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HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net with Hooks - 6' Wide x 10' Long

HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net with Hooks - 6' Wide x 10' Long

Item # HE4256
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Secure your cargo quickly and easily with this weather-resistant, bungee-style net. Ideal for pickup trucks and small trailers, this cargo net is simple to adjust and can be stretched to 150 percent of its original size. Includes 12 removable hooks. Call 800-298-1624 to order Heininger Holdings cargo nets part number HE4256 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Heininger Holdings products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net with Hooks - 6' Wide x 10' Long. Cargo Nets reviews from real customers.
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Heininger Holdings Cargo Nets - HE4256

  • Truck Bed Net
  • Trailer Net
  • 120 Inch Long
  • 72 Inch Wide
  • Heininger Holdings
  • Orange

Secure your cargo quickly and easily with this weather-resistant, bungee-style net. Ideal for pickup trucks and small trailers, this cargo net is simple to adjust and can be stretched to 150 percent of its original size. Includes 12 removable hooks.


  • StretchWeb secures cargo quickly and easily
    • Size and design make it perfect for pickup trucks and small flatbed trailers
  • 12 Plastic hooks included for simple tie-down
    • Removable hooks attach anywhere along net for ultimate versatility
  • Tangle-resistant bungees have self-adjusting joints for a reliable fit
  • Cargo net can be stretched to 150 percent of its original size
  • Weather-resistant materials create a long-lasting net
  • Storage pouch included


  • Dimensions (unstretched): 6' wide x 10' long
  • 1-Year limited warranty

4256 Heininger Holdings Hitch Mate Cargo Stretch Web - Utility Trailers

Video of HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net with Hooks - 6' Wide x 10' Long

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net Review

Today were going to be taking a look at the Heininger HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net with Hooks, in 6-foot wide by 10-foot long, part number HE4256. This HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net allows you to secure your cargo quick and easily with this weather-resistant bungee-style netting. It is ideal for pickup trucks and small trailers. The cargo net does come with a one-year limited warranty.Lets go over a few features of our cargo web. See here, the outer edge has a solid black bungee that goes all the way around. Each of these are tied in, but theyre fully adjustable, as they can slide.

This helps the cargo web adjust to your unique application. Comes with 18 of these style clips. Theres a finger hole here to make things easier when youre pulling down and hooking. Has a large portion of the hook right here to go underneath the edge of your trailer or your bed of your pickup truck, or wherever youre actually tying in to.This little small hook area is what actually hooks the cargo web. It is removable, so you can adjust it to whatever location you need.

Different applications may require you to move these hooks around. In this particular application, we actually have several hooks left over, so you may not even need to use all the hooks each time. Does come with a handy storage bag to store the web as well as all the hooks in when not in use. It is vented here, so that if the web would happen to get wet, it will allow it to dry out. The web is made of a material thats not affected by weather, so it gives you long life.Right here, in each of these little joints here, youll notice that its not actually made of metal, so you dont have to worry about it scratching.

Yet, it does allow a little bit of movement for when youre stretching the web around. Has these self-adjusting loops so that the cargo web itself can be moved in any position. These can be bunched up more depending on your application, if you need more webbing over in one area. Theyre not in a fixed location.Depending on your application, you can attach your hooks directly to this other bungee that runs all the way around the cargo web just like that or as we did on our application, you can connect it directly to the cargo web itself, if you need to pull the cargo web a little tighter. As you can see here, we dont really have a large load, but its kind of a soft load to where you cant really crush it down, as it could damage whats inside the bags.This cargo web does have a 6-foot by 10-foot unstretched dimension.

