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Curt Circuit Protected Converter w/ SMT

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curt wiring 4 flat circuit protected converter w/ smt
curt wiring vehicle end connector 4 flat c56175
curt wiring vehicle end connector 4 flat

In Use/Installed

2003 mazda protege5 wiring curt vehicle end connector 4 flat c56175
2003 mazda protege5 wiring curt vehicle end connector 4 flat in use
2003 mazda protege5 wiring curt vehicle end connector c56175
2003 mazda protege5 wiring curt 4 flat c56175
2003 mazda protege5 wiring curt trailer connectors 4 flat circuit protected converter w/ smt
2003 mazda protege5 wiring curt trailer connectors 4 flat c56175
2003 mazda protege5 wiring curt trailer connectors in use

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curt wiring trailer connectors 4 flat c56175
curt wiring trailer connectors 4 flat c56175

  • Trailer Connectors
  • Vehicle End Connector
  • 4 Flat
  • Plug and Lead
  • Curt
Call at 800-298-8924 for expert service. We are your Volkswagen wiring experts, and offer a lowest price guarantee. carries a complete line of Curt products for your Volkswagen T2 Bus Van 1977. Curt Circuit Protected Converter w/ SMT part C56175 from Curt can be ordered online at Complete wiring installation instructions and technical support.

1977 Volkswagen T2 Bus Van - Curt Circuit Protected Converter w/ SMT

Install a 4-way trailer connector on your Volkswagen T2 Bus Van with this wiring harness with tail light converter. Harness splices into existing wiring. SMT construction ensures superior performance.


  • Provides a 4-pole flat trailer connector for the Volkswagen T2 Bus Van
    • Compatible with 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole adapters (sold separately)
  • Hardwires to existing harness behind tail lights
  • Solid one piece construction
  • 16 Gauge bonded wire with 4-flat plug
  • Factory appearance
  • Simple do-it-yourself instructions on every package
  • Not recommended for Volkswagen T2 Bus Vans with LED lights


  • Wire configuration:
    • Red: brake lights
    • Yellow: left turn lights
    • Green: right turn lights
    • Brown: Tail lights
    • White: ground
  • 1-Year limited warranty

Tech Tip: It is always a good idea to apply a small amount of grease to all electrical connections to help prevent corrosion.

Warning: Overloading circuit can cause fires. Do not exceed lower of towing manufacturer rating or:

  • Max. stop/turn light: (3 amps)
  • Max. tail lights: (7.5 amps)

Read Volkswagen T2 Bus Van owner's manual and instruction sheet for additional information.

Surface Mount Technology (SMT) is a method for constructing electrical circuits where components are mounted onto the surface of printed circuit boards.

56175 CURT Vehicle Wiring Harness - 4 Wire

C56175 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details C56175 Installation instructions

Video of Curt Circuit Protected Converter w/ SMT

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Curt Wiring C56175 Review

Today we're going to be reviewing part number C56175. This is the Curt Circuit Protected Tail Light Converter with surface mount technology. The SMT technology is just a method for constructing electrical circuits where components are mounted onto the surface of printed circuit boards. This unit is designed to convert your vehicle's light functions to be used to property tow, using a 4-way flat trailer connector. This unit does provide the 4-pull flat trailer connector for the vesicle. It's got the nice little dust cap on it, so it's going to protect the connection points. To see if this fits your particular vehicle, you can use the fit guide, located right here on our website.

It's a very quick and easy installation. It's a solid 1 piece unit so it just has the exposed wires, everything is pre-assembled. Basically, all you have to do is make the connections and get everything located in the right spot. Pretty simple operation. Comes with some nice detailed instructions.

Got some photos in there to walk you through the installation and to find the location of all the connections that you need to make. It's made from 16 gauge bonded wire with a 4-flat plug. It's going to give it a nice factory appearance. It's a simple do it yourself instruction, or installation. All the instructions are located on every package, so again the connection points are highlighted and indicated in the instructions based on the type of vehicle that you have. This unit can be used with 5-pull, 6-pull, or 7-pull adapters. Just keep in mind, it is not recommended for vehicles with LED lights. Here in this package, it's going to come with 4 Scotchlok connectors.

It's going to come with 2 zip ties, and it's going to come with a self tapping screw for the ground wire connection. You can see here that on the white wire, it's going to have that ring terminal already located on it. That way you can do an easy ground connection. Just make sure you're getting it to a nice clean surface on the vehicle. It's also going to come with 2 sided adhesive tape. That's designed so that way you can mount the converter box to a nice flat, clean location.

A little tech tip, is you always want to apply a small amount of grease to the electrical connections to help prevent any corrosion. You can find some dielectric grease right here on our website. I believe it's underneath the related items on the right hand side of your screen. Also, keep in mind that overloading a circuit can cause fire, so you do not want to exceed the lower of either the telemanufacture 00:02:23 rating or the max stop and turn light, which is going to be 3 amps, or the max tail lights, which is 7.5 amps. To go over the wiring real quick, on this unit, the wiring codes are all indicated right here on the converter. The brown wire is going to be for your tail light circuit. The yellow is going to be for the left turn circuit. Red is your brake light circuit. Green is for the right turn circuit. Then your white wire is going to be for your ground. Again, make sure this is a fit for your vehicle. You should have plenty of wiring as long as the vehicle is in the fit guide for this particular converter. It's just going to allow you to tow properly with all the lights functioning as they should, using the 4-way flat trailer connector, which is already included on 1 side of the converter box, coming out here. Plenty of wire. That way you can get it to where it needs to go. I believe that's going to do it for today's review of part number C56175. This is the Curt Circuit Protected Tail Light Converter. .

