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  3. 29L x 23W Inch
  4. Tire-Mount Table
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  6. Aluminum
Tailgater Tire Table - 27-1/2" Long x 23-1/2" Wide - Silver Powder Coated Aluminum

Tailgater Tire Table - 27-1/2" Long x 23-1/2" Wide - Silver Powder Coated Aluminum

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Camping Table
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When you're camping or tailgating space can be at a premium. This table quickly attaches to any tire on your vehicle or trailer to give you a place to prepare food, eat meals, or relax with your coffee. Works on most tires 14" or larger. 1-800-940-8924 to order Tire Table camping table part number TT94FR or order online at Free expert support on all Tire Table products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Tailgater Tire Table - 27-1/2" Long x 23-1/2" Wide - Silver Powder Coated Aluminum. Camping Table reviews from real customers.
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Tire Table Camping Table

  • 29L x 23W Inch
  • Tire-Mount Table
  • Folding
  • Tire Table
  • Aluminum
  • 50 lbs Capacity
  • Silver

When you're camping or tailgating space can be at a premium. This table quickly attaches to any tire on your vehicle or trailer to give you a place to prepare food, eat meals, or relax with your coffee. Works on most tires 14" or larger.


  • Tire table mounts to your vehicle's tire to create a solid surface for food, drinks, portable grills, and more
    • Perfect for tailgating, hanging out at the campsite, or holding tools during vehicle repairs
  • Quick installation on almost any car, SUV, truck, or RV tire - no tools required
    • Place on your tire and release the center leg for additional support
  • Sturdy table collapses for storage in your trunk, cargo area, or RV basement
    • Support legs and support slider store on table so you don't lose any parts
  • Lightweight aluminum with silver powder coat finish is durable and rustproof


  • Tire diameter: 25" to 40"
    • Fits tires up to 15-1/2" wide
  • Dimensions:
    • Usable table space: 27-1/2" long x 23-1/2" wide
    • Storage size: 28-3/4" long x 23-1/2" wide x 2-1/2" tall
  • Capacity: 50 lbs
  • Weight: 12 lbs


  • If your vehicle's fender is extremely close to the tire, the table may not install correctly.
  • Do not use the table as a step or seat.

TGALUM Tail Gater Tire Table - Travel Table - Aluminum - Silver Powder Coat

Item # TT94FR

Video of Tailgater Tire Table - 27-1/2" Long x 23-1/2" Wide - Silver Powder Coated Aluminum

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Tailgater Tire Table Review

AJ: What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're going to be checking out the Tailgater Tire Table. What this is is it's a metal table with a loop that goes around your tire and attaches to there and that way you have a nice table space wherever you are. It's much better than hauling around a folding table in your car that takes up a lot of space and it's bulky. This is going to be great for camping or out with your RV at the campsite itself, or even tailgating in the parking lot. While I can fit a table in there just fine, you see how much more extra space it actually takes up.

It just goes across the whole seat and onto the floor as to our tire table would only take out half of that. Today, we're using it at a campsite. So it'd be minimal camping, like sleeping out of your vehicle or if we had a tent set up, we don't want to take that much stuff with us. We want to keep room for food and supplies and all the stuff we want for the weekend, the fun stuff.So a folding table isn't exactly in my plans to fit in my car. Plus the ground is not exactly level wherever you're going to hang out.

You can see the chair moves back and forth pretty easily. It's not exactly level. You sit in it and you don't move, it's fine. The table, if I brought a folding table would do the same thing. I would set that out, set a drink on it, it might wobble back and forth, move, you just don't want that.

You don't want things falling over, especially when you're out and you can't exactly run back to the store to get new stuff. This is going to be nice and secure to the tire and not going to move. I can push down on it, and sure, it bounces just a little bit, but it's level, so nothing's going to fall over. Now, this may have been an extreme example. I don't know if anybody's going to park straight up on a hill and decide to camp out but if you did, the table would still work because it doesn't have four legs like a normal fold-out table.It's got the loop around the back of the tire like we talked about and this leg out here that can be adjusted, that helps you with uneven ground to get the table nice, sturdy and even that way you can camp wherever you want to camp.

