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MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - White

MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - White

Item # MA00-07000K
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MaxxAir Roof Vent - MA00-07000K
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The built-in rain shield on this powered roof vent protects the interior of your RV or camper from rainwater. The reversible, 10-speed fan has a thermostat to regulate airflow inside your RV. Ceiling fan mode circulates air when vent is closed. Lowest Prices for the best rv vents and fans from MaxxAir. MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - White part number MA00-07000K can be ordered online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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MaxxAir RV Vents and Fans - MA00-07000K

  • Roof Vent
  • Vent Assembly
  • MaxxAir
  • 14W x 14L Inch
  • With 12V Fan
  • Powered Lift
  • White

The built-in rain shield on this powered roof vent protects the interior of your RV or camper from rainwater. The reversible, 10-speed fan has a thermostat to regulate airflow inside your RV. Ceiling fan mode circulates air when vent is closed.


  • Roof vent with fan and thermostat moves air in and out of your RV, camper, or enclosed trailer
    • Vent allows air to circulate while your RV remains locked and secure
  • Integrated rain shield prevents rainwater from entering your RV or trailer
    • Allows you to open the vent and operate the fan in any weather
    • Eliminates the need to install a separate vent cover
  • 12V DC, variable-speed fan has 2 modes of operation
    • In manual mode, 10 speed options let you increase or reduce airflow
    • In auto mode, fan turns on and off based on preset temperature of thermostat
  • Reversible fan can either bring air in or exhaust air out
    • Circulates air like a ceiling fan when the vent is closed
  • Remote control with LCD screen allows you to set the thermostat and the fan speed and direction
    • Storage cradle mounts to wall
    • Includes hardware and 2 AAA batteries
  • Flush-mounted keypad on vent lets you operate the fan and the thermostat
  • White dome (or lid) is made of high-density polyethylene
    • Seamless, low-profile appearance when closed
  • 2 Powered lifting arms keep the vent open
    • No hand cranking is needed to open vent - use remote or keypad
    • Manual knob lets you open and close the vent in the event of a power loss
  • Bug screen keeps insects out and is easy to remove for cleaning or maintenance
  • Fuse-protected, ball bearing motor is sealed to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture
  • Rubber weather seal helps prevent leaks when vent is closed
  • Mounting flange is constructed of UV-resistant ABS plastic
    • Smooth edges won't cut you during installation
  • White interior trim piece (or garnish), insulated electrical connectors, and hardware are included for installation
    • Roof sealant sold separately
  • 2-Wire design
    • Black wire is power
    • White wire is ground


  • Fits: roofs 1-1/8" to 6-1/2" thick
    • Opening size: 14" wide x 14" long
  • Overall dimensions: 23" long x 16-7/16" wide x 5" tall
    • Mounting flange dimensions: 16-1/2" long x 16-1/2" wide
    • Garnish dimensions: 16-3/8" long x 16-3/8" wide
  • Vent extends above roof:
    • When closed: 5"
    • When open: 9-5/16"
  • Overall fan diameter: 12"
  • Fan capacity: 900 CFM
  • Quantity of fan blades: 10
  • Power draw: 5 amps
  • Warranty:
    • 2-Year limited on vent assembly
    • Limited lifetime on dome

Note: Not for use directly above tubs, showers, or range cooking surfaces.

Built-In Rain Shield

MaxxFan Deluxe Rain Shield

The MaxxFan Deluxe has a built-in rain shield that, along with the dome, surrounds and encloses the vent opening. The shield blocks rainwater and other precipitation from entering through the vent and damaging the interior of your RV or trailer. This means you can run the fan during any weather without having to worry about the consequences. With the rain shield, there is also no need to install a separate vent cover.

The white dome on the rain shield is constructed of durable high-density polypropylene. When it's closed, the dome provides a seamless, low-profile appearance.

Reversible, Variable-Speed Fan with Thermostat

MaxxFan Deluxe Fan Motor

The 12-volt, variable-speed fan has 2 modes of operation: manual and auto. When the fan is in manual mode, you can choose from 10 different speeds to increase or reduce the airflow as needed. Auto mode works in conjunction with the fan's thermostat.

To enter auto mode, press the auto mode button on either the remote control or keypad. Once the fan is in auto mode, the thermostat is activated with a set temperature of 78 degrees F. Pressing the arrow keys on either the remote or keypad changes the set temperature in 1 degree increments. When the thermostat is set, it senses the room temperature and automatically turns the fan on if it is above the set temperature. The fan shuts off when the set temperature has been reached. If the room temperature rises, the fan turns on again. This keeps your RV cool and comfortable and saves you from having to adjust the fan by hand. The auto mode also saves energy by running the fan no more than necessary, especially while you're away or asleep.

