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Upgraded Circuit Protected Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit with 4 Pole End (Includes Tester)

Tow Ready Wiring

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Tow Ready Wiring - 119178KIT

Tow Ready Circuit Protected Taillight Converter with 4-Flat End by Draw-Tite, Hidden Hitch and Reese

Adapts import and domestic automobiles with separate turn and stop lights (3-Wire System) to standard trailer taillight wiring (2-Wire System). In a three wire system, a separate wire is used to carry each of the stop, turn, and running light functions to the taillight assembly. On most trailers, the stop and turn signal functions are sent through the same wire.


  • Short circuit protection safeguards itself and the tow vehicle against harmful electrical shorts and mis-wire situations
  • Circuit automatically resets once the module cools
  • Adapts a 3 wire system on the towing vehicle to a 2 wire system on the trailer
  • Works with either LED or Incandescent bulbs
  • Works with most vehicle's with multiplex wiring system for lighting
  • Includes circuit tester and (5) Quick splices to aid in installation.
    • Also includes 4-pole trailer connector cover


  • Wire pigtails measure 18" long
  • 4-pole trailer connector is 60" long from converter box

Warning: Overloading circuit can cause fires. Do not exceed lower of towing manufacturer rating or:

  • Max. stop/turn light: 1 per side (2.1 amps)
  • Max. tail lights: (7.5 amps)
Read vehicle's owners manual and instruction sheet for additional information.

Kit Includes:

  • Circuit protected tail light converter (119178)
  • Circuit tester
    • To help find wires behind vehicle taillights
  • (5) Quick splice wiring connectors
    • Makes tapping into wires quick and easy
  • Integrated 4 Pole Cover
    • Protects 4-pole trailer connector from the elements and reduces dirt, debris and corrosion for trouble-free use
  • Limited 1-year warranty

119178KIT Circuit Protected Taillight Converter with 4-Flat End, Circuit Testers and Quick splices

Replaces 119175KIT

Video of Upgraded Circuit Protected Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit with 4 Pole End (Includes Tester)

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer
installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video install tow ready taillight hardwire kit 2001 chrysler sebring 119178kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2001 Chrysler Sebring
Video wiring install 2003 ford crown victoria1
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2003 Ford Crown Victoria
Video install tow ready taillight hardwire kit 1996 honda civic 119178kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 1996 Honda Civic
Video install trailer wiring 2006 honda element 119178kit
Trailer Wiring Harness Installation - 2006 Honda Element
Video install trailer wiring 2013 hyundai accent 119178kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2013 Hyundai Accent
Video install trailer wiring harness 2001 infinity i30 119175kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2001 Infiniti I30
Video install tow ready taillight hardwire kit 2002 saturn s series 119178kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2002 Saturn S Series
Video install trailer wiring 2007 saturn vue 119178kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2007 Saturn Vue
Video install trailer wiring 2007 toyota avalon 119178kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2007 Toyota Avalon
Video tow ready wiring kit 2005 volkswagen passat 119178kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2005 Volkswagen Passat
Video install tow ready taillight hardwire kit 2003 volkswagen passat 119178kit
TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2003 Volkswagen Passat

Video Transcript for TowReady Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit Installation - 2001 Chrysler Sebring

Today in our 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible, we will be installing the tow-ready, upgraded circuit-protector tail light converter hardware kit with four-pole end, including a tester, part number119178KIT.To begin with here, we're going to figure out whether we have a two-wire or three-wire system on this vehicle. We'll go ahead and run through the light functions and see which bulbs come on when we turn the running lights on, the blinkers, as well as the brake lights. As you can see here with the running lights on, we get the top two bulbs, which are red here, come on on both sides. When you step on the brakes, just the two inner bulbs towards the center of the trunk come on. When we turn each blinker on, it's actually a bulb down below that's part of the clear section. With running this simple test, this tells us that we have a three wire system, so we will be using the red wire on the converter box. We will be connecting this red wire to the brake light wire. Now, let's go ahead and open up the trunk, and we'll go ahead and figure out which wires do which on the back side. We'll begin here on the driver's side. We'll go ahead and just simply peel back the inner lining of the trunk and it will expose the back of the tail light assembly, where we'll simply slide the red locking tab over and unplug the wiring harness from the back of the light assembly.