Customer Reviews

Curt Circuit Protected Converter w/ SMT - C56175

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (207 Customer Reviews)

Install a 4-way trailer connector on your Volkswagen T2 Bus Van with this wiring harness with tail light converter. Harness splices into existing wiring. SMT construction ensures superior performance.

- C56175

by: Tex in Dallas07/16/2012

Installed on a 2012 Hyundai Accent SE 5DR/HB - with relative ease for a first-timer. Tips for my make and model would have been nice but none really existed that I could find. Details were generic.... so.... here goes, from memory (so I hope it's close enough for non-government work LOL)... 1) Open the HB and remove the center plastic inner body panel that is about 18" long and has the latch protruding through it. This requires removing 2 screws and popping it loose. 2) Remove everything from the trunk so that you'll have easy access to the grommet on the rear body wall - which is below and towards the driver's side of the rear latch. 3) Pop loose the driver and passenger side rear corner panels and use a 6"-8" tool or something to prop them open so that you can easily access the wire. There is no need to completely remove them as that would require going around to each door. You will likely want to push the rear seats forward so that the panels more freely swing open. The plastic body wall piece that fit over the rear seat latches might pop loose - don't panic, you can re-seat them later when you're all done. 4) With parking lights on, I simply unplugged the obvious wire set going into the rear light section on each side. I went through and tested, with a power tester light, to identify all of the wires that I would need to match to the Curt harness. NOTE: the colors of the Curt harness will NOT match the colors of the Hyundai wire harness, so test the power connector and write the color of that wire on your Curt instruction sheet next to the Curt wire that it must match. 5) Place the Hyundai wire on the completely open side of the Curt connectors. The Curt wire will go in the other side, which is blocked on one end. Use a set of pliers to squeeze the metal connector down ALL the way and it will cut through the outer wire wrapping and connect to the wire. Do this for all four connecting wires. 6) If you have a lack of power at the Curt wiring harness plug that will connect with your trailer lights or Bully LED Step Hitch, then go back and make sure that the metal has been locked ALL the way down to make a solid connection. You will know which connector to check by which plug terminal is not hot. Simply follow that color back to the "splice" junction. 7) If the power is good to the plug at the end of the harness, then snap the covers shut on all the Curt connectors at the "splice" junctions. Locate a nice flat place on the rear driver's side body wall and use the double-sided adhesive tape provided to lock in the "black box" (converter box). 8) Find the grommet that is below the latch and towards the driver's side of the car. The wires going through it are those that power the lights above the license plate. GENTLY remove the grommet. It easily comes out BUT the wiring goes through a small, tight rubber sleeve that is part of the grommet. That's the reason that you cannot push the connector through the grommet itself and why there is no need cut the grommet. Simply push the connector and some wire through the pre-existing hole in the body, and then replace the grommet. I chose to rotate the Curt wires to the top of the grommet to further decrease any likelihood of random water entering the trunk. 9) Place the connector cover on the connector. I left my connector with just enough play in the wires that it would dangle just below the body, so that I could grasp it to connect my Bully LED Hitch Step, and when using my Curt Basket Carrier, it actually tucks up on that same body panel and stays in place without falling down. 10) Use some small wire ties to tie off any excess wire and some electrical tape to lock the green wire in place so that it's not dangling loose to get caught in the center panel when you replace it. 11) Replace everything in order, and carefully... no need to break any plastic tabs such as on the door latch pieces. Take note of how they slide and then pop into place. If you have struggled to get them to snap in place, then carefully examine the tabs and flex them back into correct place if need be, or you'll break them off in the process of never getting the piece(s) to lock in place. The key is easing everything into place. The rear body panels have a couple of screws to replace and then you can ease the rear center piece in place... and then hand slap it to make sure it snaps in and holds. At that point, even though I'd checked everything prior to closing it up, I re-checked my Curt connector plug to verify the three hots were indeed hot. The last thing you want to do is load up the trunk and hook up a trailer with lights, etc. and then discover there's no power to your Curt connector plug. Things sometimes move or shake loose enough that there's not a solid connection. This would most likely be one of those light blue connectors with the metal wire pincher that I mentioned earlier. It MUST be squeezed completely flat to the surface of that plastic sleeve to make sure that it's gone all the way down far enough to pop open the wire insulation and make a good connection to the wire. Even an 1/8" or 1/16" left up can be the root of all evil and cursing. I know because it happened to me... so don't let it happen to you, because "I Told You So!" LOL No pics. Failed to take any. It was hot and I was focused on getting things done and the trunk reloaded. 48171

- C56175

by: Ray S.08/16/2013

The product is WELL worth the small price paid & more! Ease of installation was great! My 19 month old daughter had to help Dad & it took us about 30 minutes. My daughter had to view every step along the way!! Basic tools, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, light/line tester & drill with bits were all that was needed. I installed it to replace the factory installed trailer harness on a 1998 Dodge Durango. SUPER easy to get to the tail light wires ( only 2 screws per light). I unplugged the light housing to make it easier to clamp into the correct wire and to find the correct wire to clamp onto. **NOTE: The wire color on the vehicle harness does not match the color code on the C56175. Thus the reason for the light/line tester!! ALSO where I mounted the converter box was in the plastic louvers inside & behind the light housings. It fit snug but was in a safe & dry place. I could not take pictures but I assure you the EASE of installation was quick, simple & great the 1st time! Absolutely no problems even for the novice! Thank-You etrailer for such a great product at such a great price!! I would highly recommend this product.. 95441

