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Electric Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3,500 lbs - White

Electric Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3,500 lbs - White

Item # EJ-3520-WBX
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Electric A-frame jack has 2 toggle switches for operation. Jack has a retracted height of 9", an extended height of 28-1/2", and 19-1/2" of travel. Drop leg offers an extra 5-5/8" of lift. Includes a manual override handle. Call 800-298-8924 to order etrailer camper jacks part number EJ-3520-WBX or order online at etrailer.com. Free expert support on all etrailer products. Guaranteed Lowest Price and Fastest Shipping for Electric Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3,500 lbs - White. Camper Jacks reviews from real customers.
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etrailer Camper Jacks - EJ-3520-WBX

  • A-Frame Jack
  • etrailer
  • Bolt-On
  • 3500 lbs
  • 2-1/4 Inch
  • Electric Jack
  • 25-1/8 Inch Lift

Electric A-frame jack has 2 toggle switches for operation. Jack has a retracted height of 9", an extended height of 28-1/2", and 19-1/2" of travel. Drop leg offers an extra 5-5/8" of lift. Includes a manual override handle.


  • Electric jack lets you raise and lower your A-frame trailer
  • Drop leg allows for increased lift and saves time when raising or lowering
    • Pin and clip holds leg at desired location
  • 2 Toggle switches on the front of the housing let you operate the jack
    • On/off switch controls light
    • Extend/retract switch controls up and down movement
  • LED light illuminates at a downward angle to help you focus on your coupler
  • Emergency crank (included) allows you to manually operate jack if needed
  • Black powder coated outer tube
  • Zinc-finished inner tube and footplate resist corrosion
  • Simple, bolt-on installation
    • Wires to 12-volt power source
      • 12-Gauge wires
    • Serrated washer included for ground connection


  • Bracket height:
    • Retracted: 9"
    • Extended: 28-1/2"
  • Total lift: 25-1/8"
    • Screw travel: 19-1/2"
    • Drop leg travel: 5-5/8"
  • Clearance:
    • 20-1/2" From bottom of bracket to top of jack
  • Outer tube diameter: 2-1/4"
  • Inner tube diameter: 2"
  • Hole spacing on drop leg: 1-7/8"
  • Footplate diameter: 5-1/2"
  • Lift capacity: 3,500 lbs
  • 1-Year warranty

EJ-3520-WBX Ram Powered Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 19-1/2" Screw Travel - 3,500 lbs - White

Video of Electric Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3,500 lbs - White

Videos are provided as a guide only. Refer to manufacturer installation instructions and specs for complete information.

Video Transcript for etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate Review

Speaker 1: Today we're going to be taking a look at the Etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate designed for use on A-frame trailers. This offers 25 and 1/8 of an inch of lift and a 3500 pound capacity. In black, the part number is EJ-3520-BBX and in white, it's part number EJ-3520-WBX.Now an electric A-frame jack like this is going to take a lot of the work out of hooking it up and disconnecting your trailer. With these big enclosed trailers, campers and even utility trailers, it can be quite heavy. Getting a manual jack, the operator lifting it up to your ball, it's just not very feasible.With this, we're able to very quickly and easily adjust the height up and down. When connected to either our vehicle or to a 12 volt power source inside our trailer.

Now on the front of the jack, you're going to have two buttons to operate it. One will be for up and down. The other's going to be for the light. Now this can be pretty handy. We've got a lens here on the bottom that shines right down on our coupler, and also out towards our vehicle so we can make our wiring connections pretty easy.Now the cover on the jack's designed to shield it from any kind of moisture or anything like that.

As the rain comes down, it hits, it's going to run off, we've got our seam around the bottom side here so we shouldn't have to worry about that moisture getting in. Also you've got a cap here, you're gonna turn it and lift up. It allows you to access the emergency override. Now in the event that you don't have a power supply or maybe your trailer's battery is going dead, we can take the provided handle, place it down and on and easily raise or lower our trailer so we can still make our connection.Now as you can see, the jack's designed to really give you a lot of lift on the front side of your trailer. So this can help with run-off and drainage on the backs so things don't sit on top.

