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  • Custom Fit
  • Trailer Hitch Wiring
  • Tekonsha
  • 7 Blade
  • No Converter

Tekonsha Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - 118242

Tow Ready Replacement 7-Way Wiring Harness for 1997-03 Ford F-150 Light Duty & F-250 Light Duty Pickups with OEM 4-Flat Trailer Connectors. Also fits 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series.

  • Exact Replacement for Damaged OEM Wiring Harness
  • Installs in Seconds on Vehicles not Factory Pre-Wired
  • Upgrades Vehicles From 4-Flat OEM Wiring to 7-Way Connectors
  • Connects Directly to Standard OEM Connector
  • Fits mounting bracket (PK-12711U) sold separately
  • Fuses and Relays Included
  • Can only be used with a factory 4-pole harness
    • This will not work with a factory 7-pole harness

118242 Will Not Work on Ford SuperDuty Trucks - use 118243

Product detail

Picture of OEM Connector. The plug is usually located on the driver's side between the back tires and the end of the truck bed.

Product detail

Picture of the 7-Way Connector

118242 Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness, 7-Way

118242 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 118242 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2001 - 2003 Ford F-150 Flareside or SuperCrew with factory 4-flat connector

2000 - 2000 Ford F-150 Flareside with factory 4-flat connector

1997 - 1999 Ford F-150 and F-250 Light Duty Flareside with factory 4-flat connector

2004 - 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series Flareside with factory 4-flat connector

2001 - 2003 Ford F-150 non-Flareside or non-SuperCrew with factory 4-flat connector

2000 - 2000 Ford F-150 non-Flareside with factory 4-flat connector

1997 - 1999 Ford F-150 and F-250 Light Duty non-Flareside with factory 4-flat connector

2004 - 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series non-Flareside with factory 4-flat connector

2000 - 2003 Ford F-150 Standard Bed models

1997 - 1999 Ford F-150 and F-250 Light Duty Standard Bed models

2004 - 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series Standard Bed models

2000 - 2003 Ford F-150 Stepside models

1997 - 1999 Ford F-150 and F-250 Light Duty Stepside models

2004 - 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series Stepside models

2001 - 2003 Ford F-150 SuperCrew models

2000 - 2003 Ford F-150 with factory 4-Flat

1997 - 1999 Ford F-150 and F-250 Light Duty with factory 4-Flat

2004 - 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series with factory 4-Flat

Video of Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness, 7-Way

Videos are provided As a guide only. Refer To manufacturer
installation instructions And specs For complete information.

Video Transcript for Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring 118242 Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness with a seven way connector. This product fits numerous vehicles, so to make sure it works with your particular year and model, you can use the vehicle fit guide located on our website at This is an exact replacement for your damaged OEM wiring harness. It's going to install quickly and easily, and it upgrades vehicles from a four flat OEM wiring to a seven way connector. The existing four way flat harness on your vehicle will still be functional. The unit's designed to connect directly to the standard OEM connector, you can see right here everything that it comes with. Your going to get the actual harness, your going to get your new seven way connector, plugs into this port right here on the harness.

Your going to get a hardware kit that's going to include two zip ties, detailed instructions, and your going to get the necessary fuses and relays. The connector right here, to make sure this is easily accessible at the back of your vehicle, we recommend using a mounting bracket. This is going to fit mounting bracket PK-12711U. That item is sold separate if your wanting to add a bracket to the vehicle for your seven way connector. You can find it here at Now when it comes to installing the unit, you'll need to disconnect the vehicles negative battery cable, install the included fuses and relays according to the detailed instructions, locate the vehicles wiring plug that's going to be located in the rear underneath the vehicle, inside the driver's side frame rail.

Separate the plugs on the vehicle, and then install the trailer tow harness between mating plugs. These connectors are going to match up perfectly, they're going to snap lock together for a nice tight secure fit. Once you have those connected, make your ground connection, that's going to be you white wire with the inaudible 00:01:37 attached to it. That's going to get connected by using the existing ground stud on your frame rail, and then plug the seven way socket into the harness on this side. Push it in until it snaps together. It's got the locking tabs on it as well for a secure fit.