- C56175

by: Robert Durtschi06/15/2013

A "shade tree mechanic" perspective: Contrary to the included "tools needed" my 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan bolts were 18 MM not 17 MM. I bought a 6 point 18 MM impact socket from Lowes for about $5. You can remove the bolts with a 3/8" socket wrench and about a 12" 3/4 iron pipe as a cheater. There are two installation videos available on Youtube. 2001 and 2004. One shows removing the spare tire. You don't need to do that. Access to the driver's side mount is very tight. I could barely touch the rubber flap blocking the channel. Don't try to pull on the fish wire to force the bolt assembly past the rubber flap. I almost lost one of the bolts. I ended up using a piece of 1/4" rod bent in a U to push the rubber flap out of the way enough to get the bolt past. I was able to mount the hitch without help by balancing it on three 2 foot long pieces of firewood (rough guesstimate). I lifted one side and fastened it losely to the bolt closest to the end of the hitch, then fastened the bolt on the other side a bit more tightly. then lifted the middle of the hitch and lined up the other bolts. 84824

- C56175

by: Ariel B.07/22/2013

OK this product is great, installs quickly with the supplied tap connectors and works as expected. i installed on a 05 Hyundai Elantra. Do yourself a favor and save yourself hours of troubleshooting. take some sandpaper and scratch off the paint on the metal surface of the car. I did it inside the light access panel. Use the supplied self tapping screw to make a Solid ground or your trailer lights will not work! i took a shortcut and secured to a screw in the panel, with paint under it. While this was sufficient ground for my test light, it was not for the trailer lights. <- this really threw me off and i wasted a lot of time troubleshooting. i even thought my trailer lights were bad and got a replacement set! but no good until i grounded properly. PS tech support was AWESOME! i had to call twice, once for the hitch install, another for trailer light issue. they answered my questions quickly and even helped me troubleshooting my trailer light issue!. When it comes time to get a hitch for my wife's van, i am definitely re-ordering from 90890

- C56175

by: David W07/06/2013

The Circuit Protected Converter # SMT C56175 trailer lighting harness for my 1998 VW Beetle arrived within a few days and was easy to install with the include instructions! All trailer lights worked perfect the first time they were checked after the install! Great job to ALL of you at 87907


From the day I installed the SMT C56175 Converter, I have had no problems at all! This is a well designed, high quality item that I would highly recommend to anyone!This item still gets a five star rating all day long!All The Best,David W

David W - 01/04/2015


- C56175

by: Jim07/08/2014

I installed this item on a 2014 Mazda 3 HB. I actually placed the unit in the right rear of the vehicle in the jack compartment, keeping it completely out of the way. Doing this required to have a longer piece of wire for the left turn signal input, as the unit comes with a long wire for the right turn signal input wire. The unit is high quality, easy to install with simple instruction. Note: to those using this in the new Mazda 3 series, there is a hole in the bottom of the jack compartment covered by tape. Since I already have another 4 pin flat car end, I will get a trailer end connector and plug it to the unit and run the wires through the hole with a grommet and splice them on to my other car end connector. This will allow me to have the trailer connector available under the car at the hitch and I won’t have to run the wires out the hatch door possible pinching or rubbing on the bumper. 139902

- C56175

by: Ken12/06/2013

These items are just as they are said to be. Installation was fast and easy. I would highly recommend Trailer and these products. I will buy from them as the need arises. 109323


Still very happy with this product. Hasnt given me any problems. Going to be purchasing another for my other jeep.

Ken - 12/06/2014


- C56175

by: mj01/26/2015

This kit worked great. Your car or truck may need a little extra wire for the right turn signal but I am very very happy with the quality of the materials and install. Hauled my trailer safely today and did not have to redo any connections! 171250


It works

mj - 02/06/2016


- C56175

by: Mark01/22/2013

Works great. I filled each connector with dielectric grease sold by eTrailer. (I'm a big believer in dielectric grease even for interior and indoor use. It inhibits oxidation of contact points which occurs without exposure to harsh elements.). The grease made it difficult to grasp 2 wires and operate the clamp-down connector. The green wire (to the RH turn signal) was a barely long enough. I have a rattle when I go over a speed hump. It's the loose green wire. I should have secured it better, but the length limited my options. I was going to use a 4-wire connector mounting bracket, but for my little 2013 Accent, that seemed like overkill. I zip-tied the connector to the hitch's cross bar. It's accessible enough for me, not not dangling. 63840

- C56175

by: Ken M.04/22/2014

Great service. Fast shipping and information. Very pleased with product. 126560


Product installed relatively easy. All lights work as they should. Used small voltamp meter to check wires before splicing. Works like a charm.

