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CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side

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cipa custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror manual - slip on driver side and passenger
cipa custom towing mirrors non-heated cm11550
cipa custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated - slip on driver side and passenger
cipa custom towing mirrors non-heated cm11550
cipa custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror
cipa custom towing mirrors manual non-heated cm11550
cipa custom towing mirrors non-heated cm11550

In Use/Installed

2016 ford f-150 custom towing mirrors cipa slide-on mirror non-heated - slip on driver side and passenger
2016 ford f-150 custom towing mirrors cipa slide-on mirror in use
2016 ford f-150 custom towing mirrors cipa manual non-heated cm11550
2016 ford f-150 custom towing mirrors cipa manual non-heated in use

Customer Photos

cipa custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated cm11550
cipa custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated cm11550
cipa custom towing mirrors slide-on mirror non-heated - slip on driver side and passenger

  • Slide-On Mirror
  • CIPA
  • Pair of Mirrors
  • Non-Heated
  • Fits Driver and Passenger Side
  • Manual
  • Custom Fit
CIPA custom towing mirrors for your 2016 Ford F-150 are available from Installation instructions and reviews for your Ford custom towing mirrors. Expert service, and cheapest custom towing mirrors price guarantee. carries a complete line of CIPA products. Order your CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side part number CM11550 online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

2016 Ford F-150 - CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side

Durable mirrors slide over your Ford F-150's factory mirrors to extend your line of sight while you're towing. The custom-fit mirrors retain the use of factory turn signals, puddle lamps, BSDS camera, and LED spotlights. Tool-free installation.


  • Towing mirrors slip over your factory side-view mirrors to extend your line of sight
    • Allows you to safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park while towing a trailer
  • Manually adjustable mirror faces let you customize your view
  • Aerodynamic shape and tight fit help prevent vibration and wind noise
    • Slip-on mirrors maintain aerodynamics of factory mirrors
    • Felt-covered wedge locks securely hold slip-on mirrors in place
  • Custom designed for your Ford F-150
    • Retain the use of factory mirror features, such as turn signals, puddle lamps, LED spotlights, and BSDS camera
    • Will not obstruct factory mirror faces and will not interfere with adjustments to factory mirrors
  • Tool-free installation
    • ABS and polypropylene plastic hardware and illustrated instructions included
  • Durable ABS plastic housings
  • Scratch-resistant mirror faces
  • Driver's-side mirror and passenger's-side mirror included
  • Made in the USA


  • Mirror face dimensions: 5" tall x 4" wide
  • Limited 1-year warranty

Custom-Fit Towing Mirrors

Easily extend your field of vision and reduce blind spots with these CIPA slip-on towing mirrors. By adding them to your OEM side-view mirrors, you can see beyond the end of your trailer. This will allow you to safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park with a trailer in tow.

Each of these mirrors is molded to perfectly match the contours of your factory side mirrors. Simply slide the mirrors over your side-view mirrors and use the custom-formed, felt-covered wedges to hold the mirrors in place. Each wedge wraps around the inside edge of your OEM mirror and can be tightened onto the mirror with an easily accessible hand knob.

The mirrors also let you retain use of the features on your factory mirrors. Cutouts in the towing mirrors line up with the turn signals, puddle lamps, LED spotlights, and BSDS camera on your factory mirrors. The add-on mirrors will not obstruct the factory mirror faces, and they will not interfere with adjustments to your factory mirrors.

11551 CIPA Slide-On Side View Mirror - Left Hand Side

11552 CIPA Slide-On Side View Mirror - Right Hand Side

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Video of CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors CM11550 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the CIPA Slip On Custom Towing Mirrors. Both the driver's side and passenger side mirrors are included. This product fits the Ford F-150, beginning with model year 2015. The towing mirrors are going to slip over your factory side view mirror. That's really going to help extend your line of sight. It's going to allow you to safely and easily change lanes, pass, and park while towing a trailer. It's going to feature the manually adjustable mirror face. That's really going to let you customize your viewing angle for your particular set up.