This fan is reversible, which means you are able to both exhaust stale air out of your RV and bring fresh air in from the outside. To enter ceiling fan mode, close the vent while the fan is still running. The fan then circulates the air inside your RV like a ceiling fan.

The fan has a fuse-protected, ball bearing motor that is sealed to keep out dust, dirt, and moisture.

Remote Control and Keypad

Remote for MaxxFan Plus

The remote control has a built-in LCD screen so that it's easy to see the current settings. The remote enables you to operate the vent and fan from afar, including opening or closing the dome and turning the fan on or off. With the remote, you can also control the fan speed, the direction of the airflow, and the set temperature for the thermostat.

The remote comes with a cradle, which mounts to the wall. When it's not in use, the remote can be stored in the cradle. Hardware and 2 AAA batteries are included. The low-battery indicator located on the top-center area of the screen lets you know when it's time to change the batteries.

Keypad for MaxxFan Deluxe

Like the remote control, the flush-mounted keypad on the vent allows you to operate the vent, the fan, and the thermostat.

Powered-Lift Dome with Twin Arms

MaxxFan Deluxe Open

This powered-lift vent opens and closes automatically, which means no hand cranking is needed. And unlike a vent that has only 1 arm, this dome is supported by 2 sturdy arms so that it will stay open during high winds or while you are driving.

MaxxFan Plus Manual Knob

And a manual hand knob is built into the underside of the vent to allow you to open and close the dome if your RV loses power.

Removable Bug Screen

MaxxFan Deluxe Bug Screen

This vent has a bug screen that helps keep insects and debris out of your RV. It is secured to the vent with 4 built-in retainer clips. These clips make it easy to remove the screen for cleaning or maintenance. Just rotate the clips, and the screen will pop out.


The MaxxFan Deluxe vent fits standard 14" x 14" openings in the roof of an RV, camper, or enclosed trailer. A white interior trim piece (or garnish), insulated electrical connectors, and hardware are included for installation. The included mounting flange is lined with a rubber weather seal, which helps prevent leaks. Roof sealant (sold separately) is required for installation.

To install, first secure the mounting flange to the roof. Then connect the two wires on the vent to your RV's electrical system. The black wire is for power, and the white wire is for ground. Next insert the vent into the flange and fasten it down using the metal mounting points on the flange. To finish, trim the garnish as needed to fit the thickness of your roof and install it.

00-07000K MaxxAir Max Fan Deluxe RV and Trailer Roof Vent w/ Rain Cover - White Dome

Video of MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - White

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent Review

Speaker 1: Today you're going to take a look at the Maxxair Maxxfan deluxe series of roof vents. Those are going to have 12 volt fans. They're going to be available in smoke and white. If you've ever been on an RV trip before, whether it be a short one or a cross country trip. You realize very quickly how stuffy it can get inside. Because let's face it we're basically driving around on an extremely comfortable box on wheels that doesn't have a whole lot of good circulation.

But that's where our Maxxfan's going to come in to play. It's going to allow the circulation to be a lot more and allow us to enjoy our trip that much more.It's going to have an adjustable speed fan to get the air moving. As well as a vent with a built in rain cover. So here you can see the rain cover that's going to protect our RV on the inside and this covering is a lot more resilient than the old style ones. That a tree branch or anything would fall on it, possibly crack it and fill up with water.

This is going to withstand a lot more than those old styles. And it is all completely built in, so we're not going to have to have an extra cover on top of our vent.I know a lot of you are probably wondering, how high is this going to stick off my RV Well at the highest setting with it fully open, it's going to be just over nine inches. With our vent closed at the highest point, it's just going to be just over five inches. And that's going to be a big upgrade over the old style covers, that are going to be a static height and they're not going to move. Even with ours fully opened, it's going to be at the same height if not a little bit lower than the air conditioning unit in front of it.Now our Maxxfans deluxe is going to come in three different configurations.

And they're all going to come in either this dark tinting or a white. Now we can move inside and take a closer look at some of the differences. Here we're going to have our baseline model. It is going to be an exhaust only fan. It's not going to pull air from the outside.

