K Source custom towing mirrors for your 2016 Ford F-150 are available from etrailer.com. Installation instructions and reviews for your Ford custom towing mirrors. Expert service, and cheapest custom towing mirrors price guarantee. etrailer.com carries a complete line of K Source products. Order your K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Driver and Passenger Side part number KS81850 online at etrailer.com or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.
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K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Driver and Passenger Side

Item # KS81850

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K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror

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K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror
K Source Custom Towing Mirror

  • Snap-On Mirror
  • K Source
  • Non-Heated
  • Pair of Mirrors
  • Fits Driver and Passenger Side
  • Manual
  • Custom Fit

2016 Ford F-150 - K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Driver and Passenger Side

Custom-fit towing mirrors securely snap over your Ford F-150's factory mirrors. They match the contours of your factory mirrors and retain use of factory turn signals, puddle lamps, BSDS camera, and LED spotlights. Simple, tool-free installation.


  • Towing mirrors snap over the backs of your factory side-view mirrors to extend your line of sight
    • Gives you an expanded view of the road and your trailer
    • Allows you to safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park
  • Manually adjustable mirror faces let you customize your view
  • Custom design matches the contours of your existing mirrors
    • Prevents vibration and wind noise
    • Provides a secure fit for your vehicle
  • Add-on mirrors retain the use of factory mirror features, such as turn signals, puddle lamps, LED spotlights, and BSDS camera
    • Do not obstruct factory mirror faces and do not interfere with adjustments to factory mirrors
  • OE-grade, flat glass with first-surface plating reflects clear images
    • Front of glass is plated with reflective chrome
    • Flat lens reflects true representation of object size
  • Easy, tool-free installation and removal - no hardware required
    • Built-in mounting clips grab the inside edges of your factory mirrors
    • Bottom tabs can be pushed in to remove the mirrors for garage storage or fitting into tight parking spaces
  • Black plastic housing provides a clean look and resists rust and corrosion
  • Driver's-side and passenger's-side mirrors are included
  • FMVSS approved


  • Overall length: 14"
  • Mirror face dimensions: 6-3/4" tall x 3-7/8" wide
  • 90-Day warranty

K-Source Snap-On Mirror for Ford F150

Note: These snap-on towing mirrors will not fit OEM extendable mirrors.

With these towing mirrors, you get a guaranteed fit and seamless OEM style. Tools and other hardware aren't needed for installation, and the secure, snap-on fit means there's no danger of losing these mirrors on the side of the road. Attach them by simply popping them over the backs of your existing mirrors. The built-in clips on the towing mirrors will grab the inside edges of your factory mirrors for a secure fit. These mirrors are customized for your vehicle, helping to prevent vibration or excessive wind noise. You'll be ready to travel in seconds, and the increased field of vision will allow you to cruise the highways stress-free.

These towing mirrors are custom designed to match the contours of your factory mirrors, and they let you retain use of the features on your factory mirrors. Cutouts in the towing mirrors line up with the turn signals, puddle lamps, and BSDS camera on your factory mirrors. And a clear panel on each towing mirror allows the LED spotlights on your factory mirrors to shine through. The add-on mirrors will not obstruct the factory mirror faces, and they will not interfere with adjustments to your factory mirrors.

81850 K-Source Snap and Zap Towing Mirrors - 1 Pair

Video of K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Driver and Passenger Side

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for K Source Custom Towing Mirrors KS81850 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Ksource Snap and Zap custom towing mirrors. These are going to fit certain years of the Ford F150. This kit's going to come with both the driver side and passenger side mirrors. Now towing mirrors are going to offer and extended field of vision. That way you can easily pass, change lanes, and park while towing a trailor or a camper. The Ksource mirrors are an inexpensive alternative to buying and installing replacement OEM towing mirrors. These mirrors are going to be customized for your vehicle.

