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Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly - 750 lbs - 8" to 15"

Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly - 750 lbs - 8" to 15"

Item # JSS-85
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Extend the life of your step assembly with a Stabil-Step jack from Stromberg Carlson. For any step assembly attached to your RV, take up to 750 lbs off your step tread, carrying mechanism and RV frame. 1-800-940-8924 to order Stromberg Carlson camper jacks part number JSS-85 or order online at Free expert support on all Stromberg Carlson products. Great prices and Fastest Shipping for Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly - 750 lbs - 8" to 15". Camper Jacks reviews from real customers.
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Stromberg Carlson Camper Jacks - JSS-85

  • Stabilizer Jack
  • Step Jack
  • 0 - 1000 lbs
  • 15 Inch Lift
  • 1 Jack
  • Stromberg Carlson

Extend the life of your step assembly with a Stabil-Step jack from Stromberg Carlson. For any step assembly attached to your RV, take up to 750 lbs off your step tread, carrying mechanism and RV frame.


  • Less wear and tear on step assembly means longer life
  • Adjustable height


  • Capacity: 750 lbs
  • Extended height: 15"
  • Retracted height: 8"
  • 1-Year limited warranty

JSS-85 Stromberg Carlson Step Jack Stabil-Step, 8" - 15"

California residents: click here

Video of Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly - 750 lbs - 8" to 15"

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Stromberg Carlson Step Assembly Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack Review

Zach: Hey everybody Zach here Today, we're going to be showing you how to solve the issue of having steps that just aren't as strong, they're not as stable. Now this one, maybe isn't the best example, but you can kind of get an idea. These move around a lot. And we're all familiar with the style that as soon as you step on it, you feel like you're going to rip them off the brackets that are holding itself onto the camper.Stromberg Carlson has a couple of different ways to solve that. This is going to be the Stable Step Stabilizer.

And this is going to be one that mounts directly to your steps. So if we take a closer look at it down here, the way this works is this is essentially just a drop leg that stores up in itself. So you can see here, we have two mounting holes. It comes with hardware. And you mount this underneath your step.

So you can do it whichever way is necessary. If we just had one, we'd want to maybe do it like this. So it centers right in itself. But I would suggest maybe getting two, especially if you have steps that are really unstable, and that way you could maybe offset them like this and they drop down to one another.But how it works is you pull this pin and clip out of here, and then this leg drops down. So you can picture this.

We're not going to mount this today because the customer is going with another option, because this isn't too bad, they didn't want anything that's permanently installed. But you'd mount it, we'll just say like that. And when it drops down, we could just rotate this. I'm going to take it off here since it's a little loose right now. And then it rotates right there.