And something else you'll like, when it gets to it's fully extended position, it just stops, we don't have to worry about overdoing it.With it in this position, we'll get a bracket height measurement that'll be right up to that mounting surface. It's going to be about 33 and 3/4 of an inch. So if we retract our footplate, that'd be closer to that 28 and 1/2 inch mark.We see fully retracted with that leg extended. We're at about 14 and 1/2, 14 and 5/8, so if we subtract the drop leg, it puts us at about 9. Now the outer tube of our jack and the plate are going to have a black powder coat finish.

While the inner tube or pinning clip and drop leg are going to have the zinc finish. Both of those are going to be great at resisting corrosion.Now not only does this drop leg help to save us some wear and tear on our jack and also us some time, but it also helps to spread the energy or the force of that jack out over a greater area. This can be really important when we're on softer surfaces and prevent it from sinking into the ground.Now another measurement to keep in mind will be from the top of our bracket here to the very top of our jack, we've got about 20 and 1/2 to 20 and 5/8 of an inch. You just want to make sure if you have anything overhanging, you've got enough room for that to fit in.Now to begin your jack installation of course, you'll want to remove your old jack. Save the hardware with that though. The jack doesn't come with it, so you'll want to have that handy. Then we'll just remove our footplate here, set to the side and we'll be ready to drop our tube down through. Now this is a two and a quarter inch outside diameter tube. So you just want to ensure that your holes large enough to accommodate that, and you should have your triangle shape bolt pad in there. It's pretty standard on A-frame trailers. It's going to bring that right down through and line those up.Now if you don't have hardware already existing or if you need to replace it if yours is damaged, you just want to ensure that you're using a 3/8 inch diameter bolt that needs to be at least a grade five. As long as you meet those requirements, you'll be in good shape. You see ours had a lock washer on it. I'm gonna keep that and then we're gonna place on our flat washer. The flat washer's provided with the jack as well as the star washer. That's gonna go underneath that flat washer. When we tighten it down, it's gonna penetrate that paint, so we get a good ground. We're going to do that in all three of our locations. Now we're going to torque our fasteners down to the specifications listed in the instructions.Now once we've got our jack nice and secure, we now are going to move onto wiring it up. You'll see they give you a good length of wire here. What I like to do is run this along with my seven pole. You can there are a couple zip ties already on there. It really uses many zip ties as you need to keep everything nice and secure.Now you can get power for this from two ways. If you're using it on a camper or an enclosed trailer, something that already has a battery on board, you can just run this to your battery. It's going to be grounded here so everything should work as long as your battery is grounded. If not, if you don't have an on-board battery, you can do it right off the power coming through your vehicle through your seven pole plug. Ours runs to a junction box. The wire coming out of the junction box is here and that'll provide the power that we need when we're hooked up. So, if you have the option to hook it up to the battery, I recommend doing that, then you'll always have power. If you don't have a battery on-board, you'll only have power to the jack when this is plugged into a truck with a working 12 volt power outlet or any vehicle for that matter with a working 12 volt power plug coming out of it.Now the extra wire, I've just coiled up here at the base of the jack, really keeps it out of the way, not really too much of an issue, and then you'll have extra if you ever need to change it or make any modifications. We're going to run that to our power wire here. So let's cut them off to the appropriate length. We're going to get both sides of that stripped back and we're going to use a butt connector to connect 'em, this is part number DW05745. It's a heat shrink butt connector. Since this is going to be out in the elements, it's a good idea to use the heat shrink just to protect it from the moisture. Got both sides of that crimped down, and then we'll use a heat gun, a mini-torch or a lighter and get that shrank. Just going to apply a little heat at a time here and you'll see that start to shrink down around the wire. Once you have it fully shrank, almost looks like your wire magnifies a little bit.Now we'll just use a couple more zip ties. Make sure our wires are nice and tight so they don't get hung on anything. You see on our drop leg here, we've got four holes to choose from. This one will have it in it's highest position. That's going to be more of a stored position. But this gives us four holes with an inch and 7/8 between 'em for a total of 5 and 5/8 inches of adjustment. That's just going to save wear and tear on our jack and the time we have to have it operating. We can get that down and then use our jack a little bit more quickly.Now we'll take the provided pin and clip. You just want to set your drop leg where you like it, bring that through and then secure it with the clip there. And as you can see, that's drastically going to reduce the distance our jack has to travel. Now we'll hook it up to our vehicle as you can see here so we have power, run the jack on down and support it.That's going to complete our look at the Etrailer Electric Jack with Footplate.

