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Liquid Electrical Tape

Liquid Electrical Tape

Item # SWC50122
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Spectro Electrical Tools - SWC50122

  • Cable Management
  • Wire Protection
  • Liquid Electrical Tape
  • Spectro

  • Brush liquid on electrical connections to insulate, seal and waterproof
    • Forms a dielectric coating to seal out moisture, battery acids and salt
    • Helps prevent corrosion
  • 4 fl. oz.

50122 Star Brite Liquid Electrical Tape with Applicator Brush Cap

Video of Liquid Electrical Tape

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Review of Spectro Wiring - LIquid Electrical Tape - SWC50122

Jeff: Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at this Liquid Electrical Tape. Now this is a brush liquid on electrical connections to help insulate, seal, and waterproof. This will form a nice dielectric coating to seal out moisture, battery acids, and salt. It will help prevent corrosion.

It is UV resistant. Once you put it on it does remain flexible after curing. It'll fully cure in about 24 hours to a black color. It will not peel or unravel. This does adhere to all metal, plastic, vinyl, rubber, and composite surfaces.

It is designed to work in temperatures from minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. It will absorb vibration, so it will prevent terminal screws from loosening. This comes in a four fluid ounce can with the applicator brush cap. But that should do it for the review on the Liquid Electrical Tape.

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Customer Reviews

Liquid Electrical Tape - SWC50122

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (9 Customer Reviews)


As an electronic tech I have used this and simular products for many years. It is invaluable for wiring that will be exposed to the elements such as wire connectors located underneath a trailer or vehicle.


I am a heat shrink all the way type person. I use this on the connection areas were the heat shrink does not close completely (two wires into one heat shrink tube) to close off wires to the elements. This Liquid Tape stays flexible for quite a while & have had no issues with water corrosion since I started using it.


Product worked good. Only problem was it did not work over electrical tape, seemed to make the tape come loose. I took the tape off of the connection and just used the liquid electrical tape and it seemed to work well.


The Star Brite Liquid Electric Tape is exactly what I needed and the product shipped quickly. I would definitely do business with again.


Quality product, on time, great price. Any other questions?


A great way to attain water proofing your wiring work. Didnt know this was on the market but I'm glad I did!






