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Upgraded Heavy Duty ModuLite Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness with Install Kit

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  • Trailer Connectors
  • Vehicle End Connector
  • 4 Flat
  • Plug and Lead
  • Tekonsha
This ModuLite harness offers peace of mind by including circuit protection to safeguard itself and the tow vehicle from harmful electrical shorts and mis-wire situations. The upgrade also includes the ability to work with PWM on vehicles. Lowest Prices for the best wiring from Tekonsha. Upgraded Heavy Duty ModuLite Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness with Install Kit part number 119190KIT can be ordered online at or call 800-298-8924 for expert service.

Tekonsha Wiring - 119190KIT

This ModuLite harness offers peace of mind by including circuit protection to safeguard itself and the tow vehicle from harmful electrical shorts and mis-wire situations. The upgrade also includes the ability to work with PWM on vehicles.


  • Short circuit protection safeguards itself and the tow vehicle against harmful electrical shorts and mis-wire situations
    • Automatically self-resets
  • Virtually eliminates draw on the vehicle's tail light circuit
  • Tail light circuit has been upgraded to work with vehicles using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), allowing converter to fully turn on, giving trailer lights full brightness during activation
  • Powers the trailer's stop, turn, tail and running lights directly from the tow vehicle's battery
  • Unit prevents feedback from trailer to vehicle system
  • May be used on 2- and 3-wire systems
    • When used on 2-wire systems, brake wire on harness must be grounded
    • Adapts a 3-wire system on the towing vehicle to work with a 2-wire system on the trailer
  • Will work on vehicles and trailers with either LED, incandescent, or standard bulb tail lights
  • Works with most multiplex wiring systems
  • Install kit (118151) is included to help run wire to vehicle battery

Warning: Overloading circuits can cause fires. Do not exceed:

  • Maximum stop/turn light: 4.2 amps per circuit
  • Maximum tail lights: 7.5 amps

Read vehicle's owners manual and instruction sheet for additional information.

119190KIT Upgraded Heavy Duty Modulite Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness with Install Kit

119190KIT Installation InstructionsInstallation Details 119190KIT Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2011 - 2018 BMW 5 Series

2006 - 2008 BMW 7 Series

2014 - 2018 Audi A4

2014 - 2018 Audi A4

2017 - 2018 Audi A4 Allroad

2017 - 2018 Audi A4 Allroad

2008 - 2011 Audi A5

2002 - 2009 Audi A8

2018 - 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

2018 - 2018 Volkswagen Atlas

2018 - 2018 Toyota Avalon

2013 - 2017 Ford C-Max

2013 - 2017 Ford C-Max

2016 - 2018 Buick Cascada

2016 - 2018 Buick Cascada

2009 - 2012 Volkswagen CC

2014 - 2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class

2008 - 2018 Mini Clubman

2002 - 2004 Mini Cooper

2011 - 2018 Mini Countryman

2009 - 2015 Volkswagen Eos

2009 - 2015 Volkswagen Eos

2010 - 2012 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

2010 - 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

2010 - 2011 Volkswagen Golf

2010 - 2014 Volkswagen Golf

2007 - 2014 Volkswagen GTI

2007 - 2014 Volkswagen GTI

2017 - 2017 Lexus IS 350

2013 - 2013 Infiniti JX35

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Video of Upgraded Heavy Duty ModuLite Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness with Install Kit

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tow Ready Wiring 119190KIT Review

Today we're going to review part number 119190 KIT. This is the Tow Ready upgraded heavy duty modular circuit protected vehicle wiring harness with the install kit, and it comes with the 4-way flat trailer connector. This part will provide the 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your tow vehicle to power your trailer's signal light. This does have the short circuit protection which will safeguard itself and the tow vehicle against any harmful electrical shocks or mis-wire situations. It will automatically self reset, and it does virtually eliminate the draw on your vehicle's tail light circuit. The tail light circuit's been upgraded to work with vehicles using pulse width modulation or PWM, allowing the convertor to fully turn on, which gives the trailer lights full brightness during activation. This does power the trailer's stop, turn, tail, and running lights directly from the tow vehicle's battery. You attach this wire directly to your battery.

This will prevent feedback from the trailer to the vehicle's system. This may be used on 2- and 3-wire systems. The 2-wire system uses the same bulb for stop and turn signals, and a 3-wire system has separate bulbs for stop and turn signals. The thing you do have to remember when you used on a 2-wire system, your red wire which connects to your brake light, this does need to be grounded on a 2-wire system. This will adapt a 3-wire system on the towing vehicle to a 2-wire system that's on the trailer. This will work on vehicles and trailers with either LED, incandascent, or standard bulb tail lights.

It is a universal design, works with most vehicles, and it is designed also for vehicles that use the multiplex wiring systems. Now few specs on this. The maximum stop and turn light circuit has 4.2 amps maximum capacity. On the tail light circuit is 7.5 amps. This part does come again with the install kit, so basically everything shown here is included. When you go to install this, it does come with a nice set of detailed instructions.

It tells you where to do it, then it even shows you some pictures of how to connect everything. Basically what you would do is go to the rear of the vehicle. This is your converter. You'll take your double faced tape and you attach this to the bottom of that, and use this to attach your converter on a nice, safe location so it doesn't move around. Then you'll have first your 4 wires here. What you'll do is your yellow wire, that's your left turn signal.

Using the included locks here . wire connectors . you can attach this to your left turn signal. Your green would be your passenger side or your right turn signal. Your brown would be for your tail lights, and the red again is for the brake light connection. Again if it's a 2-wire system, you just ground it. Now you'll have your white wire with the eyelet on it. This will need to be grounded to a good clean ground. If you don't have one that you can find, they do include a grounding screw that can be used. Now they also include this circuit tester. This will come in handy because you'll be able to test the wires on your vehicle to make sure you get the right ones to connect to the right ones on this wiring harness. Then you'll have your length of . This is some bonded wire that your 4-way's on. This is what will run out the back to connect to the trailer. When you're not using it, you can just coil it up in the back of your vehicle. Your last wire here would be your wire that runs to the battery. Now again this part includes the install kit, so it will have everything you need to run that wire. Gives you about 20 feet of wire, and gives you the connectors and everything you'll need. What you'll do end up to run this to the battery is you'll take one end of this, connect it to your power wire. On the other end, using your included connectors, you'll tap 00:03:42 the other end to the inline fuse holder. The other end you'll have a choice of 2 terminals, depending on the battery you have. Whether it's a top terminal or side terminal, different sizes used. Put that on this and attach it to the positive side of your battery. Then what you'll do is take your included 10 amp fuse, put it in the fuse holder, put the cap back on it. It has some cable ties that can be used at any length. If this wire might be hanging down, you can use the cable ties to secure it up out of the way. With all that attached, then you should be all ready to go. Plug in to your trailer. When it's not plugged in to the trailer, it comes with this integrated dust cap that you can just pop on over the terminals just like that, to protect them from any damage or the elements. That should do it for the review on part number 119190 KIT. This is the Tow Ready upgraded heavy duty modular circuit protected vehicle wiring harness and the install kit. .

