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Bulldog Winch Utility Winch - Wire Rope - 2,000 lbs

Bulldog Winch Utility Winch - Wire Rope - 2,000 lbs

Item # BDW15008

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BDW15008 - Plug-In Remote Bulldog Winch Electric Winch
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In Use/Installed

  • Utility Winch
  • Bulldog Winch
  • Wire Rope
  • 2000 - 2500 lbs
  • Plug-In Remote
  • 1.0 HP
  • Slow Line Speed
  • Non-Load Holding Brake
Compact, light-duty utility winch with 1.0-hp, permanent magnet motor pulls lightweight objects short distances. Built-in plate lets you mount winch to any stable surface. Includes 50' wire rope and hand-held remote with integrated relay switch. Call 800-298-8924 to order Bulldog Winch electric winch part number BDW15008 or order online at Free expert support on all Bulldog Winch products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Bulldog Winch Utility Winch - Wire Rope - 2,000 lbs. Electric Winch reviews from real customers.

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Bulldog Winch Electric Winch - BDW15008

Compact, light-duty utility winch with 1.0-hp, permanent magnet motor pulls lightweight objects short distances. Built-in plate lets you mount winch to any stable surface. Includes 50' wire rope and hand-held remote with integrated relay switch.


  • Utility winch lets you pull a small vehicle or other lightweight object a short distance
    • Perfect for use on a small trailer, in a truck bed, or mounted to a stable surface in your garage or workshop
    • Designed for straight-line pulls
  • Compact, lightweight design - easy to transport and to mount in tight spaces
  • Integrated plate mounts with included hardware to any stable surface
  • 1.0-hp, Permanent magnet motor delivers fast and safe line pulling
    • Motor is lighter and uses less current than a series-wound motor
  • Sealed gearbox and motor unit keeps water out to prevent internal corrosion
  • Dynamic brake holds the load while minimizing winch creep
    • Uses resistance from motor to stop drum rotation and prevent rope payout
  • All-steel, single-stage planetary gear train
    • Provides increased drum speed when compared with worm drives
  • Plastic, hand-held remote powers the load in and out
    • 6' Lead transmits power from vehicle's battery to remote
    • 4' Lead transmits power from remote to winch motor
  • Free-spooling clutch ensures fast rope payout and reduces wear on the motor
  • 1/8" Diameter zinc-plated wire rope is strong and abrasion resistant
    • 50' Long, aircraft-grade galvanized steel cable
    • 1/4" Steel hook and nylon hand-saver strap included
  • Durable, black powder coated steel body and motor resist corrosion


  • Rated line pull (with a single layer of wire rope around the drum):
    • Static load: 2,000 lbs
    • Rolling load: 20,000 lbs
  • Motor: 12-volt DC
    • Line pull at 0 lbs:
      • Power draw: 8 amps
      • Line speed: 10-1/2 FPM
    • Line pull at 2,000 lbs:
      • Power draw: 120 amps
      • Line speed: 3 FPM
  • Gear ratio: 153:1
  • Duty cycle: 2 minutes on/15 minutes off
  • Power lead length:
    • Remote to battery: 6'
    • Remote to winch motor: 4'
  • Power lead size: 6 gauge
  • Rope dimensions: 50' long x 1/8" (4 mm) diameter
  • Winch dimensions: 11-3/16" long x 4-1/16" wide x 4-1/16" tall
  • Drum dimensions: 1-1/4" diameter x 2-13/16" long
  • 2-Bolt mounting pattern (center to center): 3-1/8"
  • Winch weight (with wire rope installed): 12.5 lbs
  • Recommended battery size (for maximum power): 650 CCA
  • 2-Year limited warranty

Bulldog Winch Utility Winch

This multipurpose utility winch is perfect for light-duty pulling jobs. You can mount it in your truck bed to load logs, deer, or other objects. Mount it to a trailer to pull ATVs, golf carts, or other vehicles. Or mount it in your garage or workshop to pull in vehicles, engines, tires, or other parts. The compact design fits easily into tight spaces, and the hand-held remote has leads that transmit power from your battery to the winch. A built-in plate with hardware lets you easily mount the winch directly to a stable surface. The dynamic brake prevents unintentional rope payout, and the free-spool clutch lets you pull out the wire rope by hand.

Light-Duty, 1.0-Horsepower Motor

Bulldog Winch Utility Motor

This winch features a 1.0-horsepower, 12-volt DC motor with 2,000 lbs of line pull. The permanent magnet motor offers the same line-pulling power and speed as a series-wound motor of comparable size, but it's lighter and uses less current. The motor and gearbox are side-mounted together as a single unit. This compact unit is constructed of corrosion-resistant materials including the powder coated steel housing, copper battery terminals, and zinc-plated steel hardware. Built-in drain holes in the housing release the water created by motor heat to prevent internal moisture build-up.