Once you have that done, you can reconnect the battery cables, test your installation, you can secure all your loose wires with the included zip ties or cable ties. Then you can mount the tow harness in an accessible location using the mounting bracket like I mentioned earlier. Please keep in mind, the unit can only be used with a factory four pole harness. This will not work with the factory seven pole harness. The instructions are detailed, they include some images in there to help with the installation process. A couple more things that I want to mention before we wrap up the video, here on the seven way connector, you can see it has a nice spring loaded lid, has a little tab right there so you can easily get that open, and get everything connected as you need to.

Really nice design. I just want you to know that your wiring is going to be protected. It's got the nice wire loom that goes around there to protect the wires. Again, when installing this, I do recommend going ahead and using the zip ties, to secure the wires up and out of the way, and keeping them safe. Especially during travel, and when a lot of grim builds up under the vehicle, having them tucked up and out of the way. Maybe even along the existing wiring harness is really going to help extend the life of this wiring harness, and just the wires. That wiring loom is going to help as well. That's going to do it for today's look at the Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness with a seven way connector.

Customer Reviews

Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness, 7-Way - 118242

Average Customer Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars   (163 Customer Reviews)

- 118242

by: Ray12/18/2014

My F150 had an OEM 4 pin trailer plug and hitch. The 118242 - 7 pin connector with wiring harness is the ticket. The hardest part of the install was dropping the spare tire. The plugs connect directly to the factory plugs and the harness length is the correct length. The 3035-P brake controller connector harness was just as easy. Plugs right in to the OEM plug next to the ECM connector and the other end into the brake controller. The PK12711U-26 - 7 pin bracket and hardware kit fastens directly the OEM bracket that is on the hitch. My truck had an OEM 4 pin trailer towing set up with the hitch. The OEM hitch had the bracket welded on it to attach the 7 pin mounting bracket to it. These kits make this install very easy and professional looking. If I have one complaint, the hardware kit to attach the 7 pin connector bracket is set up to fasten the bracket directly to the bumper with 2 - self tapping screws provided in the kit. The kit also includes 4 #12 machine screws with toothed washer nuts to attached the 7 pin connector to the bracket. This is fine if your truck hitch doesn't have an attaching bracket welded to it. The kit should included in it 6 #12 machine screws and nuts along with the 2 self tapping screws. Since my OEM hitch actually had a bracket welded to it to attach the 7 pin bracket to it, I had to use two other #12 screws and nuts to attach the 7 pin bracket to the OEM bracket on the hitch. Not a big deal, just a thought. It took me about 2 hours, start to finish to install the 7 pin connector, trailer controller, and add the two relays in the OEM relay/fuse box under the hood. I highly recommend these kits. 322339

- 118242

by: Austin J.06/18/2013

Excellent product. High quality and easy installation. Made better than a factory harness I have on a different vehicle. I also purchased the mounting bracket and hardware kit. The bracket is wonderful and most of the hardware was good too. The self tapping screws both got the heads broke off, but it was my fault, not the screws. 85108


Still working flawlessly, the factory 4 flat isnt working but this one still works like it did when brand new. Highly recommended.

Austin J - 06/18/2014

- 118242

by: Marcus Aurelius04/27/2017

The tow package I purchased last year, fits great and installed perfectly. It works perfectly with my electronic under-dash brake controller. The kit came with everything that I needed and instructions were easy to read I had the entire kit installed in about 40 minutes it's work Flawless for me for over a year and I tow a variety of trailers the plug is never failed due to workmanship it is still water tight. The receiver cap spring still has excellent tension to help hold the plug into place, the only gripe I have is that I should have installed stainless mounting screwswhen I installed the kit because the mounting starting are starting to rust a little, but that's my oversight and is nothing to do with the kit and its ability to provide flawless service. I highly recommend this product if you're like me and was looking for an oem Plug and Play setup! 5 stars! 374842

- 118242

by: Duane G.06/04/2014

nice plug and play installation, video on your web site helped to speed the process as well as clarified that this was the right part that I needed, very good quality although the maxi fuses were not correct for my application but mine already had the fuses in place. 134345


The product is doing fine.

