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Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 22" Lift - 4,000 lbs - White

Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 22" Lift - 4,000 lbs - White

Item # BD500200
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BD500200 - Electric Jack Bulldog A-Frame Jack
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This electric A-frame jack offers 22" of total lift. The drop leg has a spring-loaded pull pin for quick release. 3 LED lights allow easy setup at night. Built-in level included. Surfaces are sealed, maintenance-free, and corrosion resistant. Call 800-298-8924 to order Bulldog camper jacks part number BD500200 or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all Bulldog products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 22" Lift - 4,000 lbs - White. Camper Jacks reviews from real customers.
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Bulldog Camper Jacks - BD500200

  • A-Frame Jack
  • 4000 lbs
  • Bulldog
  • Bolt-On
  • Electric Jack
  • 22 Inch Lift
  • 2-1/4 Inch

This electric A-frame jack offers 22" of total lift. The drop leg has a spring-loaded pull pin for quick release. 3 LED lights allow easy setup at night. Built-in level included. Surfaces are sealed, maintenance-free, and corrosion resistant.


  • Tongue jack positions quickly and easily with integrated drop leg
  • Powered drive provides quiet operation and efficient use of electrical power
    • No more hand cranking
  • Spring-loaded pull pin quickly releases the drop leg into position
  • Built-in level has springs for simple, accurate leveling
  • 3 LED lights make it easy to set up at night
    • Side-mounted spot lights are angled rearward to illuminate weight distribution brackets
  • 4" - 6" Overlap of tubes at full extension provides additional support for side loading
  • Easy-to-access on/off and retract/extend toggle switches make for simple operation
  • Corrosion-resistant, sealed, maintenance-free surfaces
  • Easily accessible emergency manual override in case of power loss
  • White housing with sleek design protects motor


  • Bracket height:
    • 9-3/4" Retracted
    • 31-3/4" Extended
  • Total lift: 22"
    • Screw travel: 14"
    • Drop leg travel: 8"
  • Inner tube diameter: 2"
  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Lift capacity: 4,000 lbs
  • 5-Year limited warranty

500200 Bulldog A-Frame Jack with Powered Drive, 22" Lift, 4,000 lbs

Replaces Bulldog BD500185

Installation Details BD500200 Installation instructions

California residents: click here

Video of Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 22" Lift - 4,000 lbs - White

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack Review

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack designed for use on A-frame trailers, it offers a drop leg, 14" of lift, and a 4,000 pound weight capacity, part number in black is BD500199. This is also available in white as part number BD500200. With both our jack extended fully and our drop leg extended fully we're going to have a bracket height, or a height to the piece of steel we mounted the jack to of about 32". If we reduce the lift that we get from our drop log which is 8" that'll bring us down to about 24". With our drop leg fully extended, at our lowest position we're going to have about 18" to the top of our bracket, so if we we're to reduce the 8" the drop leg adds we'll be all the way down to 10". The Bulldog jack's a really nice clean looking jack.

Looks a little different than a lot of them that you see out there. Our top cover is fully sealed, we've got our switches located right here on the front, access hole if we ever need to get into the emergency lift section there, and also a fully adjustable level here that allows us to level out our trailer. Then adjust that so it's level, and we'll know we're always going to have a perfect match. The housing comes down and over, it's got a full lip all the way around the bottom that overhangs that lower section so it's not just putting two pieces of plastic together, we've actually got a nice overlap that's happening to give us some additional weather resistance. We've got our retract and our extend right here, easy to get to, toggle style switch. We've also got the button right here that's going to turn on not only the light that comes up here to the front for where we're going to be connecting to the vehicle but it also offers two almost spotlight style LEDs on the side with a really wide angle that'll come out and help us with those weight distribution set ups and things like that.