It does stretch to approximately 150 percent of its original size. Lets go ahead and install our cargo net on top of some cargo that we have here set up on this utility trailer for demonstration purposes. Well go ahead and take our cargo net, and well toss it over the top of our cargo. As you can see here, we have some bags on a utility trailer that are fairly light. We dont want them to be crushed by using some tie-down straps, so instead were going to use this cargo net.Well take our cargo net and simply toss it over the top of our cargo. The hooks well be using have a finger hole here to help you pull it down as you latch on. This little slot right here is what hooks onto the cargo net in any area. You can use the ring that goes around the edge thats adjustable, or if thats too loose, you can actually come up here onto the actual cargo net and hook on. Lets go ahead and strap our cargo net down. Well go ahead and well hook the four corners first, and then well work through the center sections to help pull the cargo net tight.Go ahead and take our clip, hook it on. Were going to go ahead and use the anchor point down here at the bottom of this trailer, and well move to the middle. In this case, on this trailer, were going to actually go up off the ring, and were going to use this ring right here. As were clipping the front, well continue to work around towards the rear, pulling the net tight as we go. Depending on your application, you may not be able to use the outer black ring. You may need to step up and use a section of the actual webbing itself or the orange area to hook your clip.You may notice that as were stretching this out and tying it down with the hooks, were not really using this outer black lead much. On this particular application, it makes the cargo net be a little too loose. Were actually going up into the orange section on each one, as you can connect your hooks to anywhere on this web and actually tying down there.Once youve gone all the way around, you may need to go back and actually change the position of some of your hooks to make sure that its tight. We seem to have a pretty good connection here, but I did notice the front corner. We may need to reconnect that. This corner right here, for instance, you see how its really loose. Were going to go ahead and undo the clip by removing it from the cargo web. Well reach up and get an area to pull the cargo web a little bit tighter. Well go up into that, its a little too much. Lets try here. Thats much better.As you can see here, now with our cargo web installed, these light bags, while they may move a little bit, they cant be blown off the trailer as were going down the road. Yet, nothings being crushed inside, damaging any cargo that may be delicate. With that, thatll conclude our look at the Heininger HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net with Hooks, in a 6-foot wide by 10-foot long, part number HE4256. .

Customer Reviews

HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net with Hooks - 6' Wide x 10' Long - HE4256

Average Customer Rating:  4.6 out of 5 stars   (36 Customer Reviews)

Secure your cargo quickly and easily with this weather-resistant, bungee-style net. Ideal for pickup trucks and small trailers, this cargo net is simple to adjust and can be stretched to 150 percent of its original size. Includes 12 removable hooks.

- HE4256

I bought the StretchWeb Cargo Net with hooks for an 8hr trip. I needed the web to keep the tarp down while covering supplies for my project. I was able to drive the whole 8hrs without the trap flapping in the wind. The netting was EXACTLY what I was looking for and would recommend this product for highly. It covers the supplies in a 6X12 trailer with netting to spare.

In the past year I have had the opportunity to use the cargo net maybe three times and I must say I am completely satisfied with the performance of the netting. I used it to cover some tarping I used to protect a counter top I transported over 400 miles and it never moved or slipped.I would highly recommend this product to anyone.
Chris G - 10/26/2017

- HE4256

We live in a rural setting and must haul our trash to the county dump. I use a 5x8 trailer with low side rails and load it with piles of garbage bags and canisters of recycle. Each load is a different mix of items resulting in various size trailer loads. The stretchy webbing is the perfect solution for quickly strapping down lumpy loads. I like the ability to just snap on the hooks at any point on the webbing (no additional bungees needed). This product simply works as advertised.

- HE4256

I have an 8'x16' open car trailer that i occasionally use to move misc. other things on and this cargo net easily stretched to cover my whole trailer and then some. Pros: Good product for light duty, removable hooks are convenient, Great for holding a tarp over a load or to hold lightweight objects down from flying off or open (ex: cardboard), stretches over large area, bungee net is strong, self adjusting bungee is nice as it redistributes itself over the load. Cons: cheep plastic hooks should be made of something a bit more durable like aluminum, hooks and net are not recomended to secure any kind of load with weight, needs more hooks, a bit difficult to keep from getting tangled in the bag which can be difficult to undo when you go to use it next time.

- HE4256

Sorry to tell all u folks but last year a small empty box blew out of my trailer, even though it was tied down. After I pulled off the freeway to get the box, I witnessed a new camaro slam rear-end the car that was trying to avoid hitting the box. I felt absolutely terrible about the incident. At this point Im sick and tired of tying down every little thing down in my trailer. I have a deep mistrust of ordering products on line but I took a chance and ordered this cargo net for my 7 x 10 trailer. It arrived at my door step in the morning of the 3rd day. I put it on the trailer immediately as I had multiple loads of products to haul in my trailer and I love it. It has the ability to stretch far beyond what I need it for, even over the tall boxes. I felt so relaxed driving with the net covering every item in the trailer knowing that nothing else will ever blow out again. No more stress people! I love it, love it, love it.

- HE4256

Very Pleased with the cargo net! I highly recommend this item! It makes hauling on an open flatbed trailer easy. Just stack your stuff and stretch and hook the net! It keeps everything secure! I use it often and it is of high quality with no sign of weakness or wear!

- HE4256

Very happy with our purchase. I use the cargo nets quite a bit and it is holding up great. Still looks brand new and for the price the quality couldn’t be better. Highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed.

- HE4256

This cargo net is exactly what I need. Works great and shipped fast. My new trailer does not have side rails so this netting helps stabelize the load.

