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Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 4,400 lbs

Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 4,400 lbs

Item # BDW15020
Our Price: $539.42
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Electric Winch
Shipping Weight: 27 lbs
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Light-duty winch with 1.8-hp, permanent magnet motor lets you quickly and safely pull small vehicles onto your trailer. Compact winch fits easily into most custom boxes and cabinets. Includes hand-held remote and mounting plate with hardware. 1-800-940-8924 to order Bulldog Winch electric winch part number BDW15020 or order online at Free expert support on all Bulldog Winch products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 4,400 lbs. Electric Winch reviews from real customers.
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Bulldog Winch Electric Winch - BDW15020

  • Car Trailer Winch
  • Trailer Winch
  • 4001 - 6000 lbs
  • Synthetic Rope
  • Plug-In Remote
  • Bulldog Winch
  • Slow - 0 to 4 fpm
  • 2.0 HP
  • 11 - 20 lbs
  • 3-Stage Planetary Gear

Light-duty winch with 1.8-hp, permanent magnet motor lets you quickly and safely pull small vehicles onto your trailer. Compact winch fits easily into most custom boxes and cabinets. Includes hand-held remote and mounting plate with hardware.


  • Light-duty winch lets you pull ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, and other small vehicles onto your trailer
    • Perfect for toy haulers, landscape trailers, and other small utility trailers
  • Compact design - fits easily into most custom cabinets or boxes
  • Steel mounting plate and hardware included
    • Lets you mount winch and fairlead to trailer deck or frame
  • 1.8-hp, Permanent magnet motor delivers powerful, fast, and safe line pulling
    • Motor is lighter and uses less current than a series-wound motor
    • Vent lets vapor escape to prevent moisture buildup
  • Sealed, 250-amp contactor transmits power from your battery to the winch motor
    • Water- and weather-resistant to IP67 specifications
  • Power unit includes contactor, plastic housing, and all electrical wiring
  • Automatic, mechanical brake holds 100 percent of the load while minimizing winch creep
  • All-steel, 3-stage planetary gear train
    • Provides increased drum speed when compared with worm drives and 1- or 2-stage planetary gear trains
  • Rubber, hand-held remote with 20' lead lets you operate winch from the back of most trailers
    • Weather-resistant switch powers the load in and out
    • Wireless remote control (BDW20212 - sold separately) available
  • Free-spooling clutch ensures fast rope payout and reduces wear on the motor
  • 1/4" Diameter HMPE synthetic rope is strong as steel yet lightweight and safer to handle
    • 50' Long with 6' woven polyester protective sleeve
    • 1/4" Steel hook and nylon hand-saver strap included
  • Heavy-duty, CNC machined billet aluminum hawse fairlead
    • Rounded fairlead hole helps prevent friction damage to rope
    • Clear anodized finish resists corrosion
  • Durable, black powder coated steel body and motor resist corrosion
    • Dacromet-plated motor tube resists internal corrosion
  • Tie-bars and side frames help to create a strong and rigid winch body


  • Rated line pull (with a single layer of synthetic rope around the drum):
    • Static load: 4,400 lbs
    • Rolling load: 44,000 lbs
  • Motor: 12-volt DC
    • Line pull at 0 lbs:
      • Power draw: 28 amps
      • Line speed: 19 FPM
    • Line pull at 4,400 lbs:
      • Power draw: 340 amps
      • Line speed: 4-1/2 FPM
  • Gear ratio: 136:1
  • Duty cycle: 2 minutes on/15 minutes off
  • Braking: 100-percent load-holding mechanical
  • Battery lead wire: 6 gauge
  • Battery lead length: 6'
  • Rope dimensions: 50' long x 1/4" (6 mm) diameter
  • Winch dimensions (with power unit mounted over motor): 15-3/16" long x 4-1/4" wide x 7-1/4" tall
  • Drum dimensions: 2" diameter x 4-13/16" long
  • Mounting bolt pattern:
    • Winch: 6-5/8" x 3"
    • Plate: 3-1/8" x 4-1/8"
  • Distance between hawse fairlead mounting holes (center to center): 5-15/16"
  • Minimum winch box/cabinet size: 20" wide x 10" tall
  • Winch weight (with synthetic rope installed): 15 lbs
  • Recommended battery size (for maximum power): 650 CCA
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch

This compact, light-duty trailer winch lets you pull ATVs, UTVs, golf carts, and other small vehicles onto your trailer. You can mount the winch directly to your trailer deck or front rail with the included mounting plate. It also fits easily into most custom cabinets or boxes. And it includes a hand-held remote, synthetic rope, hawse fairlead, and a free-spooling clutch.