But that's going to be perfect for situations and rooms like we have here on our bathroom to get that hot steamy humid air out of there whenever we're taking a shower.Since this is the baseline model, let's go over the features that all of them are going to have. It's going to feature a manual knob. If we pull, it'll unlock it and we'll be able to rotate the knob counterclockwise to open the vent. Then we can push on it to lock it. Then we can just turn the knob clockwise to close the vent. All of our fans are going to have the ability to adjust the speed. Now this one in particular is going to have four settings. As you can see, even with the fan on high, it's still relatively quiet compared to a lot of the other fans on the market.If we move up to our mid range on high end models. It's going to have all the same features that our baseline model has. With the added bonus that not only is it going to be an exhaust fan, but it's also going to allow us to pull fresh air in. So if it's a nice cool night outside and the inside of our RV's getting a little stuffy, we'll be able to pull that mice fresh air in and cool us down. It's also going to have a little bit more adjustability to be able to fine tune that comfort setting. We're going to have a total of 10 settings opposed to the four. Both of them are going to have an automatic mode. It's going to have a built in thermostat, which is going to work just like the one in your house. It's going to turn the fan on when it gets too warm and turn it off, whenever we reach the temperature that we have it set to.If you've gotten the temperature in your RV comfortable, but it still just feels a little stuffy and you need a little bit more air movement. We can leave our vent closed and turn our fan on, which will act like a ceiling fan circulating that air in here making it a little bit more comfortable. The top of the line model of course is going to be the nicest. And one of the best things is we're not going to have to get up and stretch to make all of our settings and operate our fan. It's going to have a remote where we won't even have to leave our seat.The remote's going to have a nice, easy to read display. And we'll be able to operate everything from here. With the button at the bottom, we'll be able to open and close our vent without ever having to leave our seat. Our remote is going to be a lot more convenient to use, not only because we don't have to get up, but because of the dedicated buttons and the read out on the display is going to take out a lot of the guess work setting our fan. It's going to come with a cradle that's going to keep our remote safe and secure while we're driving, but also within arms reach. Now one thing I do want to mention about the remote, it is only going to work within about five feet of your fan. Now that may seem like it's not a whole lot of space but it's kind of a nice feature because you have more than one. It's going to make controlling each one a little bit easier, rather than getting cross signals and you don't have to worry about your neighbor trying to turn your fan on and off.So now that we've seen how nice our fans are and how they work, let's go over some of those boring numbers. So we can make sure this is going to be right for you. Now all these specs are going to be true for all three models of our fans. It's going to have a 12 inch diameter fan and they're all rated at 900 CFM. Which is going to be the amount of air that it can move at it's max speed. They're going to have a five amp draw. So when you're wiring it up, you just want to make sure that that circuit can handle that. And you're going to need a 14 inch square hole in the roof, which is pretty common for most vents in RVs.One more question you may ave about the Maxxfan deluxe, is how do you get it installed Well it's a pretty straight forward process. Let's go ahead and show you how to do that. Typically, you're going to be using your Maxxair Maxxfan vent to replace an existing vent. So we're going to start out on the inside and be removing the trim or the garnish that's inside the roof. Now we're going to go ahead and hold on to it once we have it down because we may be able to reuse it. If yours is damaged or cracked, we do have some available on our website.I'm just going to take a Phillips head screwdriver and pull out the four screws holding it in place. You simply just slide it down and set it aside for now. We're on the top of our RV getting ready to remove the vent. And we got all of our supplies that we're going to need up here. You are going to need a caulk gun with some quality sealant in it. As well as a putty knife, pair of wire crimpers, and strippers as well as some kind of screwdriver or a drill to remove the fasteners. So you're going to want to start, if you have a vent cover you're going to want to open it up. So that we can expose all the sealant that's holding our current one in. That's where our putty knife is going to come in and we're going to scrape all of the sealant off and make a nice clean area. It may take a little bit of patience and time. We're just going to go working our way around the edge and scraping up all the sealant, so we can pull it out.So to make it a little bit easier on ourselves, rather than trying to peel all the silicone away while out vent is still in. We're going to take away the part that's on the fasteners, so we can get to all the fasteners holding it in place. And then we can try to pry it up and then remove the rest of the excess sealant. You want to make sure you pull all the fasteners out before you try pulling up on the vent because you don't want to damage the roof. You're just going to work your putty knife underneath the edge of it and start lifting up and it should set itself free. We'll be able to pull it out. Now keep in mind there are going to be some wires attached to it. So you don't want to pull too far and pull too hard. But for now we have the power off in our motor home. So we're just going to cut our power and ground wire off of our existing vent.Now with the vent removed, you're going to want to make sure you clean all the excess sealant off, so it's nice and smooth all the way around the opening. With the hole prepped on our roof, I'm going to take my sealant and my caulk gun. I'm just going to run a bead going all the way across the ring that we're going to install in our roof. Just want to make sure you get a nice bead on there, you got enough material that it's going to seal it. But you don't need so much that it's going to be oozing out the side like crazy amounts. You just want to get a good seal on it.So the base ring that we're