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Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector with Headrest Covers - Universal Fit - Gray

Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector with Headrest Covers - Universal Fit - Gray

Item # AA3146G
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Waterproof polyester cover drapes over your vehicle's bench seat anytime you need it to protect from dirt and spills. Thermoplastic rubber underside helps keep the cover in place, and hook-and-loop straps secure the 2 headrest covers. 1-800-940-8924 to order Aries Automotive car seat covers part number AA3146G or order online at Free expert support on all Aries Automotive products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector with Headrest Covers - Universal Fit - Gray. Car Seat Covers reviews from real customers.
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Aries Automotive Car Seat Covers - AA3146G

  • Bench Seat
  • Front
  • Second
  • Third
  • Adjustable Headrests
  • Aries Automotive
  • Gray
  • Universal Fit
  • Cloth

Waterproof polyester cover drapes over your vehicle's bench seat anytime you need it to protect from dirt and spills. Thermoplastic rubber underside helps keep the cover in place, and hook-and-loop straps secure the 2 headrest covers.


  • Universal seat cover drapes over the bench seat in your truck, SUV, or car to shield it from dirt, water, and pet hair
    • Perfect for pet owners, parents, and outdoor enthusiasts
  • Simple to install and remove as you need it
    • Large piece slips over bench seat
    • Hook-and-loop strip (similar to Velcro) runs across top of large piece so that it can fit around headrests
    • 2 Headrest covers secure over headrests with hook-and-loop straps
  • Waterproof, 600-denier polyester top layer is durable
  • Thermoplastic rubber underside grips the seat so the cover won't shift around
    • Won't scratch or damage your seat's fabric
  • Cutouts in seat protector slip over seat belt buckles
  • Open sides won't block side air bags or prevent use of seat belts
  • Easy to clean - machine wash, hose off, or spot clean with a wet cloth
  • Foldable for compact storage
  • Gray color complements your vehicle's interior


  • Seat cover dimensions: 58" tall x 55" wide
  • Headrest cover dimensions: 17-1/4" tall x 9-3/4" wide

This easy-to-install bench seat cover is perfect for trips to the beach or taking your pet for a ride. Each piece slips on and off of your bench seat and headrests so you can quickly transfer the cover from one vehicle to another.

The protector comes in 3 pieces - 1 seat cover and 2 headrest covers. The large cover drapes over the top and front of your bench seat.

Hook-and-loop fasteners (similar to Velcro) run along the top of the cover to allow headrests to fit through.

A strip of hook-and-loop fasteners (similar to Velcro) runs across the entire length of the top of the cover so you can make space for your headrests to fit through. Then you can secure each headrest cover over your headrests using the built-in hook-and-loop straps. Or, if you don't have headrests, you can simply slip the cover over the seat and secure the hook-and-loop fasteners across the top for a clean look.

Cutout in Aries seat defenders bench seat cover allows use of seatbelts.

Cutouts in the protector slip over your seat belt buckles so your passengers can easily buckle-up while your bench seat remains protected from grime.

Thermoplastic rubber on the bottom of Aries seat defenders helps prevent sliding.

The underside of the Aries Automotive seat defender has a layer of thermoplastic rubber which helps to keep the cover in place on your seat.

3146-01 Aries Automotive 3D Benchseat Cover with Two Head Rest Covers - Polyester with Thermoplastic Rubber Lining - Grey

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Video of Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector with Headrest Covers - Universal Fit - Gray

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector Review

AJ: What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're going to take a look at this bench seat cover from ARIES Automotive. Now it's a universal bench sheet cover, so it's not going to fit really tight to your seats or be like a second skin to your seats. It's actually made to be taken off easily, cleaned and thrown on there when you need it. So that's good because when you have those custom seat covers they fit really tight, you have to tie back here underneath the seat, through your hands and make sure.. Because you don't want it coming off pretty much ever.

So, it's kind of a commitment to have one of those. This one's perfect, take it off when you don't need it, throw it on when you do.I did say universal, but I didn't mean it as a bad thing. The thing isn't just some tarp that's thrown over the back seat, it's got nice rubber grip here at the bottom to keep it from moving around. Which I think is really handy, it really does keep it in place you don't have to worry about it. Here, I'll pop in there, you can kind of move around.

