch pin hole not quit lining up and had to be ground a slight bit but was not much. The product came assembled and fit perfectly when turning the locking pins. I'd recommend this product to everyone needing the 5th wheel hitch adapter for the Ram pickup. 124979

- RP30154

by: Dennis C.08/26/2015

Unbelievable "SERVICE"...I order the product for 25% less than anyone who even carries this product and most of all, including the dealership didn't even stock it...Hopefully in the future, if I need any other towing attachments for my 2015 Ram 2500....I hope I can at least have the opportunity to purchase it from you guys. Thanks... 221781

- RP30154

by: will c.03/23/2015

I received my Reese RP30154 hitch adapter a few days after ordering. I thought it would be a couple of weeks before it came. It's much heavier than I thought it would be and looks well built. I can't give it much of a review now, because the truck I ordered won't arrive until mid April. I will give a follow up after instalation. 180457

- RP30154

by: JD07/07/2014

After some adjusting of the "T pin anchors the adaptor seems to work as described however, the cotter pins that secure the "T pin anchor" to the anchor handles will shear off easily if there is any resistance while turning the handles. Suggest replacing the aluminum cotter pins with something more substantial. 139822

- RP30154

by: Don R04/22/2014

Ordered the Reese 5th wheel adapter for my 2014 3500 Larimie Limited with the factory fifth wheel option and it arrived in time and fit perfectly. I might need to adjust one mounting stud but the instructions that came with it are easy to follow. I would recommend etrailer to anyone, great customer service. 126589

- RP30154

by: Robert, O04/07/2014

This product fit into my 2014 dodge just fine. I would suggest making the end caps a different way, when you try to install them they tear and mess up one corner. The locking bars could be smaller so you can unlock it with out having to take the head off to remove the base. 124233

- RP30154

by: Cary01/31/2015

This product allowed me to keep my 16K Reese hitch and install the new rails. Installation was done by my son and son-in-law and was completed in about 30 minutes. Just can't thank etrailer enough for their assistance in selecting the right rails. Just too awesome. 172003

- RP30154

by: Larry M04/25/2014

Great experience! Rep called same day I ordered the item told me it might be middle of next month before it ships. I don't know what happened but I received it in about 3 days. I put the 5th wheel Reese rail adapter in the bed of my Ram 2500 in less in 25 minutes! 127417

- RP30154

by: chip06/12/2015

First off, thanks guys! I'm always amazed as to how fast and efficiently I get my orders from etrailer. This bracket fit like a glove in my 2015 Dodge Ram Laramie 3500 DRW crew cab long box. I used it with a Trailersaver TS3 air hitch and it was a perfect match. 202868

- RP30154

by: Dick P01/28/2014

Welds on top make it difficult to lock down as handles hit the welds. Have to remove the hitch to remove the adaptor, could have been designed better 114992


Agreed.. Was disappointed when I just installed mine. Cannot unlock the adapter without removing the hitch.

comment by: Greg B - 08/08/2015


- RP30154

by: David Garcia01/12/2014

Received 5th wheel adapter and was very pleased that the product was already assembled and only some minor adjustment to the puck screws were needed. The fit was perfect. Thank you, I will be using again for future purchases. 112610

- RP30154

by: Mark B09/01/2014

Great product. Very fast shipping recieved it in two working days. Almost half the price as a Ram oem adapter. Adapter fit good and was in the truck less than 20 minutes. HIghly recomend it if you need a adapter for your Ram truck. 149406

- RP30154

by: david b03/23/2014

Perfect fit without any adjustments needed. All this and way less than the Ram adapter. As always you can count on etrailer for excellent prices, shipping and customer service. Thanks for another great product. 121813

- RP30154

by: AC02/28/2014

Well made, fits perfectly. My Reese 20k round tube slider fit perfectly on top of it. The only thing I had to do was lower the king pin one inch. Haven't towed with it yet, but I'm comfortable it will work great 118057

- RP30154

by: Dean09/03/2014

Good price. Good timing on shipping. Packaging was a little mangled, but not etrailer's fault. Product fit as described. Will need to modify to fit my older PullRite Super Glide 18k. 149852

- RP30154

by: Kristina07/09/2015

Excellent customer service support. Delivery was on time and status updates were very much appreciated. Very satisfied and will continue shopping with y'all. Thank you again. 210671

