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Electric Jack w/ Footplate - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3.5K - Black

Electric Jack w/ Footplate - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3.5K - Black

Item # EJ-3520-BBX
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EJ-3520-BBX - 2-1/4 Inch etrailer A-Frame Jack
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Electric A-frame jack has 2 toggle switches for operation. Jack has a retracted height of 9", an extended height of 28-1/2", and 19-1/2" of travel. Drop leg offers an extra 5-5/8" of lift. Includes a manual override handle. Call 800-298-8924 to order etrailer camper jacks part number EJ-3520-BBX or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all etrailer products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Electric Jack w/ Footplate - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3.5K - Black. Camper Jacks reviews from real customers.
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etrailer Camper Jacks - EJ-3520-BBX

  • A-Frame Jack
  • 3500 lbs
  • etrailer
  • Bolt-On
  • Electric Jack
  • 25-1/8 Inch Lift
  • 2-1/4 Inch

Electric A-frame jack has 2 toggle switches for operation. Jack has a retracted height of 9", an extended height of 28-1/2", and 19-1/2" of travel. Drop leg offers an extra 5-5/8" of lift. Includes a manual override handle.


  • Electric jack lets you raise and lower your A-frame trailer
  • Drop leg allows for increased lift and saves time when raising or lowering
    • Pin and clip holds leg at desired location
  • 2 Toggle switches on the front of the housing let you operate the jack
    • On/off switch controls light
    • Extend/retract switch controls up and down movement
  • LED light illuminates at a downward angle to help you focus on your coupler
  • Emergency crank (included) allows you to manually operate jack if needed
    • Requires a 3/8" socket to use the manual crank
  • Black powder coated outer tube
  • Zinc-finished inner tube and footplate resist corrosion
  • Simple, bolt-on installation
    • Wires to 12-volt power source
      • 12-Gauge wires
    • Serrated washer included for ground connection


  • Bracket height:
    • Retracted: 9"
    • Extended: 28-1/2"
  • Total lift: 25-1/8"
    • Screw travel: 19-1/2"
    • Drop leg travel: 5-5/8"
  • Clearance:
    • 20-1/2" From bottom of bracket to top of jack
  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Inner tube diameter: 2"
  • Hole spacing on drop leg: 1-7/8"
  • Footplate diameter: 5-1/2"
  • Lift capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • 1-Year warranty

EJ-3520-BBX Ram Powered Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 19-1/2" Screw Travel - 3,500 lbs - Black

Video of Electric Jack w/ Footplate - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3.5K - Black

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate designed for use on A-frame trailers. This offers 25 and 1/8 of an inch of lift and a 3500 pound capacity. In black, the part number is EJ-3520-BBX and in white, it's part number EJ-3520-WBX.Now an electric A-frame jack like this is going to take a lot of the work out of hooking it up and disconnecting your trailer. With these big enclosed trailers, campers and even utility trailers, it can be quite heavy. Getting a manual jack, the operator lifting it up to your ball, it's just not very feasible.With this, we're able to very quickly and easily adjust the height up and down. When connected to either our vehicle or to a 12 volt power source inside our trailer.

Now on the front of the jack, you're going to have two buttons to operate it. One will be for up and down. The other's going to be for the light. Now this can be pretty handy. We've got a lens here on the bottom that shines right down on our coupler, and also out towards our vehicle so we can make our wiring connections pretty easy.Now the cover on the jack's designed to shield it from any kind of moisture or anything like that.

As the rain comes down, it hits, it's going to run off, we've got our seam around the bottom side here so we shouldn't have to worry about that moisture getting in. Also you've got a cap here, you're gonna turn it and lift up. It allows you to access the emergency override. Now in the event that you don't have a power supply or maybe your trailer's battery is going dead, we can take the provided handle, place it down and on and easily raise or lower our trailer so we can still make our connection.Now as you can see, the jack's designed to really give you a lot of lift on the front side of your trailer. So this can help with run-off and drainage on the backs so things don't sit on top.

And something else you'll like, when it gets to it's fully extended position, it just stops, we don't have to worry about overdoing it.With it in this position, we'll get a bracket height measurement that'll be right up to that mounting surface. It's going to be about 33 and 3/4 of an inch. So if we retract our footplate, that'd be closer to that 28 and 1/2 inch mark.We see fully retracted with that leg extended. We're at about 14 and 1/2, 14 and 5/8, so if we subtract the drop leg, it puts us at about 9. Now the outer tube of our jack and the plate are going to have a black powder coat finish.

