Avoid that precariously placed bike in the driveway or make it easy to line up your hitch for towing by installing this wireless backup camera. Monitor includes a 3.5" color screen, and the whole system plugs in - no cutting or splicing wires. Call 800-298-8924 to order Master Lock backup cameras and alarms part number 4843DAT or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Master Lock products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System. Backup Cameras and Alarms reviews from real customers.
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Price: $158.92

Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System

Item # 4843DAT

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Our Price: $158.92

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Product Images

Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm

Customer Photos

Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarm


  • Hitch Alignment Camera Systems
  • Master Lock

Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarms - 4843DAT

Avoid that precariously placed bike in the driveway or make it easy to line up your hitch for towing by installing this wireless backup camera. Monitor includes a 3.5" color screen, and the whole system plugs in - no cutting or splicing wires.


  • Dual-use camera for backup or hitch alignment
    • Transmits 125'-plus at 2.4 GHz
  • Easy installation - no cutting or splicing wires
    • Plugs into 4-way flat trailer connector on vehicle
    • The length of the cord from the camera to the 4-Way connector is 21 inches
    • Has T-style connector that allows you to tow trailer even with camera installed
  • Convenient mounting for backup or hitch-alignment functions
    • Slides into a 1-1/4" or 2" hitch when you are not towing
      • Hitch lock (sold separately) will secure camera in hitch
    • Mounts to metal surface of vehicle with magnetic base when you are towing
  • Excellent visibility range, with 90-degree range of motion on camera bracket
  • 110-Degree field of vision angle
  • Large, 3-1/2" color monitor for clear viewing
    • Has low-light capability
    • Mounts to air vent, dashboard or windshield
    • Plugs into vehicle auxiliary power/lighter plug - no batteries to charge
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Note: Any wireless device that operates on 2.4 GHz (like a Bluetooth or in-car internet) can interfere with the reception quality of a wireless backup camera.



4843DAT Master Lock Wireless Back-up Camera and Hitch Alignment System

Economy - This item

Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System

Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System
Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarms

88 reviews

Code: 4843DAT


Our Price: $158.92

  • Backup Cameras and Alarms
  • Hitch Alignment Camera Systems
  • Master Lock

Avoid that precariously placed bike in the driveway or make it easy to line up your hitch for towing by installing this wireless backup camera. Monitor includes a 3.5" color screen, and the whole system plugs in - no cutting or splicing wires.

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Swift Hitch Wireless Hitch Aligner System w Monitor, 2 Cameras - Night Vision - 10-Hr Camera Battery

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Video of Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Master Lock Hitch Alignment and Vehicle Back up Demonstration

Today we are going to cover part number 4843DAT from Master Lock. This is our hitch alignment and vehicle back up camera. This is a very simple system to install on your vehicle. It takes no time to install. First off we will cover the components of it. Starting back here. This is one of the mounts. This will actually mount the monitor to the windshield of your truck. It also has a neat little clip that goes into the vents on your vehicle if you want to mount it there temporarily. And this is the power supply cord and this plugs into your 12 volt power supply and plugs into the side of the camera. And on the back part, the actual camera itself is this unit right here. This actually will mount to the back of your vehicle on the trunk

And you can move the camera as you need it to put your hitch ball into view and you can back up your hitch ball to the trailer. It is powered by a 4-pole flat on your vehicle. So to power the camera on the back, all you have got to do is turn on your running lights. You plug it in, mount the camera, and you are ready to go. And then this little mount here. This actually fits onto the camera itself. What this part does is it actually guides the camera and keeps it center if you actually install it into your receiver hitch. You just push it in all the way. And then you can install your favorite hitch lock in place. And all you have got to do next is take your 4-pole flat and plug it into the wiring harness in the trailer. To start the install process is really easy. Let us go ahead with our rear camera that has a built in magnet so it sticks right to the truck.

Aim the camera right at the ball and then take your wiring harness with your adapter and just plug it into the 4-pole flat on your vehicle. Next we will go ahead and mount your monitor. You have got two different types of temporary mounting. One you have that sticks into the vent just like that and then your camera sits on top like that. We also have a windshield mount too. It is very sturdy and works really good. You can just go ahead and just put it on the inside of your windshield and push the lever down. And then you can install your camera. And really, all that remains, is go ahead and plug up the power cord. And then the power cord will go into the 12 volt power supply on your vehicle. Next we go through the functions on the camera. It actually has four different channels. And that is the control by the button on top. You push it. You will go through different channels and that is that takes care of that. The second button here on this model actually is not used at all. And then the last two buttons here , brightness and contrast. And it just cycles through until you get the combination that you like. Okay, we will go ahead and use this in typical application of backing up to a trailer. Then you can see how helpful it is to use. Turn on our running lights and our picture comes on our monitor and we just back up to our trailer. And then the adapter here has an extension for the 4-pole trailer. And just plug it right together. We have power for our lights and our trailer. Okay, and with that, that finishes our review with part number 4843DAT from Master Lock.

