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Custom Underbed Installation Kit for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches

Custom Underbed Installation Kit for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches

Item # BWGNRK1016-5W
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Fifth Wheel Installation Kit

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Custom Underbed Installation Kit for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches Below the Bed BWGNRK1016-5W
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Install a Companion fifth-wheel hitch in your truck bed with this custom kit. Better than a traditional mounting kit, this setup doubles as a gooseneck hitch when the fifth wheel is removed, and the underbed design allows for full bed access. Call 800-298-8924 to order B and W fifth wheel installation kit part number BWGNRK1016-5W or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all B and W products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Custom Underbed Installation Kit for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches. Fifth Wheel Installation Kit reviews from real customers.
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B and W Fifth Wheel Installation Kit - BWGNRK1016-5W

  • B and W
  • Below the Bed
  • Custom

Install a Companion fifth-wheel hitch in your truck bed with this custom kit. Better than a traditional mounting kit, this setup doubles as a gooseneck hitch when the fifth wheel is removed, and the underbed design allows for full bed access.


  • Lets you install your B&W Companion 5th wheel trailer hitch (BWRVK3500 or BWRVK3400)
  • Doubles as heavy-duty Turnoverball gooseneck trailer hitch
    • Includes rails, gooseneck hitch head, safety chain loops, and hitch ball
  • Provides complete truck bed access when you're not towing
    • Single hole in center of bed is mounting point for hitch
  • Installs easily using existing holes in your vehicle's frame
    • No welding or frame drilling required
    • Truck bed does not have to be removed
    • 4" Diameter hole must be cut into bed
  • Powder coated steel is sturdy and corrosion resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Limited lifetime warranty

B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Trailer Hitch

B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch

Not only does this kit provide you with a sturdy, custom base for installing your Companion fifth-wheel trailer hitch in the bed of your truck, but it also doubles as one of the most recognizable gooseneck hitches on the market. This fifth wheel installation kit actually is the Turnoverball gooseneck hitch from B&W.

Gooseneck Specs:

  • Gross towing weight: 30,000 lbs
  • Vertical load limit: 7,500 lbs
  • Ball size: 2-5/16"

B&W Companion Installed in Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch

With the B&W Turnoverball underbed gooseneck trailer hitch you get the best of both worlds. When you go to tow a gooseneck trailer, the Turnoverball creates a sturdy, dependable connection with your trailer. And when you're done towing, you can stow the ball upside down in the hitch to get full bed access and a clean appearance. When you're ready to tow your fifth wheel trailer, just install the Companion in the ball hole in place of the gooseneck ball and lock the post in place using the built-in handle. You can remove the fifth wheel when you're done towing, leaving your truck bed open once again.

Simple, Custom Installation

This kit is custom designed for your vehicle. The mounting brackets bolt to existing holes in your truck's frame. While some modification is required - you will need to cut a 4" diameter hole in your bed for the hitch ball and drill holes for the built-in safety chain loops - there is no need to weld onto or to drill into your frame.

Once you have the brackets and center section installed, set up the operating handle. This handle is designed to be accessed from the rear driver's-side wheel well. On the end of the handle is the heavy-duty steel pin that secures the mounting post of the Companion (or the base of the gooseneck hitch ball).

GNRM1016 B and W Turn Over Ball Gooseneck Custom Installation Kit

GNRC912 B and W Turn Over Ball Under Bed Gooseneck Hitch Center Section

Installation Details BWGNRK1016-5W Installation instructions

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Video of Custom Underbed Installation Kit for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for B and W Companion Underbed Kit Installation - 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Today on our 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, we're going to take a look at, and also show you how to install the B&W custom under bed installation kit for B&W companion fifth wheel trailer hitches. Part number is BWGNRK1016-5W.This fifth wheel installation kit's designed to let you install your B&W companion fifth wheel trailer hitches. The adapters are part number BWRVK3500, or part number BWRVK3400. The under bed design is going to allow full access to our truck bed. It can very easily be converted over to a fifth wheel hitch in less than five minutes.We'll start off by unlocking our B&W hitch, and installing our fifth wheel adapter. We have ours preassembled, but you can adjust the uprights here depending on your truck and trailer combination.At this point, we're ready to connect to our trailer.