Customer Reviews

Electric Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3,500 lbs - White - EJ-3520-WBX

Average Customer Rating:  4.7 out of 5 stars   (784 Customer Reviews)

Electric A-frame jack has 2 toggle switches for operation. Jack has a retracted height of 9", an extended height of 28-1/2", and 19-1/2" of travel. Drop leg offers an extra 5-5/8" of lift. Includes a manual override handle.

- EJ-3520-WBX

Very easy installation, works great on 27 ft Statecraft camper. Very pleased. Great service, quality product. 485218

- EJ-3520-WBX

This jack went on with no problems. Very easy to install. The wire had its own inline fuse. Done in less than 15min. Time will tell on its life expectancy 398617

- EJ-3520-WBX

Functionality is very good but the top plastic cover is not made of good/strong material. It broke but still works fine. Not sure if replaceable but I'll use it as long as it works. Suggest to keep the manual lifter inside the trailer in case electric is broken. 662719

A replacement cover is available as part # EJ-3520-CVRW
Replacement Cover for etrailer and Ram Electric A-Frame Jacks - White
-- Mike L - 06/26/2019


- EJ-3520-WBX

Very pleased with the entire process. Ordering was easy. Shipment was quick. No shipping charges since the order was over $100. Installation was very smooth and the electric jack performed perfectly. Thanks for making this easy at a very fair price! 488828

I have been very happy with this product. No complaints whatsoever.
Charles - 03/26/2019


- EJ-3520-WBX

Easy to install, operated smoother than one replaced. Handle to operate manually that came with the unit is wrong size, too small. Emailed etrailer to send the correct size handle. 523064

- EJ-3520-WBX

Everything is good except, the LED light bracket has seemed to slip down inside the lens housing I guess I can live with that I would take the lens cover off but it seems to be glued. It would have been five stars 404315

- EJ-3520-WBX

Ok.... the customer service from ETRAILER totally saved the review! These guys are incredibly awesome. I ordered 2 of the jacks. The first came with a broken housing cover , the light had beed disloged, and the up down switch was wired backwards. (Up would put the jack down and down would put the jack up) Solution? Glad you asked! I contacted ram about the cover.... waiting! The light was easy to correct, just had to slide it back into the slit that holds it. Switch, well.... if-your2 not comfortable with wiring, I recommend not even attempt to rewire. I just popped it out of the cover, twisted 1/2 turn, popped it back in. Total time to correct.... 8-10 minutes. Total time to install, 15 minutes. Total job less than 30 minutes. Would I recommend this jack... YES. Despite a shipping issue to crack the housing ... its easy to install, price right, powerful. I dont have to hand crank. Simple correction to the switch. And they could use some r&d improvment on the light... but excellent jack! It does what i meeded it to at an affordable price! 494266

It is amazing, single best aftermarket upgrade I’ve made!
Joshua - 04/09/2019


- EJ-3520-WBX

Excellent easy to install works great. 396291

Joe F - 06/19/2018


- EJ-3520-WBX

Was standing next to my RV looking at the hole in the tongue where the jack goes and the UPS driver stops in front of the house. He has my new electric jack I ordered the day before and hands it to me. 10 minutes later I have a working electric jack on my trailer. DIsclaimer here, I did prep for the arrival this morning. 564369

- EJ-3520-WBX

I purchased this jack to replace my tired 10 year old camper jack . I ordered it at 10:00 AM Monday and as promised by Ian it was at my doorstep on Friday just in time for my weekend getaway . Installation was a breeze . I gave the product a 4 out of 5 for a few reasons . First , I was not able to see the manufacturer of the jack before receiving it . Which made name brand comparison pricing difficult . However I feel pricing was on target . Second , I feel that the jack should come with a battery terminal end connector and new mounting bolts with the hardware that was included . This didn’t pose any difficulty to me as I had hardware at hand but for some it will mean a trip or two to the hardware store . Third , once installed , at least with my truck and trailer , unless the truck and trailer are perfectly aligned and level the jack motor gets in the way of opening the tail gate . On first use I noticed it was much slower than my original but the strength made up for it . This jack had no difficulty or hesitation lifting my truck and trailer for load distribution and anti sway bar installation . I would recommend etrailer and this product . Time will be the final test of its durability . 562097