Light-Duty, 1.8-Horsepower Motor

Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch Motor

This winch features a 1.8-horsepower, 12-volt DC motor with 4,400 lbs of line pull. The permanent magnet motor offers the same line-pulling power and speed as a series-wound motor of comparable size, but it's lighter and uses less current. The motor is constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant materials including the powder coated housing, copper battery terminals, and zinc-plated steel hardware.

Power Unit with Sealed Contactor

Power Unit

The contactor - or solenoid - transmits power from the vehicle's battery to the winch motor. The 250-amp contactor - located inside the power unit - is sealed to meet IP67 specifications for water and weather resistance. The copper terminals and zinc-plated hardware are corrosion resistant.

Bulldog Winch Remote plug

The on/off switch on the back of the power unit lets you shut off the power when you aren't using the winch. There is also a rubber-sealed, weatherproof attachment port on the power unit for the remote control. An integrated rubber cap lets you cover the port when it's not in use.

Free-Spooling Clutch

Bulldog Winch Free-Spooling Clutch freespool

The free-spool clutch enables you to pull out the rope by hand. This saves battery power, prevents the brake from wearing down prematurely, reduces wear on the motor, and is much faster than waiting for the drum to unroll the rope. To release the clutch for free-spooling simply rotate the handle to the "Freespool" position. To reengage the clutch, rotate the handle back to the "Engaged" position. The clutch positions are indicated by a diagram on the gearbox and are also labeled on the knob.

The clutch is driven by a 3-stage planetary gear train. This provides more speed than traditional worm gear drives or 1- or 2-stage planetary gear trains.

The steel gearbox has a rust-resistant black powder coat finish and is sealed to keep out moisture.

Automatic, Load-Holding Mechanical Brake

Bulldog Winch Mechanical Brake

The automatic mechanical brake securely holds a load and prevents unintentional payout (or creep). A large spring coil contracts when the winch is in gear and the drum is winding in. When the winch stops, the load starts to pull and the spring expands to press against the spring chamber. The pressure of the spring on the wall of the spring chamber creates resistance to stop the drum from rotating outward. At maximum pressure the brake holds 100 percent of the load.

The friction created when the spring is pressing against the spring chamber creates heat. That heat is quickly dispersed away from the motor shaft and through the gearbox. This prevents potentially damaging heat buildup near the motor.

Weather-Resistant Hand-Held Remote

Bulldog Winch Hand-Held Remote

The hand-held remote has a 20' lead and in/out rocker switch so you can control your winch from the back of your trailer. The rocker switch is sealed and water resistant so it won't get damaged in wet conditions. Simply plug the durable plastic remote into the power unit when you need to use it, and disconnect it to store it away when you aren't using it.

The wireless remote kit (BDW20212 - sold separately) lets you operate the winch from up to 100' away.

Synthetic Rope

Bulldog Winch Synthetic Rope

The rope is made of synthetic HMPE fiber that is lightweight yet stronger than steel. This synthetic rope is safer to use than a steel rope because it generates less kinetic energy - and therefore less kickback - if a break occurs. It won't stretch - or creep - over time like steel rope can. And it's also less likely to fray and create sharp strands so it's easier to handle and easier to spool.

The rope winds around a solid steel drum. The mounting flanges are strong enough to resist bending or breaking if the rope wrap becomes uneven and excess stress is put on the drum.

A 6' long woven polyester protective sleeve at the hook end of the rope provides extra protection for your hands. A hand-saver strap is also included to use in conjunction with work gloves (BDW20070 - sold separately) so that you can safely handle the rope and hook.

Steel Hook

The removable clevis hook is constructed of high-strength forged alloy steel that is heavy duty and rust resistant. It has a spring-loaded safety latch for quick fastening and removal. The hook attaches to the steel thimble on the end of the synthetic rope.

Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

Bulldog Winch Aluminum Hawse Fairlead

The compact hawse fairlead is designed for use with synthetic ropes. It helps guide the rope as it's winding in and out, and it has a rounded hole to help prevent wear on the rope. The 3/4" thick fairlead has a silver anodized finish that resists corrosion, and it installs to the mounting plate with zinc-plated hardware.

Rugged Construction

Bulldog Winch Winch Body

The winch is constructed of strong, durable materials that are able to withstand any weather condition or terrain. The motor housing and gearbox are made of corrosion-resistant powder coated steel. The contactor is sealed to keep water out, and the power unit is made of heavy-duty yet lightweight plastic. The steel tie bars and side frame drum supports help to create a strong and rigid winch body.


This versatile winch can be mounted to your trailer in several different ways. You can bolt the included plate onto the deck of your trailer and attach the winch and fairlead. Counter-sunk bolt holes in the mounting plate ensure that the hex heads of the included bolts don't protrude above the trailer's flat surface. This is the easiest method and does not require welding, but it does leave a footprint on your deck.

You can mount the plate to the front rail of your trailer. This method elevates the winch so it's easy to reach and frees up valuable space on your deck, but will require welding the plate to the rail. You can also weld the plate to the front frame of the trailer so that the winch sits at at deck level without using up space on the deck.

The compact design allows the winch to easily fit into most custom cabinets or boxes. This method keeps the winch out of the elements and keeps it hidden. Many cabinets and boxes can even be locked to protect the winch from would-be thieves. You can also install a dedicated battery inside or near the cabinet to power the winch. This prevents the winch from putting a strain on your vehicle's battery, and it eliminates the need to run a power lead all the way to the front of your truck.

Winch Line Pull Capacity

Layers of RopeCapacity (lbs)Total Rope on Drum (ft)
1st Layer4,4009
2nd Layer3,77025
3rd Layer3,24440
4th Layer2,84750

The line pull capacity of your winch is determined by the maximum load your winch can pull with a single layer of rope on the drum. As more layers of rope are wound onto the drum, pulling the same load requires more force, leading to a loss in winching power. With a 2nd layer of rope around the drum, your line pull capacity is reduced by approximately 14 percent. With 3 layers on the drum, the line pull capacity is reduced by approximately 23 percent, and with 4 layers on the drum it is reduced by approximately 35 percent.

Note: It is recommended that you begin any line pull with a minimum of 5 wraps and a maximum of 2 layers of rope on the drum.

Vehicle Recovery and Winch Capacity

To select the appropriate trailer winch for your application, determine your gross vehicle weight. The GVW is the stand-alone weight of your vehicle plus the weight of any items in and on the vehicle. Once you have determined the GVW of your vehicle, choose a winch with a capacity that is 1-1/2 times your GVW. Using that formula, this winch - with an 4,400-pound capacity - will work for vehicles with an approximate GVW of 2,933 pounds.

Rolling Load Winch Capacity

Percent InclineRolling Load Capacity (lbs)
Level Surface44,000
5 (3°)29,348
10 (6°)22,088
20 (11°)14,960
30 (17°)11,484
50 (26°)8,184
70 (35°)6,732
100 (45°)5,676
Rolling Load

To calculate your winch's rolling load capacity - the amount of weight it can pull up an incline - you must multiply the line pull capacity by a factor determined by the degree of the incline.

The multiplication factors shown in the chart, right, include a 10-percent rolling friction factor.

Note: A 5-percent - or 3-degree - incline is a 1/2' rise over a 10' distance. Follow the chart to determine your winch's rolling load capacity.

Double-Line Pulling

Double-Line Pulling

Increase the pulling capacity of your winch by doubling up the rope with a pulley block (BDW20028 - sold separately). Secure the pulley block to the vehicle you are pulling with a bow shackle (BDW20020 - sold separately) to provide a strong anchor for your double-line pull. Using double-line operation will approximately double your winch's pulling capacity.

15020 Bulldog Winch 1.8 hp Trailer Winch with Mounting Plate - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 4,400 lbs

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Customer Reviews

Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 4,400 lbs - BDW15020

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (128 Customer Reviews)

Light-duty winch with 1.8-hp, permanent magnet motor lets you quickly and safely pull small vehicles onto your trailer. Compact winch fits easily into most custom boxes and cabinets. Includes hand-held remote and mounting plate with hardware.


