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Product Images

longview custom towing mirrors non-heated the original mirror slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated ctm2500
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror manual
longview custom towing mirrors manual ctm2500
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated the original slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror the original slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror manual

Customer Photos

longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated ctm2500
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated the original slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors manual non-heated ctm2500
longview custom towing mirrors manual non-heated
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated ctm2500
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated the original slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors manual non-heated ctm2500

  • Slide-On Mirror
  • Longview
  • Pair of Mirrors
  • Non-Heated
  • Fits Driver and Passenger Side
  • Manual
  • Custom Fit
Slip on mirrors provide excellent towing visibility at an economical price. Mirrors come complete with hardware and are easily installed in minutes without any tools. Call 800-298-8924 to order Longview custom towing mirrors part number CTM2500 or order online at Free expert support on all Longview products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair). Custom Towing Mirrors reviews from real customers.

Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - CTM2500

Slip on mirrors provide excellent towing visibility at an economical price. Mirrors come complete with hardware and are easily installed in minutes without any tools.


  • Slip on mirrors provide excellent towing visibility at an economical price
  • Driver and passenger side mirrors are included
  • Easily install in minutes without tools
  • Slide on mirrors will not scratch or mark OEM mirrors
  • Premium glass minimizes distortion and glare
  • Aerodynamic shape of OEM mirror is maintained

Note: Does not fit split mirrors.

Slip on mirrors provide excellent towing visibility at an economical price. Mirrors come complete with hardware and are easily installed in minutes without any tools. The Original Custom Towing Mirror Slip On Mirrors use a positive hook-and-knob method to secure the mirror and also reduce wind vibration. The mirrors will not restrict the breakaway function of the OEM mirror housing nor the adjustment of the glass mirror.

This should be what the mirror looks like on the vehicle. The mirror will slide over this mirror.

LVT-2500 The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair)

CTM2500 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details CTM2500 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

1994 - 2004 Ford Van

Video of The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair)

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Longview Custom Towing Mirrors CTM2500 Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number CTM2500. These are the longview original custom towing mirrors with the slide-on design. Both the driver and passenger side mirrors are included. The CFTs 00:00:11 are going to fit your particular year, make and model. Please refer to the vehicle list at the bottom of the product page. The slip-on mirrors are going to provide excellent towing visibility. They come complete with the hardware, and can easily be installed in just a few minutes.

They use the positive hook-and-knob method to secure the mirror, and also helps reduce wind vibration. Another great feature is that the mirrors are not going to restrict the break-way function of your mirror. You're also going to have full adjustability. That way, you can adjust the glass as needed with these installed. These are manual adjustments; you can just simply push in on the corner, to adjust the mirror as needed, to get you the angle that you need. The slide-on mirrors are not going to scratch or mark the OEM mirrors. They have this nice padded back here that's going to provide alternate protection to the back of the factory mirror.

It's also going to come with some foam spacer blocks that you can install. Each one is going to feature a premium glass that's going to minimize distortion and glare. These are very aero-dynamic, and they're also going to maintain aero-dynamic of your factor mirror. The way this works is, you slide this portion here over the factory mirror. The hook is going to hook onto the factory mirror, in between the housing and the mirror. The threaded portions are going to come back through the slot, and then you're simply just going to install one of the threaded hand knobs. Once you have that tightened down, everything is going to be secured.

You'll be ready to go. Please keep in mind that this does not fit split mirrors. The actual mirror is going to give us a width of 4.25 inch, and a length of 5.5 inches. We'll take an overall length measurement. I am measuring the mounting location here. From edge to edge, it's going to give us a measurement of about 16.5 inches. That's going to do it for today's review of part number CTM2500.

These are the longview original custom towing mirrors. .

Customer Reviews

The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair) - CTM2500

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (782 Customer Reviews)

Slip on mirrors provide excellent towing visibility at an economical price. Mirrors come complete with hardware and are easily installed in minutes without any tools.