Once we have the wiring harness removed from the back of the tail light assembly, now we'll go ahead and use our test light to figure out which wire is the running light circuit. To do this, we'll need to make sure that our running lights are turned on. We've found that the black wire with the yellow stripe is the running light circuit, the green wire is the blinker, and the white wire with the orange stripe is the brake wire. Again, we'll be using the yellow wire from the harness to the green wire, which is the blinker wire on the factory harness. Again, all these connections will use our quick-splice connectors supplied with the kit. You simply slide the two wires in, take a pair of pliers and squeeze down. When doing this, it actually pierces both wires, making the connection.Then you simply fold the top of the quick-splice connector over and you're done.Now since we know that the brake wire is the white wire with the orange stripe, and this is a three-wire system, we'll have to connect the red wire to the white wire with the orange stripe. Now,we'll also need to go ahead and mount this converter box over here on the driver's side. We'll do this by using the two-sided tape supplied with the kit. Now that we know which wires we are going to be connecting into on the driver side, we're going to go ahead and plug this plug back into the back of the tail light assembly and put the locking tab back in place as well. Now that we've traced our wires over, we see that the wires actually run from the driver's side over to the passenger's side tail light.

Now that we know where the wires run, we'll go ahead and peel back the carpet on the inside of the passenger's side, unplug the light over here because we need to figure out which is the turn signal wire over here on the passenger's side. Using our test light again with the blinker on, we found that the brown wire is the blinker wire over here on the passenger side.On this side we will be connecting our green wire off the converter box. Now because the wires run over from the driver's side over to the passenger side inside the trunk, we're going to actually make our connection over closer to the driver's side, just so we don't have that wire running across the back side of the trunk. We'll go ahead and snip off the excess green wire when making this connection. Now that we have got all our driver's side connections made, as well as our ground screw in place, we'll go ahead and connect the wire for the passenger's side. Now that we have all the connections made over here for the driver's side, we're going to use a little electrical tape to secure up any excess wire. We'll also need to put our ground in, which is the white wire with the ring terminal already connected. To do this, we're going to use a self-tapping screw and screw into an area of the body that'salready doubled up with sheet metal. Now for the self-tapping screw, we'll be using part number FA1131822. You also want to make sure that when putting the ground screw in that there's nothing behind it that could be damaged and put any other parts of the interior trunk that we may have removed back in place, as well as making sure both the tail light plugs are back firmly in place and the locks are locked. Now when using our four flat on this particular vehicle, you need to make sure you stay away from the center trunk latch area so the wire is not damaged when you close the trunk. You simply want to put it off to the side and close the trunk on it.The weather stripping on the trunk will allow the wire to come out the rear of the trunk and not be damaged when the trunk lid is closed. We can go ahead and test our four flat. To do this, we can use our test light and have someone run through the lighting functions.We'll take the ground off the test light and connect it to the open prong on the four flat. This open prong is actually the white wire on the four flat. With the running lights on, we'll touch the brown wire.The brown wire is the running lights. As you can see, you get a constant light or a beep.

For the left turn signal, or driver's side, you'll touch the yellow wire.You should get an intermittent beep or flash for the turn signal. For the passenger side, or the right side, you'll touch the green wire,again an intermittent beep or flash for the turn. For the brakes, it will be a constant light or beep for both the yellow and the green wire. As you can see here, everything is working just fine. When not using your four flat, you can simply stow it away in the trunk area of the vehicle. With that, we will conclude our installation of the tow-ready, upgraded,circuit-protected tail light converter hard-wire kit with four-pole end including the tester,part number 119178KIT on our 2001 Chrysler Sebring convertible.