Customer Reviews

Upgraded Heavy Duty ModuLite Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness with Install Kit - 119190KIT

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (181 Customer Reviews)

This ModuLite harness offers peace of mind by including circuit protection to safeguard itself and the tow vehicle from harmful electrical shorts and mis-wire situations. The upgrade also includes the ability to work with PWM on vehicles.

- 119190KIT

by: Fred Y.07/20/2016

I installed this 119190KIT into my 2015 Toyota Prius Plug-In Hybrid. I could find no review that addressed installing into a Plug-in Prius Hybrid. There were several reviews of various years of standard (non-Plug-In) Praises, but no reviews for a Plug-In. The eTrailer webpage video for 119190KIT ( has links to 4 other videos, none of which is for a Plug-In Prius (PIP), but one or more of them shows how to test and splice wires just like in the 119190kit. The video for the 2013 BMW X3 shows how to use the tester at the 2:48 mark. This tester was essential. I used it to determine which lights were connected to which wires. Do NOT rely on any videos to determine which color wire connects to which light (tail, brake, left turn, right turn). Instead, follow EXACTLY what the instructions sheet tells you. The first step was to determine which color wires in my PIP connected to which lights in the PIP’s rear tail area. When you use the tester, you MUST push the metal pointed tip directly and forcefully into the center of the plastic sheet encasing the wire. If you do not penetrate fully, you won’t get the tester’s light to come on when you press the car’s brake pedal or light switch or turn signal lever. A video that shows the internal compartments for a Prius is at this link: It's not a Plug-In model, but it shows a lot of spots that are identical nonetheless. I found that there was not a lot of slack in the wires in the PIP’s taillight assembly, but there was enough. The video below shows a 2010 Prius and how to remove the rubber seal - at about time stamp 0:30+. A good spot to screw the ground into the "doubled sheet metal" is at 2:03+. A good segment to show putting the wires under the back side of the hatch starts at about 3:00 and runs until about 3:22+ and also at 3:30 it shows how/where the banded 4-pole wire will go into a lower compartment, to be stored until need to attach to a trailer. 3:53 - 4:41 shows running wire over to the other taillight. From 5:10 to 6:20, it shows hooking up to the battery. This video shows a 2014 Prius V.... It shows the actual part that I have to connect - 118151 which includes the yellow "circle" wire.  Go to time 5:00.  It shows the yellow loop (aka, fuseholder) in the kit and how to install it at around time 5:42+ thru 6:23 and beyond shows attaching the yellow to the positve battery pole at around 6:40 to 7:00.  Shows adding fuse to fuseholder at 7:13+. At 7:30, starts to show attaching the ground wire to the "factory ground.  Through and past 9:20 shows zip-tying all wires. Here's another video that shows splicing…..with the kit’s “no-splice” connector. 3:30 to  about 5:13. WARNING - you must use pliers as shown to connect two wires that the directions say to connect. You have to squeeze the pliers pretty hard to get the metal piece in the plastic quick-splice connector to go all the way through the plastic sheathing and then make contact with. The video does not emphasize that you have to squeeze the metal piece pretty hard. In fact, when I first used four quick-splicers for connecting and then tested to see if a connection was made, only one of the 4 quick-splice connectors resulted in an electrical connection. So, I had to open up the 3 connectors and press the metal piece inside the quick-splice connector real hard. So, be careful!! I have a moderate degree of experience with home electrical wiring, but none with car wiring. I just took my time and it all worked great!!! 274346


This wiring is still working perfectly after one year! Very satisfied.

Fred Y - 07/20/2017


- 119190KIT

by: KeithW08/08/2014

The trailer lighting kit I purchased from ETrailer was an easy installation and works as advertised. There were only two things that could have been better. The kit was missing one butt connector and the green wire was a bit too short for my installation on a 2013 VW Tiguan, so I had to extend it. Although I have many DMMs and other test gear, I found the included tester to be my choice of testers for this installation. It does the job well and is easy to use. Just remember to cup your hand over it if you are working in direct sunlight or you may not see it turn on. The only recommendation I have for the manufacturer is that a list of vehicles be included in the installation instructions so that the proper wiring setup is easier to identify. It wasn't too hard to figure out, but I would have felt a lot better knowing I made the correct choice before I started making permanent connections. It helps to use a set of ramps on the left (driver's side) front and rear wheels to have enough room under the vehicle to run the long power lead. Installation did take a few hours, but I didn't rush the job and I also was talking to a neighbor as I did the work. Watching the installation video was very helpful. I picked up quite a few tips and knew exactly what to expect. If you have a Tiguan, use the VW-supplied tool to help remove the rear lights. The tool helps to pull a cover off of each light to gain access to the bolts holding the lamp assembly in place. Once you have the bolts out, pull the light assembly straight back while wiggling it to free it from the white retainer. To remove the electrical connector, turn the lamp assembly upside down and pull out the red part until it stops. Next, depress the clip just in front of the red sliding piece to remove the power connector from the lamp assembly. Sorry, I should have taken photos. In summary, I highly recommend this lighting kit if you have LED taillights. It was easy to install and it works great! 145377


I have a 2014 Tiguan and am considering this wiring option vs. the expensive stock set up. I am wondering if you get any check lights on the dash when using this set up with a trailer? Thanks!