Ken M - 04/22/2015


- C56175

by: Darrell N.06/17/2014

great wire harness, could not have been easier for the "common man" to deal with ! came with the hitch, I paid for it, but same package so didn't have to wait for a second box. 135930



Darrell N - 06/17/2015


- C56175

by: Tyler01/08/2016

I received the package a couple days after ordering it. It was extremely easy to install and works as advertised. I have a 2005 Jetta wagon 234993


Still Works great

Tyler - 01/07/2017


- C56175

by: Dean H.06/25/2013

Quick service from etrailer. Product arrived as expected and fits my VW Jetta just fine. 85931


Product still working with no troubles so far.

Dean H - 12/24/2014


- C56175

by: Mike B03/19/2014

Product was just as described. Easily installed in a few minutes and worked perfectly. 121335


Excellent, still working perfectly

Mike B - 03/19/2015


- C56175

by: d.boles12/03/2015

great product fast service .Thanks guys will order more products in the future 232894


Working great thanks again guys and gals.

d.boles - 12/02/2016


- C56175

by: Bernie Knutson05/21/2014

Could not find this under $60.00 anywhere. Thank You. 131682


still working fine. thanks for the great price and product.

Bernie K - 05/21/2015


- C56175

by: Liam02/28/2013

Good price, product was perfect, and the shipping was quick. Problem solved. T-taps are sort of miserable, but that's on the installer, not the product - cutting, soldering, and heat shrinking is definitely the way to go. If you have a problem with your 'Yota truck lighting acting wonky, chances are very high this unit is your issue! Mount it up high, on the bottom of the bed to keep it dry and give it decent life. The harness cover is a nice touch that does not come with all of these - pack it with dielectric grease, and you'll get many years out of this. Good job, etrailer! 67991


We have seen some wonky trailer light issues with Toyotas when adding aftermarket harnesses like this. Typically the issue is the ground. The Toyota frames do not ground as easily as other makes. Sometimes we have to move the ground or extend it to a factory ground point in order for the system to function correctly.

-- Patrick B - 03/04/2013


- C56175

by: ed cook02/27/2014

The trailer wiring adapter worked fine on my 2003 Saturn LW300. The unit construction was excellent. I did have to spend a while finding the proper wires in areas that were practical to splice in and had to do a lot of "pinning" with a voltmeter to determine which wire carries the correct signal. This may be difficult for someone with little experience in wiring. Most connections were made in the spare tire compartment with one behind the right tail light, all within the vehicle. Overall I am very satisfied with the product. 117895

- C56175

by: jon l03/21/2014

excellent 121634


still working great

jon l - 03/26/2015


- C56175

by: Rodriguez, Hector02/14/2014

I bought this Converter C56175 for my Chrysler Sebring, and it was very fast delivered ( three days after ordered by usps), and very easy to install (about 20 mins) . I am really happy with the service. 116565


Did you have any problems since it is being installed on a positive grounded system such as the Chrysler Sebring. When I received the package it stated that it would work only on a negative grounded system. I have everything wired up correctly but the stop lights will not work. Any suggestions.

-- comment by: Bobby P - 10/06/2015


- C56175

by: Ray B03/18/2014

Yes I received the trailer package and installed it yesterday. As information, this unit does not have sufficient length of wire on the vehicle side.......I have a Jeep 2008 Liberty and the connections are made behind the cargo area panels. I had to splice about two feet of wire to make the connections........note there is not enough room behind the tail light assembly to mount the module so I had to mount it inside the cargo area. But the unit worked fine after installation. 121172

- C56175

by: Keven B07/25/2016

I purchased the wiring harness adaptor for my 2000 Jetta to tow my small trailer occasionally. I am not good with electrical but managed to install the harness in a little over an hour. Only issue was the green wire that goes to the right tail light was to short to route it the way I wanted but that was corrected by adding some wire. Hooked the trailer up and once I got the bulbs in the sockets, wiring worked fine. Now to use it as I have put the wiring off for to long! Keven 276237

- C56175

by: R.N.03/17/2015

Kit used on a 2002 VW Jetta. Not an install for the inexperienced. Easy if you know what you are doing. I refuse to splice connect anything in my cars, so this kit got soldered in. The right turn signal wire is too short. I put it in a small economy car and it was 2 feet short of the other taillight. I only had 4 inches of rise on the drivers side and it went across the trunk floor to the other taillight. My only complaint. Other than that it works how it is supposed to. 179037

- C56175

by: Ron01/28/2014

This product works as promised granted it can be a bit tricky to wire up due to space clearance with the individual car. While the Etrailer video was quite superb with installation guidance, I would suggest that you personally check the wiring diagram on your specific car. My wire colors varied from the instructional video but that is due to the manufacturer of the vehicle not etrailer or curtis. Aside from that it's plug and play you can't go wrong. 115044

- C56175

by: Brent L.03/13/2017

The wiring kit was quick and easy to order. For whatever reason there is not a simple plug and play trailer wiring kit for my 2007 Kia Sportage 4 Cylinder. After opening up interior panels in the rear of the vehicle I was able to splice into the existing wires with the connectors provided. The job took about an hour. I would buy from e-trailer again. George's follow up was helpful and prompt and he let me know the moment my kit shipped out. 352216

- C56175

by: Geoff from Canada08/07/2017

My etrailer order was shipped promptly. etrailer contacted me several times by phone and via email after I placed the order (and after the order was shipped and delivered) to make sure everything was OK. All of the items I ordered are of high quality and good workmanship and I am very happy with the unusually high level of service and communication from etrailer staff. The Sway control ball was easy to install and works great. 420973

- C56175

by: Scott D11/11/2013

The product works fine. I Youtube video for installing a harness on a Suzuki XL-7 IS NOT this product. If you're not a very handy person you may have problems getting this installed. I figured it out but I'm pretty handy. The video show them just plugging it into a 6 pin connector inside the left rear qarter panel. But the harness itself has no matching connector. You have it splice each wire to a wire on the car. 106978


The video we have for wiring is for Tow Ready part 118372. We have installed it on both a 2002 and 2004 XL-7.

