These custom-fit towing mirrors slide onto your vehicle's existing mirrors to expand your field of vision. Tool-free installation - included arm hooks to the inside edge of the factory mirror and tightens into place with a hand knob. Call 800-298-8924 to order Longview Custom Towing Mirrors part number LVT-1700 or order online at Free expert support on all Longview products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side. Custom Towing Mirrors reviews from real customers.
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Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side

Longview Custom Towing Mirrors

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Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - LVT-1700

These custom-fit towing mirrors slide onto your vehicle's existing mirrors to expand your field of vision. Tool-free installation - included arm hooks to the inside edge of the factory mirror and tightens into place with a hand knob.


  • Towing mirrors slip over your factory side-view mirrors to extend your lines of sight
    • Gives you a better view of the road and your trailer
    • Lets you safely and easily change lanes, pass and park
  • First-surface chrome plating on mirror face minimizes distortion and helps to reduce glare
  • Manually adjustable mirror face lets you customize your view
  • Aerodynamic shape helps to prevent vibration and wind noise
  • Custom design provides a perfect, secure fit for your vehicle
  • Add-on mirrors will not obstruct factory mirrors and will not interfere with adjustments to factory mirrors
  • Quick, tool-free installation in 3 easy steps
    • Slide towing mirror over factory mirror
    • Hook arm around inside edge of factory mirror
    • Tighten hand knob to secure towing mirror in place
  • Durable ABS plastic housing
  • Driver's- and passenger's-side mirrors included
  • Made in the USA
  • 6-Month warranty

Extend your field of vision and reduce blind spots with these easy-to-install, slip-on towing mirrors from Longview. By attaching these mirrors to your factory side-view mirrors, you will be able to see past the end of your trailer so that you can safely and easily change lanes, pass other motorists, and park. The reflective chrome plating on the front of each mirror face allows for clear, undistorted images and helps to reduce glare. And the housing of each slide-on mirror is constructed of durable ABS plastic, as are the included components.

Longview Slip-On Mirror Installed on OEM Mirror

These towing mirrors are designed to seamlessly fit the contours of your factory side-view mirrors. Plus, they won't scratch or mark your factory mirrors when mounted. Installation is a snap: Just slide the towing mirror over your OEM mirror and insert the provided arm and hand knob through the back of the mirror housing. Then hook the arm around the inside edge of your OEM mirror. Finally, tighten the hand knob to secure the towing mirror in place.

LVT-1700 Long View Slip-On Towing Mirrors - 1 Pair

Video of Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Longview Custom Towing Mirrors LVT-1700 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number LVT-1700. These are the Longview custom towing mirrors with a slip on design for both the driver and passenger side of your vehicle. The custom mirrors are going to fit certain years and models of the Chevrolet Express and GMC Savannah vans. The towing mirrors easily slip over your factory side view mirrors. They're going to help extend your lines of sight. It's going to give you a better view of the road and your trailer and it's going to let you safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park. Here on the mirror face, it's going to feature a first surface chrome plating.

That's going to minimize distortion and it's going to help reduce glare. The mirror face is going to give us a measurement of about four and a half inches going that direction by five and a half inches. It's a good size mirror face. It's manually adjustable. Now each slip on mirror is going to be identical.

I'm just focusing on one today. You can see how you can just push in on the corner, on the sides. That's going to allow you to achieve the angle that you need for your particular application. It's also got a really nice aerodynamic design. That's really going to reduce vibration and wind noise as you go down the road.

Nicely designed here on the back of the housing. The custom design's going to provide a perfect, secure fit for your vehicle. You don't have to worry about the add on mirrors obstructing the factory mirrors. They're not going to interfere with the adjustments that need to be made to the factory mirrors. They're simply just an addition to your mirror. It's a very quick, tool free installation, just three easy steps.

All you have to do is just slide the towing mirror over your factory mirror, take one of your hook arms, place it around the inside edge of your factory mirror, the threaded portion is going to come back through this hole right here. That's when you would place on the hand knob. You would place that on there, you would tighten it down and that's going to secure the mirror in place against your factory mirror. It's got these nice foam blocks here on the inside so as you tighten that hand knob, this is going to press up against your factory mirror for a secure fit. The foam blocks are going to prevent the slip on mirrors from making any type of scratches or marks to your factory mirror. It's made from durable ABS plastic construction when it comes to the housing and the hardware. You're going to get the driver's side and passenger's side mirrors. Both are included. These products are made in the USA. If we take a measurement of the overall length that's going to be added on to our factory mirror, measuring from the inside of the housing right here to the end of the mirror, we're looking at about six inches. That's going to do it for our review of part number LVT-1700. .