- HE4256

Good cargo cover. Highly recommend. For the price you can’t go wrong. After a yr of frequent use it still looks brand new.

- HE4256

How many times have I gone to the dump and the tarp would be billowing and flapping even with all the single bungies that were used. With this new cargo net, my first trip was great. I still used a tarp to keep small items from flying out and put the cargo net over that. Worked like a charm. We'll be using the net on our pickup and utility trailer. The hooks are easily attachable to the net and to my truck and can be moved around for different sized loads. The flexible net has good strength to it. Wish I had purchased this year's ago.

- HE4256

Net is good. It's nice the hooks can be moved where needed to adjust for load conditions. Unfortunately the bag it came in had damage on it upon arrival in the form of a long tear/cut. Not the end of the world but it was disappointing as I've never been let down by etrailer.

- HE4256

Excellent product. Adjusts for small and large loads and holds them very well. The ability to place the hooks on the net where you need them is great because it fits different trucks with different attachment points. We generally haul loads that are taller than the cab of the truck and fill up the entire bed and this net stretches over all of it and holds it securely in place.

- HE4256

Looks like it is higher quality than other cargo stretch netting.

- HE4256

Very nice cargo net. A little pricier but , MUCH Higher quality and it really shows. Comes with a nice carrying case and plenty of hooks. I’m buying another for my other vehicle.

- HE4256

Great service. Good instructional video helped me make purchase decision.

- HE4256

Fits well, seems well made but have only had it 1 day. Exactly what I wanted for the trailer though, good price.

- HE4256

Right size--seems sturdy--lesser product lasted through ten years of use--expecting more from this netting--looks promising

- HE4256

Great product. Fantastic service and sales. Thanks.

- HE4256

Just received but product appears to be everything it's supposed to be. Looks like it will be a big success.

- HE4256

- HE4256

- HE4256

Very satisfied with the product and the service.

- HE4256

Great product.

- HE4256

It worked great!

- HE4255

Review from a similar StretchWeb in Cargo Nets

I work for a women's rowing team. One of my tasks this year was to ensure our trailer travel was easy and efficient. We often use netting of some kind to keep things in the bed of the trailer secure, our equipment is quite expensive and travels often over 1000 miles to get to any given race, so netting we can trust is very important. We usually struggle to find a net that fits the dimensions of the trailer but that was not an issue with etrailer. We found several options that were large enough. Once the net arrived it came with plenty of hooks and even stretches further than I anticipated. We've used the net 4 times so far and it still looks brand new. It's refreshing to have a product that isn't over stretched in just 2 uses. We also don't struggle to untangle the net because the hooks unclip and reattach so easily! So far, we are very happy with this product. I bought two just in case we would need a replacement this year, but my guess is that we won't need it for a few years!

- HE4255

Review from a similar StretchWeb in Cargo Nets

Cargo net was better than most others that I looked at. Perfect size for my 5' x 8' utility trailor. Ties on the bungies are secured with small pieces of shrink tubing which doesn't look like it will hold up over a long period so I reinforced them with zip ties. Could also use a few more cargo hooks. I believe 12 were supplied (additional hooks are cheap at around .50 cents each). Overall looks to be a pretty good net, time will tell.

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  • Availability of 10 Foot Stretchable Cargo Net
    We have the HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net # HE4256 which measures 6 foot by 10 foot based on what you said you were looking for this would work well. The color is orange though. Another option you might be interested in is the Rightline Gear Truck Bed Cargo Net w/ Integrated Tarp # RL100T60 which measures 10 foot by 8 foot and has an integrated tarp.
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    Image 1 for
  • Looking for Cargo Net Measuring 8 by 12 Feet for 5 by 10 Foot Trailer
    The HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net, part # HE4256 would be ideal for your application. Its un-stretched dimension is 6 by 12 feet, it would easily stretch to the size you need. Keep in mind, that the net is not intended to secure heavy items. It would work well for the cardboard boxes, as long as they are not very heavy, but for heavier items you would want to use tie down straps like the Erickson # 51333, which are sold individually. I will link you to our selection of ratchet straps....
    view full answer...
  • Recommended Cargo Net For 5x10 Trailer Whether Fully Loaded Or With Smaller Cargo Load
    For your 5x10 foot trailer, I recommend the HitchMate StretchWeb Cargo Net with Hooks - 6' Wide x 10' Long # HE4256. This net is large enough to cover your trailer when fully loaded and is adjustable with the clips for securing smaller loads. I believe this is the best fit for your application. I've attached a video to assist.
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