Another thing I want to point out that I liked is it doesn't sacrifice the door. I can still open my door and get anything I need out of the car, if I forgot something, so you don't have to pick between using the table and getting in your vehicle. I'm not really feeling the camp today. So I think we're going to go ahead and pack it up and go tailgating with it instead. So let's check out how easy it is just to put it in your car. Lift it up and off the tire, you got the foldable legs underneath, left it up and show you here. You just have this push button here, snaps back into place that way it won't swing around on you.These down here also stabilized against the tire. You just push that same button and then pull them out and they actually store right here. So I like that it all stays in one place. You don't have to worry about an extra bag, anything, no tools or accessories and then I can just put it in the car. We're good to go. Now we're in the parking lot for a tailgate and you can probably already tell that the tire on this Hummer is a little bit bigger and thicker than the tire on my Envoy. So we can easily adjust our table to fit it. But let's go ahead and see how it fits first before we adjust it, see how much we need to fix. Okay, so it looks like this bar just needs to come back a little bit more and that's easy enough to adjust. We'll just turn these knobs down here, just a little bit to loosen it up and just pull up on it a little bit more. That should be a better fit. Let's test it.I'm going to hold it down here by the bar so they don't move on me so I can test fit it and then tighten these knobs down while it's on the tire already. With it loose still I could push it in just a little bit more to get it tight to the tire. I like to leave it loose when I go to set on it a tire, that way I can adjust the table accordingly. You don't want to push it all the way against the tire, because you want to leave room to add your supports here on the side. So I've pulled it back just a little bit, just got a little gap there, so this'll fit in there and then this part will help grip against the tire. Last but not least, we're going to lower our support leg. And that's as easy as pushing the button up here, got a little silver button and you just push in there, pop the leg down and you can also loosen this and that'll extend it to where you need it.So I'm going to just tighten it up here and your table's fully supported on this end, I can push down on it and it's not going to go anywhere or move. Something else I'd like to point out is that if this is in the way, maybe you got three people at a table sitting around it, this is in the way if they're facing this way, or people are just walking by and you're worried they're going to kick it out from under there, you don't have a lot of space. You can also angle the support in and put it against the tire and see I'm wedging it underneath the tire and the concrete, tighten it down and now this isn't a problem. People can walk here and they're not going to kick it out from under there, this is more out of the way and you still have that stability. So our table's held up pretty well for tailgating. It's very sturdy. I can move it side to side. I'll do the shake test, move it back and forth.I was half expecting this leg to come out from under it when I shake it back and forth, it doesn't, it stays in place. Table feels very sturdy. Sure, you see a little movement, but you're going to have that on the table. But yeah, it works great. You can set your stuff down here, you don't have to worry about it collapsing under there, or if somebody accidentally bumps into it, sure, a cup might fall over, but the table's not going to collapse down on the vehicle. We showed you two different examples of the wide variety of tires this works with, the chunkier tires here on our Hummer versus the tires on the Envoy just shows you that the adjustability of this table really works. You can fit it to any tire you want to, but we actually have two of these to talk about today. So I'm going to throw both of them on the RV and we can compare them.We've installed both different ones we're going to talk about today on an RV. I know most of the time we've shown you this tan one, but this is the silver one we're going to be comparing it to. So let's jump right in. Now these tables operate the exact same way and have the same functions, the only difference is the color and the sizes. So let's measure it and see exactly how much we have to work with. We have 27 and a half across and 31 and a quarter long, so that just goes to show you how much space you have to work, that surface area. Those numbers, that's great. I don't know if you're like me, numbers don't really help me visualize how big and how much room I have to work with. So I got some coolers we've used this whole time to load them up and see how much space it actually has. So maybe you can visualize what you're going to put on there at home and see if it works with what you're thinking.Just got a full size cooler, a water cooler and a lunch box cooler. It fits all of those, no problem with some room to spare. Let's check out our silver option. You can already see that it's smaller. There's less surface area, but let's see exactly how much it is. 23 and a half across and 27 and a half long. Again, that's great, specific numbers, but I like to see it, so let's see it. Same coolers as before. Make sure our cooler is not touching the RV, we still got space. So all three still fit on the silver one that's a little bit smaller, you see we have a little bit of overhang with our water cooler. Otherwise though, plenty of room. A few other things to think about is what size tire you're going to use it with. They both fit the bigger tire size as you can see behind me. But the tan one is only going to fit tires down to 25 inches in diameter.Now the silver one over here, this one's going to fit down to 