Free-Spooling Clutch

Bulldog Winch Free-Spooling Clutch

The free-spool clutch enables you to pull out the rope by hand. This saves battery power, prevents the brake from wearing down prematurely, reduces wear on the motor, and is much faster than waiting for the drum to unroll the rope. To release the clutch for free-spooling simply pull out the hard plastic knob and rotate it 90 degrees so that the pins on the shaft rest against the catch. To reengage the clutch, rotate the knob 90 degrees and push it back in.

The clutch is driven by a single-stage planetary gear train. This provides more speed than traditional worm gear drives.

Dynamic Brake

The dynamic brake uses resistance from the winch motor to control line speed. When the winch is pulling the rope in there is no resistance on the drum. As you start to slow the pull with the hand-held remote the motor slows the drum's rotation. When the power is stopped the drum does not turn and the load is held in place.

Since there is no physical brake device the winch is lighter and has a smaller profile than winches with a mechanical braking system. This makes it easier to mount in places with limited space available.

Hand-Held Remote with Integrated Relay Switch

Bulldog Winch Handheld remote with integrated switch

The hand-held, plastic remote has a relay switch inside that transmits power from your vehicle's battery to the winch. The 6' lead connects the remote to your battery, and the 4' lead connects the remote to your winch. These leads can be switched if you need to operate the winch from a greater distance.

The remote also has 2 knobs on the front that let you power the rope in and out.

Wire Rope

Bulldog Winch Wire Rope

The wire rope is made of a high-strength, aircraft-grade galvinized steel that is abrasion resistant and able to withstand harsh UV rays, chemicals, and extreme temperatures.

The rope winds around a solid steel drum. The mounting flanges are strong enough to resist bending or breaking if the rope wrap becomes uneven and excess stress is put on the drum.

A hand-saver strap is also included to use in conjunction with work gloves (BDW20070 - sold separately) so that you can safely handle the rope and hook. A rock bag (BDW20048 - sold separately) is recommended for added protection. The rock bag helps prevent a broken rope from snapping back if it breaks by forcing it to the ground.

Steel Hook

The hook attaches directly to the end of the wire rope with a stainless steel tube thimble. The hook is constructed of high-strength forged alloy steel that is heavy duty and rust resistant. It has a spring-loaded safety latch for quick fastening and removal.

Rugged Construction

Bulldog Winch Winch Body

This winch is constructed of strong, durable materials that are able to withstand any weather condition or terrain. The motor and gearbox housing is made of corrosion-resistant powder coated steel and is sealed to keep water out. The side frame drum supports help to create a strong and rigid winch body.


Bulldog Winch Utility winch installed on a trailer

This versatile winch has an integrated mounting plate that makes it easy to install on your truck bed, trailer, workbench, garage floor, or nearly any other stable surface. The compact design also makes it easy to mount in tight spaces.

This winch is best used for straight line pulls since it doesn't include a fairlead to guide the rope onto the drum. An additional mounting plate (sold separately) is required if you want to use a roller fairlead (BDW20055 - sold separately). You can also use a pulley block (BDW20004 - sold separately) to change the direction of the pull if a pull at an extreme angle is required.

The hand-held remote has a 6' lead that transmits power from the vehicle's battery to an internal relay switch and a 4' lead that transmits power from the relay switch to the winch motor. These leads can be switched if you need to operate the winch from a greater distance. You can use quick connects (BDW20047 - sold separately) to quickly connect and disconnect power to the winch.

Winch Line Pull Capacity

Layers of RopeCapacity (lbs)Total Rope on Drum (ft)
1st Layer2,0006-1/2
2nd Layer1,63014
3rd Layer1,38023-1/2
4th Layer1,19035
5th Layer1,05047
6th Layer94050

The line pull capacity of your winch is determined by the maximum load your winch can pull with a single layer of rope on the drum. As more layers of rope are wound onto the drum, pulling the same load requires more force, leading to a loss in winching power. With a 2nd layer of rope around the drum, your line pull capacity is reduced by approximately 14 percent. With 3 layers on the drum, the line pull capacity is reduced by approximately 23 percent, and with 4 layers on the drum it is reduced by approximately 35 percent.

Note: It is recommended that you begin any line pull with a minimum of 5 wraps and a maximum of 2 layers of rope on the drum.