- CTM2500

by: Tim L06/20/2017

These mirrors seem to be well-made and are advertised as fitting all Ford vans from 1997 - 2002. I own a 1999 E350, and while the mirrors slide over the existing mirrors, they do not quite match the external shape of my mirrors - which are the stock factory mirrors . My mirrors are also a bit wider than these mirrors were designed for, so the hole for the attaching clamp does not extend far enough to the inside for the provided attachment clamp to fit through it. I was able to fabricate a clamp using a large picture hangar hook, a 3.5 inch 10-32 bolt, an aluminum sleeve cut at 45 degrees, a couple of washers and a nut, so I will be able to use the mirrors, but it has taken a bit of doing. Can't really find anything else other than complete factory mirror replacement, so for me, they should do the job. 396811

- CTM2500

by: Bill S.06/08/2011

The driver side mirror we had a little problem with, as the screw and hole do not line up without a little encouragement, but other wise we are quite happy with the mirrors, the EASE of installation, and the fact that a week or two ago, we were coming home with the trailer and were lucky enough to get hit by the 60 and 70 mile an hour winds of a storm we got caught in, but the mirrors held firm. No need to readjust or anything. Yes, I would recommend them to others. These particular mirrors are on our 2002 Ford E-150 Van. 16491

- CTM2500

by: Mark M.03/25/2012

These fit the Ford mirrors quite well and mount securely. However, they are hard to adjust. It feels like the ball and socket are out of round. If I get them adjusted to where I have a good field of view, a little driving vibration will have them out of adjustment. Then drivers side is not too bad. I can get it close to where I would like it. However the passenger side mirror always pops to a position which gives me a view much too low. Since this is the curb side, it is only a little annoying. Another item that is just average is the mounting hardware. It breaks much too easily. It wouldn't have added much cost to make the hardware out of a reinforced plastic. I am now ordering my third set. As mediocre as there are, I have yet to find a better solution. 35075

- CTM2500

by: d+s heating and air03/30/2013

i own an econoline ford van that i bought the extention mirrors for they do not fit verry well at all. they will work(i think) but look terrible on my van. since there is no other aftermarket mirror i can buy they will have to do. the people at etrailer were on top of the mailing and tracking their websight made it easy to find what i was looking for as well. good place with alot of product but the mirrors are not a very good product atleast for a ford van 73410

- CTM2500

by: Scott J09/28/2016

I bought something in a rush from u-haul for our first trip with the new travel trailer. I was not happy with them. I picked these up for the next trip. They mounted well, stayed stable and were fairly easy to set. They provided better viewing and from a distance looked like factory mounted mirrors. I "accidentally" kept them on for a month between trips even without the trailer and they stayed in place. They have been great for my E-150 300973

- CTM2500

by: Laury08/28/2017

Good service and shipping. However the mirrors do not fit the E350 well, or at all. They do not fit the shape of the stock mirrors. Even when force is applied, the mounting holes do not work. Other reviews have noted the same problem. One person had to make his own mounting system. Maybe I will see if Gorilla tape will live up to its reputation. 425889

- CTM2500

by: Rich E.01/25/2017

I purchased these just hoping to be able to have more rear sight when towing my trailer with my E 150. They worked great gave me a lot more vision. They were super easy to install. Once installed they were very sturdy, so much so that I left them on all the time. I recommend them 100%. 335407

- CTM2500

by: Ken S.10/19/2016

Nice quality product that works. I do experience a little mirror shake but it is much less than previous extension mirrors I have tried. They also install and remove easily. Bottom line is they do what they are designed to do. 308772

- CTM2500

by: Trent B05/16/2017

Fits and seems to work well and looks like it belongs. Very simple to install. My only complaint would be that the mirror is pretty shaky, but for a temporary install it is great. 381279