14 inch in diameter tire, so that's going to be smaller tires, more like your regular car tire, so that's what you're doing to put it on. I used it on my Envoy earlier, this one would probably be better for me because it's a normal size tire, not small, but in the mid range. This one is probably better for a bigger tire like you saw on the Hummer, that had a bigger chunkier tire, this one's going to fit better on there. One more thing to keep in mind is the weight capacities.So this one, the silver one's a little bit smaller, like we went over, it's weight capacity is 50 pounds. We've been loading up with coolers today, so those are empty coolers just showing you more space than weight, but keep that in mind when you're loading it up. I think these coolers would be just fine on it, you're not going to go over that with those. Now our tan one here has 75 pounds of weight capacity. So you can load a little bit more on this one for those heavier duty tailgating events. With all that in mind, let's check out a discussion I had earlier with the riders. And there are tailgate tables that actually use the hitch too, right Just the hitch mounted ones. AJ: Yeah. Mm-hmm (affirmative). Have you ever played with those AJ: Long ago, long ago we did that video at TR Hughes and we used that, but they weren't very sturdy back then. I hope they're better now, but yeah, I have more confidence in this. Those didn't have the stabilization here at the end, so they just sat up and I think there was just a bar this underneath it, so it had a lot of movement with it, it didn't really tighten down. Oh, that's what I was wondering if they we're really wobbly because they looked like they would be. AJ: Mm-hmm (affirmative). This one does have some movement don't get me wrong, but not a lot. Speaker 3: Yeah. I think this seems pretty solid because I was just checking and what you're saying, once you fold everything up, it's pretty small. So if you brought out a camping table or a folding table, we do have a few of those options too, but this seems like it's just that more rugged, solid option to go with and it seems like it takes a little bit of space too. AJ: Yeah, for sure. Speaker 4: A weird question I had, but say you we're parked in uneven terrain, could you move it around the tire to level it out if you had to AJ: We actually did that in the video, I parked the Envoy on an extreme hill where you probably wouldn't want to camp. I did it there just to show that the table can adjust in an extreme situation where the chair wasn't going to stand up it was going to fall down, but the table will still work. Speaker 4: Ah, cool. Is there a chance that those are going to scratch my rims I can't really tell for sure. I mean, it doesn't look like it's touching there. AJ: They haven't come close to the rims. We put it on today on the different vehicles. It seems like it doesn't even touch the tire here at the top. You can come up here and look. We recommend that you don't push it against the tire all the way, because then you can't fit these stabilizers in there. So you want to pull it just a little bit away from the tire to fit these stabilizers in here when you go to put this on. So this top bar is not really touching the tire. Stabilizers are resting against the tire and that's about it. Okay. So they're really designed to hit the rubber, they're not going to actually hit my wheels. AJ: Unless you have really big rims or something like that. Spinners. Speaker 4: inaudible 00:11:51. I noticed there's some padding on there for the stabilizers that hit the tire. AJ: It's actually grip. Speaker 4: Okay. AJ: I don't know how this will translate, but it's not really padding it just helps it grip the tire and keep it from moving. Speaker 4: Okay, cool. Doesn't seem like it'll stick on there or stay on there or after multiple uses do you think it might end up wearing off AJ: Let's see. Yeah, if I use my fingernail it'll peel up just fine, so just don't do that. I mean, you can get grippy tape at the hardware store too if it does wear off, right I guess. Speaker 4: What do you think about the overall construction, like the powder coat Do you see any issues with rusting or something You wouldn't probably want to leave it out in the elements too much. AJ: I mean, I'm sure it'll hold up if you leave it out to a couple rains, but it might be just the texture of it. I think of all those white patio tables people have and they rust pretty easily when you see them out on somebody patio later on. So I wouldn't leave mine out. If it started to rain, it probably wouldn't bother too much, but I would store them inside. Speaker 4: Okay. That's good to know. And it looks easy enough to just hose off too, which is nice if you're out camping. AJ: Yeah. We mentioned that too. If it's raining on your camping trip or whatever and you don't want to say your coolers and stuff down in the mud, this also helps to get it up off there. Keep yourself from getting dirty. And you had it all collapsed down earlier. So it really is super narrow. I mean, it should be easy enough to just throw it in the trunk. AJ: Mm-hmm (affirmative). It takes up very little space. Speaker 4: Yeah. I think compared to a folding table even. I guess I'm curious. I've only been tailgating once in my entire life, but some of the other people in this meeting I'm willing to bet you've been more often. Would you use something like this tailgating I mean, I'm sure you can, but would you Speaker 3: I would. AJ: I would. Speaker 3: You would probably pick that over grabbing a table like you we're talking about. AJ: Yeah, sure. Just to have something to had my cooler up and off the ground somewhere. Like I had the chair set up in the video, had my drink right next to me, for that. The only thing is they are a little expensive, but I get it now that I've used it. Maybe why is because they are so sturdy and they do stay so stable because some of the other ones the