Customer Reviews

Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side - LVT-1700

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (45 Customer Reviews)

These custom-fit towing mirrors slide onto your vehicle's existing mirrors to expand your field of vision. Tool-free installation - included arm hooks to the inside edge of the factory mirror and tightens into place with a hand knob.

- LVT-1700

by: Richard T10/02/2014

I would like to say "Thank You!" for the great product that you carry. These mirrors have made my drivers very happy and now they have a better sense of security knowing that they can see the roads much clearer. I have attached a few photos of the mirrors. Thank you very much!!! 154109

- LVT-1700

by: Jason F.09/08/2014

Purchased these slip on mirrors for my 2006 Chevy Express van because of no OEM towing mirror options available for this particular year van. These mirrors FIT EXACTLY over my stock mirrors, they have a good field of view and seem to be constructed of good materials. I have only two problems with this product, first, the hooks provided to clamp mirrors in place were too short. It took two people to install, one to hold mirror in place while squeezing the back side of eyelet where the nut and hook meet, and one person to screw nut on to hook. If the hook was 1 inch longer it would of been a one person job. The mirror IS in place firmly, but it just seems unnatural for it to be bent in such a way. Second issue I had was passenger side mirror does not extend out far enough for me to see straight down my 30 foot travel trailer. I realize that this has no bearing on the quality of product, it just didn't provide me with a much better view on my particular set up. If I was towing a smaller RV or trailer, it would work better. Overall, great product! 150350

- LVT-1700

by: Don04/16/2013

I haven't actually used them yet but I did test fit the mirrors to our van and they appeared to quality item. 76284


I used the to tow our Outback to FL and they were great. The only problem Ive encountered is that I must remove them to park our van in the garage. :

Don - 04/16/2014


Thanks for the follow-up! You're not the first to have that problem. Sometimes they have to come off to leave enough walk-space in the garage.

Patrick B - 4/16/2014

- LVT-1700

by: Skip B.04/03/2015

After watching the video I decided to order these mirrors. Like all of my eTrailer purchases the mirrors arrived quickly and packed in a nice strong box. I opened the package at attempted to install the mirrors. I "thought" I would just screw them on with no trouble, oops. I usually read the directions however I rushed ahead without them, wrong move. I had no luck attaching the mirror, what! It's only a knob on a threaded plastis rod! I backed up, read the directions and... a quick and easy install. I took a test drive and the mirrors are as steady as my factory mirrors. They are easy to adjust and do a good job extending the view. All in all lesson learned, read the directions FIRST. 182964

- LVT-1700

by: Larry H.04/07/2013

Nice mirrors. Fast shipping 74651


I love these mirrors. Thank you so much.

Dirtyhurley - 04/12/2014


- LVT-1700

by: Jim B.12/07/2012

Nice mirrors. Fit well. Only problem is the retention bolts are plastic and were hard to get the nuts on without cross threading. I can see that they may be a problem over time. I may want to get a extra set to have when traveling with the camper. Service, shipping, and communication was excellent, Thanks 60877


Extra set for another $20.- will not do any good when the mirror flies off during your second summer trip. Its not right to sell a good product like that with cheap plastic retention bolts that are doomed to fail, sooner or later...

comment by: Peter H - 02/15/2013


Thanks for the feedback.

Patrick B - 2/15/2013

- LVT-1700

by: John10/18/2012

Very hard to find a good, economical solution for towing mirrors for the Chevrolet Express. Great design, very easy to install. The mirrors are adjustable to get the right angle. Shipping time was less than a week on the economy selection. The only down side I see to these is the clips and thumbscrews - they are made of plastic. I could see these threads stripping out after repeated uses from installing and uninstalling the mirrors when not needed. Other than that, a great deal. 57593

- LVT-1700

by: Douglas H06/07/2013

Mirrors arrived faster than expected and were exactly as described. Previous reviewers had lamented the nylon attachments and I would agree it is the weakest point in the design. The mirrors require several minutes to attach only because the nylon attachments are barely the sufficient length and require a very slight curvature to catch the thread on the nut. Once on the mirrors are very stable and provide the extra visibility needed. Removal is trivial and fast. 83633

- LVT-1700

by: John L.04/05/2015

These mirrors look good on my 2013 Chevy Express 3500 Van. Had to make new screw on clamps right off the bat. The plastic ones stripped and bent first time I tried to put them on. Not as easy as it looks in the video. Would not take much to supply metal clamps instead of plastic. Now with my home made metal clamps I think the mirrors will work great. 183301

- LVT-1700

by: Collleen K07/27/2014

I have the same comment as the others. I would rather have had the clip/bolt & nut made out of metal. I am concerned about the durability of them. I had a tough time getting it together. It was not a one person job. The mirrors themselves work great. It is much better than the alternative of strap on mirrors. 143126

