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LED Road Flares - 9 Light Modes - Magnetic - Qty 3

LED Road Flares - 9 Light Modes - Magnetic - Qty 3

Item # SA54FR
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Be prepared for a roadside emergency with these weatherproof LED road flares. Each flare has 9 different modes including a SOS distress light and a worklight. Magnetic bases quickly attach to metallic surfaces. Includes 3 flares and carrying case. Call 800-298-1624 to order Savior emergency supplies part number SA54FR or order online at Free expert support on all Savior products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for LED Road Flares - 9 Light Modes - Magnetic - Qty 3. Emergency Supplies reviews from real customers.
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Savior Emergency Supplies - SA54FR

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  • LED Light
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Be prepared for a roadside emergency with these weatherproof LED road flares. Each flare has 9 different modes including a SOS distress light and a worklight. Magnetic bases quickly attach to metallic surfaces. Includes 3 flares and carrying case.


  • LED road flares alert others to your presence in emergency situations
  • Red LEDs provide flashing patterns, as well as solid light
    • Triple blink, double blink, single blink, rotating, alternating, SOS, high solid, and low solid
  • White LEDs function as a worklight for roadside repairs
    • Integrated hooks can be used to prop or hang each light up
  • Weather-resistant construction withstands rain, wind, and dust
  • Durable rubberized housing with non-slip grip
  • Magnetic base attaches to metallic surfaces - won't damage vehicle
    • Adhesive-backed magnetic mounts stick to non-metallic surfaces to create attachment points
  • 3 AAA batteries (not included) are required for each light


  • Quantity: 3 LED flares
  • Dimensions: 3-7/8" diameter x 1-3/8" tall
  • Run time: 3 hours to 41-1/2 hours (dependent on mode)
  • Red LED diodes: 12
  • White LED diodes: 3
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Operating temperature: -40 F to 140 F
  • Carrying case dimensions: 4-1/4" diameter x 4-1/4" tall
  • Magnetic base dimensions: 1-9/16" diameter x 1/16" thick

Running Times for Modes

Savior 100-00251 LED Road Flare Battery Life and Run Times

100-00251 Savior Alert Emergency LED Safety Lights - 9 Light Modes - Battery Powered - Magnetic - Qty 3

Video of LED Road Flares - 9 Light Modes - Magnetic - Qty 3

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Savior LED 9 Light Mode Road Flares Review

Evangeline: Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today, we are looking at our Savior Alert LED safety flares here at etrailer. This is a great thing to have, especially in your car, your RV, whenever you're traveling, just to have it in case you run into an emergency, you're stranded by the highway, and you need something to create awareness and visibility.I like these because they come in a set of three, so you can space them out just to create that situation that you need in order to grab attention or visibility. Also, these are reusable, so you can turn them on, you can turn them off, and reuse them again for the next situation.Now, some of the downsides of this design is, unlike your other regular flares that are biodegradable, you can just use them and leave them there, these you have to go back and pick up. But that's fine because then you can use them again for your next situation.

Now, they do require AAA batteries, so you do need to prep those ahead of time and make sure you use batteries that won't corrode.These are IP65 rated, which means that they are waterproof and dustproof. So, we have snow outside right now. If it was raining really hard, this would work fine with that, just don't submerge them.We're back in the garage. We wanted to take a closer look, also, just to get out of the elements. And these, as you can see here, have different modes.

There's actually nine modes to these different lights. We'll start with it off. And you just start by pressing this button in the middle. It starts with the triple blink. Press it again, it goes down to the double blink.

Press it, single blink. Now, you have the 360-rotating. Then, you have the 360-alternate lights. This is the SOS light, so you can see how it is using Morse code. This is the steady-high, the steady-low, and this is your white work light.