-- Patrick B - 11/11/2013


- C56175

by: B.W.Rikstad02/19/2014

A++ I couldn't get a part number for my converter from the Toyota dealership, so when I found E-Trailers had everything I needed it didn't take long to place an order. Placing an order with etrailer is quick and easy and order confirmation was immediate with a personal response from a real person. My product arrived on-time and in perfect condition. Thanks Austin and Cathy Signed Your new customer 116978

- C56175

by: Seth V03/16/2014

This product was a little confusing at first. I couldn't figure out what wires went where. I went on to the chevy cruze forum and there was an excellent write up of how to install this exact same kit step by step. After that it was a breeze and only took about a half hour. All my trailer lights worked exactly the way they were suppose to. I would recommend this product. 120859

- C56175

by: Harry L08/30/2013

Did not install this on my vehicle. Don't order this one. Order one that custom fit your vehicle and plugs right into the lights themselves - alot easier than splicing and whatever else you need to do. 97668


Remember a plug-in unit is not available for every vehicle. Sometimes it is necessary to hard-wire in a box. Not all boxes are the same, as they are built to be compatible with different electrical systems. This is why we have this type of wiring kit in our fit guide.

-- Patrick B - 08/30/2013


hey was reading your review on and was wondering where u purchased your wiring kit that snapped into your lights themselves.

-- comment by: art - 02/26/2014


Harry L came back and bout a plug-in unit for his Jeep Liberty from us. If you like, reply to me email and include the year, make and model of the vehicle you are looking for a wiring kit for and I can let you know what, if any, plug-in options are available.

-- Patrick B - 2/27/2014


Completely agree with this comment

-- comment by: John S - 04/26/2014


- C56175

by: David B07/22/2013

WOW the shipping was fast. Ordered on Wednesday and got it on Thursday. I am very pleased with the quality of the hitch and mounting hardware, it went on with no problems in about 45 minutes. The wiring kit was also easy to understand and install. Thank you for a great buying experience and great product, You guys are definitely first on my list for future purchases. 90858

- C56175

by: Joe McCullough07/02/2014

It took an hour and 13 minutes to tear the back of the car apart install the wiring kit and replace the interior, a bit tricky since the car wires are so small, on the 2013 Honda Fit the right turn wire comes from the drivers side so I didn't have to run the wire across the car and open that side up also. Thanks for a great product at a great price. 138737

- C56175

by: Curtis08/25/2013

Fairly easy to attach just had to double check the wiring on the car and had to sandpaper away some paint in order to get a good ground connection. 96861

- C56175

by: Bob D.12/09/2013

I have not installed this yet due to bad weather but from the looks of the product I doubt there will be any problem. Everything needed is in the package, the directions are very clear. The service from etrailer was great. I plan to order an adapter from them later to tow a camper. In my opinion a top company to deal with and I would recommend. 109650

- C56175

by: Greg03/11/2013

I installed this on my 2005 Suzuki Forenza and it went very smoothly especially since it has to be spliced in, instead of just plugged in. The unit is very well labeled and secures out of site. I was able to install this in approximately 40 minutes and probably could repeat it on the same application in about 20. 69994

- C56175

by: Dr. Rocken02/02/2017

I love it. I had to go from a 5 wire car (kia Spectra5) to a 4 wire trailer and this was the right part for the job. 5 wire car - left turn, right turn, running lights, brake and ground. 4 wire trailer - brake and right turn are on same wire, brake and left turn are on same wire, rinning lights and ground. 338141

- C56175

by: Charles J.08/05/2013

Was very happy and satisfied with my purchase and delivery of my product. Insulation went very well. 93282

- C56175

by: Larry R.02/02/2014

Works great, however according to the instructions a 3/32" drill bit should be used to drill pilot hole for mounting. This size hole is too big for the #8 self tapping screw provided.My suggestion would be to designate a smaller drill bit in the instructions or provide a #10 self tapping screw. 115432

- C56175

by: Linda04/14/2014

Good product except for the (blue) instant clips. We ended up soldering the wiring because the clips weren't making a good connection. It was worth the time to make it right and lasting. It took a while to find the color codes for wiring my Scion XA on line, but it's working just fine! 124886

- C56175

by: Bob B.04/01/2014

This is the only 3 to 2 converter I have found that consistently works in my application. I tow a Silverado with two stop-turn bulbs on each side. I tow with with multiple vehicles, including semi-tractors. Other adapters either will not work, or the lights will be too dim to be safe. 123268

- C56175

by: Carla08/07/2017

Product was great del was great but i was looking around and seen product price had dropped in four days really this is not good business will never buy anything from them again and being a full time RVer im around alot of people that buy products like this 421428

- C56175

by: Robert W05/13/2013

Recieved the wiring harness and trailer hitch quickly (within 4 days of shipping). Both were exactly what I expected. I especially like the free shipping (because I got the hitch as well). I will be using etrailer again for any future needs. Good job etrailer! 80003

