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Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector

Item # C56040

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curt custom fit vehicle wiring powered converter 4 flat
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat t-connector harness with 4-pole connector
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch

In Use/Installed

2015 subaru forester custom fit vehicle wiring curt trailer hitch 4 flat t-connector harness with 4-pole connector
2015 subaru forester custom fit vehicle wiring curt powered converter 4 flat c56040
2015 subaru forester custom fit vehicle wiring curt trailer hitch 4 flat c56040

Customer Photos

curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040
curt custom fit vehicle wiring trailer hitch 4 flat c56040

  • Custom Fit
  • Trailer Hitch Wiring
  • Curt
  • 4 Flat
  • Powered Converter
Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle with this custom harness. Connector plugs directly into existing wiring. Powered converter reduces strain on wiring system and is made using SMT to ensure superior performance. Call 800-298-8924 to order Curt custom fit vehicle wiring part number C56040 or order online at Free expert support on all Curt products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector. Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring reviews from real customers.

Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring - C56040

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle with this custom harness. Connector plugs directly into existing wiring. Powered converter reduces strain on wiring system and is made using SMT to ensure superior performance.


  • Provides a 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your vehicle to power your trailer's signal lights
    • Compatible with 5-pole, 6-pole and 7-pole adapters (sold separately)
  • Connects quickly and easily - no cutting or splicing of wires
    • Locate connection point in rear cargo area
    • Plug in connector
  • Includes a tail light converter to ensure that your vehicle's wiring matches that of your trailer
    • Powered module connects directly to battery to avoid overloading vehicle's electrical system
  • Constructed using surface-mount technology (SMT) for consistent, reliable performance
    • Maximizes trailer light yield and intensity while producing minimal heat
    • Ensures superior operation in rough road conditions
  • Comes with dust cap for 4-way flat connector
  • Made in the USA


  • Maximum amperage:
    • Stop/turn lights: 3 amps per circuit
    • Tail lights: 6 amps per circuit
  • Limited 1-year warranty


This custom-fit T-connector plugs into your vehicle's wiring harness, which is located behind the interior trim panel in your rear cargo area. Once you've plugged in the converter, insert the included 10-amp fuse into the integrated fuse holder.

Once installation is complete, the 4-way connector will be stowed in an out-of-the-way location within your cargo area. Adhere the black converter box to the frame of the car using the double-sided tape provided. Secure any loose parts of the T-connector with the provided cable ties.

It is recommended that you use a small amount of grease on all electrical connections - the plug on your automobile and the 4-pole connector itself - to help prevent corrosion.

Powered Tail Light Converter with Surface-Mount Technology

A tail light converter is built into this T-connector. This converter is a circuit-protected, battery-powered unit that bypasses the electrical routes that are used by a basic wiring harness. As a result, there is virtually no draw on your tail light circuits.

Because most trailers run on a two-wire system - wherein the brake and turn signals are carried on one wire - the separate brake and turn signals from your vehicle's three-wire system need to be combined so they are compatible with the wiring system of the trailer. This converter combines the brake and turn signal functions of your automobile so that they run on one wire to properly activate your trailer's tail lights. Note: This will not affect how the tail lights on your vehicle operate.

Curt builds each tail light converter using surface-mount technology (SMT). This method of construction involves soldering electronic components directly to the surface of a printed circuit board. SMT eliminates the need for leads, which are used in older through-hole technology. The result is a circuit board that is smaller yet provides more routing area and that offers superior performance, reliability and durability.

Curt SMT Circuit Boards

Circuit boards constructed using SMT have been shown to perform better under rough conditions with excessive vibration than those made using the through-hole method. And where would vibration be more likely to occur than in towing applications? Curt converters also produce less heat, leading to increased durability and longer life. In addition, lower levels of resistance ensure better performance, especially for parts that operate at higher frequencies.

Each Curt circuit board is made using high-quality components that are pieced together in the most technologically savvy fashion, leading to greater predictability and reliability in functioning.

2010 Subaru with Backup Sensors

56040 CURT T-Connector - Surface Mount Technology - 4 Wire

C56040 Installation InstructionsInstallation Details C56040 Installation instructions

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

2018 - 2018 Subaru Crosstrek

2018 - 2018 Subaru Crosstrek

2009 - 2018 Subaru Forester

2009 - 2018 Subaru Forester

2013 - 2018 Subaru Outback Wagon

2013 - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek

2013 - 2013 Subaru XV Crosstrek

2010 - 2012 Subaru Outback Wagon excluding Sport

2010 - 2018 Subaru Outback Wagon excluding Sport

2016 - 2017 Subaru Crosstrek non-Hybrid models

2016 - 2017 Subaru Crosstrek non-Hybrid models

2014 - 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek non-Hybrid models

2014 - 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek non-Hybrid models

Video of Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Curt Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring C56040 Review

Today, we're going to be reviewing part number C56040. This is the Curt T-connector vehicle wiring harness with a 4-pole flat trailer connector. This is designed for the Subaru Forester, Outback Wagon, and XV Crosstrek. To see if this fits your particular year and model, you can use the vehicle fit guide located right here on our website. This unit's going to provide your 4-way flat trailer connector at the back of your vehicle to power your trailer signal lights. It's compatible with 5-pole, 6-pole, and 7-pole adapters.

Those are sold separately. This unit's going to connect quickly and easily. You don't have to worry about cutting or splicing any wires. All you have to do is locate the connection point in your rear cargo area, plug in the connector, get everything else attached according to the included instructions, and you're going to be set to go. The black box right here is a taillight converter. This is included.

That way it's going to ensure that your vehicle's wiring matches that of your trailer's. The power module is going to connect directly to the battery through the wiring to avoid overloading the vehicle's electrical system. It's going to include the fuse holder as well as a 10 amp fuse. It's got a nice little dust cap on it. That's already pre-wired into the harness, so nothing to do there when it comes to the installation except installing the 10 amp fuse into the holder.

This is constructed using a surface mount technology for consistent, reliable performance. It's going to maximize trailer light yield and intensity, while producing minimal heat. It's also going to ensure superior operation in rough road conditions. Now, here on our 4-way flat connector, it's going to have a nice grip design, so you can easily manage that and get a secure hold on it. It's also to come with a nice little dust cap for the 4-way flat connector.

That way the connection points always stay protected. This product's made in the USA. When it comes to the amperage, for the stop and turn lights, that's going to be 3 amps per circuit. We're talking about the maximum amperage. For the taillights, that's going to be 6 amps per circuit. A few other things that it comes with that I haven't touched on. You're going to get a self-tapping screw. That's to make the ground connection. It's got the white wire with the ring terminal on there, so it makes it really easy. Double-sided tape goes on one side of the converter box. That way you can stick it to a nice clean surface and get that mounted. It's going to come with all the necessary instructions and owner-related items, that way you're knowledgeable about the system that you're purchasing, as well as some zip ties to help clean up your install. That's going to secure the wires up and out of the way. That way you can adjust those as necessary. You can hide them and tuck them out of the way, so they're not exposed. That's going to do it for our review of part number C56040. This is the Curt T-connector vehicle wiring harness with a 4-pole flat trailer connector. .