Also, something that's nice as you can see there, when we get to full retraction, see we've got that stop point, or full extension, there's going to be built in stop that are going to prevent us from over revving or over cranking and doing any kind of damage to our motor, so it's a really nice built in fail safe. Our main tube here is going to have full corrosion resistance put on it and even our inner tube, our drop leg, and plunger kit are all going to have corrosion resistant properties built in so it'll make it a good long lasting product. The plunger kit is pretty awesome really. Let me retract the jack just a little bit to give us some free play here. Whenever we get where we're going and we're ready to drop it, pull that, allow it to slide down, perfect. Once we hook up the trailer, it's time to leave, we're not going to have to worry about kneeling down, doing a pin and clip situation, trying to get it put back in, we just pull, raise it, and as soon as that slides back in we know we're in our highest position ready to head down the road.

Another great feature that way have, a lot of trailers nowadays have the side load aspect just like this one, you take a panel off the side, you can drive your four wheeler or whatever it is right up on the trailer. That puts a lot of side to side strain on your trailers as you can imagine, so what they've incorporated here with this Bulldog is from where our drop leg meets our inner tube, even at full extension we've still got about 6" of overlap between those two giving us that great side to side stability, same thing can be said here for our upper tube and our inner tube, where they meet we've got good overlap so we get plenty of support side to side for those side loading applications. The jack can not only be mounted in a forward facing position as you see it here but also in a sideways configuration which we'll give you a few more details on here in a minute. Now let's go over a couple of measurements and see exactly what room we're going to need. From the center of our outer tube to the outermost edge of our jack here on the back it's about 3 1/2" then from the center of our tube to the outermost edge of our jack if we we're to use it in a sideways configuration is going to be about 2 1/4". From our top plate or our bracket where we mount the jack to to the very top of our jack, we're looking about 21". We just want to make sure that we keep enough room over top of that to accommodate the head of the jack.