While the inner tube or pinning clip and drop leg are going to have the zinc finish. Both of those are going to be great at resisting corrosion.Now not only does this drop leg help to save us some wear and tear on our jack and also us some time, but it also helps to spread the energy or the force of that jack out over a greater area. This can be really important when we're on softer surfaces and prevent it from sinking into the ground.Now another measurement to keep in mind will be from the top of our bracket here to the very top of our jack, we've got about 20 and 1/2 to 20 and 5/8 of an inch. You just want to make sure if you have anything overhanging, you've got enough room for that to fit in.Now to begin your jack installation of course, you'll want to remove your old jack. Save the hardware with that though. The jack doesn't come with it, so you'll want to have that handy. Then we'll just remove our footplate here, set to the side and we'll be ready to drop our tube down through. Now this is a two and a quarter inch outside diameter tube. So you just want to ensure that your holes large enough to accommodate that, and you should have your triangle shape bolt pad in there. It's pretty standard on A-frame trailers. It's going to bring that right down through and line those up.Now if you don't have hardware already existing or if you need to replace it if yours is damaged, you just want to ensure that you're using a 3/8 inch diameter bolt that needs to be at least a grade five. As long as you meet those requirements, you'll be in good shape. You see ours had a lock washer on it. I'm gonna keep that and then we're gonna place on our flat washer. The flat washer's provided with the jack as well as the star washer. That's gonna go underneath that flat washer. When we tighten it down, it's gonna penetrate that paint, so we get a good ground. We're going to do that in all three of our locations. Now we're going to torque our fasteners down to the specifications listed in the instructions.Now once we've got our jack nice and secure, we now are going to move onto wiring it up. You'll see they give you a good length of wire here. What I like to do is run this along with my seven pole. You can there are a couple zip ties already on there. It really uses many zip ties as you need to keep everything nice and secure.Now you can get power for this from two ways. If you're using it on a camper or an enclosed trailer, something that already has a battery on board, you can just run this to your battery. It's going to be grounded here so everything should work as long as your battery is grounded. If not, if you don't have an on-board battery, you can do it right off the power coming through your vehicle through your seven pole plug. Ours runs to a junction box. The wire coming out of the junction box is here and that'll provide the power that we need when we're hooked up. So, if you have the option to hook it up to the battery, I recommend doing that, then you'll always have power. If you don't have a battery on-board, you'll only have power to the jack when this is plugged into a truck with a working 12 volt power outlet or any vehicle for that matter with a working 12 volt power plug coming out of it.Now the extra wire, I've just coiled up here at the base of the jack, really keeps it out of the way, not really too much of an issue, and then you'll have extra if you ever need to change it or make any modifications. We're going to run that to our power wire here. So let's cut them off to the appropriate length. We're going to get both sides of that stripped back and we're going to use a butt connector to connect 'em, this is part number DW05745. It's a heat shrink butt connector. Since this is going to be out in the elements, it's a good idea to use the heat shrink just to protect it from the moisture. Got both sides of that crimped down, and then we'll use a heat gun, a mini-torch or a lighter and get that shrank. Just going to apply a little heat at a time here and you'll see that start to shrink down around the wire. Once you have it fully shrank, almost looks like your wire magnifies a little bit.Now we'll just use a couple more zip ties. Make sure our wires are nice and tight so they don't get hung on anything. You see on our drop leg here, we've got four holes to choose from. This one will have it in it's highest position. That's going to be more of a stored position. But this gives us four holes with an inch and 7/8 between 'em for a total of 5 and 5/8 inches of adjustment. That's just going to save wear and tear on our jack and the time we have to have it operating. We can get that down and then use our jack a little bit more quickly.Now we'll take the provided pin and clip. You just want to set your drop leg where you like it, bring that through and then secure it with the clip there. And as you can see, that's drastically going to reduce the distance our jack has to travel. Now we'll hook it up to our vehicle as you can see here so we have power, run the jack on down and support it.That's going to complete our look at the Etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate.

