1. Drop Hitch
  2. Patriot Hitches
  3. Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  4. 11 Inch Drop
  5. 7000 lbs GTW
  6. No Ball
Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter - 2" Hitches - 11" Rise/Drop - 7K

Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter - 2" Hitches - 11" Rise/Drop - 7K

Item # PH67SR
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Drop Hitch
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Patriot Hitches Adjustable Height - PH67SR
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Insert this heavy-duty drop hitch receiver adapter into your 2" hitch to get up to an 11" rise or drop for high or low ground clearance. 2" Receiver lets you use a ball mount, pintle hook, or other hitch-mounted accessory. Call 800-298-1624 to order Patriot Hitches drop hitch part number PH67SR or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Patriot Hitches products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter - 2" Hitches - 11" Rise/Drop - 7K. Drop Hitch reviews from real customers.
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Patriot Hitches Drop Hitch - PH67SR

  • Fits 2 Inch Hitch
  • 11 Inch Drop
  • Patriot Hitches
  • 7000 lbs GTW
  • No Ball
  • Adjustable Height
  • Steel Shank
  • Anti-Rattle Shank

Insert this heavy-duty drop hitch receiver adapter into your 2" hitch to get up to an 11" rise or drop for high or low ground clearance. 2" Receiver lets you use a ball mount, pintle hook, or other hitch-mounted accessory.


  • Drop hitch receiver adapter provides a rise or drop to match the height of your application
    • Move receiver up or down adjustable shank and secure at chosen height with included pins
  • 2" Receiver lets you use a ball mount, pintle hook, or other hitch-mounted accessory
  • Built-in anti-rattle bolts reduce vibration and noise
    • Adjust with included wrench
  • Heavy-duty steel construction is ideal for towing extra-heavy loads
  • Corrosion-resistant black powder coat finish
  • Meets SAE J684 towing safety regulations
  • (4) 5/8" Hitch pins with clips included for securing accessories, adapter, and shank
    • Hitch locks sold separately
  • Made in the USA


  • Application: 2" x 2" trailer hitch receivers
  • Built-in receiver size: 2" x 2"
  • Maximum drop: 11"
  • Maximum rise: 11"
  • Maximum gross towing weight capacity: 7,000 lbs
  • Maximum tongue weight: 700 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11-1/4" tall x 13-3/4" long x 3" wide
    • Distance from rear of shank to angled brace: 5-3/4"
    • Distance from rear of shank to center of hitch pin hole: 2-1/2"
  • Height adjustment: 1-1/2" increments
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Note: Not for use with flat towing or tow bars.

101003 Patriot Hitches The General Black-Ops Adjustable Hitch - Class IV/V - 11" Rise / Drop - 7,000 lbs

Video of Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter - 2" Hitches - 11" Rise/Drop - 7K

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Video Transcript for Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter Review

Ryan: Hey everybody, my name's Ryan and here at etrailer, we install, test fit and review a lot of different parts, that way we can try to answer any questions those of you might have. And that's exactly what we're doing here today. We're going to be checking out the Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter.So today we have the Red Ops version and you can see we have red pin and clips. But if that's really not your style, there's also a Black Ops version available as well. Independent clips are black and inaudible 00:00:31. So when it comes to drop hitches, there's a ton of different choices available out there and things can get confusing pretty quick.

And you want to be sure to choose the one that is best suited for your needs. And honestly, this one, after looking at it I think it is a great general purpose, all around drop hitch that you can use for a ton of different applications.And I say that for a few different reasons. So not only are we going to have a ton of adjustability here, but we're not going to be limited to more or less a fixed ball mount down here. We're actually just going to have your standard receiver tube opening so not only can use a ball mount to tow your trailers and everything else, but if you wanted to you could also use this for accessories.And our customer today is a perfect example on how many things you can use it for or how versatile this really is. So he's got his pickup truck and tows a variety of different trailers.

So this could be perfect. You can set your adjustability right where you need it to keep everything nice and level. He also mentioned too, that his wife has a smaller SUV and from time to time, they use a cargo carrier on it when they're going on short trips and things like that. And so that cargo carrier sets pretty low to the ground. So if you flip this into the upright position, you can raise it up and get that accessory a little bit higher off the ground, give you a little more ground clearance.So another thing this can do other than what we just mentioned is you can actually use it in a flat tow application.

So pulling your vehicle behind your motor home, and that's becoming really popular these days. A lot of people are doing that, but when you do do that, you need to make sure that your tow bar here is nice and level to the ground. That way it'll pull correctly. And with this, you're no longer going to need a fixed high-low adapter. So this really comes in handy.