Press in on the sides or on the corners to get the angle that you need for your particular application. These are going to feature a nice, all-weather design. It's going to insure that the mirrors will stand up to the elements and last a long time. They got a really nice aerodynamic shape, and they're going to offer a really nice, tight fit. That's going to do a great job at preventing vibration and wind noise. The slip on mirrors are going to maintain the aerodynamics of your factory mirror. It's going to come with these wedge locks, and it's going to come with some padding that can get installed on those as indicated in the included instructions.

The padded wedge lock is going to securely hold the slip on mirrors in place. The padding's going to do a great job at making sure that your factory mirrors don't get scratched or damaged. The padding easily installs. It's got adhesive backing. You peel that off and install it as indicated in the included instructions. The custom design is a nice feature.

These are customized for your particular vehicle. The add-on towing mirror will not obstruct the factory mirror, and will not interfere with adjustments needed to be made to the factory mirrors. Located on the back side of each mirror, you're going to notice a slot down here. If your mirror is equipped with a turn signal, your turn signal is still going to be easily visible with these installed. It's also going to feature the slot right here, with a cutout, for mirrors equipped with a puddle lamp. I do want to note that these will not interfere with mirrors equipped with BLIS, which is a Blind Spot Information System, or a Cross Traffic Alert System. It's a tool-free installation. It's going to come with your ABS and polypropylene plastic hardware.

It's also going to come with detailed installation instructions to help get them installed. The mirrors are going to feature a nice, durable ABS plastic housing. It's also going to have a really nice scratch-resistant mirror face. I want to take some measurements of the mirror face real quick. The width of the mirror face right there in the center is 4 inches. If we take a measurement of the height at the tallest point of the mirror face, that's going to give us a height measurement of 5 inches. With these installed, if I measure from this point here to the end of the housing, we can see that these are going to add about 5 and 1/4 inches to the overall length of the factory mirrors. These are made right here in the USA. When you're ready to install them, all you have to do is simply slide the mirrors over your side view mirrors, then use the custom-formed padded wedges to hold the mirrors in place. This wedge is going to wrap around the inside edge of your OEM mirror, and can be tightened on to the mirrors with an easily accessible hand knob. It goes right in the grooves, just like that. On the back of the wedge is a small hole that lines up with the hole here at the back of the mirror. On the reverse side, you would simply thread in this piece right here. That applies pressure to the wedge, which is going to apply pressure to the back side of your mirror, offering a really nice, tight fit. That's going to do it for today's look at the CIPA Slip On Custom Towing Mirrors.

Customer Reviews

CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side - CM11550

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (107 Customer Reviews)

Durable mirrors slide over your Ford F-150's factory mirrors to extend your line of sight while you're towing. The custom-fit mirrors retain the use of factory turn signals, puddle lamps, BSDS camera, and LED spotlights. Tool-free installation.

- CM11550

by: David M.06/21/2017

I will admit, even though I felt I did my research on these after market mirrors, at their arrival I felt a touch of trepidation. Nagging at me was the thought "Oh they won't really fit as indicated". Boy was I wrong !!!!! I was very happy to find that these mirrors slid right on during a test fit; it was brief because our temp here that day was 118 degrees!!! These mirrors look good and are exactly what I was looking for. They are going to be used on my 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat SuperCrew 3.5 Liter with EcoBoost, retracting mirrors, mirror turn signals and puddle lights. ALL REMAIN FUNCTIONAL WITH THESE MIRRORS. Equally nice was the fact that they arrived a day early. Can't beat that. And let me say a word about dealing with etrailer......wonderful customer service. A major shout out to Donna P for taking my order over the phone......I was on the web-page at the time perfectly willing to place the order. Donna made it so much easier. Thanks Donna!!! Pictures will hopefully follow after we get back down to our usual 106 degrees. :) 397346

