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The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair)

Item # CTM3400A

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longview custom towing mirrors non-heated the original mirror slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors manual non-heated
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror manual the original slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror the original slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated the original slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors non-heated ctm3400a
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated ctm3400a
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror manual

In Use/Installed

2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview slide-on mirror manual the original slide on (pair)
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview slide-on mirror manual in use
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview slide-on mirror non-heated the original slide on (pair)
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview slide-on mirror non-heated ctm3400a
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview non-heated ctm3400a
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview slide-on mirror the original slide on (pair)
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview manual non-heated ctm3400a
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview manual non-heated in use
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview manual ctm3400a
2004 jeep grand cherokee custom towing mirrors longview slide-on mirror in use

Customer Photos

longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated ctm3400a
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated the original slide on (pair)
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated ctm3400a
longview custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated the original slide on (pair)

  • Slide-On Mirror
  • Longview
  • Pair of Mirrors
  • Non-Heated
  • Fits Driver and Passenger Side
  • Manual
  • Custom Fit
Call at 800-298-8924 for expert service. We are your Jeep custom towing mirrors experts, and offer a lowest price guarantee. carries a complete line of Longview products for your Jeep Grand Cherokee 2001. The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair) part CTM3400A from Longview can be ordered online at Complete custom towing mirrors installation instructions and technical support.

2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee - The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair)

Slip on mirrors provide excellent towing visibility at an economical price, and are easily installed in minutes without any tools. The mirrors will not restrict the breakaway function of the OEM mirror housing nor the adjustment of the glass mirror.


  • Driver and passenger side mirrors are included
  • Easily installs in minutes without tools
  • Slide On Mirrors will not scratch or mark OEM mirrors
  • Premium glass minimizes distortion and glare
  • Aerodynamic shape of OEM mirror is maintained

Details This should be what the mirror looks like on the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The mirror will slide over this mirror.
Details The mirror is secured by the hook and knob. The hook grabs the front edge of the mirror housing while the knob ensures a tight fit.




LVT-3400-A The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair)

CTM3400A Installation InstructionsInstallation Details CTM3400A Installation instructions

Video of The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair)

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Longview Custom Towing Mirrors CTM3400A Review

Today we'll be reviewing part number CTM3400A. These are the long view original custom towing mirrors with a slide-on design for both the passenger and driver side of your vehicle. To see if these are going to fit your particular year, make, and model, you can refer to the vehicle list at the bottom of the product page. The slip-on mirrors are going to provide excellent towing visibility. They come complete with the hardware and can easily be installed in just a few minutes without any tools. They utilize a positive hook and knob system to secure the mirror and also reduce wind vibration.

Another great thing about the custom mirrors is that they're not going to restrict the breakaway function of the OEM mirror housing or the adjustment of the glass mirror. So again you get the driver and passenger side mirrors. They are indicated hear on the inside which side that they go on. They're going to feature a premium glass that's going to minimize distortion and glare, and those can easily be adjusted to fit your angle simply by pressing in on each corner. They're going to provide a really good fit. They're also not going to scratch or damage your factory mirror, as they have numerous pads on the inside.

They're going to add some cushion and safety to your factory OEM mirror. So the way these work is you just place them on your factory mirror. You're going to make sure that you have it nice and flush around the mold here. Once you have them on there the hook is going to go in between the housing and the mirror on your factory installed mirror. Threaded portion is going to come back through this slot, and then you're just going to tighten it using a thumb screw. Once you have that fully tightened down you're mirror is going to be secure.

You can give it a little bit of wiggle to see if it's loose, and if it is you can just tighten it up a little bit more. Let's go over the dimensions of one of the mirrors since they're both going to be the same. The mirror face is going to give us a measurement of 4 1/4 by 5 inches, and then the overall length of this mirror, including the housing and the mount location, is going to give us a measurement of about 15 1/4 of an inch. That's going to do it for today's review of part number CTM3400A. These are the long view original custom towing mirrors. .

Customer Reviews

The Original Custom Towing Mirror Custom Slide On Mirrors (Pair) - CTM3400A

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (778 Customer Reviews)

Slip on mirrors provide excellent towing visibility at an economical price, and are easily installed in minutes without any tools. The mirrors will not restrict the breakaway function of the OEM mirror housing nor the adjustment of the glass mirror.