- CTM2500

by: Jeff Temple05/27/2014

A great alternative to expensive mirrors, lets you see down the sides of the trailer. I bought a pair for a friend of mine as a birthday present he really likes them also. 132764

- CTM2500

by: mcb7105/05/2014

great fit , used already work great and a great price . what i like is you can remove them after towing and store instead of having a large set of permanent mirrors 128999

- CTM2500

by: Gary V09/26/2014

These slide on mirrors fit my 1999 ford E150 mirrors very well. It gives me a little more viewing area around the 8 foot wide camper I am pulling. 153305

- CTM2500

by: MIchael02/26/2013

Fit great. give me a wider filed of view. Delivered quick, communication and follow-up was awesome. This is my new favorite store for my RV. 67857

- CTM2500

by: Tony05/10/2016

Good product, but haven't actually used them as hurt my wrist and knee and have been out of commission until just recently. 249661

- CTM2500

by: Scott Sellars08/07/2016

Love the mirrors, especially the wife . And they were a third of the cost of a factory extension mirror for our van. 280889

- CTM2500

by: Mark mueller08/12/2013

Not worth cost. Extenders shake, not adequate view of tow vehicle. Very disappointed 94662

- CTM2500

by: Darron M09/03/2016

Perfect fit of the trailer mirrors to my van. Look like O.E.M. mirrors. thank you 291087

- CTM2500

by: Ron R.03/04/2017

Very good addition to my E-350 for towing my enclosed trailer . 348654

- CTM2500

by: Bob M.03/28/2011

Wonderfull fit, eazy to hook up. Would like a better J hook. 10516

- CTM2500

by: Wayne03/04/2013

Appears to be a good fit & the delivery was prompt! 68548

- CTM2500

by: Danny H08/14/2013

Worked great the first time out Thanks 95077

- CTM4000

by: TJ G.02/04/2011

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

I installed the CTM4000 towing mirrors on a 2004 Toyota Tundra with a Northstar TC-650 slide-in camper installed in the bed. Initial mirror installation was really quite easy, but the instructions were confusing and the line drawings of little or no help. What made installation easy was the photo that one of the experts emailed me. Subsequent installation and removal is a snap. Fit is quite good on the Toyota Tundra; the OEM mirrors are not at all obscured and remain useful for wide-angle rear viewing. Longview mirrors provide a very good rear view on the driver's side, particularly in combination with the OEM mirrors. The right side view is not quite as good; an additional 2 inch lateral extension would improve visibility in my application. Nevertheless, the rear view on that side is very much greater than provided by OEM mirrors alone. Bottom Line: the Longview mirrors are a bit pricey compared with other available extension mirrors, but their tailoring to my specific vehicle, their performance, their ease of use and particularly the thoughtful and courteous customer service I got from makes them a winner. I'd happily recommend them to anybody who needs towing extension mirrors. 6646

- CTM4000

by: Mike W.11/29/2017

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

What a nice and helpful company to do business with! I had an unusual problem, a short bed Tundra, a GoldWing in the bed on a motorcycle "loader" that protruded almost 2 ft past the bumper and a "new" 26' travel trailer. The problem was extending the hitch far enough to clear the back of the motorcycle and the tongue jack. I finally bought the longest one available with an 18" shank and the folks at etrailer were so helpful and I was able to return the wrong parts I had ordered. Absolutely no hassle returns! Also as a further note, I had purchased a set of slide-on tow mirrors at the same time and on the first time out on a trial camping trip, a driver of a pickup crossed over the centerline approximately 3 feet into my oncoming lane and barely missed a head-on collision, however he completely exploded my driver side mirror and slammed it into my door and down the side of my trailer. I called etrailer hoping to buy a replacement mirror and was told the company that manufactures those do not sell anything but the complete set to them. I hated to buy two when I only needed one so I looked up the company and called them. I explained that I had purchased them from etrailer and how much I liked dealing with the company and they said that they too enjoyed doing business with etrailer from their end. Then after some research they said they sold only a replacement glass and a few spare attaching parts but couldn't sell me just one mirror...........but they would send me a complete new set.....and get this............"free" as a courtesy, "glad only my mirror was hurt" and would I send them my shipping address. I was completely blown away!!! WOW! Two American companies that are super customer oriented! Next time I have my "rig" hooked up I'll send a photo, works great. Buy from these fine people. Thx to Jennifer S., Donna P. and Robert S. all great at Mike W. 455609