Customer Reviews

Electric Jack w/ Footplate - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3.5K - Black - EJ-3520-BBX

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (823 Customer Reviews)

Electric A-frame jack has 2 toggle switches for operation. Jack has a retracted height of 9", an extended height of 28-1/2", and 19-1/2" of travel. Drop leg offers an extra 5-5/8" of lift. Includes a manual override handle.

- EJ-3520-BBX

Received yesterday and had it mounted within half hour after delivery. Very simple installation and works great. Arrived just in time for leaving today for two weeks camping. I have bought from you people before and have never been disappointed with your service or delivery. Thank you. 441191

So far so good. The electric jack stand has held up very well this past year. Highly recommended
Bill S - 10/10/2018


- EJ-3520-BBX

My electric trailer jack came at noon today. Got home from work at5:30 and had all hooked up and running in 25 minutes! Easy to install! Was worried about the motor head being too tight against propane bottle cover...but it fit perfectly!Runs super smooth so far. I put up with a hand crank tongue jack for far too long. Seems like a good product for a reasonable price!! 394253

- EJ-3520-BBX

After purchasing a small camper and using the hand crank jack two times that I would look for an electric jack to replace it. Many of the jacks cost more than I wanted to spend. Then I found "etrailer.com". The prices were reasonable. I ordered Item EJ-3520-BBX electric jack. I have had it for a year now and have used it many times. I truly a happy camper. It has saved me time and energy. My wife can operate it and has no trouble letting me fish while she breaks camp with no help at all. The follow up service is great. Check "etrailer.com" before you buy any where else. 566675

It is still doing great.
Samuel L - 09/19/2019


- EJ-3520-BBX

What a easy upgrade for your camper. I ordered and received in a few days. etrailer just does it right. Install was so easy, anyone can do it. No more cranking for me, push the button and like majic, you can take your trailer up or down. I also purchase the cover to keep the weather of the motor and controls. It is nice too. Thanks Lisa D for your great service. 496356

- EJ-3520-BBX

I bought this jack after doing a lot of research. The conclusion I came to was that most of these electric jacks are basically the same design with a different name stamped on them. I like how this one has an inline fuse, a higher lift range, and an adjustable footplate. I read a lot of forums, Facebook pages and reviews on a variety of websites. Etrailer offered the best option for what I was looking for. This jack is well made. It's heavy and solid. It was super easy to install. If you can't install this, you probably shouldn't be pulling a trailer. It was literally 3 bolts and a ring terminal. The wire lead does not come with a ring terminal attached. You have to add your own, which is no big deal. It comes this way so you can cut the excess wire to fit your application. It also came with 3 washers and 3 star washers to ensure a good ground connection on the wiring. The light is super bright as well. Etrailer kept me up to date the whole way through the ordering and shipping process. This was my first purchase from them and it was a great experience. 438735

- EJ-3520-BBX

Well, we installed the electric tounge jack on our new Coleman camper and it worked perfectly. Easily installed, perfect for our trailer. Can't wait for Spring! 576113

Awesome, make life good again!
Peter - 10/21/2019


- EJ-3520-BBX

We at Cariboo RV Mobile Part Service & Repair bought 2 of these Electriic Jacks (EJ-3520-BBX) and have sold them, nice product... Thanks etrailer... 442049

My camper jack is great, still working as good as new.... thanks so much...
Denise Y - 10/13/2018


- EJ-3520-BBX

Would have to say 4.5 on the rating only because of the installation instructions. On installation instruction #4 it tells you how to assemble the hardware and then directs you to a figure above. This figure is nothing more than the plain jack. Then it tells you on #6 to position the fuse holder as close to the power source positive terminal as possible. The fuse holder comes in already attached to the jack adjacent to the jack control switches. Ease of installation other than above. Common sense will get anyone past those directions. Jack operation was perfect after installation. Test of jack showed it works as advertised and I can't wait to use it in the upcoming camping trip. Ordering, customer service and shipping/receiving was excellent. I was informed on the delivery date and status of shipment by ETrailer to whole time. Properly packaged and the unit came in in excellent shape with no defects. As you can see in the pictures it is a clean install and I added a very nice cover which was also sold through E-Trailer. Another nice product to finish a successful installation. 379431

- EJ-3520-BBX

I installed the jack in about 10 minutes. It works great. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good jack without spending a lot of money. The service was great also and I will be buying from etrailer again if I need anything. Thanks! 393024