Customer Reviews

Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector - C56040

Average Customer Rating:  4.9 out of 5 stars   (477 Customer Reviews)

Quickly and easily install a 4-way trailer connector on your vehicle with this custom harness. Connector plugs directly into existing wiring. Powered converter reduces strain on wiring system and is made using SMT to ensure superior performance.

- C56040

by: no name02/18/2013

The instructions for the electrical connector were missing the details for the XV Crosstrek. So after taking off most of the panels at the back of the car, I called the tech support number and he suggested to look under the kick plate at the very back of the car. After removing the back panel, the plug was easily found on the drivers side against the back wall of the car. Since this is a new model for 2013, I assume the instructions will be updated shortly. 66859


White connector is under hatch kick plate , Left of center of rear spare tire compartment. . It is tape to a plastic wire hold down. pop out hold down remove tape there you go. Hard to see and feel with finger tips. remember its at the back of vehicle hatch opening kick plate. NOT UP BY SEATS . GOOD LUCK 2013 crosstrek.

-- comment by: Carl - 05/18/2013


Thank you for the additional info.

-- Patrick B - 5/20/2013


Im still having a bit of trouble with the kick plate removal on my Crosstrek. Just to make sure were talking about the same piece... Im assuming the kick plate is the piece that runs across the bottom of the hatch opening that the hatch latch pokes through. It has two button fasteners which Ive removed but the panel still seems to be firmly attached. It appears to snap in but Im a little leery of pulling too hard and breaking it. Is there a trick to its removal?

-- comment by: John R - 07/31/2013


There are little retention tabs on the underside of the panel that help to hold it in place. Once you remove the push rivets, gently and firmly pull up on the panel. Check out our install video on the 2013 Crosstrek to see it in action. There are a couple of video links below the main photo.

-- Patrick B - 8/5/2013


Have wire harness for my new 2014 Subaru Forester. Can not find connector in vehicle. Comment below said it is located just left of center at the rear under the hatch kick plate Have no idea what the hatcdh kick plate is : I have used fingers, mirror and flashlight. HELP!! Thanks

-- comment by: Dick G - 08/01/2013


The kick plate is right at the threshold, the long piece of plastic covering that goes along the cargo area where the latch is. Check out the link to the video on the Crosstrek to see removal of the kick plate.

-- Patrick B - 8/5/2013


plastic wire hold down in his kick plate sounds like the metal cargo tie in, which has a plastic bezel, in the side panel of my 2014 Forester. I need to remove this in order to access the connector. Seems like Carlo was able to pop his out, which I have not been able to do. Mine has a metal tab poking through the back attachment bracket that could be a release, but so far I have not been able to make it move. Any suggestions.

-- comment by: Ed V - 10/07/2013


Send me a photo of the tab if you can. I have a feeling it is just a spring tab that helps hold by tension and firmly pulling on it or slightly squeezing and pulling will get it to release. But to make sure, it would help to see pictures first in case it is something other that what I think it is.

-- Patrick B - 10/10/2013


All is good with the trailer hitch and wiring harness. Thanks to the folks at etrailer we were able to quickly resolve the instructions for the Subaru XV wiring harness. Being a brand new model last year, it was not unexpected that there would be some growing pains with the installation instructions.I have recommended your company to several of my friends who are looking for trailer hitches.

-- comment by: dave - 02/18/2014


I just installed this wiring kit on my 2014 Subaru Outback. The installation was very straightforward. The connector plug was hidden at the spot that the instructions suggested. I dont think I would have found it without the guide.I ordered the product at 10:00 pm on 317 and received it on 3/20. E-trailer provided emails to confirm the order and shipment.Thanks e-Trailer for great service!

-- comment by: Keith - 03/23/2014


Thanks for the feedback, glad to know the harness installed with relative ease. Give us a shout if you ever have any questions.

-- Patrick B - 3/27/2014


Just purchased new 2015 Subaru Forester Im installing hitch and wire harness by myself . Video instruction is absolutely great .Thank you for making my life easier

-- comment by: George Z - 09/01/2014


- C56040

by: Karen11/18/2017

This is a follow up on my previous review (the one with the cat in the picture). This is an EXTREMELY simple installation in your 2016 Subaru Outback. Except for the part about finding the OEM plug under the side panel. The etrailer video is very accurate, especially the more recent one that's about 7 minutes long. The hard part is getting your hand up in there far enough to reach the plug. This depends on the size of your hand! In my case, it wasn't until I had help to hold the side panel out while I stuck my hand in there was I able to get it done. I also used a putty knife to pry up the little lip of the side panel over the black plastic trim that is located right beneath the tie-down ring. That gave us enough slack to pull the panel out. The side panel did not suffer any damage by this procedure. There are also insulation pieces in the way, so if you get discouraged keep pushing. It's up there. I actually pulled some of the little squares of insulation out just because (frustration while I was waiting for my help to arrive), but they are easy to stuff back in when you're done. You shouldn't have to do that. While you're hunting, keep in mind that it is really close to the tie-down ring, about 3-4 inches, and it is up high, about the same level as the top of the ring enclosure. Once you feel it, you will know it. There's nothing in there to get your fingers confused. Give it a good pull. There's not much slack, it will only come out far enough to plug in and push it back under. It was plug and play and my trailer lights worked perfectly with no problem. I've been a big fan of etrailer for at least 10 years, and once again they did not disappoint. 453108

- C56040

by: DJ D07/26/2017

As others have posted, just can't say enough positive about my experience with etrailer. Received everything in one box in about a week after ordering online. While awaiting the shipment, I worked from the storage area inside the car and pre-drilled the access holes and located the wiring harness plug. The online video was spot-on for what to expect in mounting the hitch. I was able to do the install with the car on its wheels, no jacking or stands. For those without a floor jack, slip a piece of 2"x2" into the receiver and let it hang out the front about 6". You can then balance the hitch on your Subaru car jack, carefully slide it under the car, and slowly lift the hitch into place. Yes, a smooth, flat, level surface (garage floor) is needed for this. My only error in the install was forgetting about the tip of not tightening the hitch bolts completely until the heat shield was re-installed. As another commenter stated, the wiring harness' black box slips under the left rear corner trunk panel just fine. I zip tied the wiring harness to some holes at the top left lip of the spare tire well, ran the wire toward that wide, rubber body plug under the spare tire, cut a slit in the body plug and pushed the wiring harness through. I then used the silver metal duct tape (not gray duct/duck tape) to adhere the wire to the left rear wall of the spare well below where I had zip tied the harness and covered the harness with the metal tape until it exited through the rubber body plug (metal taped over the rubber body plug, too, to ensure water tightness). I didn't time my install, but if I'd done everything in sequence it probably would've taken the 2 to 2.5 hrs as previously posted. Thanks to all for your advice/tips and good luck to the new customers on your home install. 410762