They simply fit over the factory mirrors. The custom design is going to allow the mirrors to match the contours of you existing mirrors perfectly, which is going to help prevent and reduce wind noise and provide a nice secure fit. They will not fit on OEM extendable mirrors so please keep that in mind. They're very easy to use and quick to install. They simply just snap on in just a few seconds. They don't require any tools and they don't require any hardware. Then you're going to have the large push button tabs right here at the bottom which makes removing the mirrors very quick and very easy. The mirror face is a manual adjustment.

You can just push that in on the corners or on the sides to get the angle that you need for your particular setup. If for any reason the mirror becomes loose and you experience vibration, there's a set screw located behind the mirror that can be tightened to resolve that issue. Just slide your phillip's head screwdriver into this slot here, all the way up until you gain access to that screw. Then tighten it up to take out the vibration. That set screw can also be tightened to lock in the angle that you need for your particular setup which is a nice feature of that as well. Now the mirrors are going to have a black plastic housing.

Nice strong durable design. It's going to give them a really nice factory or OEM design and look. These mirrors are not going to interfere with the operation and adjustments of your factory mirrors. On the back side you'll even notice that they have the clear lens. That's for your turn signal to still be functional and easily visible.

They're also going to have the spots cut our for your puddle lamps and BSDS camera on your vehicle. Which BSDS stands for blind spot detection system. Also I want to point out that located inside the housing, we're going to have these foam pads right here. They have an adhesive backing so they're going to stay in place. But that's a foam pad. That's going to offer padding. It's going to offer protection. It's going to provide a snug fit and it's going to protect your factory mirror, making sure they don't get scratched or scuffed. Another neat feature that Ksource provides is this slotted storage bag. This bag is going to offer protection to the towing mirrors when they aren't being used and the bag makes them easy to store until you're ready to use them again. Now the overall length of each mirror, they're going to be the same. One for the passenger side, one for the driver side. Overall length is going to be about 14 inches. When it comes to the mirror face, we can take a measurement of those real quick. Just measuring right here in the center, that's going to give us a measurement of about 3 and 7 eigths of an inch wide. If we measure the height of the mirror, that's going to give us a height of about 6 and three quarters of an inch tall. These are going to add about 4 and three eighths of an inch to the overall length of your factory mirror. I took that measurement from this point here to the outer edge of the towing mirror and that's about 4 and three 8ths of an inch. These mirrors do meet the federal vehicle motor safety standards, which is the FVMSS requirements. I want to go ahead and show you how they store inside the bag. Really simple and easy to do so. Again this is a slotted storage bag so you can place one mirror in, and then it's got a divider right there. So you hold up that divider. Take your other mirror. Stick it in there as well. Just slide it into place. So that's going to keep the mirror separate so they're not going to get scuffed. They're not going to get damaged. Then you have like that little cinch strap design so you can keep closed and keep stuff out. That's all there is to it. That's going to complete today's look at the Ksource Snap & Zap custom towing mirrors.

Customer Reviews

K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors - Snap On - Driver and Passenger Side - KS81850

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (228 Customer Reviews)

Custom-fit towing mirrors securely snap over your vehicle's factory mirrors. They match the contours of your factory mirrors and retain use of factory turn signals, puddle lamps, BSDS camera, and LED spotlights. Simple, tool-free installation.

- KS81850

by: K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors 2017 For04/27/2017

Received My Towing Mirrors for my 2017 Ford and well pleased. On time delivery, fit as suppose to. Easy on and easy off. Easy to adjust. THANKS 373238