- CM11550

by: Don L.07/20/2017

This is a good news-bad news review. The good news is that the towing mirrors fit over the truck mirrors like a glove, look nice, AND don't interfere with the functioning of the truck mirrors. The bad news: the driver side towing mirror fell off yesterday as I was driving in the city. Luckily it was unharmed by the experience except for a small ding on the backside and wasn't run over by traffic, so we're still good to go. Now I'm a little nervous about them. I certainly hope it was a one-time occurrence, but if it were to happen again on the freeway, I'm pretty sure I can kiss it goodbye. Again, the towing mirror was unharmed by the drop. I would like to give it a higher grade but I can't right now. If etrailer would want to send another evaluation in about 6 months or so , I'd be happy to evaluate them again. 408434

- CM11550

by: Scott H07/03/2016

The mirrors fit well, are easy to install and remove and remain stable. However they are not as tall (top 2 bottom) as the factory mirrors and do not provide adequate view of the trailer of Pontoon boat. This makes backing down a boat ramp and lining up with the dock a bit challenging as I've had to adjust the view so I can see the wheels/wheel well and side of the boat on one side and the other for proper viewing behind the trailer while towing. Having 6 different lakes we fish on is great, but the docks do not provide launching and recovery on the same side of the boat. If you have a narrower trailer and do not back down launch ramps you may find these mirrors to be a good solution. 267782

- CM11550

by: Jeremy P02/14/2017

I was looking for a good after market mirror that would keep the full functionality of my current mirrors and these do the trick. I have a 2015 Ford F-150 and these mirrors fit perfectly over the existing mirrors. They look great on the truck and were super easy to install. It took about 30 seconds per mirror to attach and they are very secure. I traveled at 70mph for about 40 miles and they did not bounce, vibrate, move, slip or shake. The field of view they provide is amazing and increased my confidence in changing lanes and keeping an eye on the back of my camper. These are the real deal and worth getting. I have no regrets. 341941

- CM11550

by: Robert Little07/03/2017

After an first trip with the mirrors on my new F-150 I came to rely upon thier firld of vision little by little. Yes, I would have much more preferred to have the factory trailer - towing mirrors that extend farther out than these etrailer mirrors, these save me $335 and my personal labor to remove and reinstall new OEM mirrors I could have bought. These etrailer mirrors do not that the square inches of mirror viewing surface that tne OEM from Ford Motor Company but my truck did not come with them but had everyting else I was seeking in a HD towing truck. Life is a compromise but this one is certainly tolerable. 401453

- CM11550

by: Jose R.03/16/2017

Towing mirrors were delivered quickly and just in time for us to pick up our new travel trailer. Mirrors arrived in very sturdy shipping container and the fit on my truck was perfect. Appreciated having them for the towing trip home. Good quality materials and very functional design. Am able to use my turn indicators, side spotlights, courtesy lights and lane change indicators with the mirrors on. Good visibility to the aides and rear through the mirrors. I would strongly recommed this product and E-trailer. Look forward to more purchases in the future 353422

- CM11550

by: Robert05/27/2016

I ordered these mirrors and they were delivered within a week! I accidentally received both for the passenger side! (Accidents happen) I called and spoke with someone and they sent out the correct mirror immediately! I work for Don Hinds Ford and sell a lot of F150's and have recommended them already! While away camping this past week, I had several people aske me about them and was able to give them the phone number and web site for them to purchase them. They are Easy to attach and remove! No vibration while driving! 252408

- CM11550

by: David L.07/19/2017

These things are great! Easiest installation I've ever performed! Thanks !!! Great product! 1 happy Veteran!!! 407842

- CM11550

by: Gene D.10/04/2016

Great product. Mirrors fit really well and look good too. They install quickly. I was happy to find add on mirrors that did not interfere with the factory functions such as puddle lights, side spotlights and side cameras. The mirrors were shipped the same day I ordered them and I received them a couple of days later. The customer service person I placed the order with was helpful and friendly and I would highly recommend to anyone. 303065

- CM11550

by: George J06/17/2017

I've yet to try on the product because I left home the day it was delivered. I will install them when I return. So, I haven't had the time to give you a report. However I can give you a report of your service. Excellent. The delivery was a head of schedule and arrived in good condition. I am comfortable recommending your company to friends and strangers alike. I am very impressed. Thank you, Jerry Kracow 395566