- CTM3400A

by: David04/21/2013

Seriously: It took longer to open the box than to install these mirrors. Slipped them on, tightened the plastic retaining bolt finger tight. Done. Im not sure how it could have been easier. 77061


Ive used these mirrors numerous times over a few thousand miles over two camping seasons. No complaints.They still look good and the mirrors have held up to the elements. I have noticed that one has become a bit sloppyless snug over time. Im considering trying to glue in another bit of foam to tighten that up.I expect to get another two seasons out of them at least.

David - 10/20/2014


- CTM3400A

by: London & pickles11/10/2016

London and I Thank You for this Fine product! While towing London's Trailer; it helps me keep him safe! We Ride in different State Parks; and attend Equine events! Note: The only reason I gave a Four Star revenue; was the screw clips, are easy too lose! I ordered an extra set; and sure enough I did lose one setup! The Mirrors themselves are Excellent! I was warned about vibration; however I never go over 60 MPG while towing my Horse London, and no vibration occurred! Smile! London & pickles (aka Michael) 315394

- CTM3400A

by: Mike03/31/2017

Mirrors were ordered for 2002 Grand Cherokee and fit pretty well. There is a piece of foam affixed on the inside of each mirror mounting area to act as a spacer and cushioner against the factory mirror, and one is in a slightly different spot than the other. This makes one side fit better than the other. One side is very tight, which makes screwing on the tightening knob very difficult to grab the first threads on the plastic hook and rod. Mirrors hold their position very well once adjusted, even over several hundred mile trips. There is very little vibration, and they make seeing around my popup camper trailer much better. Overall a good product. 360954

- CTM3400A

by: Joyce D06/03/2017

I ordered extension mirrors for my truck and first set had funny stains on them .I talked with customer service and they immediately got new ones out to me .I was going on vacation in a week and had the new ones for the trip.I didn't have to wait for them to get old ones back before getting my new ones. The mirrors worked awesome on the truck for that extended view when towing the trailer,easily attached in just a few minutes ,makes no marks on original mirror and easy to store when not in use. I would recommend this company .Great service and friendly workers made my experience a pleasure. 388393

- CTM3400A

by: Dan V.09/02/2015

Quickest shipping ever. Product is perfect. Thanks guys 223685


Still a great product

Daniel V - 09/01/2016


- CTM3400A

by: Linda S.04/16/2014

These side view mirrors are poorly designed. There is a rectangular plastic piece which is supposed to keep the bottom half of the towing mirror attached to the standard mirror. The plastic tab is glued on and isn't nearly secure enough. After breaking one, I used construction adhesive and two small bolts/nuts to fix it. Instead of taking a chance, I strengthened the other one the same way. Once on, they work pretty well. As always, etrailer was very responsive and offered to ship replacement mirrors to me on the road. 125632

- CTM3400A

by: Bob B.06/05/2011

Extremely pleased, best product out there, a must for safety and easy to install and remove. 16162

- CTM3400A

by: Sandra C.06/08/2011

Your website is very easy to use. I found exactly what I needed and placed my order "in record time". The item arrived even faster than I expected and was packaged to prevent transit damage. The mirrors fit beautifully, appear sturdy and will greatly help us back our new pontoon boat into storage. I'm sure our farming operation will be using your website again and have already recommended it to a friend. Thank you. 16464

- CTM3400A

by: Gary W.06/30/2014

Left hand mirror would not mount correctly onto the existing Jeep mirror and continuously drooped making it impossible to align the mirror. Both mirrors vibrate excessively at trailering speeds making the images almost useless. Would not recommend this set of mirrors for any Jeep Grand Cherokee owners. 138283

- CTM3400A

by: Kim M.07/21/2014

Easy on-off. Work well with our 21-foot travel trailer. Not perfect, but will do the job for the price. If you need something full-time, you may want something that sticks out more, but these are just fine for occasional use. The driver side is easier to see with than the passenger side. 142456

- CTM3400A

by: Ryan Patterson - Patterson Solutions04/26/2013

Love these. They work even better than I figured. They fit my OEM mirrors perfect. I can use them on my other truck to because they are somewhat universal. And the best part.... E Trailer quality is superior as always as is their delivery time. Thanks everyone at E-Trailer 77915

- CTM3400A

by: Dean W.01/10/2011

first time order the mirrors are hard to find for a jeep.. needed to tow our boat.. I,m not the b est on line but your web site made it easy to find what I needed...e-mail tracking was right on..arrived as schduled...thank you and we will use yopur site again... 5283

- CTM3400A

by: Bryan Mc.08/27/2016

I just bought a 24' camper and my 2004 Grand Cherokee will be the tow vehicle, so I needed them. Super easy to install, do the job, great price. They also look pretty good so I'm just going to leave them on even when I'm not towing. Very satisfied. 288401