- KS81850

by: Tim D08/16/2016

This is more of a review of etrailer.com. I ordered these mirror back in May 2016. About a week later I received both and e-mail and telephone call informing me that they were on back order until mid-July. Very cool that I received a call. Shortly before mid-July I received yet another phone call informing me the the order would be delayed further and I had the option to cancel. I informed the Rep from etrailer.com that I really needed these mirrors and kept the order active. Toward the end of July I received another phone call informing me the mirrors were now available and, if I still wanted them, they would be shipped immediately. I replies yes. 1 week later I received the mirrors. However, one of the units was damaged. The Return Process was so easy! And etrailer.com cross-shipped replacements so I would not have to wait. The customer service at etrailer.com is Top Rate! Not only do you get e-mails on status, but you get a single contact point that calls you! As for the mirrors - Installed in minutes. They look great and function pretty well. The only down side is the perspective of the mirrors compared to the Original Equipment Manufacturer mirrors. The OEMs show objects smaller than they actually are, whereas the the extension mirrors show true side. Can be a little confusing on the brain, but I'm sure I will adjust. Overall this is a good extension for the standard F-150 mirrors. 284438

- KS81850

by: Farm Boy09/06/2016

Bought a new Ford truck and was unable to find towing mirrors locally to fit a new vehicle. Thanks for having the latest products. Mirrors fit well and look really good. The clear area allows the turn signals to shine through so others can see the signal. We tow a 25 foot camper and some farm trailers. These mirrors will increase safety on the road and for parking. Nice of you to follow up to be sure we were happy with the product. 291784

- KS81850

by: Jerry h05/01/2017

Very high quality tow mirrors for my 2016 ford f-150. Exactly as described with no vibration or looseness on factory mirrors. With puddle light cut outs and turn signal windows for unobstructed view of turn signals! Very large mirror to have a full view down the side of whatever you're hauling with little, to no, blind spot! These are the best, easy on, easy off, tow mirrors on the market!! 374971

- KS81850

by: Jan h.04/05/2017

The mirrors are a great addition to my new truck. They look very good and fit like a good set of gloves. I am sure they will do a fine job for us in our travels. Everyone at Etrailer is a pleasure to deal with and very helpful.thank you very much. 363176

- KS81850

by: Wayne M06/24/2017

Mirrors arrived today and I had them "snapped" on in less than 5 minutes. They fit my existing mirrors nicely. The double storage bag is great, but I doubt the mirrors will ever be taken off my truck. The truck is a 2016 Ford F-150 XLT. Was great to find something that installed that easily, and NO tools! The true test will come tomorrow when we hit highway speeds and later in the week towing a 22 foot pontoon. 398645

- KS81850

by: GeraldK09/15/2016

Since I bought a new truck, I decided to get new mirrors for towing my trailer. The prior mirrors attached with a suction cup and an elastic band. I assure you these new mirrors are great. They do attach by snapping on and once on, we traveled to Oregon and they did not fall off like our previous mirrors. They look great and I was able to retract my mirrors when in a parking lot with no problem. etrailer did a great job in getting the mirrors to me in time. I chose the least expensive shipping method and although the box was damaged, the mirrors were in fine condition. The shipment arrived on the day etrailer said they would. Excellent product and excellent service. 295140

- KS81850

by: Jason A05/15/2017

I would say that they were more than I was expecting for the price. They look like the factory finish. They went on easy and came of easy. And they were delivered when they said they would be so I'm extremely happy and will be back to order more . 380569

- KS81850

by: Chris06/01/2016

I purchased these mirrors to assist with towing my travel trailer, as well as my snowmobile trailer. A different brand I had ordered for my GMC worked well, but I didn't care for the way they were designed to attach to the truck's mirrors. They slid over the mirror, and had a screw/knob that you had to tighten into the mirror. With the K-Source Snap & Zap, they literally snap into place ... and they fit very well. I am very pleased with the fit & finish, and also impressed they included a "window" for the integrated flasher/blinker that's on the side mirror to shine through the extended attachment. 255063

- KS81850

by: Kent C06/10/2016

These tow mirrors fit my 2016 F150 Lariat great! Very easy to install. Maintains all the functions of my stock mirrors such as cross traffic alert, spot lights, turn signals etc. Snug and vibration free. I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 because they have no built in "blind spot/convex" mirror. At least the bottom 1/3rd of these otherwise excellent mirrors should have this. I highly recommend these over any other brand without reservation. If they ever add the bind spot function to the bottom portion I'll be happy to test them...no charge! Again, it would make these superior mirrors PERFECT!!! 260103