- C56040

by: Michael F.06/01/2017

My recent purchase of a trailer hitch and wiring assembly for my 2017 Subaru Outback arrived yesterday while I was underneath my vehicle prepping it for the install.I have dual exhausts so I removed the muffler hangers on either side to unbolt the mufflers from the exhaust pipe. Once that was done removing the heat shields was easy; drilling/enlarging the access hole for the hitch bolts was also not difficult except for dodging the shower of hot metal shavings.The hitch itself was a perfect fit and installed nicely with the aid of a jack. I tightened it to specs, cut the heat shields, reconnected the mufflers and hangers and viola -install complete. The wiring inside the vehicle was also done with ease-( note) to access the connection itself unbolt the driver side latch located on the trim panel to the left of the rear seat as this will allow you to get easier access to the connection that is bound by blue tape to the main wiring bundle. I chose to route the 4 pole wires underneath the foam shelf and into the spare tire well out to the hitch through the access hole using the existing rubber grommet and sealed both sides with Gorilla tape to ensure a weather proof seal. I checked all connections and was pleased with the ease of the install and its ability to allow me to now tow... Both products arrived quickly, installed as indicated and add a useful enhancement for the vehicle . I will be using for future purchases and highly recommend them for a thorough, and enlightening web site and great products that perform and install as indicated - overall GREAT customer service and PRODUCTS!! 389654

- C56040

by: jd11/21/2013

I installed this on a 2014 Subaru Forester. Does exactly what it is supposed to do and is easily installed. Be sure to remove the threshold trim piece before removing the rear 1/4 panel. I only took the 1/4 panel loose at the back end and the connector is right there behind the very back end of the panel. I left the vehicle's connector where it was and plugged the new connector into it without undoing anything. There is ample room right behind the 1/4 panel on the floor to stick the switching unit down. I used the bolt that holds the left rear tie-down bracket to the frame for the ground lead. The ground terminal will fit this bolt just fine. Sorry, but didn't think to take any photos. Remember to remove the threshold trim piece (the latch hardware piece sticks up through it at the middle). There are videos on their website (for other Subarus) that you can view for further info. The printed instructions included for the Forester doesn't mention the trim piece on the threshold, only says to remove the rear trim piece, so it is somewhat incomplete. 108038


Still going strong. Havent had any issues.

jd - 11/22/2014


- C56040

by: Ken A.06/25/2014

No problems with wiring install, it happened as per instructions and pics. I installed on 2014 Subaru Forester. All worked well when tested. 137701


Please tell which instructions you refer to for a 2014 Forester. Have you found a video? Ive had a heck of a time looking for an easy way to move the rear panel to the side, like the instructions say. Subaru service wants $250 to remove the panel and plug the harness!! Why doesnt Subaru just make it easy and locate the harness connector in the rear hatch next to the spare tire?? Is that a tactic to give their service contractors some extra cash?

-- comment by: Raul M - 07/02/2014


I used instructions that came with wiring harness. Guess need to read into instructions a bit, maybe several times. The panel pieces are held on with snap in holders... be careful and snap away from auto frame you should be able to reuse the snap pieces. The piece across door opening, the left side needs to come loose first then the big panel piece on left side. The plug will be where the instructions say and there should be a pic showing the plug. Hope this helps. PS, Pay attention to instruction 2C.

-- comment by: - 07/03/2014


Hi Ken, thanks for your prompt and encouraging reply! Im hopeful again , but please send me a link or copy of your instructions. Were definitely looking at different instructions. Fig 2c in mine is the removal of the styrofoam tray, which I dont think is the crucial step you meant to point to. Do you need my email? Perhaps you can post those instructions here , for the benefit of others having the same problem. Thanks.

-- comment by: Raul M - 07/03/2014


In the installation instructions for your 2014 Subaru Forrester, section 2C corresponds to photos G and H that show the rear trim panel. The removal of this trim panel is what Ken is referring to in his comment. The installation instructions are linked above on the right hand side of the product page.

-- Rachael H - 7/7/2014

- C56040

by: John05/30/2015

Wiring kit installed in minutes. Worked first time I tested it then after putting everything in place, it wouldn't work. It turned out to be a bad connection in the plug in my car, not this harness. The kit has everything needed for installation and includes a long cable on the flat 4 plug end. Very easy to store the flat 4 plug inside the car except when using it, just as described in the video. Thanks etrailer!!!! 198683


The installation was as easy as the on line video suggested. I was very pleasantly surprised it went as well as in the video! This clearly was developed with some thought. Both items were extremely easy to install and have been working fine since installation. Whenever I need anything for my vehicle or camper in the future, I most definitely will go immediately to your webpage.Thank you for quality products at a great price. I have to tell you, this follow-up email just made my day! Thanks for thinking of me............Just another really satisfied customer

John - 06/18/2016


- C56040

by: david j.06/02/2015

the harness plugged right into the existing terminal. the wiring is plenty long. i followed others' suggestions and ran the wiring under the spare tire and thru the existing grommet in the spare tire well by cutting a slit in the center of the grommet. then covered the wires with a protective sheaf and then working the four-prong connector through. the only small problem i had was getting to the auto's connector as the wires had been folded, taped and tucked up inside the panel out of sight. i was glad for your instructions that assured me it was there. :) will use a rubber adhesive to seal the grommet. 199920


The hitch has worked very nicely. Fit my Subaru to a t . Like a few others, I installed the hitch from inside the cargo area, drilling enlarging a couple of holes that were already there. I would recommend you product to others.

david j - 06/17/2016


- C56040

by: Bill H.12/10/2016

Ordered late on 12/04/2016 and received 12/08/2016, which was really three days, very good time. Ordering was very easy and the installation videos helped me make my final decision to purchase the Curt Class III hitch and T-Connector for my 2017 Subaru Outback. The installation videos were very helpful and offered several good tricks such as supporting the muffler w/ a tie down, using a step-bit, touch-up paint and lubricating the muffler supports (just use a non-petroleum based lubricant / silicon). I’m somewhat mechanically inclined and it did take every bit of 1 ½ - 2 hours for the hitch and 1 hour for the T-Connector. Did the install alone, which may have been the reaason for the extra time it took me. The Subaru wiring harness connector was a challenge to get to without taking the panel off, but after a few scratches and cuts, I was able to get it and the rest of the installation went just as shown on the installation video. Overall, very satisfied with the price, delivery, installation videos and final installation. Would have included a picture, but it’s the same as shown on the installation video, only difference is mine is a red Outback. I would recommend the Curt hitch and T-connector and eTrailer. 325606

- C56040

by: Michael K09/08/2017

Installing this powered trailer lighting adapter was pretty easy, the most difficult part being removal of the trim panels. If you haven't done this sort of thing before you'll find that an inexpensive set of trim removal tools will be a significant help. Subaru did the wiring job properly - contrary to what I expected you don't have to run a hot wire to the battery, a hot is already present at the connector - and the actual hookup is pretty easy. The assembler who secured the connector pigtail at the factory was perhaps overly enthusiastic with the electrical tape so a sharp knife and some careful dissection was required to avoid damaging any wires. While the instructions suggest drilling a hole and using the included self-tapping screw for the ground wire, on my 2017 Crosstrek that wasn't necessary as Subaru has thoughtfully provided a tapped hole for an M6 screw in the perfect location. I used an M6-100 hex head bolt with both a flat washer and a lock washer. 430177

- C56040

by: Mark F.08/10/2013

After installing a Modulite protector on my Mazda 3, I have to say this install was a BREEZE... Imagine an actual plug that you just plug in... WOW, what a mind blower! He He. The product easily installs under the drivers side, rear kick plate. On our 2013, the trailer wiring plug is right at the back of the car. You just have to pull off the hatch trim panel to get to it. Running the extra ground wire is no big deal. I drilled a hole, sanded off the paint around it. screwed down the round flat connector with the provided machine screw, and put some RTV on top of it to prevent rust. 94363


They both worked great, thank you for the follow up!