It's going to be a little clip that you release. Basically, it's a safety pin, and you swing the handle out. You can watch the jaws open. We're ready to back onto the trailer. Once we've secured to our trailer, we'll simply reinstall our clip.

This is going to offer us a very quick and easy way to have a fifth wheel when we need it, a gooseneck when we need it, and also a clean, empty, open bed when we need that.Now we'll show you how that under bed kit installs. To begin our installation, we're going to do a few things to prep our truck, and get it ready to do the install. We've already lowered the spare tire. We're going to get that down and out of the way, just so we can get underneath there and work. The other thing I like to do, if your truck's equipped with these fender liners, some of them you'll see the truck's white, so this would all be white in here, but this has a liner in it.

We're going to get this taken out. It's going to have several of these little fasteners. They're going to go all the way around the outside here, up through the top, and down through the back. You want to use a T15 torques bit, and get all those taken out.Once we have those out, in our case we removed 13 of them, we're going to start .. You have to bend and flex this to get it to start coming out.

We'll set this aside. We're going to head over to the drivers side. We'll do the same thing there.Now, we're pretty much prepped as far as getting our truck up on a lift so we can get underneath it, getting the spare tire out, getting those fender well liners removed. Next thing we're going to do is drill our hole. Now this is going to depend on the length of bed you have. So you want to look in your instructions, figure out which measurement you need to use.See we've got a sprayed in bed liner here. We need to account for the thickness of this liner. Generally, you can check it on this back edge just to see how thick it is. It looks like it's about 1/16 of an inch. So you just want to make sure that we're taking that into account when we're marking our hole location. I'm going to take my measurement that I have. I'm going to add 1/16 of an inch to it. Get it marked on the bed here.Once we've got that line made, we need to mark our center. So I'm going to come from a fixed point on either side of the bed. I'm going to figure out where the center is here. Once we have our hole figured out, we're going to use a center punch. That will help us out when we're using our hole saw to make sure we get it started right where we want it. It's time to drill it out.Now, check underneath the bed. You want to make sure there's nothing you're going to be drilling into, of course. If you check your instructions, you'll need a four inch hole saw to get this done. Once that hole's drilled, you want to check that edge. It's going to be pretty rough. Either use a file to get it filed, or I'm going to use a high speed carbide bit here. Just clean up the edges really well. With everything cleaned up, we can tidy up our mess. We're just going to use a vacuum and get all of these shavings out of here.Now around our hole opening, we want to treat that bare steel surface so we don't have rusting. With this black bed liner, I'm just going to use a gloss black paint. Maybe you don't have a bed liner in your truck, maybe a clear gloss would be a better idea. We're going to spray that from the bottom side too. Should be in good shape.Now it's time to make a small modification to our bed flange here. We want a mark that's two inches long. Like that. We want it to come up about 3/4 to the center. I'm going to put it about right there, and we're going to be taking a notch out like that. We're going to be using a cutoff wheel. You could also use a hacksaw. You could use a sawzall, whatever you have available. These tend to cut pretty easy. We're going to touch this up as well, this time using the clear gloss.Now it's time to get our angled rail put in place. You can see it's going to be the one that has an angle on it. The other one's just a solid bar. We want to put it in with the holes facing rearward. We'll slide it in like this. Once we get it into position, we can rotate it like that. All right. I'm going to get it in about that far, and now I'm going to go underneath to get it in the rest of the way.Now it looks like the heat shield here is going to give us a lot of interference issues, so I'm going to get this taken out. I want to use a 13mm socket. I've got one here, one on the top of this cross tube, right in there. I've got one right underneath our rail, which when we move this, we can get to that one. Then if you look up, there's another cross tube that runs across the frame, there's another goes down in the top of that. 13mm socket. Let's get these taken out.All right. I just want to get that in to where it's going over both frame rails. Move it forward. Touch up the bottom of our hole here. Once the four of those bolts are out, we can just take this out. Now, if we can later, we'll put it back in place. If not, we're going to leave it out.Now in the second hole in from the driver's side, we need to get one of our bolts started ahead of time. What we're going to do is place this through, and there's this provided O-ring. We need to push that all the way down on there. Almost impossible to get to this bolt once we've got everything in place, so by doing this, you're going to give yourself a real good start.Now we can get our rear crossmember in. This is going to be the one inch by two inch bar. It's got holes pre-drilled in it. The only really rule that you're going to have to follow here: you can see how these holes are slightly offset. This hole's a little bit closer to the bottom than it is to the top. That's the orientation we want it in as we put it in. So we'll put it in flat, then we're going to rotate it so that those holes are closer to the bottom than they are to the top. We'll go in underneath. Continue to feed it in. Feel on each side. Make sure we're inside that pinch weld on the bed. Bring it back and start to rotate it. Just like that.Now we're going to get our center section lifted into position. You can use a lifting device, which would be something above your bed you can attach it to, or just get a buddy to use as an extra set of hands. We're essentially going to line up the four holes that we have here with the four holes that are in that front crossmember. We'll have to