Easy Installation. Needed a little coaxing to free spool at first, but operates fine. Compact and a great application for my Cobra hauler.


I haven't used it much although i am s atisficed


It came with a rope instead of cable and consequently it doesn't spool freely. I have purchased a cable but haven't put it on yet but i believe it was designed for cable.
I would not buy it again because of this.

Etrailer Expert

Victoria B.


I spoke to my contact at Bulldog Winch about the issue you are having with your free-spooling clutch. They said that they have spoken with a number of customers who have had a hard time pulling out their rope or cable the first time. After one or two times of pulling the rope or cable all of the way out and winching it back in, the free-spooling clutch is much easier to use.


Excellent product, and transaction. The winch has worked very well since I took it out of the box and is useful for lots of things. I mostly use it to winch my car on a flatbed. I bought a set of extra long copper cables and hook it up directly to the battery in my tow vehicle. Real Easy and Quick set up.


Easy to install and a great addition to my enclosed trailer. Easily pulls up my 1100lb Caterham race car. I have also purchased the wireless remote which makes the whole set up very slick


This is a great unit for my needs. Compact and strong to pull up the Hot Rod . Used the hitch receiver and ball mount to have it removable from the trailer, simple and easy to do.


The winch works like a dream very quiet when in use pulling 3400 pound car in and out of trailer would purchase it again recommend to other friends


Great trailer winch and like the synthetic line instead of steel cable. Very nice quality, works great pulling the hot rod (rolling) up on the 18' trailer with zero issues.


Pulls my 3,200lb race car in to trailer with ease. Synthetic cable is only way to go. Quality product


I mounted this inside my enclosed car hauler and I love it. I just wish I would have bought it a year ago!


Got everything out of the box, looks exactly what i wanted. Can't wait till i get trailer painted so i can install everything. Order was delivered as stated, couldn't ask for any more professional place to do business, I have them bookmarked so I can go right to them first.


excellent service from christopher N. appears to be very well built and in excellent
condition however I have not used it yet. I will order future parts from etrailer
arrived on time


Only thing I didn’t like was that the control is held on by a worm clamp, which if you try to tighten up AFTER it’s bolted down not real easy. Other than that all good.


This winch has performed flawlessly for over 1 year now, it does exactly what I bought it to do, and I would buy another one if I had another need. Thanks

Steve B.


my winch is still working strong, this is the best winch Ive ever bought.


Winch has worked perfectly. I have used it multiple times and it is never let me down. I would buy it again.


All good, no problems, nice winch @ a fair price.


Works great, no problems at all.


Customer service is great. Delivery was on time. Just a great experience in all very helpful and courteous. Would definitely recommend.