Duane G - 06/09/2015

- 118242

by: jyates09/20/2013

Installation was a piece of cake. Everything worked exactly like the video explained and everything was in the box to complete the job. The lady on the phone even reminded me to add a bracket. Like everyone else, I tried locally to get these parts. The local guys (Oreilly, Napa, Autozone & even the custom accessory shop) told me this harness did not exist. I've installed several of these style harnesses on different vehicles. This is my first from etrailer and was by far the most complete kit ever. Everything fit perfectly. Instructions and video were exactly correct. Zero regrets. Worth the money. Wish I would have known about etrailer sooner. Big thanks to the local guys for forcing me to shop online. 100769

- 118242

by: Michael D.03/18/2012

We purchased a 5th trailer and needed to have my Ford F-150 wired for trailer brakes and 7 pin harness. Checked your website and was able to find all parts I needed. The installaton videos you have are awesome, they help out so much. Ordered all parts and they arrived quickly. All parts were identical to what was ordered. Had everything installed and wired in, in about 45 minutes. They wiring harness was perfect fit and they trailer brake control harness also exact fit. My overall experience was awesome from placing the order and the e-mails to let me know who took my order and who sent it and tracking it. I will recomond etrailer to everyone I can. Thanks to etrailer we are ready to tow our trailer.****** 34253

- 118242

by: Roger01/16/2014

The product works as described. The only problem I encountered was on a 2001 F150 crewcab. The connector that connected to the wire harness coming from the front of the vehicle did not have any catch mechanism so it wouldn't stay together enough for the right side lights(on truck and trailer) to work. I used some channel locks and pushed together as far as I could without breaking anything then used electrical tape to tape it together. Of course after I crawled out form under truck and put spare back in place I realized I should have used a zip tie to hold it. Would probably last longer and hold better. Everything works well. I do not have a brake controller hooked up on vehicle yet. 113986

- 118242

by: RMT05/20/2014

Plug and play on my 2003 Ford F-150. Works great. I found the installation video on the website especially helpful. Great job!! 131483


so far so good. no issues.

RMT - 05/20/2015

- 118242

by: Rick W.07/02/2014

Installation of the actual harness was easy. However, if you have the factory 4-pin flat connector without the 7-blade connector, you will need to purchase or make a bracket for the 7-blade connector. On an F-150 there is very little space to add an additional bracket, so I extended the 4-pin bracket and made the extension so that it held both the 4-pin and 7-blade connectors. There is a bracket, a Ford part, specifically marketed for the Harley Davidson edition, FY3Z-14A163-CA, which may or may not fit the standard F-150. Also, another part, FL3Z-14A163-BA may or may not fit. 138797

- 118242

by: Mark V11/22/2016

The wiring harness worked great. There are instructions and a video that made it simple. I knew exactly what to do before I started. We needed this in order to pull a larger trailer that has electric brakes and didn't want to cut and splice wires. The connectors plugged right in to the OEM connectors. I only wish I would have thought of it sooner so I didn't have to pay for the next day delivery...but on the other hand Amazon was like a 2 week delivery and Ford was triple the price. I was happy that someone offered next day delivery. 318910

- 118242

by: Steve W.12/18/2016

I needed a 7 pin wiring system and a friend told me about I looked at all the options listed for brake controllers and didn't know which to choose from, I called tech support and explained what I wanted and they reccomends a controller for me. I also wanted plug and play, no cutting/skinning/splicing wires for me, I wanted it simple. Well I got simple, very easy install and everything works perfect. Very satisfied and I will be buying more products in the near future. 325943

- 118242

by: Richard C04/08/2017

This kit was exactly what I needed for my '03 F150 to pull my trailer. It was simple to install and nothing additional was needed in my case. The connectors are usually already there if you have the tow package and a 4-pin. Just remove the spare and the connectors are there and it was simple as pie from there. etrailer is the best place for all your needs and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing parts or supplies for their towing needs. Great products, great company! 364595

- 118242

by: Joe T07/13/2016

Very easy to order. Came on time and was exactly as it said it would be. Very simple to hook up and in minutes my problems were solved! Previous plug that was on my truck was installed incorrectly by previous owner. I hooked up a brake controller for my pull behind camper and could not get power to the controller. After installing the correct plug and harness that I ordered from your site the problem was fixed literally in less than 1 hour. Thanks for making it very simple! 271591

- 118242

by: Ray B.06/06/2013

7-way harness has a weak locking tab on back of connector which locks it into the back of the socket. It promptly broke while handling connector and socket prior to assembly on vehicle. The 30-amp fuses included were of the wrong type for a 1999 F150. The fuses are a blade type maxi-fuse, and the 99 F150 uses a square type of fuse. Luckily, both fuses were already installed in the vehicle. The relays fit perfectly. 83591