- RP30154

by: Zach Cagle11/03/2014

Product was exactly what I needed. This thing is built well & super beefy, & pretty hefty too! Etrailer was the most informative & easiest to figure out what I needed. 159019

- RP30154

by: A Happy Camper08/12/2015

These replacement lens are difficult to find until now, they fit right on the light housings, now you don't have to buy the light assembly just to get the lens. 218692

- RP30154

by: TR Tomlin03/07/2015

Mr George J and Ms Kathy are the best, my hitch was shipped the day I ordered it, and arrived quicker than I could have ever expected!!! Thanks a bunch 177459

- RP30154

by: Dave J08/26/2015

Adapter is amazing. Dropped right in the puck holes and locked in. Sure beats drilling the bed and into the frame to install the traditional rails. 221929

- RP30154

by: Tom B.08/25/2014

Doesn't have the right end caps and not adjusted correctly for my 2014 dodge ram so I am doing it. Other than those things I guess it is okay.. 148529

- RP30154

by: B Nichols04/22/2014

Product seems to be adequate and fit properly. Your service was quicker than you thought so I met my schedule. Thanks so much. 126594

- RP30154

by: Stan. H.06/28/2014

Product is perfect fit for this hard to find application (2014 ram) thanks etrailer and Mathew c. Very knowledgeable and helpful 138146

- RP30154

by: Keven C.05/28/2014

Heavy duty unit, struggled to get it to fit in the puck system on my Ram Mega cab. Finally got it in and should work fine. 133151

- RP30154

by: Mark N10/17/2014

Received the OEM Prep Ram fifth wheel adapter and had it installed in minutes. Great price and prompt delivery! 156479

- RP30154

by: Roger Brahic07/15/2015

I got my order really fast and got it installed in about 10 min very Easley an very simple. Thank you Etrailer 212010

- RP30154

by: chris05/12/2015

Very quick delivery and good quality 5th wheel adapter, very heavy built. Fit excellent in my 2015 dodge 2500. 192055

- RP30154

by: Campground Owner04/17/2015

Product arrived and installed in no time at all. The product seemed to be well made of heavy gauge steel. 185655

- RP30154

by: Timm N.03/19/2015

Great price, fast delivery. Took some adjustments. Locked hitch to adapter. Installed on 2015 Ram 2500. 179805