Rolling Load Winch Capacity

Percent InclineRolling Load Capacity (lbs)
Level Surface20,000
5 (3°)13,340
10 (6°)10,040
20 (11°)6,800
30 (17°)5,220
50 (26°)3,720
70 (35°)3,060
100 (45°)2,580
Rolling Load

To calculate your winch's rolling load capacity - the amount of weight it can pull up an incline - you must multiply the line pull capacity by a factor determined by the degree of the incline.

The multiplication factors shown in the chart, right, include a 10-percent rolling friction factor.

Note: A 5-percent - or 3-degree - incline is a 1/2' rise over a 10' distance. Follow the chart to determine your winch's rolling load capacity.

Double-Line Pulling

Double-Line Pulling

Increase the pulling capacity or change the angle of pull of your winch by doubling up the rope with a pulley block (BDW20004 - sold separately). Secure the pulley block to the vehicle being pulled with a bow shackle (BDW20006 - sold separately) to provide a strong anchor for your double-line pull. Using double-line operation will approximately double your winch's pulling capacity.

15008 Bulldog Winch 1.0 hp Utility Winch - Hand-Held Controller - Wire Rope - 2,000 lbs

California residents: click here

Video of Bulldog Winch Utility Winch - Wire Rope - 2,000 lbs

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Bulldog Trailer Winch with Hand Held Controller Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bulldog trailer utility winch, part #BDW15008. The Bulldog utility winch is perfect for getting our wheeled equipment such as our ATVs, UTVs, or in this case, our golf cart up onto our trailer. It features a free spool clutch knob that allows us to pull our cable out manually to help save time, prevent wear and tear on our motor and help save battery. The 50 ft. long braided steel cable is 5/32nds in diameter. It features a heavy gauge steel hook with a latch to ensure it won't become disconnected.

It also has a hand saver strap when used in conjunction with gloves, it can really protect your hands. The wired remote is 6 ft. long. It connects the battery to the winch. It features cable in and cable out buttons.

It comes with all the mounting hardware and wiring you need to get it hooked up to your battery and your trailer. The Bulldog electric winch has a 1 horsepower planetary permanent magnet motor that has a rated line pull of 2,000 lbs. You can also use it to help you unload your wheeled equipment. It features a dynamic braking system for added strength and reliability. That way we can ensure there'll be no slipping. Now that we've gone over some features, I'll go ahead and show you how it works.

Now first things first, it's important to be safe. Make sure that your trailer is hooked up to your vehicle which it is. It's nice and secure. Let's go ahead and get started. Now let's put it in free spool mode so we're going to pull out on our knob and rotate it.

We'll grab it by the hand saver strap, let's make our way down to the cart. Now we'll take our hook end and attach it to our load. Now I'm using a shackle in conjunction with the cart here because the hook won't fit to the anchor point. We've got a wide variety of different sizes here at The one we're using here today is part #GS07. Now we can re-engage our clutch and we're ready to start winching. Now if you'd like to double the pulling capacity of your winch, you can pick up the Bulldog snatch block and that's going to be part #BDW20005. The looped end simply attaches to whatever you're towing. The cable from your winch comes around the pulley and connects to an anchor point on your trailer. Double the line, double the pulling capacity. That's going to complete our look at the Bulldog utility trailer winch, part #BDW15008.

Customer Reviews

Bulldog Winch Utility Winch - Wire Rope - 2,000 lbs - BDW15008

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (1 Customer Reviews)

Compact, light-duty utility winch with 1.0-hp, permanent magnet motor pulls lightweight objects short distances. Built-in plate lets you mount winch to any stable surface. Includes 50' wire rope and hand-held remote with integrated relay switch.

- BDW15008

Quick delivery and a wonderful product. People were helpful with questions before I purchased. Will use them on next purchase. 361046