I’ve owned this jack for a year now and it’s still working like new . The Motor still gets in the way of the tailgate from time me to time but I’ve learned to work around it . The strength of this jack is incredible ! I’d recommend it for its value and retailer for its customer service !! Since purchasing this jack from etrailer I’ve done business with them again and I’m extremely satisfied . If I need a part they’ll get my business.
Jim - 09/06/2019


- EJ-3520-WBX

This is a great product. it arrived very fast.Had a problem with the color .contacted me and fixed it write away. A friend watched me install it.Asked to borrow it to move an old camper with no jack. An hour later it was back on my camper.So easy to install. 405007

- EJ-3520-WBX

Have no idea why people rate this jack less than 5 stars? But I have just put it on and tested for 1 minute. Sure it's a bit slow, but you can still drink your beer while adjusting! It has to be slow in order for gear ratio to move 3500lbs, a no brainer. And to be honest, I am a perfectionist, and it took me almost an hour to properly install...between not scratching the pole with a socket wrench and having to run to the hardware store for an end terminal. This comes with a bare positive wire. I wanted a terminal so it can be easily removed from battery each fall. 491452

- EJ-3520-WBX

I towed my RPOD 180 to northern NM Friday. My friends and I installed the electric jack on Saturday. We did have to go into "town" to get a couple of things we didn't have, but it was easily available at [the local auto parts store]. The installation was a snap, and the electric hitch jack has worked perfectly since then. On my way home today, I had a scary situation. The cotter pin that kept my stabilizer bar in place mysteriously disappeared on my travels. When I stopped to dump my tanks about an hour south of my camping spot, that's when I noticed the stabilizer bar was pulled out of its spot and was extended out as far as it would go. So I had to raise my trailer up and down many times in the midst of this interesting situation, which ended in me finding an Ace Hardware close by, taking off my stabilizer bar, driving to the Ace Hardware, buying a cotter pin, and installing it easily. .$85 The great part about this is that I had to use my new electric jack many more times than usual today, and it worked great each time, and my elbows (bilateral medial epicondylitis) were so thankful to not have to crank the trailer up and down and up and down multiple times today! This was a really good investment for me!! 494570

- EJ-3520-WBX

I just received my electric A Frame jack. It looks fine and I will install it tomorrow. The only thing that I have a concern about it the handle used to crank it up or down does not fit the internal receptacle inside the top of the jack. The handle has a square hole and the jack has a hex shaped shaft sticking up. I will probably use a socket/extension/ratchet to make it work. Not very good quality control though. The over unit looks good for now. 523527

My trailer jack is working great. It is a back saver! It allows my wife to effortlessly connect our trailer.
Dick - 06/18/2019


- EJ-3520-WBX

This was my first time shopping at ETRAILER and I was hesitant because of their low prices and sceptical of the quality of their products and the service I would receive. But after giving them the benefit of the doubt I am a believer. They excelled at both quality and service and I received my order in just a few days. The quality of the electric jack exceeded my expectations and I am very pleased. I will definitely be shopping etrailer in the future. 365043

- EJ-3520-WBX

The jack works well. Unfortunately with it mounted in the forward position it doesn't have enough clearance to open the tailgate on my truck. I tried to mount it so the motor is projecting out one side. Unfortunately because the mounting plate is a triangle with mounting holes in only 3 positions you can't rotate it 90 degrees You have to rotate it in 120 degree increments. When I do this the motor angles back enough to hit the propane tanks. I was aware of the possibility of tailgate clearance when I bought it. I wasn't worried as one of the expert answers said you can rotate it to any position you need. Unfortunately that's not true as you only have 3 options, Not exactly "any position" . I wish i had bought one of the similar (better) priced well rated jacks on another online retailer. They have a round plate and curved slots for the bolts. With that I could mount it turned 90 degrees to one side. 521671

Unfortunately, unless the jack has laterally slotted mounting holes, just about any tongue mounted jack will only be able to rotate in 120 degree increments.
-- Mike L - 06/15/2018