Mark F - 02/20/2015


- C56040

by: Bryant C.07/30/2017

Ordered Curt hitch 13147, and wiring kit, for our 2011 Subaru Forester. Lucked out and got it on sale, placed order, and it was delivered within 5 days. The product was as described, packaged well, with no signs of damage. Installed as others on her did, using the top holes inside the car, equity minimal drilling required. Hardest part of the whole job was dropping the exhaust, but liberal application of liquid lubricant eased that. About 1.5 hours for install, but that included the trip to the hardware store to pick up the proper size still bit. Wiring was very simple and easy, no drilling required, just used an existing chassis bolt for the ground wire. Overall, a great transaction, excellent service and product, and saved at least a couple of hundred by doing this myself vs. a local hitch shop. Thanks, I'm happy to pass along your company with the highest regard to any one I know looking for a hitch. Now I'm looking for a hitch for my 1990 Miata, to tow a small motorcycle tent trailer. Will consider you for that purchase as well. Being cheap, hoping that will go on sale as well. 414545

- C56040

by: Patti S.03/18/2014

Extremely happy with the transaction and eTrailer! I purchased the Hidden Hitch and Curt wiring harness for my new 2014 Subaru Outback. Hitch arrived earlier than anticipated and in great condition. It was boxed well. I haven't had a chance to install it yet but was extremely happy to see eTrailer has video instructions and helpful hints. I've already recommended this company to my friends and will come back if I need anything else. I'll post another review once I install the hitch - when we don't have 5 ft of snow! 121181


The Hidden Hitch works perfectly and Im completely happy with it.

Patti S - 03/19/2015


- C56040

by: Andy R07/28/2015

Installed this on my Subaru Crosstrek. Watched the video and the install was easy. Used a flat head screw driver to pop off the panels. Plug the harness into the vehicle wiring. Install fuse in wiring and the tape down the system. Hardest part is taking off panels but putting back was easy (just don't lose any parts). Kit comes with everything you need except for a drill to screw in the self taping screw into the frame for grounding. 214873


Still working fine. Was a little worried about slamming trunk on it when I hook it up but it has not been an issue.

Andy R - 07/27/2016


- C56040

by: DJ D12/02/2017

It was so much fun the first time I did it again! That's right, I'm a repeat off-ender. I traded my 20104 Outback that I had installed the 75673 hitch on back in July. Instead of removing the old hitch, I used it as a bargaining chip to increase my trade-in value on a new 2018 Outback. Since I had done the installation before, I knew what to do. Did the job go any faster? No, because there were a few things a tad different on the 2018 Outback. Foremost, the white connector for the wiring was more difficult to access. Second, there were differences in the way I could route the wire once connected. I also opted to remove the muffler instead of dropping the exhaust and suspending it. Believe it or not, that was just as time consuming, as the rubber supports were new, stiff, and difficult to manipulate. Bottom line, same quality product, excellent customer service, and value. I highly recommend etrailer for your needs and I will come back to them for future purchases. 456725

- C56040

by: Nicole p.11/12/2014

this was exactly what I needed! great part, super easy to hook up, outstanding customer service! I got this for my 2014 Subaru Forester, the hook up plug is inside of the rear driver side cargo panel, you have to remove the foamy cargo organizer tray- use trim remover tool so you don't rip it, then make sure you take off the little cargo net hook thingy-there's a screw behind the plastic piece in the middle of it you have to pry it open then unscrew and voila there's the hook up with blue tape on it. I just kinda tucked the black box in there and I fed the ground wire thru where the cargo net hook thing is and screwed the ground wire with that same screw that holds it on! i fed the wire under the panel and store it in the cargo tray! so easy peesy! way better than the universal wiring kit uhaul was selling me not to mention the almost$150 install fee! I got exactly what I needed and wanted quick and for a great price! thank you etrailer! your videos are super helpful too 160663

- C56040

by: Joel h.07/30/2014

Great product with easy to follow instructions. Did not take long to get it installed. Only one thing of note for other interested buyers. If your subaru has the back up assist sensors your wiring is going to look slightly different than the photo. It took me a couple extra minims to find the connector under the rear floor. You will see a different connector already plugged into the connector shown in the photos. Gently pull on the wire bundles connected to that connector and a different open connector should pull free from behind the plastic covering the fender well. After that plug and play your done. All I ran my trailer connection wires through one of the rubber plugs under the spare tire Nd out to the hitch. All you need to do is make a 1 inch cut in the plug and push the trailer plugin through. I sealed off any gaps in the rubber plug with some electrical tape to keep critters from getting in my car. Best of luck. 143700

- C56040

by: Mark From Duluth05/27/2015

Now here is a solution to a problem that has plagued trailer hauling-kind for decades. No more splicing wires and screwing up both the trailer harness and your vehicle's lights, it just works great! Easy install, everything fit and works as promised, and I expect it will work as long as I have this vehicle. Well done! 198311


Everything has worked perfectly so far, so I have no complaints.Thanks for asking!

Mark F - 06/17/2016


- C56040

by: George08/18/2015

C56040 is a wiring harness for trailer design for 2014 Subaru Forester. The short instructional video demonstrates step by step instructions how to install the wiring harness into the 2014 Subaru Forester. I am not mechanically inclined, but I have installed the C56040 in about 25 minutes. Highly satisfied with the product, especially with the video instructions. 220198


Working well, very satisfied

George - 08/18/2016


- C56040

by: Norm Sailor11/25/2016

VERY IMPORTANT: Watch the installation video on the eTrailer website. The written installation instructions (that come with the product) show the connector on the vehicle's wiring harness in the wrong place and you will spend a lot of time removing interior trim and carpet and not find the connector where they say it is. The video shows the connector in the right place, and much easier to get at. Installation still involves peeling off some of the interior trim and carpet. All my previous cars I had to splice a trailer light pigtail into the tail light wiring. It worked, but involves some fooling around to find the right wires, and sometimes disturbs flashing circuit and makes the lights flash faster or slower when a trailer is connected. Having a vehicle that comes pre-wired for a trailer is a nice improvement. So far after 1 year of use, all is working fine. 319558

- C56040

by: Woodsong Alpacas01/22/2015

The item was a perfect fit and e-trailer made sure it was sent that day since I had a trip the next week and it was holiday time. We actually received it a day ahead of schedule so I did not have to install it the evening before leaving. Will definitely order from etrailer again! 170784


After a year of use, my harness is still working great ! Have had no trouble with it at all.