going to be installing in the roof that we put our silicone on. You're going to want to make sure that, that black rubber seal is facing up. And we're going to have four metal tabs, two on each side. You want to make sure that those metal tabs are going to the left and right of your RV and not facing front to back. So that's the only stipulation when we put our ring in place. So we're just going to loosely put it in place and try to line up as close as we can to our old vent. Just press it in place to get it seated. All along the edge of this base piece here, we're going to have several holes that are going to me our mounting holes. So we can take the 16 Phillips head screws and we're going to secure them in each one of those holes.Just want to grab a drill or some kind of driver to get them in place. You're going to want to make sure you use all the screws to secure them down. Now I do want to mention that these screws are stainless steel. So if you're using a magnetic bit driver, it's not going to hold them. So be careful since we are on top of the RV, you don't want to drop them and have to find them down at the bottom. So with our ring secure, I'm going to come back with a little more sealant and I'm going to go over each one of the screws and as well going towards the edge to make sure it has a nice water tight seal.Now I'm just going to come back with a putty knife, kind of smooth it out. And more the excess around where I need to. So we can start focusing on the two wires that are coming from our RV. Now we're going to have a yellow wire on our application that's going to be our power and our white wire's going to be our ground. So we're going to strip back just a little bit from each wire. Until we have two exposed ends. In our kit they're going to provide us with two spade terminals, a female and a male, two of each. So to make things easier on ourselves, we're going to grab the female spade and put one of the female spades on each one of our wires. So we can just slip it over the end, grab our wire crimpers and crimp it in place. And we'll do the same thing for our power wire.Now coming off of our vent fan, we're going to have two wires, a black one and a white one. And the black wire is labeled with a tag letting us know that it is the positive side of the fan. So we're going to take the male end of our spade connectors and we're going to crimp it on each one of our wires. Now the wires coming off the fan are relatively long. But we're going to leave them that way. That way we have a lot of room to maneuver the fan in and connect everything, so we're not trying to work right underneath it when we're putting it in. So we're going to hook our black wire up to our positive wire coming off our RV. Just make sure the spades line up, we can push it together. And we can take our white wire and hook it up to the ground wire coming off our RV.Now on the bottom of our fan, we're going to have a knob that's going to let us manually open and close it. To get everything in place, it is going to make it whole lot easier if we open it up all the way. So we can go ahead and come to the knob and it's going to let us know which way to turn it. So we're going to open it up which is going to give us a little bit more room. We're going to turn that knob until it stops and it's not opening anymore. Now we can loosely just drop the wires down below. And we're going to pick up our fan and we can gently place it inside the panel we put in.Now you'll notice that there's a little tab with some holes on each side. You want those to roughly line up with those silver tabs because that's where we're going to be mounting them. Now the silver tabs moved, so may need to give it a little bit of a wiggle and it'll drop right in. To secure our fan to that flange that we mounted to the roof, we're going to be taking two shorter screws and we're going to be going through the plastic ring right here. That's going to go into the metal section of that tab. Now you may need to push down because there is a rubber gasket in there. Which may make it a little difficult to line it up. We just got to push down on the fan, get our screw started. We can take a screwdriver or a drill and very carefully get the screw in place. And we'll repeat that for other three remaining holes. We're going to have two on each side.So that'll finish up the top side and secure our fan to our roof. We can go ahead and remove the plastic cover. And we can move back inside. So underneath where our fan is mounted, we're just going to take our wires and if you can, you're just going to push them back in to the ceiling. But if they stop and you don't have a whole lot of room. What you can do is, is you can kind of just bundle them up and we're going to tuck them between the insulation and the edge of our vent here. Just so they're out of the way. Not going to interfere with anything and it's not going to get in the way or get caught on anything either. You just want to make sure if you are getting it between the fan and you don't want to get it stuck in the fan area.Now our new fan is going to come with a new garnish. But as you can see it is quite a bit larger than the one we took out. So the way we're going to measure and figure out how we need to cut this to make it fit, is if we come up to the ceiling and we go inside the hole where our fan is. We're going to measure from the very top of the roof to the very bottom of where the garnish would be on the ceiling. Now you're going to need to add about a half an inch to that measurement. And then you come back to your garnish and measure up and you would trim the excess off. But since we had our existing garnish from our old unit and it's still in good shape. We're just going to go ahead and make sure that it will work. As you can see it will tuck up nicely. We're just going to have to move the wires a little bit so we don't see them.Then we're going to take the included screws. Now these are going to be flathead screws. They're going to be white on the bottom and we'll go around the four corners and put them in place to secure the garnish. Possible you may want to get started by hand to help hold it in place. And then we can secure one at a time the rest of the way. With everything installed, now would be a good time to ahead and clean up all the excess material that may have fell through, when we we're cleaning off that sealant. As well as all the other tools and other equipment that's on top of the roof of our RV. When we're done, we'll be able to turn our fan on and enjoy the fresh air. And that'll finish up your look at the Maxxair Maxxfan deluxe roof vent with 12 volt fan.