very fast shipping and great service







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  • Bulldog Winch Recommendation for Car Hauler Trailer to Pull a 3k Vehicle onto a Trailer
    We have the Bulldog Winch part # BDW15020 that was designed for mounting to a trailer like you have and would be a great option for pulling a vehicle up onto a trailer. It has a 4,400 lb capacity which would be more than enough for a 3,000 lb car.
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  • Recommended Winch And Mounting Locations
    In your scenario, we will want to look at a utility which. This will allow you to have a winch that has a free-spool option that lets you pull rope out fast. The Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch # BDW15020 will enable you to efficiently drag the tree logs from the ground, up on dolly, to your van, and then up a 10 ramp. Because we don't know how heavy the logs are going to be, and we are not sure how much your vehicle's floor can handle use your best judgment when attempting to drill holes...
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  • Winch Recommendation for Race Car Trailer with 2,500 lb Car
    The Bulldog Winch part # BDW15020 would be a great option for your setup. This is a 4,400 lb 12 volt winch which uses a synthetic rope instead of a steel cable. It powers in and out and has a built in brake as well. The winch also moves at 19 feet per minute when there is a lighter load like your race car. For rolling loads like a car this has a 44,000 lb capacity so it would easily move your car and do it quickly as well.
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  • Can Tensioner be Removed from Bulldog Winch BDW15020 to Make it Easier to Freespool
    I spoke with my contact at Bulldog winch and he stated that you can remove that tensioner piece you mentioned on winch # BDW15020 which should make it easier to freespool! So that is great news.
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  • Would Dutton Lainson Strongarm Winch DL24870 Work with 2000 Robalo 180 on Boat Trailer with Rollers
    Yes, the Dutton Lainson Strongarm winch part # DL24870 would be a great option for you. It has a capacity of 3,000 lbs which would make easy work of a 3,650 lb boat on a trailer with roller bunks.
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  • Is a Fuse Required for the Bulldog 4,400 Lb Winch Trailer Winch
    In regards to the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch part # BDW15020, the remote hooks up to the junction box which has power leads that run to the battery. The junction box houses a circuit breaker so there is no in-line fuse needed, simply hook the power leads up to the battery and that's it. The power wires are 6' long. There are covers over the contacts to prevent short circuits. In regards to the Wireless Remote Kit for Bulldog Winch 3400 and 4400 Trailer Winches part # BDW20212, this uses...
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  • What Type of Battery is Needed for Powering Trailer Winch and Way to Charge it
    You would want to go with a deep cell battery. Having a battery larger than you would need would be the way to go as having a battery that is similarly rated as the draw of the winch will drain it quickly. We don't carry any deep cell batteries but you should have no problem tracking one down. If you are wanting to put a larger deep cell battery in your trailer to power your winch and recharge it from the battery on the tow vehicle you will need to wire it directly with the Trailer Wiring...
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  • Picking Out Winch to Pull Floating Dock Out of Lake
    For dragging something without wheels that weighs 1,300 lbs up a slight incline the best option is a utility winch with over twice the capacity needed to get the job done. The Bulldog Winch part # BDW15019 would be a really great option as it has a 4,400 lb capacity and has a decent line speed of 19 feet per minute. I attached a review video for this for you to check out as well. We don't carry them but there are really great tree mounts for winches that use chains or straps that wrap...
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  • Is there a Wireless Remote Kit Available for Bulldog Winch 1.8 hp Trailer Winch # BDW15020
    Yes, the wireless remote kit part # BDW20212 that you referenced will fit and work on the Bulldog Winch 1.8 hp Trailer Winch # BDW15020. I attached review videos for both products for you to check out as well.
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  • Comparing Bulldog Winches BDW15018 and BCW15020
    The main two differences between the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch part # BDW15020 and part # BDW15018 are rope diameter and motor power which results in different weight capacities. They both have the synthetic rope, wired remote, and hawse fairlead.
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  • Is Bulldog Winch 1.8 hp Trailer Winch w Mounting Plate Weatherproof
    The Bulldog Winch 1.8 hp Trailer Winch w Mounting Plate, part # BDW15020 is indeed weatherproof. These winches are designed to be able to mount to a trailer and handle the weather. I also recommend using the Bulldog Winch Universal Wiring Kit, part # BDW20043. This kit includes the vehicle and winch side connectors and 16-ft of wiring that lets you cut it to the desired length. This keeps you from having to install the winch wiring to the battery every time you want to use it.
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  • How to Power a Winch on the Trailer with the Vehicle's Battery
    In order to power the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch part # BDW15020 from the vehicle's battery I recommend using the Bulldog Winch Rear Wiring Kit part # BDW20206 which contains 20' of 2 AWG power and ground wire in addition to quick disconnects for both the trailer and vehicle side. I suppose you could ground the winch to a bare metal portion of the frame but it would be best to ground to the battery to prevent any future issues. This is a very popular kit that works really well. I have...