- EJ-3520-WBX

cowling cover ( molded plastic cover) disintegrated after one year exposure to moderate North Carolina weather. The good news: I ordered a replacement cowling from etrailer but it was a bear to retro fit because of imprecise and flimsy fit. The wiring, light lense, mechanical cover did not fit . My solution was to put cowling in microwave oven to warm the material so it could be reformed by hand to make it fit.. I got it back together but it took more than 3 hours to retro fit. Spend the extra money and get a good jack with minimum 1 year guarantee. 484650

- EJ-3520-WBX

I was a little skeptical on the purchase at first reading some reviews about this jack, Customer Service seems to be right on the ball when questioned them on a tracking BOOM it was in route and 3 days it arrived !!and when it came in I immediately opened it up and Yep as most reviews had stated about the screws on the plastic housing , which they were recessed in , wth!! Why can't they just take 3 lousy washers and use them!! I still will give this unit a 5* because that wasn't really a big deal. The 3500lb jack lifts my 3100lb Rockwood with ease, I've tested it a few times and it works awesome, some reviews said they struggled well maybe get the correct rated jack for your camper, trailer etc!! This saves my back bc of a back injury , no more cranking!! I would recommend this jack at this time, would like to follow up in the months to come to see how it holds up! Thank you etrailer!! 527083

- EJ-3520-WBX

Very easy to install, and only 550 lbs tongue weight, will never break a sweat lifting my unit. Could use three packaging improvements: 1) include a ring terminal for connection of the wire to the battery, 2) include a wire tie, and 3) the manual jack handle is useless. Inside the manual opening is a 10mm nut on a shaft; the furnished handle is the female end of a 3/8 socket connector. It should be male 520924

If you need a ring terminal to wire this jack part EJ-3520-WBX I recommend part # DW05705-1
Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/8" Ring ID
for a 3/8 stud size, part # 44-5310A
Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 3/16" Ring ID
for a 3/16 stud size or part # 44-5356A
Ring Terminal - 12-10 Gauge Wire - 5/16" Ring ID
for a 5/16 stud size. All of these ring terminals will work with 12-10 Gauge Wire. The wire ties are part # DW05726-25
Deka Cable Ties Kit - UV-Resistant - Black - 50 lb Tensile Strength - 11" Long - Qty 25
. Deka 10 gauge wire part # 10-1-1
10 Gauge Primary Wire - Blue - per Foot
will work well if you need extra wire.
-- Heather A - 06/13/2018


- EJ-3520-WBX

I just installed my new trailer jack and it seems to work just find. It does work a little slow but it is still better than cranking. The handle foe hand cranking doesn't work well with the gas tanks where they are at. Installation was a breeze, didn't even look at the instructions. 764652

- EJ-3520-WBX

Seems to work fine w/ car loaded in 24 ft trailer. The issue I have is the 2015 Chev 1T Dually tailgate will not clear light assy. I am rotating the "stalk" as the mounting bolts appear symmetrical-evenly spaced. Should clear then. The one thing I would like is an interlock that would allow the jack to be without power, inoperable when parked. My solution is to install a switch (and perhaps a high current relay) inside the trailer. 762975

- EJ-3520-WBX

the electric jack is just want I needed, installed easily. great price, product and fast shipping! 761784

- EJ-3520-WBX

Fast shipper good price 758843

- EJ-3520-WBX

Jack works well, way better than hand cranking. It lifts the rear of the truck enough to make it easy to set my weight distribution bars. I like the adjustable foot so now I don't have to carry as many blocks. The screw on one side of the cover was pulled through and the led light panel was floating around inside the cover but that was an easy fix. 735238

