Longview custom towing mirrors for your 2016 Ford F-150 are available from etrailer.com. Installation instructions and reviews for your Ford custom towing mirrors. Expert service, and cheapest custom towing mirrors price guarantee. etrailer.com carries a complete line of Longview products. Order your Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side part number LVT-2300-C online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side

Item # LVT-2300-C

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Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror

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for 2016 Ford F-150 3Longview Custom Towing Mirror
for 2016 Ford F-150 7Longview Custom Towing Mirror
for 2016 Ford F-150 2Longview Custom Towing Mirror
for 2016 Ford F-150 1Longview Custom Towing Mirror
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Customer Photos

Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror
Longview Custom Towing Mirror

  • Slide-On Mirror
  • Longview
  • Non-Heated
  • Pair of Mirrors
  • Fits Driver and Passenger Side
  • Manual
  • Custom Fit

2016 Ford F-150 - Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side

Custom-fit towing mirrors slide onto your Ford F-150's existing mirrors to expand your field of vision. Tool-free installation - mirror tightens into place with a hand knob.


  • Towing mirrors slip over your factory side-view mirrors to extend your lines of sight
    • Give you a better view of the road and your trailer
    • Lets you safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park
  • First-surface chrome plating on mirror face minimizes distortion and helps to reduce glare
  • Manually adjustable mirror face lets you customize your view
  • Aerodynamic shape helps to prevent vibration and wind noise
  • Custom design provides a perfect, secure fit for your vehicle
  • Add-on mirrors will not obstruct factory mirrors and will not interfere with adjustments to factory mirrors or light controls
  • Quick, tool-free installation in 3 easy steps
    • Slide towing mirror over factory mirror
    • Hook arm around inside edge of factory mirror
    • Tighten hand knob to secure towing mirror in place
  • Durable ABS plastic housing
  • Driver's- and passenger's-side mirrors included
  • Made in the USA
  • 6-Month warranty

Extend your field of vision and reduce blind spots with these easy-to-install, slip-on towing mirrors from Longview. By attaching these mirrors to your factory side-view mirrors, you will be able to see past the end of your trailer so that you can safely and easily change lanes, pass other motorists, and park. The reflective chrome plating on the front of each mirror face allows for clear, undistorted images and helps to reduce glare. And the housing of each slide-on mirror is constructed of durable ABS plastic, as are the included components.

Regular Mirror on Ford F-150

The picture above shows the type of factory mirrors that these towing mirrors will fit. These mirrors won't interfere with adjustments to your factory mirrors or light controls, and they fit on mirrors with or without puddle lights on the bottom. The towing mirrors are designed to seamlessly fit the contours of your factory side-view mirrors. Plus, they won't scratch or mark your factory mirrors when mounted. Installation is a snap: Just slide the towing mirror over your OEM mirror and insert the provided arm and hand knob through the back of the mirror housing. Then hook the arm around the inside edge of your OEM mirror. Finally, tighten the hand knob to secure the towing mirror in place.

LVT-2300C Long View Slip-On Towing Mirrors - 1 Pair

LVT-2300-C Installation InstructionsInstallation Details LVT-2300-C Installation instructions

Video of Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Longview Custom Towing Mirrors LVT-2300-C Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number LVT-2300-C. These are the long view customer towing mirrors, they're going to feature a slip on design for both the driver and passenger side of your vehicle. These are going to fit the Ford F150 beginning with the year 2015. The towing mirrors are going to slip over factory side view mirrors. They're going to help extend the lines of sight. It's going to give you a better view of the road and your trailer.

It's going to let you safely and easily change lanes, pass and park. Now it's going to feature first surface chrome plating on the mirror face that's going to minimize distortion. It's also going to help reduce glare. The mirror faces are manually adjustable simply by pressing in on the corners that way you can achieve the particular angle you need for you application. They're also going to feature a nice aero dynamic design so that's going to help prevent vibration and wind noise as you head down the road. The custom design is going to provide a perfect fit for your vehicle, nice and secure fit.

It's going to have a couple pads right here on it so, you're going to have some foam padding that is already pre installed and that's really going to help absorb any shock which is going to reduce vibration and it's going to provide that nice tight secure fit. As well as protect the finish on your factory mirror. Now each mirror is going to be labeled on what side of the vehicle it goes on. Right here you're going to have a big LH and on the other one you're going to have a RH so, left hand side and right hand side. Really nice design, they have a really nice look to them. Again they're going to provide a nice custom fit.

The add on mirrors are not going to obstruct your factory mirrors. It's not going to interfere with adjustments that need to be made to your factory mirrors or any light controls or anything like that. Another neat feature about the unit is that it's a quick tool free installation. Just a few easy steps. First step is going to be this slide the towing mirror over your factory mirror. Then, you're going to take one of your hook arms, place it around the inside edge of your factory mirror, and then, the threaded portion comes back through this hole at the back of the towing mirror.