- C56175

by: Mark B.01/18/2017

While the product itself is excellent and well built, I returned this unit for the style with the light harness adapter plugs already wired. My 2016 Mazda 3 wagon has a light wiring system that is more advanced than the simple brown/yellow/red/green wire system. 333513

- C56175

by: mark miller11/13/2013

i am in charge of all the inventory at a major dealership and we buy alot of parts from local businesses but when they were pricing this same wiring to me at twice the price i found here I was Sold on this website and will order again and again Thanx Etrailer 107236

- C56175

by: Steve R.08/01/2014

The Curt Converter is exactly what i needed to operate trailer light from our car which had separate Turn and Stop lights. Everything needed was included in the package and was very easy to install. Only took about 30 minutes total. Works Great! 143936

- C56175

by: Steve D.11/23/2013

It took a good bit of searching on the internet to get wiring diagrams for my 2006 Scion xA, However, once I found the info the installation was very quick and easy. Once the connections were made, everything has worked great since then. 108293

- C56175

by: Joel03/29/2013

I'm so happy with my purchase with etrailer, for me the most important thing is the product they sales to me is made in USA, it been a long since I use these beautiful words, I recommends 100%, good communication and very fast shipping. 73180

- C56175

by: Ray C.07/20/2017

Got the tires, wheels, lights, and wiring kit to rebuild an old utility trailer. The website has a wealth of info to help find exactly what was needed. Michelle S. was very helpful (and friendly!) in resolving a delivery question. 409273

- C56175

by: Steven C.05/06/2014

My 98 Toyota 4Runner wasn't sending the correct signals to my boat trailer. After installing (took an hour and a half, but was easy with the instructions) my 4Runner is now throwing the correct signals to my boat trailer. Thanks! 129270

- C56175

by: TexasSkunk06/02/2014

Worked great on my 06 Saturn Vue. Combined the turn signal & brake lights into on for the trailer. I would have given it a 5 if the green wire was a foot longer. Had to use a "wire stretcher" to reach the right tail light. 133687