-- comment by: Matt A - 10/30/2014


- 119190KIT

by: Bobby Mills07/15/2016

The harness works perfectly with my 2015 Honda Fit and installation was pretty solid, especially now since Honda makes interior clips easy to remove. I had trouble with the wiring at first due to having the 3 wire system, but after giving etrailer a call during the install I was walked through which colors go where (I was watching the 2014 VW Passat video where they say to make the red wire the extra ground, don't do it with the Fit! It's the brake light FYI). No instructions included, just check out the sample videos on this page for the install on other similar vehicles. We purchased the custom Drawtite hitch and wiring harness to help pull along our hot dog stand (Gnar Dog's Hot Dog Stand) in the greater Cincinnati Area. Couldn't be in business without etrailer; thanks guys! 272197

- 119190KIT

by: Mike F08/09/2014

Easy to install on a 2014 X5D M sport with LED lighting package. For others attempting the install, here's the wiring that I used: Module X5 Yellow -> Right side (black/white) Brown -> Right side (purple) Red -> GROUND (same screw as the white wire) Green -> Left side (black/purple) White -> GROUND Took about an hour to install, the X5 has a great ground screw and place to store the module on the drivers side. Test light included helped make it easy to find the right wires (but, now that you have the above map, you won't need to find them if your truck is like mine). Great service from eTrailer, delivered quickly with all the parts. My only complaint is that this module doesn't look that good hanging out the back of the X5 when trailering, I knew that going in, and given the outrageous cost of the stock trailer system (1000+), this was a good compromise for me and anyone who doesn't trailer all that often. 145461


Still working great, no complaints at all. Very good product, especiallywhen youre dealing with BMWs insane pricing for the OEM tow kit!

Mike F - 08/13/2015


- 119190KIT

by: Damon C.06/19/2013

The product works great. The worst thing about it was that there were no instructions with it at all. I had to email etrailer and they in turn emailed me the instructions. Other that that no problems. Fast shipping and product is as advertised. I used this product on my Victory Vision so that I could pull my trailer. Below is a picture of where I placed it. It worked out best in my opinion to velcro it to the back of the saddle bag. It actually mounted right under the wiring harness of the bike that I had to tie into. 85345


Still works great. No problems at all.

Damon C - 12/18/2014


- 119190KIT

by: Jameel N.07/18/2012

It took some time and trouble to figure out how this correlates to the installation video (for the Curt model, which has fewer wires). Once the right wires were identified, it was very simple and straightforward. The system works like a charm, and I've already towed a U-Haul trailer. Depending on the vehicle, I would recommend getting some 3/8" wire loom ($1.99 @ Home Depot) to protect the power wire from abrasion/cuts if you route it along your car's underbody. The included instructions (online & paper) are too generic to be useful, and the vehicle wiring codes (types of wire systems: 2-wire, 3-wire pulse, etc.) don't have a reference on the TowReady website. Moderate gripes, but some streamlining would've saved me unnecessary troubleshooting. All the parts you need are included, with extras just in case. 48370


Hey Jameel, not sure if things were different back in 2012 but for folks ready your review today, I suggestion 1/4 wire loom instead. The 3/8 diameter is larger than needed and leaves more play.

-- comment by: Richard - 06/02/2014


- 119190KIT

by: Terry M.09/22/2014

I would have rated this better if good installation instructions were provided for my car model. If you're going to connect the 119190/119191 kit to a 2012 VW Golf, like mine, you will find that the correct wiring is from the ModuLite catalog Vehicle Code BM-1 3-Wire System (such as Mercedes R-class) - NOT the B 3-Wire System as listed in the ModuLite catalog. My VW Golf uses the same bulbs for taillights (providing 6 volts) and brake lights (providing 12volts). To make the converter work correctly, ground the brown "tail light" wire and connect the red "stop" wire to the VW wire that lights the tail light. In the three pin taillight connector (right or left side of the car) the middle wire is a ground, one outside wire is the turn signal and the opposite outside wire is the tail/brake light. Connect the red wire to the wire that is NOT the turn signal. If you follow the ModuLite B 3-wire suggestion and connect the red wire to ground and the brown wire to the VW tail light wire, the turn signals and brake lights seem to work correctly during the day (when you don't have the taillights on) but when you turn on the taillights, you don't get brake lights when you apply the brakes. 152555


Great review. Thanks! I also have a 2012 Golf TDI and followed your instructions. This saved me a ton of time since I literally did exactly what you stated and it worked out great. Thanks again.

-- comment by: Kamil - 02/07/2015


- 119190KIT

by: Frank03/06/2017

I installed my unit on a 2013 Audi a4 quattro sedan. using the provided tester I determined it is a two wire system. i installed unit in driver side outside of trunk. I easily snaked the green wire through trunk to passenger side chamber. The battery is in the trunk, so it was easy to connect supplied fuse connector directly to battery. Wiring: Unit green wire to gray/blue wire on passenger side Unit Yellow wire to gray/white wire on drivers side Unit Brown to Green wire on drivers side. No drilling needed Ran trailer wire into trunk and out through cut out on trim where hitch is Works perfectly. Reason for not a 5: No directions and missing 1 crimp connector. 349209


Thanks for your business and your detailed review regarding the wiring, Frank. Depending upon the factory product run, the vehicle wiring colors may change. We always recommend testing for function before connecting the wires.

-- Laura E - 03/15/2017


- 119190KIT

by: Pat M04/30/2014

The kit came complete with all that was needed for installation and really fast shipping. The video offered on the website for the BMW E70 X5 was outstanding and provided all the detailed instructions needed. I had absolutely no problems and the job took about 1 hour. The system worked flawlessly when connected to my Road King trailer. Coupled with the Curt Class III hitch this combination made for a much less intrusive trailer hitch option for significantly less than the OEM option. I would highly recommend this trailer hitch kit. 128335


Outstanding. No problems at all. It was a cinch to install. Have towed utility trailers and boat trailers without issue. Much less expensive and a lot cleaner installation that factory.

Pat M - 04/30/2015


- 119190KIT

by: Bill H06/04/2013

The kit worked well. Installation worked as directed by Brandon on my 2013 Volkswagen Tiguan on the following site would recommend this kit. I did have to increase the length of the green wire but only because I found that on the Tiguan the ideal installation location is in the drivers side panel behind the jack, which required me to run the green all the way across the car. I was able to easily remove trim panels and run the power up to the battery area. Was missing the yellow butt connector but had some laying around. The hitch installation was a breeze as well. 83359


When you passed inside of car the power to the battery area, where did you pass the wiring near motor area?

-- comment by: Robert L - 06/11/2013


I have sent an email to Bill letting him know about your question. Keep an eye on his product review. If he has any more information to add it will appear with his original review.