The jack is hanging tough and working great
Bob N - 06/14/2018


- EJ-3520-BBX

Used it for about 5 dry camping trips last summer with my 24' toy hauler. Works fine, has plenty of power to lift the tongue off the trailer hitch even when it is somewhat bound to the hitch ball. Bought a cover to keep it covered and out of the high elevation sun. It sure saves a lot of manual labor fighting with the manual hitch crank. 730284

- EJ-3520-BBX

After four camping trips with a manual tounge jack, I decided to buy an electric one. My last camp site was 8 inches off level and that was enough for me. I installed the EJ-3520-BBX this afternoon. Everything worked fine except for a few tweaks. The lower a-frame hole for the tongue jack was too small so I had to use a sanding drum on a drill to open it up so it would fit. Not a big deal to me but might have been for someone non-mechanical. Not sure if that was a trailer problem or a non-standard tube diameter. The jack light (three LED's mounted on a circuit board) under the jack screw and motor cover had become completely dislodged from its slotted mount and was just floating around in the plastic housing. I took the cover off, re-mounted it and used stainless washers under the cover screws to prevent them from digging into the plastic when I put the cover back on. The jack works as advertised, and even picked up the rear of my Ram 2500 Cummins several inches to facilitate putting my Blue Ox WDH sway bars on. The tongue weight of my trailer is 650 lbs so I'm guessing it picked up well over 1500 lbs. I found an old dry bag and it fits perfectly over the jack to protect it from the weather. So far I am pleased with it but wished the manufacturer had used and automotive type spade fuse instead of the antiquated tubular glass fuse. Only time will tell as to the durability and longevity of this product but I am optimistic and there is a manual crank included if something goes down. A tick over a hundred bucks can save one a lot of aggrevation! 443807

Generally, I am happy with the product it has adequate power to lift my 900 lb. tounge weight plus lift the rear of my Ram 2500 to facilitate installing the spring bars of my Blue Ox WDH. However, what I dislike about the jack is the fact that there is no limit switch either up or down. It is possible to over-extend or collapse the jack when that happens, you can hear the gears slip a tooth which Im sure, over time, will incapacitate the jack.
Dennis D - 10/18/2018


- EJ-3520-BBX

I checked out a lot of reviews before buying this jack. Part of my decision was based on the price point and that it has a higher lifting distance than some of the others. Installing the jack was a snap. Just mount the trailer on your trucks hitch for temporary support during the change over and you're off to the races. The bolt pattern matched the old manual jack so no issued there. Even with the washers that come with the electric jack my original screws were still long enough (you will need to reuse yours, the electric jack doesn't come with any). I simply zip tied the wire to the existing wire bundle under the A-frame. I did buy a ring kit to attach the end of the power wire to the battery properly. I did not cut any length from the wire as some reviewers had advised. Just coiled up the excess. The jack worked right away. I think I heard my aging shoulder breath a sigh of relief. Afterwards. I did order a cover for the electric jack head. I figure the unit will last longer if the sun isn't always burning down directly on it. So far, I would recommend this jack. Time will tell. 543425

- EJ-3520-BBX

The old jack on our tent trailer (2" outer pipe) was getting harder to crank, and just didn't have the reach of this 12v powered jack I read about in an eTrailer email. I felt somewhat sure of the measurements and ordered it. It came on the third business day which was terrific as we're headed on a 5,000 mile odyssey up to Maine and through New England starting three days later. I rechecked the measurements, and note that, without the footplate, the lower level is 7" with about an additional 1-1/8" reveal of the inner 2" pipe. Installation was basically easy, and the holes lined up perfectly to re-use the original bolts along with the furnished washer hardware. In my case, the lower plate was LESS THAN 2-1/4'' and I spent a few minutes cutting with a Dremel tool to accommodate the lower pipe. The electrical hook-up was simple. I normally leave the negative connection to my battery detached, and this unit won't work without it re-connected since it grounds the frame. The upside of that is that you don't need to have an inline switch to thwart mischief, simply disconnect the negative cable to your trailer battery. This unit gives me much more range of height, the motor is powerful and quiet, and moves at a reasonable pace. The included footplate adds more height, but I'll use a short, flat one as a matter of convenience. Everything was as described, except for the measurements. I'd note that the top box is a full 8" deep. For us, that means I can't open the back gate of the tow vehicle when attached, but we'll change our discipline and put last minute items in the storage area of the trailer. Well done, eTrailer! 441983