This Product Fits The Following Vehicles

1974 - 1982 Volvo 140 Series

1974 - 1982 Volvo 160 Series

1984 - 1993 Mercedes-Benz 190

1995 - 1998 Nissan 200SX

1995 - 1998 Nissan 200SX

1975 - 1992 Volvo 240 Series

1995 - 1998 Nissan 240SX

1991 - 1999 Mitsubishi 3000GT

1990 - 1996 Nissan 300ZX

1989 - 1989 Oldsmobile 88

1981 - 1985 Saab 900

2000 - 2004 Audi A6

2000 - 2009 Hyundai Accent

1986 - 1996 Ford Aerostar

1999 - 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

1999 - 2004 Oldsmobile Alero

2001 - 2005 Audi Allroad Quattro

1993 - 1997 Nissan Altima

1993 - 1997 Nissan Altima

2004 - 2006 Kia Amanti

2004 - 2006 Kia Amanti

1989 - 2000 Isuzu Amigo

1989 - 1994 Isuzu Amigo

1995 - 1999 Toyota Avalon

1995 - 2010 Toyota Avalon

1987 - 2010 Mazda B Series Pickup

2009 - 2010 Mazda B Series Pickup

1996 - 1999 Pontiac Bonneville

1996 - 2000 Plymouth Breeze

1995 - 1999 Volkswagen Cabrio

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Customer Reviews

Upgraded Circuit Protected Taillight Converter Hardwire Kit with 4 Pole End (Includes Tester) - 119178KIT

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (36 Customer Reviews)

- 119178KIT

by: Midwest Fred08/13/2013

Great wiring harness at a great price. A little difficult to install (not the wires fault, it was all due to the car itself, which was virtually impossible to access the rear wiring) however, once I got to the wires, the install was very simple. I could have used some paperwork telling me what the wires were, but I read other reviews beforehand saying the same thing, so I was not surprised. I LOVED the included tester! VERY fast shipping, too! 94847


One year later... still a great hitch wiring harness. Has held up well with moderate use.

Midwest F - 08/13/2014


- 119178KIT

by: Mark J07/08/2013

Wires weren't marked as to what was what, with exception of one. figured they were pretty much standard wiring colors for trailer, still had to find out to make sure. Little included circuit tester works well, saves time having to find mine. Other then the unmarked wires, product works well. That's why I dropped it one from top rating 88367


Everything is working great, was easy install. Thanks for followup.

Mark J - 07/14/2014


- 119178KIT

by: William Vetters04/16/2014

At first I was a bit confused because the video instructions for my Mercury Villager gave a different part number than I recieved, but I soldiered through and was successful. One needed help would be- tell us how to free the harness connector from the car. I couldn't so I connected the wires in very a cramped space. Also, my converter had no labeling of wires as I saw in the catalog. A friend of mine has a Draw-Tite unit and his converter is labeled. He said it made it real easy to hook up. I am satisfied with what I got and it WORKS. I also really like the little tester, it came in real handy. 125545

- 119178KIT

by: Ed01/13/2014

The wiring kit made it easy to correctly install "the first time"! 112711


Everything is still working great!

Ed - 01/13/2015


- 119178KIT

by: Paul A.12/08/2014

Instructions did not come with the device but I was able to find information online in the form of PDF files albeit, not with specific information for my old 2002 Malibu. It would have been nice to find wiring charts with color codes for my exact car. Also, I did not find any information that really made clear to me or defined what a 3 wire as opposed to 4 wire system is. My car certainly had more than 4 wires running to the stop and tail lights. But with the included tester, I was able to figure out which wire was which and the system works properly. 163591

- 119178KIT

by: Ronald K12/09/2014

Ordered on wenesday , received it yesterday ( Monday ) the online video is very helpful and we put it under the car today ( Tuesday ) did take about 45 minutes ( its kinda though to get some of the bolts started even with the steelbrush to clean the holes , little bit of liquid wrench helped . Only thing I didn't do yet is the wiring harness for the trailer lights which came with no instructions at all . So I hope there is a video or something on that lol. Al in Al I am pretty happy with the product and the end result . Ron Klap 163989

- 119178KIT

by: Denny L08/06/2013

Product arrived in 3-days using the least expensive ship offering. The instructions were very well done. The hitch mounted on the Honda Civic with zero issues. The secret was reading ALL of the instructions. The wiring kit was complete and worked perfectly. It did not include instructions, but it is a rather straight forward process splicing the labeled wires to the appropriate car wires. This is my second kit from etrailer and I'll be back when I purchase another vehicle in need of a receiver hitch. 93576