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  • Is It Possible To Get A Winch With Less Cable For A More Affordable Option?
    There is not an option to get less cable/rope on a winch such as the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 4,400 lbs # BDW15020. That said, there is a more affordable option which is the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Wire Rope - Roller Fairlead - 4,400 lbs # BDW15019. This has the same 4,400lbs weight capacity and is identical other than the fact that it uses wire rope instead of synthetic rope. If this difference isn't an issue for you then you can save some...
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  • Troubleshooting Install of Superwinch Where Winch Operation Shuts Off ATV When Operated
    Sounds like your battery is weak on your Terryx and the amperage draw of the Superwinch LT2000 ATV Winch # 1220210 is taking all of the ignition's amperage as well which is causing the engine to die since basically you are shutting off the spark plugs. The wiring for this is pretty basic but you may also check to make sure you have the correct wires ran to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.
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    Image 1 for
  • Will Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch BDW15020 Be Able To Pull 3000lb Race Car Into Enclosed Trailer?
    The Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 4,400 lbs # BDW15020 you were looking at is a fantastic choice for your enclosed car trailer and will pull your 3000lb race car very easily as it has a rolling capacity of 44000lbs on a level surface, and the included synthetic rope will keep from scratching or damaging and parts of your race car. The built in brake holds 100% of the load so you will not need to worry about any winch creep when loading your car. Bulldog...
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  • Recommended Winch For Winching 2700lb Car Into Enclosed Car Trailer
    I would be happy to recommend a winch for your enclosed car trailer. I recommend the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Synthetic Rope - Hawse Fairlead - 4,400 lbs # BDW15020 which will be plenty strong to roll your 2700lb car into the trailer as it has a 44000lb rolling load rating. The synthetic rope is a great choice over a wire cable due to the safety should the cable ever brake you will not nearly the same potential for injury, and it being easier to work with. I included a video of the...
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  • Recommended Bulldog Electric Winch and Related Items for Car Hauler Trailer
    We can help you with an electric winch and wiring kit for installation on the tongue of your tilt-bed car hauler trailer. Winches, like jacks, are best selected with a healthy safety margin in their weight capacity. For example, for an actual need of 1000-lbs using a jack or winch rated for let's say twice that will offer benefits such as reduced wear and improved reliability. Often a product used well below its maximum capacity will tend to last longer. A rolling item like a disabled...
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  • Winch Cover for 4400 lb Bulldog Electric Winch
    The Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch # BDW15020 you referred to has the power unit over the motor, as I've pointed out in the accompanying photo. Because of that there is a specific cover you need, the Bulldog Winch Neoprene Cover - Truck Winch w/ Power Unit Over Motor # BDW20190.
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    Image 1 for
  • Comparing the Bulldog Winch #BDW15019 with the Bulldog Winch #BDW15019 For 11 Degree Tilt Trailer
    The difference between the Bulldog Winch # BDW15019 and the Bulldog Winch # BDW15019 is not only in the synthetic rope versus cable but also in the fairlead. You can be the judge if it is worth the price difference or not. Either winch will give you the capacity you need for the length of cable or rope, but you will be at the max capacity of the winch. If you want a stronger winch for this application, I recommend the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch - Wire Rope - Roller Fairlead - 7,800...
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  • Winch Cover Recommendation for Bulldog 4,400 lb Winch BDW15020
    The Bulldog 4,400 winch part # BDW15020 that you have has the power unit over the motor so you would need the winch cover specifically designed for that, part # BDW20190.
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  • Trailer Winch For Adapt-X 500 Trailer
    You can use this winch # BDW15020 on your Adapt-X 500 trailer # AT74FR. You can use this mounting plate # BDW20291 to mount it to the front of your trailer. The Trailer Tire is ST175/80 R13.
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  • Winch Capacity Needed To Pull 4000lb Vehicle Into Enclosed Trailer
    A Superwinch LT2500 has a 2500 lb line pull capacity. For a rolling load like a car with fully inflated tires, a winch with a capacity equal to the weight of the vehicle, in your case 4000 lbs is recommended. This means that your winch has about half the needed capacity to pull that vehicle up a 12% slope into the trailer. If a pulley block like # BDW20005 is used, you'll effectively double the capacity of your winch which would do the trick for you and allow you to load the trailer, but if...
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  • Snatch Block to Use with Bulldog Winch part # BDW15020
    The Bulldog Winch Snatch Block # BDW20005 would work great with the Bulldog Winch part # BDW15020 as it has more than enough capacity and was designed for use with synthetic rope like the winch has.
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  • Electric Boat Trailer Winch with Longer Trap Than Dutton Lainson
    The closest option we have to a boat trailer winch like the # TW4015 with a longer strap is the Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch # BDW15020 which has a 50 foot long strap. Dutton Lainson does not offer the winch you mentioned with a longer strap.
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