- 118242

by: Billy L11/25/2013

This was great, I bought it for my 2000 ford f150. It was easy to install. Only trouble I had was securing the ground to the frame as my ground bolt was corroded with rust (live in Minnesota) such that I couldn't loosen it and had to drill a new hole for the ground. Another note I bought the mounting hardware as well, and it was the wrong mount so be careful and make sure you get the right one if you order the kit 108425

- 118242

by: Mike F.09/22/2016

If you did not see my review for the bracket then I will recap. I did not use the bracket except for a template. Mounted the plug in the factory bumper just left of the license plate recess by knocking it out with an electrical knockout cutter. Drilled the mounting holes and installed the wiring harness. Great product and great video, I highly recommend Package properly, came early, fit was perfect. 297816

- 118242

by: Nick T04/19/2016

I put off wiring my truck with a 7 way plug for years because I didn't want to deal with the hassle...WRONG. I found this somewhat accidentally and installation was easy. One word of caution; read the short instructions twice so you don't get worried if you have extra parts. My installation did not require the two blade fuses (but of course that was clearly stated in the instructions). I am very pleased. 246130

- 118242

by: Mark11/08/2013

Your product fits perfectly I customize the 7 way plug into my bumper I didn't like the way the bracket let hang down so far ill send another picture with me pulling my drag truck with the van thanks again. 106753

- 118242

by: Chris M09/13/2016

Simple install! Took longer to get the spare tire off then the installation of the harness did. Make sure to purchase the mounting bracket (sold separately). I also bought the no drill mounting bracket, but chose to use self tapping screws and went straight into the bumper. Makes it easier to hook up, and it's solid. Your choice if you want to save $9. Great product, fast shipping. 294196

- 118242

by: Gary Miller09/08/2016

The turn around on this order was awesome. I haven't instaiied it yet but it looks simple. I was a little disappointed that there was no mounting bracket with this, but no fear I'm going to bore a hole it the bumper and with some self tapping screws we will be up and running in no time. I'll post some pictures of the completed job. Thanks for your excellent service 292605

- 118242

by: jr fults01/20/2014

if this was any easier to install i think i could have did it blind but everthing went in place very easy no problem if you take your time it might take 1 hour that saying you have the tools on hand that you will need their video are very helpful if you find you are having a problem but i think evening a cave man could install this great products.happy happy happy 114296

- 118242

by: Bill McC05/14/2013

Great purchase all around. Paid a pro (?) to install electric brakes but he didn't do it right. I ordered the harness myself and installed myself then took it back to the pro (?) to have him test it and now is he embarrassed. With the video online I should have done it myself from the beginning. Thanks ill be back when I need something else 80127

- 118242

by: Mark05/19/2011

The wiring harness was easy to install. Several fuses and relays are included, but the instructions are generic to cover a wide range of trucks. Depending on the year and options on your specific truck you may use all or only a few of the fuses and relays. This was confusing and I hope I got the correct pieces in the correct locations. 14837

- 118242

by: Al G.07/08/2012

I ordered the prodigy 2 controller, the wiring harness, hardware kit and mounting bracket. quick shipping and instalation was super easy with the how to video. I installed the whole kit in under an hour and towed 1650mi right off. Just as described and the kit worked flawless! literally plug and play. I can't say enough good about it. 47149

- 118242

by: Jeff M06/10/2017

Great product and easy installation. The only issue was that they included some huge fuses that did not fit my 2002 truck. Instead I needed smaller square ones. Otherwise this was a very easy installation, once I got the spare tire down. I have no problem recommending this connector. And, etrailer shipping was good as well. 391358

- 118242

by: Nick L05/29/2013

Very easy to install thanks to Ford. Very disappointing that it did not come with the $4.00 mounting bracket for the back of my truck. Had I been told this during the order process I certainly would have bought it. Its bundled with enough relays/fuses that it should've been bundled with the bracket. Thats the only complaint. 82299

- 118242

by: Kevin W.07/06/2015

The product I think is a very good quality made and works super, by this I mean it all fits wonderful like it suppose to. 209801