-- Patrick B - 6/12/2013


I used a coat hanger and after some trial and error was able to push the coat hanger through on the under side of the main wiring harness from inside vehicle. I had to keep the coat hanger right next to the wiring and poked around until it went through. Once it was through I pushed it in enough that you could see it in engine compartment. I attached wire with electrical tape and pulled it through. I then ran wiring around battery box on drivers side of car. It was easy to route around areas that get hot.

-- comment by: Bill H - 06/12/2013


Thanks for the follow up. Great info to have.

-- Patrick B - 6/12/2013

- 119190KIT

by: Wes03/19/2014

The wiring kit was fairly easy to install. It had less to do with the kit and more so with the tight space in the rear corner of the car and the TINY wires the car came equipped with. There are no instructions but eTrailer has an installation video for my car linked to their product page. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. What I learned was once i crimped the wire connector on, two of them didn't slice the insulation and make connection so I crimped down harder until I had a good electrical connection. Bottom line is check each connection with your DVM or the supplied lamp tester before proceeding or taping everything up. 121282


I installed the light kit a year ago and have had no problems at all.

Wes - 03/19/2015


- 119190KIT

by: Rick S.03/22/2011

I have an 04 Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab SLT 5.7 with the typical "no power to the yellow wire" for my trailer wiring harness. All lights on the truck worked and right side trailer lights worked. The yellow wire supplies the left turn and brake lights and wouldn't function. All Dodge forums say problem is in the fuse block in the engine compartment, a $400-$900 replacement depending on how you get the part. My truck was no different and I wasn't spending that kind of money for trailer lights. Saw a guy on one of the forums purchased this same trailer wiring harness. I just finished installing and it fixed everything. I now have trailer lights that work and even wired in my tailgate led light strip. Everything works perfectly and for under $100.00. The shipping was quick and instructions straight forward and for the price you can't beat it. Best part is the system is circuit protected, so it will protect my truck in the future from screwing up the circuit boards in my fuse block if you happen to tow a trailer with a short in the wiring harness. I highly recommend and this wiring harness. 10058

- 119190KIT

by: Nick08/22/2015

Received it right on time. Thanks to the etrailer video, I was able to install it on my 2014 VW Passat TDI without a problem. Well, that is other than knocking a wrench into the wheel well. But, even that was quickly remedied with the help of a magnet. Hooked it up to the trailer and VOILA! I had brake lights and turn signals. Great product and an excellent company to deal with. 221086


Still working great. Towed the drift boat to Idaho for a fishing trip and the trailer lights worked perfectly. I continue to stand by the statement, its a great product.

Nick - 08/21/2016


- 119190KIT

by: Tom L02/01/2015

I haven't installed this product yet, but the communication, quickness of shipping and price were excellent from these folks, in my opinion. However, I feel confident they sent me the correct part and that it will meet my needs. 172036


I enlisted help from a friend to install wiring harness on my 2014 Victory Vision. I wont say it was easy. We struggled, but much of the problem was with the existing wiring on my trailer. The kit included everything we needed. Good kit...good price!

Tom L - 02/01/2016


- 119190KIT

by: Patrick S.05/23/2015

I bought this harness for my 2014 MB GLK250 BlueTEC (I'm certain that it'll work for the GLK350 as well), and it works great. I did however discover that the car uses the same wire to trigger both turn and brake lights, and splicing the kit's yellow wire into this double-duty car wire did the trick; the kit's red wire (intended for a stand-alone brake light) was consequently not used. The car is so well covered up everywhere that I couldn't find a way to route the battery wire without being conspicuous; since I only tow once in a long while, I just ran the wire through the passenger compartment, first entering the car under the A-pillar and past the door jamb into the interior, then straight back to the cargo area. Overall, the kit was well put together, and came with everything that was needed; the green wire (for the other turn signal) was also long enough to reach across the width of the car's interior, under the trunk cover. 195233

- 119190KIT

by: Michael B.08/22/2017

I bought the 119190KIT, TK90160, and ETBC7 based on etrailer's recommendations for my 2010 VW Golf. I came into DIY trailer electronics without a clear understanding of what I needed, so I asked etrailer what would work for my car, and they put together this well-priced and high quality bundle for me. The parts arrived quickly and in good order, and using the included instructions and some videos from this site, the installation process was fairly painless. The biggest hitch for me was that the VW MKVI runs multiple modulated signals along one wire to the tail lights, so wiring for the turn signals had to be run up to the headlights instead. The kits didn't include this information, nor enough wiring to do that extra work, but it didn't set me back very much more. Great service, great products, and lots of excellent information on this site. I'll definitely be an etrailer customer for any more trailer stuff! 423912

- 119190KIT

by: William B.07/11/2014

After trying 2 other companies similar converter and hours of trying to diagnose the reason they were not working and even replacing all harness and lights on the trailer I purchased your unit and after very little effort installing the unit it worked perfectly the first time!!!!! 140941


After replacing all of my trailer wiring and even new lights I re wired my vehicle with your kit everything now works perfectly.

William B - 07/12/2015


- 119190KIT

by: Tim H08/10/2017

Downsizing so I needed a hitch setup for my 2015 Honda Fit. I have utilized etrailer previously on my daughter's Outback and received the same prompt FREE delivery. Solo install and only a little regret not having a mate to support the hitch when doing the bolt up. No surprises and that is a good thing. Note: Bend the one muffler hanger down about a quarter inch to remove any chance of muffler against bolt head tap. Thanks etrailer. 423161

- 119190KIT

by: Gary D08/11/2011

Bought this for the 2011 BMW X3 3.5. Very easy to install; it took me around 45 minutes. I didn't even have to remove the taillights since the taillight wires pass behind the pop out panels inside the BMW. It works fine, no warning lights or other electrical problems from the BMW vehicle status monitor. The only thing you will need in additional to the kit was a metric nut to fasten the terminal to the bolt on the battery terminal (it was either a 5 or 6mm nut) and you will need to extend the green wire that goes to the right tail light. It is barely long enough to reach and I was concerned about stretching it without any slack so I added a foot to it and tie wrapped it to battery cables. (You will need a piece of 16 ga wire and 1 butt splice connector for this). 21588

- 119190KIT

by: Scott T07/16/2015

The product was shipped quickly and the install was pretty easy. The thing that made it easy was the great install video that can be found on YouTube. Should work great. 212139


Its still working great! Very satisfied with my purchase and would recommend to anyone.