guide it over the exhaust first to try to get it into position. Make sure we don't mess up our lines back here. All right. That's pretty close. Bring that front rail back. We've got that bolt that we pre-installed lined up there, so I'm going to put a lock washer and a nut on it. Leave that loosely installed for now, and we'll get the three remaining locations done the same way.All right. Now while we're holding our center section up, so it's going through our hole, we need to now put in our two inch bolts. Those are going to go through the oblong hole in the center section, and through the threaded holes on our cross brace. Once we get one started there, and I just let it rest while we get our other three in place. We got one here, one here, and one here. As you put these in, you want to have a flat washer, and a lock washer installed. We're just going to run these down, take the slack out, but we still want them to be a little bit loose.Now we're going to get our side plates put in place. We're starting on the passenger side here. It's going to be the same on either side. Want to use our larger bolts. These are 16mm, one flat washer and lock washer on them. We're going to take our plate. You can see this is our front crossmember and that's our rear. We need these tabs to go in between those just like that. If we lift that plate up, you can see it's going to line up right here with that weld nut, and right back here with that one. Let's get those two started. Hand-tight for now is good.One of our half inch bolts. We want a flat washer on that with a lock washer. We're going to tread it right in our hole here for our side plate. We're going to place that one in right there, then we'll bring our other one through that hole right up here. That one's going to come straight through. Then the middle here we'll put in our flat washer, our lock washer, and our nut. Hand-tight's okay for now. Now we're going to head over to the driver's side, and we're going to repeat the same process.Once we have both of our side plates installed, we're going to tighten up the center section. So basically the inside section there to our cross rails here and here. We've got remember the four bolts that we installed in the middle. We're not going to do these two outside yet, but we'll have the bolts here using a 19mm socket. We need to snug those down, and then using a 19mm wrench and socket, we'll snug these down. Now again, that's just for the eight end board, not these two on either side.Now to square up our hitch, what we're going to do is measure from the back of our crossbeam to the front of that hat channel, or that bed crossmember. We're at about 3/4 of an inch there. I'm going to go check the other side. We want both of those to be equal. Looks like we're within a 1/16 of an inch, so pretty close. We'll just adjust it a little bit, then we can continue torquing it down.All right. With those snugged up, going through the middle, squared up side to side, we'll tighten down our two side plate bolts to the frame. You'll use a 24mm socket. You want to do that on both sides. Now we'll tighten up the two bolts we have here that connect our side plates to our crossmembers. Do that on both sides. Now it feels snug down. Let's go through and torque all of our fasteners to the specifications listed in the instructions.Next we're going to deal with our safety chain loops. We're going to have a hole here, and one just behind it. We've got two in the same spot on the other side. Now what they want us to do in the instructions is take half inch drill bit and drill up through. That's really not possible. What I like to do instead is take a half inch hole center punch, and place that up on there. We're going to tap it, just to mark the center. There'll be a little indention there that indicates the center of that hole. We'll do that for all four of them. Now, I'm going to use a little drill bit to drill up through, then we'll bring our half inch down through.Now we see where our holes have come up through here. Just going to use those as a guide and get our half inch hole drilled out. Once we have that cleaned up, we're going to take our U-bolts and get those dropped down through. Want to make sure they're going to move freely up and down, just like that. If they don't, then use your drill bit and round that hole out a little bit. Once we know those are going to work out, just like before, touch this up with a little bit of paint to prevent any corrosion.Now on each side of both of our U-bolts, we want to place on our spring, and put in one of our half inch locknuts. Then we're going to tighten those down just so the threads are flush with the bottom of that nut. Do that on the other side as well. To do that, you'll use a 19mm socket.Now to get our handle in position, we're going to place it through the half-moon hole and the center of the head there. We'll take it out. It'll come out between the frame. We'll take our carriage bolt. We want to place that through from the rear of the truck going forward. Got our flange nut we'll thread on there. We'll snug that up so it's secure, but there's no need to over tighten it. This is going to require a 13mm wrench or socket. Now as we pull out on the handle, see we can rotate that. It's going to lock that pin the open position. That's when we can put our ball in or out, or any other gooseneck accessory. We rotate that. See that's going to bring that pin back through securing those items in place.Now if you do have fender flares or the fender liners . I'm going to take just a little bit of a notch out here to accommodate that handle. From this forward mounting hole, in my application from that hole, I'm coming back 3 3/4 of an inch to 4 3/4 of an inch, and cutting it. Yours might be a little bit different, so check it first. Then we're going to notch that out, and we can leave it about a 1/2 inch from that top.Now it's just time to replace anything that we removed, like our liners, heat shield if it's possible in your application. In ours, it's really not. Spare tire. Those kinds of things. Just get them back in place. You can see now, here we've got pretty good access to the handle. Bring it out, rotate it. Need to be able to operate it.That's going to complete the installation of our custom under bed installation kit from B&W for the companion fifth wheel trailer hitches. Part number BWGNRK1016-5W on our 2019 Chevrolet Silverado 2500.