So it's got a threaded bolt on the inside that runs through that. And we would just spin this until it makes contact.Now that's the downside to this manual style ones, is that you got to sit down here and spin these around. But a lot of people, what they do is they'll just buy a whole new set of steps or they'll get an upgraded model like the GlowStep Revolution. Those are all really nice ways to go, but they're really expensive. So this gets you nice, stable steps. You can see they're putting all my weight into that and that's not pushing down. And that's because these have a 750 pound capacity. So, that's a really significant amount of weight.A lot of the times it's going to exceed the amount of your steps. So go with whichever is the lowest between the two, but this is going to be a much easier way than having to rip out your steps, buy a whole new set, save some money, maybe put that money towards something else on upgrading your camper until you've really seen the end of the days for your steps. So then whatever, it's time to fold these back up. You can just lift this back up into place. And then we can just put that pin and clip back in there, kind of hard to see here. And especially with it not being mounted.So I'm going to take it off real quick. You can see, it's just going to sit right up in there. So folding this up on itself, you can see if I folded that all the way in, it doesn't interfere with that at all. There is no contact there. That's just the step hitting itself. So this is a really nice option, if you're looking for something that's cost effective, but you don't have to go fishing around in the basement doors looking for something. Now, if this is not the way you want to go, if you don't want to permanently mount something to it, Stromberg Carlson has another option and this is going to be another Stable Step from Stromberg Carlson, this is a really good option.This is actually what this customer is going to end up going with, because they don't want to permanently mount something. It's more of if they get maybe on uneven ground a little bit, just because these steps are actually in pretty good shape when it comes to how stable they are, they still perform just well. But this just rotates has a nice platform on both the front or the top and the bottom there. And then it just does the same thing. You just slide it down in there, rotate that until it makes contact. We've tested this one out.I thought this one did a really good job. It's the same thing as this one when it comes to, if you just had one in the center, you're going to have issues with your steps kind of rocking a little bit. So I would pick up a second set with that one. And you know, if you paired these two together and you just had them opposite of one another, so you're supporting both sides. I think you're going to be in a really good set up. I like these a lot. I think that it's going to be fairly simple installation. You just put the included hardware in there and then all you have to do is pull your pins and clips, and you have a nice set of stable steps.Now, when it comes to the construction of this, this is going to be a steel construction. It's pretty sturdy. There's a little bit of flex right there, but that's not where any of the weight's going to be. All of this is going to be steel, has a black painted finish on it. I'm sure you're going to end up scratching it up if you're putting it on hard surfaces like this here today. But when it comes to that foot plate, it's going to measure it four inches by an inch and a half. So it provides pretty good coverage there. The other one that we showed you, the one that's more of a manual, you bring it out every time, that's going to be four inches by four inches. So it gives you a little bit wider footprint.Now that hole is not there for any sort of permanent installation, but what some people like to do is, one, it's going to add a little bit of drainage there if water gets down into it. But we've heard of people who will put a little bolt down through that and attach it to a board whenever they get to their campsite. And that just gives it a much larger footprint. But when it comes to the height adjustments on this, this is going to work with steps that are a little bit higher off the ground. So steps that are getting real close to the ground. This won't work out for them, like some RVs or some smaller campers.But it's going to have a minimum of 8-1/2. So when we bring this all the way up, it's going to have 8-1/2 inches and you just do that by rotating it. So in that configuration, it's going to be an 8-1/2 inches. So it'd be a little short for this, but some of the other campers that we have around here and RVs, it's definitely too tall for. And when we have it fully extended, it measures at about 15-1/2 inches. So you can take it a little bit further out, but Stromberg Carlson recommends stand within three threads there. And that's where you get that 15-1/2 inches. And that just makes sure that you don't have it right at the end and it pops out on accident. So you have a nice stable grip right there within those threads. So we can have this extended pretty far out and have a good stable platform.But overall, I'm pretty happy with this. I think that, especially if you're adding it to a set of steps, that's already in pretty good condition, just looking to make them last a little bit longer, add a little bit more stable platform there because as you put that weight on these bottom steps, it really puts a lot of pressure on everything. So adding it to a good set of steps is a good way to go. Or if you're just looking to make a set of steps last a little bit longer until you feel comfortable investing in some of those higher end steps, because those are really nice, but they're very expensive. So this is really good at holding those over or it's going to do a good job of lasting longterm for you as well. So whichever way you're looking to go, I think you're going to be pretty happy with it, but that does it for our look at the Stromberg Carlson Stable Step Stabilizer.

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Customer Reviews

Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly - 750 lbs - 8" to 15" - JSS-85

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (134 Customer Reviews)

Extend the life of your step assembly with a Stabil-Step jack from Stromberg Carlson. For any step assembly attached to your RV, take up to 750 lbs off your step tread, carrying mechanism and RV frame.


We used them for several trips, but, truthfully, they are too troublesome to use and for many months we have not even taken the time to put them down.

In order to install them, the only option I had was locate them in a space that requires them to be at the shortest setting for them to retract into the holder, but they ALWAYS have to be lengthened out several inches to hit the ground when deployed. Lengthening requires rotating each one many times, testing the fit and making adjustments until they hit the ground properly. This turned out to be tiresome for the effort.

I reached out to the manufacturer and found that due to the nature of the product there is not a faster or easier way to use the part.
-- Etrailer Expert Jenny N - 12/01/2021
Although I have left them in place we never deploy them anymore… it’s just too much trouble for the amount of benefit.
Ted - 11/29/2022


Works great glad that it mounts on and locks up for travel. It takes that creek noise out that you get whenyou use the steps.


I'm glad I ordered this product. It works great to stabilize the steps as we come in and out of the trailer. The wide range of adjustment is what makes this stabilizer. I thought about just one jack in the middle of the step, but in that manly thought process, if one is good two would be better and yes it is. We have NO movement in the steps. There were two things I change and first was the bolts and nuts. It does need a bit larger bolt and I used 10-24, which is about 3/16 bolts. Two was that I had to add a spacer to one side so the pin would slide in. Putting this on the step was as easy as putting a bit in a cordless drill. Don't even need instructions for this install.