Customer Reviews

Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System - 4843DAT

Average Customer Rating:  4.0 out of 5 stars   (88 Customer Reviews)

Avoid that precariously placed bike in the driveway or make it easy to line up your hitch for towing by installing this wireless backup camera. Monitor includes a 3.5" color screen, and the whole system plugs in - no cutting or splicing wires.
- 4843DAT

by: Gregg H.11/05/2013

Rating is for the Master Lock camera. 5 STARS PLUS for eTrailer.com! Received it in 2 days with several emails letting me know the status! Better than Amazon Prime since this price was cheaper!. I like the backup camera. I have a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer that has no backup beeper, so wanted something to help with knowing what is behind me. Haven't tried it with my trailer yet. The camera worked first time and has a good picture. I don't use Bluetooth in that car, so I had no interference like others have had. As Julian M. said, the "flexible" mount with suction cup is good as long as you don't bend the 3/16" solid steel rod (what the heck???) that is within the plastic tubing. Trying to bend it close to the suction cup will break the suction cup plastic and render the mount useless (I thought I was being careful too!). The vent mount was also useless since adding the weight of the camera drops the camera so it's facing downward. Fortunately, I came up with a homebrew mounting and it worked (two-sided foam tape, plus scrap steel angle piece). When mounting the camera into the hitch receiver, the antenna hit the spare tire that's mounted under the vehicle, just forward of the receiver hole. Bending the antenna up slightly fixed the issue and I've put a locking pin to secure the camera for the winter. My final [non] issue is hooking up power to the camera. My Mountaineer has a 7 pin hitch circuit. I've added a 7 pin to 4 pin adapter for my trailer (and the camera). Unfortunately, It sticks way out the back now with the added camera connector. I need to find a 7 pin plug with wires out so I can connect to the backup lights (that is one of the circuits in the 7 pin connector). That way the camera will come on with the backup lights and I won't need to turn on my running lights. 106405


1120/13 Update:Ive now installed the camera in the hitch, locked it in place, mounted the monitor on the dash, hooked it up to the reverse circuit, and have used it several times. The monitor does flicker quite a bit but is still usable - IF its above 40 degrees! The days up here in northern Michigan are now getting into the 30s... and when I turn it on in the morning, I get a plain, white screen! After about 3 minutes, it flickers, then finally turns on, LONG after Ive shifted out of reverse and am on my way.I would now give this 1 or 2 stars, since it looks like I wont be able to use it this winter. Ill be pursuing this with eTrailer and/or Masterlock.

-- comment by: Gregg H - 11/20/2013


Thanks for following up with us with the extra feedback. We will be in touch with you.

-- Patrick B - 11/27/2013

- 4843DAT

by: Rick D.11/05/2013

After an undisclosed family member ran over one of our kid's bikes for a third time (sorry dear), I began looking into reverse sensors and cameras. After much research I decided to try Master Lock's Wireless Camera (4843DAT) for the price, good reviews, and ease of installation. I'm not very handy, so ease of installation was key. Sensors all seemed to involve drilling holes into bumper unless you want to spend big money, and most cameras involved splicing reverse light wires into the camera wires. With this camera you simply put it in your trailer hitch and plug it in. I have to say this product was everything the description and good reviews claimed. Kudos to etrailer as well. Customer service and communication was excellent. Though I chose the free shipping (around a week I think), I received an email from etrailer the same day I ordered advising they were able to send out ahead of schedule. I received the product after only two days, and had it installed in about 10 minutes (no small feat for me). We have a 2007 GMC Yukon XL with a 7 prong connection. I did purchase a cheap 7 to 4 prong adapter for around $10 and a locking trailer hitch pin fro aroun $15 at an automotive supply store. I put camera (which has magnetic body) into trailer hitch, plugged it in, clipped monitor to air vent (or can use mounting arm) & plugged in to cigarette lighter and it worked! You can change channels and move antenna around for best picture. Used brightness and contrast to tweak picture. Works great, very wide, clear view even at night. Haven't ran into any interference yet. In a world where nothing seems to work as advertised, I was pleasantly surprised with this. Great value, especially for the price, very easy to install and use, and etrailer was awesome. Thanks. 106451

- 4843DAT

by: Jeffrey S.03/28/2014

This is a good backup camera. It is susceptible to interference with color loss and screen flashing. I do understand that any bluetooth application will cause interference since it is in the same frequency band of 2.4 GHz. I do not have any bluetooth devices running at the time including my cellphone. I would say also that the flashing is intermittent and I cannot find any rhyme or reason to it. This camera is about 95% effective with the other 5% of the time jumping, flashing, or losing the color definition. For the price the camera seems to be a good buy in lieu of the 5%. It does make lining up my trailer hitch a breeze and I do use it on the end of the trailer for a rear facing view. When used in the receiver as a backup camera as described in the instructions is when most of the interference occurs. However, the manufacturer provided the specs, and special hardware to do just that. 122607


The Interference and flashing has become so bad that I stopped using the camera. It would start flashing in and out so much at the most critical times it has nearly caused mishaps. I DO NOT use the camera anymore.

Jeffrey S - 03/28/2015

- 4843DAT

by: Grace C.11/14/2012

First of all, the package was delivered quickly and painlessly. I needed it in less than a week and I was not disappointed. The packaging had cracked during shipping (not etrailer's fault), so I called and quickly spoke to Tommy, so that if there was a problem, they would know that I received it this way. I was told that if I had any problems, to just let them know and they would take care of it. I got the system for my boyfriend, for his birthday because he goes fishing early in the morning, sometimes by himself and has to back his truck up without a second pair of "eyes." The night I gave it to him we hooked it up within a couple of minutes to "play" with it and see how it works (I think it took longer to get it out of the package than to hook it up:-)). We were so impressed with how easy it was to put together. No fuss whatsoever. We put the magnetic camera onto the tailgate, pointed it at the trailer ball and backed the truck up. On the screen, what you see is what you get. It was dark, and we could see clearly with the backup lights on. I was trying to think of one negative thing to say about this system or the company and I can't think of anything. Love it, love it, love it! Other systems that I have checked out require you to do a little bit of wiring. We would have had to possibly take it to someone to have this done (he doesn't do stuff like this), so the slightly higher price, I feel, takes care of any labor one would have to spend on having someone do it, and the ease, clarity and Master Lock name make it totally worth it. 59450