- CTM1500

by: toys4dad08/15/2013

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

this is the second set I have purchased this summer (traded trucks). mirrors do a great job of improving the rear vision of trailer. Gets out and beyond the camper. Both sets function great the second pair the finish had some minor inperfections but they are after all temporary mirrors. I would buy rhem again. Great price for great reults. I also parked truck in the hot sun and put a cord around mirrors just to form it tighter to my mirrors on second set not needed, just me 95304


still very happy with them

toys4dad - 03/05/2015


- CTM2300B

by: Don A.11/19/2012

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

I love these mirrors on my 2013 F-150. Easy mount and removal. Very steady, no shake at any speed. I have excellent drivers side view. I can see far back and I can see who is tailgating my travel trailer. I have excellent rear view on passengers side also. These mirrors are a great value. I had in the past purchased some strap on mirrors that worked but are no comparison to these mirrors. They do cover my turn signal LEDs but they are more show than functional, besides I will only use the mirrors when towing my travel trailer. 59738


Since purchasing and using I have gone from a 19 travel trailer to a 30 travel trailer.I am still very pleased with these mirrors. They give me excellent visibility and have held up well.Yea, they cover my LED blinking lights but so what, the LEDs are just for show and I only have mirrors on when I am towing. And they wont beat the factory installed mirrors but they will surely beat them on price $$$$$!They are a little tight getting screwed on but it is all manageable.Still would recommend these mirrors.

Don A - 05/20/2014


- CTM4000

by: John B06/02/2016

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

As it turns out I ended up not needing these but tried them on for size on my 2000 Toyota Tundra. The mirror fit as intended and looks like it will serve the function well if ever I need it in the future. Some recommendations: 1- Add 2 additional felt pads and 2 additional preformed felt sleeves (see 'a' and 'b' below). These are very inexpensive protective items that could save a customers mirrors from damage. - During assembly I noted there are 2 contact points that should be padded to prevent damage to the base equipment mirror trim. a- The round flared portion of the adjustment that is inserted into the large hole on external mirror housing contacts the chrome portion of my trucks' mirror housing and will definitely mar the finish in use. I happened to have some round felt furniture pads (used to protect hardwood floors) so I installed them to protect the chrome on my mirrors from being scratched. b- The hook portion could use some padding where it attaches so it doesn't chafe the mirror housing (even though the contact point is plastic, it's just a nicer touch). I ended up using electrical tape so the contact point was at lest padded, but a preformed felt sleeve would have worked better. 2- Make the box the mirrors are sent in longer so that the assembled mirrors can be stored fully inside the closed box when not in use to keep them clean and protected. My mirrors stick out of the box by about 2 - 3 inches when assembled. I'm considering making a padded storage bag for them. 255844

- CTM4000

by: Dave M08/16/2015

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

The mirrors came nicely, safely packaged on time. After opening the package and reading the instructions, which weren't very clear, I took the mirrors out and install them on my truck in less than five minutes. The pieces were fairly self intuitive as to where they should go. I haven't driven with the mirrors on yet so I don't know whether or not shaking is going to be a problem. So far I'm very happy with the purchase. 219608


After having the mirrors for a year Ive used them also a dozen times. Each they were easy to install taking only about a minute for each. Each time I used them they were a steady as can be. The Im done towing the trailer theyre easy to remove. I do make a point of trying not to touch the adjustable mirror since its a real pain to re-adjust the over and over again.