- CM11550

by: Mark C07/14/2016

Package arrived with heavy duty protection, took all of 30 seconds to read and understand the clear instructions. Mirrors installed and adjusted in less than 5 minutes. The design allows for rapid removal for car washes etc. I STRONGLY recommend to remove them in less then secure locations as I can see these "disappearing" in seconds due to the easy of installation. They are wiggle free at highway speeds! 271716

- CM11550

by: Jason K06/09/2016

New mirrors fit great. We had them on our pick up when we picked up our new travel trailer and the dealer commented on how well they fit the truck. I had ordered another brand initially that was not in stock. I received a phone call from etrailer and told them I needed mirrors for my new truck within two days to pickup our new trailer. They came through and they were delivered the next day. 259274

- CM11550

by: Gary T.06/13/2017

Mirrors were shipped very quickly and were very easy to install. When installed they have a factory look and really improve my rear vision when towing my 5th wheel camper. Makes changing lanes and backing up much easier and safer. No blurring and view in mirrors always very clear. Would give these mirrors a higher rating if I could. Just wish I had found out about them sooner. 392703

- CM11550

by: Dan M.06/15/2016

it's everything it was advertise to be; easy install and fits tight, no vibration while driving. these mirrors saved me money and great vision of my travel trailer. Also able to see behind the trailer to some extent. I feel to make a better product is to have larger pads to cover the entire wedge, easy fix. Offer a storage bag for mirrors with purchase. 261668

- CM11550

by: Cary08/25/2016

Got the mirrors quickly, installed them in just a few minutes. They fit great, and I like the fact that there are cutouts for the turn signal/spotlights and the puddle lights making them usable. I drove around some on a rough road, no excessive vibration. Time will tell how durable they are, but they seem to be a fairly heavy, durable plastic. 287420

- CM11550

by: Thurman H09/12/2016

We have waited since the purchase of our 2015 F150 to find these and was delighted to locate at this Co. The staff was helpful ,purchase was easy ,immediate delivery,and already on the vehicle,so easy to install and secure in place..... Will feel safer towing our 5th we didn't want to get the BIG towing mirrors ford offered. 293971

- CM11550

by: Skip K09/22/2017

We had extended truck mirrors that strapped on. Last week, the strap on the passenger mirror broke and the extension flew off while on a major highway. Thankfully, it did not hit our truck or camper. Love these extension mirrors. They mount with a screw in wedge to hold them on nice and tight. Very happy! 435354

- CM11550

by: K.J. Asbury Sr.07/05/2017

The CIPA: 2016 Ford F-150 towing mirror extensions preformed as intended. The design of the product is complementary to that of my F-150. By saying that I mean, I don't mind leaving them on. I normally remove my tow mirrors when not in use... Thank you etrailer Staff... 401696

- CM11550

by: Dave L.06/14/2017

I happy Vet! Simplest installation ever and what a money saver! 394109

- CM11550

by: Phillip R.08/27/2017

I ordered extended mirrors for my 2017 Ford F-150. They arrived on the day that I was told they would be. They fit just like they were supposed to. I like the material they are made of. When I put them on the truck, they look really great. Thanks again 425877

- CM11550

by: A.R.07/24/2016

Well built. Easy to install. Tight and reliable fit. Wish both mirrors we bigger. Also wish the passenger side mirror were convex - like the pessenger side windows normally are. Adjusting the passenger side mirror can be challenging. Overall - a keeper. 275876

- CM11550

by: Mike S.07/23/2017

I have not had a chance to use them yet. They seem to fit well and appear to be made well. Took about a week or so to come in with the standard shipping. This was definitely a better option than spending hundreds of dollars on replacement mirrors. 409615

- CM11550

by: Karl S.06/05/2016

Received mirrors in 2 days. Outstanding service! Haven't used them yet while pulling my camper but they fit and look great! Hope they hold up well and don't cause damage to factory mirrors. First camping trip next week.... ' 257588