Once you have that back there all you have to do is thread on one of the thumb screws and tighten the hand nob to secure the towing mirror in place. Once you have the done on both sides make sure it is nice and tight and you're going to be ready to hit the road. These are going to be made from a durable abs plastic construction when it comes to the housing. You're going to get both the driver side and passenger side mirrors. If we take a measurement of the mirror face real quick. Measuring this direction it's going to be about 5 1/2 inches. Measuring the height right here in the middle it's going to be about 4 1/2 inches. If we take a measurement from the end of the housing to this point right here directly in the center, this is going to be about how far it's going to extend off of the factory mirror. We can see that's going to measure right around 7 inches. Again the towing mirrors are going to be a custom fit for your vehicle and they're going to be made right here in the USA. That's going to do it for today's look at part numb LVT-2300-C.

Customer Reviews

Longview Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver and Passenger Side - LVT-2300-C

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (197 Customer Reviews)

Custom-fit towing mirrors slide onto your vehicle's existing mirrors to expand your field of vision. Tool-free installation - mirror tightens into place with a hand knob.

- LVT-2300-C

by: Max C01/09/2016

The mirrors fit on my chrome mirrors on my 2015 F150 lariat crew cab great. I put them on today just to check them out as I will not be pulling camper until spring. I had looked all over since I bought truck last May and this is the only place I have been able to fine a pair to fit. 235107


Those look awesome on your F1 50 we just purchased a 2015 F1 50 Lariat crew cab also Do you know if the mirrors disable any of the functions except for I know the sidelight will not work and turn signal on the Side of the mirror? I have the chrome package another comment said it would work fine and are you still happy with your purchase ? And does it seem to have a good overall view we have a 31 foot airstream to pull. Any information will be helpful thanks Dale

-- comment by: Dale - 03/04/2016


I have no regrets at all about buying these mirrors. I pull a 30 foot camper and at times a 25 foot boat and have absolutely no problem seeing. They work great and look good also.

Max C - 01/08/2017


- LVT-2300-C

by: CAV02/21/2017

My F150 trailer mirror extensions arrived today & of course I immediately had to get them out of the box & make sure they fit my Ford Lariat crew cab truck. As you can see in the pictures, they fit great & will help my famiy be safe on the road while towing our camper. I have the option on the Lariat to fold in the mirrors against the door & the mirrors extensions store well in that position. My only complaint is the mirrors extensions cover up the blinker built into the side mirrors, but they are easy to install & reinstall. If you have a Ford F-150 & are towing any trailer, boat or camper this is a must have product. 344277

- LVT-2300-C

by: Joe B. - Hudson WI.12/12/2016

The product fit's my 2015 F-150 Lariatt with chrome mirrors perfectly. They fit snug to the factory mirrors and do not vibrate while driving. With the padding provided with the mirrors, there is no scratching the finish on the chrome exterior of the mirrors. Rear visibility is very good while pulling our 32 foot R.V. When our trips are complete, I simply store the Longview Mirrors in the RV storage area, and my $$$ truck looks great with the chrome mirrors vs. factory towing mirrors. The attached photo shows the type of mirror's on my truck that your Longview Custom Towing Mirrors attach perfectly to. I wish a photo of the F-150 factory chrome mirrors would have been available when I ordered my Longview Mirrorws so I hope this photo helps you out. Also note, if your truck has the Lane Changing Warning System, it is not the Longview Mirrors that disable the system, it is the trailer(s) you are towing. 324396

- LVT-2300-C

by: Gerald H07/22/2016

They fit perfectly! They look good, no untidy looking straps showing, they fit on the back of the mirror with one hook type clamp to hold it in place that is unnoticeable. It literally takes 20 seconds to install each one and they are snug and secure. Most importantly, they offer a view down the side of my fifth wheel camper that I wasn't able to get with the stock mirrors. Money well spent! 274979

- LVT-2300-C

by: jorge04/29/2016

The mirrors fit my 2015 F150 Platinum exactly as described. The only thing I am worried about is the hook. It seems a little flimsy and I question how long it will last. 247516


We have been going several trips this year and they are still great!

jorge - 04/29/2017


- LVT-2300-C

by: Paul M11/05/2015

these fit my 2015 f150 fine, I really dont care for how they attach, they are not as solid as my cipa that i had for my 2010 ford, the mirrors are not as large, but they were the only ones available. I havent tried the on the interstate yet.. 231456


I stated I didnt like they attached,broke one.expense lesson. Bought snap and zap mirrors,they are larger and snapon.lots better

