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Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Trailer - Up to 10' Long - Gray

Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Trailer - Up to 10' Long - Gray

Item # 290-46001
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Adco Trailer Covers - 290-46001
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SFS Aquashed bumper pull trailer cover works best for short-term storage in moderate climates. Heavy-duty, 3-layer fabric protects against rain, snow, and sun. Contoured fit matches shape of trailer. Secures with cinch ropes and straps with buckles. Call 800-298-1624 to order Adco covers part number 290-46001 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Adco products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Trailer - Up to 10' Long - Gray. Covers reviews from real customers.
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Adco Covers - 290-46001

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  • 10 Feet Long
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SFS Aquashed bumper pull trailer cover works best for short-term storage in moderate climates. Heavy-duty, 3-layer fabric protects against rain, snow, and sun. Contoured fit matches shape of trailer. Secures with cinch ropes and straps with buckles.


  • Cover protects your bumper pull trailer from rain, snow, and sun
    • Works best for short-term storage in moderate climates with moderate moisture
    • Helps reduce the need for frequent washing, waxing, and exterior treatments
    • Prevents premature aging and helps maintain resale value
  • Contour-fit design conforms to the general shape of your trailer
  • Top panel constructed of triple-layer SFS AquaShed fabric
    • Beads water on contact to prevent pooling
    • Guards against harmful UV rays that can cause cracking and fading
    • Eliminates black streaks and corrosion caused by air pollutants and rain
  • Side panels constructed of non-abrasive, triple-layer polypropylene
    • Breathes to eliminate moisture build-up, mold, and mildew
    • Lightweight material lets you easily lift and install over large vehicles
  • Zippered panels on passenger's side and rear offer easy access to the trailer interior
  • Cinch ropes at front and rear of cover remove slack and reduce billowing
  • Weighted straps with buckles secure cover under vehicle
    • Prevent cover from blowing off in the wind
  • Reinforced, elastic corners ensure a snug fit, reduce wear, and resist tears and snags
  • Storage bag included
  • Gray color


  • Application: bumper pull trailer 8'1" - 10' long
  • Dimensions: 120" long x 106" wide x 94" tall
  • 2-Year warranty

How to Measure Your Bumper Pull Trailer

Adco How to Measure Horse Trailer

To determine the proper fit, measure the length (not including the trailer tongue) and sidewall height (undercarriage to natural roof line), and the widest point of the trailer. This cover is designed to accommodate rooftop accessories such as AC units and vents.

Choose Cover by Climate

Adco Climate Map

The climate where you are storing your trailer will help determine which cover to choose. This SFS AquaShed cover is designed for use in moderate climates as indicated by the northern (green) and central (yellow) regions on the map above.

Adco Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Cover

This contour-fit cover helps keep your bumper pull trailer dry and well protected when not in use. It features a 3-layer fabric with an SFS AquaShed top and polypropylene sides to protect against sun, rain, mold, and mildew in a moderate climate. Elastic corners and a rope cinching system allows you to draw the cover in tight over your vehicle. Zippered panels on passenger's side and rear allow access to your trailer during storage.

Fabric Guards Against Elements

Adco AquaShed Top

The top panel is constructed of triple-layer SFS AquaShed fabric that is stronger and more water resistant when compared to standard polypropylene covers. The fabric is breathable to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. It also beads water to eliminate pooling and ice build-up that can damage your trailer or cover. Additionally, the material provides UV protection to reduce fading and cracking while protecting the roof from debris and other pollutants that cause black streaks.

Adco Cover Sides

The sides of the cover are made of a non-abrasive, triple-layer polypropylene. This high-performance, non-woven fabric is water resistant and breathable. The lightweight construction reduces the overall weight of the cover, making it easier to lift and maneuver onto larger vehicles.

Straps and Elastic Corners Ensure Snug Fit

Adco Corner and Cinching System

The cover is designed to fit snugly over your bumper pull trailer for a clean look and better protection from the elements. Elasticized corners grip your vehicle tightly, and they are reinforced to reduce wear and prevent tears and snags. Cinch ropes in front and back remove slack and reduce billowing.

Adco Strap and Buckles

Weighted straps with buckles run beneath your vehicle to secure the cover in place. The weighted ends allow you to easily toss the straps from one side of the vehicle to the other. Once buckled, the straps can be pulled tight to ensure the cover is securely fastened so it won't blow away with the wind.

Zippered Panels Offer Access

The cover features zippered panels on the passenger's side and rear so you can still access the interior of your trailer with the cover installed.