- 4843DAT

by: Darin A10/04/2013

I am really enjoying this product. I can finally see what is behind me better!! The only issue I had holding this up from Excellent was I hooked it up to the suction cup mount, then when I tried to move it to the vent mount the little metal piece at the end of the suction cup mount came off with the unit. This happened right out of the box. I called customer service, who referred me to master lock, who said I had to return it as defective. I am debating whether to do this since I'm not planning on using the suction cup mount, so I might just glue it on myself, but the run-around was a little off-putting. 102576


After a year the product is still working great. I use the vent mount. Its saved me a few times from minor fender benders. Its also been great for hooking up to our trailer. If I were to improve the product it would be to add some reference lines for distance andor a beeper to let me know when Im getting close. Those issues are minor though. The product has been worth every penny!!

Darin A - 10/04/2014

- 4843DAT

by: Steven W.12/03/2012

Easy too setup, took about 5mins (no batteries needed). Tried it out and it works fine, just what you need when hooking ball hitch up to trailer single handed. Picture quality is as good as you need. Its made of plastic, lightweight but hopefully durable, only time will tell ! Thanks etrailer. 60570


I have used the backup camera several times since my original purchase over a year ago and it still works great! Its compforting to know I can hookup the boat anytime without needing to inconvenience someone for assistance, or get in and out of my vehicle several time while trying to line up the ball and hitch. Thanks, Steven W. Camarillo, CA

Steven W - 06/12/2014

- 4843DAT

by: Happy Jack07/08/2014

This camera works great! I'm very, very Happy with it, nice clear Picture of my Trailer Hitch. Backed up to the Boat Hitch the very first time, no more getting in and out of the truck 10 to 15 Times to hook up the boat. I did have a problem at first, I figured it out, you need to have your lights on to get power to the camera plug, or you will not get a picture on the Screen. Happy Jack 140040


This system is Great, Im very pleased with it! Its now a pleasure to hook up my Boat! Just make Sure you put your Lights on, the system only works when your lights are ON! Great System!

Happy J - 07/08/2015

- 4843DAT

by: Ty R.06/12/2010

Bargain backup system Key points: -Installed in my 2010 Tundra Crew Max in less than 5 minutes. -You need to buy a locking hitch pin if you don't have one. -Point of reference missing when unit is installed inside the hitch receiver, so it's hard to tell how much distance there is behind you to an object. However, I have had enough practice now that the point of reference isn't really affecting my ability to gauge a proper distance to a vehicle or object behind me. -The suction cup application works very well, and is also very easy to install. -The A/C vent attachment only works when you remove the antennae, which means a little more static when using this option. -The 12V cord is kinda short. -Only 1 channel seems to work. -Very clean signal with very little flicker. However using any Bluetooth equipment near it will make picture useless. With all things considered, I am very pleased with this product, and I recommend it. It is affordable, reliable, and flexible. 3127

- 4843DAT

by: Ron K.12/16/2016

I was concerned about Wi-Fi interference from neighbors but the unit has worked flawlessly since my purchase. The mounting options for the display module are not the best but after some experimentation I found that it nestles nicely into the cup holder in my truck and gives a great image. The magnet on the camera is very strong and the camera does not move once you put it in place. The picture is clear and easy to see unless you are in deep shadow or after dark. The backup lights on my truck do not give enough light to see the ball and trailer on the display screen under these conditions. In those conditions you may need another source of light to allow you to see the hitch ball and trailer tongue. Overall I am very happy with the unit. So is my wife as prior to purchasing this unit she was my guide for alignment, a job she did not enjoy. I have already recommended this system to several people I know. 325612

- 4843DAT

by: Arby06/25/2013

Product had minor defect in a part which did not impede its performance. Product performs as advertised and is entirely sat- Isfactory for my needs. The service and follow up by customer service personnel has been excellent! I would recommend doing business with this organizati without reservation! 86086


Product continues to perform well. I am a satisfied custermer. Thanks for your. Interest.

Rod. B - 12/25/2014

- 4843DAT

by: Julian M.09/13/2013

I installed the camera to the tailgate magnetically and attached the wiring from the camera to my trailer lights wiring harness. All so good so far. I then was ready to locate to monitor. I attached the monitor to the flexible(????) mounting arm. The arm was so stiff that while holding the shaft and attempting to bend it into place for mounting, the suction cup base broke off. I did plug the monitor in and while holding the monitor and moving the antenna, I was able to get a display for a few seconds and then all it would do is roll the display. I was never able to get it to stop rolling no matter where the monitor was held or where the antenna was adjusted. I am somewhat amazed that with the reputation that Master Lock has that they would allow their name to be associated with such a piece of junk. I would not even recommend this to my worst enemy. 99795

- 4843DAT

by: Lacy R12/17/2012

I do not have a rating yet as my husband hasn't given it to me yet. I guess this is what came from UPS that he intercepted and wouldn't let me see. Thanks ever so much for telling me, the suspense was killing me and I hadn't been able to find the box. Lacy 61712


The camara works great on his pickup but on my Excursion it wont stick to the back door.