A year later, the electric jack has worked flawlessly for us over the past year. I still give the unit a 5-star rating and enjoy the solid performance of the electric trailer jack.
Brian i - 10/13/2018


- EJ-3520-BBX

This inexpensive travel trailer jack arrived after only two days via UPS. Securely packaged. It is truly a quality item! Very easy to install and works great. The manual handle is a bonus in the event it is ever needed. Be sure to follow the instructions making sure the three screws on the plate are solidly grounded using the supplied star washers. I can honestly say that this jack is one of the best items I've ever bought for my RV. Thanks etrailer! 480612

Still working great after a year. Im using the black vinyl cover, although the jack appears to be resistant to weather.
John M - 03/03/2019


- EJ-3520-BBX

Great customer service. After receiving a damaged unit on Tuesday the 26th, I called and spoke to Sal and emailed him pictures of the damages. Also they had originally sent a white one but I had ordered a black one. They immediately shipped a new black undamaged unit and I just received it on the 29th and got it installed. The damaged unit is on it's way back to E trailer. I have purchased many items from Etrailer and am very pleased with their service. 463641

I had to enlarge the hole in the tongue with a rotary file but after that the installation went well. Have used it for about 6 trips now and dont know how I ever did without it.
Jerry H - 12/29/2018


- EJ-3520-BBX

Very solid and heavy duty jack, with bright LED lighting, manufactured by Ram. Adjustable foot piece for quicker adjusting... Jack pretty easy to install, with single wire electrical connection and 3 bolts. Jack has low gear ratio and foot shaft moves slowly, but has plenty of power to lift front of trailer. Plenty of clearance behind jack for propane tank cover on our Airstream. Replaced more expensive model that was bent at mounting flange being winched onto transport trailer. 474270

Jack is still slow and steady and has worked perfectly since installation... The adjustable foot unit is about an inch too tall for at lowest position some sites, based on low hitchball height of our tow vehicle, but we have used the shorter foot from prior jack as an alternate, and that solved problem...
John - 02/09/2019


- EJ-3520-BBX

Customer Service is number 1!! Mr. George is awesome on ensuring you receive the product and are satisfied. I had the electric jack installed in less than an hour. That included reading instructions, acquiring the tools, running electrical check for hot wire, and replacing the tools. I used the electrical box under front of the trailer for the power. To ensure I would not chaff the wire, I selected a hole in the box and drilled it to 3/8". I then drilled a hole in a valve stem cap so the wire would slip through the valve stem cap. I then pushed the cap into the hole and wired to existing electric wires with wire cap. 491854

- EJ-3520-BBX

The Ram jack was very easy to install and hook up!! The motor runs super quite and has plenty of power to raise and lower our camper trailer. Only thing wrong with it was the plastic housing has a crack in it which I think happened in shipping. 394778

- EJ-3520-BBX

Great value for money. First, the manual crank works better than the original manual only jack. Second, my wife finds the electric option very helpful. The physical installation is very easy and it fits right where the original jack was. The downside is that installation is simple but needs planning if your trailer doesn't already have an electric jack. You need to plan to put a large 12V battery on the trailer and then wire it in to both the jack and the trailer to tow vehicle connection. That connection is needed since, in our experience, even a charged car battery won't last for a complete raise so the tow vehicle connection is needed to supply the extra needed power to complete the lift. 572020

- EJ-3520-BBX

I have installed the tongue lift on my camper . It fit perfectly and it operated just fine . No problems so far . I used a small battery clip on the hot wire from the lift and when I need to use it I simply clip it to the 12 volt battery on my camper . The way my camper is wired the ground wire from the camper to the battery has to be hooked up in order for the lift to operate . But I am very happy with it so far . By the way what is the warranty on the lift ? Sending pictures also of installation . 471421

Douglas, this product is covered by a 1-year limited warranty.
-- Laura E - 01/31/2018


- EJ-3520-BBX

I just installed this jack. The installation went easy but I did need a hammer to get the jack past the bottom hole in the trailer mount. Hook up to the battery was easy, just crimp on a ring terminal and connect it. I don't think this jack is very weather proof so I covered it with a canvas and suggest this is a necessary step. Only time will tell how it works long term but the price for this unit is very competitive and the jack seems well made. It was important to me to have the ability to raise and lower the jack manually and this is an option on this jack. 435649