Customer Reviews

Custom Underbed Installation Kit for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches - BWGNRK1016-5W

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (11 Customer Reviews)

Install a Companion fifth-wheel hitch in your truck bed with this custom kit. Better than a traditional mounting kit, this setup doubles as a gooseneck hitch when the fifth wheel is removed, and the underbed design allows for full bed access.

- BWGNRK1016-5W

Very happy with installation instructions, help from factory installers, and the overall fit of the under-bed hardware. 774436

- BWGNRK1016-5W
Ram 3500

Using this with my Chevy 3500 HD. Was easy to install as per the instructions and online video. Works as advertised! 767769

- BWGNRK1016-5W
2018 Chevrolet Silverado

Nice looking setup. Took me 6 hours to install the gooseneck, and 5th wheel by myself with no lifting equipment in my 2018 Silverado 3500. Everything lined up nice. It was a bit heavy, but I like a challenge. Suggest not to over compensate for the spray-in bed liner, I wish I would not have added any extra to the dimension given in the install instructions. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, as my RV trailer is still at the dealership until spring. 751637

- BWGNRK1016-5W

Thanks to all of the great videos that etrailer puts up my installation was a breeze!! 698170

- BWGNRK1016-5W

Very heavy duty! Built super well directions are easy as can be... I bought this with the companion slider and it is such a tight fit, no wiggle at all 599016