Convenient Storage

Adco Class accessories

The included storage bag allows you to store the cover compactly in your vehicle or garage when not in use.

46001 Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Horse Trailer - 8'1" - 10' Long - Grey

Video of Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Trailer - Up to 10' Long - Gray

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Adco Bumper Pull Trailer SFS AquaShed Cover Review

Hey everyone. I'm Collin here at etrailer. Today we're going to take a look at the Adco FSF AquaShed cover for bumper pull trailers. This cover is going to do a great job of protecting your trailer from the elements while it's in storage. It's good for temporary use for those months where you might not be using it so often. It's going to be good for those fox utility trailers, horse trailers, anything to that nature.With the cover installed it's going to protect your trailer and prevent you from having to wash and wax it repeatedly.

You don't have to do as many exterior treatments. And just protecting it from those harmful UV rays is going to prevent it from cracking and fading more over time.The side panels are constructed out of a triple layer polypropylene material. That's going to be very lightweight and allow your cover to breathe to help prevent the build-up of mold and mildew, as well as making sure those harmful UV rays can not reach your trailer.The cover is available in multiple different sizes. How you measure your trailer to make sure you get the correct size, is you go from the front of the box, not where the tongue is. We just have that covered because we had some access, but go to the front to the back in length and then measure from top to bottom for your height.

And then just check the description below to make sure that those dimensions fit your needs.Now the reason that we have the cover draped over the tongue of our trailer is because it's just over about 16 feet. It measures about 16 and a half. So the 16 foot cover doesn't work. We had to jump it up to 18, but with that extra foot and a half we went ahead and just took it and put it over the tongue so we can protect the jack from rust and corrosion and such.If you choose not to have the cover draped over the tongue, but you still do have some slack and it's all against the box of the trailer, you do have the option to use the included cinch rope to use through the eyelets right here. We have one right, another one at the bottom and two more on the other side.

Using this cinch rope you can secure it and take out that slack to make sure you have a nice snug fit on your trailer.It also has three undercarriage straps to assist you with securing it to you trailer. These are going to go all the way underneath of your trailer to help make sure even on a windy day, it can't be blown off of your trailer.It is going to include a zippered side panel on the side of our trailer. This is so that we can access that side door should we need to while it's in storage. We're going to come down here and take the first zipper up and while we're at it, take off the hook and loop strap. Zip it up all the way.

Do the same on the other side.You will have to unbuckle the undercarriage strap that is on the side panel. Just set that on the ground. And now we're just going to roll it up. It doesn't have to be pretty. We just need it rolled up so we can stow it up on top so it's not in our way.Once at the top just grab the strap with the hook and loop pad on it. Fasten it up top on both sides. Now we can gain full access to the side door and grab anything we might need. There is also a zippered panel on the back to allow you to gain access to the rear doors as well. Now depending on the application, you may not be able to open the doors all the way. With our doors right here they are a bit taller than the panel can go up. We can still open them slightly if there's just one thing we have to reach or to get inside. However you still have that side panel if you need to grab something big out of the trailer.The top panel is going to have a triple layer FSF AquaShed construction. It's going to help bead water on contact so it's not going to pull on top of your cover and it's going to guard against those harmful UV rays that might cause cracking or fading over time. So your trailer's just going to last a long longer. You're not going to have to worry about it aging.Overall this cover is going to do a great job of protecting your trailer. Adco is a very well known manufacturer of these covers. They have great products. They stand by them. They're going to make sure that your investment is protected through those storage months.It is also going to come with this bag. It's going to make for easy storage. You're not going to have to worry about folding it up and then storing it on a shelf with the possibility of it falling off and it also will keep it clean when not in use.Now that we've gone over some of those features, let's show you guys how to get it installed.The first time you get your cover out of your box it is going to be rolled up, so we're just going to roll it out. I'm going to show you guys the most effective way to do this by yourself. So if you do have an extra set up hands that would help. So just roll it out and then just begin to unfold it.Now there is going to be labels on our cover. Right here we see that this says front, so we need to make sure we install this on the front of our trailer. Now it's easiest to line it up. Now we have the front matching the front, the rear matching the rear.Now at this point you see this different material on top. That's going to be the top of our cover. What we're going to do is take our cover and lay it completely flat on the ground with that top sticking up. Now from here what we're actually going to do is flip the cover inside out and then roll it up. So we'll start here at the corner. Like I said, that different material, that's the top. We're just going to push down and then bring the cover, reach for the bottom side. Again, flip it inside itself.We're just going to make our way around the cover and do this. Once you locate your case right here, just ahead and set that to the side. Now in this position what we're going to do is just slightly roll it back up to make it more compact so we can carry it.Now with it rolled up we're going to grab our cover. We're going to go up our ladder at the front of the trailer. We're going to set it on top and then just make our way down the sides, rolling it on the top. Because our trailer can not support the weight of a person we're going to have to just kind of work around it with some ladders.You kind of start by pulling down on the front. Let's push it back just a little bit. Now we're just going again, make our way down the sides with our ladder and just rolling it out. If you have a small enough trailer this is something that can be done just by one side. And while we're on one side, we're just going to continue to pull it down the sides and drape them over the trailer.Now we're just going to work our way around the sides and just pull it down to the bottom of the trailer. Just make sure you get the elastic under the trailer like so. If you have enough slack in the front of your trailer, we do have a good amount right here, so we're just going to take that and pour it over the tongue of our trailer.Now we're going to secure our undercarriage straps. We're going to have three of them. The easiest way to do on the ends in my opinion is just for you to take on the end. I'm going to walk behind the trailer and just bring it under and up. Then we're going to come down here and locate my other connection point and then secure it, tighten it down. Then I'm just going to tuck my buckle up into the included pocket right there. With the excess, you can just toss that under or just secure it however you would like.We're also going to do the same thing with the front. Just come under. We will have to come behind our jack and you should be good from there. Again, find that buckle point. Attach it and secure it. The little one will be a little bit trickier. All we're basically going to have to do is throw it under our cover to the other side. If you don't get it the first time, just come back around and keep trying until you can reach it from the other side. Now we locate it, buckle it up and tighten it down.Now from there you're good to go. Thank you all for watching. That's going to do it for our look at and install of the Adco SFS AquaShed cover for bumper pull trailers.