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  • Is Bulldog Winch 2K lbs Strong Enough for 1947 Chevy Truck to Roll Up Ramp to Utility Trailer
  • The Bulldog Winch Utility Winch - Wire Rope - 2,000 lbs # BDW15008 has a rolling load rating of 20,000 lbs with a single layer of wire rope. That diminishes with each additional layer of rope around the drum, but it still will most likely work. The incline angle of your ramps will determine the weight capacity this will handle, so I've attached a photo to help. The best way to increase that capacity with this winch is to use the Bulldog Pulley Block for Powersports # BDW20004 to...
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  • Can I use Dutton Lainson Winch Outdoors and Light Duty Winch Recommendation For Outdoor Use
  • I contacted Dutton-Lainson and the StrongArm electric winch part # DL24975 can be used outside. With that being said, it plugs into a standard AC wall plug and is not waterproof. You need an AC wall outlet to plug it into and it is not safe to use in marine environments or in the rain. If you need a light duty 12V Utility Winch for outdoor use, I recommend Bulldog Winch part # BDW15008. It can pull up to 2,000 lbs and has 50 feet of wire rope. The Bulldog Winch has a sealed gearbox...
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  • Wiring Installation of Bulldog Utility Winch BDW15008
  • The remote included with Bulldog Utility Winch # BDW15008 is a wired unit with cables that attach to both the battery and winch with included ring terminals. These are shown on the linked photo. If you only expect to use the winch on occasion and don't mind having to re-connect the cables at either the battery or winch end, then you will be fine. You may want to keep a spare wrench (or other tool) on the ATV to ensure your ability to use the winch in an emergency.
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  • Required Battery Rating for Electric Winch Use on 1997 Flagstaff Camper
  • A winch or any other powered device on your truck or a battery-powered trailer jack will have a specific maximum power draw at full load. Such devices pull more power when doing more work; they draw less power when lowering and draw more power when lifting or pulling weight. Usually the power requirement for any given item will be listed on its main information plate or sticker. Once you know the maximum power requirement for the winch you can choose a matching power source that has...
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  • Electric Winch for a 1992 Starcraft Starflyte Tent Trailer
  • An electric winch would work well to raise and lower the top on your 1992 StarCraft tent trailer. The winch I recommend for this application is the Bulldog 1.0 HP utility winch # BDW15008. This is a basic winch without a lot of extra features. Since it will pull the same load all the time it won't need a fairlead. I have linked a video review of this winch for you.
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  • Can You Run A Winch Off A Snowmobile Battery?
  • Yes. A 12 Volt snowmobile battery can run a winch depending on the amperage of the winch and the battery. It will help to have the snowmobile running as the charging system will give you higher amperage than the battery alone.
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  • How to Winch a Boat and Trailer Down a 60 Foot Hill with 35 Degree Slope
  • We certainly have a large selection of electric trailer winches and everything else you would need to launch and retrieve your boat but I am a bit confused on how you are trying to accomplish this. Would it be possible for you to sketch a quick diagram to further explain how you will be launching/retrieving the boat. I am also confused by how you would use a trailer hitch mounted winch plate while the boat is attached. Can you please clarify this for me so I can provide a solid recommendation....
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  • Recommended Battery Charger for Battery Powering 3000-lb Electric Winch
  • The Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger # 2024-07 is primarily intended for use with smaller trailer breakaway batteries like the 5-amp-hour battery in # 20099. Its output is a smallish 800-milliamps. Usually an electric winch rated for 3000-lbs will demand substantially more power than a breakaway battery. For instance, even 2K winch # BDW15008 with no load on it will draw 8-amps, and need 120-amps under full load. A battery with the capacity to properly power a 3K winch will...
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  • What Wire Gauge Should be Used to Extend Wires of Bulldog Winch 1.0 hp Utility Winch Remote
  • The wires of the # BDW15008 look to be 10 gauge wire. You can tell by looking at the color of the insulation on the ring terminals. The yellow ring terminals are for 10-12 gauge wire and the wires appear to be filling out the terminals completely which would indicate 10 gauge wire. We sell 10 gauge wire by the foot at part # 10-1-1.
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  • Electric Winch with Remote Needed to Pull Lightweight Wheelchair Into Toyota Highlander
  • The electric winch that I recommend going with to pull your 29 lb wheelchair into your Toyota Highlander is the Bulldog Winch Utility Winch # BDW15008. This is one of our most cost-effective electrical winches and it comes with a remote! The remote has wires that run to the battery and also to the winch. Since both sets of wires have ring terminals you can use whichever length (4' or 6') or wiring for either your battery or your winch. Installation shouldn't be too difficult, but if...
    view full answer...

  • Winch Recommendation for Loading Flower Carts in an Enclosed Trailer
  • The Bulldog Winch Trailer Winch # BDW15017 that you referenced is an excellent choice that I believe you will be happy with. It has a line speed of 15 FPM (feet per minute) with no load and then a line speed of 5 FPM at the full 3,400 lb capacity. If you check out the attached video of us using this winch to load a golf cart you can see how quickly it pulls the line in. A wireless remote is also available as part # BDW20212 if you want more flexibility in where you are when you are using...
    view full answer...

  • Battery Charger Needed to Power the Bulldog Winch Utility Winch # BDW15008
  • We do have AC - DC chargers but the Tekonsha Two Stage 12 V DC Battery Charger # 2024-07 that you referenced is for DC - DC charging. To charge a bigger 650 CCA battery to operate the Bulldog Winch Utility Winch # BDW15008 you will need to use a charger like the CTEK MULTI US 7002 # CTEK56353. This plugs into AC and converts it to DC for the battery plus it will maintain your battery. You can leave it plugged up and not have to worry about your battery being overcharged.
    view full answer...

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