Woodsong A - 01/22/2016


- C56040

by: Matt Z04/24/2017

Needed a trailer wiring harness for my 2014 Subaru Outback. Etrailer has made a number of videos with step-by-step directions on how to DIY install the harness, including on Outbacks. This allowed me to see how it was done, and everything worked like a charm. Just rented 5x8 box trailer yesterday from a famous rental company that empowers "you" to "haul" things around, and everything worked fine. Some of the other harnesses seem to not have a ground lead like this one, which has to be screwed into the body of the car. Not sure how they configure them, but out of curiosity, we disconnected the grounding wire from the car, and the trailer's brake light function became erratic. The turn indicators worked find though. Once we reattached the grounding wire, everything worked again. Moral: the ground on this harness is definitely necessary. Worked great. 371570

- C56040

by: Herk K.06/02/2014

This was purchased for a new car but it not yet installed. The dealer where the car was purchased refused to install the w9ring or harness because it was not original Subaru equipment. Price was the same from etrailer as it was on hitchfinder. Bought it from etrailer along with the hitch because the hitch was a better (lower) price. 133785


working out well

Herk K - 06/02/2015


- C56040

by: Tom10/08/2015

Installation went great. It was helpful to have a reference video available for knowing fInd the connection. This is my second harness from etrailer. Thanks for speedy shipping and great support! 229529


I havent actually used the trailer connection yet. Im sure if and when I do, it will work as specified.

Tom - 10/07/2016


- C56040

by: Jon Zak06/25/2016

Thanks to subaru for providing a plug for wiring harness. I like that I could watch an install video on my type vehicle before purchase. Wiring harness is all ready to go. I do not have a panel trim removal tool but I had luck pulling panels with my hands. You could use a long screwdriver and pry where the video shows. I grounded the unit at the subaru tie down point. I took the four flat connector out through a hole I found under the spare tire. I removed the black plug , cut a slit in it and pushed the four flat through. I then put it back in and caulked the slit. Thanks. 264997

- C56040

by: BT05/31/2017

The harness is great. It fit perfectly. I have a 4-wire cap/tester. When I tested each circuit individually, the LED lit brightly. When I tested the turn signal while the tail lights were on (to verify the grounding), the LED for the tail lights flickered with the blinking of the turn signal. I have not connected the harness to real light bulbs yet. I assume the flicker is because the tester is a very small load on the circuit. I found the Outback's trailer connector and knew it was anchored with tape, but I assumed it was taped to the sheet metal or the trim panel. After struggling a bit, I got a mirror and saw that it was taped to itself. When removing the trim buttons, I found it easier if I wriggled the trim side to side while I pried the button up. 386846

- C56040

by: Zach E.05/15/2014

With the factory connector installation was a breeze! The hole and plug that the wires exit the vehicle to go to the hitch was on top of a heat shield that had sharp edges, so I used 3/8" plastic split-loom to protect the wiring all the way from the hole to the 4-pin connector. In order to keep the factory rubber plug, I used a utility knife to cut a slit from the center of the plug straight out to the edge of the plug, and then cut a tiny area out of the center of the plug. This let me slide the plug onto the wires and place it right back into its hole. 130770

- C56040

by: Bill W.08/21/2014

The product is installed and works great. Very pleased with the product and your company. If I need anything else, I will be sure and check with your company first. 147976


The product is great. It does what it is suppose to do and the instructions are easy to follow.

Bill W - 08/21/2015


- C56040

by: Ken D.07/04/2015

Fast shipping from vendor. Not impressed with the manufacturers intended routing of the harness lead out rear door opening & then shutting the harness in the door. Not a clean option of storing the lead inside when not is use or dangling out through the door weather stripping & across the rear bumper when trailering something. Luckily, I had a factory harness from an earlier Subaru model that I could plug into the end of the new Curt harness & route out cleanly through the factory plug in the spare tire pan area directly above the receiver. I do like the separate inline fuse protection that was not part of the Subaru lighting adapters, which isolates the factory wiring from the added tow wiring circuit. Everything is currently working. 209330

- C56040

by: Matt S.07/22/2017

I was not able to just reach under the side panel like the video show to grab the factory plug to plug this harness into for fear of bending and damaging the side panel. I had to remove some side panels but that was not a big deal. Took like 10 minutes additional. I attached the ground wire to an existing screw so I would not be drilling into the body anywhere that might rust down the road as I plan on keeping this car for 10+ years. I like how it fits in the spare tire well as I will only be pulling a trailer maybe 5 times a year. Great product and glad Subaru put a plug back there for this as it make the install easier and I don't have to run a power wire all the way to the battery like I had to on my previous car. 409079


We strongly recommend running the 12 volt power wire directly to the vehicle battery. The 12 volt accessory circuit was not designed to support the additional load of a trailer wiring harness. A wiring harness must have its own dedicated circuit directly to the battery. We have seen many instances where customers have tapped into a 12 volt accessory circuit, like a car lighter socket, and the harness failed. We have also seen instances where the accessory circuit on the car failed in addition to the trailer wiring harness. Also, this will typically void warranties both with the wiring harness and on the vehicle. For more help with routing the wire, see this helpful article found at:

-- Laura E - 07/25/2017


- C56040

by: Bob C.07/08/2015

I installed the trailer light kit into my 2015 Subaru XV Crosstrek. The product was easy to install. I had reviewed the videos ahead of the installation. During the install, I discovered that one need not remove all the panels as shown on the video. I did not have to touch the left side panel at all. I the cable harness end with connector is mounted on a small plastic tab that pulls out from the vehicle. Once out, the connector can be reached and mated with the product's connector. There was no need to cut the tape holding the connector in place. The wire routing worked out exactly as on the video. I did hook it up to the trailer before putting back the panels to test the lighting, all worked perfectly. 210318

- C56040

by: Michael T08/01/2013

The installation video made this install really easy. Everything went smoothly. However, I am not comfortable with running the wire out the rear door to the trailer as stated in the install video. I'm planning to reroute the wires down by the hitch and tie it off with a zip tie. However, to do that I'll have to cut, solder, and shrink tube all four wires, as I see no way to route this harness with the plug on the end. This harness should come with an additional plug that would allow a better system for routing. 92707


I ran my wire underneath spare tire. There are 2 plugs there. Just cut from the center on closest rubber drain plug and route the wire to the hitch. I used split loom to cover wire. Easy...

-- comment by: Jason - 08/08/2014


- C56040

by: KPA11/16/2016

This got installed on my wife's Forester and we have used it several times for pulling a utility trailer and also for pulling our dock and raft at our camp. Very happy with the options it offers for moving more than fits in the car. Since the Forester had the dual exhaust, i did cheat and have my mechanic do the install. He did it within the hour that is advertised, but did say it would have been a bit of a challenge working at ground level. I think I still ended up paying less in total than going to a hitch installer overall, very happy with the hitch, wiring harness, and drawbar. It's especially nice to have the harness tucked away, as it doesn't get used that often. 320092

- C56040

by: bcblues10/07/2017

This harness is really easy to install - once you find the plug that Subaru has hidden (and taped) to the least accessible place the the car. Everything in this harness looks to be high quality and it plugs right in to the vehicle harness so you don't need to cut anything. You DO need to drill a small hole in the chassis for the ground screw, but the screw is self-tapping so no big deal. I found a spot that was out of the way and which did not penetrate to the outside of the vehicle (to make sure it was not exposed to the weather). The wires are long enough to reach the hitch area, and they fold up and stash in the spare tire area so they are out of the way until needed. 440273

- C56040

by: Shawn J.07/27/2015

The video for the install was spot on and the actual install was very easy. An upholstery clip removal tool makes the job even easier! 214728


Everything is still working great a year later!