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  • Plug and Play Trailer Wiring Options for 2005 Jeep Liberty W/O Tow Package
  • We do indeed have two plug and play trailer wiring harness options for your 2005 Jeep Liberty. If your trailer has minimal lighting- just a stop/turn/tail light for the passenger and drivers side, the Curt # C55382 would be an excellent choice. This harness has a simple installation, which would plug inline with the connectors on the back of the taillight assemblies. If your trailer has more extensive lighting, say what is mentioned above plus some clearance and/or marker lights on the...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2000 Chevrolet Astro Van with a Standard Wheel Base
  • We have several trailer hitches that are considered a fit for your 2000 Chevrolet Astro Van. For this vehicle I would recommend a Class III trailer hitch to allow for greater diversity for hitch mounted accessories. The Curt # 13035 that you referenced is a great option, and is more economical for the Class III options. This hitch is rated for towing up to 4000 pounds and up to 400 pounds of tongue weight. Please note that if you have a full size spare tire this may interfere with the...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Wiring for Fleetwood Pop-Up Trailer and 2003 Mazda B3000 Pickup
  • A potential cause for your issue is a weak ground connection. Trace the white ground wire from your 4-pole back to where it attaches to the vehicle frame. This ground must be secured to a clean and rust-free spot on the frame. If necessary sand off the rust/dirt from that grounding point and reattach the white ground wire or relocate it a new spot. If this does not correct the problem then I suggest you next test your existing 4-pole trailer connector on your Mazda to confirm it is...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Wiring Harness for 2007 Honda Ridgeline that Will Work with LED Trailer Lighting
  • The Curt Trailer Wiring Harness that you referenced, part # C56175, is not recommended for use with vehicles that have LED lights (but is compatible with trailers that have LEDs). This harness requires you to cut and splice wiring to install it. I can offer you an easier solution that will not require any cutting of wires. TowReady T-One 4-Pole Trailer Wiring Harness # 118400 is a plug-and-play harness that simply plugs inline to your tail light assemblies without the need to cut or...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Harness on 1999 Toyota 4Runner Does Not Work
  • Since this is the first time you have used the connector on your 4Runner, if it has been awhile since it was installed or if it is factory then there can be some corrosion build up inside the connector preventing it from working. This happened to a friend of mine recently. Scraping out the corrosion will help. Also make sure the main ground is connected to a clean and corrosion free bare metal surface. If that does not help then use a circuit tester such as # 3808 to test the vehicle...
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  • Installing a 7-Way Trailer Connector and Brake Controller on a 2008 Honda Ridgeline
  • That towing package might include other things like an alternate transmission cooler or other items including the wiring. That could explain why they say its for more heavy duty towing. To see if the brake output function reaches from under the dash to the connector at the rear one thing you can try is to run 12 volt power on the circuit in either direction. Then test the other end with a meter or test like such as # 3808. If it is connected all the way back then that is one less hardwiring...
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  • How to Wire a 6-Way Trailer Connector to a Chevy Astro Van
  • I really need to know the year of your Chevy Astro to determine the best way to install the trailer connector to the van's wiring. The Astro was produced from 1985 to 2005 so that is a big range. I can tell you that the likely functions of the wires are red or black for 12 volt power, white for ground, brown for running lights, yellow for left turn signal/brake lights, and green for right turn signal/brake lights, and red or black (whichever is not 12 volt power) for trailer brakes....
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2012 Kia Forte Hatchback
  • For a 2012 Kia Forte Hatchback, we have the Curt trailer hitch # C11124. The Draw-Tite hitch is for sedans only. I have included a link to the installation instructions for the Curt hitch. It also comes with a ball mount, hitch pin and clip. For towing, you would need to add a ball. Use # 19256 for a 1-7/8 inch diameter or # 19258 for a 2 inch diameter. For trailer wiring, use # C56175. I have also included a link to the installation instructions for the wiring.
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  • Recommended Wiring Harness for Honda Ridgeline with LED Lights
  • The Curt Trailer Wiring Harness you referenced, part # C56175, is not recommended for use with vehicles that have LED lights. However, I can offer you an easy solution that will not require any cutting of wires. TowReady T-One 4-Pole Trailer Wiring Harness # 118400 is a plug-and-play harness that simply plugs inline to your tail light assemblies without the need to cut or splice wires. My contact at TowReady confirmed this harness works both with vehicles and/or trailers that use LED-type...
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  • Tekonsha Brake Controller Installation in 2016 Toyota Tacoma
  • The Tekonsha brake controller wiring adapter specified for your 2016 Toyota Tacoma with a factory-installed 7-way socket at the rear bumper is part # 3017-P. This harness connects a Tekonsha controller such as the P2 # 90885 to the factory port. On vehicles with the factory 7-way usually this port is located behind the left kick panel, above the e-brake pedal. It may be taped to other wiring and/or tucked up out of easy reach. Now if your truck does not have the factory 7-way you may...
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  • Instructions for the Curt Wiring Harness # C56175
  • I attached installation instructions for the Curt Circuit Protected Converter # C56175 that you referenced. I will send them to you in a separate email as well.
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  • Base Plate Recommendations for Flat Towing a 1998 Honda Civic 5-Speed Transmission
  • After some research, I have found that your 1998 Honda Civic with a 5-speed manual transmission can be flat-towed without the need for a dolly. For your car, the Roadmaster XL Base Plate Kit # 510-1 is a compatible fit, regardless of whether your vehicle has fog lights or not. This base plate kit features removable brackets to lessen the visibility of the kit when not in use. The drawbars can be removed via 2 pins and the kit requires no welding for installation. These base plates will...
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  • Wiring 1996 Geo Tracker for Flat Towing
  • The # C56175 would be installed on your Tracker if you wanted to tow a trailer with it, but it will not work for towing the Tracker behind a motorhome. To wire the vehicle for flat towing there are several available systems, as you can see in the article I have linked you to. A magnetic towing light kit like # RM-2120 would be an easy to use, easy to install alternative. If you would prefer a permanently-wired alternative, the article outlines how to determine which choice is best for...
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  • Installing Trailer Wiring Harness on 1999 Chevy Astro
  • The 1999 Chevy Astro uses a 2 wire system that combines the brake light and turn signals onto one circuit for each side of the vehicle. A standard 4 pole like part # 18002 can be used instead of the # C56175 converter you mentioned. The converter is designed for use on vehicles that have a 3 wire system with the left turn, right turn and brake lights all being separate circuits. The easy way to tell which system a vehicle uses is to look at its tail light assemblies. If the lenses for the...
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  • How to Install a Brake Controller on a 2000 Chevy Express 1500
  • Sounds like your 2000 Chevy Express Van 1500 has a factory 7-way at the rear of the vehicle (if not I'll address that too later). Express vans like yours with the 7-Way tow package have the blue output brake wire already ran from the back to the front. It is located under the dash near the emergency brake pedal. There isn't a plug-in adapter that will work on your vehicle to install a brake controller as there isn't a port under the dash for that. You will basically need to run the...
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  • Wiring Diagram for the Curt Trailer Wiring Harness Part # C56175
  • I really wish I had a diagram specific to your 2004 Nissan Quest that shows how it would install, but the best I can do is show you a diagram that shows you what circuits the Curt Harness part # C56175 would wire to. You will need to use the included circuit tester to determine the functions of all of the taillight circuits and then wire them accordingly. I also attached a copy of the installation instructions for this harness for you to check out.
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  • Trailer Wiring Harness With a Powered Converter for a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon
  • We do have a wiring harness with a powered converter for your 2003 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon. I recommend using the Tow Ready Upgraded Circuit Protected Modulite, # 119179KIT. Since you are having power issues with your current wiring harness, I recommend removing that wiring harness completely and install the Tow Ready harness per the installation instructions. I have attached the instructions for you to check out. This harness includes a circuit tester, so I recommend using that circuit...
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  • Wiring 4-Way And 7-Way Connector On 2004 Jeep Liberty To Tow Popup Camper
  • If you are wanting a 7-way connector at the back of your 2004 Jeep Liberty and you have brakes on your pop-up trailer, and you currently have no connector installed, part # C56175, and part # ETBC7, will do just that. I have attached a helpful article that explains how to install the # ETBC7 you can check out. You will also need a brake controller. I recommend the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 Brake Controller, part # 90885. This is our more popular brake controller because it is easy to install...
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  • If there is a Short Circuit Will Curt Converter Box Blow or Just the Affected Circuit
  • Normally when there is a short circuit it will blow the converter box no matter what the brand is. But sometimes it will only affect the one function that shorted like what you have experienced. It could go either way but regardless of what does happen you would need to replace the converter to fix the issue. We do have the plug in style T-connector # 118418 that you can use instead of a hardwire harness if you hare interested. I have linked instructions and a video for you to view. You...
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  • Grounding T-Connector for 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • The Curt # 55260 T-One wiring kit does not require a separate ground connection, because the ground connection is made in the plug that connects inline with the vehicle wiring harness feeding the passenger side tail light assembly. You can see this by looking at the photo I have edited for you. In other words, you are not missing anything. You can see the installation instructions by clicking the provided link.
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  • How to Access Tail Light Wiring to Install Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2014 Chevy Cruze
  • To access the tail light wiring on your 2014 Chevy Cruze sedan you will need to remove the rear most floor panel in the trunk, and some side panels. Take a look at the video I linked for wiring harness # 118508 which also fits your Cruze. It shows the process for accessing the tail light wiring.
    view full answer...