Customer Reviews

Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Trailer - Up to 10' Long - Gray - 290-46001

Average Customer Rating:  4.4 out of 5 stars   (600 Customer Reviews)

SFS Aquashed bumper pull trailer cover works best for short-term storage in moderate climates. Heavy-duty, 3-layer fabric protects against rain, snow, and sun. Contoured fit matches shape of trailer. Secures with cinch ropes and straps with buckles.

- 290-46001

So far the cover seems to be holding up nicely, I thought the top might be a little thicker. Because I am at elevation I covered the top with an additional poly tarp to help prevent the sun damage. The additional cord allows for a snugger fit all the way around. Came with storage bag and two sheets of patching material should you need it. All in all it's just what I wanted.

- 290-46001
by: 09/29/2021

Lasted only a few months before the materials started to deteriorate.

- 290-46001

These only last a year. I have had one for my motor home each year for 5 years and in any wind they teat to pieces even with the rough spots covered with foam underneath. As a result we are building a solid cover over the unit. I

- 290-46001

I originally read mixed reviews on this product, but decided to try it. For those that say this product has ripped or torn, the key to not having it tear and last is to take some thin rope or twine all around your trailer after you put it one (Top to bottom and front to back) it in a few places, because the less movement the cover has the less likely it is to tear. I have no rips or tears and I live in a windy area and have owned this for one year. I realize putting rope over the top of the cover makes it hard to get into the trailer but this is a solution for more long-term storage then a trailer you’re going to be using often.

- 290-46001

Price and fit were great. I like the design with the multiple zippers to open and check on areas. Used first winter with no problems. I then stored the cover in my home. When I took it out to cover my trailer for this winter, the material seems to have dry rotted a bit and a few big rips opened up as I was covering. I patched them with some tape, but this cover won’t last another year. Unfortunately , because it does not hold up well I will not purchase this brand again.

- 290-46001

To be fair, I used this for an oddly shaped off-road trailer, so it wasn't a great fit, and Denver in the winter is quite windy. But this was the closest size of any protective canvas available so I gave it a shot, and I tried to tie it down well and lash it tightly in a lot of places to avoid wind damage. It still shredded like tissue in just a couple short months, and I just threw it away after half a season. Would not recommend unless you have a perfect fit, put a ton of padding on every corner, and/or don't live in a windy place.

- 290-46001

Cover works great. After one year of use it is functioning as advertised.

Covers are in great shapethis will be the third winter Ive used them and no sign of wear and tear from the elements.
James S - 12/04/2020

- 290-46001

What a great cover! It fits perfectly! I have no complaints! Thanks so much!