- EJ-3520-WBX

Better than what I thought awesome qual ity 733921

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  • Replacement Electric Atwood A-Frame Jack for a 2006 Weekend Warrior M-2200 FB
    The majority of electric a-frame trailer tongue jacks will have a 3,500 lb weight capacity which is most likely what your old Atwood jack is. If not, the 3,500 lb capacity will be more than enough for you because it only needs to be rated for the tongue weight of the trailer. For this, I recommend the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-WBX which will be an easy swap with no drilling required. This jack also comes with a drop leg therefore it will take much less time to lift/lower...
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  • Comparison of Husky A-Frame Trailer Jacks to etrailer.com Trailer Jack to Replace an Atwood
    The etrailer.com Electric Jack # EJ-3520-WBX has a 1-year warranty on its parts. Replacement parts are sometimes available however not always as common. Atwood has been purchased by Lippert so parts for their jacks are becoming more and more difficult to find. However, sometimes the parts are available from Lippert you just need to find what works with the Atwood model. The Husky Brute # HT87247 has a 1-year warranty. It's biggest advantage is the ball screw so it requires less...
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  • Can the Motor of the Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-WBX be Turned Around
    Although the head of the Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-WBX cannot physically be turned separately from the rest of the jack, the mounting holes are symmetrical so you can rotate the trailer jack 120 degrees in either direction for your towing setup.
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  • Wiring Electric Trailer Jack
    We do not carry that jack so I am unfamiliar with it specifically, but to wire an electric jack in general one of the wires will be powered from a battery mounted on the trailer that is maintained by your tow vehicle's 7-way while the other wire will be the ground wire. You can test the wires by connecting them to a battery before attaching them to the trailer wiring.
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  • What are the Dimensions of the Mounting Plate on the etrailer Electric Jack w/Footplate EJ-3520-WBX
    The dimensions of the Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-WBX are demonstrated in the attached picture: Front edge - 1 inch Either side edge - 4-5/8 inches Back edge - 5-1/16 inches
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  • Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack for a Jayco 267 BHS
    A popular A-Frame trailer jack is the Husky Brute # HT87247 rated for 4,500 pounds. The Husky Brute jacks use ball bearings that ride on the internal screw rather than a nut. This produces less heat and friction which can wear out other jacks. This jack also cannot be over extended which is another thing that can cause other jacks to fail. I have included a link to a video featuring this jack for you.
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  • A-Frame Electric Jack For TowLite 22 ft. Camper For Connecting Weight Distribution Sway Bars
    I can help you find a new electric trailer jack for the 1998 TowLite 22 ft. camper. Atwood was recently acquired by Dometic. We currently do not carry the Atwood 80931 Deluxe Power Jack but the etrailer.com electric jack design by RAM part # EJ-3520-WBX is a great option for you. I looked up the TowLite and it looks like a standard A-Frame trailer so the jack would fit perfectly in front of the propane tanks. The white housing protects the motor from the elements and it also has a LED light...
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  • Clearance Dimension for etrailer Electric Jack EJ-3520-WBX
    I went to our warehouse to measure the etrailer Electric Jack # EJ-3520-WBX for the dimension you need to determine hatch clearance. From the center of the jack's main tube forward to the front-most part of the housing (which is actually the two black switches) the distance is 6-1/2-inches. The linked photo illustrates this dimension for you.
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  • Dimensions and Power Draw of Electric A-Frame Jack Drop-Leg Jack with Footplate EJ-3520-WBX
    For the Electric A-Frame Jack Drop-Leg Jack with Footplate # EJ-3520-WBX the height ABOVE the mounting surface is 20-1/2-inches. The jack foot extends BELOW the mounting surface by 9-inches when fully retracted. So, overall height is 29-1/2-inches. Power draw varies depending on the weight load. The jack will use less power to lower than to lift the trailer. Under maximum load the power required to lift will be approximately 30-amps.
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  • Recommended Electric A-Frame Jack for a 2011 Keystone Passport Trailer
    Yes, an electric A-Frame jack rated for 3,500 lbs is an excellent option for your 2011 Keystone Passport! I recommend using the Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-WBX because it offers the highest lift at 25-1/8" which can help if you use a weight distribution system. The included drop leg allows you to quickly add 5-5/8" of that total lift so that you don't have to wait as long for the jack to raise up. This jack features a toggle switch for operation as well as a light to help when...
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  • Troubleshooting Emergency Crank for Electric Jack Hitting Propane Tanks