Dave M - 08/15/2016


- CTM1600

by: Ric V.02/08/2014

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

excellent fit and very secure; virtually vibration free. Fast service from and package came in good shape. Have ordered from here before and always, enjoy good products and fast friendly service. Thank you! 116059


Excellent product. I have made multiple trips pulling my 28 camper and using these mirrors. I was able to accept a couple back in campsites vs. pull-thru sites due to the ability to use the mirrors to accurately back into a narrow site. Proper placement of the cushion strips made for not only a secure fit but also protected the factory finish on the mirrors of my 2013Tahoe. Thanks eTrailer!

Ric V - 02/08/2015


- CTM1600

by: neal07/22/2013

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

the mirrors fit my truck like a glove the only thing i have a concern about is the mounting pieces to hold the mirror on, i don't know if the plastic will hold up in cold weather when the temps fall to sub zero 90979


Hey Patrick, thanks for the follow up message. I am still liking the purchase I made , the mirrors are wonderful and still working as they should with weekly use , and the brake control box is also doing what its supposed to be doing and is used weekly also . I am happy with the purchase I made and will for sure use for future items on this truck and the others that i own .

neal - 07/24/2014


- CTM3400A

by: David04/21/2013

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

Seriously: It took longer to open the box than to install these mirrors. Slipped them on, tightened the plastic retaining bolt finger tight. Done. Im not sure how it could have been easier. 77061


Ive used these mirrors numerous times over a few thousand miles over two camping seasons. No complaints.They still look good and the mirrors have held up to the elements. I have noticed that one has become a bit sloppyless snug over time. Im considering trying to glue in another bit of foam to tighten that up.I expect to get another two seasons out of them at least.

David - 10/20/2014


- CTM4000

by: Tony W.06/12/2012

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

See Ed W's review from 12/11/11. He was onto something. There is one glaring problem with these mirrors, and that is with the adapters (item "A" in the instructions). They were engineered (although I use this term very loosely) to be "universal; i.e., they will fit on either mirror. You get two identical adapters with the installation kit. One side of the adapter is flat (this is where the felt strip should go), and the other side is concave. The adapter fits ok on the passenger's side where the flat side interfaces with the (fairly) flat surface on the side of the mirror. The problem is that the concave side interfaces with the mirror on the drivers side! So you have to deduce that the felt strip goes onto the concave side, and the resulting interface is less secure and basically makes no sense. The manufacturer says they were designed this way. If that is true, then they have a serious design flaw. All they have to do to fix this issue and make the adapters truly universal is make both sides of the adapters flat. 43804


Tony, We re-shot our video today to make clear the correct positioning of the felt and the adapters. I grabbed a set of the CTM4000 mirrors and our adapters are mirrors of each other. The new photos and video will be up soon.

-- Patrick B - 09/18/2012


- CTM1500

by: BRUCE M.02/28/2017

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

Installation was easy. I picked up 5 1/2 inches on each mirror. Road trip in two days. Will evaluate vibration and wind noise. I will tow a large boat 1300 miles. Etrailer was great every time I called with a question. 346857

- CTM4000

by: Stephan M.09/25/2012

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

Mirror extensions 55772

- CTM4000

by: Randal B.06/29/2015

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

I recently received the CTM4000 mirrors for our 2005 Tundra. The fit is good and they seem to be stable with little vibration. The installation was easy and quick. We have not towed the trailer using them as yet, so I can't really say how the mounting brackets will hold up, but they seem a little flimsy. I am considering getting a second set of brackets if available to have if needed on the road. 208129


I am very pleased with the mirrors. They are easy on and off with no adjustment needed between trips.