Bought these about a year ago and they are one of the best accessories I've ever purchased for our camper. Not only do they make the steps much more stable, I think they take a lot of stress off of the stair support brackets on the trailer. They stow quickly and easily for travel. I suppose you could get by with a single support in the center of the stairs, but I bought two and I'm glad I did. Highly recommend these for any camper!

The supports are everything I had hoped for. They are an awesome addition to our camper!
John C - 07/13/2018


Product is fine. I should have bought two and mounted them to support the steps on both sides instead of just the middle. That's my recommendation. Buy two. Mount them so the jack extends to the sides of the steps. Stops the rocking motion. Absolutely satisfied with the product itself.

If Id have had these from the beginning, I wouldnt have suffered the failure of the top pivoting rivet.
cfuller3 - 06/11/2017


Easy install. I installed 2 on my steps. Only wish they had a down lock of some sort.


Have a drainage channel down the middle of each step, and had to use spacer washers to attach so I could get the pins in to hold up the legs when not in use. The flange on the step bottom hit the channel and would not get flat. Steps do not drop but will still move fore and aft a bit. 2011 used trailer so will check all bolts and studs for proper fit, and if good may check into more robust step jack. Either way, better than it was so cannot grouse too much.


Great Product. I installed one on both sides to give more support along the entire step. Easy install, the biggest problem (if you want to call it a problem) was positioning them with the contours of the step.

After a year they still work great.
Jim S - 12/04/2017


After having to replace my steps to my fifth wheel because the brackets had split and couldn't find replacement brackets, I decided to put something on the steps to relieve the pressure when they are used. I got two of these stabilizers and installed them on each side of the bottom step. They were simple to install, just drill four holes and attach with included bolts. They provided excellent support and are simple to use. I highly recommend them!


Had to get stronger mounting screws to mount on step but overall very good. Trailer coupler lock did not fit but I might be able to modify coupler tounge on trailer to fit it, (shackle not wide enough, about 1/8 of an inch too narrow on both ends.) or r can i return it and get one that fits? Hitch reciever lock worked great.


Decided that with a Quad step, a stabilizer jack would be a good idea, but I wanted something that would self-store and always be ready for use. The Stabil-Step seemed to fit this need. If one is good, I thought two would be even better. I was right. The Stabil-Steps work almost perfectly, in tandem, to securely stabilize my step. Although placement, of two Stabil-Steps under a single step, took some careful placement, they work almost perfectly. They both fold and store under the step, and the step folds fine without any obstructions. If the Stabil-Steps were to contain a stiff "internal spring", to retain ground to step tension to compensate for inevitable movement under repeated step traffic, I would rate them excellent! (maybe an upgrade idea for Stabil-Step)


I have two doors on my unit the front door has a 4 step system and I had to bolt these onto the 2nd step off the ground. For two reasons, 1) I did not have enough clearance from step to ground, 2) Steps would not fold up. The back door on my unit has a 3 step system and I put these on the bottom step and it worked fine. I think I will use a leveling pad or board under each pad so they do not sink into the ground, but they did really help support the steps and take the bounce out.


First unit received was incorrectly assembled from the factory. (the nut was cross threaded onto the threaded rod). Etrailer's customer service was excellent. They sent me a replacement no questions asked. Replacement unit works flawlessly. I would add, if you're on the larger side like me, buy 2 and place one on each side of the step.


This support Is a simple item with great purformance. When you step outof the trailer onto the steps you don't get that sinking feeling when the step would normally flex on its own.


Well build. easy to install. It would be nice if the min. setting would be around 6 inches. On a level surface 8 inches is to high. Many camp grounds strive to keep the rv pads level.

Great news, John! There is a shorter jack with an adjustment range from 4-3/4 to 7-3/4 - it is the Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly JSS-4. I hope this helps!
-- Etrailer Expert Laura E - 11/29/2016


If you're worried about putting a strain on your RV steps this is the product that will ease your mind. My son is on the large size, about 280 lbs., and I was concerned about the ability of the steps to take this much weight. This solves the problem. Installation is a snap, only have to drill two holes. Highly recommended.


Easy to install and works great. Was looking at changing steps until I found these on etrailer. Service and personnel at etrailer great to work with


Purchased two (one for each side of the bottom step. Works great but are a little long when they are fully screwed in. Most places I go are pretty level so distance between the bottom step and the ground is a little closer than the minimum setting. Still glad I purchased them.


Product is exactly as shown, becautious of using with step carpets and/or steps that are not flat on the bottom. Overall very happy with the product.