You can see it's not falling off the back of this or scooting around here and getting uneven and going from one side to side. I'll keep moving around while I'm doing this. I'm trying to scoot it out, but it's not going anywhere. The top of your bench seat is protected as well, you've got this hook and loop strip that goes all the way down and how you install it. You separate that, set the cover over the headrest and then just come back through, make sure you go underneath and reattach the hook and loop.That way it gives you coverage underneath your head rest, around your head rest and then even has this included headrest cover so that the rubber grip in there and everything that goes around here giving you protection here.

Speaking of hook and loop fasteners, we have some down here that if you need to get to the seatbelt you can. Now you might not need that if you have pets back here or you just throwing dirty cargo, you can just set that down there that way no dirt gets through there. But if you have two passengers that are using this and they're dirty or something and you want to protect your seats, you can still use. While we're here I want to talk about the material of the cover itself though. I know you guys can't feel the texture, but it feels real tough.

So if your pets are up here jumping around their nails aren't going to rip it or get into it or cause any issues.If they have any accidents pour some water, and you see it just beads up and rolls away. So, it keeps that water contained really well. Just get a cloth here, and you can't even tell anything was spilled. Like I said, this is meant to be taken off, cleaned and thrown back on. So, how about I take it off of here and show you how to install it Your cover is going to come in three parts, you got the headrest, then the hook and loop part that goes on top here that covers the top of the bench seat and then we have the part that covers the rest of the seat. We're going to start with the headrest, because that's the easiest way to get it installed. So, we'll just go ahead and take it rubber side down and wrap it around your headrest. Ours is a little small, so it doesn't fit as tight as it would if it was a little bit bigger. But it's okay, it's universal, it will still fit. Try and attach the hook and loop as tight back there as we can on both sides.We can kind of push the slack around to the back of the headrest and get on there. With the head rest installed, now we have the portion that covers most of the seat and the part that goes on top of the bench. We're going to go with the part that goes on top of the bench now. We're going to drape this part along the top here, kind of put it back there, make sure the hook and loop part is towards the front of the vehicle. Because this is what's going to attach to the part of that covers the rest of the seat. Get that set up and we'll clean this up once I get the seat cover in. Now when you go to set down the cover on the rest of the seat, make sure the hook and loop fastener goes to the top because you're going to attach it to the front. We just draped over the top and make sure the logo for ARIES is here at the bottom. That's a good way of indicating which way it should go. So just go ahead and spread it across the seats here. (silence).At the top we're going to go ahead and start attaching the hook and loop fasteners. We got to pop up our head rest a little bit and bring some of it through. Really on the difficulty scale, the head rest is probably the hardest part of this and that's not even that hard. It's just the lock where it is all. Now tip while you're installing, is I went ahead and bunched up the cover up here. So when you came and you kneeled down it didn't pull it right back down. So now we can go ahead and pull that back out, open these hook and loop fasteners, just go ahead and line up where the seatbelts come out here. We'll try and tuck it up in there around it and that's it really. With that you're done, that does it for our look at the ARIES bench seat protector. If you're interested to see what goes into making these videos stick around and watch the meeting with our writers. Matt: Yeah. I just wanted to kind of say this one because I know that I did the detailed for our branded seat cover. I know it's more of a bucket seat, but I know this is more of a universal type cover too. So I was hoping maybe you could talk me through what you think about the material, if it's heavy duty and how soft it is too if you can speak to that. AJ: Okay, cool. You did the etrailer Universal Seat Cover tooMatt: Yeah. So probably about a month or two ago, I did that bucket seat cover for our branded bucket seat cover and I know with that one, we've discussed a lot about how soft it was, how it didn't move. Obviously, that has a strap that goes around the seat to hold it in place. Whereas this one, you just kind of drape it and kind of form it to the seat. So that's why I was hoping with this one I could kind of just see how loose it is, how well it stays tucked in getting in and out and then if you could possibly talk about the fabric material itself and what it feels like as well. AJ: Yeah. I bought one of the etrailer ones, so I use that one in my car all the freaking time, I really like that one. Matt: Yeah, it's pretty nice. I know it's definitely soft compared to most a universal covers. AJ: Yeah, this one's rougher than that. This one's got more of a texture than the etrailer one, but it's also got the rubber underneath here that grips the seats. So it doesn't shift at all when I'm jumping around on it. We actually did in the video, I scooted from one side and I can do it here. I can try and move it, but it sure doesn't move much and I'm trying. Matt: So I guess you're in. It looks like a crew cab pickup. Does the seat cover, cover the whole seat around Does it wrap around the sides and over the top of the back Or is it just kind of over to the side and it stopsAJ: It goes all the way over the top. There's definitely extra up here at the top of the bench. Matt: Okay. AJ: You can see the whole flap here, plenty around. It doesn't look like it comes down to the sides though. Matt: Okay. AJ: As you can see you got exposed seats here and here. Matt: Gotcha. I guess where both parts of the seat, the bottom part and the top part of the seat match you could probably shove that cover down in there. If you do that, do you have enough to cover that front lip of the bottom seat where it's not riding up on the seat portion itselfAJ: Are you talking about lifting up here to kind of pushing-Matt: Right. Yeah. I didn't know how much of a tongue it would have hanging over the seat. I was hoping you could kind of push it in there to hold it in place and yeah, there you go. Yeah. That's what I was curious about, seeing was how much slack you had. AJ: Yeah, a little bit. I mean, again the rubber grips I guess kind of fight against me, it doesn't want to move anywhere. Matt: Right. How about the. Maybe you could talk about this a little bit. How about the headrest covers They look like they're pretty big for the cover or the actual itself, like it'll pretty much fit any head rest I guessAJ: Oh, yeah. I think it's actually too big for this headrest itself. Matt: Mm-hmm (affirmative). AJ: Because, it's not on there really tight. I mean, it's not going anywhere but you can see how much extra space you have. Matt: I was kind of curious about the color too, but it looks like it actually matches the interior pretty well. As far as the matching to the vehicle interior. AJ: Yeah. This is the gray one. Matt: Mm-hmm (affirmative). AJ: You have the black one and a camel one if I'm. Is there a tan one tooMatt: I believe the tan one was a slightly different version. AJ: Okay. Matt: Pretty good size too, I was kind of curious about it. Because you can't really tell on the photos we have right now, because they're pretty much stock photos. But from the looks of it, it looks like the overall size of this cover is pretty big. So I kind of like that. AJ: inaudible 00:09:10 kind in like a white void of like, "Well what does that look like on my seat" I don't know how big that is or there's nothing to compare it too. Matt: Right, exactly. Yeah. All right. Yeah, that's all I really wanted. I haven't had a chance to see these yet, so I definitely appreciate you taking the time to show me-AJ: No problem. Matt: Talk about it. I guess if you guys have anything or need anything from me let me know. AJ: Cool. Matt: All right guys, well I appreciate it. AJ: Yeah, have a good one. Matt: All right, bye..