Lacy R - 06/18/2014


The problem that you are having is likely due to the different materials that the pick up bed and the door on your Excursion. To solve this you might be able to remove the interior trim panel on your Excursion, and insert a section of steel, or a large magnet. Allowing the magnet on the Master Lock back up camera to adhere to.

-- Rachael H - 6/20/2014

- 4843DAT

by: Tom B.05/13/2010

Highly Disappointing This cameras performance overall is highly disappointing. Display on monitor very poor due to excessive interference. Interference such as hash, snow, rolling and distortions except in areas where no other signals from any other radio signal sources are in the immediate area. While driving with camera installed into hitch receiver, the display on the monitor is all but useless. Display has way to much distortion, snow and hash to be of any value in my opinion. Very disappointed. For all but an occasional usage, this product may be of a benefit. The more expensive hard wired units will cost significantly more but may be worth the cost for those whom will use the camera often. Not a product I can nor will recommend to those whom can afford a hard wired device. 3027

- 4843DAT

by: Ryan P.07/16/2012

It may be a great camera for a smaller vehicle but I found that it does not work when inserted into the receiver tube of my 2012 F250.. The suction cup mount is too flimsy and difficult to mount due to its length. If you are looking for a camera for a smaller car with less transmission range then this may work for you. If you just place it on your tailgate, the magnet is not strong enough to hold it so expect it to be gone when you reach your destination. Save your money and buy a better camera, preferably one where the screen is part of the rearview mirror and the camera attaches to the license plate bracket. I'll keep the camera for grins and giggles but I will mount it in a different fashion to lessen the distance between the camera and the monitor. 48107

- 4843DAT

by: Robert R05/02/2011

Got the camera in 3 days. Hooked it up per instructions and it was perfect,Great picture and very clear. First time I backed the truck up to hitch up, right on the money. Oh yes, no more yelling at my wife.Great product. 12700


I got a question for part 4843DAT Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera:Is the monitor on only when the car is in the reverse backup moving or also in forward moving?Thank you! Eric

-- comment by: Eric - 01/15/2014


The camera does not tie into the reverse system. Your headlights or parking lights will need to be on, that is where the camera gets its power. The monitor is turned off and on by the power button on the top. This camera is a popular choice with towers as they can use it to check on the trailer when rolling down the highway since the sytem operates independently of transmission gear.

-- Patrick B - 1/23/2014

- 4843DAT

by: Mitch H.07/06/2012

I just got my Master Lock wireless backup camera and it only took 10 minutes to hook up. The first one I got and ended up taking back to the store wanted you to splice into the reverse lights of the vehicle. This one plugs right into the trailer light recepticle. It works so well that I even got my Dad one for his birthday. The display is crystal clear and the magnetic camera lets you place it anywhere you want. The only modification I'd make would be to make the camera cord connection a little longer. It's items such as this one that will be saving marrages the world round! 46883

- 4843DAT

by: Brian A04/28/2014

Bought the Master Lock instead of the Swift Hitch because of the larger screen size and, more importantly, the advertised use of a back up camera. The system works well on my F250 for hooking up to a trailer, but is useless as a back up camera when installed in the hitch receiver. The picture is jittery no matter which channel is used. Disappointing, but for the main use of hooking up to a trailer, it works very well. Not displeased, but if I had it to do over again, I think I would go with the Swift Hitch because of portability. 127877

- 4843DAT

by: Cliff. D10/06/2013

I love my Master Lock backup system. It has done away with the wife sreeming at me. When we are trying to back our trailer into spot and it also stopped my having to get out, to see what or how far the hitch is from the ball. The only thing I don't like is the window mount arm is to stiff to bend into possion. It needs to to be rediesigned. Other than that,the system has worked as advertised. Also I like the fact there are no batterys to replace.Grate product for the price. 102751

- 4843DAT

by: Mike J.05/29/2014

This product appears to provide the service described in the sales pitch. I have barely had a chance to use it, but on first use it did what was promised. I can see behind my truck which relieves my biggest worry of crashing into my boat trailer or my other cars in the driveway. There is only one drawback. The image on the monitor is not constant. The image flickers. I'm basically satisfied. We'll see what I have to say in a month. 133350

- 4843DAT

by: David C.12/14/2010

Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera The item is as described. It works well and is compact. I am replacing one of two other models l that were stolen. The power supply for the wireless camera on this model is what attrated me to this product. It is a great idea. No splicing in and it utilizes the existing tow plug-in. I am very satisfied with it. It is better than the PEAK and Vision stat that I previously owned. I recommed it. 4133

- 4843DAT

by: Lynn D.11/27/2012

Very nice product for the price. Easy to use and I like that it magnetically attaches to the tail gate for the short periods that I need it in place. I only use it to back up to my trailer then put it away, so I have not used any of the provided methods to mount the monitor, just lay it on my lap. In the future I may come up with something to mount it as the provided devices are not good for me. 60049

- 4843DAT

by: Works ok03/23/2014

The camera does work ok but does get glitchy with the picture,i used it to hitch trailer and it worked well enough to get the trailer lined up,i also installed a plugin inside my trailer so i could see what was happening inside the trailer while i was driving,was a little glitchy with the picture but it was inside a metal trailer but did show me the inside contents with 2 roof vents for light. 121828

- 4843DAT

by: Rob S.11/05/2013

Love the plug and use feature of this product. Plugged in and powered up the camera and backed within a inch of the trailer the first time I used it. Can now hookup the trailer without getting out numerous times to see where I am or need help from another person. Wish the monitor was bigger but with a little white paint on the hitch to make it stand out will make the process even easier. 106413