Customer Reviews

MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - White - MA00-07000K

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (223 Customer Reviews)

The built-in rain shield on this powered roof vent protects the interior of your RV or camper from rainwater. The reversible, 10-speed fan has a thermostat to regulate airflow inside your RV. Ceiling fan mode circulates air when vent is closed.

- MA00-07000K

This is a good unit overall. It does have an issue with turning on by itself from time to time. Normally it works well to regulate the temp in the coach-- 550023

- MA00-07000K

The best RV fan period! Runs 24-7 to keep moisture out, rain or shine. 635738

- MA00-07000K

Product came in on time, no damage. Very good information on the installation. Removing the old vent was the most difficult in this process. The installation of the new vent took less than half of the time of the removal of the old vent! Looks very good in and out, very happy with the end result and product!!! 386035

It is a great product, we use it all the time. I show the fan to everyone and tell them how much we like it!!!
Michael P - 05/29/2018


- MA00-07000K

Fan came in a ragged box, but everything was there and undamaged. Install into a pre-existing 14"x14" hole with good bracing was easy. The flange holes even lined up! Just be sure to plan wiring ahead of time! 644348

- MA00-07000K

Fit perfectly into existing vent. Ran wiring up behind refrigerator. Can be set to run either on thermostat or manually. Really nice rain good. Now I can keep my camper vented by moving the hot air out in between trips and blow cool air in at night to sleep without all the noise from the air conditioner fan. Very pleased. 698187

- MA00-07000K

Great product. We’ve used them in the summer heat and in the cold on the side of the ski slopes. The fans worked well in both situations. We especially like the remote and the ability to set a temperature. 605638

- MA00-07000K

I finally had a chance to use the power vent. It cooled my trailer very quickly. I actually ran it most of the night. The temperature cooled outside and so did my trailer’s inside temperature. One critique, I’d like the remote to light up in the dark for easier use. 524395

- MA00-07000K

Overall I really like the unit. I have owned and used this unit for about 1 year. The price was more than I'd rather, however, relative the other options I felt the features of this unit were worth the difference in cost of the others. Features like remote control (for shorter folks who can't reach the controls), powered lift (although I use the manual version more often), auto mode to turn the fan on and off to maintain temps, rainproof while operating, quiet operation, etc. Now, if it will last for many years it will certainly be worth the initial outlay of capital. Also, it was relatively simple to install given that I already had DC power to this location. The install took me about two hours but I could install a second one now in about 30 minutes. 599440

- MA00-07000K

I'm so glad I went with the Maxxfan deluxe rather than the other brand. It has all the options that I need …. and even some I don't need but will enjoy! 516325

I have a Fan-Tastic Vent Roof Vent and a MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent in my motorhome. Each one has its advantages, The Fan-Tastic pulls more air but only out. The MaxxFan has in and out. I like them both but prefer the Fan-Tastic to move air quicker.
James - 06/02/2019


- MA00-07000K

It took longer to take off the old Fantastic fan and clean the roof than it did to install the new Maxxfan Deluxe. It helped to have an extra set of hands when you attach the main unit to the roof flange since it takes a little extra pressure to align the four screws. Easy installation though and it’s much quieter than my old fan. Very pleased. And etrailer is always a pleasure to deal with. They kept me informed about shipping and their prices are excellent. 493144

- MA00-07000K

The Good: Installing a receiving flange that you then put the fan assembly in is a great design. If you ever need to replace the fan, you can just remove the four retaining screws and pull it out. I also like the 10 fan speeds because I’m using it boondocking and would like to run the fan on low all night. It has a low amp draw (~0.2 amps) on the lowest speed setting. The Bad: When the fan is reversed so it’s blowing air down (intake), it doesn’t blow as much air as when it’s blowing out (exhaust). I'm guessing it’s the design/pitch of the blades and turbulence. Also, this fan doesn’t move nearly as much air either direction as the fan it replaced. 492816

- MA00-07000K

Easy install, cleaning up the old caulking and such was the hardest part 617397

- MA00-07000K

I haven’t installed the fan yet but have confirmed that the packaging was sufficient and it was delivered very quickly. Thanks! 756659