- 119178KIT

by: Paul07/29/2013

Hi E-Trailer ! You guys are great. Excellent customer service both times I have ordered from you. Love your order tracking Map. 119178KIT : Good Converter. Unit came through with Decal on converter labeling all wires as to function. Wire length going to vehicle side on install could have been longer but was adequate. Trailer side wiring good length with nice Flat connector. Converter body comes with two way tape to attach to vehicle body. After install worked perfectly. Thanks again. Paul 92038

- 119178KIT

by: Ryan11/12/2013

Quick shipping! Helpful customer service rep on the phone. Installed everything myself (lucky me I had an auto lift to use), bought a 4x8 flatbed trailer on craigslist, and pulled a piano, desk and other furniture about 250 miles with my 1997 Toyota Corolla. Thanks a bunch for the great product! 107136

- 119178KIT

by: Norman P.09/13/2013

I have a 1996 Toyota Avalon with 243,000 miles on it. It still runs like new, so I wanted to continue to use it with my utility trailer. Enter e-trailer.com. Wonderful product. It was shipped fast, delivered at my door, and everything was there. Now, while I could not install it myself, my mechanic said it was so easy and a perfect fit. I highly recommend etrailer.com to anyone. Excellent product and company Try it!!!! 99864

- 119178KIT

by: Richard10/05/2013

The taillight converter works great on my 2002 VW passat wagon. Once I got it hooked up that is. The directions on etrailer were fairly easy to follow but, it would have been nice if a hard copy had been included. The only issue I had really was the green wire for the right flasher was just barely long enough. Otherwise, a pretty straightforward install only took me about an hour or so from start to finish. 102631

- 119178KIT

by: Stan K07/29/2013

Installed on 2007 Honda Civic Si. I have after market exhaust so it was a much tighter fit. Instructions were easy to follow, I also purchased the upgraded trailer wiring kit. I work with electronics so it took less than 20min to install. Over all great product, strongly recommend a second set of hands to make install even easier. 92071

- 119178KIT

by: James G.12/12/2013

I ordered a trailer wiring conversion connector from e-trailer. The product was shipped quickly and the installation was well explained in the online instructions; although I think it would be great if written instructions were sent with the order. I would recommend e-trailer and will order from them next time. 109972

- 119178KIT

by: Sal V03/06/2014

This product was installed under an hour. Had a minor glitch where the left turn signal was flashing rapidly. After checking my connections again I found that the left turn signal wiring had actually been spliced in half not completing the circuit. Re spliced works great! Thanks 119706

- 119178KIT

by: FirstTimer10/01/2014

Great product, fast shipping. Although, it did not ship with any instructions or diagrams. I needed to go on the web and watch a video of the unit being installed on a different vehicle to determine what each wire color represented. Other than that, 100% satisfied. 153889

- 119178KIT

by: Andy Howard09/20/2014

I installed the 2" hitch and wiring kit on my 2003 Ford Crown Vic. Very easy and I think it looks Great. Thank you for making it a easy complete package. I watched the YouTube video on how to install the wiring kit It only took maybe 30 Minutes . 152251

- 119178KIT

by: Shelton H.11/12/2014

Works fine , a little work to install. 160644

- 119178KIT

by: Applewins04/14/2014

Followed the instructions, actually my wife read them to me as I was in the trunk connecting the wires, and had the wiring kit 119178KIT installed in about 45 minutes…or less. Worked as advertised for my 2002 Buick Park Ave. 124951

- 119178KIT

by: Dan04/30/2014

installation was a breeze. used the youtube video on the page which was fantastic. Anyone can do it. the only tool you need is a pair of pliers. Might recommend including a couple zip ties to manage the wires. great product. 128173

- 119178KIT

by: Brett Baker04/24/2014

The service was excellent and the delivery time was exceptionally fast. The wireing kit did not specify that it needed to be wired in instead of just the easy plug in type. Great product very easy to install. Thank you. 127242