Shawn J - 08/05/2016


- C56040

by: Fortsand11/17/2017

I just finished installing the trailer wiring harness in my '18 Subaru Outback. The instructions were accurate and detailed, took less than 30 minutes to do the job. The instructions say to stow the 4 pin connector in the cargo compartment and pull out as the need arises. I have always had my connector located near the hitch so that it would be ready to connect when needed. Also, if it is routed as the instructions say, the hatch door will be slammed on it each time it is used. There was a plug in the bottom of the spare tire well and that is where I ran it out. I applied the corrugated shielding around it to protect it. I think it will last for the duration. 452993

- C56040

by: Shelby09/05/2016

I purchased this kit to add a plug in for my utility trailer. It went in just like they said it would. I had to look at a few U Tube videos to find where my hook ups were located in the car. Most of the work was finding these, Taking off the side plates in the back, removing the spare tire cover etc. After that, the wiring kit fit perfectly. The plug ins on the kit were securely fastened and sturdy. The wires on the extension to the trailer are still in good shape after closing the back door of the car on it numerous times. I would recommend this to anybody that needs a trailer hook up. It saved me several hundred dollars by doing it myself. Subaru wanted a bundle. 291354


After a year of use, I have no problems with this installation. The flat wire is pretty much formed into an S shape from being closed in the tailgate a hundred times, It helps to locate the right spot when I hook it up. This is a good set up. If I change cars, I will have to but it again.

Shelby - 09/08/2017


- C56040

by: Dicky Z03/01/2015

Super easy and contains everything you need in the box. Anyone can do this with the resources provided by etrailer. I was going to pay 3 times the cost for someone to install the hitch and wiring until I discovered the how to videos. Huge confidence booster! Thanks! Additionally, I installed the bolts for the hitch from the top instead of from the bottom. A bit more tricky but you're not drilling out the frame where it would be exposed to the elements. Even if you prime and seal the holes from the bottom, you take less chance of the seal failing and causing frame rot. Thanks to the individual who suggested this method. I believe it is the best route. 176540

- C56040

by: Robin09/17/2014

Etrailer was great to work with and the wiring harness arrived on time. The video simplified the whole operation. 151701


Its been working great for a year now with no problems.

Robin - 09/21/2015


- C56040

by: Bob F01/23/2017

I was 2/3 thru the process of ordering online my hitch, wires and ball mount when I needed a question answered about shipping. A call to customer service brought me to Carmel, a wonderfully helpful rep. After answering my question, she placed the order directly, followed up with a personal order confirmation. What surprised me was another personal mail after etrailer received confirmation of the on time delivery. I don't buy a lot of trailer hitches...but if I did they would all be bought thru Carmel at Lol, the hitch, wiring and ball mount are great quality. Their videos will make the installation easy as soon as I finish this review. 337637

- C56040

by: Ken C.12/26/2016

We bought a hitch to mount onto a 2016 Subaru Forester. It was quick and easy to install. The total cost was less than half of what the dealer wanted (bonus is that I know everything is tight, square, and done exactly the way it is supposed to be). The hitch was delivered very quickly. The only issue I had was that the wiring harness connector was not where the instructions/video said it would be. It was routed the same way as the Outback I think. No big deal, when I couldn't find the plug where I expected it to be i just checked the instructions for other installations and the problem was solved. Very pleased with the product and etrailer. 329582

- C56040

by: Jacob W08/13/2017

Good hitch, works well, installation was fairly simple. I've pulled a few loaded trailers and use it for a bike rack, no major issues found. Pressed to find something to critique, I'd say there are two possible downsides- it's noisy from the interior and it doesn't come with a plug for the receiver opening. The noise might be solved by a rubber grommet between the rear mounts and the hitch bolt plate, but it really isn't that bad overall. The plug for the opening would just be a nice touch. I don't know why the manufacturers don't just include one with the hitch. Rust isn't generally a good selling point for a product you put your name on. 423319

- C56040

by: Richard C.07/28/2016

Watch the short video, and simply install it. It's that easy! For my installation, I opted to Velcro the converter box to the inside of the rear trim panel, instead of using the two-sided adhesive that came with this product. It is highly recommended that you spend the money to purchase a trim panel removal tool, which I found to be pretty inexpensive -$10.00. It really makes the job totally easy and professional looking. 277330


Running strong!

Richard C - 07/28/2017


- C56040

by: Eddie B10/07/2014

Wiring kit worked just as described. Basically went with the video instructions, but did not remove the styrofoam pieces, was able to attach the ground wire at the lower cargo hook mount. Also I did not mount it to the car body behind the panel mainly because I wanted easy access to the fuse. (See pic). I may Velcro the box to the foam piece later. Or not. No biggie either way. This was my second purchase from e-trailer. A+. 155071

- C56040

by: Richard S.06/03/2016

The wiring kit for my 2016 Forrester arrived inside the hitch box. Everything was present and the instructions were quite clear. The installation went without any problems and took less than an hour. I would emphasize removing the trim should be done slowly and with care. This is a great kit at a great price. I have one suggestion to improve the kit. Can the fuse be relocated so there is sufficient wire to locate it near the access panel above the tie down hook. As it is now installed, if the fuse needs replacing, I will need to remove all of those panels again. What a hassle just to replace a fuse! 256648

- C56040

by: Josh F09/07/2016

I ordered a trailer hitch, class 3 Draw Tite, and wiring kit, Curt, for my 2013 Suburu Forester to tow a camper. The product matched the written description perfectly. The installation video for both was very helpful and accurate and as a result I was able to do the entire install by myself in about 2 hours. I had a shipping problem, which was my fault, and when I contacted customer services they were great and fixed the issue right away. When installed the hitch is almost invisable so it does not affect te cosmetics of the car Etrailer is awesome and I cannot say enough good things about them. 292290

- C56040

by: Edward P03/16/2014

Great product with easy hook-up.."etrailer is the place to shop" 120868


No problem.. easy installation

Edward P - 03/16/2015


- C56040

by: Warren L Keely08/30/2016

I run a small camper dealership, Road Trip Camping, that specializes in small, compact, and lightweight little campers that can be towed by one's existing vehicle. I have been using for over a year now and am very happy with their service. Not only do they typically have anything I ever need, but they are very informed about their products and how to install them. Just a quick call to them, and I get all the answers I need. They are extremely good about product knowledge and customer service. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for trailer products and accessories. 290252

- C56040

by: Steve S.10/19/2012

Received the product from etrailer without issue. My reason for giving it a low rating is the method of grounding this wiring harness uses. I didn't realize it required a ground wire to be screwed into the vehicle's body. Doing a little digging I found out the wiring harness from T-One instead uses the ground that Subaru provides in the actual plug; no holes have to be created to ground this harness. The T-One design not only is easier to instal but won't result in corrosion that will could cause a faulty connection over time. I will be exchanging the Curt harness for the T-One brand. 57619

- C56040

by: Jon12/25/2014

The wiring harness worked fine. I wish there was the option of wiring through the bulkhead like the factory option hitch, where there is a flat-4 always at the hitch. The wiring harness video is okay but glosses over the details of those trim panel connections. The bottom wear plate around the hatchback latch uses two different connectors that require different motions to undo them w/o damage. The left foam tray under the cargo floor has a plastic latching snap that is very easily damaged. And so on, you just have to go slow and try to peer in to see what you're up against. 166936