- 290-46001

Just received the trailer cover and its perfect! the material is very strong yet its not very hard to put on thanks to the long straps. Great cover and great price

- 290-46001

It’s now in the bin. Material was poor and ripped. Not the quality I expected for the price.

- 290-46001

I wish I could give my trailer cover at least 4 stars, but I can’t. The material couldn’t hold up to the Los Angeles sun and it rotted, ripped and frayed in less than a year.

- 290-46001

One year on and working great! Would buy again.

- 290-46001

Excellent product, well made and very timely delivered. Forgot to take a pic but I’ll do that soon.

- 290-52258

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

First, I wish we would have purchased this years ago... live and learn. Second, the cover is TOP QUALITY! Took a bit over an hour to put on, but that was being meticulous and also working with the gutter balls/covers (bought separately). The cover fits our 2018 395M with the right amount of slack. We do keep our unit stored, but it is not covered. We tend to get baking sun and buckets of rain, so this cover will do what it is meant to do and protect our unit from the elements. If you're reviewing multiple ones, I can attest, this is a good cover!!

- 290-52843

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

Love this cover for our 24 foot Forest River Sunseeker. This is our replacement cover for the exact same cover which orignally was purchased on [online] 4 years ago at almost double the price. Purchased this cover for an excellent price on etrailer. Shipping did take much longer than expected but worth the wait. Love the carry bag it comes with. We won’t use until after wildfire season in California is over, if ever!! We don’t want any flying embers to burn our cover.

- 290-52844

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

This is my second Adco cover for my 2019 Entegra (Jayco) 25R class c motorhome. The first one was the more expensive all climate and wind model. I got two years out of that cover before it gave way in too many locations to be able to patch. This time around I opted for the cheaper SFS aquashed. I believe the side fabric is the same as the more expensive model, however the top of the more expensive model seems to have an additional white layer of material. Only time will tell how this cover holds up. I will definitely update this review to let others know how things go. I can say that this cover is much easier to install since it lacks the numerous corner buckles that did not seem to work anyways. Overall it seems to fit much better than the more expensive model. I was disappointed though that it did not come with tire covers like the more expensive model did. Had I known that, I would not of thrown away the tire covers that came with the more expensive model. I know there is always a lot of controversy of whether to cover your motorhome or not. Having used a cover for the past two years, I am definitely of the school of thought that using a cover is best. I have never incurred any damage to my motorhome

- 290-46005

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

This is a great cover. Easy and lightweight to put on. I ordered one that was a couple feet larger so that I can cover the front hitch and cable area. The zippers allows me to get into the trailer and tack room without taking the cover off.

- 290-52243

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

I purchased this cover for our Lance Travel Trailer, and left it in storage for 3 months. The cover still looks like new. It seems to be very high quality, and I think it will last for at least 3 or 4 more years, maybe longer. It affords access as there are zippered doors that open and roll up. The storage bag that comes with it is of lighter material and has a small tear from riding in the back of my truck.

the cover is still much like new, no problems, we keep it in the bag when not in use.It is currently on the trailer beside my garage for much of the winter.
charles s - 10/23/2020

- 290-46003

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

This cover fit my 2 Bike/ 1 Trike Ironhorse motorcycle trailer very well. I cinched it up with the supplied rope so that it was not too loose. It is big enough to cover the tow bar too. Overall this is a great cover for a great price.

- 290-52240

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

The cover is Nice. Has a Great color and design on it. It does a grwat job in keeping the camper clean through winter. Only flaw I can find in this cover is how thin the cover is is areas. It something pushs to hard against it it will tear. I think it was over priced for the type of material. It would be worth $130.00 but not any more. It does help the camper breath as stated but needs to be a little more durable design wise. Would I buy another one? Probably not for the amount I paid for this one. I would look for a different cover made out of material that is a little more durable. You just have to be so careful with this type of cover. You have to watch when you pulling on it so that it doesnt snag over any sharp edges that would cause it to tear.