See what our Experts say about this Spectro Electrical Tools

  • Does the Trailer Wiring Need to be Waterproof on a Boat Trailer to Avoid a Short or Damage
    If you are going to back your trailer in the water while it is still connected to the tow vehicle, you will need it to be waterproof. Whether or not it is water proof depends on the trailer, the construction, how it is wired, and if the taillight housings are waterproof. You can use shrink tubing, a good amount of electrical tape, or Liquid Electrical Tape, # SWC50122, to help keep out moisture where wires are connected or exposed. To avoid a short or other damage, you should always disconnect...
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  • Is the Rubber Part of the Hooks on the Yakima StickUp Bike Rack Available as a Replacement Part
    The rubber piece on the arms of the Yakima StickUp # Y02420 is not available as a separate part. There are a couple of things you can do though to cover the metal of the hook to protect the bikes. You could wrap the area with electrical tape. That would be a good temporary solution but will not look the best. A better option might be to use liquid electrical tape, # SWC50122. This will also keep out moisture. You would have to apply several coats to get it good and thick. Another suggestion...
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  • Grounding Adapter 4 Pole to 7 Pole Vehicle End Trailer Connector on a 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
    You do not have to drill into the vehicle frame to attach the ground wire. Making it a little longer to reach a hole or attaching it to an existing bolt in the frame will work just fine. Just make sure that it is attached to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface and that if you lengthen the wire make sure to seal of the splice with electrical tape or liquid electrical tape # SWC50122.
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  • Troubleshooting LED Clearance Lights On Semi Trailer Flashing Faintly When Using Turn Signals.
    It sounds like there may be an issue with power shorting into the clearance and running lights when you use the turn signals. As LED lights do not require a lot of power it may be the power is jumping the circuits inside your junction box. Be sure to also check for any signs of power shorting inside the trailer connector. Some Dielectric Grease # 11755 should help prevent an issue inside the trailer connector. If your power is shorting inside the junction box you can try some Liquid Electrical...
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  • Truck Camper Wiring Recommendation for a 1996 Ford F-150
    The Reese Multi-Tow 7-Way & 4 Pole Trailer Connector, item # 74682, is designed to fit Ford trucks starting in 1997 and will not fit on the 1996 Ford F-150 Model. If you would like to upgrade the wiring on your truck to use this style of connector the 7-Way Pre-Wired Car Connector, 7 foot Lead, item # 20023, can be hard wired to the correct circuits on your truck. and you could then install the included 7-Way inside the bed for your truck camper. I would also recommend using some Liquid...
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  • Can a Tail Light Isolating Diode System Be Used on a Chevy Colorado with Separate Brake Light
    Yes, you can use the 4-Diode System, part # 38955, to wire your Colorado. As you pointed out, the turn and brake signals will not longer be on separate bulbs. The diodes should be sealed enough that they will hold up mounted near the tail lights. I would not put them in direct exposure to rain or road water. I would mount them behind the tail light housings using the light fixture seal to block out most of the rain water. I would also use a dab of dieletric grease, part # 11755, at each...
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  • Making Electrical Connections for Tail Light Wiring on a Boat Trailer
    You can use Butt Connectors, like # 05730-5, that you have referenced. To keep out water, you can use shrink tubing around the connections. Or another possible option is to use some Liquid Electrical Tape, # SWC50122, on the connections, and follow that up with actual electrical tape for added protection from moisture and corrosion. The liquid electrical tape will create a waterproof seal which would be ideal for a boat trailer.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of Stromberg Carlson RV Bunk Ladder With Longer Hooks
    None of the bunk ladders we offer would have a larger hook, but it wouldn't be too terribly difficult to remove the existing hooks (held on by 1 screw) and use easily available L-brackets to fabricate your own hooks. You could easily cut down the bracket to the necessary length and then dip the ends of the hooks in something like the # SWC50122 liquid electrical tape. Then the plastic hardens, you'll have a smooth covering that protects the bunks from scratching. If you click the provided...
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  • Is Curt 2 to 3 Wire Tail Light Converter Waterproof
    Thank you for your purchase from of the Curt 2 to 3 Wire Tail Light Converter # C56196, and to answer your question, no, it is not waterproof. It is a good diea to seal the connections with Liquid Electrical Tape # SWC50122.
    view full answer...
  • Electric Trailer Brakes Lock Up In the Rain
    It sounds like the rain water caused a short and drew power to the electric trailer brakes causing them to lock up. the brake controller, since it is inside the vehicle and not exposed to the elements, would not have been affected by the weather so there isn't an adjustment you would have to make to account for rain. The first and easiest things to check are the vehicle and trailer side connectors. Make sure they are clean and free of corrosion inside where the wires attach and on the...
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  • Installation of Trailer Tail Light Kit # TL5RK
    To answer the second question first, the lights are submersible meaning water can drain out. You will want to seal up the electrical connections as best as possible. Heat shrink tubing works well. You can also coat them in liquid electrical tape, # SWC50122. For the side marker lights you would splice the power wire into the running light wire using a quick splice connector. Because this is a wishbone harness (it has 2 running light wires, one for each side) you would really only need...
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  • How to Keep Out Water from Electrical Connections on a Tail Light for a Boat Trailer