You're able to set it up pretty much perfectly and get your tow bar nice and level.Now what's cool is you can actually hold onto this, that way. If you ever happen to get a different vehicle in the future, which sets your tow bar at a different level or a motor home that rides a little bit higher or lower, you're not going to have to get another high load after it. You can reuse this one. Since it's adjustable, you can find the spot you need to put it and you'll be good to go. And that's exactly what our customer is planning on using his for, actually. He gets a lot of different vehicles and flat tows, changes things up quite a bit. And so this is a perfect solution for him, and not to mention, he's also got a pickup truck and does quite a bit of towing and things like that. So once he's done flat towing, he can throw this in his pickup truck and ease it around the farm or use it for work and things like that. So it's super versatile, gives you a ton of different things and applications you can use this for, and it should work out real well.So just to kind of cover some of the basics now, the adjustable hitch receiver adapter here, it's going to have a two inch by two inch shank. So it's going to work with those standard two inch by two inch trailer hitches. And the receiver tube down here is also going to be two inch by two inch. So that's a super common size, ton of different things that will work out with this. Now it's going to have 11 inches of adjustability. So you can drop it down 11 inches or flip it over and add 11 inches in that raised position. So like I said, you have a ton of different adjustability there and you should be able to find a spot that works real well with your setup.Now it is going to have a maximum gross tongue weight rating of 700 pounds. So that's going to be the amount of weight that's pushing down on the receiver tube there. Pretty high number, as far as different accessories and things like that go. You should be good to use just about any of them. And it is going to have a maximum gross trailer weight rating of 7,000 pounds. So that's going to be the amount of weight that's pulling on the hitch. So the weight of your trailer plus anything you might have on it.That is a pretty high number, however I you suggest if you plan on doing some really heavy duty towing, pulling around some big trailers and things like that, definitely keep that weight capacity in mind. If you think you're going to exceed it, a heavy duty, more heavy duty style adapter may be more appropriate for your situation. And if that's the case, if you want a good drop adapter that's very heavy duty for those super large trailers. I really like the line of Gen-Y adapters.So this is going to have a powder coat finish. Feels pretty thick, so honestly I think it should stay in pretty good shape for years to come. What's pretty neat, is the receiver tube opening down here is going to have two 5/8 holes in it. And so it's going to give you a couple of different options. They're going to give you that extra pen and clip that you need to secure your accessory or ball mount, and you'll have those two options that you can use to best suit your needs. And I will say if you need a ball mount, that'll work out real well with this setup. Patriot Hitches actually offers a really neat ball mount kit where it has multiple different balls and pencil hooks and things like that. Pretty much anything you'd want to do is on this ball mount kit. So if that's something that interests you, you can find it right here at etrailer.So one thing that impresses me is how manageable this is. It's relatively lightweight. A lot of these type of drop hitches are very heavy and bulky and that's really just not the case with this one. You can pull it out and put it in very easily. So I went ahead and came over here to our SUV, put our hitch adapter in that raised position and put in a cargo carrier just to kind of give you an example on the things you can do with this. So that's a perfect example.Say if you needed some more ground clearance, say maybe where you're going is very hilly or you really have to kind of dig through the trails to get to your destination, you can get your accessory higher up off the ground that way you don't have to worry about it dragging. Or potentially maybe you have some sensitive cargo back here, you need to load up and you want to get it as far away from your exhaust as possible. That's another solution. This is another thing you could use that for, or potentially maybe even what kind of comes to my mind is if you have something really heavy and you don't want to have to bend all the way down where the cargo carrier usually would be down here and have to pick it back up and so on, you kind of get it waist level, set it in easily and be able to pull it out easily.So, really can do a ton of different things with this. It's not just for making those adjustments to tow a trailer. You can use it for things like this and really think outside of the box with it. It really is nice too, that they thought to put some set screws in there, which eliminate that slop in play. Even with all this going on, usually with a large accessory or something like that, you'd have a ton of movement in your hitch and you hear this bouncing around and so on. So even, like I said, with all this going on, if we grab our cargo carrier and kind of move it back and forth, there's a tiny bit of movement. But for the most part when I shake this, it's moving the whole entire car. It's not bouncing around inside of the hitch. So really nice. It actually works and I think will really come in handy.Well, let's go ahead and just kind of go over a couple of measurements. Whenever you adjust it, you're going to be able to make those adjustments in inch and a half increments. So kind of that perfect spot in my opinion. And if you look down here on our shank from the center of the pinhole, to the very edge of it, that's going to be about two and a half inches. So that's how far you're going to have to put it in your hitch to line up your pinholes.Now, something I do want to mention is whenever you have this in that raised position, more than likely it's going to work with pretty much all the vehicles. However, I did find one here today, where it is going to interfere. So if you try to put this in and line up our pin hole, put the hole in the hitch, it's not going to line up. And that's because this is going to make contact with the bumper. It's close, but it still doesn't line up. So that's something you need to think about whenever you have it in that lowered position, shouldn't have any issues at all because obviously your bumpers is not below your hitch, but that being said, just some I wanted to mention in this position, if you do plan on using it like that, something you might want to think about.So to give you an idea, what you can do is measure the distance from your hitch pin hole on your hitch to the edge of your rear bumper and figure out that clearance and the clearance from the very end of this receiver tube to where the shank starts right here. That's going to be about two and three quarters of an inch. So you can use those measurements to kind of figure out if you can put this in completely with this all the way up and not have to worry about hitting your bumper. Kind of a unique situation, but something just to think about.And this is going to go in the back of your truck, no different than any other ball mount or accessory. So we'll just slide it in, line up the holes, take our included pin and clip, run it through, and we're good to go. From there to set your desired height. We're just going to remove the two pin and clips, make your adjustment. Say if you want to go up for example, we'll run it up. Just re-install those pin and clips. We'll get them back through, lock them down. That's pretty nice. They come included. Less things we have to worry about getting separately.And this even has some anti-rattle bolts. So you can see we have some movement there and to eliminate that we're going to tighten down this bolt. So we're going to tighten them by hand. Does come included with a little wrench to kind of get you going. Once you tighten that down, you can see there's no more movement there. So that's really going to help eliminate any of that slop or noise that you get coming from here. Same thing with this bolt down here. Without it, if you slid your ball mount in or your accessory, you would have that vibration, but with the set screw, once you put it in there, you would tighten that down as well and that's going to keep everything nice and solid.And if you don't want to use a specialty ball mount or really don't plan on doing anything too crazy, it is perfectly acceptable to use your standard style ball mount that you might already have laying around the house in the back of your truck or something like that. Whether it be a three-way or a regular single style one, it is perfectly acceptable. Now if you don't have a standard style ball mount, you can pick one of these up right here at etrailer as well.So at the end of the day, an all around great hitch adapter. You really can't go wrong with this one. So whether you plan on primarily using it for towing, accessories, even as a high-low adapter for a flat tow setup or anything in between, for that matter, it's going to be able to get the job done and be a great asset to have, regardless on what you plan on doing. And that'll finish up our look at of the Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver.