- LVT-1700

by: Eric J.10/25/2013

It's great that the Express/Savana vans(finally)have a custom towing mirror. These mirrors work very well. Easy to install, look great. I am curious to see how well the vinyl nut/bolt will last over the years. It's important to make sure that the treads don't get crossed. Overall, I'm pleased. 105149

- LVT-1700

by: Jim F10/28/2014

The mirror extensions fit those on my vehicle perfectly and as advertised. I was trying to install opposite side and upside down until I read the instructions. They do not shake and give a very clear image, unlike universal fit strap on models I have tried in the past. 158276

- LVT-1700

by: Todd G04/16/2013

Fit is good, quality of mirrors seems to be top notch. Only knock is the plastic hardware - but this is the way they all are. I had similar Longview mirrors on a previous vehicle and they plastic screws/nuts never broke, even in heavy wind and rain at freeway speeds. 76401

- LVT-1700

by: Keith B.05/28/2015

2010 chev express longview mirrors fit very good. My concern is the plastic bolting system if it will hold up, and the plastic ear the plastic bolt goes through I think it is a little thin."But hey it might be just fine" will see how it holds up in real life. 198412

- LVT-1700

by: JT08/02/2015

Product fit well. I do not like the plastic anchor bolt; looks like it probably won't last, hope I'm wrong. Also if the bolt (screw) had been a little longer, it would have been easier to install. It was difficult to install with just two hands. 216144

- LVT-1700

by: Thomas03/05/2013

Product received as expected/depicted on web site. Fits on 2005 Chevrolet Express 3500. Only concern is the plastic hook - concerned about wearing out and breaking over time. Excellent communication and tracking provided with order! ! 69080

- LVT-1700

by: john b02/23/2015

I like these; it is taking me a little while to find the sweet spot on the right side adjustment. These give me a different perspective of the same items i see with my normal mirrors; which really helps to catch my eyes in my cargo van. 175709

- LVT-1700

by: John B06/03/2014

Received the mirrors on Thursday, have used them a few days now and really like them. They fit well and the vision lines are good. I would recommend them to my friends and keep your company in mind when I am looking for other items. 133975

- LVT-1700

by: Walt Milne06/18/2013

Fit on the Van really nice. I am concerned that the screw clips (which seem to be plastic) might get brittle and break or break if it is tightened too tight. Shipping Price was very fair and the tracking feature was very helpful. 85139

- LVT-1700

by: alteregosbazaar09/06/2013

Fit like a glove. No vibration when I'm driving. Great product. So much better than the bungee kind. Only concern is that the attachment apparatus is just plastic. May not last as long as I'd like. but for now it's great 98590

- LVT-1700

by: David M.11/13/2013

Good product....worked as advertised. I agree with some of the other reviews in that the plastic mounting screws could be improved. Be careful....they are easily cross threaded. Also, no vibration while driving! 107260

- LVT-1700

by: Katy P10/27/2014

We received our mirrors and they were exactly what was advertised for sale. The shipment came quickly and was packaged well. It's a really great thing to be able to match an item to your year, make and model. 157990

- LVT-1700

by: Jesse E12/19/2013

These are great quality , I've had them for a while . This actually my second pair as the passenger side was stolen . Great hassle free service and quick delivery . I will continue to shop at e trailer 110449

- LVT-1700

by: Gary L.09/04/2013

These mirrors are exactly what I wanted. My only let down was that the shipping time was very long. I would do business with etrailer again, but try to work out a better situation for delivery. 98201

- LVT-1700

by: Lee Wood08/08/2014

The product did not fit as my express chassis does not have standard mirrors. The mirrors that are on the van were supplied by Coachman as the van is a 24 ft. motorhome. We tried. 145255

- LVT-1700

by: Von O.09/03/2013

I had a little trouble getting them on as it was hard getting the nut started on the hook the hook could be a little longer. They seem very stable and didn't shake while driving. 98044

- LVT-1700

by: judy07/08/2013

Couldn't be easier to put on. Used them yesterday for the first time. There's no vibration like the older style we use to use. Wish we would of found these years ago. 88174

- LVT-1700

by: Jim B.07/11/2014

Received the items and they were just what Installation was easy, just take care in installing nut, avoid cross threading. Seem to work as intended. Thanks. Jim. 140936

- LVT-1700

by: Alan S.10/22/2014

great product worked fine for a 1600 mile trip. No issues and no issues on installation. Shipping was next day on a 3 day UPS guarantee. Great !!! 157338

- LVT-1700

by: David Pearce04/30/2014

Minor concern about the plastic hooks deteriorating and becoming brittle causing loss of mirror but otherwise quite happy with the product. 128334

- LVT-1700

by: mike b07/23/2015

great product easy to put on works great my only problem plastic bolt/clip broke ending up damaging mirror other that I love them 213836