Randal B - 06/28/2016


- CTM4000

by: oscar u12/08/2014

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

Mirrors were easy to install and provide additional view; this means I am now able to see the sides of my trailer, and more important, help me to change lanes with safety no for me only, but for everyone on the raod next to me. Also I can back up easier and safer. I deffinely recommed the mirrors when towing larger units! Thank you. Oscar. 163626


Great! I am pleased that I can move around safely. And when I do not need them, I put them away. Put on and remove them is easy and quick.

oscar u - 12/09/2015


- CTM4000

by: Don M.10/29/2014

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

The mirrors were delivered as expected no problems. I love these mirrors versus others I tried. I tried to install per the instructions supplied and wasn't able to clearly understand where the felt pads were to go. Also couldn't really figure out how the two hooks go. Watched the video and this made it clearer. The instructions provided don't really cover the CTM4000 mirrors I received for my 2003 Sequoia. The two hooks provided per mirror are plastic and the one with the disc end that goes into the mirror doesn't really sit flush in the hole. I fear it will stress and break but being I just received the mirrors I will have to see what happens. These are much better mirrors from the previous ones I had that broke on my second trip. 158411


I was curious if you still like the mirrors? Another question I have is adjustment for up and down and in and out. Do these mirrors have that capability. Nothing is said about fine adjustment of the mirror itself. Thanks for your input.

-- comment by: Tim S - 09/29/2015


- CTM4000

by: Steve W09/17/2017

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

A good idea but the design could use some work. Considering that these are designed for specific vehicles, it could be a better fit that more completely covers the OEM mirrors, for a more professional overall appearance. Directions could also be more clear and should be specific to the model in the package. The connections are fair but their construction material (plastic) and quality make it seem like they will not last very long, especially if taken on and off, frequently. Tightening the connections may be difficult for those with large hands or arthritis, etc. Getting them completely tight takes some work. Replacement hardware is available but at almost a quarter of the price of the original cost of the mirrors. Seeing the grade as good for 3 stars, it's about the best I can give them. They fit. They work. They just aren't perfect, even though they ARE better than the rubber strap-on mirrors I had been using on my previous vehicle. 433511

- CTM1600

by: Stan Penny09/09/2011

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

I like the mirrors (item CTM 1600) I order for my 2010 Chevy Avalanche. When I placed my order they shipped within 24HR. and they gave me priority shipping. They were to ship in 5-7 day that was changed to 3-5 at no extra charge. After I received the mirrors I did have a question about the J-clip that is used to attaché the mirror. I didn’t think they were long enough, I could get the clip around the mirror on the truck but it is fairly tight. It wouldn’t hurt if these were a little longer as they have a nut on them to make the adjustment. I used the mirrors this past weekend pulling a 24’ camper trailer and I could see both sides of the trailer as well as the traffic that was coming up on me. There was little to no vibration at speeds up to 70 MPH. I would buy this product again and would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for mirrors. And made the whole experience very pleasant. I am very satisfied !!!! 23708

- CTM4000

by: Lyle P.07/11/2011

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

We had tried two other mirrors for our Toyota Tundra before finding your slide-on mirrors. Toyota doesn't even make a towing mirror for this year model Tundra. The first pair were suction mirrors that wouldn't even stay on when the truck in park! The second pair didn't help much with providing a good view for backing up with the camper. Your mirrors were easy to install with the help of your video and provided excellent viewing for backing up with our 24' camper. We love them and they look great on the truck too. Two pictures are attached. 19196

- CTM4000

by: George H09/18/2015

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

Had to put non-skid material behind the mirror to keep it from sagging. The felt protectors are inadequate. Had to add additional padding. The screw fasteners are very, very easy to cross thread. Both of mine did. 226324


Better than I expected. They have been on my Tundra the entire year. Could tow without them. I do wish the attachment mechanism was re-engineered, perhaps with rubber straps to hold snug and not scratch.