- KS81850

by: Scot K06/22/2016

This product fits my '16 F-150 Mirrors perfectly. Easy to mount/remove. Easy to adjust. Perfect amount of additional mirror to provide confidence when towing my RV trailer. 263679


Still love this product! No issues, no vibrations, no scuffs on my truck mirrors! These are a perfect solution for towing mirrors

Scot K - 06/22/2017


- KS81850

by: K Cary06/13/2017

When I looked at these on line with my wife, I figured we'd get something the would probably work. Boy was I surprised. These fit on my 2015 F-150 like OEM mirrors. Not, only that, but the visibility on each side of our 24ft. Nomad trailer is Awesome! I've recommended these to others because of there performance, appearance and cost. Talking to friends who use clamp-on mirrors, they complain of vibrations. I've driven in heavy winds (50 mph gusts) and no vibrating mirrors, just a clean, stable, clear view. I'm so glad we purchased these instead of another product. 392849

- KS81850

by: Bob M02/23/2017

The mirrors fit great, no shaking or vibration at highway speeds. Easy on and off and at very reasonable price. I plan on using them to pull a 26' boat which will give me greater visibility, especially when backing it up. I love the 2 compartment storage bag and they actually look like a factory mirror when on the truck and not some add-on. 344789

- KS81850

by: Lynn S09/07/2016

Snaps on to 2015 Ford F-150 mirrors perfectly and love the left side mirror. The right side mirror has so much different view than the stock mirror it can get very confusing if you don't block out one of them. If you look at both it will drive you crazy. When you look at the stock mirror the cars are further back then you look at the towing mirror and they seem to be right next to you. It can scare you to death. I had a hard time judging how close the car on my right was making me hesitate to move over to my right. 292010

- KS81850

by: David01/23/2017

I have tried to upload pictures to show the condition of the box. Wont load. So I'll do my best to discribe. Box was damaged. Corners were ripped open. Box not nearly strong enough for shipping. Thankfully the mirrors arrived without damage. Install was easy. OEM mirrior lights and blind spot technology works. The con is that the OEM mirrior will not fold against the door window. The bottom clip of the K-Source mirror hits the door and prevents the mirror from closing against the door window. 334710

- KS81850

by: Dennis M.03/31/2017

Item was sent quickly. Easy to snap on truck mirrors. Perfect for hauling camper. 361122

- KS81850

by: Harry07/20/2017

I just received these extended mirrors, while I have not actually used them yet, I did put them on the truck. They go on easily, seem to fit very well and look well made. On my 2016 F150, the color, gloss and texture of the plastic is nearly identical to that of OEM black plastic on the mirror. Unless there's an unforeseen problem with them when I actually use them, l will give it 5 stars and I would recommend to others. 408136

- KS81850

by: Charles F01/03/2017

Had a couple questions before buying the K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors and etrailer.com responded right away. I ordered the mirrors and they were shipped that day. I found the mirrors on another website a few dollars cheaper and etrailer.com with their “Lowest Price Pledge” promptly refunded the difference. The mirrors snap on easily and look like they will give me that extra vision when I'm pulling my trailer. 329701

- KS81850

by: Jim P.03/30/2017

Mirrors arrived yesterday. I immediately unpacked them and installed on my new F150. They fit great and look factory installed. I am a very particular individual and I must say these mirrors exceeded my expectations. I have yet to use them towing but see no reason functionality will not be as great as appearance. The carry bay will be useful for protecting the mirrors when not in use. I recommend this product. 360358

- KS81850

by: KATHLEEN B.08/06/2017

We just installed this last night on our truck. The instructions are easy to fallow. We will get our new 5th wheel next weekend so we will see then if they hold up. We love etrailer.com excellent customer service and fast shipping. Chris W thank you so much for taking care of our order so quick!!! We are working so hard on getting everything installed before we get our new 5th wheel!!! Your Amazing!! 420677