- CM11550

by: Ken S.08/10/2017

These mirrors greatly improved my line of vision down both sides of my trailer. The installation and removing is remarkably easy. They are and look very integrated into the original mirror system. Would buy again in a heart beat. 418424

- CM11550

by: Dave C04/20/2017

Installed drivers side just to see how it fit and appeared. Fit and appearance were excellent. Still waiting to try them out on the road. Delivery was great. Ordered on the 14th and received the 18th. (Ordered regular ground.) 370200

- CM11550

by: Great extension mirrors08/14/2017

The extension mirrors for my 2016 F150 fit like a glove and look fantastic on my truck. The search process, purchase and delivery was easy and came off without an issue. is a great ecommerce option. 419985

- CM11550

by: Happy Camper08/11/2017

Great product. Once you adjust the mirrors they stay in place. They don't move for anything other than if you bumped them with your hand when putting them on or taking them off. They still look like brand new. 419093

- CM11550

by: Steven J.06/24/2017

Looks Great Like OEM Mirrors. Still need to try while towing Trailers. Fast shipping and boxed up well. Like the fact puddle lights and turn indicator are not retricted. Showed a friend and he now wants a set. 398505

- CM11550

by: Pete N06/06/2016

I needed mirrors because I bought a new truck and I needed them fast. etrailer hooked me up and made sure I got the mirrors on time for a trip to South Dakota. Great service and even better communication! 258174

- CM11550

by: Bill11/11/2017

These tow mirrors fit perfectly - puddle light and spotlight cutouts were a pefect match. Dealing with e-trailer was flawless as usual. Product arrived on time an was packaged very well. Thanks etrailer. 451098

- CM11550

by: Duane02/25/2017

Thank You etrailer, always provide my towing needs with high quality products. These mirrors fit like a glove. Beats buying 400.00 ea factory tow mirrors. Thanks again etrailer. Happy RVing everybody 345583

- CM11550

by: Mike C06/12/2017

Mirrors shipped very quick. Installed these on my 2015 F-150. Very easy to install. Mirror is not as tall as I would like, but I can see to change lanes while towing my travel trailer. 392082

- CM11550

by: Delbert C.06/27/2016

Very pleased with the mirrors for our truck. We just purchased a new truck and had to get them. We passed the old truck to our son along with the same type mirrors we purchased for it. 265476


We have made several trips and the mirrors are still like the day we purchased them. They may have a dead bug or two on them that needs washed off. Very good product.

Delbert C - 06/30/2017


- CM11550

by: Larry S06/07/2016

The mirrors fit perfectly and easy to adjust. I used the same brand and type on another Ford truck and would recommend them for anyone that pulls a trailer that is hard to see around. 258783

- CM11550

by: Kevin C06/02/2016

Fit my 2016 F150 perfectly. Unlike other brands, these do not block the turn signals and puddle lights. When fitted they look like part of the original mirror. Easy installation. 256025

- CM11550

by: Kevin S.08/18/2017

This is what I was looking for and fit good to the existing. Just was hopeing there was a safety cord or something for backup to the one screw. I do like them. Thanks 421891

- CM11550

by: Mike P03/11/2017

Very fast delivery. We wanted something that would go on and come off easily . I only wanted extended mirrors for pulling our trailer. These fit the bill perfectly. 351400

- CM11550

by: Kevin K05/15/2017

The mirror extensions were a PERFECT fit and look amazing, very easy to install. I would recommend this product to anyone that needs extensions for their vehicle/s 380485

- CM11550

by: Richard A. J.07/11/2016

Fit and finish of mirrors is great. This is the second vehicle I have used Cipa mirrors on, and could not have safely pulled my trailers without them. 270704

- CM11550

by: Sarah Andrade06/03/2017

Worked just perfect for our 2017 Crew Cab F150. Customer service was outstanding !!! Will absolutely buy from Etrailer corp in the future. Thank you ! 388156