- 118242

by: John Malkin - Denver04/04/2014

By far the easiest and best plug and play product we ever purchased. Have a 2003 Ford 150 and a 2011. Installed these along with Tekonsha P3 Conteollers and it literally took 1 hour to install and be on the road. Great product - great price. WATCH THE VIDEOS -- dead on accurate and helpful John Malkin - Denver 123758

- 118242

by: Andrew M04/22/2015

Easiest trailer plug I have ever installed...lowered spare tire (but did not remove) and then unplugged the stock wire plugged this in line and mounted it all to the brackets i purchased here at same time, had it all wrapped up and completed in under half hour, with my 4 year old daughters help of course! 187455

- 118242

by: John Malkin - Denver04/03/2014

To be honest -- the hardest part was finding the key for my spare !!!! Found it though and within 20 minutes I was in parking lot checking the brakes. Takonsha P3 coupled with eTrailers wiring harness and accessory make this a great DIY project. Don't forget to purchase a mounting plate !! 123583

- 118242

by: Dan S04/05/2012

Worked great. Ordered it on Tuesday, got it on Friday. It was the perfect length for my 2000 F-150 and all the connections, fuses, and relays fit perfect. I like that the instructions and video were posted on your website so I knew exactly how to install it before I even ordered it. 36240

- 118242

by: Adam C.07/18/2017

Bought this for my 2000 F 150 Off Road to hook my camper lights up. It was fairly easy too hook up, broke on clip that I had to tape. It worked well for a while then one light quit working and I ended up having to spice into it to get it working again. All in all and ok product. 407644

- 118242

by: Greg p.05/25/2012

great products, easy instructions, was told by several camper stores that this product was not available and i would have to "hard-wire my truck to accept a 7-way plug, but etrailer had exactly what i needed and at a great price! i will continue to shop with etrailer from now on! 41643

- 118242

by: kevin williams05/15/2013

63 years of age always cut spliced plugs in the day only choice kit came with relays fuses plug band play buy the time you chase parts cut and splice recut and splice done wrong just plug in install supplied relays on road before coffe cold thanks aaaplus to do business with 80375

- 118242

by: Frank M09/20/2011

Product was as described. Easy to hook up. The only thing that is not clear is that it does not come with the L bracket to mount it to the truck. I went to our local store and their L bracket will not work with this plug, so don't forget to order the bracket as well. 24280

- 118242

by: Joe W07/19/2009

quick shipping, easy install this sysytem couldnt be simpler, unplug a connector, pug the adapter into the two ends and run the bolt through the ring termional and tighten back in place. a basic mounting bracket for the recepicle would have been handy however. 2142

- 118242

by: Dave I.02/01/2017

The harness I purchased for my 2002 Ford F-150 was fine with no problems installing it. However, it did not solve the problem I had (no right stop/turn signal and no running lights). I suspect the problem lies elsewhere and is no fault of the new harness. 337573

- 118242

by: R Rrebbs03/16/2011

The install could not have been easier, unless you had some one else do it. Fast shipping and the E trailer customer service is great. The only problem I had was I forgot to order the mounting bracket mount bolt/screws. The video was made install easy. 9442

- 118242

by: RP09/02/2014

Fit like a charm...Watch the simplifies the installation...and it gives you a heads up on the little red factory connector ring that doesn't necessarily want to stay where it belongs...mine moved but it was no big deal knowing ahead of time. 149561

- 118242

by: JeepJohn02/27/2011

Fits great and no fuss plugs. Added a little Dielectric grease for good measure and have had no issues. well worth the extra money over a "Universal" mount. all the wires had been well terminated and low resistance. Clean install clean look. 8000

- 118242

by: Ron C.06/10/2016

I have purchased and installed a 7way trailer plug wiring harness for my f150 it was super easy to install and an exact fit. Basically just plugged it in to existing wiring and mounted the plug bracket that I ordered separately. Thanks etrailer! 259943

- 118242

by: Kyle H.05/25/2013

The wiring harness was very easy to install. However, the kit didn't come with a bracket to attach to the bumper. The instructions were just enough information to be helpful, but not too excessive. The package also arrived in a timely manner. 81925

- 118242

by: Art11/11/2014

The installation of this product was very easy. It was helpful to review the video that was on line for the product. Once the installation was complete the product worked flawlessly. It only took me about 30 min to install and it looks clean. 160405