- 119178KIT

by: Corey J02/04/2015

Great kit! Like others, I wish a simple instruction sheet would have been supplied. The back of the unit didn't have double sided adhesive on it like it shows in some video too. 172376

- 119178KIT

by: Robert S07/05/2013

No problems at all with the product, however, wiring instructions would have been nice! What could have been an hour long job turned into several. 87794

- 119178KIT

by: kyle k06/02/2014

Good product, its a little difficult to install but if you know what you are doing and you don't throw away the manual like I did, its easy 133680

- 119178KIT

by: Shawn01/22/2014

Looks to be well built. No instructions included, but easy to download from eTrailer. I will try and update after installation is complete. 114443

- 119178KIT

by: Doug V V03/21/2015

installed it today workes just like it should not to hard to install could have used better instrctions but not to hahd 180087

- 119178KIT

by: Mark G.05/13/2014

Excellent Product. Simple installation. I didn't get instructions with the kit but they were easily downloadable. 130416

- 119178KIT

by: Neville S06/26/2014

The wiring kit wqs easy to install because etrailer's video did a good job of explaining what to do. 137858

- 119178KIT

by: Joaquin S01/18/2015

It works great! taken me more time than I thougt, but at the end I'm satisfied with the product. 170360

- 119178KIT

by: Dale Poyer08/08/2014

this kit came with no instructions absolutely none. But it does seem to work alright. 145218

- 119178KIT

by: Paul A05/26/2014

Great wiring harness and after watching your video I installed it in about an hour! 132373

- 119178KIT

by: Scott07/17/2013

Installment of the wiring kit was a real pain without detailed instructions. 89973

- 119178KIT

by: Steve10/17/2013

I thought it was a plug-in and use. Little more work but that's OK. Thanks 104200