Paul M - 11/07/2016


- LVT-2300-C

by: Robert03/12/2016

Well, this review is not about the LVT-2300-C extension mirrors, but about etrailer.com... I ordered the Longview mirrors and they arrived quickly. All was great until I opened the box and found the attaching pieces were missing ("straps" and "knobs"). With an upcoming trip, I was pretty sure I would be going and towing without the aid of the Longview extension mirrors. So, early the next morning, I called etrailer and explained my dilemma. The representative was understanding and committed to getting a solution. She said she would call Longview and explain and get them to help. She did, and they did! Well, thanks to the EXEMPLARY customer service by both etrailer and Longview, the needed parts arrived at my house in plenty of time. I am absolutely delighted with the service from etrailer... they certainly deserve their excellent reputation! 240636

- lvt-2300-c

by: John M.07/12/2017

They were very easy to put on my Ford truck and look nice. 404786

- LVT-2300-C

by: Leroy S05/27/2016

Excellent product; I was looking for something that is good and within my budget, because replacing my side mirrors was out of the question due to the price. This work prefect on my 2015 Ford lariat 4x4, but it does have plastic hook and nut to hold the mirror in place. They look OK but being a DV I do have problems with my hands so a little hard for me to secure the nut. Which I think one day they might break, so check the web and they do sell the hook & nut separate, so thinking about buying a pair as a back-up if needed. Had no problems with website or placing my order and once again excellent product. 252182


Excellent product no problems installing and removing them, and no marks on my side mirrors. Truck looks good and gives the coverage on looking at my 38ft travel trailer.

Leroy S - 06/02/2017


- LVT-2300-C

by: Jeff04/22/2016

Recently received these Longview custom towing mirrors for my 2015 Ford F-150. Have been using a less than optimal set of universal door mounted mirrors since buying truck because no one (CIPA, for example) appeared to make slip on mirrors for the new F-150 mirror style. Did another Google search this week and suddenly found these. Reviewed very helpful video to confirm the installation process and then ordered. Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for and etrailer.com ordering process was very easy to follow to include tracking number so I knew when they had arrived at my post office. Thanks! 246507

- LVT-2300-C

by: RC03/23/2017

Fits well over mirror, provided some needed field of view. Could be better. Mirror should be larger, to more closely match the size of the factory mirror. Shell should have clear plastic embedded so the blinking of the turn signal in the factory mirror is not rendered useless. If the mirror were larger and split 70/30 so the lower small portion can be set separate from the top, it would make this the perfect mirror. Tried to tell these things to the manufacturers, but the were not receptive of suggestions. Will buy a better product if one is ever made with the few items I suggest. 357400

- LVT-2300-C

by: Gerald05/26/2016

I just purchased a new F-150 and needed some good trailer towing mirrors. On my last towing vehicle I had some mirror extensions which wobbled and moved at freeway speed, making it difficult to see clearly. These mirrors fit perfectly on to the existing mirrors of my truck. They are easy and fast to install or remove, are just as stable as the factory mirrors on the truck and do not interfere with with the operation of them. I now feel much more confident when towing my travel trailer, as I have a clear view of traffic beside and behind me. I'm very pleased with this purchase. 252040

- LVT-2300-C

by: Ray E.10/06/2016

When I bought my 2015 F150, extended mirrors never came up as something I would ever need, since this was our first camper. Upon figuring out that I definitely needed them, and the truck did not come equipped with them, I set out to find a pair. I checked the E-Trailer website and saw that they had a great assortment of trailer related products. I found the set of extended mirrors I needed and ordered them. The first time I used them, they were easy to put over the existing mirrors and were very easy to adjust. All I can say about them is that they are great! 303674

- LVT-2300-C

by: Phil T07/18/2016

These mirrors fit perfectly onto the factory mirrors on our 2016 Ford F150. We can now see down the side and slightly into the lane behind our 8 foot wide travel trailer. The mirrors install without any tools in much less than one minute. At 65 mph, they are stable, no visible vibration in the image. There is a slight bit more wind noise than without them, but nothing annoying. I highly recommend these mirrors for towing a trailer that is too tall to see over. As usual, etrailer shipped these promptly, packaged well and they arrived right on schedule. 273481

- LVT-2300-C

by: John03/12/2017

Great detachable towing mirrors. They are attached easily with a thumb screw and are secure with no wind buffeting through many miles of expressway and rural driving. They also match the existing truck mirrors and do not stand out as beign an attached part. My only concern is the rubber pads with help to hold them on are beginning to wear and slip but I am sure they can be replaced if necessary, and the mirrors themselves are a but small, though when properly adjusted they are adequate for the job. I would purchase these mirrors again in a heartbeat. 351782

- LVT-2300-C

by: Art B.08/25/2016

The mirrors fit great and look good and most of all do the job. We left on a short trip one hour after they were delivered. 287724