- 118242

by: Kenneth McFarland07/02/2017

Called immediately after placing order to let your people know I had ordered wrong part. Asked to cancel order which I was assured would be done but then was still sent wrong part. Is there some way I can return this part without penalty? 401143

- 118242

by: Hank H01/02/2011

Great Service I have ordered several times from E-Trailer and have always recived what I ordered and more importain what fits. Last order they up graded the shipping time on there own, not needed but very nice just the same. HH 4888

- 118242

by: Bruce12/11/2016

I mistakenly bought the wrong product the first time. I small print the first one said it was not for the Heritage body 2004 F150. I ordered the correct one and it worked great. The product should be better identified online. 324059

- 118242

by: Phil S09/16/2014

This product fit perfectly and solved all my trailer wiring issues and some from the previous owner judging by the cuts and splices. The wiring now looks like it should. I would highly recommend E-Trailer products. 151223

- 118242

by: Howard05/17/2012

Really easy to use both of these products. Only problem is making sure you have the key to lower the spare tire to get to the connection for the 7-way. Shouldn't take over one hour to do both installs. Works great. 40852

- 118242

by: Al C.10/29/2012

I was extremely pleased to get my wiring harness ahead of the predicted schedule. The wiring harness directions were exact and percise. I was able to complete the job of installing the harness in about 10 Minutes. 58310

- 118242

by: Herb S.02/04/2011

Item listing was very clear and the product was delivered very quickly! The video tutorials on your website are very helpful and helped me in my decision to purchase from Another Satisfied customer! 6639