- CTM3400A

by: Jeff G08/09/2011

The mirrors defintely help as I am able to see down the side of my trailer. My only complaint is that while driving they vibrate a lot so it's hard to see out of them. For parking purposes, backing up the trailer, they are fantastic. 21468

- CTM3400A

by: Rick A.10/29/2012

Mirror extensions work well backing and driving.The only issue I have is they should extend an inch or so further. They are much better than the stock mirror,but fall just short of a complete view down the side of my travel trailer. 58307

- CTM3400A

by: Jason10/25/2016

They serve their purpose. The outer mirror vibrates so bad at highway speeds that I cant see out of them. I placed a sponge behind them to dampen the vibration. Helped alot bit still has some. 310750

- CTM3400A

by: Adam M09/05/2014

The mirrors are good but when driving at night I find that they cause double the lights in your eyes. During the day they work well cause you can direct 2 mirrors at 2 different angles. 150251

- CTM3400A

by: Barry07/28/2011

Overall fits well & snugly. Really had to push hard on mirror housing though to get holding clip to secure it. They bumped us up to priority shipping & part arrived VERY quickly. Thanks! 20452

- CTM3400A

by: Harvey03/20/2017

Fits my 2004 Grand Cherokee perfectly. Tight fit and installation was a snap, less than a minute each side. Can back up my trailer now without having to get in and out of my truck. 356492

- CTM3400A

by: ScottB02/26/2012

Nice product! Fits my 2000 Grand Cherokee perfectly. Super fast order processing and shipping from . Will definitely add them to my online stores purchase list! 32562

- CTM3400A

by: Teresa G.02/26/2011

I was extremely pleased with your site, was able to find what I was looking for easily. The mirrors are perfect...just what I needed. I will shop here more in the future. 7944

- CTM3400A

by: Al D.11/26/2013

The mirror extenders fit perfectly, easy on & off. I have traveled several times, they work good, not much vibration. They add to my safety, and am well pleased. 108568

- CTM3400A

by: Jeff M04/28/2017

Perfect service got exactly what i ordered and was delivered as stated! Can't say enough about Etrailer service as well as the product worked great. Good Job 373546

- CTM3400A

by: Happy Camper04/22/2015

Received these mirrors yesterday and installed them in a few minutes without tools. Good fit and are far superior to the universal strap on ones I was using. 187312

- CTM3400A

by: Phil A.10/22/2014

These are great. They fit perfectly and are so easy to install. So much safer being able to see what's behind and coming up the side of your vehicle. 157558

- CTM3400A

by: Julie K.11/09/2014

We ordered the towing mirrors and they worked great! Delivery was spot on in time for our inaugural trip. Great job, great product! Thank you! 160050

- CTM3400A

by: RAE10/08/2014

Driver side mirror does not fit very well and I had to modify by heating the housing up and bending it to fit better over the OEM mirror housing. 155223

- CTM3400A

by: tim p03/10/2017

the best I found to fit 2001 Grand Cherokee at a reasonable price. Not perfect but as good as its gonna get at this price. No regrets here. 350844

- CTM3400A

by: Nancy and Ted08/20/2016

Best ever!! Perfect fit. Easy to put on. Easy to adjust. We love them. We got a second pair for just in case!! 285990

- CTM3400A

by: Marcus B.07/15/2016

Incredibly easy to install and very secure. Much better than my previous mirrors from a different company. 272251

- CTM3400A

by: Ron P.05/01/2012

These are great. Fit perfectly and work great. Easy to install. Highly recommend these slide on mirrors. 38978

- CTM3400A

by: Jeepstir10/31/2015

Brilliant design, fit perfect on my 2002 Grand cherokee, and work well. We'll see how well they last. 231197

- CTM3400A

by: Nancy H11/18/2015

Love these, fit well. Exactly what we wanted. Order was filled and delivered promptly. Thanks 232193

- CTM3400A

by: Phil P.07/24/2013

Received in a timely manor, installed in seconds. Fit perfectly. Thanks etrailer!!! 91338

- CTM3400A

by: Jeremy02/23/2015

Products arrived within a week and in great condition. Will definitely order again 175792