Product came yesterday looks great not impressed with little bolts to hold them on but I used my son and drilled out little holes and put on i used 2 of these on my steps and think I was good idea for 2 if you use just one the support would only be in middle when you step you typically would not just step in middle just me thinking thanks for quick delivery they came a day earlier than I expected


Replaced a 3 step set of stairs with a 4 set and wanted a little extra support. Product fit well and works great. Had to move it to the next step up, but was a simple modification by just drilling 2 holes in the step. Very well built and nice, clean design.


Worked great. I used two. One on each end of the step. Awesome product. Thanks etrailer


Used two of these- if they locked in down position i would have given 5 stars- but worked good anyway.

Still works good
Momountainman - 09/25/2017


Exactly what I wanted, short enough to fit under my step by will extend far enough if unlevel pad. Easy install, holes lined up in existing slots on step. Ten minute install. Installed one on each step, made a huge difference on the rocking when stepping in.


Its nice having this stabilizer stored under the step. It works just as described.

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    I spoke with our contact at Stromberg Carlson and she said that although they do not have printed directions for their Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly - 750 lbs - 8-1/2 inch to 14-1/2 inch, part # JSS-85, the installation is fairly simple. Basically, what you will do is mount the top arm parallel to the second step using the bolts included. You will bolt the bracket with the two holes on the top to the bottom of the second step of the RV stairs. When not in use, the swivel...
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  • What are the Dimensions of the Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack, # JSS-85
    I went out to the warehouse and pulled a Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack, # JSS-85, to take some measurements. The bottom foot is 4 inches by 1-1/2 inches. The top plate is 7-15/16 inches long and 1-1/4 inches wide at the most narrow point, and 1-15/16 inches wide at the widest point. I produced a picture that shows the dimensions for you. Using 2 of these on one step would make the step more stable, but it would not allow the step itself to hold more weight.
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  • Could Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack Be Used On Upper Steps of RV Steps
    As long as your upper step is compatible with the height range of the Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly # JSS-85 then it could work well with it. The height range of this is 8 to 15 inches. Normally people use it just on the bottom step and it does a great job stabilizing the whole setup.
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  • Dimensions of Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jacks for Step Assemblies # JSS-85 and # JSS-7
    I went out to the warehouse and measured a Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack, # JSS-85. The top plate is 7-15/16 inches long and 1-1/4 inches wide and the most narrow point, and 1-15/16 inches wide at the widest point. I spoke with my contact at Stromberg Carlson regarding the Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jack for Step Assembly, # JSS-7. She stated that the top plate measures 4 inches by 4 inches.
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  • Will Stabil-Step Stabilizers Work with Econo Porch Trailer Step to Help Support Additional Weight
    I spoke with Stromberg Calrson about the Econo Porch Trailer Step # EHS-102-R that you referenced. She confirmed that the Stabil-Step Stabilizer Jacks can be used to help support additional weight on the Econo Porch. Stabilizers will help increase the weight capacity of the steps, but it is difficult to say by how much due to factors such as quality of stabilizer and the installation process. My contact also recommended anchoring the back of the step to the camper for further support....
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  • Outriggers for Manual RV Steps on a 2010 Rockwood Ultralite
    It sounds like a step stabilizer such as # JSS-85 could work for your trailer. It bolts on but based on your description you may need to make modifications if you want it to work in the same way as your old ones.
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    The Econo Porch Trailer Step with Handrail and Landing - Double - 7" Drop/Rise, 20-1/2" Tall # EHS-102-R does not require a stabilizer. It is a strong step with a weight capacity of 350 lbs. I've attached some videos to assist. The stabilizers like # JSS-4, # JSS-7, and # JSS-85 are available for people who want a stronger and more stable step with the load capacity of 750 lbs. That weight capacity is only directly over the stabilizer, but it more than doubles the capacity.
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  • Recommended Support for Econo Porch Trailer Step
    The Econo Porch Trailer Step w/ 2 Handrails and Landing - Triple - 7" Drop/Rise, 27-1/2" Tall # EHS-103-R-HR can be used as a back step. Because you will only be using one of the handrails, you may want # EHS-103-R to save that cost. You may be interested in the Stabil-Step Stabilizers # JSS-4, # JSS-7, or # JSS-85 for increased support. There is not a specific rail for the back of the stairs when used as you suggested, so you may want to consider adding a folding handrail like # AC-300...
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