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  • What Do The Fuses And Relays Control On Tow Ready Ford OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness # 118242
  • The fuses and relays that come with the Tow Ready Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness, 7-Way, part # 118242, does not control the cruise control, power mirrors, or the fog lamps. The two 30 amp maxi-fuses are for the Trailer Tow Electric Brake and Trailer Tow Battery Charge fuse locations. The two relays are for the Trailer Tow Backup Lamp Relay and the Trailer Tow Battery Charge Relay. The fuses and relays are located in the vehicles power distribution box (and trailer...
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  • Troubleshooting a Replacement Ford Tow Package Wiring Harness for No Left Turn Signal
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  • If your towing package includes a 4-Flat connector, you will first need to add a 7-Way. For your 1998 Ford F-150, you will need the Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness, # 118242. Follow the wires from the 4-Flat towards the front of the vehicle until you find a connection point, usually on the driver side between the rear tires and the end of the truck bed. There will be more wires going into the connector then coming out. You will disconnect the factory connection and plug...
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  • Finding Fuse and Relay Locations for Tow Package Wiring on a 2005 Ford F-150
  • If you look at the owners manual for the truck and/or the legend on the power distribution box lid it will tell you the locations of the fuses/relays that are related to the tow package wiring. I found an online version of the owners manual and the fuse/relay section starts on page 224. For fuses it looks like the trailer tow parking lamp fuse is in location 10 and the relay is location R201.
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  • How to Install 7 Way Trailer Wiring on a 1997 Ford F-150
  • It sounds like your 1997 F-150 does not have the tow package wiring so the wiring harness # 118242 will not work on your truck. To install a 7-Way trailer connector at the back of your truck, you will need to start with a working 4-Way connector, # 18252, or # 118344 if you have a stepside. If you need to splice to connect the 4-Way, use a circuit tester to splice to the appropriate wires you found at the connector on the frame rail. If you have a 4-Way connector at the rear of your...
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  • 2012 Ford F-150 with Factory Came with Fuse and Relay Labeled AL3T-15A416-AA
  • Normally, a factory tow package will be fully functional from the factory when you buy the truck. But in some cases, a tow package can be added very easily (by plugging in a 7-Way and adding some relays/fuses) that they can provide the parts at the dealer. It sounds like your truck may fall under the second category. To be sure, all you have to do is use the owners manual to find the proper locations of the fuses/relays related to the tow package, and insert the ones you found (if needed,...
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  • Troubleshooting Running Lights on Trailer Not Working When Connected to a 2001 Ford F-150
  • If your 2001 Ford F-150 is equipped with a factory 4-Way trailer connector, the Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring, # 118242, should work. There are a couple of things you can check. First, there are a few fuses that need to be installed if you have not done so. I have included a link to the instructions below. The first few steps address the fuses. Also, you can check to see if any fuses are blown. A tow package running light fuse might be blown and need to be replaced. Also, check...
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  • Fuse and Relay Locations for 12 Volt Power on a 2011 F150 with Tow Package
  • I would start by checking for a missing relay and/or missing/blown fuse. I found the 2011 Ford F-150 owner's manual online with the following information. The fuse and relay that you'll need to check is located in the power distrubution box. (Location: 9 - TT Battery charger relay) (Location. 21 - TT Battery Charger Relay Power 30A Fuse). If there is no problem with your fuse or relay, then I would test your truck's 7 way connector for 12 Volt power. You can test that connection...
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  • Parts Needed to Add a 7-Way Trailer Connector to a 2007 Ford F-150 with Factory 4-Way
  • To install a 7-Way trailer connector on a 2007 Ford F-150 with a factory 4-Way, you will need to use # 37185. This is part plug and play and part hardwire, but the hardwire locations are easy to access. You will need to ground the white wire to the vehicle frame. The purple wire is for reverse lights if needed. You would need to tap into a reverse light wire on the vehicle. The blue wire is for the trailer brakes and the black wire is for 12 volt power. To connect these wires, follow...
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  • How to Unplug a 7-Way Harness from the 7-Way on a Ford Super Duty
  • Do you see the white plastic piece in the shape of a U in the picture that you sent me? You will need to pull that piece out away from the harness to release it from the rest of the 7-way. Check out the video I attached and skip to the 3:25 mark to see how it unlocks and locks.
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  • Replacement 7-Way Wiring Harness for a 2010 Expedition EL with Existing 4 Pin Plug
  • The 2010 Ford Expedition should have a round connector at the rear of the vehicle where your 4 pin plug is plugged in. If there is a round connector there you can use the Replacement Multi-Tow 7-Way and 4 Pole Trailer Connector, item # 74682, to replace the 4-Way OEM connector on your Expedition. If your Expedition does not have the mating round connector under the rear of the vehicle you will need to use a 4-Way to 7-Way adapter like item # 37185, to provide a 7-Way connector at the...
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  • Recommended Trailer Harness for 2003 Ford F-150
  • If your 2003 Ford F-150 came from the factory with the 4-Way flat connector, then your truck already has a towing package wired in. In this case I would recommend 7-Way connect part # 118242. A 7-Way will allow you to tow trailers with 7-Way wiring systems and brakes. You can still use it with 4-Way trailers by using an adapter like part # 47345. Built into this adapter is a circuit tester to make sure truck wiring is hooked up properly. If you strictly want to use a 4-Way, then the...
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  • Locating Brake Controller Port on 2000 Ford F-150 To Install Hopkins Brake Controller # HM47294
  • The factory brake controller plug should be located under the dash to the right of the steering column. It should be located towards the center of the dash and may be tucked up and out of the way behind some wiring. I have linked an FAQ Article that shows the location of the plug. You will need the Ford Adapter, part # HM47715, to plug into the brake controller harness and the Ford plug under the dash. If you have a factory 7-Way on your 2000 Ford F-150, installation is complete after...