Scott T - 07/15/2016


- 119190KIT

by: MikeH09/14/2016

The video for this installation on a 2012 Q5 was excellent. A couple of point to add. For fishing wire, a small piece of ice maker water line works great if you cant find or don't know what aircraft tubing is. Mounting the unit in the area shown with adhesive tape on is not the easiest. I would suggest removing the panel to get a proper place to mount this correctly. The door hinge has a plastic cover that is already hiding a wiring run. If you remove this, which is easy, you can run the wire with this, cover it back up, and its completely hidden. I would suggest soldering wire to wire splices rather then butt connectors. The T connectors are still the simplest and cleanest way to splice into existing wiring. 294493

- 119190KIT

by: Jeff H03/17/2017

Have a 2004 Volvo XC90 which according to those that own them are super picky about trailer lights. With this kit and the installation video it was a pretty simple task to complete and works like a charm. Its nice knowing that there isn't any power drain on the existing light system, this senses and applies power to the trailer lights. Would definitely recommend watching the etrailer video a few times for the Volvo XC90 and take some notes about which color wires go to which it makes it easier during installation. First time etrailer customer but I'll be back! Shipping was fast, follow-up from the company was a shocker, that never happens in this day and age! 355104

- 119190KIT

by: Tod CP05/25/2012

Could not be easier to install this unit in the factory mounting holes. Used a dremel to remove the factory scored cover in the bumper cover then bolt it on. Twenty minute job. Note my VW Tiguan already had a trailer wiring set up in place so i should not have ordered a wiring kit. Check first to see if you are pre wired. 41623


From what I gather you remove the plastic cover dremel under the rear bumper center, attach the hitch with the supplied hardware. Please explain about the wiring again. I have a Tiguan SE, and heard that the wiring might be ready for installing. Does it already have the plug to go into the trailer harness? 2013 Tiguan Thanks

-- comment by: Allan - 05/09/2013


Some of the Tiguans are pre-wired with a 4-pole trailer connector or are pre-wired for a plug-in trailer connector that is available at the dealer. You can find out for sure by either calling VW and giving them the VIN and they can tell you or you can head to the dealership and they can help you determine if the vehicle is pre-wired.

-- Patrick B - 5/10/2013

- 119190KIT

by: Kirk A.07/14/2015

Great product, works like a charm but still missing one connector. This was installed on a 2007 BMW X3. 211752


It still works great after one year!

Kirk A - 07/13/2016


- 119190KIT

by: Scott11/21/2008

Partly Works on 2007 VW Rabbit This wiring harness was suggested for the 2007 VW Rabbit via the adviser on this site. I ended up having the shop where I bought my trailer go ahead and install this wiring kit. There were problems... After 2 days and many phone calls between etrailer, towready, and sequent towing (manufacturer), it was found that the left and right turn signals could not be wired to the Rabbits rear multiplexed rear lights. In the end, I had to leave the shop with working running and brake lights, but had to run two wires to each of the turn signals at the front of the car (that aren't multiplexed). 1432

- 119190KIT

by: Chad E02/19/2011

I bought a Hidden Hitch and Wiring Kit for my Volvo XC90... Fast shipping from Etrailer... Great Product... Hitch was a little tricky to manuver into place but once I had it up there the bolt holes lined right up... For the wiring I used the Video on Etrailers web site. It was very helpful in knowing what to do.. If i had one thing to change I would suggest putting a vehicle wireing guide in the packs. Although the video was dead on I did have to stop working on the Volvo to come in and watch the video.. But all in all a Great experience... I will order again from Etrailer.. :) 7467

- 119190KIT

by: Tyler B.10/10/2014

Good kit. All necessary components inclosed and operable. Quick delivery. 155557


Fantastic. Zero problems.

Tyler B - 10/10/2015


- 119190KIT

by: Doug L.07/06/2016

thanks for being so helpful in switching us into this heavy duty wiring harness. The service was better than all face to face places in this type of business. My installer swapped out the modules and everything worked perfectly. I can't say enough about both customer service and the tech support that we received. There should really be a sixth star (for above and beyond)! 268702

- 119190KIT

by: Matt M06/23/2012

Installed on my 2006 Jeep Liberty Diesel. I went with this instead of the one made for the vehicle for numerous reasons. 1) Higher Capacity 2) I have aftermarket LEDs 3) I had the smaller version of this one in my other car because the other brand with the correct connectors didn't work well with my LEDs. Only issue I had was where to mount it, since it is a little large. I found a nice spot under the tail light, which is mostly out of the weather. These are suppose to be weather proof, but with all electronics, I prefer it in as dry of a spot as possible. 45397

- 119190KIT

by: Brent L05/11/2017

Had no problem wiring... there was no video for a 2006 BMW X5 but I referred to the video on the 2011 BMW X5 and that worked well. I also cut the 4 pin connector off and put a five pin connector on and ran the 5th (blue wire) to the reverse lights. I also ran the wire out the back of the spare tire compartment and cut a slit in one of the rubber plugs to feed the wire through and then sealed it back with some silicone caulk. ( I don't like the idea of hanging the wire out the back of the rear bonnet like the video suggested) 378925

- 119190KIT

by: Carl W.08/27/2014

Followed the instructions, and went smooth. The hex head screw holding in the side panels in the trunk, of my 2014 Passat, don’t unscrew, but with a thin flat head screw driver, prying on the screw head, they come right out. Two wires broke using the quick connectors, and I had to use a crimp connector instead. I will have to search out a lift to wire the power wire to the battery. To test it, and for temporary use, I added a lighter plug end to the power wire, until find a way to get my big --- under the low car. 148891

- 119190KIT

by: Jim08/05/2014

Product arrived short one butt connector. We used the video as a guide while installing. All wires were correctly identified in the video. It took about an hour but was not at all difficult. Hooked it up to the trailer and it didn't work. Went back and re-crimped the splices. Trailer pigtail from the car now has power. I tested it with the include tester.Seems to work. I did not test this the first time and have not hooked it up to the trailer a second time but if there is a problem it is with the trailer wiring. 144474

- 119190KIT

by: Perry W08/08/2011

You have to have some basic understanding of auto wiring. This unit works great and saved me from installing a new $700.00 TIPM on my 2006 Dodge Ram 3500. The unit was sent out without the direction. One call on a Sunday to customer service and the lady I talked with was very helpful. . Poof directions in hand I started the project. Everything needed to do this project was supplied. Only thing I would change is the connectors. I used solder less with shrink-wrap (Minnesota winter salt) 21343