- LVT-2300-C

by: Tom10/20/2016

I have had these for a year now and they still work as good as the day I got them. I love them because they're easy to put on when I am towing and just as easy to take off and store when I'm done. They're sturdy and have held up well. Still fasten firm & snug over my stock F150 mirrors and hold without any vibration or movement hen you're moving down the road. They give me the extra visibility I need to see down the side of my travel trailer without being too unwieldy. Definitely recommend them to anyone. 309066

- LVT-2300-C

by: Pat B.02/25/2016

The mirrors fit perfectly on my 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat with the chrome appearance package. I found that it was easier to install the plastic locking hardware if I threaded the plastic hook through the hole on the mirror and screwed on the knob a couple of turns before hooking over the rim of the factory mirror. I rated the mirrors 4 instead of 5 only because I don't think the locking hardware will last very long. I ordered an extra set of locking hardware for that reason. 238648

- LVT-2300-C

by: JeffL04/21/2016

The mirrors went on easily and they work great. I am particularly happy that I can leave the mirrors on and still use the power folding function. With my previous extension mirrors I had to remove them before using the power folding function. This is my first purchase from Etrailer but it won't be my last. The service was great and the phone staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent videos and tutorials...though as I said this went on easily. 246318

- LVT-2300-C

by: Keith C.12/31/2015

The mirrors are a nice fit for a 2015 F-150 Ford Truck. The way they attach to the truck mirror prevents vibration of mirror. I had purchased previous tow mirrors from local part store and have since returned them after receiving these mirrors and trying them out. No comparison! These mirrors are much better. Would highly recommend these mirrors. The mirrors were purchased to help better see behind my 30 ft. RV. Great mirrors for the price! 234549

- LVT-2300-C

by: Joel D.01/28/2017

I have 2 pick-up to tow my trailer, 1 have the tow-mirror stock from Ford. The other one i used these after-market trailer tow mirror. They are great. I used it always when i tow with my pick-up (about 90% of the time) They are very useful. 336356

- LVT-2300-C

by: Eric H04/20/2016

These fit great on my 2015 F150. They can be installed and removed in literally just a few seconds. After a long tow with these add-on's, I have to say I liked using these better than the factory telescoping mirrors on my last truck. I had a slight vibration on the right side, but not enough to make it ineffective, and I'm sure I can fix it with an extra bit of stick-on foam in the right place. I would recommend these to anyone. 246175

- LVT-2300-C

by: Dave C10/17/2016

I used these for the first time this past weekend and wow what a difference! they gave me view of my entire trailer with no more blind spots! I have a new 2015 ford F150 and these were the only extensions I have found that work well on the new mirrors. super easy to install and remove and while traveling at 65 mph there was no vibration from wind or truck they were as clear as could be! thanks etrailer! well worth the price! 307784

- LVT-2300-C

by: Aaron02/13/2017

Solid. A little tip, start the threading before wrapping the clip around the front. I missed this step in the instructions and spent a while trying to get the fastener to thread on my first try. Now they pop on and off very quickly. I do worry a little about the longevity of the threading as it is plastic, but as long as I start the threading before clipping, it shouldn't be a problem. 341284

- LVT-2300-C

by: SuzieQ06/27/2016

Shipped in a timely manner. Mirrors are just what we needed. Easy to install. One suggestion: put the mirror on then start the knob on the screw then put the clip on the mirror. If you don't it's almost impossible to put the turn knob on. Would buy from again. Thank you for having these mirrors. We've had our new truck for a year and no mirrors were available not even from Ford. 265450

- LVT-2300-C

by: Laura03/03/2016

Mirrors arrived quickly and they fit perfect. I'll be testing them with the trailer next week and I don't anticipate any issues. I have had the "other" brand on my previous trucks but this brand seems to just fit better than the others ever did. I especially like the pre-installed foam pads. No guessing where the little pads go! Always a great buying experience with etrailer! 239496

- LVT-2300-C

by: Richard B11/06/2015

The mirrors fit right on to 2015 f 150 Mirrors, they seem to do the job for me haven,t really put in any towing time yet just got them today. I only wish they would have modified mirrors to accommodate the signal flasher light on the truck mirror. otherwise they look good and would re- order if I needed them. Thank you Canadian Citizen 231540

- LVT-2300-C

by: Grant O.07/11/2016

I rated this product as excellent because it did fit snugly and was easy to install. However I have not tested it on the road yet so I am not sure how well they will be but based on their fit I don't expect any issues. I am concerned about the plastic hook and knob holding up over time. If they do break, I hope that replacements are available to purchase - or better yet, free. 270469