George H - 09/17/2016


- CTM3400A

by: London & pickles11/10/2016

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

London and I Thank You for this Fine product! While towing London's Trailer; it helps me keep him safe! We Ride in different State Parks; and attend Equine events! Note: The only reason I gave a Four Star revenue; was the screw clips, are easy too lose! I ordered an extra set; and sure enough I did lose one setup! The Mirrors themselves are Excellent! I was warned about vibration; however I never go over 60 MPG while towing my Horse London, and no vibration occurred! Smile! London & pickles (aka Michael) 315394

- CTM4000

by: Tommy05/27/2014

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

Used the mirrors on my 02 sequoia for the first time. Installation only took a few minutes. It took a few tries to get the alignment just right for viewing the sides of my travel trailer. Works as advertised. Not much vibration at 70 mph. Make sure to fully "seat" extension onto truck mirror frame. Mirrors could be bigger but these work just fine for the price. 132805


Products are working great.

Tommy - 05/28/2015


- CTM4000

by: Ross O.06/03/2013

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

I purchased these mirrors for my 2007 Toyota Sequoia. After reading the directions and watching the installation videos, I tried to install the mirrors but encountered issues with the passenger's side mirror due to the identical attachment pieces (the same ones that other reviewers have mentioned). While I could get the passenger mirror installed, it did not appear to be as durable as the driver's side. I sent an email to asking if they could send me the mirrored attachment part (instead of the identical one). contacted the manufacturer and they sent me the replacement part as I had requested. With the correct part, these mirrors work great. It would be nice if they were a bit bigger (as others have mentioned), but they are functional. I am concerned about the longevity of the plastic installation hardware, but so far it appears up to the task. 83078

- CTM4000

by: Ed W.12/08/2011

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

I bought these mirrors (CTM4000) for my 2004 Tundra. They fit very well over the OEM mirrors and the tension knob system seems to hold them very securely. They do not jiggle when driving at highway speed. As with other clip on mirrors I've used, the extra mirror is small but useful. The website video is great, but they should zoom in closer to the adapter when applying the felt strip because it is not clear on proper placement on this small component. Also, the adapters have different surfaces on either side and they are 2 identical pieces rather than 2 pieces that are mirror images of each other. So for the left and right mirror you are placing the felt strip on different surfaces so it is confusing. I think the adapter pieces should be mirror images of each other (a right and left adapter) rather than identical, but the packing list says that this is how it comes. 27889

- CTM4000

by: Derick04/05/2014

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

Product works and fits great, price was good I feel, Only negitive thing I'd say about these's mirror extenders is the bird on the front could be removed from the manufacture, E-trailer has been great the service is spot on I have ordered other items and everything is as it says it is. 123904


Tow mirrors are still working great, glad I have them for when Im towing my boat.

Derick - 04/05/2015


- CTM1200

by: Custom Towing Mirrors08/23/2013

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

They fit perfect and look fine. The viberate alot when you are driving, but I guess any mirror would. Overall good product. They will stay on my work truck until something better comes along. 96501


they where ok but too small and vibrated to much to use so now they are in storage. Good design and product, but I like a larger mirror.

Custom T - 03/05/2015


- CTM1500

by: Tim L.08/15/2013

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

I put these on an 07 GMC 2500. They went on with easy and work great for the $$. They are so easy to take on and off I worry about someone taking them. So, I take them off when not pulling a trailer. 95214


Cant get a better buy for the money!! My camper is 35ft and they work perfectly. If they ever break I will buy them again.

Tim L - 02/13/2015


- CTM4000

by: Bill H.03/21/2014

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

Wow, what a difference these make in the ability to see around the sides of the trailer. I like the fact that the mirrors adjust in all directions and they installed in no time at all. 121705


I just used my mirrors this weekend and they work just as good today as they did last year. They make towing our trailer easy and safe

Bill H - 03/22/2015


- CTM1500

by: Mike H.06/04/2013

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

These mirrors are great! They install and remove easily yet are really stabil in use. 83251


These mirror additions are great! They are easy to attach and remove. They dont vibrate so much as to make the images blurred hardly more than my stock mirrors. I recommend them strongly - especially after using them.