Once we have our trailer sitting nice and level, our spring loaded level here on the top's going to allow us to adjust it to where it's going to line up perfectly, sometimes our brackets can be a little bit off there, so all we have to is make our adjustment here, get that dialed in so it's centered. While it's not as important on an open trailer and things we've got like this, and with every situation you're going to be using it in, we'll be able to get that perfectly flat and level. If you want it to be set on a different angle, you're not stuck having your bubble halfway off, you can set the angle you want your trailer to sit at and adjust your levels so that when you hit that mark you'll know and the bubble will be nice and centered right there on top. We've also got the rubber cap here on top, if we get in the situation where we lose battery power we can pull that right out, use the attached handle, slide it in, you want to rotate it til it clicks in just like that and then you've got full control here just like you would with a manual jack. We're never going to run into a situation where we're not going to be able to hook our trailer up or unhook our trailer, even if our batteries have gone bad and we don't have any option there. Whenever we get done, we'll put that nice rubber plug, see it's nice, soft, and malleable, but it's going to seal up that hole really well, right on top, and that's going to protect our internal components and keep that nice and water resistant. The installation's going to be pretty straightforward, it's a nice easy setup to do, it's going to need the 2 1/4" diameter main hole for the 2 1/4" jack tube to come down through. The leg coming out itself, our inside tube, that's going to be 2" so all your 2" accessories are going to work great for that. As far as installation goes, we'll pull the pin and clip located here at the bottom, we're going to take that drop leg all the way out, with that set aside we're just going to slide our jack right down into the hole location and then kind of rotate it around, the front of it should be facing forward so our holes line up. In our conventional setup we just have our jacks right out the front here, but something that's nice, if we're very limited on access, if the front of our trailer comes up really close to where this is, we can rotate that 90 degrees and our holes are going to line up once again giving us the option to mount it this way, saving us a lot of space there. Our jack's going to come with a basic set of hardware to help with our installation. In our case today, our holes are threaded, designed for use with 3/8 bolts which are included so we're going to be able to thread right down into those. If you've got pass through holes or if your 3/8 bolt passes down through then they also include nuts. In addition to that we've got star washers and lock washers and the only thing we're going to add are some just basic flat 3/8 washers, just to help cover up those oblong holes on the top so our lock washer will get a good bite. We're going to bring our drop leg around the underside of our A-frame here and then as we lower our jack, we'll lower it right down onto that. We'll then take one of the star washers and place it under each of the three hole locations, this is going to go through the mounting bracket on our jack and the top of our trailer. Then we'll take one of our 3/8 bolts with the flat washer, lock washer, and bolt, and place it right down in and just get our thread started there. With everything started, let's snug them down. Now we can grab our torque wrench and torque it down to the specifications we'll find in the instructions. Wiring's a nice easy process, we've just got a single power wire that we need to get to our 12 volt power source on our trailer. This trailer works with a junction box, we've got a 12 volt power wire that's designed to come up, connect into the trailer, just like that. We're going to be using heat shrink butt connectors today, those are available on our website, if you don't already have them at home go ahead and pick a few up. We just want to trim off the end of our power wire, whether this goes into our battery, whether it runs through the vehicle, or wherever your 12 volt power source is on your trailer, that's where you'll want to pick it up. Add a butt connector there, crimp that down, the end of our jack wire's already stripped off there, we're going to just clean it up though. That's going to go right into the other end here. Give it a good pull, make sure that's nice and solid, then we can use a heat gun, or a lighter, or a little mini torch, or whatever we've got handy there. Apply some heat here to our connector and allow those ends to shrink down. We've got some extra wire here which is great, if we ever need to make any repairs or make any changes we'll have some extra there. Let's go ahead and just get it tidied up, like to bring it straight down the jack tube and then put one of our zip ties around the bottom here, seems to give us a good anchor point down here so we're not worried about hanging up on anything while we're using our trailer in our everyday operations. Then for the excess, just get that neatly bundled here and we're going to tuck this up against the frame rail of the trailer and just keep it up above the frame rail that way we won't have any issues with it hanging up. Just keep it up out of the way so that it doesn't get hung up on anything. For installing our plunger kit we want to remove our drop leg. We'll pull that pin out as far as it'll go, as you can see that pin's going to have a little slide through on it. Got a little tab there and then the notch on the backside of the jack tube is what that's actually going to slide right up onto. We pull our pin all the way out, slide it up on there, and then our pin's going to go right through the hole that normally we would put the standard style pin in. With that in the proper position there, we'll go ahead and tighten down the nut that's here on the backside, this is going to be a 15. Then this allows us a very quick and easy way to operate our drop leg. Slide that back in, pull out the pin, you can see at each of its notches it's going to catch instantly. While it might take you just a second to get it installed, it's something that really comes in handy and saves us a lot of time. Once we pull up to our location where we need to unhook our trailer, drop that down to whatever height we require, and we don't have to worry about always putting this pin in and out, maybe losing it somewhere and then our drop leg's ineffective, so just a great way to have that fully functional and ready when we need it. That'll complete today's look at the Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack, with 14" of lift and a 4,000 pound capacity, it's part number is BD500199.

Customer Reviews

Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 22" Lift - 4,000 lbs - White - BD500200

Average Customer Rating:  5.0 out of 5 stars   (7 Customer Reviews)

This electric A-frame jack offers 22" of total lift. The drop leg has a spring-loaded pull pin for quick release. 3 LED lights allow easy setup at night. Built-in level included. Surfaces are sealed, maintenance-free, and corrosion resistant.

- BD500200

I purchase this item to replace a 12 year old power jack. I’m spoiled and I’ll never go back to a manual jack. The jack feels and looks like a high-quality unit. All hardware was individual packaged. Installation went smoothly following the excellent directions. I’ve run the jack up and down a couple of times and it functions smoothly and quietly. The drop-leg is an excellent design. I look forward to many years of service from this jack. 514321

I have found a flaw in the jack. The metal rod used to release the foot is made from pretty junky metal. It got hung-up in my chains while I was lowering the jack and bent. The deflection was pretty minimal - I caught it very quickly - yet when I bent the long leg of the rod back, it broke off. For the price, I’m not impressed with this aspect of the jack. It has rendered the [] leg useless as I had to secure it in place so it didn’t fall out.
HB - 05/31/2019