I have had my trailer out a number of times in the past year. The jack has worked flawlessly. The only down side is my tailgate will not lower all the way with the trailer hitched up. It means I have to do a bit of preplanning but other wise its not a problem. I still keep the jack covered and suggest this is necessary for long life.
Ed B - 09/23/2018


- EJ-3520-BBX

It took way to long to come ,due to a back order , not etrailer fault. but then when it did come they actully put a screw in with no threads i never sen anything like that so i took a old screw from my old unit. and replaced it. i wasnt happy when i seen thay had a white one same thing but white for 116.00 and i paid 144.00 I actully told them after waiting I wanted the 116.00 one I think I should have got it or at least had the price reduced. im only writing this review because ui got a letter askig em to and i speak the truth period 545114

- EJ-3520-BBX

I installed this jack about two weeks ago on a 22' travel trailer, and have only used it 3 or 4 times. This is the first electric jack I have owned. It was a breeze to install, only took about 10 minutes to replace the manual jack. If I would have known how easy they were to install I would have replaced my manual jack several years ago. I didn't rate it 5 stars because it operates slower than I expected, (may be normal) and I originally had trouble getting the jack to work. Seemed to be stuck or the gears out of sync. I took the manual crank and worked the jack back and forth a few times to get it going. Works good now. For the price I'm very satisfied. Only time will tell how the jack holds up, but if I can get 3 years or so out of it I will be happy. Sure beats cranking the trailer up and down by hand. I had a an old laptop case that I am using to protect the motor unit from the weather and it seems to do the job. 489608

Still very satisfied with this jack. After one year of moderate use I have had no problems. Its so much easier than the manual crank type. Thanks ETrailer!
Tom F - 03/27/2019


- EJ-3520-BBX

Excellent product! This was super easy to install, took longer to look up what wire I needed to connect the jacks power lead to on my trailer that it did to do the actual install! This thing works great and has made life so much easier for my wife, hooking and unhooking our 7x16 cargo trailer is a breeze now, she often does craft shows. If I had another trailer I'd buy this jack again. 446201

- EJ-3520-BBX

Installed the new RAM electric tounge jack on my enclosed car hauler trailer. Very happy with this unit. Quick install, like the adjustable foot pad, and operated smoothly. etrailer packages well and deliveries quick. 500199

Working great. No problems to report. Highly recommend this product and your business! Thanks
Gary D - 04/24/2019