- 4843DAT

by: Lou K06/07/2015

Camera works when car is parked in my garage but as soon as I back it out into the driveway / drive around, picture disappears. Doesn't matter if the camera is magnetically attached to the trunk or in the hitch, it does not work. Tried all four channels, one works only in the garage, the other three don't work at all. So for me the product is useless and will be looking to return it. 201395

- 4843DAT

by: Mike03/26/2010

The camera works well Setup was easy and the field of view is very very good. I did have a little flickering interference with the screen in an industrial area, but the picture is clear at home. Aiming the camera is very easy-you can back right up to hitch up without getting out of the car now. Powering the camera from the flat plug was a great idea. 2866

- 4843DAT

by: Steve Martin06/28/2015

I think this could be a really nice unit. However, I couldn't get it to work. I verified every thing possible. I believe the display or ?? to be faulty. I'm now in the process of returning and was told they have to contact the manufacture to see how they want to handle the return. I'm not really happy with the overall experience as you can imagine. 207942

- 4843DAT

by: Frank Bai-Roossi,Roberta H09/15/2012

This is working just great. May have saved our marriage.......lol. Lexis was great help when I was looking for this. I do all the towing of the camper and backing up, Frank as no idea what to do. Thank you very very much for all your help. It's nice to have a company that hires knowledgeable people to help their costume. Roberta L Hamilton 54790

- 4843DAT

by: Lee L.10/15/2013

Don't have to have wife out there to help me back truck to camper. She likes that too. To bad we have to turn lights on though Wish the wip was longer so I could put the camera on back of camper when backing into a camper spot. I would recommened the Master Lock Wireless back up camera and alignment system-4843DAT. It is worth the price you pay. 103872

- 4843DAT

by: Shaun B.02/09/2017

Great product. Easy to use. Camera has good visibility. We have a debris blower that slides in the back of a truck for cleaning streets. We use the camera so the driver can see where it is pointing and how it's working. We use an old large camera case to store it when not using it. would recommend it to anyone looking for an easy to use system. 340308

- 4843DAT

by: Dale B.03/06/2012

Super easy to install, took about 3 minutes without even reading the instructions. Product was described perfectly by etrailer.com. and received it within a few days of ordering it online. Does exactly what I needed it for on my old truck for hooking up to my trailer, plus a back up camera as well. Thank you for your excellent service. 33156

- 4843DAT

by: Allan J.04/16/2012

The portable remote backup camera worked just as advertised. The instructions were easy to follow and the unit worked perfectly. My wife was really excited to see how well it worked because she will no longer have to direct me when backing up to hitch our trailer. The unit, price and service are everything you advertise! Thank you. 37449

- 4843DAT

by: Furlough03/20/2012

Very easy to install and works well. The cable for the camera is a little short but not difficult to deal with. If its not long enough, go by a short cheap extension and all is well. The video quality is not as good as the backup cameras that are hard wired but I've not had any problem with snow and have had very little static. 34519

- 4843DAT

by: Bob B11/05/2014

I have experienced the same problems with this wireless unit as others have mentioned. The screen has static and then clears up for a very short time and then goes back to static. this situation is probably due to the bluetooth frequency. I'll put up with it for a while but I will definitely go to a hard wired unit in the spring. 159440

- 4843DAT

by: Jim08/07/2011

product is good and easy to install. however, i have a vehicle with navagation and bluetooth. when the bluetooth is searching it causes extreme noise (electrical intereference) making the backup camera useless. i cannot turn off bluetooth so i cannot use camera. without the bluetooth problem the unit is very good as advertised. 21280

- 4843DAT

by: CHUCK12/11/2010


- 4843DAT

by: Shane07/29/2013

Installs easily. Works pretty good. It does catch some interference but not enough to cause me to not like it. I just move the antennae a little and it usually cures it. You have to turn on your running lights to activate the camera on my vehicle--but I would not want it on all the time anyhow. I would buy it again. 92262

- 4843DAT

by: Michael aka CaptainMadMike08/27/2011

Easier to work then expected Hooked it up in about 1 minute Backed up and had trailer hooked up to truck without getting out of the truck absolutely no problem Can not believe did not buy this 15 years ago My only suggestion would be to have a 5 pin adaptor pass through to allow for the brake solenoid wire 22910

- 4843DAT

by: Steve T08/06/2012

Didn't work on my Toyota 4Runner. Picture would display for a second or two and then become scrambled for several seconds. Called support and they said the blue tooth on the vehicle interferred with the wireless picture transmission, and this is a common problem on cars with blue tooth. Had to return it. 50697


The Master Lock camera operates in the 2.4GHz spectrum, the same spectrum as home Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth. With Bluetooth enabled cars, there can be interference.