- LVT-2300-C

by: Stephen D.06/15/2017

I used these on my F150 to tow a 27' travel trailer. I have towed approximately 4,000 miles with these mirrors, including a trip from Southern California to Yellowstone and back. They work great! Never rattle or move (not one adjustment or need to tighten once they are on). And the provide a great field of veiw. I highly recommend these mirrors and would buy again. 394482

- LVT-2300-C

by: Leah W.04/11/2017

Love these mirrors... they are easy to install, nice quality adjustable glass mirrors in solid heavy plastic housings that put them perfectly where we need them when towing. etrailers helped me with these as the ones I had originally ordered were not available so they recommended these at a much better price... excellent customer service and highly recommend! 365722

- LVT-2300-C

by: John L03/09/2016

Easy enough to put on, although not quite like the instructions. I have to start screwing down the back of it and then slip it over the mirror casing to make it work. Once it's on however, there wasn't one issue with it vibrating or anything while traveling. Very secure and provides excellent views that my standard mirrors cannot. Highly recommend! 240323


Still loving this product a year later. The only issue Ive ever had is the installation of them with the clip but I know exactly how to do it now so thats even not an issue. No vibration issues either. Highly recommend!

John L - 03/10/2017


- LVT-2300-C

by: Mike10/16/2016

Super easy install on my 2016 F150 XLT. As others stated, screw the nut on a couple threads and slid it over mirror and clip pops right on. Then tighten nut. No noise, no vibration, no re-tightening on a 200 mile trip. I am towing a 24 foot long, 8 foot wide travel trailer. My vision down the sides and to the back of the trailer was excellent. 307758

- LVT-2300-C

by: Roger S07/24/2016

Fit my F150 perfectly. I read a prior to my purchase that the mounting straps seemed cheap so I ordered a extra set. I think they will be ok if they are not overtightened. The mirrors do not interfer with the puddle lights. They do cover the turn indicaters. I'm considering drilling three or four 3/8" holes in them so the flashers can be seen. 275841

- LVT-2300-C

by: Paul H11/18/2016

I have a 2015 Ford F 150, heated power adjustable mirrors. I just pulled my new travel trailer home from the dealer, the Longview custom slide on mirrors are great. What a job of engineering, they are so simple to install and for me they don't shake or vibrate. I am very pleased that I was able to find a product of this quality. 317953

- LVT-2300-C

by: Mark S.10/22/2016

I am extremely well satisfied with every aspect (product, price, quality, and delivery) of my order from etrailer.com. I would highly recommend them to a friend and would not hesitate to order from them again. The towing mirrors fit like a glove and the Bolt locks are extremely well built and open with my truck key. Awesome! 311473

- LVT-2300-C

by: Ken05/31/2016

I can only give them a 4 (for fit only) as I have not used them on the road yet. They do fit great and they are very easy to put on and take off. Will have to see how they work on the road (vibration, etc.) I bought them for my new 2016 Ford F-150 and was glad to see that there was a product available for it. 254786

- LVT-2300-C

by: Dee06/09/2016

These fit perfect on our 2015 F150 - a nice snug fit so little to no movement. They are very easy to install, adjust and remove. We purchased these to tow our 33' travel trailer. Prior to purchasing the towing mirrors it was difficult to tow our travel trailer due to blind spots - problem is solved. 259322

- LVT-2300-C

by: BLE08/14/2017

Ordering was easy. Mirrors fit truck mirrors as advertised. Two piece installation per mirror, no parts missing. Box was beat up from transit (Thank you USPS!) however, mirrors were undamaged. Rated 4 out 5 only due to fact that I have not road tested. Confident that I will not be disappointed. 419976

- LVT-2300-C

by: Jay H03/01/2016

Great mirrors. Etrailer continuously sells quality products that fit. I tried to save a few dollars and bought a set from a different dealer, needless to say they didn't fit. The mirrors from etrailer are awesome, fit correctly and make pulling my trailer so much easier. Great product. 239045

- LVT-2300-C

by: Mark Smith03/27/2016

I looked all last year for extension mirrors for my 2015 F150 and couldn't find any that would fit properly. I contacted etrailer a week or so ago and they had the product that I needed. The service was super and the mirrors actually arrived early. The customer service was great. 242036

- LVT-2300-C

by: Harry S04/17/2017

I love my detachable side mirrors. Why? Because they are easy on and easy off. They allow perfect vision and safety while I am pulling my travel trailer. Don't look around for other brands, don't hesitate to buy. Buy them now you will be very satisfied like I am with this product. 368313

- LVT-2300-C

by: Ned J04/19/2017

Ordered extended mirrors for my pickup to pull our travel trailer with. The sales lady I spoke with was very knowledgeable and courteous. 1st travel trailer for us, received the product two days later and they fit perfectly. I'll be calling etrailer again for sure. Thanks Ned 369657