- 119190KIT

by: James S.05/23/2017

Overall pretty happy. Kit was thoughtful enough to include extra black wire for the hot lead to the battery. Most bikes batteries are right under the seat, my Vision carries it at front lower frame so the extra wire was a plus. I was not a fan of the splicers, if not careful they will cut your wires in half and if space is limited they can become bulky when used all in same tight area. I replaced them with a typical butt connectors. All in all great product works as promised. 383958

- 119190KIT

by: James K.04/24/2015

Instructions could have been better or have a Vehicle Code cross reference on product website. For a 2015 VW Golf I had to use VC BM-4 and grounded both brown and red wires. I used 20-22ga positaps to tap VW's wiring instead of the included taps and then connected the white to the ground point behind the liner on the left side. The green wire could have been just a couple inches longer for routing options to the right signal wire. Too bad etrailer doesn't sell positaps. 187792

- 119190KIT

by: Kim H.07/05/2015

Trailer wiring harness for a 2012 VW Passat TDI. A first class product! It was easy to find the correct kit, the order process was clear, and shipped promptly. The best " Do it yourself" kit I have ever used and not just automotive. The videos provided excellent descriptions as well as clearly showing each step. I never had a question that was not clearly answered on the video. Thank you for a great product with surpeior product and customer support! 209399

- 119190KIT

by: robert02/19/2013

Really nicely put together kit, first class parts. I did not even know that there was a danger of drawing down the car's battery by tapping right into the cars wires. This kit protects the car's circuits by the use of it's black box. Also another first class act by e-trailer. Wonderful amount of info, videos etc for the install. I received the order a mere three days after the order and two days before it was scheduled. First class act all around. 66984

- 119190KIT

by: Auto Electric & Fuel03/13/2017

The VW Dealer indicated they could not provide a trailer wiring adapter for this 2016 vehicle. The customer service personal explained what I would get and with out electrical testing we proved that the product we purchased worked perfectly and did not trigger a lamp out or electronic module problem. Now the installation was involved and we did have to provide fused battery voltage to the adapter, but the customer is satisfied with results. 352183

- 119190KIT

by: Greg W.09/06/2017

The Module and Install kit were pretty easy to install. I did end up wrecking the butt-joiner, and the kit should have included a couple more. Luckily, I have these parts on-hand, but I worry about customers that may not. for a few pennies more, this kit would serve all users better (add more crimps/connectors). Worked right out of the box, 1st time, no trouble-shooting. Picked up my U-Haul same day, lights all checked out perfectly. 429443

- 119190KIT

by: Andy04/04/2012

I had a shop install this harness into my 2003 Volvo XC90 without any problems. It turns out that my Volvo has a harness in the passenger-side of the trunk well, where this harness can attach to, so that the main wiring harness does not have to be touched or spliced. 36138


What are you towing and is your XC90 the T6Turbo. How is the power of the Volvo when you are towing?Thanking you in advance for any help you can provide.Pam

-- comment by: Pam - 05/14/2014


- 119190KIT

by: Devin T11/24/2013

This wiring kit works great! However the wires were just a tad too short so I had to add extra wire and there were no instructions to be found anywhere on how to wire this up. I used the insctruction video for the Jetta and figured out which wires I needed (but my install was a 2 wire setup not a 3 wire) it took me 4 hours to install but it does work perfectly so it's hard for me to be too upset over the wiring. 108359

- 119190KIT

by: William05/13/2016

Your video of the GLK350 installation helped a lot, even though I found my 2011 was a little different than the 2012 in the video. It could be done in an hour to hour and a half if the vehicle was on a lift to run the power wire to the battery. It took me about 2 to 2 and a half hours with no lift and running the power line laying on my back and scooting along (slowly) at age 63. 250118

- 119190KIT

by: Greg S.09/24/2013

This is a very good product with a great installation video. I ended up cutting the wires to the flat four connector so I could route the wiring to the hitch through the car body. I then reconnected the wires once routed. It would be nice to have a connector on this cord to make this process easier. Tester is an awesome addition to this kit and makes the job a sure success. 101243

- 119190KIT

by: Timothy04/24/2016

This kit was put together very well. The video installation tutorial made the install a very easy job. I installed this on my 2014 Mercedes passenger van and was able to follow the factory wiring to the front of the vehicle, up into the fuse area under the drivers seat and then out into the battery box and there was no drilling required. Very satisfied - Thank you 246701

- 119190KIT

by: joe h09/19/2015

This is a reliable wire harness. I'm a fishing guide and use my trailers daily. If you have lots of lights don't waste your time with light duty converter boxes. Install is easy. I had to add wire to the line that goes to right turn signal and the connectors could be improved but are ok. I was able to mount the box inside my suv so no water, dust, salt, etc 226437

- 119190KIT

by: Nolan05/26/2016

I put this on my 2014 VW Passat TDI. Putting it on was easy and took a relatively short amount of time especially because of their video that is on their website. Everything worked first time and doesn't get in the way of the normal lining in the trunk. Buying the whole kit that comes with a tester made this job very easy. 251893

- 119190KIT

by: Phil H09/02/2014

Excellent product, the video made it very easy and straightforward to install on my 2009 BMW X5. My only issue was the kit could use either a longer main power lead or one more yellow connector to tie the extension and fuse into the system. I had one so it was no big deal. Start to finish installation probably took 45 minutes. 149499

- 119190KIT

by: Bob M.08/13/2014

Kit was missing one of the butt connectors, but I was able to provide one from my own supplies. Otherwise, product as advertised and shipped promptly. On-line video was indispensable for installation. Work was involved, but following step by step instructions resulted in a professional style installation. Lights work perfectly. 146669

- 119190KIT

by: Lee04/11/2012

The directions do not include any indication regarding which wires to the BMW taillights are for turn signals, brakes and running lights. I was not willing to guess so I'm going to take it to shop that knows BMW wiring to have them install. The installation example on the etrailer web site is for a Volvo and is no help at all. 36879


This kit is a universal kit that can be wired into virtually any vehicle. Included in the kit is a circuit tester so that you can probe the wires behind your BMW tail lights to find out which lights serve which function. The installers use this process, as shown in the Volvo video, to determine which wires carry which function.