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  • Recommended Trailer Hitch for a 2017 Subaru Forester to Tow a Boat
  • A Class II Hitch for your 2007 Forester would have more than enough strength to tow your 1,100 lb. boat. We only offer one Class II hitch for your vehicle and it is the Curt Class II Hitch # C12100. This hitch has a GTW capacity of 3500 lbs. and a TW capacity of 350 lbs., however, your 2017 Subaru Forester has a GTW capacity of 1,500 lbs. so you will be limited by the towing capacity of your vehicle and the Class II hitch will be adequate. However, if you are interested in using your...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek XV
  • For the 2016 Subaru XV Crosstrek we have the Curt Hitch part # C13135 which has been confirmed as a fit and would work well. This is a 2 inch trailer hitch that would have higher capacities than a 1-1/4 inch hitch plus more flexibility for future hitch accessories so it would be the hitch I would recommend. I attached an install video for you to check out as well. If you wanted to do some towing you might be interested in etrailer ball mount kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts;...
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  • Towing Capacity of 2015 Subaru Forester with Aftermarket Hitch
  • The Curt trailer hitch, part # C13144, is a confirmed fit for the 2015 Subaru Forester and has a capacity of 3,500 pounds gross trailer weight (installation instructions linked below). Gross trailer weight is the total weight of the trailer and its contents. The tongue weight capacity for the hitch is 350 pounds, that is the downward force exerted on the ball mount. Tongue weight is typically 10 to 15 percent of gross trailer weight. Trailer hitches and tow vehicles often have different...
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  • Trailer Wiring Harness Location On 2014 Subaru Forester
  • I looked at the installation instructions for your 2014 Subaru Forester and found that the wiring harness is located behind the rear panel on the driver side. The location is very similar to the Crosstrek in the attached video. The video explains how to remove the cargo tray and the panel to access the harness. I have also attached a couple of photos that show the location of the harness per the installation instructions.
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  • LED Tail Light Kit for a Curt Trailer Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier
  • Since there isn't a specific light kit that will fit the Curt carrier # C18153, what you will need to do is use a light kit like # 98174LED, and then add 2 brackets part # BK70BB as they work with 6-1/2 inch oval lights. You will also need some self-tapping screws # FA1131822, or drill and use the hardware of your choice to mount the brackets. Also, ensure that your 2015 Subaru Forester has a 4-Way trailer connector to plug the light kit # 98174LED into. If you need to add trailer wiring,...
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  • Comparing Class III Receiver for 2012 Subaru Outback
  • Draw-Tite #75673 has 7 inch distance between the receiver hitch pin hole and the furthest rearward portion of the rear bumper when installed on a 2011 model Subaru Outback Wagon. Although the hitch will attach to the vehicle using existing holes in the frame, a 1-1/8 inch hole saw will be needed to drill an access hole in the frame member on both the driver and passenger side. This hole is necessary in order to feed installation hardware into the frame as shown in the install instructions...
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  • Recommended Class III Hitch for Carrying Bike Rack on 2015 Subaru Outback Wagon
  • When you're planning on using a hitch for a bike rack, and you're trying to determine if the two will be compatible, the important measurement is the distance between the hitch pin hole and the furthest rearward part of the bumper. The FAQ article I've linked shows how to take this measurement. I checked out the 1UP USA racks, and saw that they're all compatible with the 2 inch receiver provided by a Class III hitch, so that's what I'm recommending you go with. The 2 inch receiver has...
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  • Does Bumper have to be Cut to Install Curt Trailer Hitch C13382 on a 2018 Subaru Crosstrek
  • The rear fascia/bumper on your 2018 Subaru Crosstrek does NOT have to be trimmed, cut, or modified to install Curt trailer hitch # C13382. I have included a link below to the installation instructions for you to view. I checked with Curt and they list trailer wiring harness # C56040 as the correct wiring harness for your 2018 Crosstrek. I also recommend etrailer ball mount kit # 989900. It comes with 2 ball mounts; one with a 3/4 inch rise or 2 inch drop and one with a 2-3/4 inch...
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  • Hitch Recommendation for a 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6R Limited
  • The Draw-Tite part # 75673 would be an excellent choice for a hitch for your 2015 Subaru Outback 3.6L Limited. Hitch installs are pretty easy for any qualified shop. I don't have a specific recommendation for a shop to use. But if there is a garage or mechanic in your area with a good reputation he should be able to install this hitch 100 percent correct without a problem. If you plan on doing some towing you may also be interested in the wiring harness part # C56040. For ball mounts...
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  • Trailer Hitch Recommendation for 2017 Subaru Crosstrek
  • You really have to check the owners manual of the vehicle to determine what the towing capacities are. From the research I did it looks like you have a 1,500 lb towing capacity which would indicate you would have a tongue weight capacity of 150 lbs. For a hitch that fits your 2017 Subaru Crosstrek we have the Curt part # C11286 that would work well as long as you stay under the towing capacity of the vehicle. For wiring you would want the part # C56040 which is a confirmed custom fit. For...
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  • Comparison of Tow Ready and CURT Trailer Wiring for a 2011 Subaru Forester
  • The CURT Wiring Harness, # C56040, does have a separate ground wire that needs to be attached to a clean bare metal surface using the including self-tapping screw. The Tow Ready Custom Fit Vehicle Wiring, # 118467, grounds through the connector that connects to the vehicle. Both are grounded, just in different ways. The most popular wiring harness for your 2011 Subaru Forester is the Tow Ready, # 118467. There is no significant length differences on the 4-Way end wiring. I have included...
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  • Recommended Trailer Wiring Harness for 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i
  • The T-One Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector # 118467 is the one I recommend over the other two for your 2015 Subaru Outback 2.5i. This brand of harness has less issues than the others. The Hopkins # HM11143885 and the Curt harness # C56040 are very similar as you stated and all three will work well. It is the same product made by 3 different manufacturers. I personally would get the Tekonsha based on the reputation of reliability and customer feedback.
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  • Hitch Recommendation for a 2015 Subaru Forester XT
  • All of the hitches we offer for the 2015 Subaru Forester including the Draw-Tite part # 36523 are confirmed to fit all models of the vehicle. So yes, they will fit your XT model Forester. This hitch comes with a ball mount, and a pin and clip for a trailer ball you would want the # 19256 for a 1-7/8 inch ball or a # 19258 for a 2 inch ball. For trailer wiring you would want the part # C56040.
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  • How to Wire a 2011 Subaru Outback for a Brake Controller
  • The 2011 Subaru Outback is not equipped with an under-dash connector for installing a brake controller, but a controller can still be installed using our Brake Controller Install Kit, part # ETBC7 if a 7-way trailer connector is needed, or # ETBC6 for a 6-way connector. The install process, although a bit involved, is pretty straightforward and can be completed by the average do-it-yourselfer. We have plenty of help available online through the website, through our experts, or by phone. Other...
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  • Fishwire and Reverse Fishwire Technique for Trailer Hitch Installation on a 2013 Subaru Crosstrek
  • Fishwiring is when you run a bolt leader, which is a long wire that on one end you can thread a bolt (it looks like spring), through the hole the bolt needs to go in, and out through a larger access hole. You then put on a spacer block or washer, then thread on the bolt and pull them back through the first hole. Reverse fishwiring is when you put on the spacer block or washer, thread on the bolt, then shove them into the same hole they will need to come out of. Then you pull the fishwire...