After your nine modes, if you press it it'll turn back off.Whatever mode you're in, if you hold it for three seconds, it will shut it off. You couldn't really see it as much, since it was kind of overcast outside, but we turned off the lights just so that you can see how bright they are here in the darkness. So, this comes with some features on the flare itself to allow you to use it in different situations or attach it to different things. The first thing is, there's a magnetic piece at the bottom, and you can see how it just attaches or sticks to anything metal.You can also use the hook, here at the back. So, just take that hook out, a plastic hook pops out, and then you can attach it so that you have a light from above. Looking here, while we're here at the engine you can see that the white work light is a very direct beam, so it's like a mini flashlight that you can use to aim at certain portions you need to light up. So, just note that it's not a widespread light, but a small one.In addition to your lights, you also have a case and mounting pieces. So, let's take a look at the case first. After you prep your lights with batteries, you can then put them away inside the case. And this will fit all three of your lights and make it nice and easy to store inside your vehicle. As for the mounting tape, this will go on to any of your non-metallic surfaces. So, let's say if you want to store these on your boat, you can just use the tape to put this on your boat. That way, it's easy to mount your light whenever you need it.This is a round safety light with the dimensions of three and seven-eighths for your diameter. As for its width, it's an inch and three-eighths. With the average batteries, if you want the most life out of it, you should use the single or the double-blink option, that will give you around 40 hours of light. Feeling the light here, you can feel how it has this rubber portion which is surrounding the plastic case of the light, which I think gives it a little extra protection and sturdiness, especially if you want this to last while it's out in the elements.While these are called road flares, they're a little bit different from your traditional road flare design, which you just light and then forget about, especially when you get rescued. These are more of safety lights, so it has different features, functions. Still versatile and easy to use, though. Now, I did have a discussion with some of my coworkers about these lights, so let's take a look at that. I guess, just to kind of kick us off, Evangeline, I'm curious, how did it go today as far as working with them Were they easy to use Are they kind of intuitiveEvangeline: So, it was snowing outside, so it really didn't feel like an emergency situation when I used this. I liked it. I liked that there was three of them, honestly, because then I had options to where I was going to put it. They're really easy to install, I guess I just had to put batteries in them. If you don't have three AAA batteries, you might have a little bit of a situation there. But if you have them inside already, it's pretty easy to use. And as far as I know, I've worked with some, where, when you're switching modes, it can be kind of sensitive. And so getting all of your flares synced up to kind of display the same signal can be a little bit tricky if you're trying to move fast through it. As far as the feedback on the switch, is it pretty easy to find the pattern you're looking for and lock it inEvangeline: That's an interesting question. So, I'll turn it off right now, you just hold it to turn it off. That's a good point because it's kind of difficult to. There's nine modes, so I guess having to press through. Okay, I'm on mode number two, okay, this is three, four. I guess that would be a little bit of an issue, just inaudible 00:06:20 the same thing at the same time, because then you're clicking through all of them. But it's not super sensitive where it's annoying, it's just a press on that rubber button there. So, it's not too difficult. But that's a good point. You do have to cycle through them. No, that makes sense. It looked from the videos I'd seen that they had pretty good response in terms of that touch feedback. Another big thing I kind of see when I look at them, they look pretty heavy-duty in terms of how they're built. Do they feel solid I know they're supposed to be crush-proof, I don't know if we put that to the test. We did not. Evangeline: We did not. We did not do crush-proof testing. We barely did drop testing. So, they do have this rubber lining, I guess you could say, around it that I found was really nice when bouncing up and down. It has a bounce which would help with shock. It feels durable. It's plastic and rubber. That's really what it feels like, though. Hard plastic. So, I would trust it out there. I wouldn't drive over it, maybe, but I trust it to hold up to hail, or maybe stepping on it. I don't know. I'm not super confident in it, but Evangeline is. Evangeline: Well, the magnet part in the back, it sounds like you might break it, but I think it will be okay. You're just using it as a flare, really. It's just inaudible 00:08:08. Right. Speaker 3: Yeah. I wouldn't think anything's built to actually be run over by cars. It's more, yeah, you know you're going to drop it. It'll still be okay if you drop it, you might step on it or trip over it or something. Evangeline: Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I think it would survive that inaudible 00:08:27. Okay. Yeah. Speaking, I