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  • Troubleshooting Running Light Circuit on Trailer Pulled by 2001 Ford Expedition
  • If you have tested and are getting voltage at the trailer connector when the brake lights and turn signals are activated, you most likely have a blown fuse. Check the fuse box under the hood. The box should have a legend on the underside of the lid that identifies the circuits, or you can check your owners manual for the proper fuse location. Keep in mind that on some Ford trucks and SUVs, the fuses for the tow package are located in a separate fuse block mounted on the firewall in the...
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  • Troubleshooting the Trailer Wiring Reverse Light Wire on a 2005 Ford Expedition
  • If the additional blue wire is a factory installed wire and not a wire ran by a previous owner, then the issue is typically caused by a blown fuse or a bad relay. On your 2005 Ford Expedition, there should be a 20 amp fuse for the trailer wiring backup lamps is fuse position 10. If that fuse is blown or missing, that could be the issue. I also recommend checking the relays in position R201 and R301. If the fuses and relays are present and in good condition, it may be possible that the...
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  • 7-Way Trailer Connector for 2011 Ford F-150
  • The wiring harness you referenced, part # 118242 would not be compatible with your 2011 F150. It is designed for the 1997-2003 model years only. The parts necessary to provide a 7-way for your F150 would depend on how it was equipped when it left the factory. If your F-150 has the factory round plug located along the drivers side frame rail behind the back bumper, you would use part # 74682. The factory plug will have a dust cover that will need to be removed, and the 74682 would...
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  • What Is Needed To Add A Brake Controller To A 2003 Ford F-150 With Factory Tow Package
  • The parts you will need to add a Tekonsha brake controller to your 2003 Ford F150 with factory tow package will depend on the trailer connector you have on your vehicle. If you have a factory 7-way connector on your vehicle, you will need the brake controller and the Tekonsha Wire Replacement Harness, # 3035-P. The # 3035-P will plug into your brake controller and the other end will plug into the factory brake controller port, which will be located under the dash near the center console...
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  • Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness Compatability with 2006 Ford F-150
  • The Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness, 7-Way, item # 118242, fits the following vehicles. 2000 - 2003 Ford F-150 Stepside Models 1997 - 1999 Ford F-150 and F-250 Light Duty Stepside Models 2004 - 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series Stepside Models 2000 - 2003 Ford F-150 Styleside Models 1997 - 1999 Ford F-150 and F-250 Light Duty Styleside Models 2004 - 2004 Ford F-150 Heritage Series Styleside Models 2000 - 2003 Ford F-150 with factory 4-Flat 1997 - 1999 Ford F-150...
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  • Installation of Brake Controller On My 2011 Ford F-150 Without Tow Package
  • It is possible that the wires you are looking for have been terminated farther up the frame rail or may not have been ran back. Typically the wires would run to where the factory 4-way is plugged into, usually near the spare tire. If you cannot locate the wires, you will just need to hardwire the brake controller and 7-way, which is not as bad as it sounds (we have a kit for this). You will need the Brake Controller 4 and 7-way Installation Kit, part # ETBC7. To install, you will begin...
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  • Options for Installing 7-Way Trailer Connector on 2004 Ford F150 Equipped with 4-Pole
  • Although the # 30717 will work, I have a better suggestion for you. If your F150 is the New Body style, use part # 118247. If you have the Old Body style, use # 118242. Either connector will plug inline with your existing trailer connector, allowing you to retain the function of your existing 4-pole. Either kit includes the necessary fuses and relays to activate the remainder of the tow package circuits. Granted, this is a more expensive option, but it will be a very quick and easy plug-and-play...
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  • Recommend 7-Way Wiring Harness Needed For 1999 Forf F-150 With No Trailer Connector At All
  • I believe the connector you found is the connector you will use to plug in the wiring for your 7-way connector. There should be a wiring connector along the drivers side frame rail at rear of truck between the rear wheel and the rear of truck (see FAQ and video). To install a 7-way on your 1999 Ford F-150, you will need Ford Replacement OEM Tow Package Wiring Harness, part # 118242, which includes all necessary adapters and fuses. Before installing part # 118242, you will want to disconnect...
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  • How To Install A 7-Way Connector In The Bed Of A 2002 Ford F-250 For A Fifth Wheel
  • If you have a factory tow package with a factory 7-way trailer connector already on your 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty, then I have a couple of recommendations to put a 7-way in the bed of your truck. The Draw-Tite Wiring Harness, # 50-97-410, will plug inline between the OEM wiring harness and the factory installed 7-way connector under your truck bed. You will retain the use of the factory 7-way on the bumper and then have 9 feet of wiring harness to have a 7-way in your truck bed. The...
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  • Recommended Cargo Carrier with High Ground Clearance
  • The Surco 24 by 60 Cargo Carrier, part # 52018 has a straight shank, which means that the height at the back end would be the same at the height of the receiver. For the Toyota Venza, once a hitch is installed, the top of the receiver would fall just below the bottom of the rear fascia. Depending on the height from the ground to the bottom of a hitch receiver on your vehicle, this might present a problem. If you are concerned about ground clearance, you could use the Pro Series 24 by...
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  • Troubleshooting Electric Trailer Brakes and Running Lights not Working on Trailer, 2006 Ford F-150
  • I have a couple of ideas that may help solve the problem you are having on the 2006 Ford F-150. First, you mentioned that the truck has the tow package. It is possible that you will need to add or replace fuses and/or relays to allow the tow package to be fully functional. Your vehicle owners manual should have the locations of these fuses/relays and you can check to make sure everything is present and in working order. Next, you can check some of the wiring to determine if it is the...
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