Customer Reviews

Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter - 2" Hitches - 11" Rise/Drop - 7K - PH67SR

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (8 Customer Reviews)

Insert this heavy-duty drop hitch receiver adapter into your 2" hitch to get up to an 11" rise or drop for high or low ground clearance. 2" Receiver lets you use a ball mount, pintle hook, or other hitch-mounted accessory.

- PH67SR

This is a very adaptable hitch, as you can see from the photo. My problem was how to hitch a very low level vintage Burro camper to a high Jeep Cherokee and have enough room to remove the wheel that is used to hand-push the trailer into the garage, after the trailer and camper are coupled together. The ability to adjust the height of the drop allowed me to accomplish both tasks: hitch the Burro to the Jeep and to gain enough room by using a jack under the trailer tongue to move a very close-to-the ground wheel. I'd recommend this hitch for those old vintage trailers with low trailer tongues and hitches that need to go higher to fit off-road vehicles that give a lot of clearance.

- PH67SR

Received the adjustable receiver and was impressed with the quality. Needed something to make carrying our electric scooters, and this fits the bill perfectly. Cannot wait for our next weekend outing!

- PH67SR

Very heavy duty, haven't installed it yet but it looks like it will work fine.

- PH67SR

Fair price, good product, very fast shipping, exactly what I was looking for.

- PH67SR

Quality construction fast shipping easy website to use. Great job e-trailer

- PH67SR

I have not used the hitch yet, so I can not give you a good review.

- PH67SR

- PH67SR

This hitch far exceeds any of the others that I reviewed.


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  • Adjustable 2" Hitch Receiver Adapter That Can Be Used With Towing A Trailer
    I have the perfect solution for you! The Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch # PH67SR will be exactly what you need. This will fit your 2" receiver and can be adjusted to rise or drop 2-1/2" up to 11". This is going to be your best option as this adapter allows for 700lbs tongue weight and 7,000lbs max towing capacity, whereas most 2" adapters are not meant for trailer towing. This comes with the hitch pins and clips necessary for use. It also has anti-rattle bolts that are built-in...
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  • Low Ground Clearance Hitch Mounted Bike Rack For 2017 Ford F-350
    When bike rack manufacturers design racks, one of the factors they add to the design is how to add clearance to the ground to prevent the rack or bikes from being damaged during travel. All of the racks that we carry, have a rise of some height in the shank. That height changes depending on the rack style or design. I do however have a solution for what you are trying to accomplish. When needing a drop or rise of trailers, or in your case accessories, I suggest the Patriot Hitches Adjustable...
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  • Can Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter # PH67SR be Used with 2020 Jeep Wrangler
    Yes the Patriot Hitches Adjustable Drop Hitch Receiver Adapter # PH67SR could be used on your 2020 Jeep Wrangler and would work well with your Van Kams rack.
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