guess, you brought up a good point with the magnetic mount system, it seems like a pretty cool feature. One of the things I guess I was curious about with it, I guess it comes included with the adhesive magnetic pads for things that you would want to attach it to that aren't metal. Evangeline: Yeah. Do you think those are going to hold up with the adhesive side Is it a multiple application kind of thingEvangeline: We didn't try in terms of multiple application. It's really thin, that's what I'm going to say. It's not like your wall-mounting tape, which is cushiony and a lot more sturdy. This is a very thin disc, so I'm pretty sure it will be able to hold up the light itself because the light isn't that heavy. So, if you are using it, it has to be a flat surface, and just stick to that. We did not try putting it on multiple things, though. Speaker 3: I would think the tape would only stick one time. I can't imagine that it's going to actually remain sticky for other applications. It seems like it'd be more emergency use, you need to put this somewhere and you just don't have anywhere metal to stick it. Evangeline: Mm-hmm (affirmative). One cool thing, though, I just realized is that it has a hole in your little magnetic disc. So, if you needed to mount it permanently that could be an option, maybe. You can just get another piece of double-sided tape, though, if you wanted to reuse it. I like the disc. The disc is nice. It has the logo on it, so it's not like an ugly piece of metal you're just sticking on your boat or car. Okay. That seems good, I guess. Definitely looks like they put some thought into it and it wasn't so much of just kind of a toss-in for the package. I noticed also, in terms of kind of the hook application on the back, I know that lends to its versatility. I guess it looks. Is it spring-loadedEvangeline: No. It's just a little hinge here. No, you have to just pull it out. And it will stay a little bit in one position but not really strong. It's just a plastic hook. Yeah. I was wondering if that was something, over time, if you're hanging them a lot, that I guess kind of contact point to break down. Evangeline: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Just from-Evangeline: inaudible 00:11:15. Go ahead. Evangeline: That's a good point. Yeah. It just has a thin piece of just a tiny rod, kind of like what you have in your eyeglasses, that's holding it up there. Speaker 3: So, I don't know if you guys have these kind of flashlights, but I have some, the multipurpose ones that have the little hanger and a magnet and you can just use them wherever. So, if you're working underneath your sink, you can hang it on somewhere. If you're working underneath your car, you can hook it on and actually have some light. Would these work as that, too I would think if it's not flashing, it's still giving you a good amount of light, rightEvangeline: Well, we tried it because there's a work light which, I don't want to flash it at the camera, but there's a work light. But it's a direct beam, I guess, and it's kind of small. So, it's really good for emergencies, but I think most flashlights would be better than this. Yeah. We hooked it up to the hood latch underneath the car behind her and it just didn't light up the engine bay all that much, it was kind of just a very specific area. Speaker 3: Got you. So, it's nice in a pinch. But I think a traditional flashlight might be a better option if you can make that work. Evangeline: Yeah. The hook was nice, though, in the hood latch because then you just hold it from there and then direct it from there to see what you're working on. But again, you might just be looking at one wire or one bolt, as compared to `your entire engine. Speaker 3: So, if you overheat at night you can still pop your hood and have some light to kind of assess, but it's not something you want to use as an actual work light, even though it's called a work light. Gotcha. Right. Evangeline: Yes. An emergency work light. Can you prop that up with the hook like a picture frame inaudible 00:13:17 Okay. Yeah. Evangeline: It would be like that. It's not an amazing prop rod. That's as good as it. Oh, you can try this, but it's not as stable. That will work. Speaker 3: Have you guys looked at the other similar lights that we have from Buyers I think it might've been PT. I know for a while we had pod lights from Reese, too, I thought. But I know some of them had the similar. The Buyers, I think, also has the magnets and the hooks. Were those any different, any betterEvangeline: inaudible 00:13:55 Yeah. I looked at Buyers and theirs is a higher-quality light, I guess. It's rechargeable, it's submergeable, I think, or it can float. But it's only one light. Speaker 3: Got you. Evangeline: At the same price point, this one has three lights. So, I thought that was kind of cool, because then you get three different things to play around with, as compared to one big, good light. So, that was the main difference I saw. Speaker 3: Really, if I was using them as "just in case of emergency," I do like the fact that they all come in the little carrying case, too. Evangeline: Yeah. Speaker 3: So I can just throw that in the trunk and not have to think about it or worry about it, unless or until something happens. Evangeline: Exactly. Yeah. That's exactly what I thought, too. The only thing that I wasn't as happy with was that it uses AAA batteries. And if I had this in a carrying case in my trunk with batteries in them, I wouldn't remember too well to change