- KS81850

by: Derek N08/01/2017

Great mirrors. I watched the video reviews of the various mirrors and decided these were the ones for us. Our last towing mirrors had multiple parts that frequently got misplaced and my wife struggled to put them on. These mirrors are one piece and come with a convenient storage bag. Great follow up from etrailer staff and professional video reviews make informed decision making easy. 413541

- KS81850

by: Jim C05/04/2017

I have ordered a lot on the Web and I have to say that etrailer is up at the top of their game when it comes to product that is exactly what it claims and the standard delivery that I elected was very fast. No damage to my purchase with the way it was package(had glass enclosed) and I would give the product, etrailer, and delivery time a full FIVE STAR. Thank you Jim C. Texas 376290

- KS81850

by: Jim G.03/05/2017

Excellent fit and quality. They fit my 2016 F-150 perfectly, allowing full operation of the spotlights, puddle lights and cameras. The mirrors can be power folded without any interference with the door/window and take only seconds to attach and remove. All in all a great product and a much better alternative to upgrading the factory towing mirrors for many hundreds of dollars. 348823

- KS81850

by: Mike C07/28/2017

They fit right on the original mirrors nicely and look like OEM. As a few others have stated, it may take awhile to get used to due to the difference in the size of the objects between the original and the Snap & Zap. Also they went down in price from the time I ordered them to the time I received them and the great folks at etrailer credited me the difference. Thanks guys. 411996

- KS81850

by: Pete D.07/30/2017

These are the best add on towing mirrors I have purchased and I've had 3 different brands over the years. I was very impressed with the look, like they are stock mirrors. My friends didn't even notice that I had them on! There is no vibration and the mirror stays put once you adjust it. I have and will continue to recommend this awesome product. 412715

- KS81850

by: Frank C.06/14/2017

These fit great, look great, and work fine. I installed them in June 2016 for an extended trip and liked them so well I just left them in place. 392961

- KS81850

by: Billy H.06/16/2017

The K-Source towing mirrors have been great. They are easy to put on and take off (they even have a handy carrying bag.)They fit perfectly on our 2015 F-150 and have provided us with an affordable solution when towing our RV. We can still fold in the mirrors, but be aware that the blind spot detection does not work (if you have that option.) 394762

- KS81850

by: Robert Bebs05/27/2016

The towing mirrors fit on my existing mirrors just fine. I have not done any towing at present but am certain they will work out just fine. I can certainly give you a follow up after doing a bit of towing, using the mirrors. Thanks for the excellent service and constant updates as we waiting for the mirrors to arrive. Bob B 252492

- KS81850

by: mark s03/18/2017

The towing mirrors I ordered were exactly as described, fit perfectly. Good price and very prompt delivery. I have ordered many things through etrailer and have always been satisfied. They do a great job describing products which really helps when purchasing something online. This is my go-to site for things I need. Thanks 355136

- KS81850

by: Dustin P08/02/2017

Excellent mirror for 2016 F150. I use for towing a 25ft travel trailer/camper, and they allow me to see my trailer tires and see better behind the trailer. Sleek look that looks like a factory mirror from the front. Puddle lamps and mirror blinkers still work. 10 seconds to put on and take off. Couldn't be happier! 414212

- KS81850

by: JJ05/26/2017

I received the K-Source Snap & Zap custom towing mirrors-snap on for my F-150 and have found them to be an excellent alternative to replacing my factory mirrors. I am purchasing a travel trailer which I have not picked up yet but I am confident that they will perform well. Solid construction and easy to install. 385128

- KS81850

by: Chuck S06/08/2016

Really like how easy the mirrors are to put on. Was very surprised and pleased with the tote bag they came in as well for storage. Well made for a good price. This was the second order. I ordered the wrong ones and it was very easy to return and get a credit on the incorrect ones. Highly recommended. 259109