    The Electric Jack w/ Footplate - Drop Leg - A-Frame - 25-1/8" Lift - 3,500 lbs - White # EJ-3520-WBX uses a 3/8 socket. You can use a 3/8 inch deep well socket with a ratchet and an extension to give you the solution you need to manually raise or lower the jack without making contact with the propane tanks.
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  • Why Wont My Jack Go Up or Down
    There are a few reasons why the jack will not go up or down. If it's a powered jack the switch could be bad on the jack. In that case if you let me know the brand of the jack, I can see if we have a replacement switch. If the jack has a poor ground then it may not go up or down properly, so you want to check the ground is properly grounded to a clean bare metal surface. If the jack grounds through the mounting hardware then you want to make sure that area is free of paint. You also...
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  • Solution for Damaged A-Frame Power Jack Inner Leg
    I wish we could get you a replacement inner leg but that's not a replaceable part on this jack. It would be time to replace it. My favorite powered jack to recommend is the Husky Jack part # HT87247 as it has bearings in the screw which allow it to operate quicker and smoother. It also shuts off automatically before topping or bottoming out. Other jacks will allow you to go too far with the jack but in doing so you damage the threads of the screw. It has a lifting capacity of 4,500...
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  • Will etrailer Electric 3.5K Trailer Jack Fit a 2009 Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer
    Electric trailer jack # EJ-3520-WBX has an outer tube diameter of 2-1/4 inches. If the jack hole on the trailer will accept this size then the jack will fit. The mounting pattern of A-frame jacks is a standard size so no worries with that. I have included a link to a video review of this jack for you.
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  • Electric A-Frame Jack Recommendation for Jayco Jay Flight Travel Trailer
    For a Jayco Jay Flight travel trailer that weighs 6100-lbs dry you will want an electric tongue jack rated as high as possible to ensure the jack does not have to work too hard; this will help it provide a longer service life. All of our bolt-on a-frame electric tongue jacks are shown on the linked page. These offer varying amount of lift, from 14- to 25-inches. We offer a great-value option in parts # EJ-3520-BBX (black)and # EJ-3520-WBX (white). This jack has 3500-lb capacity, 25-1/8-inches...
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  • Troubleshooting Ram 3,500 lb Trailer Tongue Jack Working Intermittently
    I reached out to my contact at Ram and he said that their electric jacks, like part # EJ-3520-BBX, # EJ-3520-WBX, or # EJ-3527-BBX have one fuse and it is located on the black wire where it enters the housing. From what you described I believe your problem is a bad ground. These jacks ground through the mounting hardware so if the connection isn't solid and constant it can cause the issues you are having. What my contact recommended doing was taking some of the paint off of the trailer...
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  • How to Determine Correct Electric A-Frame Jack for Travel Trailer
    The correct jack will have a capacity that will surpass your trailer's loaded tongue weight, which is typically between 10 and 15 percent of the loaded trailer's weight. I looked up your 2013 Jayco Jay Feather Ultra Lite Travel Trailer and from my research it looks like your Jayco has a 4,750 lb GVWR so any one of our A-frame jacks would work in terms of weight capacity. The Electric Jack w/ Footplate # EJ-3520-WBX could be a great option; it has a 3,500 lb lift capacity, an extended...
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  • Replacement Parts Available for the eTrailer Electric Jack with Footplate
    If you are referring to the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-BBX for black or part # EJ-3520-WBX for white then yes, we do have the correct replacement extend/retract switch and for this you will want to use the Replacement Power Switch for RAM Electric Trailer Jack part # EJ-3520-PSW. We also have several other replacement parts which I have attached for you below. Replacement Light Switch for Electric Trailer Jack with Footplate - part # EJ-3520-LSW Replacement Cap for Electric...
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  • How to Replace Power Switch on RAM Electric Jack w/ Footplate
    It sounds like you have either the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-BBX or the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-WBX. If that is the case then the Replacement Power Switch part # EJ-3520-PSW is the correct replacement for you. In order to replace the switch you need to take a flathead screwdriver or pick and pry the top and bottom of the switch to release it from the housing. You can then unplug the spade connectors from the old switch and into the new switch making sure...
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  • Replacement Jack for a 2008 Carson Run Runner Travel Trailer/Toy Hauler
    Shelby has been out of business for a while now so replacement parts are no longer available. Your best option would be to replace the jack with a new one. In your picture it looks like you have a spot for a round tube A-Frame jack. There are a lot of options that will fit. It looks like the heaviest version of the 2008 Carson Fun Runner is 9,000 pounds dry. A 2K jack such as # PSEA2000-14007 is a good option. The foot is included. I have linked a video review of this jack for you. Need...