- LVT-2300-C

by: Ray C.08/23/2016

i needed some towing mirrors for my 2016 F-150 and thought I would try these. They are excellent! Longview Towing Mirrors do not shake at all! And they slide right on with ease. I have had others that I was unhappy with but these were exactly what I needed! Great product! 286943

- LVT-2300-C

by: Bobbi Y06/22/2017

We bought a new camper and needed mirrors for our truck. The mirrors fit perfectly. Does not cause scratching to existing mirrors and product was received BEFORE expected date of delivery! Excellent service, quality and value! We will deal with ETRAILER again. 397449

- LVT-2300-C

by: Ridge T04/25/2017

These slide-on towing mirrors are perfect. I saw a comment on one of the forums this model does not fit the F-150. They commentor ordered the wrong item for his particular mirror. These are fantastic and I could not be happier. And by the way, etrailer was great. 372218

- LVT-2300-C

by: Willard Lyons03/19/2017

It is a very good product. I like the extension it gave me without the expense of buying new mirrors. There easy to put on and take off, (Takes me about 5 minutes to put them both on or take off). Durable and don't do all that vibration that other mirrors do. 355739

- LVT-2300-C

by: Don S.02/14/2017

I was hesitant on ordering these, only because I didn't want to order them if they didn't fit. I called them and they about guaranteed a fit and they do. Very easy to put on and work great. Color matched my 2015 F-150. I have recommended them to a friend. 341817

- LVT-2300-C

by: K and N04/21/2017

The mirrors are easy to install. The give us the additional rear view of the RV that we needed. With them installed we are still able to fold in the truck mirrors. Seem to be well made and well designed. We are extremely pleased with this product. 370349

- LVT-2300-C

by: Dave07/17/2016

The mirrors for my 2016 F150 arrived a day early so I was able to use them over the weekend on a short camping trip. The mirrors were easy to install and had little to on vibration while we were driving. This is a good and inexpensive product. 273066

- LVT-2300-C

by: Hal Mcc01/23/2017

Thanks for making the order process easy to understand and complete. The delivery was made in a fast and the product was exactly what I needed, ordered and wanted. Thank you and I will definitely order additional products from your company. 337287