- BD500200

I installed this electric jack on my 3-horse bumper pull trailer. I'm using power straight from the truck's RV 7 wire hook-up. I, along with my family are so glad I installed this every time we hook up to the trailer. The adjustable leg is also an added benefit. I also purchased the termination box and this allowed for a superior installation by putting all the terminations in a water proof box versus open wire joints. Thanks etrailer for your support and your quality products. 335219

Still lifting and lowering my trailer as designed. Having used the jack up to 6-8 times a month, I is withstanding the rigors of hauling. The little bubble level on top of the jack is pretty much useless in my application besides, the bubble is now about the length of the vial. Short of that, Id recommend to others. I am please with this product and sometimes wonder if I should have purchased the next size up.
shorty s - 01/25/2018


- BD500200

I bought an electric trailer jack. The price was fair, shipping was fast, and item was exactly as described. Great service! 666380

- BD500200

I am extremely pleased with everything about the purchase. The jack was described very accurately, I had a question before delivery about the fit on my R-Pod which was answered very thoroughly and the jack arrived on time. The installation was quick and easy. The jack operates very smoothly. The features of the LEDs, the quick pull pin for the drop foot and the bubble level are perfect for my application. 493559

- BD500200

Shipped on time, easy to install, great product and service, very happy. 465554

Very good
Trevor J - 01/08/2019


- BD500200

I have a 2007 14' V-noise extra wide and tall trailer, and the jack was needing to be replaced. I figured it was a good time to think about a powered lift option. After spending several days doing research, I determined that the Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack, was the best product to meet my needs. etrailer has this product for the best price online, and offered free shipping, so for basically $100 more than a high quality none powered replacement jack, It was a no-brainer. My wife and I installed the unit on my trailer that was still on my tow vehicle in less than 45 minutes, and everything we needed minus a weather proof inline connector was included. It was so easy to install, and looked so good after installation. Because of the size and weight of my trailer, hooking and unhooking my trailer used to be a real chore for me, since I am older and have back problems. Then it was time for the true test, dropping the trailer for the first time. WOW! The spring loaded pin for the drop leg made it so easy! No more need for the several wood blocks we needed to lug around. Also it was now dark, so I turned on the lights. What a difference! The video does not do the lights justice. They clearly illuminate the rear of the tow vehicle, and front of the A-frame of the trailer. Then, by simply pushing the weather proof button, a chore I used to dread, that left me sore and sweaty, was now effortless! Quiet, smooth operation, and built in stops for extra protection. Very solid high quality construction, with all the features you need and want. The all weather design, powder coated metal parts make it easy to understand the reason why the manufacturer offer a 5-year warranty. I am only left with one question...why did I wait so long to buy this great product at the lowest price from Etrailer? 445335

- BD500200

Was used for our camper. Haven't used it at this time,but pretty certain it will be the best product ever purchased. 362522