customers commented on using Walmart tables or something like that and they we're just fine, is what they said. But I don't know if I buy that or not. Basically like you said on the old table I used, inaudible 00:14:34 hitch, that wasn't very sturdy and I wasn't very impressed with that. Yeah. I mean, if nothing else, it gives you somewhere to put your drink that's not just the cooler so people aren't going to constantly move your stuff to get in and out of there. AJ: Yeah. Speaker 4: Yeah. And it's nice you could actually set a chair next to it and use it like a table, you know what I mean Sitting around the table kind of thing. Yeah. AJ: And you could have your bar set up or mixed drinks and stuff like that. Nachos, beer for tailgating. Speaker 4: For sure. You got on nachos on there. AJ: Yeah, nachos. Speaker 4: The only other thing because I haven't tailgated, I really don't camp, but I was thinking about working on the farm or something, even if you did have a truck, but your bed's full of whatever. Fence, you got steel posts, whatever, all that kind of stuff, you get to throw this off to the side and have just one more spot to set things, so I think it'd be nice for a lot of different situations. AJ: Yeah. But when you say it like that, maybe trimming tree limbs or something like that out in the field and I don't know, you can pick it up, set the limb up here and try and maybe chop it up a little bit easier than I have it on the ground. Speaker 4: Yeah. crosstalk 00:15:41 chainsaw would be nice not bending over, that kind of stuff. So could you put these on certain car tires or do you really think it's more Jeep, SUV, truck or do you think it would fit in some car tires AJ: I would say it would. I know the silver one wouldn't fit under 14 diameter and then the tan one was 24 inch diameter. Speaker 3: 25 I think. AJ: 25. Speaker 3: I think it just depends on the wheel well clearance too. AJ: Fender's might be a problem too, yeah. Speaker 3: Yeah. Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Can you turn back to it installed I'm just curious. Yeah, so you're still going to have the edges for the clearance, not to mention just getting it in there. AJ: Yeah. And another thing I found out when we went to go set this up, is it wouldn't fit on my front tire because I have a spring or something in the way. Ah. AJ: So it wouldn't go deep enough in there because of the spring or the turbo I have installed was in the way. But here there's none of that stuff. So that's something I didn't think about until we tried to install that front one and be like, "Oh, okay. That's something to keep in mind too." If you have low wheel clearance or there's any mechanical stuff that's there. Speaker 4: I was wondering that because I remember if you just headed out to a bonfire, but you we're in a car and you had something like this, seems like there's a lot of different uses for it. AJ: Yeah, you just have space to set stuff down. Speaker 4: Yeah, for sure. AJ: I will say to your earlier question, it was in the other inaudible 00:17:18 actually, but getting my hands back on this one and up on this one, this one is a little heavier. You can definitely tell that when you're holding both of them. The aluminum one is way lighter than this one. This one's still not that heavy, but this one's way lighter. Speaker 3: Yeah. And see, we have another one that's the same size as that aluminum one but it's made of that same material, steel, like the one you got your hand. So, I mean, I don't know if that aluminum's going to be a little bit more corrosion resistant or it's just lighter, but I mean, it's the choice. It's definitely more expensive than the steel one though for sure. That's what was wondering if there was a price difference. It's just the step up, which makes sense because yeah, aluminum by itself, as long as it's not mixed with a bunch of other stuff is rust-proof and lightweight, so I'd be willing to pay a little more for it. Speaker 4: Yeah. Well, I don't have anything else I don't think we need to hit on, but yeah. I appreciate you guys taking the time and having to rush back there and set it up again. I really appreciate it, man. AJ: It's all good. Speaker 4: All right. Well thank you guys, I appreciate it. AJ: All right. See you guys. Have a good one. Speaker 4: You too. AJ: All in all, the table went through all the tests and I think it did really good. It was really sturdy. I didn't worry about it when I had it on the tire. The aluminum one here, the gray is much lighter than this one, a little smaller, which at first I was like, "I don't want to get the small one, I want to get the bigger one. I want plenty of room for my stuff," but I think this one actually works better with my vehicle then the tan one. I think this one worked better on the Humvee as you saw earlier, so I actually changed my mind. I think I'll go with this one for my camping and this one's for a bigger vehicle. I hope I gave you enough information to help you make that decision too. Have a good one.

Customer Reviews

Tailgater Tire Table - 27-1/2" Long x 23-1/2" Wide - Silver Powder Coated Aluminum - TT94FR

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (2 Customer Reviews)

When you're camping or tailgating space can be at a premium. This table quickly attaches to any tire on your vehicle or trailer to give you a place to prepare food, eat meals, or relax with your coffee. Works on most tires 14" or larger.


This thing is awesome. I didn’t want to pay this much for a table but it’s a great table. I’m glad I went with aluminum it is so light but also sturdy.


Review from a similar Tailgater in Camping Table

This thing is awesome, used it now about 10 times have cooked a lot on it. saves a ton of time on pulling out regular tables. I would buy again nice product works as advertised. It is much more stable than I thought it would be.


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