- BWGNRK1016-5W
2018 Chevrolet Silverado

Works well on 2018 HD2500 Silverado. Not hard to install for one person 589574

- BWGNRK1016-5W

The directions and video were spot on. The B&W is a lot nicer than any other hitch I have ever owned. Very solid and USA made. 392426

- BWGNRK1016-5W
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500

Fantastic service - placed the order last Friday and received my B&W goose neck hitch and wiring harness the following Tuesday. As soon as I get it installed I will be ordering the B&W companion fifth wheel hitch to go with it. 386921

- BWGNRK1016-5W

Very well made hitch. Can't wait to try it out. Everything came quickly with no issues. Great price. Why go anywhere else? Thanks! 346418

- BWGNRK1016-5W
2016 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Fit like a glove. 313114

- BWGNRK1016-5W
2016 GMC Sierra 3500

excellent purchasing experience! extremely fast shipping, would definitely recommend etrailer to those who need it! 311938


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  • Comparing the B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch Part # BWGNRK1016 and Part # BWGNRK1016-5W
    There is no difference between the B&W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch part # BWGNRK1016 and part # BWGNRK1016-5W. They are the exact same hitch but with different parts numbers. This hitch is a confirmed fit for your 2016 GMC Sierra 3500.
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  • 5th Wheel Hitch for 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500 Short Bed With B&W Gooseneck
    There is definitely a way you can tow a 5th wheel trailer with your 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500 short bed which already has the B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch # BWGNRK1016-5W, although there isn't an underbed system with pucks which will work because there isn't a way to have both the gooseneck and another rail system installed on your truck. The good news is, the option you do have is to get the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch with Slider # BWRVK3400-5W, which is considered by...
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  • Can B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch be Installed in 2019 Chevy Silverado 3500 With Bedliner
    Yes you can absolutely install the B&W Companion fifth wheel hitch in your 2019 Chevy Silverado 3500 with a bed liner. In terms of doing anything special, if it is a spray-in bed liner you do not need to do anything because a spray-in liner is not thick enough to interfere. If your 2019 Silverado 3500 has a drop-in bed liner you are going to need to remove it or cut it so the entire base of the Companion is making direct contact with your truck bed; if you take a look at the accompanying...
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  • Should B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch be Cut to Install with Tool Box in 2019 GMC Sierra 2500
    To be blunt you should definitely not alter the installation in any way of the Turnoverball Install Rails # BWGNRK1016-5W or the B&W Companion # BWRVK3400-5W, or the Companion # BWRVK3770 if you have the OEM pucks in your 2019 GMC Sierra 2500 with a 6-1/2 foot bed. There may be one option for you since you mentioned 18 inches wide and that is the UWS Truck Bed Toolbox - 5th Wheel Series Chest # UWS01042 (Bright Aluminum) or # UWS01066 (Gloss Black). This box measures 58" long x 18" wide...
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch with Below bed Rails for 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500 with 6-1/2 Foot bed
    There are high-quality options for you to install a fifth-wheel hitch with under bed rails on your 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500 with a 6-1/2 foot bed without the factory rail kit. The first hitch is the one I recommend, the B&W Companion # BWRVK3400-5W, which installs with the Custom Underbed Installation Kit # BWGNRK1016-5W. The rails double as a Turnoverball gooseneck hitch, and the Companion, which has a capacity of 20,000 lbs, features jaws which are 1" thick and provide full 360 degree...
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  • Best Fifth Wheel Hitch with Underbed Rails for 2019 GMC Sierra 3500
    Easily the best fifth wheel hitch that mounts to underbed rails for your 2019 GMC Sierra 3500 is the B&W Companion, either the fixed hitch for a long bed or sliding hitch for a short bed: - Long Bed (8 feet): B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # BWRVK3500-5W - Short Bed (6-1/2 feet): B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Slider # BWRVK3400-5W To mount the Companion you would need to install the Custom Underbed Installation Kit for B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitches #...