Ask the Experts about this Bulldog Camper Jacks

  • Can Power for the Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack Come from the 7-Way Trailer Connector
    The installation of a 7-way trailer plug like the Pollak Black Plastic, 7-Pole, RV-Style Trailer Connector part # PK12706 on an electric a-frame trailer jack like the Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack part # BD500200 is not something that we have the ability to offer you unfortunately. However, this process will be extremely simple as all you need to do is insert the power wire on the jack into the correct terminal on the 7-way and then tighter down the screw. It should not take more than...
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  • Will a Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack A-Frame Fit a 2011 V-Cross by Forrest River Travel Trailer
    To determine if this powered drive trailer jack will fit on your existing trailer and current set up you will need to measure from the center of the current mounting jack rearward. The Bulldog powered drive trailer jack that you referenced needs at least 4 inches of clearance in this location for installation. I have included a photo showing this dimension as well as a few others for your reference, and a video of this product. If you do not have at least 4 inches of clearance then...
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  • Dimensions for Installation of a Bulldog Electric Powered Trailer Jack with Propane Tanks on Tongue
    The distance from the top of the mounting plate to the bottom of the housing on the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500200, is 13 inches. I attached a photo that includes a number of other dimensions that should be helpful to see if this jack will work on your trailer with propane tank covers close to the jack.
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  • Electric Jack Recommendation for Bumper Pull Horse Trailer
    Since the Atwood Jack part # 80515 has been discontinued the decision would be pretty easy for you. The Bulldog Jack part # BD500200 is not only the obvious choice between the two you referenced, this jack is an excellent jack with plenty of power for your setup that has been reviewed highly by our customers who have bought and used it. I attached an install and review video for this jack for you to check out as well.
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  • Recommended Battery for Bulldog Electric Trailer Jack
    For your Bulldog Electric camper jack # BD500200 will run just fine off of any 12V battery. Often the trailers that use these jacks will have other components they will run as well like lighting, vent fans, etc so it is recommended to use a deep cycle 12V battery for those applications so you get more amp hours out of the battery. For your application on a horse trailer, you will be very well set with the deep cycle battery your sent a photo of.
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  • Wiring Options for Installation of a Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # 500185
    Ideally you would wire the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, part # BD500200, to a separate battery. Normally trailers with powered jacks have an auxiliary battery that is used to power accessories. If there is not a separate battery on your trailer, you could power the jack from the 12 volt power source in your 7-pin trailer connector.. Here is how you would wire it to your 7-pin connector: On the 7-pin connector that is on your tow vehicle there should be a red or black wire that...
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  • Troubleshooting Bulldog Powered Jack Not Working When Plugged into 2000 Chevy Silverado
    Sounds like the 12 volt accessory circuit of the 7-way of your 2000 Chevy Silverado is not active so the Bulldog Jack part # BD500200 that you referenced is not getting power. There are a few connections under the hood of your truck that need to be made to allow the circuit to be active. Check out the help article I attached that detail how these connections get made.
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  • What is the Lifting Capacity of the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500200
    On the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500200, 4,000 pounds is the lift maximum. So, if it mounted on the trailer tongue and the tongue weights is up to but not exceeding 4,000 pounds, the jack will lift it. There is no static capacity listed (how much it can hold just sitting) so, in this case, the static capacity will also be 4,000 pounds. I have included a link to a video featuring this jack.
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  • How to Manual Raise and Lower a Bulldog Powered A-Frame Trailer Jack
    It depends on which Bulldog powered A-frame trailer jack you have. For example, # BD500200. has a cap on top and you can use a socket wrench and socket to manually crank the jack up and down. Jacks # BD500187 and # BD500188 come with a handle. But both of these have a cap on top that you will remove to access the manual override.
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  • Can a Powered A-Frame Jack Use Trailer Wiring 7-Way as Power Source
    As long as the 7-way on your 2011 Toyota Tundra has the 12 volt circuit active and you wire the # BD500200 to the 12 volt circuit on your trailer 7-way (the 9:00 pin), the jack would work. It's typically preferred to power the jack off of a battery, but this method will work as well.