-- Patrick B - 11/19/2012

- 4843DAT

by: C.D.10/13/2011

I never write reviews but this was truly a great experience. Order, ship, open, install.... that easy, and the camera is more than I expected and truly plug and play. Makes me wonder why I spent so much time researching products that needed to be installed professionally. Thanks, etrailer. 25531

- 4843DAT

by: Melvin L.04/05/2012

I can not believe how great this works when hooking up trailers. It is so easy and fast to align the hitch with the trailer. In the monitor, it looked perfect and when I got out and walked to the back of the truck....all I had to do was let the trailer down and hook up the safety chains. 36237

- 4843DAT

by: Wallace b08/04/2014

Great idea but noise when my engine is running makes the image almost unreadable. A little filter should fix this problem. For what it is designed for its a excellent product . I would buy another. I use it to hook up a goose neck trailer being able to move it easily is a perk. 144203

- 4843DAT

by: Dick W.08/27/2013

Camera does exactly what I needed it to do. It is simple to set up and to operate. It unplugs and stows in the glove box until I need it. System powers up from the vehicle so there are no batteries to mess with. No more back up direction required from my wife! 97169

- 4843DAT

by: Jill M08/03/2011

Great service on getting order to me was here in 2 days not standard 5. Hooked it up everything works great. Did not think about running lights needing to be on but Customer service call manufacturer for me and troubleshot my problem within 10 min. thanks 20989

- 4843DAT

by: Cathy Conley02/19/2011

Product was exactly as advertised. Order was painless and delivery was quick. Had tried to order product from another online company, but cancelled because never received. Was very satisfied with Etrailer's website and prompt delivery. 7468

- 4843DAT

by: Pat12/28/2013

etrailer is an excellent organization. Their customer service is excellent! The backup camera works extremely well, the only wish is that the monitor had an integrated battery, However I am pleased with the ease of use and performance. 111370

- 4843DAT

by: mepow5508/25/2013

Product installs easily. Returned... or in process of doing so. Display had a great deal of interference... on all channels. Not sure why. I had this product on an 05 Pilot. It had some of the same,but, nowhere near that on this unit. 96770

- 4843DAT

by: Melvin B.02/24/2015

It's great. Very easy to set up and very easy to use. Worked perfectly for aligning my camper up to the hitch. No more pull up, get out, back up, etc. Delivery was quick. The whole process from stay to finish was excellent 175825

- 4843DAT

by: Chris L.09/19/2012

this product is great! Easy to install, good quality, and even better price.Customer service from eTrailer.com was the best I have ever dealt with. Great communication, updates on my order, and very quick shipping. 55113

- 4843DAT

by: E Jones05/01/2012

Received promptly and performed as discribed. Really believe it will keep me out of divorce court when trying to contect to and backing our travel trailer. Will defintely order again from etrailer.com.. 39021

- 4843DAT

by: PETE R.11/07/2016


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Ask the Experts about this Master Lock Backup Cameras and Alarms
Do you have a question about this Backup Cameras and Alarm?

  • What Back-Up Camera Can be Used with a 32 Foot Travel Trailer
  • At that trailer length, we have two wireless cameras that will work for you. The first is the Swift Hitch Camera, part # 04928. It will transmit up to 300 ft. with no obstructions. I would mount it towards the top of the trailer to get better signal transmission. The camera and monitor have built-in batteries and the kit includes a charger that will charge both from your cigarette lighter port. You could also use the Master Lock Back-Up Camera, part # 4843DAT. It transmits up to 125...
    view full answer...

  • Which Back Up Camera Works Best for Hitch Alignment
  • You could go with something like the Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System with Night Vision # 04928 which has more maneuverability and you can point it directly at your trailer ball. The down side is that this unit uses rechargeable batteries and sticks out considering its size and color. I recommend the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System # 4843DAT. It has easy set up, no wire splicing, and an adjustable camera. The camera portion...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Wireless Backup Camera To Mount On Back of 5th Wheel
  • You could mount the transmitter of the Peak Performance Wireless Back-Up Camera, part # PKC0RB, at the very front of the fifth-wheel but there would be an increase in interference as the signal would have to travel through. To mount the transmitter at the front of your fifth-wheel, you will need to use Extension Cord for Wireless Backup Camera System, part # PKCORD. One end of the extension cord would plug into the transmitter and the other end would plug into the camera. Another backup...
    view full answer...

  • Backup Camera that Will Plug In Line with a 7-Way Trailer Connector on a 2005 Toyota Tundra
  • We actually have a backup camera that you can plug in line with the 7-Way trailer connector. Take a look at # HM50002. I have linked a video showing an installation for you. As you can see, it will just plug in line with the 7-Way and retain all the trailer connector functions. If your 7-Way on your 2005 Toyota Tundra is not a US car connector type that accepts the plugs then the wiring does have provisions for being hardwired in.
    view full answer...

  • Instructions for Wiring and Installation of a Peak Backup Camera on a Dodge Dakota 4 Door Pickup
  • To install the backup camera on your Dodge Dakota, you will need to add a couple of steps. First, you will need to extend the wires coming from the camera going to the transmitter, so that the transmitter can be mounted inside the cab of the vehicle. Next, you will have to extend the wires coming from the transmitter going to the vehicles backup circuit, behind the rear taillights. You could wire the camera to a 12 volt constant power source or the tail light circuit and turn the camera...
    view full answer...

  • Back Up Camera Options for Backing Boat Trailer
  • The camera of the Peak Performance Wireless Back Up Camera System is designed to withstand the the elements when installed on the license plate frame of a passenger vehicle, but it is not capable of being submerged. Repeated immersion in water will eventually damage the camera. The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera System, part # 4843DAT would probably be a better option for you. The camera has a magnetic mounting surface that could be attached someplace on the trailer that will...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Rear-View Camera Solution to Assist Hitching Gooseneck Trailer
  • Although many of the camera systems we offer might be modified or altered in some way that would allow the camera to mount to the inside of the rear window glass, none of them are designed to mount that way directly out of the box. My best recommendation for a camera-type solution would be the Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera System, available with a 4-hour battery, part # 04928 or a 10-hour battery, as part # SH02. Both systems are rechargeable and the cameras can be temporarily...
    view full answer...