- CM11550

by: Rick06/18/2016

Just installed them and it was very easy and they fit perfectly and fold back correctly. Just what I needed when pulling my enclosed car carrier. 262450


worked great while hauling

Rick - 06/18/2017


- CM11550

by: Tom L.09/25/2017

Mirrors fit vehicle as described. Definitely an alternative to high priced factory mirrors for a fraction of the cost. Well packaged for delivery. 436127

- CM11550

by: Lonnie11/01/2017

these mirrors fit my 2016 f150 perfectly.i'll now be able to see around my 5th wheel.and the price was rite.very impressed with the fit. 448098

- CM11550

by: Steve P.06/04/2016

Easy to install and remove. Snug, secure fit on OEM mirrors. Field of rear vision much better than stock mirrors with trailer attached. 256822

- CM11550

by: Jan M.07/01/2017

Fits the 2015 F150 newer style mirrors well. Gives me piece of mind towing a boat. Allows for safe lane changes. I would buy again. 401011

- CM11550

by: Sam j07/14/2017

Excellent quality, shipped within a couple of days the team was great to work with! I would recommend this site to anyone looking 405783

- CM11550

by: William07/06/2017

Mirror extenders fit well and work great. Only feature I wish was different would be if the mirror was an actual blind spot type. 402095

- CM11550

by: Mike P.06/02/2016

The mirrors are easy to put on and look great. I use them when I'm towing my 27 ft travel trailer. Would highly recommend them. 256022


Still working great!!

Mike P - 06/03/2017


- CM11550

by: Glenn D06/17/2017

Impossible to find at local RV dealers, etrailer comes through again with a perfect fitting tow mirror for my 2017 Ford F-150 395231

- CM11550

by: Jean S.06/09/2017

I received my mirrors and immediately instaled them. It was very easy to do they look great. I give them an excellent rating. 390972