the batteries. Speaker 3: That's true. I wouldn't either. Evangeline: So, that was my only issue with that. I feel like every flashlight I've ever left in my car for a couple of years always has bad battery corrosion. That's the one possibility I think with these. Speaker 3: Yeah. That definitely makes sense. Being on top of swapping those out is probably a good idea. Evangeline: Yeah, that's the main thing. They did good, though. I like the case, I agree with you on that. It's a nice, compact case. Speaker 3: Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah. The case definitely looked well-built in terms of the imagery. I guess this is not something you'd really want to keep in your glove box, it looks a little large for that, so I'm guessing trunk, backseat, kind of wherever you have additional storage in the vehicle. Evangeline: Yeah, I agree. Kind of like where you put your tire chains or your tire jack and stuff inaudible 00:16:13. I guess I'd just say that most of my stuff doesn't always make it to the trunk, it ends up laying on the backseat floorboards. That's probably where I would keep them. Evangeline: Yeah. At least they're in a case, so you're not going to lose them. Right. Absolutely. Speaker 3: Do you guys know. I'm not super familiar with road flares in general, but if I keep road flares in the back of my car instead, are those going to last You might not know, but will those last for years so I can just leave them back there, and then I don't have to worry about batteries going bad or anything I just know I have these little flares in case something happens. Speaker 4: If I remember correctly from road flares training several years ago, they're rated for 10 years, and they'll still really work after that. But they don't necessarily guarantee them after that. So, yes. Evangeline: And those are the traditional road flares, right The ones that inaudible 00:17:10. Speaker 4: Yeah inaudible 00:17:11 fire ones. Yeah. Evangeline: The fire inaudible 00:17:13 flares. Yeah. That was roughly what I remember from the training, too. Speaker 3: So, I know they're not going to stay lit as long, I think they only usually last 15 minutes or something, but I guess if you really aren't ever going to remember to swap out batteries or check your stuff, you're just going to throw things back there, and if you're like me and you own your car for 10 years, so you may have seven or eight years in between, maybe go with the just kind of standard road flares instead. Evangeline: That's what I was thinking about, too, because these are technically road flares, but they're not like your traditional road flares. These are more of safety lights, for me, than road flares. So, I was wondering about that. There is a difference there. Yeah. I think the big thing with these is, are they as bright Which, when it was overcast today, they weren't that bright, but we brought them in the shop and turned the lights off and they we're fairly impressive. But also, just the safety aspect of going and picking them back up, you can just leave those road flares burning. Speaker 3: Yeah, that's true. But then you have to get road flares again. Speaker 3: But they're cheaper, also. But yeah, you have to still remember to actually get them. Speaker 4: And in theory, a pack of road flares usually comes six or 12 to a pack or something like that. You're not going to use all of them at once. That's true. Speaker 4: So, you might get several uses of one package. Hopefully-Speaker 3: Of course, if you need several uses, maybe you should get a different car. Evangeline: Hope you don't.Hopefully you're not in an emergency situation that often. I think the different patterns is also a nice feature of this, compared to traditional flares. Evangeline: Yeah. That just says there's an emergency. I definitely think if you're in a position to kind of upgrade from your traditional flare, an LED flare is not a bad way to go. You're getting a lot of the features, the build quality's there for these. So, I think it's a good addition to our product line. Evangeline: My final thoughts about these safety flares is I like how they come in a set of three. They're also reusable, you can turn them off, store them in your trunk, and use them again in the next emergency situation. Now, they aren't as bright as maybe your other flares, so that's just something you'll have to think about when you look at these. So, that was a look at the Savior Alert LED safety flares here at etrailer..

Customer Reviews

LED Road Flares - 9 Light Modes - Magnetic - Qty 3 - SA54FR

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (8 Customer Reviews)

Be prepared for a roadside emergency with these weatherproof LED road flares. Each flare has 9 different modes including a SOS distress light and a worklight. Magnetic bases quickly attach to metallic surfaces. Includes 3 flares and carrying case.

- SA54FR

Haven’t had to use them in an emergency yet, but love the piece of mind knowing I have them.

- SA54FR

works good

- SA54FR

These will be great when traveling with a trailer. Much more attention getting than my current triangles. I really like the fact that they come with stick on bases to attach to the side of a non-magnetic trailer.

- SA54FR

Very bright... and much safer than a flare. Easy to carry, and place on the vehicle or even lay on road. Would be 5 stars if they were rechargeable.

- SA54FR
by: 06/10/2021

They work great

- SA54FR

- SA54FR

- SA54FR


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