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  • Can the Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-BBX be Connected to 12V Circuit on 7-Way
    You can use the 12V circuit on your 7-Way to power the Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-BBX but it is usually best to use a separate 12V battery that is stored on your trailer. Reason being that sometimes the trailer jack needs more power than the 12V wire from your tow vehicle can deliver. Is it possible, yes, but if that isn't enough power you will need to add a battery to your trailer. We do have the Buyers Products Jack # 3370093500 which you can plug right in to your 7-Way...
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  • Troubleshooting Ram 3,500 lb Trailer Tongue Jack Working Intermittently
    I reached out to my contact at Ram and he said that their electric jacks, like part # EJ-3520-BBX, # EJ-3520-WBX, or # EJ-3527-BBX have one fuse and it is located on the black wire where it enters the housing. From what you described I believe your problem is a bad ground. These jacks ground through the mounting hardware so if the connection isn't solid and constant it can cause the issues you are having. What my contact recommended doing was taking some of the paint off of the trailer...
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  • Fuse Location on etrailer.com Electric Jack # EJ-3520-BBX
    On the etrailer.com Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-BBX that you referenced the 30 amp barrel fuse like # EJ-FUSE is located in a flared opening right where the black power wire comes out of the motor housing. It is very easy to access and replace if the need arises. I have attached a short video demonstration on this jack that you can check out as well.
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  • Determining the Correct Electric Jack for Jayco 22FB Trailer
    There are no obvious cons to having an electric jack as opposed to a manual jack and most people prefer an electric jack due to its ease of use. As for what electric jack you need for your Jayco 22FB, that is going to depend on the diameter of the jack hole; it will need to accept the outer tube diameter of the jack. For example, the Ultra-Fab Electric A-Frame Jack # UF38-944017 has a 2" outer tube diameter, the etrailer Electric Jack # EJ-3520-BBX has a 2-1/4" outer tube diameter and...
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  • How to Replace Power Switch on RAM Electric Jack w/ Footplate
    It sounds like you have either the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-BBX or the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-WBX. If that is the case then the Replacement Power Switch part # EJ-3520-PSW is the correct replacement for you. In order to replace the switch you need to take a flathead screwdriver or pick and pry the top and bottom of the switch to release it from the housing. You can then unplug the spade connectors from the old switch and into the new switch making sure...
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  • Replacement 500V 30A Fuse for RAM Power Jack
    We actually carry the replacement fuse part # EJ-FUSE for RAM or etrailer.com trailer jacks, like part # EJ-3520-BBX. With that being said, I have reached out to RAM about this in the past and they have said that there isn't anything special about the fuse so if you are able to find one at your local home improvement store, like one that you mentioned, then it will work just the same.
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  • Replacement Parts Available for the eTrailer Electric Jack with Footplate
    If you are referring to the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-BBX for black or part # EJ-3520-WBX for white then yes, we do have the correct replacement extend/retract switch and for this you will want to use the Replacement Power Switch for RAM Electric Trailer Jack part # EJ-3520-PSW. We also have several other replacement parts which I have attached for you below. Replacement Light Switch for Electric Trailer Jack with Footplate - part # EJ-3520-LSW Replacement Cap for Electric...
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  • Troubleshooting Ram Electric Jack Lights Working But Jack Not Operating
    If the light on your Ram Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-BBX is working but the jack motor is not actually getting any or enough power to operate, I first recommend checking to make sure the power source is good. Make sure the battery you are using is fully charged and in good condition. If the battery is good, check to make sure you have a solid ground connection to a clean, bare metal surface. A weak ground might be allowing for just enough power to reach and power the lights, but...
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  • Can etrailer.com Electric Jack Be Rotated to Allow Clearance for Truck Tailgate
    The motor housing on the etrailer.com Electric Jack # EJ-3520-BBX can't by itself be rotated but you could certainly spin the entire jack around on the trailer since the mounting holes are asymmetric. This should hopefully give you the needed clearance to drop your Ram's tailgate. Another option is to leave the jack how it's installed and replace your existing ball mount with a longer one such as the Curt # D-26 that measures 12-5/8 inches from the center of the pin hole to the center...
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  • How Much Does An Electric Trailer Tongue Jack Need To Be Rated For
    In regards to selecting a tongue jack for a trailer, it only needs to be rated for the tongue weight of the trailer which is usually 10-15% of the gross trailer weight (GVWR). For example, if the trailer has a gross trailer weight of 5,500 lbs then the tongue weight will be around 550 lbs to 825 lbs. Therefore, a trailer tongue jack rated for 3,500 lbs would be plenty. Furthermore, the higher rated option you choose the longer it will last and faster it will operate as it won't have to...
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  • Can 7-Way 12V Power Feed Operate High-Capacity Electric Winch
    The 12V power circuit in standard 7-way trailer wiring is typically limited to about 30-amps current. This is enough to operate a trailer's electric A-frame tongue jack, like # HT87247 or # EJ-3520-BBX, but it may not be even close to the power needed by a high-capacity winch. For instance, the Bulldog Trailer Winch # BDW15020, rated for 4400-lbs, will draw at full load well over 300-amps of power! This requires a dedicated trailer-mounted winch battery of at least 650 cold cranking...