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  • How to Wire the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500200 on a Trailer with No Battery
    The Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, item # BD500200, only has one wire, the power wire. This jack attaches to ground through the mounting hardware and the trailer frame. When wiring the jack to your 7-Way trailer connector you will need to make sure that the ground wire from the 7-Way trailer connector is attached to the trailer frame to provide ground. You will then attach the power wire to the 12 volt accessory circuit inside the 7-Way connector or splice into the wire the is attached...
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  • Troubleshooting Bulldog Power Jack BD500186 that Drains Trailer Battery After Several Uses
    First you will want to use a circuit tester like part # PTW2993 to test the 12 volt accessory circuit of your 7-way. There should be voltage on this circuit, if not check the fuses of your tow vehicle as most likely one has blown. This is probably the issue. If there is voltage there you will want to test the wire that leads to the battery with the trailer connector connected but the wire disconnected from the battery so that you can tell if the voltage on the circuit is coming from...
    view full answer...
  • Troubleshooting Bulldog Jack that The Switch Has to Be Pressed a Few Times Before it will Activate
    It sounds like you may have an intermittent ground issue. Since the part # BD500200 grounds through the mounting hardware you will want to make sure the metal it attaches to is clean and free of corrosion. You also want to make sure the main ground wire from the trailer connector is connected to a clean metal surface. It might not hurt to check the power wire connection as well. Make sure it is making a solid connection. The switches for this jack aren't offered as a replacement part.
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  • Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185 Recommendation for a 26 ft Travel Trailer
    As long as your 26 foot travel trailer has an a-frame style trailer tongue and has tongue weight less than 4,000 lbs (it will) the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500200 that you referenced would work great for you. Check out the review video I attached for more info as well.
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  • Recommended Electric A-Frame Jack To Replace Manual Jack On Haulmark Tandem Enclosed Trailer
    It sounds like the Bulldog A-Frame Jack, part # BD500200 is just what you are looking for. The BD500200 has an outer tube diameter of 2-1/4 inches which matches what you are replacing and this jack has 2 toggle switches. One is used to control the up and down movement of the jack and the other switch turns the LED lights on and off. The mounting plate features mounting holes that allow you to mount it so the controls are at the front of the jack or mount it so that the controls are...
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  • How to Maintain Electric Jack Ground Connection if Using the Jack-E-Up Quick Disconnect
    So the question is are you wanting to use this device because your tailgate hits your jack or because you have bent the bottom of jacks in the past? Because if it is a tailgate issue there is a much simpler solution; a longer ball mount. But really the cost is about the same so 6 in 1, half a dozen in the other. It appears that the device is made of steel so when your jack is in place it shouldn't lose the ground connection. You may need to scrape away any powder coat on the device though...
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  • How To Maintain Charge In Trailer Battery That Will Run A Powered Trailer Jack On A Pace Trailer
    You will want to use a standard 12 volt deep cycle trailer battery to operate the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, part # BD500200. You will NOT want to use a trailer breakaway battery. The breakaway battery is not designed to power other trailer accessories or lighting, it is just designed to operate the breakaway system. To keep the trailer battery charged you will need to run a 10 gauge power wire like the, part # 10-1-1, from the 12 volt power pin (# 4 terminal at 11:00 position)...
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  • Are Fuses Needed on the Wiring for the Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack BD500200
    The Bulldog Powered Drive a-frame trailer jack # BD500200 is circuit protected internally so additional fuses or breakers are not required. The jack should be ran off of a trailer mounted battery and not off of the 12 volt circuit through the trailer connector. Tow package wiring is not heavy enough for the full amperage draw of the jack and it could result in melted tow package wiring and/or a drained vehicle battery. For a jack that was designed to plug into a 7-Way trailer connector...
    view full answer...
  • Installing the Bulldog # BD500200 Electric Power Jack on a Heartlands Northtrail 28 foot Trailer
    Yes, you should be able to mount the jack in any position that the mounting holes will line up. The Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 14" Lift - 4,000 lbs, item # BD500200, has mounting holes for either 2-1/2 inch mounting pattern or 3 inch mounting pattern. As you stated, the light will illuminate an area different than intended and the level will not be as usable since it will not be installed inline with the trailer frame or at a 90 degree angle to it. Otherwise...