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  • Best Fifth Wheel Hitch and Gooseneck Towing Recommendation Available for 2016 GMC Sierra 2500
    We have a perfect solution. The B and W Turnoverball Gooseneck hitch part # BWGNRK1016-5W is a fit for your 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 and aside from it being a great gooseneck hitch it also doubles as a fifth wheel rail kit for the highly regarded B and W Companion hitches. Since you have a short bed truck you would the slider version of the hitch that will give you the needed clearance to make tight turns. For that you would want the part # BWRVK3400. This hitch is easily removable and since...
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  • Fifth Wheel Hitch Recommendation for 2016 Chevy Silverado 3500HD Short Bed without Rail Kit
    For your 2016 Chevy Silverado 3500 short bed without the factory rail kit I would highly recommend the B and W Companion fifth wheel hitch setup as the Companion hitch is regarded by many in the RV community as the nicest fifth wheel hitch around. For that you would want the part # BWRVK3400-5W for the fifth wheel slider hitch and then part # BWGNRK1016-5W for the rail kit. Another really nice benefit to this setup is that when you remove the fifth wheel hitch you also have a gooseneck...
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  • B and W Companion Fifth Wheel and Rail Kit Recommendation for 2016 GMC Sierra 2500
    Since you have a short bed truck you are going to need a slider hitch to allow you the needed clearance to make tight turns. Otherwise the nose of the trailer would come into contact with the cab of the truck around tight turns. So for your 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 you would need the rail kit part # BWGNRK1016-5W that also doubles as a gooseneck hitch and then the Slider Companion part # BWRVK3400-5W. The general consensus is that the Companion hitches are among the nicest hitches on...
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  • B&W Companion Hitch Setup for 2016 Silverado 3500 6.5-Foot Bed Without OEM Prep
    The correct under-bed B&W setup for your 2016 Silverado 3500 short bed without OEM prep consists of hitch part # BWRVK3400-5W and under-bed installation rail part # BWGNRK1016-5W which also serves as a gooseneck hitch. The two part numbers you referenced are actually one and the same product, simply coded differently. For a retractable hard tonneau cover for your truck I especially like the Pace Edwards UltraGroove # 311-KRC95A17 because it has tough laminated aluminum construction (not...
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  • Best Underbed Mounting Kit for a 5th Wheel Hitch on a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
    The best under bed mounting kit they offer for your 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 is the B&W Custom Underbed Installation Kit part # BWGNRK1016-5W which also doubles as a connection point for gooseneck trailers. However, the B&W Custom Underbed Installation Kit can only be used with the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Slider part # BWRVK3400-5W or the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch part # BWRVK3500-5W. If you have a short bed (6-1/2') on your 2018 Chevrolet Silverado...
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  • Is There a Dual Gooseneck and Fifth Wheel Hitch?
    Though there is not a hitch that serves as both a fifth wheel and gooseneck, there is an option that can accommodate both from B&W. For example, if you had a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 with an 8' bed and did not have the factory rail kit, the B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Trailer Hitch # BWGNRK1016-5W serves as both a heavy-duty gooseneck hitch and mounting rails for what many consider the best fifth wheel available, the B&W Companion # BWRVK3500-5W. This would allow you to use both a gooseneck...
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  • Best Fifth Wheel Hitch for 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500 Towing 41-Foot 2017 Montana Fifth Wheel Trailer
    That's a very nice set-up you have there and the best fifth-wheel hitch to add is the B&W Companion # BWRVK3500-5W which you would mount in the bed of your 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500 with the Custom Underbed Installation Kit # BWGNRK1016-5W. This is the set-up you would want to use if your Silverado did not have the factory fifth wheel rails with the pucks in the bed of your truck. If you did have that the Companion # BWRVK3700 will fit directly in the pucks of your Silverado. The Companion...
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  • Will B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch Fit Under Tonneau Cover on 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500