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  • Longview mirror offers the # LVT-2300-C Custom Silde-On Mirrors that will be a fit for the 2015 Ford F150. Due to the F150's redesign for the 2015 model year, the mirrors you mentioned wouldn't be a fit.
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  • Slip-On Towing Mirrors for a 2016 Ford F-150 with Powered and Heated Factory Side Mirrors
  • Yes, the Longview towing mirrors # LVT-2300-C are designed to fit on the powered and heated mirrors on your 2016 Ford F-150. I have linked a video showing an example installation of these mirrors for you.
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  • Tow Mirror Recommendation for a 2015 Ford Expedition
  • We have towing mirrors that will work for you, but the part # LVT-2300-C has not been confirmed to fit your 2015 Ford Expedition so I cannot recommend them for you. I recommend the K Source Universal Clip-On Towing Mirror, part # KS3891 for your truck. As long as you have a lip on the edge of your mirrors, these will work great for you. These mirrors are sold individually and will attach to either the driver or the passenger side mirrors. These mirrors measure 7-3/4 inches tall by 5-1/8...
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  • Recommended Towing Mirrors For 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat With Blind Spot Monitor
  • The towing mirrors we offer that will work on your Lariat are the K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors, part # KS81850. These will not interfere with the BSDS camera and also let you retain the other features like turn signals, puddle lamps or LED spotlights if your mirrors are equipped. I called my contact at Longview and asked about your 2016 Lariat. They said the # LVT-2300-C does cover the monitor and will not work on your vehicle.
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  • CIPA or Longview Towing Mirrors for a 2016 Ford F-150
  • The CIPA mirrors part # CM11550 and the Longview part # LVT-2300-C are both confirmed fits for your 2016 Ford F-150. The biggest benefit the Longview set has is that it's been around longer and we have gotten only positive reviews from our customers who have tried them. They have a perfect 5 star rating so I would recommend them highly for you. The CIPA mirror has a different attachment method plus different mirror shape. I am sure it will work great, but since I know how well our...
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  • Availability of Custom-Fit Towing Mirrors for 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat
  • We do in fact have some slip-on towing mirrors for your 2015 F-150 Lariat! The Longivew # LVT-2300-C is a set of two slip-on towing mirrors confirmed to fit either the manual, powered or powered/heated OEM mirrors supplied on your truck. The linked video illustrates installation. Another option is the CIPA # CM11550 which is also a set of two mirrors that fit all OEM configurations. Additional features on factory mirrors (turn signals, automatic dim, memory, puddle lights, etc.)...
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  • Towing Mirrors and Backup Cameras to See Behind a 2015 Ford F-150 and/or Trailer
  • The factory mirrors on your 2015 Ford F-150 likely slide out farther than the slip-on towing mirrors # LVT-2300-C so they would not be any more beneficial to you. Your best option is going to be a door mount such as # 11650 or # WM6600. I have linked video reviews of both mirrors for you. Another option is to use a camera system to get a better view of what is going on behind you while to you tow and drive. There is actually a great 2-camera system that will allow you more than one angle...
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  • Towing Mirror Fits for a 2016 Ford F-150
  • The CIPA mirrors part # CM11550 that you referenced have been confirmed as a fit for your 2016 Ford F-150 with power/heated mirrors. Sometimes manufacturers don't update their webpages when they have new fits. But these mirrors are a confirmed fit. CIPA makes great tow mirrors that will fit securely on your vehicle. The Longview Mirrors part # LVT-2300-C that you referenced are also a confirmed fit. I attached an install video that shows these mirrors on a similar 2016 Ford F-150 as well.
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  • Custom Fit Towing Mirror Recommendation for 2015 Ford F-150
  • Either one of the CIPA # CM11550 or Longview # LVT-2300-C towing mirrors will work well for you. As you pointed out, the CIPA mirror will allow more of the mirror's turn signal to be visible. One feature of the Longview mirror that I really like is the hook arm that secures the towing mirror on the inside of the factory mirror. This helps provide a secure installation for the mirror. I have attached an installation video of the Longview # LVT-2300-C mirrors ion a 2015 F-150 for you.
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  • Dimensions of CIPA Custom Slip on Towing Mirrors CM11550 and Longview Towing Mirrors LVT-2300-C
  • I was able to go out to the warehouse and measure both the CIPA # CM11550 and the Longview # LVT-2300-C mirrors for you. These are both a confirmed fit for your 2016 Ford F-150 XLT Super Crew. You are correct that the Longview housing and mirror are larger than the CIPA mirrors. I have attached the measurements of both mirrors to this page for your convenience. The CIPA mirror measures 16-1/2 inches in overall length and 9-3/4 inches in overall height. The mirror itself measures...
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  • CIPA or Longview Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F-150
  • Either one of the CIPA # CM11550 or Longview # LVT-2300-C towing mirrors will work well for you. As you pointed out, the CIPA mirror will allow more of the mirror's turn signal to be visible. CIPA makes very high quality mirrors and even though we don't have any feedback yet on them since they are very new I would still recommend them for you since they have such a great reputation and all of their other custom fit mirrors fit very well. The attachment method for either mirror would...
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  • Slip-On Towing Mirrors for 2015 Toyota Tundra Limited
  • We can help you with slip-on towing mirrors for your 2015 Toyota Tundra Limited but the Longview Mirror Set # LVT-2300-C is a confirmed fit for Ford trucks only. For your 2015 Tundra we can offer you options designed specifically for your truck. For slip-on towing mirrors you can use the CIPA # CM11300, which will fit manual, powered or powered/heated mirrors. If your OEM mirrors have power, heat and built-in turn signals, you can instead use custom replacement mirror set # KS70103-04T...
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  • Slip On Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F-150 XLT
  • Yes we do. The most popular tow mirror option we carry for the 2015 Ford F-150 XLT is the Longview mirror part # LVT-2300-C which has been confirmed as a fit and would work well. These are a great set of mirrors that have a perfect rating from our customers who have tried them so I would recommend them for you. I attached an install video for you to check out as well.
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F150