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  • Recommended Trailer Jack for Aliner Scout to Use with Jack It 2 Bike Carrier
    It looks like the Aliner Scout has a dry weight of around 1350-lbs and a tongue weight of around 135-lbs when unloaded. Since you need a side-wind jack, I recommend using the Bulldog Round, A-Frame Trailer Jack # BD1700100317 which will easily handle the weight of your Aliner Scout trailer; since this jack does not come with a foot plate you'll want to also get the Bulldog Detachable Footplate # BD018564. If you wanted to go with a premium option, I recommend using the etrailer Electric...
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  • Recommended Replacement Trailer Jack for a Northwood Arctic Fox
    The Electric Trailer Jack A-Frame part # EJ-3520-BBX for black or part # EJ-3520-WBX for white is an excellent option for a Northwood Arctic Fox. The Electric Trailer Jack A-Frame will also work just fine in cold weather as well so there should be no issues here. In regards to capacity, the Electric Trailer Jack A-Frame has a 3,500 lb rating which will exceed the Northwood Arctic Fox. The higher the weight capacity of the jack is in relation to the weight of the trailer, the longer it will...
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  • RAM Electric Jack Replacement Cover Recommendation
    You said you have a RAM brand jack, which if that's the case the part # EJ-3520-CVRW is the correct cover as it fits the RAM brand jacks. If your jack looks like the part # EJ-3520-WBX then this is the correct cover.
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  • Recommended Electric A-Frame Jack for 2006 Eclipse Attitude 21AK Travel Trailer
    When selecting a powered tongue jack for a travel trailer like your 2006 Eclipse Attitude 21AK it is best to over-spec the jack, meaning to select one that has more weight capacity than you absolutely need for the trailer. The Attitude 21AK has a specified weight of 6100-lbs so I suggest a tongue jack rated for 3500-lbs. This will let the jack work less hard to do the lifting it needs to do and that tends to help such items last longer. If value is a key factor in your decision go for...
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  • Best Value Electric Trailer Jack For Toy Hauler Trailer
    The etrailer.com electric jacks part # EJ-3520-BBX and part # EJ-3520-WBX are the most valuable option for your money. The etrailer.com jacks are manufactured by RAM industries which is a very dependable and well known trailer jack manufacturer. They also will provide you with 28-1/2" of lift with 3.5K capacity and smooth operation and they feature LED lights that allow you to hook up your trailer more easily at night.
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  • Diameter of Replacement Foot for etrailer or Ram Electric Jack
    The Replacement Foot for etrailer or Ram Electric Jacks # EJ-3520-FT has an inner diameter of about 1-1/2" and its outer diameter is 1-3/4" which is the measurement you'll need if you are looking for a replacement. This foot is designed to fit the Electric Jack # EJ-3520-BBX (Black) or # EJ-3520-WBX (White).
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  • Recommended Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack for 2008 Puma Tandem Axle Trailer
    For your Puma tandem-axle travel trailer that weighs roughly 5300-lbs I suggest either part # EJ-3520-BBX (black) or # EJ-3520-WBX (white). This jack has 3500-lb capacity, 25-1/8-inches of lift and it includes a drop leg. It offers outstanding value as compared to similar electric a-frame jacks shown on the linked page.
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  • Replacement Powered Tongue Jack for A-Frame Trailer
    If initially your Husky powered trailer jack's motor stopped working, and now the jack's manual crank mechanism no long works either, then it sounds like at least the gearbox is damaged. The motor could be salvageable if it still seems to function (e.g. make some sound and rotate) but to eliminate any risk of having the jack fail on you again I suggest replacing it. This will be far easier than trying to re-build the gearbox. The linked page will display all of our powered a-frame trailer...
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  • Replacement Power Switch for Ram 3,500 lb Electric A-Frame Trailer Jack
    If you have the Ram 3,500 lb electric jack that looks like the Electric Jack w/ Footplate part # EJ-3520-BBX, part # EJ-3527-BBX, or part # EJ-3520-WBX then the replacement switch to activate the extend/retract functions is part # EJ-3520-PSW on our site. Let me know if you have something different and I can see if what we have is compatible for your application.
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  • Solution for Needing Manual Crank for etrailer.com Electric Jack Item # EJ-3520-BBX
    We don't have a replacement manual crank handle for the Electric Jack w/ Footplate - A-Frame - 25-1/8inch Lift - 3.5K - Black Item # EJ-3520-BBX but the great news is that all you need is a 10 mm socket and ratchet and you can easily operate it. So if you are in need of a way to manually crank the handle currently you only need to grab a socket and ratchet.
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