    While we have not tested the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch # BWRVK3400-5W and BAKFlip MX4 Hard Tonneau Cover # BAK48121 together on a short bed 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500, there are things we can look at to give you a good idea of compatibility. The first thing to note is that the Companion - which will be mounted on Custom Underbed Installation Kit # BWGNRK1016-5W - has three hitch height settings, with the lowest being 17 inches. We also know the BAKFlip MX4 will sit approximately...
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  • Recommended Curt Gooseneck and 5th Wheel Hitch for 2017 GMC 2500 HD Denali
    For your 2017 GMC 2500 Denali, I recommend the Curt EZr Double Lock Underbed Gooseneck Trailer Hitch with Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs # C611-624 is a confirmed fit as is the Curt Double Lock, Flip and Store Underbed Gooseneck Hitch w/ Installation Kit - 30,000 lbs # C607-604. The only major difference between these two is the tongue weight rating of the Double Lock is 7500 lbs compared to the 6,000 lbs of The EZr Double Lock. The other difference is in the safety chain loop locations...
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  • Which B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Part Number Fits 2018 Chevy 2500 HD 6.5 ft Bed for Companion
    Actually the two part numbers are technically the same. We add the -5W to the # BWGNRK1016-5W since it shows up in the fifth wheel fitguide and in the gooseneck hitch fitguide as part # BWGNRK1016. So either part number you order for your 2018 Chevy Silverado 2500HD will give you the same hitch and will be correct to use the B and W Companion part # BWRVK3400 that you are planning on using as well.
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  • Will The B and W Companion Slider Hitch Still Fit 2019 Chevy Sivlerado 3500 Long Bed
    The B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Hitch w/ Slider part # BWRVK3770 will fit your 2019 chevy Silverado 3500 with an 8 foot bed as long as you have the OEM prep package. Most people use the slider hitch for turning clearance in a short bed truck but it will still fit your 8 foot bed if you need it. The slider does provide 12" front to back for cab clearance. If you do not have the OEM prep puck package, I recommend the B and W Companion Slider Hitch part # BWRVK3400-5W with the underbed...
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  • Recommended 5th Wheel Hitch Setup for a 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
    I have two options for your 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 2500, a system that uses above bed base rails like you asked for and a system that uses an under bed mounting system. The benefit of the under bed mounting system is that you will have full truck bed access with the hitch removed. If you want to use above bed base rails then I recommend the B&W Custom Installation Kit with Base Rails part # BWRVK2506 which are a custom fit that will not require any drilling in the frame. I then recommend...
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  • Difference Between B&W RVB and RVK 3500 5th Wheel Hitch Parts
    The RVB3500 (our part # BWRVB3500) that you referenced is simply the replacement base assembly for the full B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch # BWRVK3500. I'm not quite sure what part you are referring to when you listed RVA as I wasn't able to cross-reference it to anything. The Companion 5th Wheel Hitch is an excellent choice for your Silverado and is considered by many to be one of the best hitch's on the market. This is largely due to its overall construction that includes robust 1...
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  • Can a 2018 Chevy Silverado 2500HD Duramax Safely Tow a 16K 5th Wheel Trailer
    From the info you told me it looks like the max 5th wheel/gooseneck towing capacities for your 2018 Chevy 2500HD is 9,000 lbs for a 3.73 axle ratio or 14,000 lbs for a 4.10 axle ratio. Either way you won't be able to safely tow a 16,000 lb 5th wheel trailer so you'll either need to upgrade your tow vehicle or look into a smaller 5th wheel trailer. Since it sounds like you already have the truck it would obviously be more cost-effective to keep the truck and just look for a smaller trailer....
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  • Correct B&W Gooseneck Hitch for B&W Companion on a 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500
    Both the B&W Gooseneck hitches # BWGNRK1016 and # BWGNRK1016-5W are actually the same thing for your 2018 Chevy Silverado 3500. The reason that one has the "5W" added at the end is because we had to put it in with the "5th wheel" fit guide which includes the Companion Slider # BWRVK3400-5W that you referenced. Attached is an installation video of the gooseneck hitch being installed on a similar 2018 Silverado 3500 as well as a photo to show what the end result looks like. If you don't...