-- Patrick B - 11/30/2012


- 119190KIT

by: James B07/03/2015

Purchased for an installation in Canada my installer did tell me it would have been cheaper in Canada, but the quality was excellent and he had no issues installing it. Plus, since the price on the hitch was so good, collectively I am ahead anyway. For our 2012 Tiguan, this is a great setup. Very happy with it. 208983

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Ask the Experts about this Tekonsha Wiring
Do you have a question about this Wiring?

  • Can I Tow a 5th Wheel Travel Trailer with a Semi Truck or 18-Wheeler
  • The king pin dimensions are the same between fifth wheel trailers and large commercial trailers. Both types of trailers use a standard 2 inch king pin. Semi trucks were not technically designed to tow camping style fifth wheel trailers, so there are several factors that you will want to take into consideration before attempting to tow. First, you will want to make sure the truck can tow the trailer level. Towing the trailer with the nose too high or too low can cause issues with sway,...
    view full answer...

  • What Does GTW and TW Mean and What is Weight Distribution, 2008 BMW X5
  • I can certainly help you out. The TW is the tongue weight. This is the weight of the trailer at the coupler that attaches to the ball mount on the trailer hitch. It should be 10 to 15 percent of the GTW or gross trailer weight. The gross trailer weight is the total weight of the trailer. Weight distribution is a system that installs on the trailer frame and the trailer couples to a special shank on the trailer hitch. The spring bars that come with a weight distribution system take some...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Recommendation for a 2014 BMW X5
  • Let's first start with a hitch, for that I would recommend the Draw Tite Hitch part # 75600. I attached an install video for you to check out as well. Now for trailer wiring you would want the Tow Ready Harness part # 119190KIT. This is a hardwire option that would be quite a bit cheaper than what BMW quoted you. Install video attached for this as well. For ball mounts I recommend the etrailer Ball Mount Kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts, 2 balls, a hitch pin with clip, and...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI
  • Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 24825 will fit a 2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI. This hitch is designed so that the receiver is below the crosstube as you can see in the pictures. This makes most of the hitch hidden underneath the vehicle. I have included a link to the installation instructions for you. This hitch will need the recommended ball mount. For a ball you can use # 19256 for a 1-7/8 inch diameter or # 19258 for a 2 inch diameter. For trailer wiring, use # 119190KIT. I have included a...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Hitch and Wiring for a 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 with 170 Inch Wheelbase and Step Bumper
  • I will be happy to recommend a trailer hitch for your 2016 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 with 170 inch wheelbase and step bumper. The most popular option is # 13358. This is a Class III hitch with a 2 inch receiver. It is rated for 500 pounds tongue weight and 5,000 pounds gross trailer weight. When used with weight distribution it is rated for 750 pounds tongue weight and 7,500 pounds gross trailer weight. I have linked a video showing an example installation for you. If you plan on doing...
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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch For 2015 BMW X5 And How To Prevent Corrosion
  • We do have trailer hitches that are designed to work with your 2015 BMW X5. The Draw-Tite, part # 75600 is a confirmed fit for your vehicle. The Curt hitch, part # 13077 has a different design but has the same towing capacities as the # 75600. A note from Curt states that All non-trailer loads - bike racks, cargo carriers and so forth - should be supported with stabilizing straps like part # 18050. Failure to properly support these loads will void your hitch warranty from CURT. All...
    view full answer...

  • Adapting 5 Pin Round Connector on Harley-Davidson to 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector
  • The extra wire on your 5 pin H/D plug will serve one of two purposes. It is either the brake light signal or a constant 12-volt power feed to the trailer. You can easily determine which case you are dealing with by using a circuit tester like part # 40376 on the plug. Activate the turn signals, running lights and brakes to determine which pin carries which circuit. If the extra pin carries a constant 12-volts, and your trailer does not require any power supply, you could simply construct...
    view full answer...

  • How to Install the Tow Ready Modulite Wiring Harness # 119190KIT on a 2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI
  • I spoke with my contact at Tow Ready and verified that the Tow Ready Modulite Wiring Harness, # 119190KIT, is the correct wiring harness for your 2012 Volkswagen Golf TDI. Your vehicle uses a 3-wire multiplex wiring system, meaning it sends multiple signals along the same wire. To install this wiring harness in your vehicle, you will use the included circuit tester to test the wires at the back of the tail light assembly. Using the circuit tester, test for the wire that carries the...
    view full answer...

  • Best Way to Bypass TIPM on 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel
  • The best way around the TIPM on your 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 is to bypass it using the Tow Ready Upgraded Heavy Duty Modulite Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness with Install Kit, # 119190KIT, and the Universal Installation Kit for Trailer Brake Controller, # ETBC7. The # 119190KIT is a top of the line Modulite harness including circuit protection to safeguard itself and the tow vehicle from harmful electrical shorts. I have attached a help article, as well as installation instructions,...
    view full answer...

  • Diagram for Wiring the 2006 BMW X5 Trailer Wiring Harness
  • Yes, the wiring diagram for wiring the 119190KIT wiring harness is in the instructions (see link). You will need to attach the wires from the converter on the harness by function only using the included circuit tester. Your 2006 BMW X5 has a 3 wire Multiplexed wiring system that requires a different wiring configuration. Your vehicle has a combined stop and tail light circuit and an additional tail light wire. You will attach the red stop light wire to the combined circuit and the...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Hitch and Wiring for a 2015 Ford C-Max
  • For a trailer hitch that fits your 2015 Ford C-Max SEL and that is compatible with the Hands-Free liftgate I recommend Draw-Tite trailer hitch # 24896. This is a Class I trailer hitch so any accessories that you use, such as a bike rack or cargo carrier, must be rated for use on a Class I hitch. Also, for bike racks, you are limited to carrying 2 bikes maximum on a Class I trailer hitch. If you plan on towing first consult the vehicle owners manual to make sure you can do so with...
    view full answer...