    view full answer...
  • What is the Amperage Draw of the Bulldog 4000 Pound Powered-Drive Jack
    The Bulldog Powered-Drive Jack is designed to run off the vehicle electrical system that has quite a bit more power. It has a 35 amp breaker inside so it probably draws around 30 amps depending on how much weight it is lifting. I would hook it up to the power circuit on the 7-Way connector so it has more power.
    view full answer...
  • How to Prevent a Bulldog Powered 4,000 lb Jack from Damaging Gears Due to Over-Extension
    I spoke with my contact at Bulldog and he said they do not offer replacement parts to rebuild the gear box for the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500200. Typically the gears get damaged due to over extension or retraction. Before installing a new jack, power it up and extend it all the way with no load, back it up a bit and mark the leg. Do the same for the retraction. This way you will have visual marks of when to stop extension or retraction.
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  • Can I Wire and Electric Trailer Jack Directly to the Truck Battery
    You could technically wire an electric trailer jack directly to your truck's battery, but that isn't really the most practical setup. I've seen one guy pull out his jumper cables every time he wanted to use the jack in this fashion, but I can't say the safety factor didn't worry me. Another thing to consider is that the wire gauge used on electric trailer jacks isn't the most ideal for running up to the front of a truck due to the wire length required and the amp draw of the jack motor....
    view full answer...
  • Is the Foot Adjustable on Bulldog Powered-Drive Electric Trailer Jack BD500200
    Yes, the jack foot is adjustable, with holes for mounting it at different heights. I spoke with my contact at Bulldog and found out that the foot on powered-drive trailer jack # BD500200 has 8 inches of adjustment, from the bottom of the main pipe assembly.
    view full answer...
  • Can the Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500185 be Powered by 7-Way 12 V Circuit
    The Bulldog Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, item # BD500200, only has one wire, the power wire. This jack attaches to ground through the mounting hardware and the trailer frame. When wiring the jack to your 7-Way trailer connector you will need to make sure that the ground wire from the 7-Way trailer connector is attached to the trailer frame to provide ground. You will then attach the power wire to the 12 volt accessory circuit inside the 7-Way connector or splice into the wire the is attached...
    view full answer...
  • Need Replacement Extend and Retract Switch for Bulldog 4000 LB Powered-Drive Trailer Jack # BD500200
    Yes, we do offer a replacement extend/retract switch for your Bulldog 4000 LB Powered-Drive Trailer Jack, # BD500200. You will need part # BD500363.
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  • Recommended Electric Trailer Jack For Race Trailer
    For the Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 14" Lift - 4,000 lbs - White # BD500200, the only replacement parts we have are the cover for the manual crank # BD500201 and the two switches # BD500363 and # BD500362. If the motor burned out, it is time for a new jack. Our most popular electric jack is the Husky Brute Electric Trailer Jack - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 18" Lift - 4,500 lbs # HT87247. What sets this jack apart is the ball-bearing screw system. The ball...
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  • What are the Dimensions of the Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack # BD500200
    From the center of the shaft to the front outside edge of the motor housing is 3-1/2 inches. I included some of the mounting plate when I measured for height, which is 8-1/4 inches, since that sticks out over the shaft as well. I also measured from the bracket that fixes to your trailer's A-frame to the bottom of the mounting plate for the motor and that measured 13 inches. See included picture for a visual. To make sure that you have a secure power connection to the jack motor I recommend...
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  • Shaft diameter on the Bulldog Powered-Drive Camper Jack # BD500200
    The Diameter of the main tube is 2-1/4 inches on the Bulldog Powered-Drive Camper Jack, item # BD500200. There are 6 holes in the mounting plate for either 2-1/2 inch mounting pattern or 3 inch mounting pattern. These are the standard bolt patterns used by most trailer manufacturers.
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  • Will Bulldog Powered A-Frame Jack BD500200 Work Well To Replace 2,000 lb Trailer Jack
    The Bulldog Powered Drive Trailer Jack # BD500200 that you referenced will work great on your trailer. It has a higher lifting capacity than your current jack and would have no problem lifting your trailer's tongue weight. If your trailer weighs 3,500 lbs that means the tongue weight is around 350 lbs. This jack has a 4,000 lb tongue weight capacity so it would barely notice your trailers's tongue weight. It also is designed to attach to the same 3 bolt mounting flange that your trailer...
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