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  • There are actually several hitches available now that fit directly into the Ram factory OEM prep package. There is also an option to use a special adapter if you already have a hitch or if you plan on getting a slider hitch (for short bed trucks). The hitches that fit directly are: # BWRVK3600, rated for 25K # C16545-16021, rated for 24K # C16530-16021, rated for 20K # C16520-16021, rated for 16K, dual jaw # C16515-16021, rated for 16K, slide-bar jaw # RP30160, rated for 20K You...
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  • Best Way to Tow Fifth Wheel Trailer With 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 With Factory Tow Prep Package
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Install Kit for a 2014 Ram 2500 without Factory Prep Package
  • For your 2014 Ram 2500 without the factory prep package you can use Curt installation kit # C16427-104. The rails that are included with this kit will accept any Curt, Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch, Husky, Reese, and Valley 5th wheel trailer hitch that fits in industry standard above the bed rails. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you.
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch and Rail Kit Recommendation for a 2015 Ram 2500 Short Bed Hitch Prep
  • I attached a link to the right that shows all of the confirmed 5th wheel hitch fits for your 2015 Ram 2500 short bed with a hitch prep package. Since you have a short bed you will need a slider hitch to let you make tight turns. For that I would recommend the # RP30075. For a rail kit to fit your underbed rail kit you will need the # RP30154.
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  • Need 5th Wheel Rail Adapter for Ram OEM 5th Wheel Towing Prep Package
  • Yes, we do offer the Demco 5th Wheel Hitch Mounting Adapter Kit for the Dodge Ram Underbed Puck System, part # DM6099. Just mount the adapter in the integrated pucks in your truck to convert the underbed system into standard, above-bed 5th-wheel base rails. Reese also offers this same type of adapter, part # RP30154. I have attached a short video of this adapter for you.
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch Recommendation for 2013 Dodge Ram 3500 Dual Rear Wheel Pickup
  • If your 2013 Ram 3500 has an 8-foot bed with the Factory Rail Kit you can use one of the three 5th wheel hitches shown on the link provided. All are rated for 20K and all require use of the Reese Rail Kit Mounting Adapter, part # RP30154, in order to work with the RAM OEM under-bed rail kit. Please note that none of these hitches can be used in trucks with a flare-side or step-side bed. The three hitches differ in their features. The ProSeries # PS30119 is a good entry-level hitch that...
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  • Can Sidewinder Pin Box # ST400-SW19K Be Used With a 2013 Dodge 3500 Quad Cab with 8-Foot Bed
  • You are certainly free to use your 5th wheel trailer with Sidewinder pin box along with your new 2013 Dodge 3500. Although Sidewinders are generally called for only with short bed trucks there is no reason you cannot continue to use this pin box along with the 5th wheel hitch on your new 2013 Ram 3500. If your new truck has the factory rail system you can use Reese adapter # RP30154 to allow mounting of your existing hitch in the new truck. If it does not have the factory rail system...
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  • Will Husky 26K Hitch Fit Reese 5th Wheel Rail Adapter for Ram OEM 5th Wheel Towing Prep Package
  • Yes, the Husky 26K 5th wheel trailer hitches will fit in the Reese adapter # RP30154. However, the adapter is rated for 25,000 pounds so you would not be able to get the full 26K capacity of the hitch. I have included a link to the installation instructions for the adapter for you.
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  • Will Reese Elite Series 5th Wheel Hitch # RP30143 Fit 2014 Dodge 3500 Dually with Tow Package
  • We offer the B and W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch for the Ram Towing Prep Package, part # BWRVK3600, that will work with your 2014 Ram 3500 8-foot bed. This 25K-rated dual-jaw hitch installs directly into the 4 receiver pucks that are built into your factory under-bed rails and can be easily removed for full bed access. The 25K-rated 5th wheel hitch you reference, the Reese Elite Series 5th Wheel Hitch # RP30143, is intended for trucks with a compatible under-bed puck-type mounting...
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch Using Underbed Mounting Rails for 2014 Ram 2500
  • B and W has a solution that would allow you to install a fifth wheel hitch with an underbed mounting system. Their Companion # BWRVK3500-5W fifth wheel hitch would install into their Turnover Ball Gooseneck, part # BWGNRK1384-5W. When the fifth wheel hitch is removed, you would have full, unobstructed use of your truck bed. You would also have the advantage of being able to tow a gooseneck trailer if the need should arise. This will only be a solution if your truck has coil springs in...
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  • Will a Pullrite SuperGlide Fit 2015 Ram 3500 with Factory Prep Package Using Reese Adapter
  • Unless Pullrite makes an adapter that fits your new 2015 Ram 3500 with the prep package that also accommodates the SuperGlide you will have to get a different hitch. The SuperGlide does not fit adapter # RP30154. For your 2015 ram 3500 with factory prep package there are a couple of options for hitches that fit directly into the 4 pucks. I would go with B&W hitch # BWRVK3600 because if you have a short bed truck you can adjust the position of the head further back for more clearance. Or...