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Customer Reviews

Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector with Headrest Covers - Universal Fit - Gray - AA3146G

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (221 Customer Reviews)

Waterproof polyester cover drapes over your vehicle's bench seat anytime you need it to protect from dirt and spills. Thermoplastic rubber underside helps keep the cover in place, and hook-and-loop straps secure the 2 headrest covers.

2014 Nissan Sentra

I'm in heaven! My big white dog loves to keep me company in the car but the white fur! Everywhere! I tried sheets, blankets, and several other car seat covers. They wouldn't stay up & no way to anchor on my Sentra's back seat headrests. This product is perfect! Covers the whole seat, stays put, and easy to put on. My doggy best friend is on the road again.


Simple to install, easy to remove, does the job.

2019 Infiniti QX50

The cover works very well. My pup had to get used to the type of fabric vs the leather seats but that was a quick resolve. I do not use the headrest covers (do not see the point). The cover stays in place very well and is easy to clean. The only difficulty I have is trying fold down the seat to get access behind the split 2nd row seat.

2015 Chevrolet Impala

We have the seat cover in a 2015 Impala with leather seats. It has done an excellent job protecting the seat from dirt and spills. We also have a very active German Wirehair Pointer puppy. The cover has protected the seat from his antics.



Seat cover is still working good.

2015 Subaru Forester

It is too early to judge this product's performance. I can comment on that later. What I did not like was the delivery time was not accurate and the delivery service simply dropped the box off on my driveway in rain. My front porch was 10ft away..

2017 Toyota Sienna

Bulletproof. Excellent for kids/sand/muck. pull off in seconds for adults/nice seats. Great product - not slippery on either side. Have recommended to friends. Like the gray.