  • Determining Tail Light Wire Functions to Install Curt Harness # C56175 in 1995 Mitsubishi Montero
  • Since the wire colors used by vehicle manufacturers are not always consistent, your best option to identify which wires to connect to your Curt Trailer Wiring Harness # C56175 is to use a circuit tester such as # 40376 to identify each wire by its function. Wire color alone is not a reliable way to identify function. With a helper on hand to activate the vehicle lighting functions for you (one by one) apply the grounded circuit tester to each wire at the driver-side taillight assembly...
    view full answer...

  • Identifying Wiring on 2010 Nissan Cube for Installation of Curt Tail Light Converter # C56175
  • Often vehicle wiring colors are consistent to allow color-for-color connection of items such as the Curt Tail Light Converter, part # C56175. However this is not always the case. The best way to conclusively identify the lighting function carried on each wire is to use a circuit tester such as the Quickee # 3808. I have provided a link to a video showing how to use the circuit tester to determine what lighting function is carried on each wire of the vehicle harness. This process is made...
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  • Wiring Harness For 2013 Chevrolet Cruze And LED Lights
  • The difference between LED lights and standard incandescent trailer lights is the amperage (current) draw they require. LED lights require far less power to operate, and some converters will not work with LED lights because they present a very different electrical load that is harder for the converter to recognize. The C56175 you referenced will work with your vehicle if it does not have LED lights. We do not recommend using it for vehicles with LED lights because of the low amperage draw....
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  • Can Weight distribution Or Sway Control Be Used for 1000 lb Trailer Towed by Honda Civic.
  • The presence of a hitch receiver on a vehicle does not automatically mean the vehicle is suited for towing. Some vehicles that can accept a hitch receiver can do so only for purposes of carrying a bike or luggage rack. In my research I did find comments from Civic owners indicating that they have towed with their vehicles despite them not being rated for such use, but for reasons of safety the final word must come from the manufacturer. You can confirm in your Honda Civic owners manual...
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  • Will Curt Trailer Hitch # C11124 Fit a 2011 Kia Forte Hatchback
  • Yes, the Curt Trailer Hitch, # C11124, is designed to fit the 2011 Kia Forte hatchback models. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you to view. If you plan to do some towing, the hitch comes with the correct ball mount, pin, and clip. For a ball, you can use # 19256 (1-7/8 inch diameter) or # 19258 (2 inch diameter). For trailer wiring, use # C56175. I have included links to the installation details for this harness and a video showing a typical installation.
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  • Wiring Hopkins Brake Controller # HM47297 To Stop Light Switch On 2011 Jeep Liberty
  • When wiring the Hopkins InSIGHT Flex-Mount Trailer Brake Controller, part # HM47297, for your 2011 Jeep Liberty, you will need a circuit tester, like the Quickee Circuit Tester, part # 3808, to test each wire function. If you do not have a factory tow package on your Liberty, it is recommended to use an installation kit like part # ETBC7. You may also need a 4-way connector like part # C56175. When splicing the red wire from the brake controller into the brake light switch, you will...
    view full answer...

  • How to Install a Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2013 Nissan Versa
  • If you already have the # 119147KIT harness you can use it on a 2013 Nissan Versa but the recommended harness is # C56175. As you have found out you cannot go color for color. You will need to use a circuit tester like # 3808 to test the tail light wiring and then splice in the harness wires accordingly. On the harness, white is ground and attaches to a clean bare metal surface. Yellow is from the left turn signal. Brown is for running lights. Red is for brake lights. And green is for...
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  • Does Curt Circuit Protected Converter C56175 Have a Power Wire
  • The # C56175 does not feature a powered converter box, so no power wire is present on the harness. If you have a 2011 Chevrolet Cruze, however, I would actually recommend using the # 118508 harness instead. The # 118508 does have a power wire, but this is actually a feature that protects your vehicle's wiring system and puts less strain on it, since power is pulled directly from the battery instead of your tail light circuits. In addition to protecting the vehicle's wiring better,...
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  • Trailer Tow Package Recommendation for a 2011 Kia Forte Hatchback
  • The correct trailer hitch for the 2011 Kia Forte Hatchback is the Curt Class I Hitch, # C11124. I attached a photo showing this hitch on a 2011 Forte hatchback for you to compare to your vehicle. We also have installation instructions for you to review, see link. The Hidden Hitch, 60262, is designed for the sedan model only. To complete your towing setup you may also need a trailer wiring harness, # C56175, and a trailer hitch ball, # 19256 for a 1-7/8 inch trailer coupler and # 19258...
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