- MA00-07000K

Yes, it is an Excellent fan, easy to installed myself, and remote control working well from my RV's bed. Thank you so much for the Maxxfan MA00-07000K Jerry from Los Angeles California 747416

- MA00-07000K

Easy ordering process, good communication, delivered on time. 740351

- MA00-07000K

arrived in a timely fashion, exactly what i ordered 726817

- MA00-07000K

I bought two MaxxFans for a van conversion. The installation went well and so far I haven't had any leaks. I haven't wired the fans to power yet so they haven't been tested. I noticed that the very knowledgeable Greg Virgoe on [online video site] recently replaced his Fantastic fans in his van build with MaxxFans, so I feel good about my choice of MaxxFan. 726324

- MA00-07000K

Got my fans in good condition in like 2 days. So easy to install did both in about 1-1/2 hours. They are the best fan on the market in my opinion, they have all the features you could want. 702835

- MA00-07000K

Easy install (other than the nerves of cutting through my van roof). The remote is handy and works great. 695887

- MA00-07000K

Not at all what I expected from Maxxair. The mechanism that raises and lowers these vents is very rough and jerky going up and down that I am sure the tiny plastic gears in the gearbox will be compromised in a short period of time. It's obvious that the shear weight of the cap is far heavier than the gearbox is capable of moving. We bought two of these and both function the same so I'm sure this flaw is typical. 689991

- MA00-07000K

Great product, I followed the instructions posted on the etrailer website and everything went perfectly. I didn’t even have to trim the inside cowling. I’ve included some pics with this review. Took all of 1 1/2 hrs from start to finish. This replaced a paddle fan in a destination trailer and it had already been framed for a 14” square hole. 690956

- MA00-07000K

This is the second unit I purchased for the MH. Now I have two mounted One in the cabin, and one in the bathroom. Works great, I love the remote control feature. Reaching the controls, the DW can open/close, adjust the fan all by herself. 679744

- MA00-07000K

Works great! Appreciate that it is temperature controlled so we can set it and leave for the day and that the fan speed is variable. 673888

- MA00-07000K

Great product, well built, totally silent motor all you can hear is wind passing through when using higher speeds. Rain cover is a must. Had a Fantastic fan before and although it had a rain sensor, it was nowhere close to the quality of this unit. Online transaction and shipping were easy and fast, very happy! 672682

- MA00-07000K

Fan was easy to install and really pulls the hot air out of the rv. Only reason for 4 stars and not 5 is the cover has a catch when it closes. The motor runs and the lid stops moving then jumps down. 672212