  • Adding Lights and Reflectors to Make Pro Series Trailer Hitch Cargo Carrier More Visible
  • You have a couple of light kit options for the Pro Series carrier # 63153. For regular incandescent lights you can use # 20174. And for the LED light version use # 98174LED. I have linked a couple of videos on these light kits for you. To add reflective strips you can use # RE418T. You will likely have to trim them to fit but they will definitely make the carrier more visible. You could use marker # DM35RS to attach to the basket so that you can see it in your mirrors. The pole is...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended RV Camera Systems for 33-Foot 5th Wheel Trailer
  • We offer many backup camera systems for use on vehicles and RVs; all are shown on the linked page. These include basic backup cameras all the way up to wireless RV camera systems like those from Furrion, such as their digital Wireless Observation System # FOS48TA-BL that includes a water-resistant night-vision-capable camera and color LCD screen. Wireless design means really simple installation. Please refer to the linked review video for more on this excellent product. Given that the...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of a Hardwire Back Up Camera System to Eliminate Bluetooth Interference
  • We do have a back up camera system that is a hardwire installation, but the Master Lock system, # 4843DAT is strictly wireless. Take a look at the Hopkins Rear View Camera with Backup Sensors, # HM60195VA. This system is hardwired from the camera to the monitor which will help to eliminate unwanted interference. I have included a link to a video showing a typical installation of this system for you.
    view full answer...

  • Water-Resistance of Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System # 4843DAT
  • The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System # 4843DAT that you referenced is shown in the linked video. It is designed to provide a nominal degree of protection from accidental exposure to moisture, according to my contact at Master Lock, but it is not specified to be water-resistant to any particular measurement. Neither is it described by Master Lock as being water-proof. That term is actually not allowed by the Federal Trade Commission as nothing is perfectly water-proof. I...
    view full answer...

  • Can Masterlock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System # 4843DAT Connect to Reverse Lights
  • The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System, # 4843DAT, is designed with a 4-Way that plugs into your existing 4-Way trailer connector, so as it is, it will require turning on the running lights to operate. It is not recommended to splice into the reverse light circuit or cut off the connector when installing the camera . It will also void the warranty if installed in this way. The way around this is instead of cutting the plug off of the camera, you could use...
    view full answer...

  • Can the Peak Wireless Backup System, # PKC0RB, be Installed on a 2010 Honda Ridgeline
  • It is possible to install the Peak Wireless Backup Camera, # PKC0RB, on your 2010 Honda Ridgeline. You are correct, the camera portion is connected to the transmitter and to the reverse light wire. The transmitter sends the video to the monitor mounted in the cab. The transmitter needs to be kept out of the elements, so it will need to either be in the cab of the vehicle or in the trunk compartment in the bed of your Ridgeline (as long as it can still transmit without too much interference....
    view full answer...

  • Recommend a Backup Camera for 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4 Crew Cab Truck
  • We do have a video of the Peak Performance Wireless Back-Up Camera, part # PKC0RB, being installed on an Isuzu SUV, but not on a truck. The Peak Camera is not vehicle specific, so the process will be the same except for mounting the transmitter. The transmitter needs to be kept out of the elements, so it will need to either be in the cab of the truck or under a camper shell. If installed in the cab, you will need to extend the wires from the transmitter to the camera and reverse light wire...
    view full answer...

  • Can Anything be Done About Bluetooth Interference on MasterLock Backup Camera # 4843DAT
  • If the Bluetooth interferes with the signal on the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera, # 4843DAT, you have a couple of options. First, you could remove the item causing the interference. In this case, it sounds like you would have to disable the Bluetooth feature on the vehicle like you have suggested. The other option would be to use a camera that is hardwired to the monitor. Take a look at the Hopkins Rear View Camera with Backup Sensors, # HM60195VA. This is a hardwire backup camera...
    view full answer...

  • Can Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera # 4843DAT Be Used on Back of 23-ft Travel Trailer
  • If your 2010 Toyota Tundra is equipped with a combination 7-way/4-way trailer connector you absolutely can use the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera System, part # 4843DAT, powered by the unused 4-pole connector. Power is delivered to the camera through the running light circuit on the 4-pole, so all you need to do to activate the camera when you need it is turn on the Tundra lights. As you noted, you will need a 4-pole extension to reach from your Tundra 4-pole trailer connector back...
    view full answer...

  • Mounting Options for Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera When Hooking Up Gooseneck Trailer
  • You could mount the camera to your toolbox, your truck bed side wall or to the inside of your tailgate to get a better view of your gooseneck ball. If you have a bed liner that covers the truck bed walls or tailgate, then the toolbox may be your best option. This camera has a magnet base that can mount to almost any metal surface and the rotating lens gives you the ability to mount it vertically or horizontally. The cord included with the camera will not be long enough to reach the...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting Poor Image Quality on Wireless Backup Camera/Hitch Alignment System # 4843DAT
  • I spoke with my contact at Master Lock regarding the trouble you are having with the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System, # 4843DAT. He basically stated that in all probability the problem is being caused by a poor signal or by interference. You can try to move where the camera is mounted and/or where the monitor is mounted to get the best signal. If it is an interference problem, please note that the use of Bluetooth devices, cellular phones, Bluetooth systems...
    view full answer...