  • I have a set of slip on towing mirrors that will fit your 2015 Ford F-150, but the part # 11801 is not the correct set. Instead you would want the part # LVT-2300-C that have been confirmed as a fit.
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  • Replacement Hook Recommendation for the Longview Towing Mirrors part # LVT-2300-C
  • For your part # LVT-2300-C we have the replacement hardware kit part # KLV-2310-C which includes new hooks and knobs.
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  • Fit of K-Source # KS3891 Universal Towing Mirror on 2015 Ford F150
  • The K-Source # KS3891 would fit the factory mirrors on the 2015 Ford F150. The K-Source mirrors secure to the factory mirror using ratcheting rubberized straps. The straps can be tightened up to the point where the K-Source universal mirror has very little if any vibration. As you can see from the product reviews, our customers rate this mirror very highly. Longview offers a custom slide on mirror you might be interested in, part # LVT-2300-C. Due to the fact that it's custom designed...
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum
  • The towing mirrors part # LVT-2300-C have been confirmed to fit your 2015 Ford F-150. I pulled up pictures of the mirrors on a 2015 Ford F-150 Platinum and they are the same style as what these mirrors are designed to fit. I attached a picture of the mirror style these are designed to fit.
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2016 Ford F-150
  • Yes we do. The Longview tow mirrors part # LVT-2300-C are a confirmed fit for your 2016 Ford F-150 that would fit and work well. These are a custom fit mirror designed to fit your exact vehicle that will give you a great view behind you when you are towing. I attached an install video that shows these mirrors installed on a 2016 Ford F-150 just like yours. I also attached a picture of what they will look like when installed.
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  • Would the Longview Towing Mirrors part # LVT-2300-C Scratch Paint of 2015 Ford F-150 Mirror
  • Where the Longview Towing Mirrors part # LVT-2300-C will contact the painted surface of your 2015 Ford F-150 there are soft pads to prevent scratching. These will fit your mirrors just fine and would not leave scratches as long as you keep the mirrors clean.
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  • Would Longview Tow Mirrors on a 2015 Ford F-150 Block Functions of the Mirror
  • Turn signals and puddle lights may be obstructed when you install the # LVT-2300-C on your 2015 Ford F-150, but if you have a temperature sensor in the mirror it would still work fine. I attached an install video that shows the mirror being used on a similar 2015 F-150 as yours for you to check out as well.
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  • Tow Mirror Recommendation for 2016 F-150 with Turn Signals in Mirror Housing
  • The Longview mirror part # LVT-2300-C will fit your 2016 Ford F-150 with turn signals in the mirror housings but they will be covered up by the mirror. The better solution is the part # CM11550 which also fits but allows the signal to be visible still. I attached a review video for more info as well.
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  • Recommended Towing Mirrors For 2015 Ford F-150 With Viewing Range Suited For 102 Inch Trailer
  • For your 2015 Ford F-150, it all depends on your definition of "see around". All of the mirrors will give you an expanded view of the trailer but the adjustability is up to the driver for preferences. I recommend going with a long extension for your application or a dual mirror option for further adjustability. I've compared two of our more popular mirrors for you in the CIPA Custom Slip On Mirrors # CM11550 and the Longview Towing Mirrors # LVT-2300-C. These will have a cleaner look...
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  • Recommended Towing Mirror for Slip On Mirrors for Lexus 470
  • Longview Towing Mirrors # LVT-2300-C are custom-designed to fit on Ford pickups, but for your 1999 Lexus LX 470 we can offer you better options in universal-fit towing mirrors. K-Source offers their clip-on towing mirror # KS3891 (sold individually) that fits on both driver- and passenger-side mirrors. The linked video shows this 7-3/4- tall x 5-1/8-inch wide mirror that is secured to your OEM mirrors with its ratcheting straps. If you prefer the widest possible field of view I suggest...
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  • Availability of Custom-Fit Towing Mirrors for 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat
  • We offer a set of two custom-fit towing mirrors from Longview, part # LVT-2300-C, that will fit your F-150. These fit manual mirrors, powered mirrors with heat and powered mirrors without heat. These slip on your OEM mirrors and they are shown in the linked video. You can also use a clip-on style of universal mirror such as the K-Source # KS3891 or the CIPA # 7070 which simply attach to your OEM mirrors with adjustable arms and clamps. We also offer door-mount towing mirrors like # 11650...
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  • Custom Fit Towing Mirrors For 2015 Ford F-150
  • For a custom fit towing mirror for your 2015 Ford F-150, I recommend the Longview Custom Towing Mirrors, Slip-on # LVT-2300-C. These mirrors slip over the factory side mirrors to extend the driver's field of vision. The mirrors tighten to the factory mirror with a hand knob. Another option is to use a universal fit mirror, like the K-Source Universal Towing Mirror # KS3891. This towing mirror requires there to be space between the side mirror and the mirror housing for the towing mirror...
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  • Towing Mirrors Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F-150
  • For a set of towing mirrors confirmed to fit your 2015 Ford F-150 the Longview mirrors part # LVT-2300-C have been confirmed as a fit and would work well for you. These will slip onto the factory mirrors of your truck and will give you a better viewing angle behind your truck as you are towing.
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F-150
  • I really like how well the Longview part # LVT-2300-C install and function so I would highly recommend them. It also helps that these have a great rating with the customers of ours who have tried them. I wish we had an install video for the CIPA mirrors part # CM11550 but at this time (May 2016) these mirrors are so new we haven't had the chance to install them yet.
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  • Do Longview Custom Towing Mirrors LVT-2300-C Interfere with Ford BLIS Warning System
  • The Longview Custom Towing Mirrors # LVT-2300-C fit all the types of OEM mirrors offered on the 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat, manual, powered and heated. The sensors for the Ford BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) are located in the taillight assemblies according to information I found on the Ford owner's forum. I found nothing to indicate the sensors are mounted in the side view mirrors. Your owner's manual should indicate details on the system installed in your F-150. Some owner's...
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