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  • Motor On MaxxAir MaxxFan 4900K Roof Vent Will Not Shut Off When Lid Is Closed
    I spoke with MaxxAir about the issues you are having with your MaxxAir MaxxFan Roof Vent and they informed me that the gears inside the lift motor have gone bad so you will need to replace this with the Replacement Lift Motor for Maxx Fan Plus Roof Vent part # MA10-20270. I was also able to confirm that the Replacement Operator Mechanism for MaxxAir MaxxFan Plus or MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vents part # MA10-20281K-1AF is correct for you so that is not the issue.
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  • Troubleshooting MaxxAir Maxxfan 7000K Making Noises When Closing
    I reached out to the manufacturer and their tech said he is confident the operator mechanism is what is causing your issue. You will want part # MA10-20281K-1AF to replace this and fix the issue.
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  • Replacement Circuit Board Recommendation for MaxxFan Roof Vent that Stopped Working with Remote
    Sounds like the circuit board of your MaxxFan has gone bad and is in need of being replaced with a new one like the part # MA10A21275K which is the correct replacement for your roof vent.
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  • Replacement Remote for MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe 00-07000K
    Hi, and yes there is a replacement remote for your MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent # MA00-07000K. It is available right here: Replacement Handheld Remote for Maxxair # MA00A01150K and you can find the price directly on the product page.
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  • Can I Control MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent Without the Remote
    You do not have to use the remote to access all of the functions on the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote part # MA00-07000K you can use the flushed-mounted keypad on the vent itself to access the functions. The remote just makes it more convenient because sometimes the vent's can be hard to reach.
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  • Can MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan # MA00-07000K Mount Sideways
    Yes, if you wanted to mount the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan # MA00-07000K sideways you certainly could. This would allow the vent to not interfere with the black pipe vent you have on the roof currently.
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  • MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent Only Opens Manually
    If the power open/close feature on your MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent like part # MA00-07000K no longer works then the operator mechanism is bad and will need to be replaced for which we have the Replacement Operator Mechanism for MaxxAir part # MA10-20281K-1AF.
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  • Power Draw of the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote # MA00-07000K
    The power draw of the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote # MA00-07000K is 5 amps at 12 volts.
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  • White MaxxFan Roof Vent Recommendation with Powered Fan, Lift and Remote
    Yes, for the white version of the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent with 12 volt fan, thermostat, remote and powered lift we have the part # MA00-07000K which is exactly what you need.
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  • Can MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe Be Mounted On Wall Of Trailer Instead Of Roof
    I called my contact at MaxxAir and asked about the mounting of the MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe # MA00-07000K. They told me that it can be mounted on the side but would really increase the chance for water leaks as you mentioned. They said they have never tested an installation to the side of a trailer.
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  • Warranty for MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent # MA00-07000K
    Yes, the manufacturer's warranty (2-year limited on vent assembly, limited lifetime on dome) for the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent # MA00-07000K is absolutely effective and good if purchased through etrailer.com. This RV vent features a built-in rain shield, a reversible 10-speed fan, and a thermostat to regulate the airflow inside the RV. I have attached a short video demonstration on this unit that you can also take a look at.
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  • Replacement RV Roof Vents with Rain Sensor or Rain Shield
    The roof vents that have the rain sensor feature (to enable automatic closing of the vent when it rains) are not serviceable. The rain sensor element is integrated into the vent/fan. As for the wall control panel in your RV you will want to speak to the manufacturer (have your VIN handy) since we do not have information on such OEM switch setups. If you want to replace the vent unit you might consider the MaxxAir # MA00-07000K which has a rain shield, or the MaxxAir Plus # MA00-04500K,...
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  • Can MaxxAir MaxxFan Roof Vent Install in Jeep Grand Cherokee
    There's no reason at all that you couldn't install a MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent # MA00-07000K on the roof of your Jeep Grand Cherokee. These are very universal in how they install but they require a 14-1/2 inch square hole to be cut in the roof of wherever you install it so I'd carefully consider this as it be a very permanent install!
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  • Can Two Powered MaxxFan Deluxes be Used in RV without Remote Interference
    You'd be fine using two of the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote # MA00-07000K in your RV and not have to worry about one remote operating both fans. These require a clear line of sight from the remote to the fan so only the fan in the room would operate.
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  • Thermostat Range for MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent # MA00-07000K
    The thermostat range for the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan and Thermostat # MA00-07000K is 29 degrees Fahrenheit - 99 degrees Fahrenheit or -2 degree Celsius - 37 degrees Celsius.
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  • Can I Travel With The MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent Open In An Enclosed Trailer
    Yes, I have confirmed with MaxxFan that you can travel with the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent part # MA00-07000K in the up position without damaging it. You won't need to have the cover like the more traditional vents because of it's more modern design. It will work in an enclosed trailer as long as the roof is between 1-1/8" and 6-1/2" thick, the roof cut out for the vent is 14"x14". The MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent is powered by 12V, normally a 12V automotive battery or the equivalent. It draws...
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  • MaxxAir Roof Vents for RVs with Thermostats with Manual Lift and Powered Lift
    You are correct and all of the settings of the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote # MA00-07000K that you mentioned are correct. The powered lift can be turned off to allow you to manually lift the lid, this is thermostatically controlled, and due to the lid design it could be open and vent while raining. This is due to the vents being underneath the lid. I attached a picture that shows what the display looks like for the temperature setting. The smoked color...