Mike H - 06/04/2014


- CTM2200A

by: Harris M.08/25/2014

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

It should work fine. The installation was very easy and the quality seems good. I have only one reservation and that is the plastic hook used for attachment. I would feel better if it were metal instead of plastic. It gets it's first test this week. 148454


Product is very good and works well.

Harris M - 09/09/2015

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  • Towing Mirrors for 2001 Ford E-350 Super Duty Van
  • The K-Source Custom Extendable Towing Mirrors # KS61067-68F you referenced are a confirmed fit for the 2000 to 2005 Ford Excursion and for 1999 to 2007 Ford pickups and F-series cab-and-chassis models. These replace the factory mirrors on those vehicles, but they are not a fit for the E-series vans. The slide-on towing mirrors we offer for your 2001 Ford E350 van are the Longview # CTM2500 which fit non-heated powered OEM mirrors. If your mirrors have functions like turn signals and...
    view full answer...

  • Towing Mirror Options for a 2003 Ford E350 With Split Side View Mirrors
  • We have a few universal fit towing mirror options that will work for your 2003 Ford E350, but we do not carry a custom fit towing mirror for side view mirrors with the split mirror design. One of our most popular options is the CIPA Deluxe Door Mount Mirror, # 11650. The door mount mirrors have a larger mirror surface and will provide the most secure mount on your vehicle. This mirror will attach at the bottom of the door and in between the top of the door and the window. I have also...
    view full answer...

  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2001 Ford Box Truck
  • I know what type of mirrors you are referring to. I do have a possible mirror solution for you, but the Original Custom Towing Mirror # CTM2500 that you referenced is designed for a different style of mirror and would not work for you. You would want to use a universal style mirror because there arent any custom mirrors available for your setup. I attached a link to a page that has all of the universal mirrors we carry. I like the Universal Fender Mount Towing Mirror # 11750. This mounts...
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  • Transmission and Oil Cooler, Rear Helper Springs, and Towing Mirrors for a 2001 Ford E-350
  • I have some excellent recommendations that will not only help your 2001 Ford E-350 van last a long time but will also keep you under budget. First, instead of just a transmission cooler, I recommend a combination engine oil and transmission fluid cooler # D15902. This will help both the transmission and engine run cooler which will in turn help get the longest life out of them. I have linked a video showing an example installation for you. For the transmission cooler part of this...
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  • Extendable Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 1996 Ford Club Van
  • The style of mirror you have on your 1996 Ford Van is not one that has slip-on mirrors that are confirmed as fits, but I do have a solution if you want a wider viewing angle. The CIPA door mirror part # 11650 would be the best option we have as it will fit your van and allows you to adjust the mirror out pretty far so that you get maximum vision.
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  • Fit of Longview # CTM2500 Custom Towing Mirrors for 2001 Ford E350 Van
  • If your mirror appears like the one shown in the photos on the product description page, as well as in the video I've linked you to, the mirrors will work great for you. If your mirrors are different, you can use a universal towing mirror like the Cipa Deluxe Door Mount Mirror, part # 11650. Admittedly, the mirror isn't the best looking thing on the face of the earth, but it works wonderfully, and is very highly rated by our customers.
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  • Will Longview Custom Towing Mirror # CTM2500 Fit the Factory Power Mirrors on a 1993 Ford E-150
  • The Longview Custom Towing Mirror, part # CTM2500, is listed for your 1993 Ford E-150 Van factory mirrors. If you look on the product page for the # CTM2500 (included link) it will show you a picture of the factory mirror that these towing mirrors will fit. They will not fit the split mirror design.
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  • Availability of Replacement Hardware Kit for Longview Towing Mirror
  • You will want Replacement Hardware Kit for CTM2500 Towing Mirror, part # KLV-2510. These are the replacement hooks and knobs for Custom Towing Mirror # CTM2500, which you referenced.
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