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  • Hitch Recommendation for my 2010 Subaru Outback
  • To tow your pop-up camper you will need the following items: 1. Trailer Hitch Receiver 2. Ball Mount 3. Pin and Clip 4. Trailer Hitch Ball 5. Wiring Harness For your 2010 Subaru Outback Wagon towing a pop up camper trailer weighing 1500-2000 pounds I would recommend the following products. 1. My recommendation would be the a Class III Hitch - Draw-Tite # 75673. It has a maximum towing capacity of 4000 pounds and a maximum tongue weight of 600 pounds. 2. You had mentioned...
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  • Trailer Hitch and 5-Way Trailer Connector for a 2012 Subaru Forester
  • For a trailer hitch I recommend the Draw-Tite Max-Frame, # 75650. This hitch has a 2 inch receiver like you need. I have included links to the installation instructions and a video showing a typical installation for you. To complete your towing set up I recommend the etrailer ball mount kit # 989900. it comes with 2 ball mounts, 2 balls, a hitch pin with clip, and a carrying bag. For a 5-Way trailer wiring harness kit you can use # 119177KIT. I have linked the instructions for this...
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  • Trailer Wiring Harness for 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid
  • Although it has not been specifically tested on the 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid, I recommend going with the Upgraded Heavy Duty Modulite Circuit Protected Vehicle Wiring Harness with Install Kit, # 119190KIT. This is the most universal wiring harness that is available and has been confirmed to work with vehicles using multiplex wiring as well as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM). I spoke with my contact at Curt and verified that the information on our website is correct, the T-Connector...
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  • Wiring Kit Needed for Dinghy Towing a 2009 Subaru Forester Behind a 1992 Monaco Motorhome
  • To wire your 2009 Subaru Forester for dinghy towing behind a motorhome you will need to install a tow bar wiring diode kit like the Roadmaster 6-Diode Universal Wiring Kit, # 154-792-118158, or use removable towing lights like the E-Z Mount Tow Light Kit, # EZT20B. The Tow Ready Harness, # 118467, and the Curt Mfg. Harness, # C56040, are designed to allow you to tow a trailer with your Forester and will not work for flat towing the vehicle because the brake, turn and taillight signals...
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  • Dirt Bike Carrier and Ramp Recommendation for 2014 Subaru Crosstrek
  • There are a couple of ways to carry your 295 lb dirt bike with your 2014 Subaru Crosstrek. A hitch carrier like the Ultra-Fab Motorcycle Carrier, part # UF48-979033 will physically fit in a trailer hitch for your vehicle. However, I took a look at the owner's manual for your Crosstrek and found that the tongue weight capacity of your vehicle is 200 lbs, so I cannot recommend going this route as this would exceed your vehicle's limitations. The tongue weight is the weight that is pushing...
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  • Best Trailer Hitch and Wiring Harness for 2016 Subaru Outback Wagon
  • For your 2016 Subaru Outback Wagon I recommend the Draw-Tite Max-Frame Trailer Hitch Class III # 75673 over the Curt Trailer Hitch Class III # C13206. They're very similar hitches with identical ratings so you really can't go wrong either way. But looking at each from the rear of the car the Draw-Tite sits back further and is less visible. I suggest a Class III hitch because a 2 inch receiver will have a lot more capabilities than a 1-1/4 inch such as bike rack and trailer ball mount...
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  • Troubleshooting Wiring Harness On 2015 Subaru Forester When Trailer Lights Do Not Work
  • Before you replace the OEM harness on your Forester you may want to check a few things. First, check the fuse for the trailer connector in the passenger compartment fuse panel. From my research the trailer connector fuse is in the number 1 slot. You may find that you have a blown fuse and that is why the harnesses you have installed do not work. If the fuses all check out okay, I recommend using a circuit tester like part # 3808 and have someone run through the functions while you test...
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  • What Wiring Harness To Use On A 2014 Subaru Forester
  • My contact at Curt told me that the wiring harness for your 2014 Subaru Forester is the Curt T-Connector Vehicle Wiring Harness with 4-Pole Flat Trailer Connector # C56040. This hardwire kit comes with everything you need to properly hook up your wiring, including a circuit tester. I have attached the instruction manual for your review as well as a short article about routing the power wire for a trailer harness. I attached the article because this step can be daunting to novice installers...
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  • Recommended Trailer Connector for Providing Reverse Light Signal on 2015 Subaru Outback
  • The Curt 4-Pole Vehicle Wiring Harness # C56040 does NOT provide a reverse light signal on its 4-pole connector, only stop, turn and running lights. The trailer connectors that can carry a reverse light signal will be either 5-pole, 6-pole or 7-pole types. Converting to a 7-way socket that includes reverse, 12V power and trailer brake signals is easy; all you need to add is part # ETBC7 which is a complete trailer brake install kit that includes a 7-way, connectors and wiring to carry...
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  • Hitch, Wiring, Brake Controller Recommendation for a 2015 Subaru Outback Wagon
  • All of the trailer wiring fits for your 2015 Subaru Outback Wagon are the same as the ones for the 2014 Outbacks. You will want the Curt Wiring Harness part # C56040. From there you would need to convert the 4-way to a 7-way so that you can install the brake controller. For that you will want the Brake Controller Install Kit and 7-Way Adapter part # ETBC7. I attached installation instructions and an install video for this product as well. For a brake controller I would recommend the...
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  • Parts Needed to Install an Electric Trailer Brake Controller on a 2011 Subaru Forester
  • In order to tow a trailer with electric brakes with your 2011 Subaru Forester, you will need to have a 7-Way trailer connector and a brake controller. First, you will need to install a 4-Way wiring harness, # C56040, that you have referenced is a good choice. I have included a link to the installation details for you to view. Next you will need a 4 and 7 Way Installation Kit, # ETBC7. This kit includes a 7-Way connector, wiring, and circuit breakers for installation. It also provides...
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  • Install Video Guide for Trailer Wiring In a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek
  • Since the Curt harness part # C56040 that you have for your 2016 Subaru Crosstrek is a fit for a few different models of Subarus we have found that the connector instructions in the install instructions aren't always accurate. The video I attached shows where you will find the connector. It will be behind the driver seat.
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  • Recommended Trailer Wiring Harness for 2014 Subaru Outback Wagon
  • I recommend using the # C56040 which is a plug-and-play unit, while the # 56146KIT is a hardwired option that would need to splice into the existing vehicle wiring. The connector for the # C56040 is usually located along inside of the drivers side wheel well, as shown in the instructions. I will warn you that Subaru is notorious for varying the location of the connector. You might need to check all the other spots shown in the instructions. The # C56040 has a 3 amp capacity for the turn...
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  • Hitch and Trailer Wiring Recommendation for a 2015 Subaru Forester
  • For your 2015 Subaru Forester either the Curt Hitch part # C13144 or the Draw-Tite part # 75876 would work well for you. If it were me I would go with the one that costs less. Both hitches have the same capacities and will install in basically the exact same way. Since you do not have a factory trailer wiring you will need to start with a 4-way (if you do not have one). For that you would want the # C56040. From there you would need to convert the 4-way to a 7-way so that you can...
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