    In order to seal out water on the wiring connections for the Rectangular Submersible Trailer Tail Light, # ST16RB, there are a few things you can do. First, you could use shrink tubing which should be available at a hardware store. Another option is to use a combination of Liquid Electrical Tape, # SWC50122, and regular electrical tape to keep out water. You can also find wire connectors at a hardware store that are designed to keep out water. With these, I would also use electrical...
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  • Can The Optronics LED Light Strip # UCL90CB Be Cut In Half?
    Yes, you can cut the Optronics Flexible LED Light Strip # UCL90CB in half and run both sides down your trailer frame. There is actually a short wiring lead on both ends of the strip so you will have what you need to wire both sections. Do be sure to use some sealant like Liquid Electrical Tape # SWC50122 to seal up the ends where you cut it in half.
    view full answer...
  • How to Waterproof Trailer Light Connectors on a Nitro Boat Trailer
    What you can do is apply something like Liquid Electrical Tape, # SWC50122, which will insulate, seal, and waterproof electrical connections. I would still recommend wrapping any connections with actual electrical tape as well for extra protection. Another option is to use heat shrink tubing which is usually available just about anywhere tools and/or automotive parts are sold. With this you would first place the tubing around one of the wires before making the connection. Then use a butt...
    view full answer...
  • What is the Difference Between Submersible and Waterproof Trailer Tail Lights
    A submersible tail light can let water in, there is usually a hole at a low point so the water can drain out. A waterproof light should be sealed to keep out water. For either type, you would also want to seal out water where the tail light wiring splices into the trailer wiring. Shrink tubing works well for this. You can also wrap up connections with electrical tape. Or you could use a combination of liquid electrical tape, # SWC50122, and regular electrical tape. Ideally, if you have...
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  • Is the Optronics LED Step/Area Light # ILL85CB Waterproof
    The LED Step/Area Light, # ILL85CB, includes a foam gasket for a weathertight seal to protect it from the elements. You would not want to submerge the light underwater. In order for something to be considered waterproof, it has to be able to be submerged under water for a certain amount of time and a certain depth and remain functional. You will also need to make sure that the wire connections are sealed by using shrink tubing or some liquid electrical tape, # SWC50122.
    view full answer...
  • Can Velcro be Used to Mount Circuit Breaker of ETBC7L in Cargo Area
    It is possible to use Velcro to mount the circuit breaker of the 7-Way RV Upgrade Kit for Trailer Brake Controller Installation # ETBC7L. That said, the mounting may not be highly secure when compared to using screws to attach the breaker, so while I'd recommend against it, this is something that is possible. If you do ahead and decide to use Velcro, I do recommend ensuring safety by covering the terminals with Liquid Electrical Tape # SWC50122.
    view full answer...
  • Waterproofing Trailer Taillight Assembly Connections on a Boat Trailer
    What you can do is apply something like Liquid Electrical Tape, # SWC50122, which will insulate, seal, and waterproof electrical connections. I would still recommend wrapping any connections with actual electrical tape as well for extra protection. Another option is to use heat shrink tubing which is usually available just about anywhere tools and/or automotive parts are sold. With this you would first place the tubing around one of the wires before making the connection. Then use a butt...
    view full answer...
  • Is Optronics Oval LED Trailer Utility Light BUL78CB Submersible
    You can submerse Optronics trailer light # BUL78CB. The housing and lens unit are sealed. You will also need to make sure the wiring gets sealed up water tight. You can use heat shrink tubing or coat the connections in liquid electrical tape, # SWC50122. I have included a link to a video review for this light for you.
    view full answer...
  • Can Wires on Wesbar Trailer Tail Light 403075 be Spliced to Trailer Wiring
    Yes, you can splice the wires on the Wesbar trailer tail light # 403075. Since the light is going onto a Sea Doo trailer and will likely get submerged you will want to make sure the splices are water tight. I recommend using some liquid electrical tape # SWC50122 and heat shrink tubing # DW05451 to keep out water.
    view full answer...
  • Waterproofing Electrical Connections on Optronics Boat Trailer Tail Lights
    The Waterproof, Over 80 inch Aero Pro Trailer Light Kit, # TL16RK, does contain the hardware needed for installation, but the lights and housing themselves are what is considered waterproof; they are sealed lights. The electrical connections for the wires are not waterproof. What you can do is apply something like Liquid Electrical Tape, # SWC50122, which will insulate, seal, and waterproof electrical connections. I would still recommend wrapping any connections with actual electrical...
    view full answer...
  • Terminal Boots or Cover for Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicle
    The Roadmaster Battery Charge Line Kit for Towed Vehicles, # RM-156-25, does not have a molded cover or terminal boots. If added electrical insulation is preferred for your install, I suggest the use of Liquid Electrical Tape, # SWC50122. This is a brush on type seal used post installation that forms a dielectric coating. This not only provides insulation against electrical shorts but helps to protect the circuit from moisture and road grim as well.
    view full answer...
  • Availability of Replacement Tail Lights for Peterson Boat Trailer?
    The lights I recommend for you are the Peterson # M540. These are epoxy-sealed submersible lights which will stop water from interfering with the bulbs. Keep in mind this does not protect the wiring, so you may want to take a look at some liquid electrical tape, # SWC50122. I also recommend you use heat shrink such as # DW05450 for all your wiring, which will help protect it.
    view full answer...
  • Where to Ground Docking Lights On a Jon Boat
    On a boat you would want to ground docking lights # DL-16CC to the negative battery terminal. You will want the connections to be water tight as best as you can. Shrink tubing, electrical tape, and even liquid electrical tape # SWC50122 will help protect electrical connections from water. You can also use dielectric grease, # 11755, between electrical connections. This special grease is hydrophobic so it will repel moisture.
    view full answer...

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