- 290-52239

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

Received my order (Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Travel Trailer - Up to 18' - Long - Gray) by way of UPS. It was lighter than I expected, which is a good thing because heavy things are a challenge for me. I took it out to the trailer to install, but first I removed my radio antenna and covered my TV antenna with a cardboard box in order to prevent damage to either them or the cover. Next, I proceeded to drag it atop the trailer. I probably should have waited until I could find someone to help me because I am 78 years old and partially disabled, but I was able to get it installed with the help of a couple of quality stepladders. None of the installation was exceedingly difficult, and I was completely finished in a couple of hours. Two or three people could have it done in about a half hour. I was able to attach the straps underneath by using an automotive creeper because my trailer is on a concrete pad. I am totally pleased with the cover. The zippers on the passenger side have already given me access to the inside of the trailer several times. Customer service at etrailer has been superb. The accompanying photo is on a 27°F night with two small space heaters in the trailer. All water is drained out. Snug as a bug in a rug.

- 290-46003

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

The cover is really designed for a horse trailer but works ok on my Casita. The door flap is in the correct spot. It’s a bit large but can be tightened with rope and is long enough to cover the tires. Seem like the quality is good. It rained the first night I had it and it kept the trailer dry.

- 290-52275

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

Just received my TT cover and installed it today. With the help of my wife and daughter, we rolled it out and covered our RV and it only took about 30mins total time. My only con: the connecting latches are plastic and some connected better than others bc their plastic! Big pro: the cover fits great and looks good. Our toy hauler has a 30’ box with a total length of 34’. I got the 30-33’ size. I would recommend the cover.

- 290-46005

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

I have 14 x 7 1/2 V-Nose Motorcycle Trailer from NEO NAM1475TR , and I'm glad I ordered a 18 foot from you. the 16 would not have fit. You need to put more padding in the rear top of the cover on each corner. My trailer had a dove tail with extra lighting, also the middle strap needs to move back about a foot, so it could fit between the wheels

This universal cover fits more so for square box trailers. If your trailer has the dove tail or any other bulky features to it, it may not fit.
-- Etrailer Expert Sierra K - 09/27/2021

- 290-52242

Review from a similar SFS AquaShed in Covers

1 year and the entire top has ripped. No excessive use. Just put it over the trailer and it started with a small tear that turned into the entire top being ripped up. Very disappointing:(

Thank you for your review. We do recommend to take into consideration the height of your trailer including the air conditioner when choosing a cover The Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Travel Trailer part 290-52242 is 90 tall. If there any sharp edges on the air conditioner unit or other components on the roof it is a good idea to use cushion to cover them before putting the cover on. Most customers use pool noodles to cushion the sharp edges of their trailer before putting the cover on.
-- Etrailer Expert Heather A - 10/15/2020

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    If the deck (or trailer body) size of your Ultimate Trailers motorcycle trailer is 132" (11') long then you'll want to go with the 12" Adco SFS AquaShed # 290-46002 over the 10' option # 290-46001. Since there are a variety of trailer styles out there fitment basically boils down to the length so you have to make sure your trailer isn't longer than the cover like it would be if you went with the 10' cover. With your trailer having that contoured top there will likely be some more slack...
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  • Height and Width of Adco AquaShed Cover for Horse Trailers # 290-460001
    The height of the Adco AquaShed Cover for horse trailers part # 290-46001 is 94 inches and the width is 80 inches.
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  • Recommended Trailer Cover for Urban Street Yeti Sherpa Trailer
    The best option we have available for your Sherpa trailer is the Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Trailer - Up to 10' Long - Gray # 290-46001. This cover fits trailers that are 8'1" - 10' long. The width is 106" so that would also work well for your trailer. The biggest concern would be the height. The height of the cover is 94" and your trailer is only 48" tall so that leaves quite a bit of extra material. It has cinch ropes at the front and rear of the cover to remove slack...
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  • Does SFS AquaShed Cover for 10 Foot Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Expand at Bottom
    The Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Trailer - Up to 10' Long # 290-46001 does not expand at the bottom edge, though it is 106" wide (and 94" tall) so it will work for you because you mentioned your fenders flare out and are 94" at the widest point, leaving you enough room. This cover is designed for bumper pull trailers that are between 8'1" and 10' long so the only reason you would want to use the longer Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Trailer - Up to 12' Long # 290-46002...
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  • Recommended Trailer Cover for Sundowner Mini-Go Enclosed Trailer
    The trailer cover I recommend checking out for your Sundowner Mini-Go enclosed trailer is the Adco SFS AquaShed Cover for Bumper Pull Horse Trailer # 290-46001; if your trailer is actually slightly longer than 10 feet you will want to use the AquaShed # 290-46002. These covers will protect your trailer from the elements and even though it is not designed specifically to fit your trailer it does have a cinching system that will allow you to tighten it on the trailer.
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