  • Availability of a Back Up Camera with Monitor that Can be Mounted on the Dash
  • The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System, # 4843DAT, comes with two mounting options; a windshield mount and a mount that fits into a vent port. You can see both in the video linked below. We also have the Hopkins Rear View Camera with Backup Sensors, # HM60195VA, that includes a base and double-sided tape so that it can be mounted to the dash. I have included links to 2 videos below featuring this camera.
    view full answer...

  • Does Bluetooth Interfere With Camera Signals On The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera, # 4843DAT
  • When using the Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera, # 4843DAT, a Bluetooth device can interfere with the camera reception quality. A Bluetooth device is on the 2.4 GHz frequency, so it will give some interference when not on a call because it is constantly searching for a bluetooth device. When you are on a Bluetooth call it does take up a lot more of that frequency so it will give more interference.
    view full answer...

  • Wireless Backup Camera Options and Recommendations
  • We have numerous wireless backup camera systems available: Swift Hitch, # 04928, # SH02, or # SH03 Master Lock, # 4843DAT Peak, # PKC0RB or # PKC0RG I can tell you from experience that the ones that hardwire in such as # HM50002 or # HM60195VA are going to give you less problems because there will not be any interference. Wireless systems are susceptible to interference from anything operating on the 2.4 GHz band (which is a lot of electronic devices). I have # HM50002 installed...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for Wireless Backup Camera System for Use with 29-Foot 5th Wheel Trailer
  • A wireless backup camera can make hitching your trailer, backing into a parking space or even just going down the road easier and give you some peace of mind that all is well. For your 5th wheel application you might want to consider a dual-camera system that allows you to have each camera positioned with a different angle - or to have one on the truck to simplify hitching and one on the rear of the trailer for a clear view of the road behind you. A perfect solution for this application...
    view full answer...

  • Can the Swift Hitch Backup Camera be Tilted straight back for Installation at the Rear of an RV
  • The Swift Hitch Portable Wireless Camera, # 04928, cannot be oriented straight out. The camera mount will not allow the camera portion to rotate to a 90 degree angle to the base. You could position the camera at a 90 degree angle to the back of the RV, if you fabricated an angled mount that would attach to the back of the RV and then attach the camera to the angled mount. I produced a short video showing the range of adjustment that the camera has. The other issue I see with this camera...
    view full answer...

  • Does The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera # 4843DAT Allow You To See Behind You At Night
  • The Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera and Hitch Alignment System, # 4843DAT, has a 3-1/2 inch back lit color monitor that can be seen in the dark or in dim lighting circumstances. The camera portion itself does not have a night vision feature so it is limited to the available ambient light around it. Basically, the less light, the less the camera can see. If you need a camera that has a night vision feature, we have the Swift Hitch Trailer Hitch Aligner Portable Wireless Camera System...
    view full answer...

  • Back Up Camera Recommendation for a Vehicle that Has an Offset License Plate
  • If you have an offset license plate on your vehicle I would recommend a back up camera like the part # 4843DAT over the part # HM50002 as with the # 4843DAT you would be able to set the camera where you would need on the rear of your vehicle so that you could get a straight on view of the trailer coupler in relation to the hitch ball. This camera would attach to the rear of your vehicle with it's magnet and can be adjusted to basically any height to give you the best possible viewing angle.
    view full answer...

  • Master Lock Wireless Backup Camera Picks Up Signal From Other Wireless Camera System
  • Many of these cameras utilize the same transmission frequency, 2.4 GHz. Your receiver/monitor will pick up the signal from the closest transmitter/camera. If you are both using the Master Lock cameras, your transmitters send signal up to 125 feet. Allow more space between your vehicle and the vehicle you are following or you can switch from a wireless camera to a wired camera, like the Hopkins NVision, part # HM60195VA. A hardwired camera would eliminate any interference from any other...
    view full answer...

  • Towing Mirrors and Back Up Camera Recommendations for a 2008 Toyota Tundra
  • I have a couple of options for you. First, for the 2008 Toyota Tundra, we have some custom fit mirrors which will give you the best fit to the factory mirrors. The driver side mirror is # CM11301, and the passenger side is # CM11302. The kit of both mirrors is # CM11300. These mirrors will fit over factory mirrors like those pictured on the product page below the description. I have included a link to a video for a different vehicle and mirrors but installation will be very similar on...
    view full answer...

  • Mounting Master Lock Backup Camera System on a 32ft Bumper Pull Trailer
  • Master Lock wireless backup camera # 4843DAT has a range of 125 feet, so distance should not be an issue for you even mounted at the very end of your 32ft bumper pull. However, you will need to be able to mount the camera on the rear of the trailer, close enough to plug it into a 4-way plug if you are planning to use it to back up the trailer. There would not be a better mounting location for you, as far as reception between the camera and monitor. This backup camera system features...
    view full answer...

  • Does Master Lock Backup Camera 4843DAT Provide a Mirror Image View?
  • The feed displayed on the monitor for the # 4843DAT would look the same as if you were looking straight out of the back of the vehicle. The image will not be a reversed or mirror image, as the camera function is to assist with navigating your vehicle while in reverse.
    view full answer...

  • 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Towing Mirror Visibility and Visibility Behind a 33 Foot Travel Trailer
  • The Longview Custom Towing Mirrors, item # CTM3100B, will work on your 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 as seen in the attached video. The mirror is adjustable and will give a much better field of view for changing lanes while towing your 33 foot camper. As long as vehicles behind the trailer are at a safe distance you should have much better visibility but a tailgater is still not going to be seen with such a large trailer. One solution to seeing directly behind the trailer is to use a wireless...
    view full answer...

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