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  • Comparing MaxxFan Deluxe 12V Roof Vent Models MA00-07000K and MA00-07500K
    The two MaxxFan Deluxe 12V Roof Vent products you referenced, parts # MA00-07000K and # MA00-07500K, are identical apart from color. The smoked lid model # MA00-07500K will typically let in slightly less light than the white lid model # MA00-07000K but there is not a huge difference. Price variance between the different color versions of the same product can be a result of different production quantities. If one is far more popular and made in much larger quantities it will typically...
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  • How to Fix Clicking Noise Coming from MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent
    The clicking noise that you are hearing from your MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent # MA00-07500K or # MA00-07000K actually means you need to replace the Operator Mechanism # MA10-20281K-1AF. I reached out to my contact at MaxxAir who confirmed this.
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  • Which MaxxFan Deluxe Fan Lens Color Lets in Least Amount of Light
    The smoke cover let's in more light than the solid white since the smoke is a translucent color designed to allow light to pass through. So for that you'd want the part # MA00-07000K and you'd be set.
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  • MaxxFan 2016 Keystone Montana Model 3710FL Won't Stop Running
    If your MaxxFan with the rain sensor, like part # MA00-04500K, starts operating automatically and the controller or the controls on the unit aren't working then that sounds like a bad circuit board or that the built-in safety feature for too much (or not enough) voltage was activated and the circuit board locked up. Since you already removed power from the vent try connecting it back to power. If it works properly then it was just locked up and needed to be disconnected from power to unlock...
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  • Replacement Operator Mechanism for MaxxAir MaxxFan Deluxe with Square Drive
    It sounds like you have an older model of the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent # MA00-07000K. Repair parts for these older models with a square drive have been discontinued. The Replacement Operator Mechanism # MA10-20281K-1AF will not work with your older lifter arm. I do have a solution for you though. You will need to replace both the Operator Mechanism with Item # MA10-20281K-1AF and the Lift Arm with Item # MA10-20222KS. Check out the vent assembly diagram on page 4 of the Repair Parts...
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  • MaxxAir Roof Vent Recommendation with White Lid, Remote, and Rain Sensor
    The best option we have for what you are wanting is the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote # MA00-07000K as it has the white lid, the remote operation, and a rain sensor to automatically lower the lid. The fan is also 10-speed and reversible.
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  • How To Use a Roof Vent Cover With An Auto Open Roof Vent
    The tallest roof vent cover we offer in white is going to be the MaxxAir FanMate RV and Trailer Roof Vent Cover part # MA00-955001 which is about 10-1/4" at its highest point. I will say that most of the auto-open roof vents will stop raising when they sense resistance so you may still be able to use the above or the Camco Aero-Flo RV Roof Vent Cover w/ Swing Open Lid part # CAM40421 that you referenced. However, if your roof vent does not stop opening when sensing resistance then your...
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  • Does MaxxAir Vent Need to be Removed to Replace Operator Mechanism
    The Replacement Operator Mechanism for MaxxAir MaxxFan Plus or MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vents # MA10-20281K-1AF will require you to remove the lid and rain shield in order to get to the vent's frame assembly to install the Operator Mechanism # MA10-20281K-1AF. This is the correct replacement for the following vents: - MaxxFan Plus Roof Vent with 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - Smoke # MA00-04500K - MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent with 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote...
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  • Repacement Roof Vent Operator for MaxxAir 00-05100K
    The Replacement MaxxAir Operator Mechanism # MA10-20281K-1AF you referenced is compatible with MaxxAir MaxxFan Plus # MA00-04500K and MaxxAir Deluxe # MA00-07000K or # MA00-07500K powered lift roof vent. As long as the center drive is hexagonal, the correct replacement operator for your MaxxAir Roof Vent model # MA00-05100K is item # MA10-20281K-3CF. Take a look at the vent assembly diagram on page 4 of the Repair Parts List document I have attached for you. If you have an older model...
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  • Recommended MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent with Fan in White
    The MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent w/ 12V Fan, Thermostat, and Remote - Powered Lift - 10 Speed - Smoke # MA00-07500K does come in white # MA00-07000K. It will fit in the standard vent cutout of your RV to replace the blade style vent fan you currently have to give you the built in rain shield you mentioned. I've attached a couple videos to further assist. You will also want the TremPro 644 Silicone Sealant - 10.1-Fl-Oz Cartridge - White # 0160297 for your installation.
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  • Troubleshooting MaxxFan Vent Working with Remote But Not with Buttons On Fan
    I reached out to my contact at MaxxAir and he said if the remote on your 12V Fan is working fine to operate the unit but the buttons on the fan itself don't work it very well be a bad circuit board. The Replacement Printed Circuit Board # MA10A21275K that you were looking at is the correct part as long as you have the # MA00-04500K, # MA00-07000K, or # MA00-07500K model fan. He did also say that it could just be the actual keypad on the fan too. You might just inspect the key pad to...
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  • Is There a Replacement Motor for the MaxxFan Turbo Roof Vent Model 1200T
    I spoke with MaxxAir about your MaxxFan Turbo Roof Vent Model 1200T and they informed me that this model is obsolete therefore there are no replacement parts available. The only option you have is to replace the entire unit for which I recommend using the MaxxFan Deluxe Roof Vent part # MA00-07500K or part # MA00-07000K. These units both have 10-speed fans that provide the same 900 CFM rating as your existing unit and they come with a thermostat and remote. The install process will be pretty...
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  • What is Needed to Know to Replace Fan-Tastic Roof Vent
    While your photos of the fan did not come through, and we would not be able to reference a model number from a remote to a Fan-Tastic roof vent, the good news is you don't need to replace your vent with the exact same model. The only thing that you need to know is the size of the cut out of the opening in your roof, which should be the standard 14" x 14", as well as your roof thickness. The options for a powered vent with a remote are the following, all of which fit the standard roof...
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