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  • 5th Wheel And Gooseneck Adapter Recommendations For 2014 Dodge 3500 Dually With Tow Package
  • I spoke with my contact at Reese and they told me that 2014 Dodge Ram 3500 trucks with the towing package installed would require the Reese 5th Wheel Rail Adapter, part # RP30154. This above bed system attaches to the underbed towing package. It attaches to the sockets in the factory package and furnishes above bed rails for your standard 5th-wheel hitch. They told me there is no adapter available that would eliminate the need for above bed rails when the towing package is installed. This...
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  • Will the Husky 5th Wheel and Slider part # HT31318-32042 fit a Mopar Underbed Bracket Part 82213667
  • Yes, the Mopar bracket you installed (similar to the Reese Mopar Adapter part # RP30154) in the bed of your 2014 Ram 3500 with the underbed rail kit enables your truck to be compatible with fifth wheel hitches that fit industry standard rails. The Husky Silver Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Glider # HT31318-32042 that you referenced fits industry standard rails so it will work for you with your Mopar bracket.
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  • Ram OEM 5th Wheel Package Adapter Recommendation for Standard 5th Wheel Hitches
  • The adapter that your customer has for his 2011 Ford truck fifth wheel package will not work with the OEM fifth wheel package on the 2013 and 2014 Ram trucks. The OEM fifth wheel package on the Ram trucks have a different foot print, meaning the pucks in the truck bed are spaced further apart than the pucks on Ford trucks. If your customer chooses to go with a 2013 or 2014 Ram truck with the OEM fifth wheel package, then he will want the Reese Elite Series Rail Adapter, # RP30154. This...
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  • High Capacity 5th Wheel Hitch Options for 2014 Ram 3500 With OEM 5th Wheel Prep Package
  • The Reese Low-Profile 5th Wheel Hitch you referenced, part # RP30054 is meant for flat bed or cab and chassis trucks only, and would not be a good choice for your 2014 Ram with the OE prep package. I suppose if you were willing to go through enough modification and fabrication work, the hitch could work, but you would be on your own to do the engineering and fab work, I would have no specific advice on that. At this time, there is not a fifth wheel hitch available that will drop directly...
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  • Does the Reese Ram OEM 5th Wheel Adapter # RP30154 Include the Feet
  • The Reese Ram OEM Fifth Wheel Adapter, # RP30154, includes the feet that insert into the pucks (factory slots) in the bed of your 2013 Ram 3500. You will not need to purchase any additional items with this adapter if your truck has the Dodge Ram OEM Fifth Wheel Prep Package. This adapter allows you to use a standard fifth wheel hitch that uses the industry standard above-bed base rails with your Dodge OEM Fifth Wheel package.
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  • Will the Reese OEM 5th Wheel Hitch for Ram Towing Prep Package fit a 2014 Ram Hitch Prep Package
  • Yes, the 20K Reese OEM Fifth Wheel Hitch for Ram Hitch Prep Package part # RP30160 has been confirmed to fit the hitch prep package of your 2014 Dodge Ram. I attached a review video for this hitch for you to check out as well. If you instead wanted to install the Reese Titan 20k Hitch part # RP30867 that used to be known as the R20 hitch you would also need the adapter part # RP30154.
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  • Will Curt Custom 5th Wheel Installation Kit # C16427-104 Fit 2014 Ram 2500 Diesel/Reese R16 Slider
  • If your 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel has the factory 5th wheel towing prep package with the OEM pucks (or sockets) in the truck bed then you can use the Reese 5th Wheel Adapter that you referenced, part # RP30154. This works with both 6- and 8-foot beds. Please refer to the linked photo. This adapter serves as the equivalent of standard above-bed base rails and your Reese 16K Slider (or other industry-standard) hitch can mount directly to it without need for base rails. If you Ram 2500...
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Installation Kit for 2015 Ram 3500 Dually and Reese Hitch
  • As far as fits go the situation was that on Curt kit # C16426-204 they had excluded dually models. But we have installed this kit on a dually model and have been told by Curt recently that it will fit. So if your 2015 Ram 3500 does not have the factory prep package for a 5th wheel hitch, you should be able to use this Curt kit. And your Reese hitch will fit it. But I can tell you that Reese installation kit, # RP50085-58, will fit dually models for sure and your hitch will fit this installation...
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  • Fifth Wheel Installation Kit For 2015 Dodge Ram 3500 With Short Bed And No Factory Prep Package
  • In my research I found 1 Pullrite 15K fifth wheel hitch. From the description I found that it said it would fit several other manufacturer rail kits, but the fifth wheel installation kit we offer for your truck is not on the list. For your 2015 Dodge Ram 3500 Short Bed, we offer the Curt Installation kit, part # C16426-204. You would need to contact your hitch manufacturer and see if this kit with the industry-standard rails would work with your hitch. The price for the items we...
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch Compatibility with 2014 Ram 3500 Dually with 8-Foot Bed and Factory Rail Kit