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  • Replacement Cover for RAM 3,500 lb Electric A-Frame Jack
    If your RAM jack has the same design as the 3,500 lb etrailer.com jack # EJ-3520-BBX (a rebranded RAM jack), then the replacement cover is part # EJ-3520-BCV on our site.
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  • Replacement Housing Assembly for etrailer and Ram Electric A-Frame Jack
    Yes we do! The replacement housing assembly for Electric Jack # EJ-3520-BBX is the Replacement Cover, Cap, and Lens for etrailer and Ram Electric A-Frame Jacks # EJ-3520-BCV.
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  • Replacement Fuse for etrailer.com Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack
    The etrailer.com Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-BBX has a 500V 30 amp fuse that is a bus style fuse. You can use the Replacement Fuse for etrailer or Ram Electric A-Frame Jack - Qty 1 # EJ-FUSE if that fuse goes bad.
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  • Does etrailer.com Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-BBX Have Fuse
    Tthe etrailer.com Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-BBX that you referenced has a 30 amp barrel fuse like # EJ-FUSE which is located in a flared opening right where the black power wire comes out of the motor housing. It is very easy to access and replace if the need arises. Hopefully it's just a fuse that blew and you didn't damage the threads of the screw which is common when over extending powered a-frame jacks.
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  • Troubleshooting Trailer Jack That Won't Raise Up
    If your electric jack, like part # EJ-3520-BBX, isn't able to raise your trailer then either your battery needs to be charged (which you ruled out), you have a bad ground, or something is going on with your trailer jack motor. Since you ruled out inadequate power the next step is to check your trailer ground to make sure it is securely connected to a clean, bare-metal surface. Sometimes the ground is on a wire while other times the jack grounds through the mounting hardware so you need...
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  • Distance Between Mounting Holes on Electric Jack w/ Footplate EJ-3520-BBX
    The a-frame jack mounting holes are an industry standard measurement so you really don't need to worry about measuring as the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-BBX will work with this industry standard. That said, the mounting hole pattern is 3" on center on the Electric Jack w/ Footplate so you are good to go and I agree the jack will work well for you and has plenty of capacity. The extra capacity will help the jack last longer and lift faster since there isn't as much strain.
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  • Best Value Electric Trailer Jack For Toy Hauler Trailer
    The etrailer.com electric jacks part # EJ-3520-BBX and part # EJ-3520-WBX are the most valuable option for your money. The etrailer.com jacks are manufactured by RAM industries which is a very dependable and well known trailer jack manufacturer. They also will provide you with 28-1/2" of lift with 3.5K capacity and smooth operation and they feature LED lights that allow you to hook up your trailer more easily at night.
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  • Determining Tongue Weight and Selecting Electric Jack for 2004 Eclipse Attitude Camper
    Your tongue weight is about 10-15% of the loaded trailer weight so if your Attitude weighs 5500 pounds empty plus let's add for example 2,500 pounds, your maximum tongue weight would be 1,200 pounds. An option like Item # EJ-3520-BBX Electric Jack w/ Footplate rated to 3,500 pounds is my recommendation. Using a jack rated over the tongue weight allows for your jack to lift quickly and have a longer life of use. This jack is also simple to operate with just two toggle switches and the...
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  • Electric Jack for Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer
    It is very likely, although we do not have any types of parts list for each year, make and model of trailer to tell you if the Electric Jack # EJ-3520-BBX will fit your Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer. There is a simple way for you to find out; just measure the diameter of the jack hole in your A-frame coupler to see if the 2-1/4" diameter outer tube of this jack will fit and as I mentioned, it is probable. This jack has a retracted height of 9 inches and extended height of 28-1/2...
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  • Recommended Electric Trailer Jack for an A-Frame Trailer With 700 lb Tongue Weight
    I recommend using the etrailer.com Electric Jack with a Footplate, part # EJ-3520-BBX, for A-Frames. This trailer jack is rated for 3,500 lbs so it will have more than enough power to lift and lower your tongue weight of 700 lbs. This trailer jack has a total lift of 25-1/8 inches and comes with an LED light that shines down towards the coupler to make connecting or disconnecting your trailer in the dark much easier. Another great feature about this electric trailer jack is that it has...
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  • Recommended Replacement Trailer Jack for a Northwood Arctic Fox
    The Electric Trailer Jack A-Frame part # EJ-3520-BBX for black or part # EJ-3520-WBX for white is an excellent option for a Northwood Arctic Fox. The Electric Trailer Jack A-Frame will also work just fine in cold weather as well so there should be no issues here. In regards to capacity, the Electric Trailer Jack A-Frame has a 3,500 lb rating which will exceed the Northwood Arctic Fox. The higher the weight capacity of the jack is in relation to the weight of the trailer, the longer it will...
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  • Recommended Electric A-Frame Tongue Jack for 2017 Jayco Jay Flight SLX Travel Trailer
    Trailer tongue jacks can be rated for well under the trailer's actual weight since they never have to lift the entire trailer, only the weight of the tongue area at the coupler end. Usually in a properly-loaded trailer this will be between 12% and 15% of the trailer's total gross weight (GVWR). Since your 2017 Jayco Jay Flight SLX A-frame travel trailer has an unloaded tongue weight (TW) of 710-lbs we can estimate that when fully loaded the TW will be more like 1000-lbs. For this weight...
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