- LVT-1700

by: Wes07/21/2015

Easy install, less than 10 mins. Product was delivered right on time. Etrailer has excellent costumer service. 213467

- LVT-1700

by: carl03/31/2013

great buy well worth the money !!! just think the clips that hold the mirrors on should be made from metal .... 73555

- LVT-1700

by: Mirrors02/03/2014

Easy to install. Works great! Helps with my line of site for a vehicle that has no rear windows! 115489

- LVT-1700

by: Dick Pawloff02/13/2014

Great service, excellent fit easy to install and mirrors provide excellent field of view. 116491

- LVT-1700

by: Richard T01/10/2014

Absolutely great service and great solution to needing bigger towing mirrors...thank you! 112498

- LVT-1700

by: Fran S09/24/2013

fit well. The only issue is that it covers the turn signal. Other wise they work well. 101213

- LVT-1700

by: Dennis07/08/2013

Fit good, hope the way there are design they hold so far so good. Thank You 88347

- LVT-1700

by: Dave N10/24/2013

Installed perfectly and the additional vision provided is very helpful. 104916

- LVT-1700

by: Dean R )06/27/2015

I recommend this product installation was easy and a good quality 207774

- LVT-1700

by: Don10/30/2013

Fits great, only issue is that they cover the directionals 105691

- LVT-1700

by: Lew08/11/2015

The mirrors arrived quickly, and fit pr operly. 218585

- LVT-1700

by: Rick W.05/25/2015

Product arrived very quickly. Easy to i nstall. 196597

- LVT-1700

by: Timothy02/08/2013

The product is good and the service is great. 65515

- LVT-1700

by: Tony P.10/07/2013

Great mirrors and installation was a sn ap! 102931


Ask the Experts about this Longview Custom Towing Mirrors
Do you have a question about this Custom Towing Mirror?

  • Availability of Replacement Hardware for Longview Custom Towing Mirrors # LVT-1700
  • Yes, you can purchase an extra set of hook and knobs for your Longview Custom Towing Mirrors, part # LVT-1700. You would need to order the Longview Replacement Hardware Kit for LVT1700 Towing Mirror, part # KLV-1710. This kit will include 2 hooks and 2 knob for two mirrors.
    view full answer...

  • Towing Mirror Recommendations for a 2004 Chevrolet Express 3500
  • According to Longview, the # LVT-1700 mirrors will only fit 2006 to current Chevy Express Van 3500 models or 2003 to current 1500 and 2500 models. Since you have a 3500 they will not fit UNLESS your mirrors are the same as those on the 1500 and 2500 models. They would have to look like the ones in the video I have provided. If you do have different mirrors then you will need to use a universal fit mirror like # 11650 which mounts on the door or something like # CM11954 which is a suction...
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  • Fit of Longview Towing Mirrors # LVT-1700 on 2003 GMC Savana
  • The # LVT-1700 towing mirrors you referenced are indeed a fit for the 1500 and 2500 series of the 2003 Chevy Express/GMC Savana. I have confirmed this with my contact at Longview Mirror. If your van is a 3500 series, you'll need to use a universal towing mirror like the K-Source # KS3891 or the Cipa # 11650.
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  • Tow Mirror Recommendation for a 2014 GMC Savana Van
  • As long as your current mirrors look like the mirrors in the picture I attached the Longview Tow Mirrors part # LVT-1700 that you referenced would fit and work well for you. I attached an install video for these tow mirrors for you to check out as well.
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  • Slip-On Mirror Fit for 2006 Chevy Express 3500 Series Van
  • According to my Longview Mirror representative, the # LVT-1700 is a fit for 2006 and newer 3500 Series Chevy Express vans, so the mirror would indeed be compatible with your van. Some of the mirrors were produced with one piece of glass, others with two. Regardless of how many pieces of glass your mirror has, the LVT-1700 will fit.
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  • 2002 GMC Savana Towing Mirrors
  • I have checked with my technical contact at Longview and the Longview Custom Towing Mirrors # LVT-1700 are not compatible with 2002 GMC Savana. These mirrors fit a range of GMC Savanas from 2003 to 2005 (select models) and from 2006 to 2013 (all models). The vehicle mirrors on your 2002 are not compatible with these custom towing mirrors, and unfortunately we do not have another manufacturer that does offer a set of custom towing mirrors for your van. For your 2002 GMC Savana you might...
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  • Mirror Recommendation for a 2008 GMC Sierra that Keeps Hitting a Bridge
  • The shortest mirror we offer that would fit your 2008 GMC Sierra would be the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors part # CM71700. These extend out 17-1/2 inches from the truck whereas the other mirrors we carry stick out an inch or so further. Either way the best way to stop breaking the mirror will be to avoid that bridge if you can, and to be extra cautious when you do have to drive by it.
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