  • Mounting The Hopkins Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Trailer Connector # HM48470 On A 2010 Volvo XC90
  • The Draw-Tite Class III 2 Inch Hitch, part # 75152, has a mounting plate on it that will allow you to attach a mounting bracket for a vehicle end connector. With the hitch installed on your 2010 Volvo XC90 the mounting plate is located to the drivers side of the 2 inch receiver opening. I am including a video of the hitch being installed on a 2010 Volvo XC90. The Hopkins Endurance Multi-Tow 7-, 5- and 4-Way Flat Trailer Connector, part # HM48470, has a mounting bracket that will bolt...
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  • What is the Circuit Protection on the Curt Vehicle Wiring Harness
  • The Curt Wiring Harness, # C56366, for your 2011 Honda pilot is rated to handle up to 3 amps on the turn and brake circuits and up to 6 amps on the tail light circuit. The circuit protection on this harness is the converter box. The converter box will short out if there is a short on the trailer or the trailer lights are drawing too many amps to protect the vehicle's electrical system. This is how most vehicle specific circuit protected wiring harnesses are manufactured. If multiple...
    view full answer...

  • Hitch Fit for a 2016 Volkswagen GTI
  • I can help you identify the right hitch for your 2016 VW GTI. The hitch that fits the 2016 GTI is the Curt Class I hitch # C11412, not the Draw-Tite # 24904 you were looking at, which is great news because that hitch required some trimming but this Curt hitch does not. To install the Curt hitch # C11412, you will have to temporarily lower the exhaust while installing the hitch but there is not drilling or cutting to be done. It's important to note that Curt recommends the use of a...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Hitch With Minimal Fascia Trimming for 2012 VW Passat
  • There are twoavailable Class I hitches for a VW Passat, the Curt # C11234 and the Draw-Tite # 24880. Both hitches will require that the underbody panel be trimmed to about the same degree, but the good news is that the trimmed portion is not visible from the rear of the vehicle. If you look at the diagrams I edited for you, you can see the amount of trimming required for each hitch, plus a photo showing the Curt hitch installed on a vehicle. The Draw-Tite would look almost identical...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Trailer Hitch Receiver For 2018 VW Atlas
  • For your 2018 VW Atlas, we have two trailer hitch receivers available. We have a Class II 1-1/4 inch option from Draw-Tite and a Curt Class III 2 Inch receiver. I always recommend a Class III receiver over a Class II because of all of the options for accessories like bike racks and cargo carriers in addition to ball mount options. Not to mention they are just a sturdier and stronger design. Although some people like the smaller hitch receiver opening for a less noticeable hitch. Here...
    view full answer...

  • Suggestion For the Most Universal Trailer Wiring Harness Available for Any Type of Vehicle
  • The most universal wiring harness we carry is the Upgraded Heavy Duty Modulite Vehicle Wiring Harness with Install Kit, # 119190KIT. This kit includes everything needed to install a 4-Way trailer connector at the rear of most any vehicle. You should check the compatibility with any vehicle before installing this or any wiring harness. If you use our fitguide, see link, and input the vehicle year-make-model, all of the available wiring for the specific vehicle can be seen by clicking...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Trailer Hitch and Wiring for 2018 Volkswagen Atlas
  • Starting with the trailer hitch for your 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, I recommend the Draw-Tite Class III Max Frame Receiver Hitch # 76176. This is a great Class III hitch that will provide a 2 inch receiver opening and a 6,000 pound towing capacity, although I also recommend checking the capacity of the vehicle itself as listed in the owner's manual. I have attached the installation details for you to check out. Then for wiring, I recommend the Tekonsha Upgraded Heavy Duty ModuLite Circuit...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Wiring Harness Options for a 2015 Lexus RX350 With the Factory Tow Package
  • I have some information that may help, but wiring harness manufacturers have not released a trailer wiring harness that has been confirmed to fit the new 2015 Lexus RX350 yet. I spoke with one of my manufacturers and they said they have not had one of those vehicles in their shops to perform a test fit or to determine if a new wiring harness must be designed. He also could not give me an estimated date as to when a harness may be available. I can tell you that Curt lists their T-Connector...
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Trailer Hitch Receiver For 2015 BMW X5
  • We have two options for trailer hitches for a 2015 BMW X5 that will fit all their motor and package options. The options are the Curt Class III 2 inch, # 13077, and the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Receiver Class III - 2 inch, # 75600. Both trailer hitches will require fascia trimming, but will not require any drilling into your frame. Both hitches are very good quality and will hold up very well. I recommend the Draw-Tite option based on the look and the fact that it does not...
    view full answer...

  • Recommendation for a Trailer Wiring Harness for a Victory Vision Motorcycle
  • I would recommend using the Upgraded Modulite Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4 Pole Trailer Connector, item # 119190KIT, which is the wiring harness that you mentioned. The 119190KIT includes the all of the wiring needed and a circuit tester to help determine the wires to splice into for the tail light functions. The # 119190 wiring harness is a powered harness that draws only about 5 milliamps from the vehicles tail light circuits and provides power to the towed trailer...
    view full answer...

  • Troubleshooting OEM 4-Pole Trailer Connector on 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser
  • I could not find any information about the specific location of the fuses that protect the towing circuits on your 1998 Land Cruiser. Typically, these fuses can be found in a distribution box under the hood. By all means, you can check the ground for the connector on the vehicle and on the trailer, but it does not sound like a ground problem. I did come across a reference to a technical service bulletin issued by Toyota regarding the towing wire harness converter replacement which...
    view full answer...

  • What is the Towing Capacity of a 2007 to 2010 Mini Cooper S
  • The only information I could find on the towing capacity of the Mini Cooper was on the base model (using 2008 as the model year) and that was on MSN Autos. I checked an online copy of the owners manual and cannot confirm the capacity of any models. What I did find for a 2008 base model was a towing capacity of 1,433 pounds. However you will need to speak with a Mini dealer/technician to determine the vehicles capacity as equipped. The Curt trailer hitch # C11130 has a capacity of 2,000...
    view full answer...

  • Trailer Wiring Harness Recommendation for a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter
  • The trailer wiring harness part # 119190KIT is a universal install trailer wiring harness that will also work on your 2015 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. I attached an install video that shows it being installed on a 2014 Sprinter just like yours.
    view full answer...

  • Recommended Brake Controller and Wiring for 2003 BMW X5
  • Don't worry I can help, but for a boat trailer with a 4-way you shouldn't need a brake controller because they do not have electric brakes. A standard brake controller is not recommended to install on your vehicle due to low voltage brake light switch. A standard brake controller like the Voyager will not be able to be used on your X5. If your planning on adding electric brakes to your boat trailer then you will want the RF brake controller # 90250 (mounts on the trailer) and the 7-way...
    view full answer...

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