- KS81850

by: Ryan J06/01/2017

Excellent snap on tow mirrors. Sturdy at high speeds, install in a flash, works with the factory blind spot warning system and even has windows for both the integrated turn signals and the puddle lights on the factory mirrors to be fully functional. Great product at a great price. 387437

- KS81850

by: Gwynn L08/02/2017

Excellent towing mirrors. No problems at all after using them for 1 yr. 413934

- KS81850

by: Hakam Salahuddin04/30/2017

Fit and finish is excellent. Placing these mirrors on and taking them off is a breeze and does not scratch the original mirror housing. Do not buy a new extended OEM mirror for hundreds of dollars, save your money and buy these....you will not be sorry!!! 374541

- KS81850

by: awalton03/11/2017

The mirrors go on easy, did I say easy! Snap and they are on. They look good and it looks like they will provide the viewing I was hoping for. I only gave 4 stars because I have not used them yet for towing. Will up to a 5star rating after use. 351237

- KS81850

by: terry t08/13/2017

I was looking at other mirrors when I seen these (snap and zap) mentioned on another review really glad I look at these they fit excellent ,with little to no vibration easy on off with no tools . thank you George for all of your follow ups. 419873

- KS81850

by: Tom B06/23/2016

My initial order wasn't in stock but the people at etrailer found an acceptable replacement in a very short period of time. I received the mirrors and put them on the truck. Very easy to install and remove and am happy with the purchase. 264071

- KS81850

by: Art B.12/12/2016

I have not had a chance to use them on the road yet, but did install them and they look like "factory" mirrors. Installation was a snap, and so was removal. Looking forward to next camping trip to try them out with my trailer. 324252

- KS81850

by: Lynn08/27/2016

these are nice mirrors that fit right and tight , not some add on that fits anything and not very effective , well pleased with this choice , really like the little window in them so that the factory blinkers still show through 288268

- KS81850

by: Glen05/05/2017

We purchase these mirrors for our 2016 Ford F 150. They arrived quickly in perfect shape. They were easy to snap on and off. We are looking forward to a road trip to try them out but were easily adjusted for proper vision. 376546

- KS81850

by: MB07/06/2017

The mirrors fit as advertised. Simple and sturdy. So far satisfied with this product. etrailer kept me appraised of delayed shipping status (mirrors on back order), and they ended up being shipped ahead of schedule. Thanks! 402114

- KS81850

by: Michael F.09/19/2016

Just purchase these for my 2016 F150 as I did not want to invest in power tow mirrors to replace stock mirrors. These mirrors snapped into place very easily. The fit was nice and tight and doesn't leave room for wobbling. 296262

- KS81850

by: Ed J.10/04/2016

Outstanding set of mirrors, ordering process was fast and easy, product went on like a glove and no vibration at speed, provided the additional width needed for a complete side view of our RV. 303238

- KS81850

by: Jerry F.04/03/2017

Great mirrors. Fit perfect and very easy to install and remove. Can't believe the difference in field of view. Highly recommend these mirrors, and the service from etrailer was excellent. 361976

- KS81850

by: Santa Bob03/22/2017

Fits like a kid leather glove. Increases my field of view by 40%. Looks great on the truck. And at a fantastic price. Great product Towing my KZ Sportsman LE just became a whole lot easier 357110

- KS81850

by: dave05/12/2017

great product fit very well work great look like they are part of the truck I would have to say they are perfect the storage bag works great also well worth the price money well spent 379357

- KS81850

by: Tom Abbott04/28/2017

I think the product will serve the purpose for which I intend.. the box was pretty beat up on delivery and had been opened and resealed.. didn't look like they were first theme sold items 373804

- KS81850

by: Bruce K01/07/2017

Just got my mirrors. The customer service was great. I received a message from etrailer letting me know they where delivered. What great product easy to install and they look great! 330623

- KS81850

by: Andy M08/07/2016

Used them this weekend on a camping trip. They did not vibrate, was easy on easy off. The perfect distance out to see sides of travel trailer. overall a very good value for the money. 281083

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