Happy M.


Fantastic. Could not be happier. Bulletproof for kid use and decent looking. Nice and thin.

2009 Toyota Tacoma

What I'm happy with is looking up the parts,then after putting my info into etrailer about my vehicle, finding the parts needed for the vehicle, getting confirmation that the parts will fit, then getting the parts delivered,all fit like they were confirmed to do so.
Thank you for the work involved to get all the info about these many many parts that take s time .
Thank you for reading


Fantastic product at a fair price. Etrailer customer service was great as well. Thanks!

2014 Volkswagen Tiguan

Keeps the sea sand from the dog off the seat.
I think it could be better fitting if it was custom made for the vehicle.


Heavy duty, easy install, nice fit

2016 Ford F-150

After one year this is still an excellent product. I would highly recommend this product and company!


was as advertised, seems to be of very good quality. we'll see how well it holds up
to a large lab over the next few months.


Fits, haven't tried with the dog, but seems to be good quality

2016 GMC Canyon

Great Product /covered the rear seat in 2016 GMC Canyon without any problems.


2019 Ford F-150

fit good





I would like a refund.
This falsly advertised
that it was made to fit my 2016 chevy. It just drapes over. The head rest pieces are trash dont fit at all. The seatbelts dont fit through the holes. it's basically garbage. i cant use it.


Durable, fits perfectly, and looks great after one year of use. We fish year round and often travel while wet and wearing sunscreen. Additionally, they are very comfortable throughout the summer and winter. They are quickly installed or removed and that makes this an outstanding choice for protecting your seats.


Easy to put on, waterproof. Ordered the front seat covers as well for my SUV and RV.


I ordered these seat covers because I just bought a new car and I have four dogs--and of those, one who is not yet potty trained. I did some research online looking specifically for dog-proof covers. I used to have the Kurgo seat covers made for dogs, but they were not pee-proof and they fell apart quickly.

I just received my seat defender bucket seat covers and I think they are going to work out great. The rubber backing really sticks to the seat, so you don't have to wrestle with a lot of straps. They are only fitted around the headrest, which is perfect if you have a newer car with the side airbags. However, if you want them to LOOK fitted all around, that is not what you are going to get.

The material is super heavy and with the rubber backing I think my cloth seats are going to have all the dog protection they need.


Needs tie downs to keep in place.


Easy to put on and stays in place. The quality is better than most seat covers. As described.

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    One of the universal bench seat covers is going to be your best bet for your 2013 Honda Insight. We have gray # AA3146G, black # AA3146B, and brown # AA3146BR. Please note that because they are universal they won't be an exact fit.
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  • Are Car Seat Anchors Still Accessible Using Aries Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector AA3146G
    Yes, the car seat tie down brackets typically located between the seat bottoms and tops in the backs of vehicles can be accessed with Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector with Headrest Covers - Universal Fit - Gray Item # AA3146G installed. There are flaps to access the seat belt receptacle which you can also use to access the car seat anchors.
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  • Can LATCH Car Seat be used with Aries Bench Seat Cover AA3146G
    The seat belt access holes on the lower portion of the cover # AA3146G will allow you to connect the lower portion of the car seat to the LATCH system and then the anchors above will be accessible over the top of the cover. The cover would not negatively affect using a car seat at all.
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  • Seat Cover For Third Row Seating Without Headrest 2005 Ford Excursion
    Yes, the Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector with Headrest Covers - Universal Fit can certainly be installed on a vehicle without headrests, or in other words, you do NOT need to install the headrest cover that comes with the kit. For your 2005 Ford Excursion, the third row seating can be protected with one of the following options from Aries: -gray # AA3146G -black # AA3146B -brown # AA3146BR -camo # AA3146C
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  • Bench Seat Cover Recommended For 1992 Ford F-150 XLT Lariat
    Unfortunately we don't have a bench seat cover that is a specific fit for your 1992 Ford F-150. I reached out to Covercraft and they didn't start making the bench seat covers until 2004 and at that only for 250 and 350 models. They said they don't have anything confirmed to fit your vehicle. What I recommend is the Aries Automotive Seat Defender Bench Seat Protector with Headrest Covers - Universal Fit - Brown # AA3146BR You would need to check dimensions for a possible fit. The seat...
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