  • Installation of a ProSeries 5th Wheel Hitch like the referenced # PS30093 in your 2014 Ram 3500 Dually with 8-foot bed and factory rail kit will require in addition to the hitch itself only the Rail Adapter # RP30154. The rail adapter fits into the factory pucks in the bed and provides the equivalent of industry-standard base rails to accept the legs of the hitch. Please refer to the linked videos on the hitch and adapter. Since your truck has the factory rail system it does not require...
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch Options for 2013 Ram 3500 W/ OEM Factory Heavy Duty Trailering Package
  • We have a few different hitches available that would use the puck system installed in your truck bed. Curt offers the # C16520-16021 in a 16K capacity, # C16530-16021 in a 20K capacity or # C16545-16021. Curt makes a nice hitch, which features a 360 degree articulating cushioned head. B&W offers the Companion Fifth Wheel Hitch, part # BWRVK3600 with a whopping 25K capacity, and Reese offers the # RP30160 hitch with a 20K capacity. This hitch features a single, wrap around jaw, which...
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  • Will the Curt Q20 5th Wheel Hitch part # C16536 fit a 2014 Ram 2500 Short Bed
  • Yes, but you will first need to install the Curt Custom Rail Kit # C16427-104 in the bed of your truck to provide the attachment point for the Curt Q20 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ R20 Slider # C16536 that you referenced. If you have the factory rail kit you would want the Reese 5th Wheel Adapter for OEM Underbed Rail Kit # RP30154 instead of the # C16427-104. I attached installation instructions for both products for you to check out.
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for 2014 Ram 3500 with OEM Factory Prep Package
  • There is currently one option for a 5th wheel trailer hitch that will fit directly into the factory prep package on the 2014 Rams. It is B and W hitch # BWRVK3600. However, it is not a slider hitch. But if you need additional cab clearance you can use a Sidewinder with this hitch. Sidwinders move the pivot point of the trailer 22 inches from the king pin hitch location. I have included a helpful article that explains Sidewinders in further detail for you. There is another option....
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  • 20K Slider 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch for 2014 Ram 3500 with Factory 5th Wheel Prep Package
  • There are no slider hitches that fit directly into the factory 5th wheel prep package for your 2014 Ram 3500. What you can do though is use # RP30154 and then a slider hitch in it, # PS30121. This will get you under the dealers price. I have included a couple of video reviews of these parts for you.
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  • Fifth Wheel Towing Options for 2014 Ram Truck w/ Factory Tow Prep Package
  • When the Reese 5th Wheel Rail Adapter is installed, the fifth wheel hitch will be centered between the front and rear pucks. If you measure the distance between the front and rear pucks, and divide that by half, this will show you exactly where the king pin of the fifth wheel will lock into the jaws. I have linked you to a photo showing this. Typically, the king pin will sit within 2 inches forward of the rear axle centerline. If you have the 6 foot bed, you will need to use a sliding...
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  • Will Reese Elite Series 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Fit Adapter for 2014 Ram 2500 Factory Prep Package
  • The Reese Elite series 5th wheel trailer hitches that use the under bed puck system to mount to the truck will not fit the Reese adapter # RP30154 for the 2014 Rams with the factory prep package. The adapter will fit the OEM prep package but the only hitches that fit are the ones that fit in industry standard above the bed rails, like # PS30121, # RP30870 or # RP30083 if you wanted to stay in the same weight capacity range. These are all 20K hitches. For 18k the only option is the Elite...
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  • Can PullRite SuperGlide Be Installed in a 2014 Ram 3500 With Reese Underbed Adapter part # RP30154
  • Depends on what model Pullrite Superglide you have, if its the ISR model (industry standard rail) then yes, it would be compatible with the Reese Ram Adapter part # RP30154. The adapter would install into the factory pucks of the rail kit and then you would install your Pullrite into the hitch. If you do not have the SuperGlide that is designed for industry standard rails then there isn't an adapter that would work. If you have the non-ISR SuperGlide I would recommend you order the...
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  • Fifth Wheel Recommendation For 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 With Factory Prep Package
  • For your 2014 Dodge Ram 2500 with a 6 ft bed, we offer several sliding hitches that will work well for you. These hitches range in price due to the features they have. You said you have the factory prep package. Since prep packages vary for different manufacturers, there are a couple of ways we can address this. First, I will give you options for a system with the in-bed puck system. If your Ram has the factory puck system installed, you have a couple of options. You can install a stationary...
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  • Gooseneck Trailer Hitch Plate that Fits Reese Adapter for 2014 Ram Factory Prep Package
  • The Reese adapter # RP30154 for the 2014 Rams with the prep package has the 2 wider sets of mounting slots at 20-1/2 and 29 inches on center side to side but not the inner set at 10 inches apart. The Curt Spyder gooseneck plate # 16085 will fit in the 20-1/2 inch slots on the adapter. I have linked a video review of this hitch for you. The factory prep package on your 2014 Ram should have come with the hole for a gooseneck ball. If yours does have this, we have found that you can...
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