- 119178KIT

by: Allan03/21/2015

Easy to install and works perfectly. Installed on 00 honda civic si. 180095

- 119178KIT

by: Leonard03/19/2014

Everything worked well , no problems with install. 121283

- 119178KIT

by: Mark T02/18/2014

Very easy ...again a child could do it 116890

- 119178KIT

by: Brian B.06/24/2013

So far it is working great! 85818


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  • Installing Brake Controller on a 2007 International 4400 Truck
  • Since there isn't an adapter to go from a semi 7-Way to an RV 7-Way the best solution is going to be to install a separate RV style 7-Way on your 2007 International 4400. You can use installation kit # ETBC7. You may be able to tap into the circuits on the existing 7-Way as long as the turn signals and brake lights are combined on the same circuit. If not them you will have to first install a 4-Way using # 119178KIT. If the circuits are combined on the existing semi 7-Way then all...
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  • Parts Needed To Install Brake Controller on a 2002 Land Rover Discovery II for a 2013 Lance Trailer
  • You will need to hardwire in a brake controller on your 2002 Land Rover Discovery II. First you will need to install a 4-Way trailer wiring harness unless the vehicle already has one, # 119178KIT. Next you will need a 4 and 7 way installation kit # ETBC7. This kit provides the 7-way, wiring, and accessories needed to install a brake controller on the vehicle. I have included some links that explain the ETBC7 installation. A 20 amp circuit breaker, included, would be used if you have...
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  • Can a 3-Wire to 2-Wire Trailer Wiring Harness Converter be Bypassed
  • The only way to bypass a 3-wire to 2-wire trailer wiring harness converter (assuming your vehicle has a 3-wire or separate tail light system) would be to convert your trailer to a 3-wire (or separate) tail light system. This means you will need a separate tail light circuit, brake light circuit, and turn signal circuits on the trailer. You will also need to use either a 5-way, 6-way or 7-way style trailer connector on your trailer and tow vehicle and substitute one of the pins for the additional...
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  • Trailer Brake Controller Wiring Instructions for a 2003 Land Rover Discovery II
  • If your Land Rover came equipped with a factory installed tow package, you can choose a brake controller, like the P3 brake controller, # 90195, and then contact your dealer about where and how it would connect under the dash. If you don't have the tow package, you would need the controller and the Electric Brake Controller Installation Kit, # ETBC7, along with a working 4-way connector, # 119178KIT if needed, at the rear of your Discovery. We have detailed instructions, see link, for...
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  • 4-Way Trailer Connector Wiring Harness for a 2002 Nissan Xterra
  • For your 2002 Nissan Xterra, you will only need a 4-Way for brake, turn, and running light functions. A 5-pole would add reverse lights which are not legally required on a trailer. The best thing to do is to get the plug and adapter (if needed) that matches your trailer. What you will need for the basic brake, turn, and running lights is Draw-Tite Wiring, # 119178KIT. This converts a 3-wire system (vehicles with separate turn and stop lights) to a basic 2-wire system which is the standard...
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  • Is a Class I Hitch for a 2002 Mazda Protege5 Safe to Tow a Trailer with Cargo Weighing 1,400 Pounds
  • The 2002 Mazda Protege5 is a smaller car, but it can still tow. You will want to check the vehicle owners manual to determine the towing capacity of the vehicle and make sure that you do not exceed it. If the hitch is rated higher or lower, you will still need to go by the lowest rated component in the system whether it be the hitch or car. There are only Class I trailer hitches available for your vehicle. As you have stated, the gross trailer weight capacity of the Hidden Hitch Trailer...
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  • Trailer Hitch and Wiring for a 2005 Volkswagen New Beetle TDI
  • Hidden Hitch trailer hitch # 60902 is listed as a fit for all models of the 2005 Volkswagen New Beetle including turbo models and TDI models. If you plan on doing some towing please consult the vehicle owners manual for capacity information for the vehicle. The hitch comes with the proper ball mount. For a ball you can use # 19256 for a 1-7/8 inch or # 19258 for a 2 inch. For trailer wiring use # 119178KIT.
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  • Installing a 7-Way Trailer Wiring Harness on a 2003 Dodge Ram 1500
  • First, I would be certain that your 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 uses a 24 system. If you have 2 batteries and the positive of one is connected to the negative of the other, then it is a 24 volt system. But if the positive of one is connected to the positive of the other (and the same for the negatives) then you have a 12 volt system. If you do have a 24 volt system what you would need to do to get power to the 7-Way would be to splice in a wire to the cable that goes from the positive of one...
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Tail Light Circuit on 2005 Toyota 4Runner
  • I do not have any specific information about what color wire feeds the running light circuit to your OEM 7-way on your 2005 4Runner. Vehicle manufacturers have been known to vary wire color within the same model year, so wiring by color does not always work. If you can access the rear of the connector, and find the terminals where the individual wires attach, the wire that feeds the pin in the 1:00 position will be the running light circuit. I have linked you to our Wiring FAQ article...
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  • Adding a 7-Way Trailer Connector to a 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 Big Horn With Flatbed
  • If your 2012 Dodge Ram 2500 came with a factory tow package that included a 7-Way at the back of the vehicle, you can use 5th wheel and gooseneck in-bed wiring harness, # 51-97-410. This harness plugs in line with the factory wiring harness under the truck and provides a 7-Way in the bed area. If the truck did not come with a factory tow package that included a trailer connector, you will have to hardwire one in starting with a 4-Way using # 119178KIT. A T-connector is not available....
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  • Instructions for Installing an Electric Trailer Brake Controller and ETBC7 on a 2010 Mazda BT50
  • In order to install a 4 and 7-Way installation kit # ETBC7, you will need to have a 4-Way trailer connector or install one using # 119178KIT. I have included some links that will help with this installation. Installing the P2, # 90885, with the ETBC7 kit is fairly straight forward. I have included a link to an FAQ article and a link to a video that explains the installation for you. One of the FAQ links has a simplified diagram at the bottom of the page. The video shows the P3 being...
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  • Recommended Wiring for the Pilot Brake and Tail Light Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover # CR-007A
  • Pilot does not offer a wiring diagram for the Brake and Tail Light Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover, # CR-007A, but the wiring is pretty simple. The hitch cover has a 4-way flat connector that was designed to work with typical 2-wire systems, meaning the brake light and turn signals are combined on the same circuit. The hitch cover has a converter to prevent the turn signal function from reaching the light. In other words, the turn signal function will be reaching the hitch cover connector,...
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