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  • Availability of Custom-Fit Towing Mirrors for 2015 Ford F-150 Lariat
  • We do in fact have some slip-on towing mirrors for your 2015 F-150 Lariat! The Longivew # LVT-2300-C is a set of two slip-on towing mirrors confirmed to fit either the manual, powered or powered/heated OEM mirrors supplied on your truck. The linked video illustrates installation. Another option is the CIPA # CM11550 which is also a set of two mirrors that fit all OEM configurations. Additional features on factory mirrors (turn signals, automatic dim, memory, puddle lights, etc.)...
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  • CIPA or Longview Towing Mirrors for a 2016 Ford F-150
  • The CIPA mirrors part # CM11550 and the Longview part # LVT-2300-C are both confirmed fits for your 2016 Ford F-150. The biggest benefit the Longview set has is that it's been around longer and we have gotten only positive reviews from our customers who have tried them. They have a perfect 5 star rating so I would recommend them highly for you. The CIPA mirror has a different attachment method plus different mirror shape. I am sure it will work great, but since I know how well our...
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  • Custom Fit Towing Mirror Recommendation for 2015 Ford F-150
  • Either one of the CIPA # CM11550 or Longview # LVT-2300-C towing mirrors will work well for you. As you pointed out, the CIPA mirror will allow more of the mirror's turn signal to be visible. One feature of the Longview mirror that I really like is the hook arm that secures the towing mirror on the inside of the factory mirror. This helps provide a secure installation for the mirror. I have attached an installation video of the Longview # LVT-2300-C mirrors ion a 2015 F-150 for you.
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  • Dimensions of CIPA Custom Slip on Towing Mirrors CM11550 and Longview Towing Mirrors LVT-2300-C
  • I was able to go out to the warehouse and measure both the CIPA # CM11550 and the Longview # LVT-2300-C mirrors for you. These are both a confirmed fit for your 2016 Ford F-150 XLT Super Crew. You are correct that the Longview housing and mirror are larger than the CIPA mirrors. I have attached the measurements of both mirrors to this page for your convenience. The CIPA mirror measures 16-1/2 inches in overall length and 9-3/4 inches in overall height. The mirror itself measures...
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  • Towing Mirror Fits for a 2016 Ford F-150
  • The CIPA mirrors part # CM11550 that you referenced have been confirmed as a fit for your 2016 Ford F-150 with power/heated mirrors. Sometimes manufacturers don't update their webpages when they have new fits. But these mirrors are a confirmed fit. CIPA makes great tow mirrors that will fit securely on your vehicle. The Longview Mirrors part # LVT-2300-C that you referenced are also a confirmed fit. I attached an install video that shows these mirrors on a similar 2016 Ford F-150 as well.
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  • Recommended Slip-On Towing Mirrors for 2015 Ford F-150
  • The slip-on towing mirrors that are confirmed to fit your 2015 Ford F-150 with the largest mirror face are the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors # CM11550. They are driver and passenger side mirrors that are 5" x 4" are install easily without tools, tightening to your factory mirrors via hand knob. These mirrors have been very well received by customers who have them, with over 100 reviews giving them a nearly 5-star rating. I've added links to a pair of video reviews of these mirrors for you...
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  • How Do CIPA Towing Mirrors Install on a 2015 Ford F-150
  • There is a wedge included with towing mirrors # CM11550 that fits between the factory side mirror housing and the inside of the towing mirrors that gets tightened using a knob that will thread through the backs of the towing mirrors to hold the mirrors in place. This design limits the contact with the factory mirrors on your 2015 Ford F-150.
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  • CIPA or Longview Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F-150
  • Either one of the CIPA # CM11550 or Longview # LVT-2300-C towing mirrors will work well for you. As you pointed out, the CIPA mirror will allow more of the mirror's turn signal to be visible. CIPA makes very high quality mirrors and even though we don't have any feedback yet on them since they are very new I would still recommend them for you since they have such a great reputation and all of their other custom fit mirrors fit very well. The attachment method for either mirror would...
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  • Will CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors Fit 2017 Ford F-150
  • The CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors # CM11550 are confirmed to fit your 2017 Ford F-150 whether you have the manual, powered, or powered and heated mirrors.
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  • Will CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors Fit 2017 Ford F-150 Lariat with Power Folding Mirrors
  • Yes, the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors # CM11550 will fit your 2017 Ford F-150 as long as your truck does not have mirrors that have additional lighting that is not flush to the mirror.
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for a 2015 Ford F-150
  • I really like how well the Longview part # LVT-2300-C install and function so I would highly recommend them. It also helps that these have a great rating with the customers of ours who have tried them. I wish we had an install video for the CIPA mirrors part # CM11550 but at this time (May 2016) these mirrors are so new we haven't had the chance to install them yet.
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  • Tow Mirror Recommendation for 2016 F-150 with Turn Signals in Mirror Housing
  • The Longview mirror part # LVT-2300-C will fit your 2016 Ford F-150 with turn signals in the mirror housings but they will be covered up by the mirror. The better solution is the part # CM11550 which also fits but allows the signal to be visible still. I attached a review video for more info as well.