- CTM3400A

by: David H.08/15/2017

Very easy to install in just minutes. Helpful when I launch our 20' boat. 420704

- CTM3400A

by: Carl Bennett08/28/2016

The mirrors are very good item they work very good for towing a trailer 288680

- CTM3400A

by: Steve M.02/15/2011

Seem to work very well. Very good product. Well pleased!! 7197

- CTM3400A

by: Mac09/21/2013

Awesome product. Fits perfect. Works as described 100879

- CTM3400A

by: chris p08/14/2016

very simple slipped over existing mirrors, sweet 283733

- CTM3400A

by: DB09/16/2015

Super simple to install, yet looks to be sturdy. 225786

- CTM3400A

by: Leo02/07/2011

used this product this weekend worked g reat 6765

- CTM3400A

by: Craig04/12/2017

They get the job done and were economic al. 366505

- CTM3400A

by: Tonya Crouch02/24/2012

Good customer service, fast delivery!!! 32441

- CTM3400A

by: jt07/05/2012

perfect fit. does vibrate a little. 46800

- CTM3400A

by: BOB E.05/22/2013


- CTM3400A

by: Jerry08/06/2012

Fits perfectly! 50670

- CTM3400A

by: Ilias AP09/25/2014

Great fit! 153103

- CTM4000

by: TJ G.02/04/2011

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

I installed the CTM4000 towing mirrors on a 2004 Toyota Tundra with a Northstar TC-650 slide-in camper installed in the bed. Initial mirror installation was really quite easy, but the instructions were confusing and the line drawings of little or no help. What made installation easy was the photo that one of the experts emailed me. Subsequent installation and removal is a snap. Fit is quite good on the Toyota Tundra; the OEM mirrors are not at all obscured and remain useful for wide-angle rear viewing. Longview mirrors provide a very good rear view on the driver's side, particularly in combination with the OEM mirrors. The right side view is not quite as good; an additional 2 inch lateral extension would improve visibility in my application. Nevertheless, the rear view on that side is very much greater than provided by OEM mirrors alone. Bottom Line: the Longview mirrors are a bit pricey compared with other available extension mirrors, but their tailoring to my specific vehicle, their performance, their ease of use and particularly the thoughtful and courteous customer service I got from makes them a winner. I'd happily recommend them to anybody who needs towing extension mirrors. 6646

- CTM1500

by: toys4dad08/15/2013

Review from a similar Longview The Original in Custom Towing Mirrors

this is the second set I have purchased this summer (traded trucks). mirrors do a great job of improving the rear vision of trailer. Gets out and beyond the camper. Both sets function great the second pair the finish had some minor inperfections but they are after all temporary mirrors. I would buy rhem again. Great price for great reults. I also parked truck in the hot sun and put a cord around mirrors just to form it tighter to my mirrors on second set not needed, just me 95304


still very happy with them

toys4dad - 03/05/2015

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  • Availability of Custom Towing Mirrors for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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  • What Towing Mirrors Are Available For a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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  • Custom Mirror Extension for a 2004 Dodge Durango
  • There are some Universal Towing Mirrors available for your your 2004 Durango, but at this time there are no custom slide on mirrors like the CTM3400A you referenced. Two of our best sellers are the K-Source Universal Clip-On mirror, part # KS3891 and the Cipa Deluxe Door Mount Mirror, part # 11650. I have also linked you to the other universal fit options. To see some product demonstration videos featuring the mirrors I recommended, click the provided links.
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  • Availability of Replacement Hardware Kit for Custom Towing Mirrors on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Yes, we have the replacement hardware for your Original Custom Towing Mirror, item # CTM3400A. You will need the Replacement Hardware Kit, item # KLV-2210.
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  • Slide on Towing Mirrors for 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel
  • The particular slide-on towing mirrors you referenced, Longview # CTM3400A, do fit the Jeep Grand Cherokee model years 1999 through 2004, but not the 2014. We offer universal-fit mirrors that will do the job for your 2014 GC. The link provided will take you to our main page for universal-fit towing mirrors. These come in several varieties: clip-on, door-mount and fender-mount. Our most highly-rated clip on mirror is the K-Source Universal Towing Mirror # KS3891. This is sold as a...
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  • Brake Controller and Towing Mirrors for a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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  • Towing Mirror Options for a 2009 Jeep Liberty Sport
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  • Availability of Clip On Towing Mirrors for 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee
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  • Replacement Hardware Recommendation For Longview Towing Mirrors
  • The replacement hardware we offer for the # CTM3400A extension mirrors is part # KLV-2210. this kit includes the replacement hooks and knobs for the mirror.
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  • Does the The Original Custom Towing Mirror CTM3400A Have Flat or Convex Glass
  • According to Longview Mirror, the driver and passenger side slide on towing mirrors # CTM3400A are constructed of flat glass, neither concave nor convex. This would give you an accurate depth perception of vehicles behind you.
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