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  • What is the Difference Between B&W 5th Wheel Hitches # BWRVK3370 and # BWRVK3400-5w
    The biggest difference between the two is that the B&W Companion OEM 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w Slider for Ford Towing Prep Package, Item # BWRVK3370, was designed for Ford trucks with the factory 5TH WHEEL towing prep package. On the other hand, the B&W Companion 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch w/ Slider, Item # BWRVK3400-5W, was designed to work with the B&W Custom Underbed Installation Kit like part number # BWGNRK1016-5W. This particular kit is confirmed to fit the 2016-2017 GMC Sierra 2500...
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  • How Do You Know if a 2016 GMC Sierra 3500 Short Bed has the Factory 5th Wheel Prep Package
    If you look in the bed of your 2016 GMC Sierra 3500 and see 4 pucks in a square/rectangular pattern then the truck has the factory towing prep package. It will look similar to the picture I have included. If you have that in your truck bed then you can use a hitch that fits directly such as # C16545-16025. For a short bed model use the B&W Companion slider # BWRVK3770. If the truck does not have the 4 pucks in the bed then you will need an installation kit and a hitch. If you like...
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  • Can a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 Safely Tow a Keystone Montana 3121RL 5th Wheel Trailer
    I took a look at the online version of the owner's manual for your 2016 GMC Sierra 2500 and it looks like the max tongue weight for a 5th wheel trailer is 3,000 lbs and the max Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 21,000 lbs. With this being the case you can safely tow your Keystone Montana 3221RL but I recommend checking your copy of the owner's manual to verify these weight ratings. Using your pickup to tow will obviously add some strain that will cause premature wear but since you...
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  • 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch Recommendations for a 2016 Chevy Silverado 3500 Short Bed
    On the short bed trucks like your 2016 Chevy Silverado 3500 I recommend 2 things: an underbed mount hitch and the slider with the most travel you can get. For that I have just the thing; the Companion # BWRVK3400-5W. This hitch is rated for 20K and can travel 12 inches for more clearance. And for an installation kit use # BWGNRK1016-5W. The great thing about this kit is that it is also a gooseneck hitch should the need ever arise. When the hitch is removed the bed will be free of any...
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  • 5th Wheel Towing Capacity of 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500HD with 4WD and Recommended 5th Wheel Hitch
    I took a look at the owner's manual for a 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500HD and for a 4WD the capacities will depend on axle ratio, cab length and bed size. Assuming you have a 4.10 axle ratio, your GCWR (the combined weight of your truck and trailer) is listed at 21,100 lbs no matter what your other configurations are. With that 4.10 axle ratio here are the maximum fifth wheel trailer weights per the manual: - 4WD Crew Cab Long Box: 13,900 lbs - 4WD Crew Cab Standard Box: 14,000 lbs - 4WD...
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  • 5th Wheel Sliding Hitch Options For A 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 2500
    As you may already know, any truck bed shorter than 8' requires the use of either a sliding 5th wheel hitch or a Sidewinder king pin box. A sliding 5th wheel hitch is needed for making sharp turns as the trailer can strike the cab of the vehicle if the proper clearance is not made. The slider allows the vehicle to make normal turns during low-speed maneuvering by locking in place between the cab and rear axle. The greater space between the cab and trailer allows for greater turning clearance....
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  • Recommended Fifth Wheel Hitch for 2016 Chevy 2500HD
    You must know your fifth wheel hitches because the B&W Companion is considered by many to be the best fifth wheel set up on the market today and you can absolutely use it with the 6-1/2' bed on your 2016 Chevy Silverado 2500HD, it will simply require the sliding version of the hitch, # BWRVK3400-5W, along with Installation Rails # BWGNRK1016-5W, which also doubles as a gooseneck hitch should you ever have a need to pull a gooseneck trailer. In regards to the Companion, it has some 400...
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