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  • Differences Between Snap-On And Slip-On Tow Mirror Extensions
  • The K-Source Snap & Zap Custom Towing Mirrors part # KS81850 are snap on side mirror extensions whereas the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors part # CM11550 are slip on. The difference between the snap and slip options are as follows: The snap on mirrors will provide a much more secure fitment around your factory mirror however, the tighter fit could cause more wear to the mounting surface. The slip on mirrors will prove to be a less secure fitment and will reduce the chance of surface scratches....
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  • Tow Mirror Recommendation for 2017 Ford F-150
  • We have towing mirrors that are a fit for your 2017 Ford F-150 but none of them are full factory mirror replacements. Instead we have the CIPA mirrors part # CM11550 which will slip over your current mirrors and give you a wider viewing angle. I attached an install video that shows this mirror installed on a very similar 2017 Ford F-150.
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  • Installation of Cipa Mirrors for a 2015 Ford F-150
  • We haven't had the opportunity to test fit the Cipa mirrors # CM11550 on a 2015 F-150 yet, but I do have an installation video of the very similar Cipa mirrors being mounted to a 2014 F-150 for you to check out. They will mount to the trucks mirror in the same fashion they just won't be the ones that fit the 2015 model. There will be a wedge and knob that will need to be inserted to secure the towing mirror to the vehicles mirror. At this time the directions are not available.
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  • Recommended Towing Mirrors For 2015 Ford F-150 With Viewing Range Suited For 102 Inch Trailer
  • For your 2015 Ford F-150, it all depends on your definition of "see around". All of the mirrors will give you an expanded view of the trailer but the adjustability is up to the driver for preferences. I recommend going with a long extension for your application or a dual mirror option for further adjustability. I've compared two of our more popular mirrors for you in the CIPA Custom Slip On Mirrors # CM11550 and the Longview Towing Mirrors # LVT-2300-C. These will have a cleaner look...
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  • Will CIPA Towing Mirrors CM11550 Fit a 2016 Ford F-150 with Power Mirrors
  • Yes, the CIPA tow mirror part # CM11550 that you referenced is a confirmed fit for your 2016 Ford F-150 that has power, fold- in mirrors so it would work well for you.
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  • What Mirror Styles Does CIPA Towing Mirror CM11550 Fit for 2015 Ford F-150
  • The CIPA towing mirrors part # CM11550 fits the 2015 Ford F-150 with power mirrors, manual mirror and heated mirrors as all of those mirror variations are the same size. It's sometimes hard to organize the fit for products for certain vehicles so we sometimes have to list things a few times for each variation of the vehicle. I hope that helps. For your 2015 F-150 these are going to fit and work well. I attached an install video for this mirror on a 2015 just like yours.
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  • Available Universal Towing Mirrors for 1997 Chevrolet Express 1500 Van
  • No custom-fit towing mirrors are made for your van and CIPA's Custom Towing Mirrors # CM11550 are made specifically to fit late model Ford F-150 pickups, so they will not work on the mirrors on your 1997 Chevrolet 1500 Express Van. But we do have a solution for you. A popular option is the K-Source Clip-On Towing Mirror # KS3891 which fits both driver and passenger mirrors. Note it is sold individually so order two to have one on both mirrors. For a really great view of the trailer...
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  • Tow Mirror Recommendation for 2016 Ford Expedition
  • For your Expedition we can offer you universal-fit towing mirrors since no custom-fit products are offered. For the widest field of view a fender-mount mirror is hard to beat. These work so long as you do not have fender flares. CIPA offers part # 11750 which is sold as a single mirror that will fit on both driver and passenger sides. This features a 5 x 7-inch mirror surface that is fully adjustable. Please click on the linked review video for more on this item. I recommend the K...
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  • Slip-On Towing Mirrors for 2016 Ford F-150
  • CIPA Custom Towing Mirror Set # CM10700 fits only Dodge pickups but we do have similar towing mirrors that do fit your 2016 Ford F-150 and which are shown on the linked page. To see all suitable options, including the similar CIPA # CM11550 which fits all mirrors types offered on your truck, simply select your OEM mirror type using the drop-down menu tool at the top of the page. These CIPA mirrors are shown in the linked installation video.
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  • Recommended Towing Mirrors For 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat Super Crew
  • For your 2016 Ford F-150 Lariat Super Crew, I recommend the CIPA Custom Towing Mirrors - Slip On - Driver Side and Passenger Side # CM11550. This is a slip on towing mirror that has a manually adjustable face and is custom designed and molded to match the contours of the factory mirror of your truck. It retains the use of your factory mirrors and gives you a second mirror on each side that is 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide. It is a tool free installation for an extended field of vision...
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  • Towing Mirror Recommendation for 2015 Ford F-150 with Square Mirrors
  • Thanks for sending us a picture of the mirror you have on your 2015 Ford F-150. I have a towing mirror solution I can provide, but not a custom fit slip-on one since you have the style of mirror we don't carry a slip on solution for. Its not a pretty solution, but you would have to go with something like a fender mount like part # 11750 as the style of mirror that you have prevents it from having any clip on universal mirrors fit it. Reason being there is no lip between the mirror and...
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